Spiritual Energy and Planet X

Spiritual Energy and Planet X

Question: “Are there any safeguards by our souls or the Masters on what seekers may receive. I feel I have been dangerously overloaded several times.”

A question for all really which follows some of my own recent experiences. The question is are there any safeguards for the amount of information that is revealed to an initiate or during enlightenment. Personally I found that I was overloaded with not only divine knowledge but also what was almost too much sensory perception and suddenly found myself participating in not only what was perceived by me as group telepathy, but also with my surroundings and colours. I felt that I was over-exposed and the onslaught led me to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks. So my question is where or what are the safeguards to enlightenment?

Many believe that safeguards on the path of enlightenment are unnecessary as all you are supposed to have to do is think positive, love others and all will be well. It is not that simple as all disciples find out at one time or another.

When we began our progression on the physical plane as human entities the soul placed many safeguards between our consciousness and the higher energies hidden within the pedals of the various centers within our bodies.

As we listen to the voice of the soul the energy pedals slowly unfold. If they unfold too quickly then, or if our consciousness is not prepared when they do unfold, then a disturbance is created which can produce disease or weakness.

You have heard the statement: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Why does the teacher have to wait until the student is ready?

Answer: Because if he were to stimulate energy centers in the student prematurely then he would hurt more than help the seeker.

Even if we do all we can to move ahead in our progression according to the will of the Spirit we will find times when new energy centers open that are very difficult in which to adjust. However, if the student accepts and deals with the energy then the adjustment will usually come within 6 months to two years.

The real danger comes when the student seeks the higher energies before he is prepared in consciousness to deal with them. The centers can be forced open prematurely through certain types of meditation, breathing exercises and even too much prayer directed toward self.

So what do you do if you are overloaded as our friend seems to be?

(1) If you do regular meditation, clearing the mind, seeking higher consciousness, visualization etc cease doing so until you feel the energy has normalized. This may take up to two years.

(2) If you pray fervently make your prayers short and preferably limit then to once a day.

(3) The idea of mixing with positive people is good. It is preferable that these people be playful and fun loving in spirit.

(4) Make the majority of your learning through contemplation, but not negative meditation.

Staying in this group and learning here should be safe as we stress contemplation instead of empty-the-mind type of meditation.

Let us know if any problems persists.

Planet X

Question: “Talking about world, I came across this website about an unknown planet (12th planet, Nibiru) whose orbits nears Earth every 3600 years. The last time it happened was around 1600 B.C. The next time its going to happen is around May – June 2003, which is just around the corner! This rogue planet is 25X the size, and 100X the density of Earth. As Nibiru passes by Earth, the terrific gravitational pull will cause Earths poles to shift, causing tremendous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves etc. It seems the US govt is covering up the existence of this planet to prevent widespread panic & alarm.

“The big question is…..Will all this happen in 2003?” (Written in May of 2002)

I do not even believe that Planet X exists, at least not in the physical.

It is possible for planets to swing out of their orbit and visit each other, but I do not see this happening on earth in the immediate future.

Our most pressing concern is the weapons of mass destruction and the possibility that a rogue nation may soon use them. The danger is great now between India and Pakistan. Hopefully the forces of light will prevail and we can prevent such destruction until firm international law is in place to prohibit the manufacture of weapons that can destroy life on earth as we know it.

Copyright By J J Dewey

May 13, 2002

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 7

This entry is part 7 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 2

The book is not about predicting the future. The book has nothing to do with predicting the future of the planet. There are several correspondences in there that predict certain cycles and events that repeat themselves from time to time but that is not the main purpose of the book. The main purpose of the book is what is given in the first verse, is the unveiling of Jesus Christ to show His disciples things, which must shortly come to pass.

And blessed he that readeth and keepeth the words of this prophesy and keep those things which are written there in within their hearts.

So who was he talking to? He was talking to disciples who read and study this and the things that will shortly come to pass is the unveiling of Jesus Christ which will shortly come to pass in the life of the disciples. That is what the whole book is about. The unveiling of Jesus Christ in the life of the disciple that reads this and keeps these things in his heart. So why didn’t John speak clearly about this? Why didn’t he just say that this was all symbolism about the path the disciple leads that unveils the life of Jesus Christ within him? Why didn’t he just say that?

Audience: He knew they would destroy it. Blasphemy.

JJ: Right because the church would destroy it because even in the early times the church had a hard time accepting the statement of Jesus when He told the Jews, “Ye are gods.” That is what He told them, ye are gods, He says you criticize me because people say that I am a Son of God, and it says “a” Son of God not “the” Son of God. What is interesting about that is that your own scriptures say, “Ye are gods.” That is a lot bigger deal to say ye are gods than for anyone to say that I am a Son of God. It is a lot bigger deal to say ye are gods so what is the big deal if I say that I am one of the sons of god? And what did they do to him after He said that to them? They picked up stones to throw at Him and he had to get out of there. He made them so mad that they immediately picked up stones to throw at Him.

So what the book is really about is the unveiling, the unfolding Jesus Christ in the life of the disciple. In other words, it starts out telling the person of the unfolding of the Christ consciousness as he goes through the first initiation and unfolds the life of Christ within his heart. He then goes through a second initiation and the third where he undergoes the principle of baptism and then on until he becomes like the Christ Himself. Then it goes into what the disciple can do after he becomes like the Christ. So it really talks about three stages, the first stage is a letter to the churches and the letters to the churches unfolds the disciple as to the steps he takes to become a higher initiate. These are the seven stages of progression represented by the seven churches.

The second part is where the heavens are open and this signifies a higher consciousness. He has a higher consciousness and begins to undergo the third initiation where has the heavens open to him and he is able to see what he has never been able to see before. Then it unfolds how he treads the path to become like his master The Christ. The third part tells about the work of a Messiah, of a Christed One and what type of work he will do and the things that will happen as he proceeds on his work and it ends with the consummation of the building of the New Jerusalem.

So why did John write it this way, like it was going to be the end of the world? Because he knew that the people who were going to be putting together the scriptures loved the end of the world stuff. Do people still love the end of the world stuff?

Audience: Yes

JJ: Every year or so there is a new prophesy that the world is going to end. Because we had seven planets in alignment this was going to cause the end of world. That happened 1995 or something like that. The world was going to end in the year 2000 because that is the seven thousand years prophesied in scripture and a day with God is like a thousand years and the seventh thousandth year is a rest. So we were going to have the day of the millennium and Y2K was going to be it. Many thought it was going to be the end of the world. Then it came and went and nothing happened.

Right after that they said that planet X was going to hit us anytime. As a matter of fact several people wrote me personal letters asking, “how come you are not preaching about planet X? Aren’t you worried about planet X?” I said, well no planet X is going to show up and they were very offended that I said that. Now no planet X has showed up on time and I think it was supposed to show up in 2004, and in 2005 it still was not here. Planet X was supposed to be a red dwarf.

I remember everyone saying back then when this was being talked about that it was supposed to be here within six months and was going to destroy most of the earth.

I did a little figuring abut how big a red dwarf would have to be and it would have to be bigger than the planet Jupiter and it would have to be within the solar system if it was going to arrived within six months. I said you know it would have to be big enough to be as bright as the planet Venus. If we were to look into the sky right now that’s how bright it would have to be.

I said I do not see any orb up there that is as bright as the planet Venus so it cannot physically get here in time to full fill the prophesy that everybody is making! This is just pure science, and sure enough not only did it not get here but also, it has not shown up at all! I have been a pretty accurate prophet on the Internet because every prophet that makes a prediction, I say it is not going to happen, and it does not happen so I guess I am the one that is the true prophet! (Laughter)

The thing is, is that it is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is real easy to do! Every day a stopped clock is right twice so once in a while somebody makes a prediction that comes true and hopefully I can catch that one so I do not look like a fool. (Laughter)

A lot of people are always predicting a stock market crash within six months and there is an ongoing prediction about that.

There has been an ongoing prediction about an economic collapse since I can remember. It is always floating out there, someone is always making a prediction, but someday there probably will be a collapse, so someday somebody is going to be right and it probably will not be because they are physic but by accident. Somebody is just going to be right and periodically there are small collapses but let us hope there is not a complete collapse.

The most recent prophesy is 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar and many people are predicting the end of the world here. People are getting wiser and I noticed that when they first started talking about it there was a lot of end of world talk. Now the opinion is shifting, they are seeing all these other predictions that predicted the end of the world have not happened. Many people are changing the prediction around 2012 and saying that it just means the end of the cycle, or the end of something else and it will not be the end of the world.

I think people are waking up to the fact that there have been so many end of the world predictions out there that people are beginning to be a little more cautious about them. The end of the world will not actually come for millions of years but when you think about it we could have a lot of problems in between. We have the threat of a nuclear war and all kinds of things that could create tremendous problems but it is very unlikely that it would be the end of mankind.

So just like today where everybody is interested in the end world so it was in John’s day as well. The Essenes wrote a lot about the end of the world. They were expecting it and they hid out in caves thinking that the end of the world would come and then the Roman Empire would be destroyed and they would come out of their caves and create a new civilization but that of course did not happen.

It took the Roman Empire hundreds of years before it fell. So John wrote about the end of the world and when they put the Bible together they looked at it and they were attracted by the revelation of the end but many of them, because it was so esoteric, thought it was too complicated and a little too scary and there was a big debate on whether or not to include this in the Bible. It just about did not get in but it squeaked by and we are lucky we have it.

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Comet Elenin, Planet X & More

This entry is part 4 of 31 in the series 2011B

I wouldn’t bet my grandmother’s operation money on the idea that Comet Elenin is going to cause earthquakes on a specific date or any date. Some have already predicted earthquakes on March 14 or 15 and nothing significant happened. For one thing it is definitely not a red dwarf. If it were it would now be the brightest object in the sky next to the moon. Currently it has a magnitude of +16.7 (very dim) and is a couple hundred million miles away so it is probably less than a couple miles wide and would have negligible effect on us
gravitational wise.

I misspoke and should have written brown dwarf. A red dwarf star 200 million miles distant would be much brighter than the moon. A brown dwarf fits the description I wrote.

I think the coincidences here are like the Bible Code. After things happen you can find all sorts of coincidences where prophesy seemed encoded. But then when they attempt to predict the future by it they are no better than a monkey throwing darts to pinpoint different events.

A brown dwarf would be at least as big as Jupiter but the evidence is that this comet will be a couple miles or less, probably less than a mile. It is difficult to tell the exact size at this point because of reflected gas that surrounds a comet.

Any connection between Elenin and earthquakes or anything else would either be coincidence or astrological cycles of which we are unaware. It could not be due to a negligible gravity.

I’m sure that any earthquakes (and there will be some) between September and December of this year will be attributed to this comet, but I think we will not see any exact connection that many expect and it will not be the end of the world or even Wormwood from Revelations.

Susan: There is some other evidence there may be some science behind this idea. The link below doesn’t talk about the comet/planet, but it does talk about Jupiturn and Saturn and their effects etc.

Check out this:

http://beforeitsnews.com/story/478/998/US_MegaQuake_Coming_Warn_Russian_Scienti\\ sts.html

JJ  The gravitational effects of Jupiter and Saturn would have millions of times the gravitational effect as the comet Elenin and could have some power to effect us. Even so the effect of gravity would be small. In the years leading up to March 10, 1982 there were many doomsayers predicting great earthquakes and end of the world scenarios because not two or three but all nine planets lined up on the same side of the solar system. This was a one in a million years occurrence and there was a lot of speculation in the new age community about it. I was one of the few who said that noting significant was going to happen on that date and nothing did.

More powerful than gravitational effects are the electrical effects of celestial bodies. This is something little realized or studied by science. Even though a comet may be small, it could have an electrical influence and act as a trigger. Such triggers though would be little understood by science, let alone new agers, and prognosticators. If another major earthquake occurs on an alignment date with Elenin then that would give evidence of an electrical triggering effect, not a gravitational one, for when it gets close enough to be visible the low gravitational influence will be established beyond doubt.

Most brown dwarfs have some light of their own, but just dim and some of them are up to 80 times as large as Jupiter. Even if it did not give off any light of its own it would reflect the light of the sun and because it is closer it would be brighter than Jupiter in the sky – the brightest object next to the moon. If it still had some light of its own it would be brighter still.

The nearest brown dwarfs to us are many thousands of times further away than Elenin and very difficult to detect because of the vast distance.

Blayne writes: This got me to thinking, everyone is looking at this from a gravitational standpoint. However if the Universe is really the electrical model (I tend to lean that way) then it could makes sense the a comet like Elenin could have an effect especially with magnetic fields.

Any thoughts on that? Or care to elaborate on how Elenin might have an “electrical triggering” effect?

JJ Consider this – from ancient times humanity has viewed comets as having great significance. They have thought such a celestial sighting was a great portent of some kind. Some thought a comet meant there was going to be great catastrophe or even the end of the world and others thought it meant some other kind of great change or the birth of a great soul.

The thread that goes through these ancient beliefs is “change.”

Now something that has a common belief in early man often has elements of truth. The reason for this is that even though early man was superstitious he was very instinctual and often picked up threads of truth and incorporated them in his beliefs.

If this is so then what is the underlying truth?

To get the picture we must view the universe as a living organism and ask how comets would correspond to elements of human life.

There are many comets in our solar system. Some of them have fairly short orbits, others like Hailey’s take 85 years and still others take millions of years. It is now thought that Elenin’s orbit takes around 10,000 years to complete.

Then there is another breed of comet and others thought Elenin was one of these. These are comets that are not native to our solar system but have arrived from interstellar space. They were either thrown out of an orbit or just never had a home.

Some scientists think that life was seeded on earth by a comet that hit us in ancient times.

The average comet is only about a half mile in size which is extremely small in relation to a planet. Most of its visibility comes from gas or dust particles that surround it and become it’s tail as it approaches the sun. I’ve heard it said that the entire tail of a comet could fit in a suitcase if it were gathered in one spot.

Some scientists think that comets are dispensers of electrical current though this is not an orthodox line of study.

Putting this together it seems that comets are very subtle, almost esoteric influences within the universe and are even shared at times between neighboring solar systems.

On a smaller scale two humans can meet and share subtle influences. One can pick up another’s energy, feelings and personality through a subtle exchange of energy. When two auras blend there is an exchange of real particles that create a unique communication.

Comets could do this same thing between star systems, which are also living entities.

As a subtle communicator through electrical energy a comet could trigger unique reactions in various planets and their moons as it approaches or aligns with them. Their gravitational force is negligible so electrical or other subtle forces would have to be their avenue of influence.

Consider this. To ignite the rocket that sent men to the moon only took the push of a button. Even so, in our solar system and universe there are times when great events are triggered by small subtle forces.

I am sure the Masters have knowledge of the influences of comets. Maybe DK will share this with us the next time he speaks.

This is not the first time I’ve dealt with excitement over the approach of heavenly objects. Back in 2002 a lot of people thought Planet X was going to show up. Here was my reply:

The excitement around Planet X (called Nibiru) centers around the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. Now the interesting thing is that the prediction of the appearance of Planet X around spring of 2003 is not made or supported by Sitchin. He thinks the planet will show up someday, but not sure when.

A person making the prophecy is Mark Hazelwood who claims that Planet X is a brown dwarf that will visit is about a year from now. We do not need soul contact to be assured this will not happen.


Because a brown dwarf is much larger than Jupiter, up to 48 times as large, and is likely to still be emitting light of its own. Anything this large would be visible to the naked eye for about five years before its approach to the earth.

The prediction is that Planet X will arrive in spring of 2003, less than a year from now. At the fastest possible orbiting speed from an elongated orbit, this planet would now have to be closer than Jupiter to have a chance of getting here within a year.

If then Planet X were within the obit of Jupiter it would be the brightest object in the night sky, over 20 times brighter than Venus the brightest object in the Sky, next to the moon. If it was a brown dwarf with residual light of its own, it could be a bright as the moon.

Because we look up in the sky and see no such object, then the only conclusion is that there is no brown dwarf within harm’s way for years to come.

Some have seen the discovery of new asteroids as evidence of Planet X, but Planet X has been described as something much larger than an asteroid. Asteroid 2000WR106 was thought by some to be evidence of Planet X, but this was only about 10% the mass of Pluto and since it is about 4 billion miles from us, it poses no more threat than any other orb in our solar system.

https://freeread.com/archives/1715.html Posted June 2, 2002

Nathan: Supposedly there actually is a brown dwarf in our solar system. I heard it mentioned on CNN awhile ago. It’s no Nibiru prophecy though. It’s way too far away.

Link: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/02/15/scientists-telescope-hunt-massive-hidden-ob\ ject-in-space/?iref=NS1JJ

A small binary star of some kind has been theorized by astronomers for some time. Before Neptune and Pluto were discovered outer planets were predicted to exist because all the gravitational effects in the solar system could not be explained by the seven planets at the time. When Neptune was discovered the gravitational anomalies were still not explained and many predicted the discovery of a fairly large planet beyond Neptune’s orbit.

Finally, in 1930 Pluto was discovered but instead of being a large planet it turned out to be smaller than our moon, the smallest planet in our solar system. In fact it was so small that it was recently declassified as a planet so now there are eight that are called planets instead of nine.

Since the discovery of Pluto astronomers have suspected there are planets beyond its orbit. Now it turns out they were right. In 1992 they discovered additional objects in that area of space and since then have identified about 1000 of them and about 70,000 are believed to exist. They named this area of space the Kuiper Belt. This belt starts at the orbit of Neptune (about 30 AU) to way beyond it (about 55 AU). Two dwarf planets have been discovered there which are Makemake & Haumea. Makemake is about three quarters the size of Pluto and Haumea is about one third the size.

In January 2005, way out in the boondocks, about three times as far from the sun as Pluto (over 96 AU) they discovered Eris, which was 27% larger than Pluto. This caused a dilemma for astronomers. Do they call Eris a tenth planet or cease calling Pluto one? They decided on the latter and called these smaller planet-like objects dwarf planets. Many astronomers are disappointed that Pluto is no longer called a planet. To some it was like losing a kid.

Do the dwarf planets and the other objects in the Kuiper Belt explain all the gravitational anomalies? Astronomers do not seem settled on this as some think there could still be major objects to be found but most think a dwarf star would have been detected by now.

A lot of this speculation is fueled by the writings of Zecharia Sitchin who claimed that an inhabited planet, named Nibiru, exists on an elliptical orbit that extends from 469 AU to 1 AU. The orbit is supposed to take 3600 years and after this period is supposed to flyby the earth (1 AU) and create all kinds of havoc.

Because of Sitchin’s writings – every time a new comet or object is discovered it is identified by the new agers as Nibiru, or Planet X. Several times Sitchin himself has told his followers that they have not identified Planet X but they do not even listen to him for they seem bent on having some doomsday object arrive.

Some scientists have said that the extreme elongated orbit of Nibiru would be a gravitational impossibility. If there is a planet X or brown dwarf it would most likely be very distant and never get that close to earth… Unless, there are forces beyond gravity that move objects in unpredictable ways. So far this has not been observed, but you never know.

Meanwhile an interesting space probe called New Horizons is speeding toward Pluto, which has never been visited. It is now near the orbit of Uranus and will reach Pluto on July 14, 2015. After that it will head into the Kuiper belt in the hope of visiting several more objects before its mission ends.

In recent space news the Messenger spacecraft, after a six and a half year journey, as of March 17, entered the orbit of Mercury. It will begin operations on April 4th and then we should see some interesting new pictures and learn of new discoveries.

Learning more about what is out there is always stimulating to me and is a use of tax dollars I am happy to pay.

— In Keysters@yahoogroups.com, QuasarAZx@… wrote: I am an amateur Astronomer, as I have said before and I took astronomy classes in college and read books on it. I have been studying astronomy off and on since 1991. JJ, how is it that you know so much about astronomy? You even solved the mystery of dark matter when I asked you what it was?


Few scientists would accept my esoteric views on dark matter.

From the time I was about seven to thirteen I wanted to be an astronomer and learned all I could about the subject and had my own telescope. Then I got interested in rockets and wanted to be an astronautical engineer and send men into space. Finally I changed my attention to spiritual science as the most important field of endeavor that I could pursue. I now help people explore inner space rather than outer.

DK says that a disciple can become proficient in any field that he sets his mind to. I’m still interested in the physical sciences but only have a limited amount of time to keep up with them.

Larry Woods writes: So JJ, the fact that Elenin’s orbit already lined up with several Earth catastrophes means nothing?

That interactive orbital chart seems very compelling whether this is a brown dwarf or not. If this is only a comet, could that affect tides and tectonic plates when it aligns with our Sun in relation to Earth? Past alignments coinciding with major catastrophes suggests so. If our moon affects our tides, could gravitational forces compounded by Elenin alignments affect us? I ask because the model predicts very close future alignments in September and in November: 11 Sep 2011 Closest proximity to sun 0.482 AU ? fill in the blank – Solar flares triggering who knows what?

27 Sep 2011 0.381 AU Earth opposite of Sun ? fill in the blank – By far the most powerful alignment!

17 Oct 2011 0.232 AU Closest proximity to Elenin ? fill in the blank – Worldwide events?

02 Nov 2011 0.317 Earth slides through debris path ? fill in the blank – Celestial light show and some huge meteors?

23 Nov 2011 0.582 AU Earth between ? fill in the blank – Far closer alignment than the Japan event!

JJ Most likely the alignment with the Japan and New Zealand quakes were just a coincidence. Comets in the past aligning with the earth in this way have not created much that is unusual. A synchronous event is much more impressive if it is predicted in advance rather than viewed on hindsight as has happened so far.

I would be surprised if  extraordinary events happen on the dates you mention. Huge meteors are extremely unlikely as comets are surrounded by small dust particles, not huge rocks.

There is likely to be some newsworthy events on some of those dates and some earthquake activity but devastation like that which hit Japan is very unlikely during those times. Someone has already predicted devastation on March 15th because of Elenin and that did not happen.

We’ll now wait until those dates approach and I will then make further comments.

Keith asked about Vulcan. Could it be Planet X?

Vulcan was supposed to be a planet within the orbit of Mercury. This is one of the few things DK taught that can appear to be a mistake. There are two possibilities. (1) It could be an etheric planet or (2) he could have used it as a substitute for the sun.

Here are a few things I have said about it.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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This entry is part 59 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted Nov 17, 2010
Blaine writes:
So my question to you JJ (and others) is how do we give others hope that it won’t be the end of the world and to look to a bright new future? It won’t be without some pain however how do we make it into a positive when we do feel the pain?

Before the Y2K scare and then the Planet X I received a number of voices of concern and I assured them that no major calamity was forthcoming.  At that time my concern was so low that I stored no food and made no emergency preparations for calamities.

This time around I am not so confident as this tremendous borrowing we are doing is driving us over a financial cliff unless something is done.  No matter how you look at the current situation the fact is that we are going to have some tough times to endure. At best we will have a couple years of high unemployment and tough financial times and at worst we could have a collapse of the currency not only here but in many parts of the world with China being the only major nation holding things together.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you the hope that things will be easy, but I will offer this hope.  Even though things may get tough the pure in heart will make the best of the situation and  those who live by the highest they know will reap many rewards of the spirit.

The world is not going to end and whatever happens will serve to teach us important lessons that will serve to put a more workable system in place – maybe not immediately but after the dust settles.

I do not believe we are approaching apocalyptic conditions for if we were a way of escape and a gathering place would be prepared.  I think we are just headed for more tough times and should do our best to prepare.  Now’s a good time to store up some extra food and get some emergency heat ready.  If a wood or pellet stove is not practical for you get a propane heater that is safe for indoor use.  A back up generator is also a good idea and propane is better than gas because it stores indefinitely.

That said I think we are going to pull through this awkward situation we are in and learn some lessons from it.

As far as doomsday thinking goes this has been around since I remember and the doomsdayers have always been wrong. Unfortunately, our economy faces a real threat this time but if leaders arise and point us the right direction the nation can be revived and thrive again.

The time of opportunity for the lights to create great change has not quite arrived but the day is no so far off.  The hard times are making people more open for the messages to come.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey