McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 1

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The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

JJ: Let’s see what I am supposed to talk on today… Boating on the Payette Lake (laughter), it’s an odd subject but you know we can make the best of it.

(Then JJ seems to find a piece of paper with the right subject) Oh, here we go. The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It’s interesting that we have quite a few people who come from fundamentalist religions. Larry and Robin are from fundamentalist Baptist type. And several from the Mormon religion – probably about a third of the group here. Anybody from any other fundamentalist religion here?

Audience: Jewish.

JJ: Jewish, are you Jewish?

Audience: yes.

JJ: Oh I did not know that. Oh well that’s really fundamental (laughter). Okay anybody else?

Audience:  Episcopalian

JJ: Were you ever really into it? Annie what’s your background? You were never that religious were you?

Annie: No.

JJ: You don’t really look that religious.

Annie: I was lucky.

JJ:  What’s your background Dan?

Dan: My grandparents were Methodist…

JJ: You look like back in high school you probably were kind of the wild kid on the block?

Dan:  Not really.

Audience: He’s wild now. (Laughter)

JJ: Oh really, he’s wild now not back then. You really look like a mellow guy you know just overall. How about you Marcy?

Marcy: (Inaudible).

JJ: How about you James?

James: Oh yeah I was raised a Baptist and when I was younger then I was Methodist.

JJ: You were never really into it that much were you? Kind of so so. How about you Susi, about the same or what?

Susi: No I was Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and now I’m not in any.

JJ: It’s interesting that most people that have been into religion look on astrology as being evil. Anything out of the ordinary, any type of psychism, anything that sounds kind of odd, flying saucers or whatever, the old devil,  he’s just behind it all according to the fundamentalist type religion. But it’s interesting that astrology is mentioned quite a bit in the Bible. As a matter of fact, the word Magi used for the three wise men, means a magician or astrologer according to the original language, and they came from the East. Does anyone know why they were able to recognize the signs and the stars of the Messiah?

Audience: Because of the configuration.

JJ: The configuration. But what’s interesting is they learned it form Daniel the prophet, because when Daniel the prophet was taken captive in the Babylon. He was taken to the East and he was the one who taught the Magi. Because Daniel the prophet taught the Magi all about true astrology it was passed down and that’s why the Wise men in the east were looking for the Messiah. Daniel the prophet had taught them to look for the signs of the coming of the Messiah.

So it’s interesting how everything went full circle. And the only ones we know about that really correctly expected him and correctly anticipated him came from the east. The people that were supposed to recognize him – it just went right over their heads. You think that might happen when he comes the next time? How are they expecting him to come next time?

Audience: (Inaudible)

JJ: As a blaze of glory in the sky. How were they expecting him to come last time?

Audience: As a warrior fighter.

JJ: As a blaze of glory in the sky last time. Same thing. They were expecting him to come as a blaze of glory in the sky and the wicked would melt as stubble. That quote is from the Old Testament, not from the new one and they used it right back in the days of Jesus. And they thought that all the Romans were going to be evaporated just like stubble is like being burnt and then God would come and float down from heaven and establish his kingdom. But instead he fooled them. He was born as a little baby and was totally unexpected. The only ones we know for sure that recognize him were the Magi and then there’s a story of an old woman named Anna that wanted to see the Messiah before she died, so this elderly person was expecting it the way it really happened. There’s this old lady and the three Magi were the only ones we know about that anticipated the coming the way it really happened.

Audience: But what about the community that cared for him and his relatives?

JJ: Well there’s really not much mention of the Christ among the Essene writings. They were expecting more the end of the world. They were like retreating from the normal world. There were kind of like the cults today – they retreat to the mountain top for Jesus to show up, and scoop them to heaven. Well they moved into caves and hid out expecting the end of the world to come.

They had reasonable amount of light on a number of areas, but they were not entirely right either on a lot of stuff, but they did have a lot of teachings and buried them and a lot of them resurfaced which shed some additional light. But it’s not the type of light the Christian world was waiting for. They thought maybe these writings would show more proof of regular Christianity and what they got was what a lot of Christians would call heresy in the Essene writings. They have some good materials in them but a lot of them were expecting the end of the world.

As a matter of fact, almost everybody at that time was expecting the end of the world. Had you read world history very much you’d see that until the past hundred years, the world was a very tough place to live in. Expecting the end of the world was a natural inclination, because it would be really nice to escape the dreary world that they were in up until just recently. A lot of people think we live in the worst situation in world history right now. What do you think about that Larry?

Larry : They’re deceived.

JJ: Yeah they are aren’t they? People need to study history so they get a clear picture. I was just reading about Martin Luther. They roasted alive and tortured many associates of Martin Luther for heresy and this really upset him. Then when Martin Luther got a little power, well he did the same thing to people that disagreed with him. And it was typical. I was reading about one guy they roasted they didn’t like. They roasted him slowly, and then they lifted him up away from the fire so he would heal a little bit so he would not quite die and then they would roast him some more, then lift him up, roast him some more. They did all kinds of stuff like that.

They were very creative about taking the heretics and make them suffer just the maximum amount they could suffer. They believed it was wrong to shed blood. Because you know Jesus taught he who kills with a sword shall be killed with a sword. So they interpreted as “well we should not really shed their blood, but by George we could surely roast those guys!” (Laughter)

And that’s why they burned everybody at the stake. This act didn’t shed blood so they thought that was fine. And they called it auto da fé. That was the Spanish term for it, which meant act of faith. It was an act of faith to be able to take these heretics and torture them until they would admit that they were wrong. They thought they were really pleasing Jesus.

And even some of the great names in history, like Sir Thomas Moore participated. He had a torturing rack in his basement. They would have some guy being tortured in his basement and up above the he would be eating dinner with his family. You can just see him saying, “….kids eat your porridge but don’t worry about that guy growling down in the basement… He’s just got a fire in his belly, and just he’ll confess pretty soon.” Can you imagine that? Having that torturing rack in your basement.

Now some people think Sir Thomas Moore is now a master, but I really had my reservation about that after reading he had a torture chamber in his basement. (Laughter) If he’s a master, he really had to pay off a lot of karma between that period and now. It’s kind of sad really.

But what’s another interesting fact is that people look back a few hundred years and they think: Boy if I lived then I would never have owned slaves, I would never have tortured people. I would just stand for what was right. But they don’t realize how powerful the current thought form is. And we don’t also realize that 200 years from now people will look back at us and they’re going to look at us and say: If I lived back then I would never have been in such ignorance. And maybe we in this room are in such a state of ignorance compared to people 200 years from now, that they’re going to look back at us and say : how come they couldn’t see that? How come they could not see that this was the right thing?

So we look back and we condemn our Founding Fathers for not entirely freeing the slaves. We look back in the days of the Roman Empire where they tortured people and fed people to lions and the whole community came out. The whole town came out and cheered everybody on and thought that was wonderful, great entertainment and hardly anyone that was not getting fed to the lions themselves disagreed with it. They thought that was just great fun to watch. They created this chair and heated it up red hot and put a Christian in it and then forced him to sit in it until he fried to death and stuff like that and the whole audience would just cheer him, thinking that was just great! I mean can you imagine us being back there cheering with them?

Maybe we were. It’s pretty dangerous to look back. Jesus said, judge not lest ye be judged. In other words, when we judge we have to be careful on how we judge, because it can come back to haunt us. So people look back and say “I would never have owned a slave, I am above that”. Well maybe you are now because maybe it’s just the way you are programmed now to think that way. But you were programmed differently then. Can you escape your program? Are you able to lift above what the beast today has programmed you to think?

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