McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 3

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The Transition from the Age of Pisces

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JJ: It is a fact that in each age people are deceived as to what is good and what is evil. Isaiah said this, “as the people call good, evil and evil, good, they take the light for darkness and the darkness for light. There is none that does good, no not one.” So you can visualize him going around and preaching his message and no one understood what was good and what was evil. It was very simple, for it goes back to the Garden of Eden. The serpent offers them the temptation of the forbidden fruit and Adam & Eve take it. After they had taken the fruit the gods come and say what?

Audience: Man is to become like one of us to know good from evil.

JJ: Well that is an interesting statement, is it not? You become like God when you know good from evil. The man is to become “like one of us” to know good from evil. To know good from evil is to have the power of the gods. And remember the word God in the Old Testament in the story of the Garden of Eden, comes from Elohiym, which means gods, plural. So the gods came down, and the gods spoke; and said that the man is to become like one of us, plural, to know good from evil. We could substitute that in today’s language and say that the Masters spoke and one Master said to another Master, behold the man is to become like one of us, to know good from evil. And we move ahead from Genesis a couple thousand years and Isaiah says that there is not ONE person that I have met that knows the difference between what is good and what is evil. Why is it so difficult? We look at people today and say; well everyone thinks they know the difference between good and evil.

Audience: If they did then we would not have politics.

JJ: (Laughter) Yes, but see we think we know the difference between good and evil because we look on the past as to what is settled between good and evil. We now look on the past and we see slavery was evil, that’s very obvious but it was not obvious when we were in the midst of it. It is what we are in the midst of. It is where the forces of good and evil are moving right now that determine the good and evil of our day. Forget what is good and evil in the past, we know that stealing is bad and adultery is bad and robbing your neighbor is bad, hurting someone physically is bad, certain things are established as naughty things that we should not be doing, right. Certain things are established but that is not, knowing the difference. That is established because we have been told that from the time we were kids. There are certain things that are ingrained in us that society as a whole has learned. But, then there is the point in the present. In the present there is a point where we are struggling to surface a new good or we go backward to an old evil. That is where knowing what is good and what is evil that gives you the power of the Gods. That is what is really important and this is where few people can see the difference.

JJ: Now let’s go back to the 1930’s in America. Hitler was surfacing and how many people could see that evil was materializing in the world?

Audience: Winston Churchill could.

JJ: Right, not very many people could see, Winston Churchill was visiting Germany and there was a town nearby where Hitler was giving some type of speech and if I remember right he came across some type of flier, read it and when Churchill read this flier he had a really bad feeling. He did not know why he had a really bad feeling, so he looked into Hitler and he had a much worse feeling. (Chuckle) Churchill was probably the first man of note that saw that something was amiss with this guy Hitler and that Hitler was a gathering storm to be concerned about.

So, for the next seven years he spent trying to warn his country about Hitler and what a danger he was. Now, Churchill tried to get France and England to use their forces to put Hitler out of commission before he could become a power that they would have to deal with. As a matter of fact a couple of years before World War II started Churchill warned people and said, “We can put Hitler down now and have a few thousand lives lost, or we can wait and loose millions of lives.” He had that much foresight to see what was on the horizon, of what was to come.

Churchill had the foresight to tell what was good and what was evil. On the other hand, there were many other people who could not see the difference here between the good and the evil. Look at JFK, many thought he was a great president, but his Father, Joseph Sr. thought Hitler was a great guy. He did business with Hitler and supported him. Henry Ford built cars for Hitler and made business arrangements with him. Manufactures & industrialists catered to Hitler and thought it was good business and did not see anything wrong with it. They thought that Hitler could be dealt with and thought that he could be reasoned with and when word started to filter in that Hitler was persecuting the Jews and torturing his own people everyone thought that they were just lies being spread and if that were true we would know about it and of course they did not look into it.

They could not see the evil that was beginning to surface until it was too late. When it did come it hit them like a very hard knock on the head. Russia alone lost 20 million people. Larry, do you remember how many people the United States lost?

Audience: Larry: The United States lost the fewest.

(Transcriber: Wikipedia quotes the estimates the death toll between 62 to 78 million. U.S. estimated death toll from 500, 000 to 800,000. Russia and China had the highest death toll estimates at 10 to 20 million each.)

JJ: Yes, we lost the fewest but didn’t we lose hundreds of thousands I believe. England lost a lot. I think the death toll was at least around 60 million killed in World War II. It has been a while since I read it. If the evil could have been seen in advance it could have been just a couple thousand, so that is the difference and hardly anybody could see it.

Just before World War II there was a big peace movement, Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the big leaders in this peace movement and she did not really support her husband in going to war and thank God that FDR had enough intelligence to see that once the handwriting was on the wall that Hitler had to be dealt with even though his own wife did not see it and did not support FDR in putting Hitler down. Eleanor Roosevelt was a big star in the peace movement herself, Charles Lindbergh, a hero, was totally against going to war and he fought tooth and nail to keep us out of World War II. Even during the war he was against it. It is amazing how many people just could not see the evil that was right in front of them.

Sometimes if seeing an evil means we are going to have to face it, and is going to be a great struggle, then we do not want to see it, and because we do not want to see it, we do not see it. We have the same thing today with different evils facing us in the present time we are in.

The basic evil always boils down to one thing and that is, it is always around the principle of freedom. That which is good increases freedom and gives more freedom of thought and ability to have prosperity and make money, to think for our selves, and decide for our selves. That which is evil takes this away and restricts us. It will give freedom to the few while the many will suffer many restrictions. The people that want that freedom to have the authority of the beast over everyone else, these are the people that will never let you know that your freedoms are going to be lost.

They always speak in the name of freedom. Whenever Hitler got up and spoke, he spoke about all the freedom everyone was going to have when he won the war. “We are going to give Germany tremendous freedom.” Well a handful at the top had a tremendous amount of freedom but not the masses. The masses would be very restricted and the people that were the wrong race would be enslaved and eliminated completely.

And so this evil could not be seen and much of it is due to deceit. Always remember that those who want to take away your freedom will never tell you, “hey we are going to take away your freedom and there is going to be a handful at the top who are going to tell everyone what to do and we are will have all the money, power, wine, women and song and the rest of you will slaves.” They will never say that though, they will always say, we are going to give you more freedom and when we eliminate this bad guys then we will reward the masses greatly.

Of course that does not happen. Look at North Korea, only one man has freedom there and that Kim Jon Ill. He is about the only guy that has freedom in country with a population of over 20 million people. The people are so poor there that they are eating the bark off of trees and many are just completely starving to death. We send food over there to help them out and the military takes it and the common people get nothing. We try to give it to the common people but Kim Jon Ill feels that he has to have everything better than everyone else.

His rice is selected grain by grain by slaves who sift through it and by hand select the larger grains for their great leader. The poor people that are picking out the grains are starving to death themselves while being forced to do this labor for Kim Jon Ill so that he can have one dish of rice. These poor people have to eat bark off of trees and grass and things like this and watch their children starve to death.

So it is amazing how none of these tyrants weather in the present or the past will admit that they have not served their people well. They will not admit that they have taken away the freedom from their people. When the people of France came to Marie Antoinette she said, well, let them eat cake. She said that because she thought the people were taken care of, she was in such an isolated world that she was not aware of how her actions were causing people to starve to death. She was just so insulated that when she was told that the people did not have bread she said, well, let them eat cake!  That so enraged them that it caused her death. It was more than the starving people could handle to have a statement like that thrown at them when they realized how much illusion she was in.

Transcriber Note: Wikipedia & Urban legends claim that there is no record to confirm that Marie Antoinette actually said the now famous phrase; “Let them eat cake.” The following is from Wikipedia: Although commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette,[1] there is no record of these words ever having been uttered by her; they first appear in The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, his putative autobiographical work (completed in 1769, when Marie Antoinette was 13), where he wrote the following in Book 6:

Enfin je me rappelai le pis-aller d’une grande princesse à qui l’on disait que les paysans n’avaient pas de pain, et qui répondit : Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

Finally I recalled the last resort of a great princess who was told that the peasants had no bread, and who responded: “Let them eat brioche.”

Rousseau does not name the “great princess” and there is speculation that he invented the anecdote, which has no other sources.

(JJ Note: Our transcriber, Robert, is correct but the principle still applies. Marie Antoinette was living large and out of touch with the deprivations of the people and this fueled their rebellion.

This brings up an interesting point. The Internet has been blamed for much misinformation, but what is overlooked is that it is also the means of correcting many falsehoods like this one. No one seemed to question Marie Antoinette’s statement until the truth began circulating on the Internet. Now most people are aware of the it. It is still possible she said something like this, but there is no solid proof).

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