The question:

There are still several other popular foods not yet mentioned that are not farmed in the regular sense that are high in natural minerals and that are also readily available. An you name them?

Sharon’s supplement she mentioned sounds like a good one. Is it a multi-level? We buy a similar one formulated by Richard Schulze called Superfood.

Someone mentioned that nuts would be a good source of minerals, especially pine nuts.

Yes, pine nuts would be great, especially if they are harvested from the forests. All pine trees have deep roots. The nuts are expensive, but very tasty and a good source of minerals in the most natural state.

Another great source is wild rice. Now many products that have wild rice on the label only have a small amount of the real thing in them. Real wild rice is completely black. It is very rich in minerals and nutrients and takes an amazingly small amount to fill you up.

Another source is honey. A wild honey is best. In other words, look for a honey where the bees get their nectar from non farm areas such as wild flowers or deserts. If the honey is dark it is a sign that it has a good supply of minerals. Good taste is another indication.

I have heard it said that more beekeepers live to advanced age than any other profession. Perhaps minerals have something to do with this.

Another great product from bees that is full of nutrients and minerals is bee pollen Many people believe that one could live on this product alone. If you try this for the first time take only a small amount for some are allergic to it. This can be overcome by gradually increasing the dose.

Another source are wild animals and birds. As far as meat goes a wild elk or deer is much healthier than a domestic animal.

The third consideration as mentioned earlier was:

“Select foods in their most natural and purest state possible.”

Comment: “Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised that we all are health activists here! “

JJ: Actually, it is to be expected. The first initiation requires an ability to control physical appetites, passions and a general ability to maintain the physical body in good health, with some exceptions due to karma. Almost all people who are initiates of any degree, or are approaching initiation, have a marked interest in maintaining health through harmony with nature.

There are exceptions like Winston Churchill, for instance, who was so dedicated to his mission that he did not put obvious attention on health for he drank alcohol in considerable quantities, smoked and was overweight. Nevertheless, he still had good health throughout his long life. Good health and a reasonably long life is a general characteristic of advanced initiates, but there are exceptions to all things. Even the great Buddha had a period of illness according to the record.

A reader mentioned maple syrup. I would be inclined to believe that maple syrup is fairly consistent in mineral content, but honey will vary much more because of the great variety of circumstances from which it is harvested.

There are two groups of people that are supposed to be proven to live long life spans.

First those who eat plants grown in highly mineralized soil and secondly beekeepers. For this reason I pay particular attention to honey, bee pollen and food grown in highly mineralized soil with trace elements.

Another good source of minerals that someone mentioned earlier are wild herbs. Some of the best and richest herbs in minerals and healing properties come from the rain forests. These jungle areas have had very few of the nutrients removed from the soil and have many healing properties.

We had a guy come in our office a few weeks ago and told us about a tea he had been drinking. He had Candida for 35 years and after ten days of taking Shipibo tea all the symptoms seemed to be gone. My wife and I thought we would try it out with several other products as a general health measure and signed up as MLM members. I sent some of the tea to my daughter who has been having similar problems as our client and she happily reported a great improvement in her condition from the first day.

The questions: What is a big health problem created by most apples?

No one mentioned the worst problem, even bigger than the pesticides and that is the wax put on most supermarket apples. This wax is extremely difficult for the body to eliminate and is a major cause of gallstones and other health problems.

The problem is that sometimes all supermarket apples have this wax. You can circumvent this by going directly to the farmer. Also many fruit stands carry unwaxed apples as well as some health food stores.

What are the problems with most meats?

In addition to hormones and antibiotics given to the animals there are several other problems. First, even though they are given better food with more minerals than most humans they still dine on plants grown in mineral depleted soil.

Another problem with beef is that in a rush to get the meat to the market they do not age the beef the way they used to which allows the enzymes to treat the meat making it much tastier and healthier to digest.

If you eat meat and want to buy a good product you will generally have to pay more for it. You might check with a local meat shop who buys direct from nearby ranchers.

Boise is the headquarters of Albertsons Markets and they about own the grocery market here, (In 2000) but there is a little store down the road from me that is struggling to survive that still sells home grown aged beef at a reasonable price and the flavor is great. I also shop at a local health food coop, and their meat is quite high priced and not all are hormone free.

E Coli is a big worry for many and I’ve heard that the reason the risk is increasing for this and other problems is that much of the food we feed cattle and chickens contains meat from their own kind. This is like Soylent Green for animals and is somewhat revolting to think about. E Coli dwells on the surface of the meat and will be destroyed with mild cooking unless the meat is ground up and in this case the bacteria can dwell within the meat. It is thus more important to cook hamburger well than the cut meats.

Cooking meat well done alters the molecular structure and if you eat beef you are much better off to eat cut meats as rare as possible. Most people who eat well-done meat develop many health problems because of it. Overcooking meat will aggravate arthritis and diseases caused by lack of elimination.

My dad grew up on well-done beef and developed poisons related to his blood. His wise doctor ordered him to switch to medium rare beef. At first he hated it but after a while he grew to love fairly rare beef much more than the well done and his health greatly improved.

Question: Where can you get healthy eggs?

It is difficult to get healthy eggs these days. The chickens are cooped up in inhumane conditions and are fed unhealthy meat by-products. Some grocery stores do have eggs available at double the normal price where the chickens were raised on a vegetarian diet, but even these eggs are not that good. Evidence of a quality egg is the yoke. If the chickens are allowed to run free and eat from the wild they will have darker almost orange yokes and the flavor will be about twice as good as commercial eggs.

If you buy eggs that are advertised as free range and the yoke is pale you’re not really getting what you pay for. About the only place to get really good eggs is from a small farmer who raises the chickens as a labor of love. When you find such a place that sells eggs with dark yokes then you will have made a great find.

Our local health co-op does buys eggs from local small farmers and they go like hotcakes when they come in.

Question: Where can you buy a fairly nutritious chicken?

Not only are quality eggs difficult to find, but so is good chicken. One of the best ways to test the various brands is to note when you cut them up the hardness of the bones. I notice a difference in the bones of the various brands of chickens and by far the strongest bones are in the free range chickens at my health food co-op. In the regular grocery store I also notice a difference in the bones of the various brands and it seems to be that the more expensive is the chicken per pound the stronger are the bones. I guess there is a reason for the higher cost.

Question: How large of a problem is bacteria and what is the solution?

Bacteria and parasites are indeed a great problem and often the most nutritious foods pose the greatest threat from germs.

It is ironical that sometimes a person can go out of his way year after year to eat carefully to enjoy good health and then suddenly have many of the benefits wiped out through contamination.

When I was younger I used to go out of my way to visit a local company that made apple juice and buy some from them before it was pasteurized so all the enzymes would not be destroyed. Unknown to me the company added contaminated water to the juice to make it go father and I caught a bug from it that gave me problems for years to come. In that case I would have been better off buying regular commercial juice from the store. In fact I would have been better off drinking Coke or Pepsi.

Later, as you know my wife and I developed another problem with contaminated colloidal minerals.

Going organic is not always enough. We must make sure we get our foods from an uncontaminated source and wash all our fruits and vegetables before use. Many do not realize that sprouts develop much more bacteria than something like lettuce and these should definitely be washed before use, especially commercial sprouts. It is wise to keep your refrigerator on as low a temperature as possible without freezing your foods.

Question: What is the main cancer causing ingredient in most shampoos and cosmetics?

The list is long and somewhat disturbing. Here is a link on this if you want to check it out. LINK


Free Energy?

A couple months ago one of our customers invited us to a seminar where a guy was to present to us new discoveries in Tesla technology that would lead to free energy. They were excited about the company and were investing some money which they believed would make them a bundle.

I have always been interested in Tesla so I invited my friend Wayne to go with me and we attended the seminar.

The founder of the company, Dennis Lee, did most of the talking and showed us technology, which if valid could revolutionize the world. He started out by showing us a modified engine that would run on water. His guys started it and it sputtered for a few moments and the backfired. He then complained that it usually worked fine, but that the engine must have been sabotaged by one of his enemies.

Then he showed us other discoveries he made, but what made me a little uneasy is that he would pause about every ten minutes and tell us how he had given his life to Jesus. Now I have no problem with anyone dedicating their life to God, but I have found through experience that when this aspect of a person’s life seems to be over emphasized in a non religious situation that it is often done for effect to promote some hidden agenda.

He went through some interesting technology but his master plan revolved around a system of generating free electricity. He presented a scheme that called for some to invest now so the company could have enough money to go into production. After things got going the first investors would wind up getting free energy for life whereas those who came along later would pay considerable money.

My instinct here was that I would lose my shirt if I invested with this guy and Wayne felt the same way. We were both skeptical about the inventions. I felt like the guy was on to a few things, but did not have them perfected yet.

Anyway I hadn’t heard anything about this company since until a few days ago the people who invited us to the meeting came in our office again. They were very angry and disappointed at the company and were suing in an attempt to get their money back.

Now I see that the company is selling a number of avant guard sounding products on the web and I’m still suspicious. If anyone has any history of dealing with them I would like to hear it.

March 14, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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