McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 11

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The Unveiling, Part 6


How do the born again Christians do this, what shortcut do they take?

Audience: Saved by Grace!

JJ: Saved by grace and all you have to do is say Jesus is Lord Hallelujah!

Audience: In the Catholic church the priest will do for you.

JJ: Really easy right? Unless you are part of another group like the Mormons then you do not have the right Jesus. So it is interesting how they believe this. Now every religion has their shortcuts to heaven. Some have a little less of a shortcut than others but they all have this shortcut.

And the new agers are the same, Eckankar has this shortcut – they believe there is about seven or nine levels to the highest god and we can bypass all of our incarnations if we follow the Eck master and he will guide us through soul travel out of the circle of incarnation. If we have 500 lives to go we just skip them all. All we have to do is subscribe to their belief system.

So a lot of new agers have the same problem. I was reading on the Internet a while back another group wanted us to believe the way they do and if we believe this way then people are going to come down in flying saucers we are all going to escape to the fifth dimension and leave behind this turmoil that we have all around us. It will be a shortcut to bliss and we are never going to have to incarnate again and we will live in this higher dimension forever.

Audience: I am sure there are a thousand and one illusionary shortcuts but didn’t Christ Himself teach a shortcut?

JJ: And that would be?

Audience: That would be how to balance out the karma through good works.

JJ: Not really, He said that every jot and tittle has to be paid, even to the last farthing. But He taught certain ways to pay it off, we can pay off our karma through service but it is like paying off a loan at the bank. If you owed $1000, there is no way you are going to get out of paying that $1000 plus interest. But if you have a job that makes $10 an hour and have an opportunity to get a job that pays $50 an hour then you are going to pay off that $1000 a lot quicker than you would with the $10 an hour job. Yes that is a shortcut but most of the shortcuts teach bypassing the karma where it just drops by osmosis or something. There are shorter and quicker ways to do it but many of them teach that if you follow this particular leader then all your karma is going to dissolve or something like that.

That is the type of shortcut that is an illusion, but like you say there are legitimate shortcuts like I just explained with the bank loan comparison. It is the same way if you are doing a service that serves a thousand people and stimulates them, you can pay off karma a lot faster than the guy who is only serving ten people in some way for we pay off our karma with service.

Audience: Can you define karma?

JJ: Karma is cause and effect, meaning that if you create hurtful deeds and that accumulates and it comes back to haunt you and you will have to pay recompense somehow. So theoretically it is like Jesus said, He who kills with the sword, shall be killed by the sword.

Now let’s take someone who has killed ten people. Does that mean that he has to come back and be killed ten different times? Not necessarily he may be in a situation where he can save ten people with one heroic act and in that case it would be possible for him to pay off those ten lives, if his soul feels he has learned his lesson. There are Lords, who the Tibetan calls, the Lords of Karma, who keep a tabulation on this to make sure the balance is maintained and to provide avenues for people who are willing to pay off their karma in the quickest possible way.

Audience: Does doing good works without the necessary payment of karma does that store up for you?

JJ: Right there is good karma and bad karma and just like a bank sometimes you borrow money and sometimes you save money. So if you do good works that are not related to paying karma – like say generosity, you are being generous and helping people. But maybe you hurt somebody in another way. Generosity is unrelated to the hurting so you may still have to learn the lesson in that area but by being generous you may be accumulating good karma in the bank so that sometime when you are in need in the future somebody appears out of the blue and helps you out.

Now I am not going to go through all the seven stages, the disciple goes through in The Unveiling until he reaches the third initiation. When he reaches the third initiation he becomes enlightened and his consciousness is lifted up. Paul reached this point when he was on the road to Damascus and he saw a great light. Jesus reached it on the mount of transfiguration; Moses reached it when he went up on Mount Sinai and his face glowed like the sun.

When the disciple reaches this point after the lesson of the seven churches are over, all of a sudden John sees this great vision. This is where all the vision of the great end time comes from and it starts in chapter 4,

After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. Rev 4:1-2

JJ: Let’s interpret this, “behold I looked and a door was opened in heaven.” What do you suppose heaven symbolizes here in the life of the disciple?
Joshua: Higher consciousness.

JJ: Right heaven symbolizes higher consciousness. In other words, he was raised up in consciousness through a transfiguration. Whether he glowed like the sun we do not know, but definitely his consciousness was raised up to heaven where he was able to see things he had never seen before. And what did he see? A door was opened in heaven and he rose up in consciousness and in that consciousness was a door, what does the door symbolize?

Audience: The soul.

JJ: Right, the soul is the door between heaven and earth. When we have soul contact we have a door that is opened that can lead us into all the higher worlds. These are higher worlds are available through the door of the soul. “And the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither,” what is the symbolism of a trumpet? What is the purpose of a trumpet?

Audience: To wake us up.

JJ: Right to wake us up. In the army a trumpet wakes you up in the morning. Okay, there was a voice that woke him up to a higher level of thinking, and this voice that woke him up to a higher level of thinking said what? “Come up.” You saw a door open in heaven, your consciousness is raising up, you see the door and you go through the door and you are still not up high enough and the voice says come up even higher. “Come up hither and I will show thee things that must be hereafter” things that you are going to experience. These are not things that will cause hell upon the earth but things hereafter that is going to apply to you the disciple that is on the path. “And immediately I was in the spirit.” So when this transfiguration comes immediately. He is in a different state of being and instead of being in carnal consciousness he is in spiritual consciousness, “and behold a throne was set in heaven and one sat on the throne.” A throne was sat in the state of higher consciousness and where is this throne at? In which chakra is the higher consciousness?

Audience: Crown chakra.

JJ: It’s the ajna center, commonly called the third eye, between the eyebrows. The center between the eyebrows is normally called the throne of God esoterically. The head center overall is all stimulated at the third initiation or the transfiguration and the disciple senses the God within the head. And what does it say later in the Book of Revelation? You escape the beast by having the name of God in your forehead. You escape the beast by understanding that the name of God sitting upon the throne is in the forehead.

Even DK talks about the possibility of seeing an actual door in a vision if you concentrate on this spot and he says there will come times when you will actually see this door, DK does not describe it as a door but like a circle of blue that you will see if you concentrate.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 12

This entry is part 12 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 7

The Two Witnesses

And round about the throne were four and twenty elders upon the seats and I saw four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment; and they had upon their heads crowns of gold.

He saw others that have gone on before him. It is also stimulating symbolic of the energy centers within us, We have the heart center with 12 petals of energy and this is also duplicated in the head. You have a heart center in the head and a heart center of course in the heart. All together there are 24 petals, half simulating female energy and the other male energy. This is one of the correspondences to the twenty-four elders but we are not constricted to just one meaning. If you see a meaning that correlates and corresponds then it is quite possible you can receive quite a bit of light from it – because in any inspired word or scripture there is more than one meaning that can be used.

We will move ahead here and we do not have a lot of time to go into detail on the Book of Revelation but there are several details that are quite interesting and one is the scripture that deals with the two witnesses. Has everybody heard about the prophecy of these two individuals? If you have talked to any of the religious people they are really big on these two witnesses. They believe, as I told you earlier, that two witnesses are going to show up soon. Some believe it will be just two regular mortals that are very spiritual men. Then a lot of Christians believe it is going to be Elijah and Moses showing up in a mortal state and they are going to wander into Jerusalem and start preaching.

I have come across quite a few people that think they are one of the two witnesses and maybe reincarnated from Moses or someone great. There are all kinds of them floating around. The two witnesses as it applies to the disciple, are totally different than we have heard before. “And I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and three score days clothed in sack cloth. These are the two olive trees, the two candle sticks standing before the God of the earth.”

Okay, so what are the two witnesses?

The two witnesses are two principles that bear witness to the truth of the teachings of the disciple who is the follower of Christ and has now undergone the transfiguration. He is qualified to be a teacher of righteousness and has internally two witnesses. The Bible says that all things shall be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. As a matter of fact the Jews came to Jesus and said to Him, “the scriptures say that everything shall be done in the mouth of two witnesses and you are only one witness, where is your other witness? “And Jesus said there is me and then there is the Father that dwells in me.” (See John 8:13-19)

That was an interesting interpretation of the two witnesses by Jesus. There was Himself and then there was another entity higher than Him that was inside of Him. It says right there, in the scripture that there was the witness of two men, but where were the two men? Jesus was one and He who was within Him was the other.

For the disciple, as it pertains to the Book of Revelations, the two witnesses has another dimension to it. There were the two witnesses that followed Jesus wherever he went that testified that He was a true teacher. The first witness was what?

Audience: The Gospel, the soul, Himself and the Father that dwell in Him.

JJ: What was the first thing Jesus did that bore witness to who He was?

Audience: He was baptized.

JJ: No that bore witness to himself and John but what was it that got the people’s attention?

Audience: The miracles.

JJ: Okay and the miracles was a what?

Audience: A sign.

JJ: No what kind of witness was all these miracles?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: All these miracles were the works of Jesus; they were His works.

Audience: So His first witness was His works.

JJ: Yes, that is his first witness, the works of the disciple bear witness to him as a true teacher. The second thing that got everybody really wondering who He was and got everybody all stirred up was something else besides His works and what was it?

Audience: His words.

JJ: Yes, His words. The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Him and said where did you get this doctrine? Who gave you the authority to teach these things? Where did you learn this? His words caused a tremendous impression on everybody; He said things totally different than they had been said before. If a man comes to you and wants you to go one mile, go two miles. Nobody had said anything like that before. Everybody thought that if somebody wants me to go one mile then I am going to get out of even going that one-mile if at all possible.

In those days if a Roman soldier came to you and said carry my pack for one mile then by law in the Roman Empire you had to do this or you could get thrown in jail. So everybody carried it for one mile but when they were done with the one mile they stopped at exactly that mark and then they were able to escape the legal repercussions. They could not punish them if they carried it one mile so whenever a Roman soldier selected somebody they only went exactly one mile because they did not like these Roman soldiers. But Jesus said if someone compels you to go one mile, go two. How do you think that affected a Roman soldier? Everybody only goes one mile and then they say “you S.O.B., carry it yourself.” And here comes the follower of Christ and he says I will carry it two miles for you. The soldier thinks, wow that is weird, I am impressed.

He says if somebody smites you on one cheek then turn, the other cheek. These words really made an impression on people. He said love your neighbor as yourself; love God first, this is the first great commandment and the second is love your neighbor as yourself and on this commandment hangs every law and every prophet and every commandment that has ever been given. All the scriptures hangs on this one principle.

Wow, nobody had ever heard that before. Just this one thing? It is not Ten Commandments and the thousands of little things that the Jews had to do. For instance, if they really wanted to obey the Sabbath correctly there were a couple of thousand things they had to memorize. For example, on the Sabbath you could not wear sandals with any metal in them because that caused more effort to lift the sandals up and down. They had hundreds of little rules. You were allowed a couple thousand steps and if you took one too many then you broke the Sabbath and you just had to quit walking and wait until the next day to take more steps!

Audience: Laughter. They had to make their meals the day before so they were not working on the Sabbath.

JJ: Right they had all these rules and regulations because we are going to perfect obeying the Sabbath so that we can really please God. Jesus said to His disciples when they were walking through a wheat field. The disciples picked a handful of wheat to eat it and the Pharisees saw them and said, Ah ha, you guys are working on the Sabbath; you are harvesting wheat! That is how fussy they were, but Jesus hit them with something entirely different. On this law of love hangs every commandment that you have ever been given and you can obey it properly if you can understand it.

Do you think the authorities liked that? Because if you understood that one law of love then all these rules and all these regulations that the authorities advised on became useless. The authorities got all this recognition for advising how to obey all the commandments but if you listened to Jesus then none of the authorities now were needed. And so His words burned like a fire through the hearts of His enemies and it caused them to hate Him. It also burned like a fire in the hearts of the pure of heart because it gave them hope that this would get them out of this mess they were in where they had to memorize thousands of little rules if they wanted to please God. And so the two witnesses to the disciple whether it is Jesus or a follower of Jesus are his words and his works. Now lets read on.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 13

This entry is part 13 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 8

The Two and a Half Times

JJ: Now lets read on,

I will give power to my two witnesses that they shall give prophecy a thousand two hundred and three score days clothed in sack cloth.

A thousand two hundred and three score days is three and half years. Notice the three and half keeps showing up again and again. It shows up numerous times in the Book of Revelation in different ways. The two witnesses are buried for three and half days, the church is in the wilderness for three and half time periods, the Holy City is tread under foot for three and a half years and the beast dominates for this same time period.

The three and half time periods keeps showing up because the mission of the words and the works of the disciple always goes through three and half time periods. Jesus preached approximately three and half years before He was crucified. The three and half just keeps showing up again and again and again.

The three and a half is divided into four periods. During the first time period in accomplishing the words and the works of the disciple it seems to him that he is going to be able to accomplish his mission.  The work always looks easier than it turns out to be. The first period passes and not much has been accomplished, so he has to go through the second period and in the second period still the mission is not accomplished and he begins to be tempted to be discouraged.

He then proceeds to the third period which may be a year, or it may be many years, but there are three periods in the life of the disciple where he performs his words and his works and it seems for sure like you he will accomplish it. But the third period ends and still he does not accomplish it and it seemed for sure that he would not have to go beyond the third period or cycle. He is disappointed to realize that he must now continue for an unknown unforeseen period of time.  This is the half a time in the equation.

He must persevere – for that half of a time could be a short time or a long time. The half of a time is that time the disciple didn’t think was going to be necessary. He is going to have to go the extra mile to achieve his mission and that period lasts as long as it takes to achieve success. Jesus said this, “He that endures to the end shall be saved.” A more correct translation of that is “He who perseveres to the consummation of a work shall be delivered and have success.” You have to endure to the consummation of a work to achieve success. The key is the half of a time period, that period that you did not dream was going to be necessary. Have you ever heard the statement, “Things always take longer than you think”?  They always do. The disciple thinks that that first cycle is going to be all the time we need and then we are going to wrap things up. It always takes longer and the reason the half of a cycle is thrown in is because that is the period of endurance where he has to persevere for an unknown time period until he achieves success.

Audience: After he has received his enlightenment is he given his mission that he knows he is to accomplish?

JJ: He is given a number of missions along the way and at this time period he will perceive a work that he has to do and he will produce words and works that will testify to the truth of this work. Like Paul, first of all he was blinded and then he was healed and produced great words and works that testified of his mission and even though he was a former persecutor of the saints he was now a true teacher.

Audience: I heard a story about a man who wanted enlightenment and he went to a man who carrying a sack that had enlightenment and he asked what it was like when you find enlightenment. The man put the sack down and said what comes after enlightenment is this; he then raised the sack and put it back on his shoulder.

Audience: Daniel talks about the time and times and half time as well.

JJ: Yes and this is repeated in the Book of Revelation. I talk a little about Daniel in the book but I do not go into it in depth or else it would have most likely been twice as long.

Audience: I am relating to that.

JJ: The time and times and half a time, yes we both relate to it. We have been struggling a long time. Time is one cycle, times, is two cycles, and a half time is a half cycle, three and a half cycles. And it is given in a lot of symbolic language, three and a half days, 1260 days which is three and half years, 42 months which is three and half years, and this time and times and half a time keeps repeating itself.

This a really interesting scripture about the witnesses, “If any man will hurt them, fire will proceed out of their mouth and devour their enemies, and if man will hurt them than he must in this manner be killed.” So what the Christian world is expecting is Moses and Elijah is going to show up in Jerusalem and the anti-Christ sends a few of his henchman to do away with them and fire is going to come out of their mouth and evaporate them. DO you think it is going to happen that way?

The disciple has his words and his works and if any man will come and try to hurt the disciple, they will attack him and try to destroy his words and works.  When attacked fire cometh out of his mouth, and that fire is the fire of light and truth, and that fire of truth devours his enemies. In other words, it was like the Pharisees who came to Jesus and said well you are not so smart. We are going to ask you a few questions. They asked Him some questions and his answers were so powerful that it devoured their argument and then the scriptures says this, “And no man dare ask him any more questions after this.”

They did not ask Him any more questions, why? Because His truth was so powerful it was like a fire that just devoured their argument and ate it up. So these guys were so put down that no man dared ask Him any more questions. That is how powerful his words were.

“And if any man may hurt them then they must in this way be killed.” Killed in the Greek does not necessarily mean physical death but it mean their arguments and attacks against him will be destroyed so they do not even exist anymore. And if these Pharisees did not have the power to ask Him any more questions then their argument was just destroyed and they were no longer able to do anything to hurt Him again on the mental plane.

These have power to shut heaven that rain not in the days of their prophecy and the power of the waters to turn them to blood and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will.

When their enemies come against them and they try to destroy the arguments of their words and their works, the disciple fights back with truth and reason and light. It shuts heaven for these guys for they really shut it against themselves. An example is when the Pharisees came to Jesus and attacked Him. All the light that they thought they had pretty much disappeared and they could no longer claim any higher consciousness. When somebody fights against higher consciousness and light then that light which is within them turns to darkness.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 14

This entry is part 14 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 9

The Giving of Gifts

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.” Rev 11:7-9

I will not go into a lot of detail but my book explains that the disciples are either killed or leave the scene in some way as Jesus did. Then the beast ascends out of the bottomless pit and he creates dead teachings out of the residual the words and the works of the disciples. This is what happened to Jesus after He was gone. They created a dead body out of the teachings of Jesus and the church is a dead body that lays in the streets of the holy city for three and a half cycles of time that has lasted over two thousand years now.

For three and a half cycles of time the dead body of the church lays in the streets of the holy city. But then after three and half cycles the wise stand on their feet again and the Life of God comes back in them which means there will come a time in which the Spirit of Christ will come back in  the church and bring it to life and revitalize it.

Now this has also happened several times in history where the church has been revitalized and the two witnesses, the words and the works, stand back on their feet. But then they are corrupted and they turn back into dead bodies again and then they stand on their feet again.  So the cycle continues.

At the coming of Christ in the near future they will stand on their feet for the age and come back to life again. This time the teachings of Christ will be given out in their purity. The words and the works of the disciple will never die but they will be suppressed and a dead body will take its place but then eventually the words and the works have to stand up on their feet again. Eternal words like Jesus said, “My words shall not pass away, though heaven and earth pass away, my words shall not pass away.” And when the words and the works are given out they may be suppressed and appear dead but eventually they stand up on their feet again!

Audience: So it is not the church that revitalizes but the words and the works.

JJ: It can be through a church, a group, or anything but the words and works will stand up somewhere. Somewhere they will be rediscovered and revitalized and re-taught among humanity.

And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.” Re 11:10

Now after the death of Christ what happened to cause people to send gifts to one another?

Audience: Christmas

JJ: Christmas. For a long period of time now to celebrate the birth of Christ. We send gifts to one another and we do it because we are in the dead body that is laying in the street of the holy city. So are doing exactly what it says. We send gifts to one another. We do that to celebrate Christ, and we do this because the real words and works are dead or more accurately suppressed. And we are rejoicing that we do not have acknowledge the real works. Instead, all we have to acknowledge is Jesus was born on Christmas day and so this prophecy is exactly fulfilled.

But after three days and a half the spirit from God entered into them and they stood upon their feet and great fear fell upon them that saw them. And this is what happens whenever the true words and works of Jesus or a disciple of any kind re-manifests or are reincarnated and represented. Then great fear falls upon the authorities that have a lot to lose if people believe in those words and works.

JJ: Quoting from the Book Of Revelation, “And in that same hour was a great earthquake.” And what does the earthquake stand for? The earth is what we stand upon and the authorities of the world stand upon what they think is secure immovable earth and when the words and the works of the disciple raise up again and are presented to the people then the authorities of the world that are depending on the dead body are shaken as if by a great earthquake. The earth quakes below them and they will feel that earthquake coming and there will be great fear that rests upon these individuals.

That same fear rested upon the Pharisees and Sadducees when they beheld the words and works of Jesus. Again this same fear that fell upon the priests of the Catholic Church when Galileo showed them that the earth was not the center of the universe. Galileo told then to just look through the telescope and see the truth but they refused in fear. What Galileo had discovered would upset their apple cart and the same thing happens with every true scientist, great prophet, teacher or whatever.

Audience: Can these events and people be predicted?

JJ: Well you can’t unless you can judge the first cycle or two. If you can judge the first cycle or two then you can of estimate.

Audience: So have there been cycles that could have been predicted?

JJ: Sometimes, but the half of times is the most difficult to predict because that is the time that you spend beyond the time you had intended to finish the work and sometimes it is short but it is usually longer than expected.

Audience: You said that it has been 2000 years or so that it has been dead so how can you determine what the cycle is?

JJ: Well here is one way you can do it, there are larger cycles and smaller cycles. There have been lesser teachers and greater teachers. You can go back through history and note the times that were teachers with great words and great works. Let’s say that if you study history that you could find that there might be a cycle of 300 years and another cycle of 700 years, so lets say we are at the end of a 700 year cycle and that would mean that we can expect a certain quality of teacher to surface again.

Audience: like the Renaissance period.

JJ: Right, the Renaissance would be one of the cycles where certain words and works stood up one more time. So a person could go through history and calculate when the next period might be for the words and works to stand up. Now there is a greater cycle that has not finished where Christ will come back again. We do not know that exact date of what it will be but that will be a greater end to a three and half time periods.

A dead cycle within an age is pretty close to 1,260 years and most people are expecting Christ within this generation but it is not an ironclad thing. It could be another 100 years; you just never know for sure. The mystery of His coming has not been 100% entirely revealed, but there is a lot of evidence that it will happen in this generation if we keep our nose clean.

They did not ask Him any more questions, why? Because His truth was so powerful it was like a fire that just devoured their argument and ate it up. So these guys were so put down that no man dared ask Him any more questions. That is how powerful his words were.

“And if any man may hurt them then they must in this way be killed.” Killed in the Greek does not necessarily mean physical death but it mean their arguments and attacks against him will be destroyed so they do not even exist anymore. And if these Pharisees did not have the power to ask Him any more questions than their argument was just destroyed and they were no longer able to do anything to hurt Him again on the mental plane.

These have power to shut heaven that rain not in the days of their prophecy and the power of the waters to turn them to blood and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will.

When their enemies come against them and they try to destroy their arguments of their words and their works, the disciple fights back with truth and reason and light. It shuts heaven for these guys for they really shut it against themselves. An example is when the Pharisees came to Jesus and attacked Him. All the light that they thought they had pretty much disappeared and they could no longer claim any higher consciousness. When somebody fights against higher consciousness and light then that light which is within them turns to darkness.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 15

This entry is part 15 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 10

Fire from Heaven

The other thing that I will go into briefly is the beast which has a lot of interesting symbolism,

And I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea have seven heads and ten horns and upon his head ten crowns and upon his heads, the name of blasphemy.

Why is he called the beast? He is called the beast because like attracts like and he controls people like they are beasts and what does a person that herds cattle do? He herds them and the beast has to go in the direction that he is told to go and if he does not then he gets whipped or something similar and is forced in some way to go the direction of the person that herds him. The beast in the Book Of Revelation is a great beast herder and what he tries to do is reduce all humanity who is not supposed to be beasts into beasts of burden where they do exactly what they are told to do.

He has seven heads symbolizing seven great kingdoms since the last great Adam. We are in the seventh head right now. And ten horns symbolizing ten divisions of humanity, there are ten religious divisions and ten political divisions in the world.

“And upon his heads crowns.” A crown symbolizes a kingdom and a king has life and death power over his subjects and can command them and they have to obey. “And upon his heads the names of blasphemy…” The names of blasphemy are all the names of those who represent the beast. In the religions it is, your holiness, your righteousness, reverend, father all these names are blasphemy which on the heads of religious rulers. All the religious leaders have these names, rabbi, father, reverend, and holy priest, your holiness and all these names are names of blasphemy.

In the political world we have the names of blasphemy also – your Excellency, your highness, your most high one or whatever, all kinds of names that people call the king or leader, these are also the names of blasphemy that are on the beast. When George Washington became president he insisted he just be called Mr. President because that is what he was and he did not allow any to call him a name that was recognized by the beast. He did not allow a name of blasphemy to be applied to him and he gets a lot of credit for that because he was probably the first man in history to refuse the power that the people wanted to bestow upon him.

And the beast which I saw was likened to a leopard, and his feet were the feet of a bear and his mouth were like the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power, his seat and his great authority.

The beast is like a leopard because it is quick to destroy any enemy, anybody that threatens him. His feet were like the feet of a bear because he puts pressure and trods under his feet anyone that gets in his way. His mouth is like the mouth of a lion – and when a lion roars it puts the fear of God in everybody and when an agent of the beast says off with his head, he has that power to take off the guy’s head.

And the dragon, which represents illusion, gave him his power, his seat and his great authority and he did all his works through illusion. “And I saw one of heads as it were wounded to death and the deadly wound was healed and the entire world wondered after the beast.” Here in the physical realm we have the seventh head and it was wounded to death. When did his happen?

Audience: When the second beast came, right?

JJ: Not exactly, it was wounded to death by the Constitution of the United States, which brought freedom, and George Washington refused to accept a name of blasphemy and they established a free country that was free from the power of the beast and it wounded the seventh head as if it were to death. It looked like the seventh head was now going to die because freedom was going to spread all throughout the world but, “The deadly wound was healed” how was the deadly wound healed?

Audience: Bureaucracy

JJ: Bureaucracy. Everything was supposed to be done by elected leaders but what happened is we began to appoint all kinds of authorities. Everyone in the IRS is appointed. Nobody in that organization is elected, and this is the most scary and dangerous organization that we have. All kinds of people with authority over us are now appointed and not elected and there is no way to get them out of office. If we want to get rid of these people that have all this power over us we are out of luck. There is almost no way that we can do it and this heals the deadly wound. The deadly wound is being healed as more and more authority is over individual lives in this country.

People do not realize how far removed we are from the way our country was set up. The Boston tea party was revolt over a few pennies of tax. Now, if we add all taxes, most of us pay over 50% of our income to tax and this a lot more taxing than the early colonist were complaining about that started the revolutionary war. And they complained no taxation without representation. Well we have a lot more taxation without representation than they ever dreamed of and with that power the deadly wound was healed and the power over the lives of individuals is being brought back to us again.

All kinds of laws are unnecessary. Jessie Ventura suggested we spend two seasons making laws and one season undoing all the unnecessary laws, but no one listen. So the deadly wound was healed and there was given him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemy and power was given him to continue how long?

Forty and two months or again three and half seasons, three and a half seasons the beast has power to continue and he opened his mouth to blasphemy against God and His name and them that dwell in heaven. So the power of the beast blasphemies God by presenting an image of God that is not real and having us worship an outer image of God rather than the God within.

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

The word “worship” comes from a Greek word that means, “kiss ass.” Basically this is what it means, or, more specifically,  suck up to. So in other words, everybody is going to suck up to some authority that is going to have power to completely control their lives and tell them what to do.

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like lamb and spoke as a dragon.” The beast  had two horns like a lamb. The two horns like a lamb are symbolic of Christ, the lamb of God. A horn is symbolic of a power or a kingdom. And the two horns like a lamb stand for, the second beast which was America and it had two horns that was sanctioned by the hierarchy or by the Christ. The first was the establishment of a number of religious orders bringing greater light that were created in the United States. Some of these were Mormonism, Madam Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, the science of the mind and Unity churches. Many of these works that brought greater enlightenment to the world originated right here in the United States and that was one of the horns. The second horn was the political system, the Constitution and the free government that was started here. So this country had two horns representing the Christ but it spoke the words of the dragon. The reason it spoke the words of the dragon was the deadly wound was healed. Instead of being ruled by the constitution we are ruled by bureaucrats that speak words of authority that tell us what to do and what to think.

He exercised all of the power of the first beast before him and causes the earth and them which dwell in it to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed and he doth great wonders that he maketh fire to come down out of heaven and the sight of man.

Now when did the United States bring fire out of heaven in the site of man?

Audience: The creation of the atom bomb.

JJ: Right, the word “heaven” comes from the Greek word “Uranos” and what other word comes from this Greek word?

Audience: Uranium

JJ: Uranium, so in other words, the United States brought fire out of uranium in the site of man for everybody to see. So let us translate heaven as uranium and read it again, “He doth great wonders” and who has done more wonders than the United States, we even invented the Internet, right? “He doth great wonders, he maketh fire to come out of URANIUM on the earth in the sight of men. Doesn’t that exactly describe what we did at the end of World War II? We brought fire out of uranium in the sight of men. “And he decieveth him dwell upon the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the site of the beast. Saying to them that dwell upon the earth that they should make an image to the beast that had the wound by the sword and did live, and he had power to give life to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak cause as many that would not worship the image of the beast that they should be killed.

Now one of the negative things that the United States has done is to support dictatorships controlled by the beast. Keep in mind that it has the righteous side like the Lamb of God but also a negative side. Speech with the authority of the dragon is part of the negative side.

So when did it make an image to the beast and give it power? In other words, the beast had all this power over life and death and the United States has done something to give life to an image of the beast. Now think back to the days of the Soviet Empire, what kept them alive? Whenever they had financial problems we would send them money and food. We sustained that image of the beast and who ever would not worship that image of the beast was killed or put in prison and many capitalistic investors actually invested in starting the Bolshevik revolution and financing the overthrow of the Czar and the creation of communism. A lot of that was financed by western bankers.

Now let’s look another one, North Korea. What do we do – we send them food. Does the food go to the poor people? No it goes to the military and the military tells the people, do what we say or you will be killed. And who is their biggest trading partner now? China another totalitarian dictatorship. If you do not play ball there in China then your life is in danger. Another is Cuba and even though we have embargo’s in place it is still financed by all kinds of people who send their money to their friends there and it keeps it alive giving them the power of the beast and life and death power over the people that if they do not play ball then they will be imprisoned or killed quietly. In this way the United States is sustaining the image of the beast throughout the world and if we would just quit helping the beast throughout the world then the beasts would all die, but we are sustaining them in power.

If we had not started this trade agreement in China and concentrated on India and Mexico instead we would not have the big worry that we have now about the large military build up in China.

So we have given life to the image of the beast throughout the world. We acknowledge the enemies of freedom and many of them are our enemies but we still send them food to keep them alive and to sustain them. It is a very strange situation.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 16

This entry is part 16 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 11
Mark of the Beast

And the beast, it says, “causes all, both rich and poor, free and bonded, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.”

The common interpretation today is they are developing this computer chip and we are going to receive an implant of a chip in our right hand and when we go through a scanner we have to pass our hand over the scanner or we will not be able to buy anything. The problem with this interpretation is even if that were true it would not be that terrible of a thing unless it was misused and we can misuse money as it is today – which we must have to buy or sell. That has nothing to do with the power of the beast to bring real terror into the hearts of mankind. Kim Jong Ill, the leader of North Korea, with no computer chip creates terror in the hearts of his people much greater than if someone had a computer chip in their hand.

And do you think that if a dictator took over this country that he would put the chip in the right hand after reading this! Everybody knows the prediction! This would be so obvious that everybody would think, well this guy must be the beast he is going to put a computer chip in our right hands!  Now it also says they will receive the number of his name. Hitler put a number on his Jewish subjects. Did he use a right or left arm to do that with?

Audience: Left arm

JJ: Why do you suppose he picked the left arm? Because everybody would think that Hitler must be the beast. So instead of picking the right arm like the scripture says Hitler read this and thought oh, they will think I am the beast if I put a number on their right hand or arm so I am going to put it on the left arm. So he put it on everybody’s left wrist which was pretty close to the hand actually. He avoided the hand because it says hand so he put it just above the hand.

He avoided the hand and he put it on the left arm instead of the right arm and thought, “well, now nobody can accuse me of being the beast.” He also placed the sign of on the left, rather than the right arm.

Audience: I heard something about the credit card that is related to this, the credit card has a number on it and I hold it in my hand when I swipe it.

JJ: Well you do not hold it in your forehead and it says the right hand or the forehead. The orthodox interpretation is if someone has a hand missing then they will put the computer chip in the forehead. Well that does not make a lot of sense. Imagine going through a scanner using your forehead! It would easier to put it on the foot or the other hand or his elbow or whatever stump he has left but if you put it on the forehead it would be kind of silly really. Plus it would painful to put a computer chip right into your forehead! It is possible that a tyrant could rise up and put some number on us all but what was interesting about Hitler is that he obviously read the scriptures and decided that he did not want to be portrayed as the beast.

Then we have his Nazi symbol, the Swastika – which arm did he put that on?

Audience: The Left

JJ: Left; he thought he was escaping the mark of the beast by having everybody put the Nazi symbol on the left arm and I believe he did that because he did not want to be associated with the beast but unfortunately for him he still screwed up because the Nazi symbol on the left arm symbolized the left hand path. So unknowingly in trying to avoid looking like the beast in history he really turned into the beast because the Nazi symbol on the left arm was symbolizing the left hand path. So he did not get out of the symbolism after all.

Audience: Didn’t the swastika spin to the left instead of the right.

JJ: It does point right or clockwise and there are two types of swastikas, one used by the Brotherhood of Light that goes counter clockwise and means the path of greatest resistance and the Nazis which used the path of least resistance, which is the path of materialism and that is what their swastika stood for. Now unfortunately the Brotherhood of Light cannot use the swastika anymore because Hitler just ruined it. So if we reverse the direction and use the swastika everybody would think we some kind of Nazis. Chuckling. They would not recognize that it is moving in a different direction so the swastika is pretty much out of commission for probably thousands of years.

The true mark on the right hand symbolizes labor. The forehead symbolizes thought. People already have the mark on their right hand and their forehead and in the Book of First John written 2000 years ago it says, “The anti-Christ is even now already in the world.” The beast was already there clear back in the days of John The Revelator and it has been there even before him. In other words, there have always been people who are the authorities that have ruled the world.

The seven kingdoms of the world have had the mark placed the mark in the right hand or the forehead of their subjects. They had to think the way they were told to think and labor for the authority they were told to work for or they would suffer and die at their hands..

I was just reading about back in the days of Martin Luther, (1483-1546 initiated Protestant Reformation, “The 95 Theses began in 1517) Martin Luther and his followers were persecuted. People that subscribed to his thinking were burned at the stake just for saying that they liked Martin Luther.  They roasted them, not quickly but very slow. They slow roasted them and then lifted them up off the coals before they died and let them recuperate a little bit and then lowered them back into the burning fire and roast them some more. That is how cruel they were.

They disemboweled others along with burning people at the stake just for voicing an opinion. It has been this way for thousands of years. We do not realize how lucky we are to be able to sit here in this room and talk. If we were to be transported back a couple hundred years ago we would all be burned at the stake, just for having this meeting. Now if we go where the beast has full power like North Korea, you have to think the way you are told to think and if you do not you go into re-education camp. You have to work the way you are told to work or you will suffer and be killed at the hands of the beastly authority in charge.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 17

This entry is part 17 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Unveiling, Part 12

The Number of the Beast

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of humanity; (it says man but is humanity in the Greek) and that number is six hundred three score and six.”  Revelation 13:18

Six is the number of the Piscean age and the strong authority of the beast governs that age. The three six’s are symbolic of the three levels of control – control on the physical, control on the emotional and control on the plane of the mind. When you have a beast that is charge in of you, you have to physically do what you are told, you have to feel the way you are told to feel and you have to think the way you are told to think. If you do not have the six on you and bow to strong control on all these three levels, you will be attacked by the beast and his agents wherever they may be.

Fortunately, we do not have control by the beast here in America that some of the other nations have but we made an image to the beast. Now the scripture talks about people who have escaped the beast. Let me just go into that and then we will wrap it up.

(Revelation 14:1) In the very next verse in chapter 14 it says, “I beheld a lamb and he stood upon mount Zion and with him, one hundred and forty four thousand having his Fathers name written…”

Where was the Father’s name written? In their foreheads. And the beast has his follower’s number and name written where?

Audience: The hand and the forehead.

JJ: Hands and foreheads but those who escape the beast find the name of God written in their foreheads and, in other words, the disciple finds the throne of God in his “forehead.” He found the name of God in his forehead and when we find that name, the beast who represents the god on the outside comes after him. That person on the outside representing the beast speaks with authority as if he were God standing there telling us what to do, whether it be a religious leader, a political leader or someone else. If the religious leader speaks and says jump then you jump. If he says that you have to change vocation or you have to marry this person, we have a revelation from God on it, well you do it, because you are under the control of the beast and you are obeying this person from the outside who is taking the place of God and that is what the beast is – he takes the place of God and he is on the outside.

You escape the beast by disregarding those on the outside and you find the name of God is written in your forehead and inside of yourself you find God. Only then can you escape the mark of the beast.

Audience: Weren’t the 144,000 beheaded?

JJ: No it does not say that, it talks about other souls that were faithful and were beheaded for their sacrifices.

Audience: I think it says that those who did not take the mark were beheaded and I think it Revelation 14, or 19 and 20.

JJ: (Flipping the pages) I don’t think it mentions the mark there, it says, “For the word of God they were beheaded.” A lot of people are beheaded if they do not take the mark. In other words, if you are in North Korea and say I am going to rebel and to hell the with Kim Jong Ill then you will be killed. Now fortunately because of laws written into the Constitution, Curtis and I could actually say what we wanted at our ex-communication trial and the worst they could do was ex-communicate us and confine us to eternal torture on the other side. In their minds this is actually worse than death.

After I was ex-communicated one of the brethren who presided over my trial came up to me and he said he wished we lived in the old days where they could put somebody like me to death.

Audience: He said that to you? Did you kick him in the shins!

That’s not my style but I think I did try to illustrate the illusion he was in. But that is what he said to me and I can’t remember what his name was. A lot of the high priests at the trial were my friends, but I did not know this guy very well and he was on the council. He came up and said that to me after I was ex-communicated.

Curtis: You know we could have sued the Mormon Church.

JJ: Yes, we could have because they ex-communicated against there own laws.

Audience: You could be that witness that caused the stir.

JJ: Yes, well, we will eventually caused more stir. Curtis and I caused quite a bit of stir but not a national scale yet. Any questions before we end this segment.

Audience: Question about the beast – you mentioned about the beast, and how the principle of the beast represented in correspondence to certain historical events with the fire coming down from heaven and the second beast and all that and I was wondering if you also had an understanding that those had an esoteric or physiological significance.

JJ; I talk about it in my book. One of the more interesting things is that it has an external interpretation that very closely corresponds but it also has an internal alternative interpretation in my book that applies in the life of the disciple himself. He has within him a beast that he has to overcome. So there are several interpretations to it but the thing that is interesting about the beast is it applies externally and every once in a while you find that there are scriptures that apply very close to external application. You can externally illustrate how the principle of the beast works by the using the power of dictatorships and the Untied States and the two horns of lamb and all those things.

Audience: What would the fire from heaven represent that the second beast brought down.

JJ: You mean the internal application of the fire from heaven.

Audience: Yes

JJ: I can’t remember exactly what I wrote on that and I will look it up and see what I wrote on that for you. Heaven always symbolizes higher consciousness, so the fire would be the spirit coming down from the higher consciousness. A lot of times even those who are upon the path of illusion do contact fire from heaven and it can be used for right or wrong. When the disciple first starts on his path he gets a touch of the fire of the spirit and it drives him crazy at times. This is what happened to Hercules before he began his labors. He was trying to become an aspiring disciple and do what’s right and it says he killed his twin brother and his family and mother and father.

DK points out that this illustrates that the disciple, when he first catches a glimpse of the spiritual energy, is driven almost mad in the beginning of his quest. The beginner cannot handle very much spiritual energy and if he gets too much he is driven mad.

Another example is David Koresh. He was sincerely trying to be a disciple in his mind yet he got more than he could handle and went crazy and the same with Jim Jones. He really went crazy and forced all his followers to drink poison Kool-Aid. And yet he was trying to get on the path and he got a little too much energy and it drove him berserk. And this happened to Hercules in one of his lifetimes and so this happens to disciples when they begin the path.

It is a very dangerous time and you can tell that we have a few strange people that come and go on the Keys list and you can tell that some of them have a bit more energy than they can handle. Susan and Sterling have a very interesting list where they have some really strange people show up. One guy there thinks he is God and another guy there thinks he is mighty and strong, another thinks he is Moses. I like hanging out there every once in a while because it is interesting to follow what those guys are thinking.

Curtis: Well, we cannot all be Moses and when I had a witness on reincarnation it was like that, it was like a fire, like a burning connected basically by the Kundalini awakening with not just one center, it was like the whole flow of energy, it was like being supercharged and that is why I had to release that and take it out to my Sunday school class. It is the kind of thing that you cannot hold in and I did not want to hold it in and it was something that I wanted everybody to know.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 18

This entry is part 18 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Magic of Relationships

JJ: Today my friends we are going to talk about the magic of relationships. We just finished an interesting meditation and what we tried to do in the meditation is to bring us up higher because there is not only knowledge but many feelings in the spiritual world. There are two parts of our nature. One is associated with mind and the other associated with feeling. Often people on the esoteric path downgrade their feeling nature. The lower feeling nature does create a lot of problems for us and gets us in all kinds of dire situations – it gets us into the wrong relationships, married to the wrong people, working at the wrong job – just because we are following our passions and feelings which are often very wrong.

The Bible itself says that the heart is the most deceptive of all things. When the heart is mentioned it is implied that the heart is the lower feeling nature rather than the higher spiritual nature of the heart center. But then there are several levels of the higher feelings and the lower feelings are like a reverse reflection of the higher. When you look in a mirror, you do not see your real face. You do not see you as you look to other people. You see yourself being reversed. So you do not see your true self whenever you are shaving in the morning or doing whatever women do in the morning, I do not know what that is but I do know it takes a long time.  I have often been tempted to burst into the bathroom when Artie is in there for more than 15 minutes just to see what was taking so long.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: Who knows what goes on there, this is one of the greatest mysteries for us men. I think all women know but they do not tell us. Now where was I? That distracted me.

Audience: Higher and lower emotions.

JJ: So the emotions are often down played and rightly so because emotions are very misleading. It is like looking at a reflection in a mirror and everything is in reverse. This is why this world is caught up in illusion and therefore screwed up. We are lead by emotions and emotional people.

You will notice all the politicians appeal to the emotions rather than to reason. Every once in awhile you hear an appeal to reason but not very much, it is usually an appeal to selfishness that goes something like this: We are going to do this for you, we are going to pay for this and that for you and bring you free this and free that and so on. It is all appeal to our lower nature of feeling and selfishness. They say we are going to make you feel good about yourself. The emotional nature is reversed and everyone that teaches and governs by the emotional nature gets a lot of stuff backwards and this is why many things do not work, especially bureaucracies. Have you ever found a bureaucracy that is efficient?

No, this is because all bureaucracies are governed by the emotional nature. None of them are governed by the mind or the power of the intuitive level, but above the emotions we have the mind and the mind is able to see things with much more accuracy than the feeling nature does. But then we are told that the mind is the slayer of the real. And the reason it is the slayer of the Real is because the mind takes us so far and then the mind hits a dead end.

Larry said he was once an atheist. The atheists are some of the more intelligent people on the planet. Born again Christians look upon being an atheist as being the lowest of the lowest because they think that they are going to hell. What they do not realize is that on the spiritual scale of evolution people that often pass through atheism are often times quite evolved people because they are centered on the mind and they are trying to look at everything logically and logically they cannot prove to themselves that there is a God.

Eventually this leads to a dead end – the mind slays the real but pretty soon the atheist seems to miss the real that he has slain. So when he was born again he sensed that there was something there. It made him feel good that there was a connection and when he became an atheist he lost the real because the mind slays the real.

After the mind slays the real the person reaches a dead end and he begins to want the real to return but logically he cannot prove there is a God. Then he shifts to the higher feelings; the higher feelings are extremely accurate on the intuitive level. We have a number of levels and of great importance is pure spiritual love, which is a step above selfish love. What most people consider as love is communicated when they say “I love you,” but what they are really saying is that I can use you for my needs. That is basically what a lot of people are saying when they say, I love you. You can fill my needs and when you no longer fill my needs then my love is out the window.

How many people do we know when they first get married they are crazy in love and then a few years later they hate each other because they are no longer fulfilling their lower needs. But, when we switch to the higher level the love is still there, even if the personality level of love does not work out, the love does not change. On the higher level of love, love is always there even if the other person does not fulfill your needs you will still love him or her from one day to the next.

One thing I admire about Artie is that she is one of the few people I know who still has respect for her ex husband. He was here to visit a while back and she treated him well and she did not tell me how bad of a guy he was behind his back. Not very many people are able to do that, you can tell that she has a spiritual love for the guy and as long as it is spiritual love it does not bother me at all.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: And that is good because spiritual love does not have negative emotions connected with it, like jealousy and the desire to possess. The lower type of love does though. Now this does not mean that we discard the lower completely? What we do with the lower when we switch to the higher is we put the lower nature under our control so they are used in a constructive way. When we allow the lower to control itself, it goes into chaos and everything gets bungled and jumbled up with negativity being released causing all kinds of destructive energies to dominate. When you have two people in a relationship that are governed by the lower energies, they are going to have a very tempestuous relationship. It would be like Madonna and Sean Penn – remember that relationship? I think they were maybe soul mates on a higher level because they were so much like each other but when they got together they really clashed – because both of them, in my opinion are of the mind set of, “What can you do for me?” Both of them wanted the other one to do everything for them – both of them wanted the world to revolve around themselves and so it just did not work. Maybe another dozen lifetimes down the road they might have the ideal relationship but for now that is not the case and they just cannot really stand each other. But I felt like there was a soul connection between those two.

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 19

This entry is part 19 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Higher Feelings

When we switch to the higher vibrations on the higher level there are so many layers of spiritual feeling up there and they all can lead us accurately to our next great steps. That is what I was attempting to lead us toward in the meditation. We did lift up to a significant degree. I would like to tell everyone here that there are many degrees above where we went in meditation. If you ascend to the next degree and the next up and be encompassed by the Spiritual Fire, you would feel something that is totally and absolutely astounding. You would essentially become the Burning Bush. It is quite possible that the Burning Bush that Moses saw was in fact himself. That he was burning with the Fire of God Himself when he received his great revelation. Often times the extension of visions are things that are going on within our nature.

Audience: Female member: is this a similar feeling to hot flashes?

JJ: It is several octaves above the hot flashes. What I would like to put before you is the idea that there are realms of vibration and feeling to ascend to that will completely blow your mind when you reach them.

The feeling nature has many different realms that is, possible to ascend to. The first major step is contacting the still small voice. The still small voice does not produce much of a burning because it is so still and so small that you hardly know that it is there. On the first few of times it is contacted you will think that is just your imagination talking because you think if this was God then it would be more pronounced or something like that. It is so elusive, a little bit like the doe in the labors of Hercules, that Hercules pursued and a very hard time before capturing it. The Still Small voice is very elusive at first but eventually we are able to increase the volume so to speak, so that eventually the disciple, the Soul and the Spirit become One and he is able to be in tune with the Oneness principle at all times.

Audience: you may have the soul and the desire but doesn’t it have to become real in your mind before you can progress?

JJ: Yes, you have to accept this as a reality. If a person does not believe he can make these contacts then he generally will not make them. But, I say generally because there acceptations to all things. Like Paul for instance, he was very disbelieving in the church and on the way to Damascus he encountered a great light, which gave him a tremendous revelation. But I think internally he was contemplating his actions thinking, am I doing the right thing confronting these Christians or that probably would not have happened the way it did. Suffice it to say though this caught him by surprise and he was so unprepared for it that it actually blinded him for a period of time.

His vibration was fairly negative because he was persecuting the Christians, yet probably the revelation had something to do with his past lives and all his service as a whole that his soul was able to see that he was ready for this revelation even though he was in a bad place at the time internally. So there are exceptions to all things. But, generally a person has to be open to the possibility that something will happen in order for that something to happen.

Then sometimes you are given more than you expected and things you did not expect. But the great part about all the feelings through the spirit and soul is this: when they come there will be a familiarity about them. Do you notice that with your feelings? How about you Susan? I know you have felt different things, right? Maybe some never felt them before but when you do feel them, they seem familiar.

Susan: Right, like a déjà vu.

JJ: Right now somewhere in your ancient past you have felt that before. No matter where you go in your ascension to the realms of the spirit, even though you may not have felt it in this life it will feel familiar when you get there. A little bit like déjà vu and also not like déjà vu. In the fact that it will feel more familiar than déjà vu. Déjà vu seems like it happened before but I am not sure. When the Spirit touches you then you think, you know I am sure. This is definitely familiar to me and I feel with certainty that I belong to this source and there is a connection between the source of this spiritual energy and myself.

So, I want to encourage everyone to contemplate because the more you contemplate the greater chance you have of going to where you are thinking because energy follows thought and that is a divine principle that always applies. Energy follows thought and as you think about the higher things, the higher things will eventually come to you. The more you think about them the faster they will eventually come.

I think I have told you this story before but one of the reasons I think that I have discovered a lot of the things that I have in spiritual knowledge is that I heard the story of King Solomon when I was around 16 in Sunday school one day and the teacher was describing how God came to Solomon and was told that He would give him anything that he wanted. The teacher was saying that most people would want wealth, love and all these things that normal people want. But what Solomon wanted was wisdom, and I thought to myself, if God came to me and asked me that I would say the same thing. I cannot think of anything more valuable than wisdom.

The interesting thing about Solomon was that when he was given wisdom he also became the richest man on the Earth. He had all kinds of gold and jewels, a fabulous temple, and he was known throughout the world for his tremendous wealth so got wisdom but also everything else the carnal heart could desire as well.

The realms on the male polarity is first the physical world, then the mind and finally the higher self. Then on the female side we have the emotional nature, the intuition and then the higher realms. The feeling nature is associated with female energy the mind is more associated with male energy. Both of these have all kinds of gifts for us, and in their higher natures on both sides there are many wonderful things to discover.

The interesting part about the female side of ourselves is that female is represented by the magnetism that holds the entire universe together. The forces of gravity and magnetism are completely invisible – we cannot see them at work. The male energy in the universe is represented by the radiance of the Sun. We can look at the Sun and see it and see it’s effects and it is much easier to believe on the male side of things. On the female side of things the source is invisible, we cannot see it at work but only the effects.

This is esoterically why females have been ignored so much in our past history because all because of all of the things that females have contributed to humanity has been behind the scenes and invisible, yet the female force in the universe is that which holds everything together. There can be no planet or any physical form with out the female force holding it together. The radiant energy of the male energy spreads energy and the female energy pulls it together. So the males have the advantage of being visible. You go in a room where there are males and females and the males will always being showing off and being more visible and trying to impress the females with their cleverness and things like that. So whenever you are in a room with males and females the males are always more visible and the females are looking back at the males thinking well, try a little bit harder to impress me.

In your dating situation it is amplified even more. You go to a singles bar or something like that and the males are actively going around searching out the females. The physically attractive female with lots of magnetic energy, what does she have to do? She goes to a bar and sits at a table and orders herself a drink and that is all she has to do, just sit there. Her toughest work is getting rid of all the riff raff that she does not want.

Audience female member: I disagree, what a woman does is not just sit there, she is sending out a lot of energy.

Yes, that is true but from the point of view from the male she does not have put much work into this. From her point of view she has put a lot of preparation into this endeavour.

Female member: She is making eye contact and she is using certain body language to invite him in. The signs are very subtle but a man picks up on them.

JJ: Yes, that is true.

Female member: There was a single’s dance that I was at and there was a woman that was 350lbs and there were 10 men around her. The most magnetic female I have ever seen.

JJ: The magnetic energy in a female I find very fascinating, and like Susan says just a very slight glance with a twinkle in her eye can get a guy’s heart beating twice as fast, make him nervous, and start sweating or whatever. It is amazing that power that females have over us males. Women do not realize how much power they have over a guy. Women are deceived into thinking that the men have all the power and that is just entirely not the case. Both men and women are deceived in thinking that the way to get ahead is to be like a man.

So women think that they are going to go into business and run a business like a man and when they do that then they are rejected by everyone including the females but when the woman taps into her energy then she has a power that is fantastic. She has power to motivate the man to do pretty much anything she wants them to do, if she uses her energy. Not too many women really understand how to use the female energy. The physically attractive looking female in the bar that we were talking about is somebody that understands and is using the energy in that spot. Now, unfortunately for her she may go to work the next day and try to use male energy to get ahead and it just does not work like it did back in the bar, because in the bar it is understood that is where we let the women use the female energy. The truth is that she needs to use it more often and more effectively.

Audience female member: Most men, not all, but most do not listen to women. Women on the other hand listen to men. Women watch them, they see them and some women even worship them. Women make the soul contact with men first then the men think about them but men really do not listen to women.

JJ: Sending is a male energy, and this is the reason for this because we are in the male energy and it is easier for us to send out words that are accepted. So what women have to do is be in their female energy and bring out the words from the men. In other words let’s say that she is in a supervisor capacity which kind of a male energy in it self. She has to make the best of it and the way to make the best of it is with the female energy. Instead of bringing a guy over and saying I want to you do A, B, and C, and this is what I want you do. He is not really listening and is thinking I am not going to have some woman tell me what to do.

Instead of that approach, if she says, what do you think we need to do to get this job done? She is using the female energy to draw it out of him and he says well, I think we need to this and that. Now when he points out something that she agrees with then she says, that is a good idea that you came up with. He thinks, she is recognizing my intelligence and that is good, she says why don’t you work on that and we will take a second look tomorrow. He says okay that sounds good. He listened to her because she used her female energy to get him to listen. This is what the female has to and that is to use her female energy to get what she wants.

In this world because the male energy is visible and the female energy is invisible the male energy is about 75% dominant because everyone thinks that is where the power is. But for the females that is not where the power is. Where have you ever seen the female and the male energy working together in one person and being successful? It is very rare, about the only one I can think of is Margret Thatcher and she looked masculine and she was just about a man in a women’s body. I would also suspect that she used her female energy to get things done because she got a lot of cooperation from those around her and that she knew of this principle that we are discussing. Yes Larry.

Larry: being in business myself I have women that were in positions of some authority and I knew a woman when I worked at Tandem who sold $9 million to sprint. She had lots of people who worked for her and I have worked with other women who had programmers and people like this report to them. It seemed to me that the ones who did very well had one thing in common and that is that they were really good listeners and let a lot of people talk so they would listen more than they would talk and when they finally decided what to do then they would pick the person that advocated that and choose them so there was a lot of listening to get people to bring out their ideas. They used that part of their female energy a lot.

JJ: That is a good point Larry. Consider the fertilization of the female egg you have one female egg and how many sperm are competing to impregnate that one egg? Millions right. So the female has a choice of millions of sperm. It is like people say all news is fair and balanced, well not all news is fair and balanced even it is accurate because the newsperson may have dozens of stories to choose from to report on and if he or she is biased then he can pick the one that best fits the biased point of view. And maybe only one of them supports their view and the others do not, so by picking the news items that supports their point of view than they can actually preach their message to the public and get their message out there by just claiming that well, I am just giving the news and I am completely unbiased.

By the power of selection a newsperson can control how many people think about a story by not allowing certain sides of the story to be told and only allowing the side that he or she agrees with and feels good about. The female has this same power, she has that power of selection and it is all exemplified in the selection of the sperm. The male sperm is sent, again the male energy sending and the female receives and she does not receive just anything but is extremely picky how about what she will accept. Have you noticed Larry that women are bit picky about what they choose to receive?

Larry: Silence

JJ: Let’s ask somebody whose wife is not here! Laughter. James how about you, that way we will not get Larry in trouble. James wife is not here although she may listen to this later. Are they a little fussy – what do you think James?

James: Yes

JJ: Yes they are, they are little bit more, fussy about what they wear and what they put on, much more than we men are. This is just the nature of the female energy and it all goes back to nature. They have millions of sperm to choose from and they accept just one. But what is really amazing is how many they have to pick from and the female selects only one. The same thing with us is that there is nothing that stimulates the male more than when the female really listens intently to us. When they listen to us intently we think, this is great and we feel so enlivened when we have a female actually listen to us. This is really a choice, maybe more of a choice that we listen to the female from their point of view. People are not inclined to listen that much but when a female listens to a male we are stimulated and then what do we do? We think, well they really liked it so we give them more and if they continue to listen we think that we are really impressing this girl and I am going to give her even more to listen to.

Now unknown to him, what she is doing is sifting through all the males. She is thinking, this is all just useless chatter but maybe there might be something useful in what he is saying. Once in a while what she will eventually do is maybe one out of a million words that she really accepts and is impregnated with, within her soul. When she gets impregnated with one of the male ideas then all of a sudden she will say, hey, you have to do that.

Audience male member: When women listen to men it is called, give them enough rope to hang themselves. Laughter

JJ: That is what they do. (Laughter) The great example of this if you are in a marriage relationship you may be running all kinds of things by your wife and she’ll be saying, yea, yea, yea. Then you just casually mention that maybe we should go to Hawaii or Paris someday and she will think, yes I will accept that. Then the next day she will say, have you done more thinking about saving up for that trip to Hawaii or Paris? He says, No I do not even remember saying anything about it. (Laughter) She says, Well yes you did we talked about it yesterday. He says, Really, oh, okay well I will think about it. You see she reminds him because he impregnated that idea in her and she accepted. She did not accept going to the Star Trek convention or bowling. A lot of stuff she just ruled out completely but the trip she accepted completely so now once that is accepted by her and stuck in her, you are just going to wind up going to Hawaii or Paris and there will no way around it. (Laughter)

Audience: Laughter female members: When are we leaving? More laughter.

JJ:  Laughter. Oh no Larry look what I did, I got the idea stuck in her already.

Larry: Yes. (Not sounding too happy) Wait that may probably a good idea because isn’t that where that boulevard is where some of the most beautiful women walk around in those little string bikinis.

Female member: That is over the beach side.

JJ: That is the way to get an abortion on that idea Larry – to say oh yea, I want to go to Hawaii, there is lots of beautiful women running around in string bikinis.

Female member: And when he is busy looking then she can go shopping and get what she really wants. Laughter

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 20

This entry is part 20 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Mystery of the Female

JJ: If we could just understand the female energy we would understand a great mystery. What is interesting is gravity, which is a female energy, was completely a mystery until Newton came along and is still pretty much a mystery but Newton was the first one to really pay attention to gravity and study it. Up until that time many people did not even question what makes us fall. They did not even think to ask that question in those days. It was like the female energy was invisible and they did not even ask any questions about it. But as soon as Newton came along and started asking questions about it in the 1700’s, from then on people have been paying attention and asking questions about the female energy, female rights and starting to understand women and their own power.

The female energy since Newton has been aroused to the possibility that they have within them a lot of potential that has not been released. But unfortunately, like I said, they have been deceived into thinking that the way to release it is through the male approach but at least they have the idea in their minds that they have unlimited potential within them just like men do. Now what they have to understand is that they have to have increased understanding of their power and how it works. It will probably take another 100 to 200 years in this Aquarian age to get this roughly in the consciousness of humanity and when it is achieved, there will be something even better than equality and that is what the equality of male and female will bring about, and that is a lot more creative energy.

This is one thing that DK teaches – is one of the glory’s in the Aquarian age is we will see this tremendous creativity. We will see creativity like we have never imagined before. Much of this will take place because the females will begin to understand where their power comes from.

Audience Dee: You mentioned Margret Thatcher as a woman whose dominant energy was male, I remember when Bill Clinton was elected president and it was the strangest thing that I felt such a masculine feeling from Hillary Clinton, very forceful and I thought, gee is this just me that is getting this vibration? Then later on I heard a story of a physic that would blindfold them selves and was able to tell the difference in the male and female energies by what they were saying. The physic had gotten them all right and he went to Hillary and said this is really strange I am getting a masculine energy from her.

JJ: Yes, that is the interesting thing about Hillary Clinton is that a lot of people don’t like her and they do not know why they don’t like her. Others don’t like her and they know why they do not like her. Much of it is that she is trying to work with the male energy and it goes against the grain of some people.

Dee: She worked as an attorney and I got the feeling that is partly where it came from. She is a smart lady and I got the feeling that she wanted her opinion to matter as much as her husbands did. She knew that this would not be possible so I think she stepped back a bit.

JJ: And you notice that she always wears these pants suits and I heard on the news the other day that Hillary was showing cleavage and they were making a big deal about and when they showed this it was such a small amount of cleavage that I said, “that’s cleavage?” The reason they probably made this a big deal is because Hillary really does not try to use her female energy at all. I think she was thinking that she would let the female side of herself show a little and it really created a stir in the news and the fact that it did create a stir by letting just a thimble full of her female side out. What could she do if she let a lot of it out and concentrate on her female side.

I notice a lot of female politicians are very masculine in their approach and I also notice that a lot of people just do not like them. There is something about them that just rubs people the wrong way. What creates this feeling is the masculine approach that they are taking. But, when the female takes the female approach then the males are not rubbed the wrong way. Females are not rubbed the wrong way as much as the males are. The males can really sense the masculinity coming out in the female and many of the females believe they have to think and act like the male and cheer each other on in being male.

Guys, do not cheer them on because we want the females to be females and it is in our nature to want that. And it is in the nature of the females to want the men to be in the masculine energy as well. It is very interesting how females will really grumble about men being in the masculine energy, but then you give them a really wimpy feminine guy and they will not be attracted to him at all. They would rather go with a guy that has strong male energy that they are grumbling about. The reason they grumble about us is because the energy is different from their own, but they are still attracted to that energy.

For instance, Artie is really neat and clean and I am more disorganized. A lot of us males are more disorganized than the females. That is one thing that the females complain about. There are some males that are organized and it is not necessarily a 100% male trait because we are into scattering and throwing things out and it is much more difficult for us to be tidy and organized and neat like the females. This is one thing that Artie complains about me a lot but still she would not trade me for the guy who has a really neat desk that is a wimp, I do not think she would trade me off for that guy. (Laughter) I guess I better not give her any ideas. (More laughter.)

The interesting thing about relationships, as a whole, is that they are so simple yet so difficult at the same time. Why is it simple? To have a good relationship with anybody you basically follow the golden rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. There are ways to interpret that in a weird direction so that one can get out of it, but everyone understands that basic principle. I like to receive love and praise and so I give out love and praise to others.

If all of us just obeyed that basic principle with everyone that we had a relationship with and if every country obeyed that basic principle with other countries the world would be a great place. There would hardly be any divorce or a nasty fight going on. That is basically it and it is extremely simple.

Why do we have such a problem with relationships? Anything else that simple we can do very easy on the plane of the mind. If I ask Larry what is 2+2? He will tell me 4. This is very simple right? The golden rule is like 2+2=4 and this is very simple, so why can’t we add it up and always do it? Let me throw this out to the group, why do we have a difficult time in just obeying this one simple principle in all of our relationships?

Audience: I think following a simple rule involves just using the logical part of our brain but in day to day living our emotions get all tangled up in that and that is why it becomes so difficult to follow that golden rule because we let our emotional nature take over and color that.

JJ: Why do you think we do this? Why do we even allow that when it creates so much of a problem? Pass the mike to someone else and let’s hear another answer.

Audience: I remember when I was young and reading the Bible and I thought if I am going to read this then I am going to follow the teachings. I found that it seemed to be that I was the only one that was doing anything good and it got to a point to where I had to modify it a little bit and that is the only thing I can think of.

JJ: Here is a basic problem then, you may obey the golden rule but the other person is not obeying it. Does any one else have a comment?

Audience: JJ you are competing with the chipmunk. Can you hear him?

JJ: Yes, maybe it is a love song he is singing and is trying to attract the attention of his female.

Audience: I think it is a lot to do with application of this principle. You could take it and apply it to some situation like, I am hungry give me food and then you give food to someone who is hungry. You have to have an understanding of the situation and if you run into a situation that you do not understand you have go into it and experience it and then you can apply the principle when you have a feel for it.

JJ: Okay, Susan has something she wants to say.

Audience (Susan): I think it goes back to what John Gray teaches in the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Women are giving to men what women want but men do not want this, and they want something different. So you kind of have to modify the golden rule and you have give unto others as they would desire and not as you would want for your self.

JJ: Yes, you have to take that into consideration. It is funny with gifts for instance; a lot of gifts I receive are gifts that people think I need. I do not really want them but give thanks, and then re-gift it to someone else. In giving a gift you need to find out what the person wants and the hardest part about giving a gift is this: Suppose a person wants a gift that you think they should not really have. Should you give it to them? I would say yes unless it is something really harmful like drugs or something. When I try to give a gift I try to get them what they really want because I think that if I were in the same situation then I would want them to get me what I really wanted.

Audience: I think that it comes down to perception because everybody sees thing from their own point of view so there never is a true leveling of that perception from person to person.

Audience: As I think about why some of the reasons why this principle is so difficult to follow. I think at the very fundamental root of it men and women typically follow the path of least resistance. To do unto another as you would have them do unto you often times requires great effort and energy, So for me to love my wife the way I would want her to love me would require me to do the laundry and to do the dishes, to do everything that is not easy. And for the natural man being selfish, I know what I want for them to do for me, it is much harder to put that effort out there for others.

JJ: Question, you try to obey the golden rule and no one else is doing this back to you. Everybody else is doing to you what they think you deserve to get and they seem to think that you do not deserve very much, what should you do? Should you just say well, this person is not obeying the golden rule so I am going to let them have what they so richly deserve. Should we have this attitude or should we continue to try and live it and what will this accomplish? Who wants to comment on that?

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