Fiction or Not?

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Posted May 15, 2010

First, let me comment to Dean that I am very pleased with your more friendly and sincere approach as compared with a few years ago. I know you’ve been searching for truth for a long while and have sometimes been impatient. It seems you have settled down to a steady course. Remember that energy follows thought and when you place thought in the direction of discovery that sooner or later satisfaction will come.

You quote me here:
“I have a story to tell that is difficult to believe so I am writing it as
fiction. It is too unbelievable to present as a true story. Nevertheless, I do
maintain that the principles taught herein are true and that many readers will
have this verified by their hearts and souls.”

It sounds like you are saying it’s a real story but you are writing it as
fiction because it’s too unbelievable.

No wonder I couldn’t find that quote in the archives for it wasn’t there, but was in the book itself. It is indeed true that I have had some difficult to believe things happen in my life. That doesn’t mean that all the hard to believe things in the Immortal books published as fiction are true. Some are true, or based on true experiences, and some are fiction.

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Posted Aug 26, 2010
Larry W writes:
Also you pointed out that JJ’s story of his planetary origin is fiction and that is all that JJ ever claimed it to be. However, I believe that in the context of that story or of some similar story, JJ has thousands more years experience as a physical soul than we do and I buy into the idea he was tapped for leadership by the BOL because of this plus his attitude and his karma.

As I have said many times the Immortal Books are built upon true events as much as possible. Normally I do not comment on what is true and what is fiction but in this case I will make an exception to illustrate how many events in the series are created from points of truth and then fictionalized.

It is true that I was taken far back in time to a distant planet and shown the exact moment my path changed from dark to light. It was very disturbing because I saw that I was one bad dude that didn’t care about human life and that I indeed had to pay for many debts after I made the change.

Most of this particular story in the book is fictionalized but created from what I believe to be a true experience.

Unless a reader gets a true revelation he cannot tell which parts are built upon true events and which one are pure fiction so it is unwise to just declare, “You know that is fiction, don’t you?”
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Immortal Book 1, Foreword

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“Peter seeing him (John) saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?

“Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou me.

“Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that that disciple should not die: yet Jesus said not unto him, He shall not die; but, if I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?” John 21:21-23

John, the Beloved, the Revelator, an Apostle of Jesus, perhaps the most mysterious man in history, comes alive in this book. Legend has it that John never died and still roams the earth as a teacher.

The contents of this first book and the additional series of books about The Immortal may or may not be true. It is up to the reader to decide. But whatever the opinion rendered, the story and teachings herein are worthy of serious consideration.


When I finished writing Book I, we wanted to test reader response so we made it available free for a period of time on the Internet. We had our doubts about the number of people who would read it without having a physical copy of the book because the reader would either have to read it on the screen or print it out on his printer and read it from loose sheets of paper.

We were pleasantly surprised at the results.  From about 1000 people who downloaded the text about 300 wrote us wildly praising the book (This was around 1998). Because it is destined to be controversial we were surprised to receive only one negative letter.  Even those who disagreed with the philosophy enjoyed the story.

Here are several responses we received:

Your book was the first one in memory that I could not stop reading until it was done. I just sat in front of the computer & read the whole thing. AD

Every chapter in your book spoke to me of the lessons I have learned over 30+ years of practicing medicine & developing a Complementary Medical approach to healing. W.S., MD

I received the e-mail book and downloaded it ok. As soon as I started to read it I felt a touch of the Spirit of God that dwells within me and knew what you had written was the truth. MM

I just finished reading your book but now I have a hard time believing that all of it was fiction. When is the next book coming out? EF

I’ve recently finished reading The Immortal – Thank You! I’ve already told dozens and dozens of people, “If you read only one book this year, consider having it be The Immortal.”  And everyone that I’ve spoken with has had as enthusiastic response as I have and eagerly await both the newsletter and next book. Diane

I stared at my computer screen scrolling and reading before I realized I was already on page 60! VFN

These were comments from readers of Book I, but now there are three additional books available which we feel will be even more stimulating and provocative. So pick a time when you can have several hours free to read undisturbed, because you will not want to put this one down.

Go to Chapter One Now!