Examining Buddha

Examining Buddha

Question: Do you recall when Mara, the evil one, arose in front of Gautama, and Gautama said, “You do not exist.”

Mara then dissolved. Was Mara Gautama’s dweller?

JJ: The Buddha whose given name was Siddhattha (sometimes spelled Siddhartha) and family name was Gautama, actually stated that Mara was Self. Mara was indeed his dweller as indicated from the Gospel of Buddha quoted below:

“The three daughters of Mara tempted the Bodhisatta, but he paid no attention to them, and when Mara saw that he could kindle no desire in the heart of the victorious samana, he ordered all the evil spirits at his command to attack him and overawe the great muni. But the Blessed One watched them as one would watch the harmless games of children.

“All the fierce hatred of the evil spirits was of no avail. The flames of hell became wholesome breezes of perfume, and the angry thunderbolts were changed into lotus-blossoms. When Mara saw this, he fled away with his army from the Bodhi-tree, whilst from above a rain of heavenly flowers fell, and voices of good spirits were heard:”

This account was not placed in writing until hundreds of years after Buddha’s death and is somewhat whitewashed to make it sound like the victory was as easy as getting out of bed. Oftentimes the real struggles of great teachers are left out by well meaning students who have placed the history in writing.

Both the struggle of Christ in the wilderness and the Buddha with Mara was much more intense and difficult than the few words we have about it bear record.

The scripture does accurately reflect that Buddha used the principle of Attrition to overcome his dweller.

Question: Is there and esoteric Gospel of Buddha?

Some teachers have said that one exists, but it is not available for public view.

Question: Will Buddha encounter Mara again in a future round?

The next meeting would not be one of confrontation. The Dweller will eventually pass through the human kingdom and receive spiritual assistance from the lives he previously tried to destroy or torment. They will be his Angel of the Presence. He will then have his own dweller to face.

The Buddha may or may not be an Angel of the Presence to Mara in a future round. Because he will have neutralized (or balanced) karma in the three worlds this will not be a necessity, but a choice.

Question: It is said that Gautama entered the final Nirvana after his teaching ministry on earth was concluded. Nirvana means ‘snuffing out’ (of karma and so also of the separate self). Therefore how could the Buddha Gautama continue to exist as an Angel of the Presence or any other indivualized being at some future time?

JJ: In the whole scheme of things there is no such thing as a final anything.

Below I am giving some quotes from the Master DK about Buddha. Let me ask the group to read them and answer the following:

(1) Does it sound like his work on earth was concluded with his enlightenment thousands of years ago? (2) Does it sound like he has completely merged with oneness to the extent that he does not operate as an individual entity? (3) Does it sound like he still has progress to make in his spiritual evolution?


“the Buddha, the perfect initiate, having reached illumination but not yet having developed to perfection all the attributes of divinity;” Destiny of the Nations, Page 38

“Souls on the wisdom aspect of the second ray go to Shamballa and join the great Council in some capacity or another. Such a one was the Buddha.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 519

“On a lower turn of the spiral, you will note that the Wesak Festival enacts a similar invocation and process. It is a re-enacting and training process. There and at that time, the three Representatives of Shamballa within the Hierarchy-the Manu, the Christ and the Mahachohan-invoke the Buddha, Who in His turn is the transmitter of still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantram and transmits the appeal to the One Whose agent He is.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 160

“The Buddha, the Illumined One, the Revealer of the light and the wisdom which come to us from sources far greater than our planetary Life, a Messenger of the Gods.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 287

“It is this which is engaging the attention of the Hierarchy at this time. For aiding in this endeavour the Buddha is preparing Himself and for this the Christ stands ready, focussing in Himself the desire of Humanity for that “life more abundantly” which He promised when here before, and for liberation from evil and admission into good. … This relationship can be established at the time of the May Full Moon at which time the Buddha will embody in Himself the powerful downpouring of energy-the dynamic energy of the divine will.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 395

“Today the Christ and the Buddha wait until the hour strikes. Then Their united effort, plus the invocative appeal of all who truly know and truly love, will bring humanity the new revelation for which they wait.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 395

The organiser of these Forces at this time is the Buddha.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 463

“But-as you may well have surmised-it is the Full Moon of June which is (this year) the season of prime and outstanding importance; it is in many ways easier for Western believers and esotericists to tune in and participate in the activities of the Hierarchy when closely connected with the Christ than it is in those related to the Buddha. The main intention in these early stages of keeping the Eastern Festival of Wesak is to familiarise the Western world with the fact of the presence of the Buddha and with His activities in connection with humanity. Such great progress has, however, taken place in the spiritual development of humanity that the Buddha need no longer continue with His task unless He so desires-and then only for a period of years, known to Him and the Lord of the World.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 542

“The Buddha will send two trained disciples to reform Buddhism” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 542

“A true Master of the Wisdom has not only taken the lesser initiations referred to above, but has also taken the five steps involved in the conscious control of the five planes of human evolution. It remains for him then to take the two final initiations which make him a Chohan of the sixth degree, and a Buddha, before that control is extended to the remaining two planes of the solar system. It is obvious, therefore, that it is correct to speak of the seven initiations,” Initiation Human and Solar, Pg 180

“The Buddha hovers over the planet, ready to play His part if the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. Everything now depends upon the right action of the men of goodwill.” Reappearance of the Christ, Page 39

“Then the Buddha and the Christ will together pass before the Father, the Lord of the World, will together see the glory of the Lord and eventually pass to higher service of a nature and a calibre unknown to us.” Reappearance of the Christ, Page 40

“Actually the work of the Buddha for humanity is nearly over, and His long alliance with the race of men has nearly come to an end. The moment that the appearance of the Christ is an accomplished fact, and the rule of right human relations is beginning definitely to condition human living, then the Buddha will pass to the work which awaits Him. One of the senior disciples of the Christ, ranking next to the Christ in hierarchical status, will take His place and carry on the work, connected with mankind. By the time this particular Master takes over His task, the intelligent principle or knowledge, which is the outstanding characteristic of humanity, will have been to a large extent transmuted into wisdom by the world intelligentsia, though not as yet by the masses of men. Wisdom is the predominant characteristic of the Buddha and the momentum of this wisdom energy will eventually be so strong that it will need no further distribution or control by the Buddha. He can then re-orient Himself to higher spheres of activity where His true work lies, and begin to work with an aspect of wisdom of which we know nothing but of which both knowledge and wisdom have been expressing themselves through the Christ and the Buddha; later, through the cooperation of the Avatar of Synthesis, Christ will be able to blend within Himself both of these major divine energies, and thus be a pure expression of love and wisdom, of right relationship and intuitive understanding.” Reappearance of the Christ, Pages 96-97

“It concerns that which He has to surmount and many of the problems which face the occultist, including the “sin of the mindless,” the failure in Atlantean days, and even that mysterious “failure” of the Buddha (which has a planetary significance only hinted at in the Secret Doctrine)18 can be traced back to the condition of the deva substance of which the astral body of our planet, and the astral bodies of all forms are formed.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, page 673

“You will note that the Buddha focusses in Himself the downpouring forces, whilst the Christ focusses in Himself the outgoing demand and the spiritual aspirations of the entire planet.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 114

“Over the Temple upon the mental plane, the Buddha presides and there will consummate His unfinished work. Over the Temple upon the plane of sentient feeling and of loving aspiration, the Christ presides, for this is the Temple of the most difficult initiatory processes.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 280

“The Buddha has a special function at this time as an interplanetary mediator, and in this capacity (at the coming May Festivals) He will attempt to bring certain Spiritual Beings into touch with our earth Hierarchy. They have expressed Themselves as willing to aid in the present crisis.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 685

Aug 23, 2002

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The Four Evils, Part 2

The Four Evils, Part 2

Perhaps we seekers have a kinder and gentler view of evil than the many hard liners, but as humanity as well as the Masters define the term, both good and evil exist.

Now let us move on to Paul’s third evil that can pull the disciple backwards in his evolution and service.

(3) Rulers of the darkness of this world.

It is always helpful to example Biblical phrases in the ancient languages.

Rulers comes from KOSMOKRATOR. This Greek word is derived from two other words. The first is KOSMOS which is often translated as world, but more closely corresponds to what we currently call “the system.” It literally means the “current arrangement of things.” The second word is KRATEO which basically means “to seize with power.

The word “rulers” is a bare bones translation that does not give the full implication.

A more correct translation would read: “Those who seize power and control the way things are.” “The power brokers within the system” could be another rendering.

Darkness comes from SKOTOS which can indeed mean darkness, but also can be translated as “shadow” or “obscurity.”

“World” is mistranslated from AION which means “an age.” The English word eon comes from this.

Taking this into consideration let us give a more accurate wording of the verse. Instead of reading:

“Rulers of the darkness of this world,” it could more accurately read:

“Those who size seize the power of this age and work in the shadows.”

So who are these people that send out a frustrating negative force to the workers of light?

In our age some would call these power brokers “the conspiracy.”

Even though there is no unified agreement on how sinister, powerful or unified the conspiracy is, there is one thing most will agree upon and that is that there are definitely people of selfish intent working behind the scenes pulling strings to manipulate events toward their own ends to the detriment of the whole.

It does seem that every time a good work or a good worker comes forward to change the world for the better that some power comes out of the shadows to do everything in its power to stop them. In our time John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were mysteriously killed just when they were in the midst of progress.

Organizations who seek to change things for the better are often hit with law suits, tax audits and mysterious threats.

Disciples therefore must be aware that he or she not only have outward authorities of position and glamour to deal with but also invisible power brokers behind the scenes who may be impossible to identify without revelation.

Reader Comment:

“There is no Sanskrit word for which the direct transliteration into the English language is Evil. Therefore, the translation of the Buddha teachings you quoted is misleading.”

Unfortunately, I do not have the original Sanskrit available to check this out, but I will give you this. The concept of the religious ones today toward the word evil and numerous other Biblical words is quite a bit different from the original use thousands of ears ago. I’m sure this is also true of Buddha’s words.

Even so, when you examine the teachings of Buddha it becomes quite obvious that he often spoke of the dualities of good and evil quite consistent with the other world teachers. All the translations I have seen of Buddha’s teachings have him speaking of both good and evil with about the same fervor as the early Christians. Perhaps Buddha did not see evil in the same light as a fire and brimstone preacher, but it was still the most equivalent word that these experts in the language were able to find.

The quotes I posted the other day had numerous references to the concept and these were translated by Dr. Harischandra Kaviratna for the Theosophical Society.

This was in the introduction:

“Dr. Kaviratna, a native of Sri Lanka, is equally versed in Sinhalese, Pali, and Sanskrit, and since youth has been a dedicated researcher into the esoteric implications behind the Vedas, Vedanta, and Buddhist canonical and noncanonical literatures of both Northern and Southern Schools.

This quote from his translation gives a pretty standard view of good and evil:

“Make haste in doing good and restrain the mind from evil; if one is slow in doing good, the mind finds delight in evil.”

But here is one I find quite interesting:

“ It is quite easy to perform evil deeds which are not beneficial to oneself. But it is extremely difficult to perform a deed which is righteous and beneficial.

“If an evil-minded one, by reason of his false views, reviles the teaching of the Arhats, the Noble Ones, and the virtuous, verily he brings forth the fruit of his own destruction, even as does the katthaka reed.”

The interesting thing is that Buddha talks of evil here as a negativity which can bring “destruction” This is a very close harmony with RA, the biblical Hebrew word for evil which means “to break into pieces,” or to destroy.

Another translator, Paul Carus, used the word evil regularly in translating his words. Here is an example:

Avoiding the Ten Evils

The Buddha said:

“All acts of living creatures become bad by ten things, and by avoiding the ten things they become good.

There are three evils of the body, four evils of the tongue, and three evils of the mind.

[1] “The evils of the body are, murder, theft, and adultery; of the tongue, lying, slander, abuse, and idle talk;

of the mind, covetousness, hatred, and error.

[2] “I exhort you to avoid the ten evils: [3] “(1) Kill not, but have regard for life.

[4] “(2) Steal not, neither do ye rob; but help everybody to be master of the fruits of his labour.

[5] “(3) Abstain from impurity, and lead a life of chastity.

[6] “(4) Lie not, but be truthful. Speak the truth with discretion, fearlessly and in a loving heart.

[7] “(5) Invent not evil reports, neither do ye repeat them. Carp not, but look for the good sides of your fellowbeings, so that ye may with sincerity defend them against their enemies.

[8] “(6) Swear not, but speak decently and with dignity.

[9] “(7) Waste not the time with gossip, but speak to the purpose or keep silence. [10] “(8) Covet not, nor envy, but rejoice at the fortunes of other people.

[11] “(9) Cleanse your heart of malice and cherish no hatred, not even against your enemies; but embrace all living beings with kindness.

[12] “(10) Free your mind of ignorance

and be anxious to learn the truth, especially in the one thing that is needful, lest you fall a prey either to skepticism or to errors. Skepticism will make you indifferent and errors will lead you astray, so that you shall not find the noble path that leads to life eternal.”

Now it may be true that the original Sanskrit word may have a deeper meaning than the modern English – evil – but the opposite of that which is good is certainly implied by the context.

Dec 18, 2000

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Principle 48

This entry is part 44 of 98 in the series Principles

The Pendulum Principle

Humans are strongly affected by the Pendulum Principle as they shift periodically in their emphasis, values, interests and beliefs. At one time they will be conservative and another time they swing to liberal. Then they will go from being religious to atheistic, from superstitious to scientific and logical, from slavery to freedom and so on.

Understanding the Pendulum Principle is a powerful key to aid in the discovery of truth. It can basically be stated as follows:

Average humanity swings back and forth in their beliefs from one extreme to the other. The reason for this is an extreme belief requires little thought or judgment. One can be lazy and not use the mind, but rely completely on feeling which swings to the extreme without check. In other words, everything is viewed through a black-and-white mode. All is good or evil, right or wrong with no shades of gray.

The reason this principle is important is that in most cases the extreme position is filled with error. If the seeker understands that some widely accepted beliefs are really an extreme position taken by the lazy in thought, then he can look at the middle, use judgment and discover much truth.

Let’s go through some popular beliefs and see how this plays out.

Extreme Belief, Side One: Jesus is the God of the universe, is all powerful, all knowing and created all the billions of galaxies.

Extreme Belief, Side Two: Jesus was just a regular man if he existed at all.

It is most likely the truth is between these two popular extremes. Good judgment can find it.

Extreme Belief, Side One: Global Warming is caused by man and threatens our very existence within the next few years.

Extreme Belief, Side Two: Global warming has not been proven so ignore what they say, drive a Hummer.

The most likely truth is that we will successfully adapt to any warming or cooling that may come just has man has done in the past.

On the other hand, we cannot just take it for granted that we are not creating a problem for the future and should work toward a reasonable understanding of our possible effect on nature.

Extreme Belief, Side One: There is a conspiracy behind every major tragedy that happens.

Extreme Belief, Side Two: All conspiracy theories are silly and are to be ignored.

Again, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Obviously, not all disasters are caused by government conspiracies, but then we know from history that sometimes there are true conspiracies. However, these often involve assassinations rather than some very complex plot that would involve thousands of people.

Extreme Belief, Side One: We must cease from drilling for new oil for we are running out of resources and destroying the environment.

Extreme Belief, Side Two: We must drill for all the oil we can for the foreseeable future.

Truth: Oil needs are increasing so we will need new domestic oil production, but if we are wise we can switch to alternative fuels within the next 30-50 years. Then we will need very little oil.

Extreme Belief, Side One: The President is totally evil and I hate him.

Extreme Belief Side Two: The President is totally good and I love him.

Truth: The current President is a man with flaws just as were the past presidents. He should be judged by results achieved, not as a devil or a saint.

We could go on and on but the sad truth is that many of the popular beliefs and positions of average humanity are extreme and lacking judgment. Some of these extremes are accepted as being moderate if popularized by the mainstream media. The true seeker will see where the true extremes lie and avoid taking a blind unthinking position on that distant shore as he would a plague.

This principle is covered in my book, “The Lost Key of the Buddha,” as well as my other writings.

Here is an excerpt is from my book,  “The Lost Key of the Buddha,” Chapter 28:

(Beginning of quoted material.)

After I laid several sheets of paper and a pen in front of him he quickly drew five images. “What do you see here?” he asked.

“It looks like five pendulums,” I replied.

“And how are they different?” he asked.

“Their swing is each in a different position,” I noted.

“Name the positions.”

I looked at the drawings and replied, “The drawings seem to depict the swing of a pendulum. The first image appears to represent the pendulum at the midway point as it would be if stationary. Then we have a swing at the far right, the center right, the center left and then the far left.”

“Now what would you say is the desired result of making a judgment?”

“I would say that it is an attempt to find the most perfect course of action or purest truth,” I replied.

“Yes,” he stated. “For instance, as you attempt to steer your car a block down the road you use your best judgment to guide it as correctly as possible. But what happens when you let go of the steering wheel?”

“You run off the road,” I noted.

“So no matter how closely you fine tune your steering, it is never good enough to reach the goal without correction. Is this not true?”

“You are correct,” I agreed. “I don’t think that I could even go one block without correcting my steering numerous times.”

“Now imagine this,” John said, with a knowing look in his eyes. “Visualize the possibility of creating a perfect aim with your steering so you could let go and travel, not only a block but for miles, in a straight line with no correction. We will call this perfect aim the point of purest truth. This point is represented by my first drawing of the pendulum still at the midway point between the two extremes. Now when the pendulum is not in motion the point of truth is obvious. But this is not the case when it is in motion.

“To illustrate, visualize the still pendulum growing in size until it is as large as a ride at the carnival. You note there is a seat for you right at the midway point attached to the blade of the large pendulum. Now see yourself taking a seat there. You have a red highlighter in your hand, and you reach down and draw an ‘X’ in the middle of the blade right at the midway point of rest under your seat. Now, in this existence of stillness the midway point of truth is black and white. All you have to do is look under your seat and ‘X’ marks the spot on the blade.”

“OK so far,” I said.

“Now here is where it gets interesting,” he added. “You see the pendulum ride beginning to move until it has a large swing back and forth. You are now way over to the far right or at the point in my second drawing. Where is the point of truth now that was marked with the ‘X’?”

“Well…even though I have moved, the ‘X’ is still under my chair marked on the blade of the pendulum,” I said, not sure of myself.

“But where is the point of truth which was marked by the ‘X’?”

“I marked the middle of the blade under the chair. Are you saying it is no longer there?”

“I am telling you to reflect on my words. Now, where is the point of truth?” From this I concluded that the point was not at the obvious place where the ‘X’ was marked. I reflected a moment and answered, “The only other place it could be would be the point which is now empty space where the pendulum rested when it was still.”

“Correct,” he said. “When the pendulum moved, you assumed the point moved with you because the ‘X’ that marked the spot seemed to be in the same location as before. Now, relative to your body, it was in the same location, but relative to the whole, the midway point did not move, but was left behind. From an upside down point of view, the midway point seemed to move, but what really moved?”

“I moved away from the midway point. This is getting interesting,” I said.

“This is an extremely important point in understanding the Second Key,” he said. “All points of truth are consistent and unchanging. All that really changes is our location in relation to the truth. The truth thus seems to be relative and changing, but instead, it is the observer who changes. Now for another important point. You marked the ‘X’ on a physical object in the world of form, but when the material pendulum swung away, the real point was still there. Where does this point really exist?”

I reflected and replied, “By one reckoning, the point is between the two extremes of the swing of the pendulum, but by another it merely exists as a point with no dimensions.”

“Yes, in reality the point is formless, with a true existence outside of time and space. This is why Jesus identified the path to the truth as narrow, for to arrive at the point of truth without dimension requires a narrow path indeed.

“Now see yourself swinging to all the four locations in my drawing. First the far right, then the center right, then over the point of truth to the center left and then to the far left. Is the midway point moving or are you moving?”

“I am moving,” I replied.

“But when you look back on your originating point, does this point seem to be moving or standing still?”

“I think I see what you are getting at,” I said. “I have read a little about relativity, and from that teaching the question would be, am I moving away from the point or is it moving away from me? The answer is that it depends on how you look at it.”

“Exactly right,” said John, looking pleased. “And this is what keeps the true power of judgment away from the grasp of the many. The many see the point of truth as being in motion when, instead, it is them swinging back and forth away from reality. True judgment can only come to the individual when he realizes that it is he who is moving away from truth, and, until he perceives this motion and adjusts for it, the truth can never be found or even approximated.”

“Could you give us a real world example?” asked Elizabeth. “My head is starting to spin.”

“Perhaps the best example is in the world of politics,” he said. “Let us say that the conservative view is represented by the swing of the pendulum to the right and the liberal view is the swing to the left. However, both the swings to the left and the right are far away from the midway point of truth. For instance, after World War Two, the world, particularly the United States, went through a conservative period. Censorship was everywhere and overdone. On TV and in the movies actors had to have twin beds and not show any passion or scenes that would even indicate the existence of sex. Words spoken, pictures printed, and articles written were censored and often very sterile. Conservative politics acquiesced to the dominant religions of the time and did not challenge them nor offer any criticism. Women, blacks and minorities were judged by the conservative values of the past, civil rights were suppressed, and many were denied civil rights. It was ‘my country right or wrong’ epitomized by the McCarthy Era. The thought of going to the moon seemed like fantasy and science fiction. The music was dull and unimaginative. Then a change occurred, and the pendulum shifted from the right to the left, achieving its greatest momentum in the Sixties and Seventies. Both of you witnessed the changes that took place. How about naming a few?”

Elizabeth replied, “I’ll take a stab at it. For one thing, music became much more exciting with the advent of ‘Rock-and-Roll.’ Censorship was all but eliminated — to the point that almost anything goes. Few movies are complete without explicit sex today. We’ve given minorities so many rights that the civil rights of the majority are at risk. It seems strange today that we females are called a minority when we are greater in number than the male, and control more wealth. It seems that instead of my country right or wrong, the motto of today is ‘my country is always wrong.’ Instead of supporting traditional religion it seems to be attacked at every opportunity. In my youth a minister or priest was often the good guy in the movie or book. It seems that today every religious person who appears in a movie is either the villain or is crazy as a loon.”

“Great observations,” said John. “Now, have you noticed a change in the liberals since the swing of the Sixties and Seventies?”

“I certainly have,” I said. “I have great respect for the liberals who worked for change in the early days like JFK and his brother Bobby, Martin Luther King, all the great musicians who changed the world of music, NASA and supporters who took us to the moon, the innovative movie makers who challenged censorship, and the liberal comics who loosened us up. The trouble is that they did not leave good enough alone. They seemed to think that if some liberalism is good, more is better, and today the admonitions of the liberals seem to be extreme in most areas, and the conservatives seem to be the voice of reason. The tables are now reversed from the early Fifties. Does this mean that the conservative pull will cause the pendulum to swing the other direction?”

“Yes,” he replied. “The pendulum always returns to center and then swings to an opposing extreme again. But here is an important Key to enhancing your power of judgment. When the pendulum swings back again to the right, we will not have an exact repetition of the last conservative cycle. With each swing of the pendulum, the force to the left or right is slightly reduced by the friction of the times. This means that the next conservative cycle will not be as oppressive as the one before, and the future liberal cycle will not be as unrestrained as the one we are in now.”



A Represents the seat at the end of the pendulum. B represents the point of truth at the immovable midway point. C represents the arm of the pendulum.


The rider swings on the pendulum to the extreme right and the point A has moved with him. The illusion now appears that the far right is correct, logical and most reasonable, yet the point of truth (B) is still where it has always been – at the Midway Point. But to the one who is now on the far right, the Midway Point seems to be an extreme left position.


The rider now swings on the pendulum to the extreme left and the point A has again moved with him. The illusion is now reversed in that the far left seems correct, logical and most reasonable, yet the point of truth (B) ever remains in the Midway Point. The one who is now on the far left sees the Midway Point as an extreme right position.


In this diagram the rider in motion is at the moderate left and later the moderate right. In these cases the real truth is seen not as an extreme, but definitely “off base,” or off center.


It is only when the pendulum swing takes the rider over the Midway Point again that the real point of truth is briefly seen as reasonable. But to him who understands the Second Key, this point is always known, even when the pendulum swings to the extreme.

“An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.”

— Unknown

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The Intuition, Part 7

This entry is part 12 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

There is a story is about certain entities when this earth was formed that refused to incarnate because they felt that the material world was too course for them and they received a punishment through karma because they refused to incarnate when incarnation was something that was beneficial for the universe itself. So we have this balance that is difficult and in past ages these rebellious spirits did not seek for the balance. In this cycle, especially the Age of Aquarius, the key note is service and to truly serve our fellow man we have to balance spirit and matter because our fellow man is in matter and since our essence is spirit.

Audience: I myself had to overcome a prejudice because somehow in my head those with abundance are bad, I had this thinking that if you had money then you are a snob and you think that you are better than me I mean I had some really major things to overcome and I think that learning of abundance for me now is truly spiritual so it is material but it is also spiritual and it is a hard lesson to learn.

JJ: That is a good point because a lot of people who are spiritual people are just poor as field mice and they reach a point where they almost think that the rich are just the scum of the earth because they do not see the vision that they see and if they did they would give them all their money. Laughing! And, yes, people do this. When I have been struggling financially I have caught myself in that trap somewhat as well and it is really easy to do if you are struggling financially. The balance is very important to achieve and it is very difficult and this is the reason that we have not progressed more than we have. People often look out among the world today and say, where are the Buddhas, and the Jesuses and the Gandhis today? They do not seem to be around at all. Well they are around but they have not learned to balance spirit and matter. So Gandhi could be out there right now not accomplishing anything if he has already re-incarnated.

Audience; If I understand correctly the whole point of the eastern spiritual philosophy is get away from duality.

JJ: We are never away from duality, Buddha learned his great lesson with duality when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree starving to death on two grains of rice a day and a bunch of singers came by and they were singing this tune about a musical string. Now if a musical string is too tight then it will not play right and if it is too loose than it will not play right either. It has to be tuned just correctly. Now you have to concentrate on duality to be able tune a string. You have to go be able to go from one extreme to the other.

If you ever tuned a guitar string you pluck it and may find it is too tight and then adjust it and it may be too loose. Then you go back and forth until you get it just about right. A lot of Buddhists do teach the idea that there is no duality but they teach this while teaching duality at the same time. So you can’t really escape from duality. If there were no duality then none of us would be here at all because every atom in your body is created by duality of a positive and negative force interplaying. Form is created by the interplaying of the positive and negative forces that are just a little bit out of balance. If the positive and negative forces in the atoms that you possess were in perfect balance then we would all disappear and we would be no more and we are only here because matter is out of balance. There can only be creation when there is not perfect balance.

So what happens when the little atoms create and they put things together? The atoms the molecules and cells is the result. After they are created they are more balanced than the atoms were alone but they still are not perfectly balanced so the atoms join together to balance themselves off a bit more. When they create a molecule they are more balanced still but still not perfect so the molecules join and they create a cell and they are more balanced still but still not perfect. This process goes on and on and on and we are always in search of the perfect balance but the duality is always there.

Now the Eastern religions will often teach there is a place between right and left, up and down, between hot and cold that point exactly in the middle. This is the great void that they teach and we all have to find this great void and then we will be happy.

Audience: Isn’t that Nirvana?

JJ: Buddha did not really teach that was Nirvana but some of the eastern teachers have taught it and they called it the great void. There is always duality in the fact that this world is founded on it and it came even from the formless worlds – the world of greater ideas. This shows us that even the formless worlds, where ideas manifest, that there is even duality there. Everything is in reality, duality exists in reality and the point in between the duality is a reality also to which we go when the universe unfolds itself and then goes back into Pralaya. We go to a place, which DK describes this way, “It is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric.” In other words, when we do finally go back to our source it is not a place which is not, it is a place which is esoteric and esoteric means hidden. In other words, there is something there but we do not know what it is, but it is the source of all things.

Audience: Did we finally figure out how to become more intuitive?

JJ: That is a good question and a good way to wrap this up. The way to get more intuitive is this one rule, you just have to do one thing like Curly said in the movie “City Slicker” you just have to do one thing, “Follow the Highest You Know.” Now you think, well the highest I know is not very good. It may not be very good and you may make many mistakes but when you make a mistake you will see what you did wrong and then you can correct it. Then you can take your next step and eventually if you follow the highest that you know then you will follow your intuition.

There will come a time when you will be tempted not to follow the highest you know. The highest you know will be very difficult to do and so you will be tempted to take the easy road and this is a temptation that besets us all. If there is such a thing as sin then this is the one true sin and that is violating the highest you know. There have been a couple times in my life when I knew what I had to do and it was really hard and I didn’t do it and I really regretted it.

This is like the story in my first book about these guys on the path, they did not know which path to choose but when they made a choice they just went with it and the guys that really suffered were the ones who just could not choose. They were afraid to choose. People that are paralyzed by fear because they can’t choose are the ones that are really in hell on this earth. We must never stand still and we must always pick the next step and if we do not know what it is, then guess. And in that guess make the best guess that you can make and then go with it and then you are going to learn something.

When you have to take another step you are going to be wiser and wiser until eventually you will continue to follow the highest you know and you will develop all your higher abilities. You will develop your higher psychic ability, your intuition. Once you develop your intuition and it is developed then you can draw back on your other abilities that you have had in past lives. If you want to recall your instinct abilities then you can do that, if you want to recall your psychic abilities then you can do that. In recalling your psychic abilities and then blending them with the intuition you can be extremely accurate. There are a handful of psychics that are also intuitive that are accurate but this is very rare.

Audience: If I wanted to recall something that is below the threshold of consciousness, lets say that in a previous life I spoke French and if I wanted to bring that up, other than putting attention on it is that the only way to bring it to surface is by putting attention on it?

JJ: Mozart, when he started playing the piano; he could instantly play it and we hear about prodigies today that can just look at a piano and immediately play it. Obviously they knew it in a past life so it is below the threshold of their consciousness but they bring it back almost instantly. If you have not used the things below the threshold of your consciousness for a while then it may take a little while to get it back but you can get it back fairly quickly if you concentrate on it.

Audience: And also if you tap into your need, your desire then this will bring it up to a conscious level.

JJ: That is a good point because if you just half-heartedly toy around with the idea then you will not accomplish much. If your soul sees that you need to bring back something, it will assist you. But if your soul sees that you are trying to retrieve something and it wants you to move on to something else then you will have obstacles in the path and be frustrated.

Wayne from the audience: My understanding is that in actuality the universe is not based on duality but triplicate, you have the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and you have the physical, metaphysical and pray-physical anything that you put a duality to has a third aspect.

JJ: Well like the atom you have the protons, electrons and neutrons; the neutrons are neutral, so you have the neutral and then the positive and the negative. I have a lot of discussions with duality people on the Internet and some of them have the idea that all you have to do is reach a certain state of mind and you can go beyond duality. The thing is if you really went beyond duality then you would just disappear and you would not be here anymore.

Audience: So what you are saying is that is an unattainable goal?

JJ: I would not say it is unattainable and you might be able to disappear if you put enough attention on it but I do not know of anyone who has and not even Buddha disappeared.

Audience: But it is a goal to move toward where you learn to overcome your duality.

JJ: Not necessarily because we came from the place that is beyond physical duality and we came here for a reason and if we were to just to give up duality and go back then we would miss what we came here for. Now Buddha reached Nirvana and people think that He reached the ultimate. We have the three worlds, we have the physical, the astral, and the mental then the intuitive and then we have three more worlds above that. He reached the Atmic world, the one just above the intuition and that is what He called Nirvana, well there are two more formless worlds above that.

Audience: So what is the Atmic world if that is the world above intuition?

JJ: The Atmic world is the world where ideas float around and the intuitive world serves as a conduit that bring ideas down into the physical and it is like the pipeline that brings it down and the Atmic is where the pipeline taps in. And the above that you have the Monadic world and then the Divine and the Divine world can be compared to space itself. In space, space is one and there is only one space and that is how oneness exists. Within space there are all kinds of points and each one of these points is a Monad and each one of these Monads develops into a life form.

Audience: The Monad is a group of entities bonded together right?

JJ: No, you are thinking of soul, the soul itself is the binding force that can bond many but each one of us has an individual Monad and this is your personal Father in heaven.

Audience: My Higher Self?

JJ: It is part of your Higher Self. I will end with this point, follow the highest you know and if you do not know what to do then follow the highest you know even if it seems a little bizarre and crazy because at least then you will learn something and then sooner or later you will be making wise choices. You have to start where you are and follow the highest you know even if everybody criticizes you and even if they think you are a mindless person. Make some decision, any decision is better than no decision. The worst thing you can do is to not make a decision and not take any control of your life.

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 39

This entry is part 24 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

Dan was speaking about a part in the book where John demonstrated that a coin can be restored to its original idea – that everything including a coin is built on an original idea. For something to age that original idea becomes corrupted and if we can nullify the corruption and go back to that original idea in the higher sphere, then concentrate on it and use that idea as a magnetic source of energy it can actually restore and materialize a coin say from 1880 back to its original purity, that this is actually possible. This same principle applies to the human body.

We hear that the Masters live to be hundreds and thousands of years old. Now how do they do this? It is because their body is an idea and when their mind ascends to the higher worlds and connects with that idea and then they bring it down to the physical plane and their body can actually be revitalized and rejuvenated and become young again. When the Bible talks about Abraham, that he and his wife were very old and they were told they would have a child, he had a hard time believing that. In the Hebrew there is word that is connected with word “restored,” in other words, Abraham’s body was restored. Some higher life came and rejuvenated and revitalized his body so that they could have a child.

This is something that is entirely possible. But to be possible for us we first we have to believe that it is possible. If we do not believe a thing is possible then we will not even try or make an attempt at it. If we did not believe that we could have gone to the moon then we would have never tried to go the moon. First we had to believe that we could go to the moon and then we had to figure out how to do it. Then we put our attention on how to do it and eventually we get it figured out. If we believe that we can become rejuvenated then the next step is to ask the question of how can this be done?

Audience: There is quite a bit of rejuvenation going on now with cell structures and things of that nature. The liver for instance can rejuvenate itself and since that machinery is already there and wants to do this then we are on our way.

JJ: When we cut our finger and then it heals, that is one of those programs I was telling you about that is activated and works on that healing. Every time a new cell is created it is created with a slight flaw, and it is not quite as perfect as the original. If we could figure out how to tell our cells to duplicate themselves so that the duplication is just as perfect as the original cell then we could virtually live forever.

Now according to the teaching that I was explaining to Dan, the idea is not so much to concentrate on the perfect duplication but to go back to the original idea that created us. When we tune in to this then we tune into to ourselves by looking within and finding the soul, making contact with the higher worlds and making bringing the higher and the lower together. This is why Jesus could become resurrected, He gave a key statement in these words: He said “my Father and I are one.” The Father was symbolic of the Monad and He became one with this higher intelligence in this higher sphere. When they became one then He could become rejuvenated.

So this is possible and there are a handful of Masters who do this and live to be hundreds of years old. Once a person has mastered this then he can live as long as he wants. But nobody really lives forever in any particular situation. Eventually we get bored and say “I want a new situation” and then we get a new situation.

JJ: Life is a lot like the game of monopoly. We grumble when we land on somebody else’s property but when we finish the game what do we do? We say, okay well I lost this one but I want to play another one now and I am going to win this time. Who wants to play a game where you already know the outcome and there is no risk? No one makes a game like that because no game like that sells. All the games that sell come with high risk and high reward.

We are in this game of and we are participants creating this world and many ask, why is there suffering, why do we get into a bad car accident, and why does God allow this? It is not God that allows us. It us because we are the participants in this game for we put this game together. We voluntarily buy the game of Monopoly and yet it is one of the most risky games you can buy but it is one of the best sellers of all time.

People love this game because of the high risk and we love life the same way. When we are winning we are on top of the world and we think life is good and worth it. In the end of course we all wind mastering it and winning. But when we all end up winning then we get bored and get together and say, let’s create another life but let’s make it tougher this time because the last game was not tough enough and we mastered it a little bit too easy so we will make it really hard next time. Meanwhile this is hard for me right now, I have found this with everyone I have come to know well, that just about everybody has everything they can handle and they do not want any more. Almost all of us have all the difficulties that we could ask for. We have plenty keep us busy and occupied but when those difficulties are overcome then it is kind of a thrill. Okay any questions before we close?

Audience: In relation to the coin being restored, what are the principles that allow you to do that?

JJ: First, you would have to be able to contact the higher spheres where the ideas come from. There is the physical, then the emotional which is composed of emotional matter and then the next sphere up is the mental, composed of mental matter. The next sphere up is the intuitive world. This world is a conduit of the ideas. It is not where the ideas originate but rather the transmitter of the ideas. Then the next sphere up is Atmic where ideas originate, this how high the Buddha achieved in his consciousness, even though the one below it is called the Nirvana world. In this Atmic world is where ideas float around and originate. If a person can get through to that world and sustain his consciousness in it then he would be able to do miraculous creations, healings and such. The best thing we can do is to just practice on getting ideas. Be an idea person. On a practical basis that is the way to get started and it takes many lifetimes for a person to establish a line of communication between him and the higher spheres.

Audience: That is what I was wondering and does soul contact have anything to do with this?

JJ: Soul contact takes you to the intuitive world and that is where the ideas come down and are communicated to you. The atmic world is where the ideas are originated and then above this you have the monad and the monad is where the symbolic Father in heaven dwells. When Jesus said that my Father and I are one, he was saying that He had really gone that high in His consciousness. Then the next step up is called the divine world and that is a formless world where the best correspondence to describe that would be space.

Space is only one thing, but in space there are all kinds of points. Now the divine world is like one great space and each point in it is like a star in space and within each star there are many lives. Each one of the points in the divine world is a monad and from each one of these monads evolves some type of being. We evolved from a point in divine space called a monad.

Then as the monads gather they create the world of ideas. And from the world of ideas they descend down to the intuitive world and on down to the worlds of form and in the worlds of form if our consciousness reaches high enough then we can pick up these divine ideas. You pick up the divine ideas from the intuitive spheres, but if you can ascend above that and merge with the higher spheres then you could be able to do things like Jesus did and change water into wine.

Audience: then what is the practical mechanism that enables this ascension?

JJ: The first thing to do is find out where you are on the ladder if you wish to make progress. The tendency of most people is to assume they are way up on the ladder because they must be brilliant. Laughter. “I must really close to being a master or maybe I am a master or maybe I am even the second coming!” they think. You know it is interesting the way many people think. Some people are very humble and sometimes overly humble thinking that they are way down at the bottom, but it is important to figure out where we are and then taking the next step on the ladder.

Most of us are quite a distance from materializing something out of the blue for this takes a lot of practice. Very few people have mastery over the intuitive sphere. None of us in this room have mastered anything above the intuitive sphere. So the most important thing to practice on is bringing down knowledge through the soul. Read good books, concentrate on ideas. Concentrate on being a source of ideas for others.

Audience; The mechanism, how do you bring through the knowledge of the soul?

JJ: First you have to believe a higher contact is necessary and secondly I really do not have much time to answer that but I have written probably about half a million words on this subject so reading some of my writings would help. The quickest way would be to forget your own needs and focus on the service of others and your soul will start coming to you.

It is written, “the solar angel collects himself, scatters not his force but in meditation deep communicates with His reflection.” In other words, we are the reflection of the soul and when we are ready then He will actually begin to communicate with us. So it is a two way street, we attempt to communicate with our soul and our soul attempts to communicate with us.

For example, correspond a dream to where we are now. When you are dreaming you are not aware that you are a reflection of the person that is in your bed. You are not aware that you have this other life. As reflections of the soul, our soul is dreaming and not aware of us so we need to wake our souls up a little and when we do we begin to communicate we awaken on both sides really.

The soul is aware of his own world and his own projects but part of Him is asleep as to his reflection, which is you. When we reach a certain stage of evolution then we begin to awake and become aware of our soul and He of us. When you are dreaming and the dreamer realizes that there is somebody dreaming you have a short period of time where you have power over your dream and then you usually wake up before you are able to do very much. Thank you and I very much appreciate your time and you have been a good class.

End of the 2006 Gathering.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey


Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  In the New Testament the only ones that Jesus really got angry at were the true hypocrites. Read Matthew, Chapter 23, and you see a very gutsy Jesus attacking leaders who had power to take his life.

2  Show me in the Bible where it calls Jesus a personal savior.

3  Jesus was very conscientious about giving power to the beast as illustrated in the book of Matthew.  [See Matt 19:16-17]

4  Jesus did not even want to take the chance of looking too “good” to his followers, but now the mindless followers think it is blasphemy to call Him anything less than the most good, most perfect creator God of the universe.

5  We might note here that Jesus was crucified because he was thought to be a blasphemer. Few of us today think He was a blasphemer, but the fact that He was so accused illustrates that one man’s good works is another man’s blasphemy. Of course the reverse is true. True blasphemy may at times be praised as a wonderful thing by many.

6  Jesus said that men are Gods (John 10:34), but he was speaking of God in all of us with equality, great and small.

7  Isn’t it interesting how clearly Jesus tried to teach the principle of not using a name or title that exalts one person above another because “ye are all brethren,” yet the churches using His name have not heard?

8  The authority of the Beast crucified Jesus.

9  Nowhere in the Bible is Jesus called perfect. All mentions of His perfection are a mistranslation.

10  (See Deut 21:23) Paul explains that if righteousness comes by the law then Jesus was cursed because He was crucified on a cross made from a tree. Why do you suppose it was in the plan of God that Jesus violated the law of perfection (AKRIBELA) to the extent that he was to be “accursed of God” by his very death?

11  One of the main reasons that Jesus was rejected by the Jews is because he was not perfect or exacting enough for them in keeping the laws of God given through Moses.

12  Jesus was the most perfect expression of love that ever walked the earth.

13  It is not just the man Jesus but all who reach the Christ consciousness can be Sons of God.

14  Jesus was a representative on this earth (not the originator) for the power of the Word of God, or the Son energy.

15  To put Jesus, Buddha and other religious icons in their right place and perspective is not blasphemous as truth is the highest form of religion and is never blasphemous.

16  To put Jesus in his right place in the universe is a good thing. Only by putting all things in their right place can the truth be seen.

17  If one puts Jesus on even a higher pedestal than He belongs then all perception of Him and His words will be seen through a fog and high illusion will be the result.

18  To believe that Jesus the entity created the trillions of inhabited worlds out there and then picked this little planet to visit with His presence would make this little planet pretty much the most important place in the universe. This type of thinking is very similar to ancient man who thought that the earth was the center of the universe and even the Sun moved around it.

19  Many wise teachers correctly see that there is an entity who most correctly or most perfectly (not ultimate perfection by any measure) demonstrates the Christ energy and consciousness that exists in all of us. For this little planet the entity who has best demonstrated this consciousness was Jesus.

20  Jesus is a current native to this planet Earth and has little to do with any other star systems in this galaxy let alone the billions of other galaxies of billions of stars in this little universe. All these other systems with inhabited worlds have their own teachers who represent the Son of God and teach as Sons of God.

21  The standard view of Jesus and other religious icons takes the joy out of religion. You are just never good enough.

22  Jehovah who appeared to Moses was not the same being who was Jesus (as some think) nor was He the Ancient of Days even though the book indicates he could have been.

23  Even Jesus has been a tool of the Beast as many times in our history the agents of the Beast have insisted that others accept their version of Jesus or die as, for instance, Cortes and his men did.

24  The Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and many others have set dates for His appearance and they have all failed.

25  Suppose that Jesus had made His Second Coming and was standing right here in front of us. What would you ask Him?

26  Jesus presented to the world an ideal life that humanity can devote itself to attaining. We as humans must have an ideal before us to give us incentive to BECOME. Without an ideal there would be little incentive for any of us to move forward.

27  Djwahl Khul  [DK] told us that around the year 1980, if plans were to materialize, that the Master who was Jesus would be the Pope in Rome and create tremendous reform. He came again in the person of Pope John Paul I.

28  If Jesus had condemned himself for breaking all the silly little rules of the Pharisees, the world would not have a witness to the resurrection of the Son of God.

29  Almost all of the teachings of Jesus hit a chord of understanding in the hearts of those who listened to Him or have read His words.

30  Ancient man had difficulty putting the earth in its proper prospective. Modern fundamentalists have the same problem with Jesus. Accepting him as the first to manifest the Christ is not enough. We want to shove him up there as the head of the universe.

31  The words of Jesus in the Gospels are the most powerful words ever written and are quoted and duplicated more than any other in history.

32  If there is an historical Jesus then is it logical to assume that what is written about him in the gospels is basically true. It is also logical to assume there are errors in what is written, but he had to have been quite a remarkable person to have had such an impact on the world.

33  The wonderful truth is that Jesus came as a man like ourselves to set before us a practical ideal of what we can and must become.

34  When Jesus was crucified He only had 120 followers.

35  Another attempt [to return] may be made by the Master Jesus around 2020 or thereabouts. We will recognize Him when He comes for one of His first acts as Pope will be to exhume the body of Albino Luciani and have it tested for poisoning, thus exposing the works of darkness during His past incarnation.

36  Why was it that John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins, yet John said of Jesus “I knew him not?”  You would think that if anyone knew that Jesus was the Christ that it would have been John for he was preparing the way for his own cousin!

37  Before Jesus was baptized by John in Jordan, the Son of God was not on the earth in fullness, but John was aware of how He was to come and he was awaiting verification of this from God.

38  Jesus was the reincarnation of Joshua from the days of Moses.

39  Who then was the Son of God? It was the Spirit that John saw descending on Jesus.

40  There are numerous other scriptures that bear witness to the dual occupancy of the body of Jesus.

41  What happened in the dual possession of the body of Jesus will also happen with a number of others before the Christ walks among us again in the flesh, except this time He will come in greater glory.

42  Jesus or the Christ does not channel by direct voice.

43  Fundamentalists see only one way this [the scriptural account of Jesus’ return] can be fulfilled and that is to have Jesus come floating down in the air from the clouds. What could be another way this prediction could be fulfilled?

44  There have been a number of interpretations of the words of Jesus on the cross about the Father forsaking him. But, as it is written in the Greek, the translation is accurate and we even have this rendering in the Gospel of the Nazarenes, thought to be translated from the oldest texts available.

45  How can a Master rightfully teach us that we shall never die if He does not demonstrate the principle himself? Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did demonstrate exactly what He taught.

46  Can we still partake of the manna from heaven and never taste physical death as Jesus taught?

47  Most of us are many lifetimes away from reaching the perfection of Jesus, or the Christ, but within our soul there is a knowing that the day will come when we, the students, will become as our Master. When this day of attainment comes, we will not leave our physical bodies behind as many teach, for leaving them behind would cause us to suffer a great limitation.

48  I know of no one who has done greater works than Jesus, but when the time comes that some of us are living our last life to “attain” the resurrection of life, then will the world see these greater works.

49  Camelot went a step beyond that which Jesus did in his lifetime and that was the establishment of a physical kingdom.

50  One of the greatest predictions of the Internet was a parable of Jesus.

51  Jesus compared the Molecular Order linking to the greater life as a branch connected to the vine.

52  The main emphasis of the one [The Molecule] Jesus made was what the people considered miracles, but there are many other points of emphasis that we have not seen yet.

53  Jesus referred to Christ in the third person because the title of Christ did not belong to Him alone but to all members of the body that partake of the Spirit of God.

54  Jesus was not meant to be a personal savior. The words “personal savior” are not found in the scriptures.

55  Jesus was not the first to attain the resurrection of KRISIS, but He was the first to gain the resurrection of life.

56  At his trial Jesus was not condemned for any of his actions, for his actions were all loving service. Instead he was condemned for his words.

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