White Magic 101

White Magic 101

I recently said this about white magic. White magic produces miraculous manifestations through placing attention on the spirit of God that dwells within us. The miracles of Jesus and the prophets are called white magic by those who use the term. White magic is used for unselfish purposes in the service of others. Christ is recognized as the greatest white magician. Black magic denies the Spirit or soul and works with the properties of matter and materialism. It is used to further selfish ends.

To this a reader said: “That’s right out of the Wiccan reply-book.”

JJ: Labeling someone as a Wiccan, Lucerferian, racist etc. does nothing to establish a true point. If you really want to refute me or anyone else you must use the actual words and beliefs of the one you wish to label.

First, the Wiccans are, (except for maybe a small handful) neither into black or white magic as taught in modern metaphysics. Overall, few of them produce any magic of the soul. Most of their ceremony has little effect and an effect must be produced on the souls of men to qualify as either positive or negative magic in the metaphysical sense.

Also, the Wiccans have generally do not reference the spirit of God. I have never heard a Wiccan mention that term. If you could find it I would be interested in seeing it. Where the Christian uses the Spirit of God they will be into the influence of the Moon or Gia.

True black or white magic deal more with the souls of men than with ceremony though ceremony is used at times. Jesus, the Master White Magician, sometimes used ceremony. For instance:

“When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay, And said unto him, Go, wash in the pool of Siloam, (which is by interpretation, Sent.) He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing.” (John 9:6-7)

It is amusing that if a Mormon were to use such ceremony in healing today, he would be reprimanded.

Then too, the sacrament was another ceremony.

The true white magicians today are those who can reach the souls of men and awaken the God and kingdom within each of us.

The true black magicians are those who shift attention away from the inner spirit and cause men to focus on a god outside of themselves with the effect of blocking inner communication. The end result is control over them.

Both the black and white magicians can do their work with little or no ceremony though ceremony can be used. Joseph Smith was a White Magician and certainly introduced ceremony.

Those practicing true black magic gravitate first to politics, secondly religion and seek leadership in other organizations that grant them power over others.

Reader: “The salient question is why one needs magic at all? Doesn’t it presume that ‘something’s not right’? (‘Therefore I can fix it with magic’)”

JJ: Yeah it does. Jesus approached the blind man because something wasn’t right. He was blind. Then he fixed the situation using ceremony.

Reader: “I wonder what Christ would say about ‘The Principles of White Magic’ and why it would be a key topic with JJ?”

JJ: This reminds me of the many attempts today that are made to falsely label in order to avoid intelligent discussion.

For instance, many who are unable to win in an argument today will call the one on the opposing side a “hater,” a “racist,” a “denier” and others, and think that this gives him the upper hand in the discussion.

But instead, it does the opposite. It reveals his weakness.

Here you seem to be throwing white and black magic into the same category. Perhaps before you make such assumptions you would check with me for the definition of white magic.

For clarification purposes here it is:

White magic produces miraculous manifestations through placing attention on the spirit of God that dwells within us. The miracles of Jesus and the prophets are called white magic by those who use the term. White magic is used for unselfish purposes in the service of others. Christ is recognized as the greatest white magician.

Black magic denies the Spirit and works with the properties of matter and materialism. It is used to further selfish ends.

Reader: “Wiccans will tell you, however, that their motives are unselfish… that they are doing it for ‘good.’ That is why some magic is white.”

JJ: They define magic according to intent. Most Wiccans are trying to do good with their ceremonies and are fairly harmless. They may sometimes produce a magical effect, but their knowledge is not sufficient to be either black or white as seen by the true magicians.

Reader: “Interesting. So, which credo most closely resembles your own faith/belief, JJ?”

* Love is the law; love under the law. (Crowley)

* Do what thou wilt, but hurt no man. (Wicca)

* Nothing is real; all is permitted. (Ismali)

JJ: How about my real credo which is this: Follow the highest you know and move forward with pure intent. You will make mistakes but because your heart is pure you will correct them and then move upon the path with greater and greater accuracy until you manifest the fullness of the Son of God.

Reader: “How does one know if one’s heart is pure?”

JJ: Only like can understand like. One may recognize the purity of another’s heart up to the point his own heart is pure and little if any further. You’ll notice that a liar thinks all people lie and a selfish person thinks all people are selfish.

If one defines what purity of intent is to one who is not pure then he will still not be able to recognize that which is above his own level.

Words like Shakespeare ought to give us all a goal to shoot for:

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Reader: “Is there just “one” path, or do all paths lead to the same end?”

JJ: There are many paths, but in the end they are one path. None of us goes in a straight line back to God but all of us take detours from the straight and narrow. Even so, these detours are necessary steps in our learning so, from a higher point of view, they are still a part of the one path.

When the pure in heart sees that he is straying from the direct path he will move back on because he is true to himself. The one who is not pure in heart will continue on the detour for egos sake until pain forces him to retreat.

Reader: “I think I know what ‘manifest’ means. What does ‘fullness of the Son of God’ mean?”

JJ: Simply put it means to become as the Christ is, or to be one with God.

People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds up a mirror for you? Isaac Asimov (1920 – 1992), I, Robot

Aug 7, 2007

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Differing Views

Differing Views

There is an ongoing discussion in the ACIM community concerning appropriate response to differences of views and interpretations of Course teachings.

There are a number of different ways readers respond to posts with which they disagree.

[1] The individual feels outraged that the poster could be so far off and lets them have a piece of their mind. A stern correction is made sometimes followed by insults or name calling.

[2] The response is outwardly civil but contains subtle insults indicating that the writer he is responding to is speaking from the ego whereas he sees himself in touch with the true reality and should be listened to.

[3] The poster is criticized for having a specific view and is told that generic love or acceptance is the answer to all and we should not seek specific knowledge given in the Course.

[4] The responder comes across with the attitude of “I am right and you are wrong and if you do not see it, you will be in big trouble.” This person often seems unsettled if his correction is not accepted.

[5] Then there are those who believe that any discussion of differing views is wrong as one interpretation is just as good as another.

[6] The person replying may disagree with the post but responds with an attitude of sharing his views and explains why he thinks they are correct. There is an attitude of an equal soul communicating with an equal soul. This person is accepting of you as a brother and friend whether you accept his view or not.

I personally appreciate those who reply to me who are in that last category though it is also nice to see replies of those who do agree.

Overall, we could reduce the attitude of general posters down to two categories which would be:

Those who have an attitude of sharing and

Those who have the attitude of “I’m right and you’d better listen.”

Most students develop a feeling that tells them which category the poster is in, but there are times when a poster is sincerely sharing, as in the first category, but is accused of being in the second. For some, any statement, or even quotations from the Course is seen as a proclamation of superiority.

The Course places strong emphasis on sharing, and in my opinion sharing of views should be encourage instead of being attacked. We all have interpretations which are the best we can perceive and it is not an act of superiority to honestly share them as long as the attitude is that the reader is free to accept or reject them.

Overall, I am impressed with this group for the amount of engagement that takes place and I appreciate some of the lively discussions here. I do think we should always look for opportunities to merge our disagreements into oneness with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. That cannot be done unless we honestly express our thoughts.


I find it interesting that students of all spiritual traditions believe their source materials say what they do not say.

For instance, many think the Bible says that money is the root of all evil, or that all men are created equal, or the lion shall lay down with the lamb.

It says none of those things.

I have found that A Course in Miracles is not immune from this distorted understanding. Here are a few things believed by many that is not in the Course:

[1] Many students argue over whether the true reality is non dual or not when the words “non-duality” or “duality” are not even found in the Course.

[2] Many seem to think that salvation is an individual thing whereas the Course says: “Together is your joint inheritance remembered and accepted by you both. Alone it is denied to both of you.” T-31.II.11

[3] Many believe there is no time in heaven yet the Course teaches that there is time called “present time” which is vertical whereas our time is horizontal.  “The present is the only time there is.” W-pI.164.1

[4] Some see ACIM teaching that mind and reason is to be negated and shunned for love is all there is.  But the Course says this:

“What has been given you? The knowledge that you are a mind, in Mind and purely mind, sinless forever, wholly unafraid, because you were created out of love.” W-pI.158.1

Obviously mind and love are interdependent.

[5] Judgement is always bad.

The Course teaches that judgments made by the ego are always distorted whereas under the guidance of the Holy Spirit judgments are reliable:

The Holy Spirit “sorts out the true from the false in your mind, and teaches you to judge every thought you allow to enter it in the light of what God put there.” T-6.V.C.1

[6] We should rely on established authorities and medicine for our health. Yet the Course says:

“Yet it is not the body that can fear, nor be a thing of fear. It has no needs but those which you assign to it. It needs no complicated structures of defense, no health-inducing medicine, no care and no concern at all.” W-pI.135.5

[7] What is true for one may not be true for another.

This is a common belief among all spiritual students, but the Course makes clear that truth is not relative:

The first chaotic law is that the truth is different for everyone. T-23.II.2

Salvation is the recognition that the truth is true, and nothing else is true. This you have heard before, but may not yet accept both parts of it. Without the first, the second has no meaning. But without the second, is the first no longer true. Truth cannot have an opposite. This can not be too often said and thought about. For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false. And truth has lost its meaning. Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false. W-pI.152.3

These are just a few things I have found and could create a larger list. How about you? Have you heard statements from students that are supposedly supported by the Course, but are nowhere to be found?

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Truth and Illusion

Truth and Illusion

Question: Could absolute truth exist if there was no one to register it?

Yes and no. If anything could exist without perception then its existence would still be absolute truth, BUT wherever there is existence of any kind there is life and all life has levels of perception and intelligence.

Let us return to my main statement that causes the concern:

“If you were able to remove yourself from the world of duality, there would be no truth. Truth as we understand it can only exist when there is more than one of something.”

Notice that I did not say it is even possible to remove ourselves from the world of duality but “If you were able to remove yourself….”

Now if you could remove yourself from duality there would be nothing to number so there would be no two items to add to another two items. Math would be meaningless in such a world.

The closest we could get to a non dualistic world would be the great pralaya between creations which is returning to our original state. Many teach that this will be a rest where there are no dualities. But DK mde an interesting statement concerning this existence.

“It is not that which is not, but simply that which is esoteric.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 130

In other words, it appears from our perspective to be a void without duality; instead, it has esoteric, or hidden, duality and existence.

I’m sure that few of us can even imagine the hidden existence in the great pralaya between the universes, but even here the concept of duality must exist, for from it springs a new universe governed by duality. To create a universe of duality a seed of such must first exist, at least as a concept, in the creative mind.

Question: How can you say that all truth is absolute when you and I may look at a tree and perceive it differently?

There are many absolutes that can be perceived by the many about the tree. The fact that it is a tree, that it has leaves, fruit branches etc. can be agreed on. And yes many of the details will be perceived imperfectly but that does not affect absolute truth. If the tree has 10,334 leaves on it and no one perceives this exact number it is still an absolute truth that this is the number.

Many teachers want to rewrite history according to their agenda, but events are what they are no matter what a person perceives.

Truth as it is understood here could not exist outside duality. I do not believe there is an existence completely divorced from duality, therefore there would be no existence completely divorced from the truth.

Question: Does truth have to coexist with illusion to have meaning?”

All form and matter is created by duality in vibration, but even in this illusionary creation there is still truth. There is even truth in your dreams. Truth is what is or what is being experienced or happening whether it is in or out of illusion. When you dream, it is true that you are dreaming

Illusion is not the opposite of truth, but falsehood is. You can have an illusionary dream that a monster is chasing you and several things are happening that are absolutely true.

* You have a fear and belief that you are being chased by a monster.

* The monster is ugly and scary looking.

* You can’t wait to get away from the monster, etc….

There are also many things that are not true.

* You didn’t dream of sharing a bran muffin with your mom.

* You didn’t dream of riding a bicycle, etc….

As long as there is existence there is truth to be had but there are levels of existence where truth is viewed much differently than it is here.

Strive for excellence, not perfection. — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Aug 6, 2007

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Balancing Karma

Balancing Karma

The person with whom I had the discussion on karma continued to disagree with me but I have already written a lot on the subject that can be found in the archives, and after all these years I was under the assumption that the general principle of it is pretty easy to see as no one in the group has expressed a problem understanding it.

While it is true that it may be difficult to explain the particular effects that any of us are currently experiencing, especially if it is a painful one, most seasoned souls have seen cause and effect work out in their lives to the extent that they realize that past action in this life and previous lives have provided the momentum for all that is now occurring.

It sounds like you think that if the person is sorry for past deeds that past deeds have no effect. This idea is not even true for an accident, let alone a consciously malicious act.

If a person injures a kid in an accident because he ran a stop sign and right afterward declares: “I learned my lesson. I’ll never run a stop sign again!”

According to your thinking this immediately creates the effect of neutralizing the karma involved, but does it?

No. The kid is still injured and the driver may still be sued or prosecuted. In addition, he may suffer depression for some period of time for his carelessness.

I do not understand why you would disagree with my stance on this simple cause and effect that works out as karma.

You also seem to think that once a person is reborn that all the negative effects of his past lives are neutralized. If the effects of ten minutes ago and ten years ago are still in play then why would something from 200 years ago not also be at play? I see no logic in your thinking here.

You say:

“For example if I steal a watch. The effect is that I have the watch. And the other person no longer has it. That is karma and cause and effect.”

So this is all you think karma is. If you kill someone they no longer have a physical life and that is all there is to it? Not quite.

The reason you are not seeing the greater repercussions of karma is that you are only examining cause and effect on the physical plane. This is complex enough to boggle the mind, but karma is influenced by cause and effect also on the emotional, mental and higher planes.

Let us return to my physical plane example. We throw a handful of sand on the floor. As a general rule we know what will happen. There will be sand scattered all over. BUT as far as predicting and explaining why each grain ended up where it did we are looking at such complexity that a detailed description of the energy flow is not only impossible but not needed.


We do not need to know all the measurements that brought each grain of sand to where it is because the general understanding of how the sand got scattered is sufficient for most purposes.

Now let us go back to your simpler example of the watch. If you steal a watch then, yes, on the physical plane “the effect is that I have the watch. And the other person no longer has it.”

You seem to think that is all there is to it but you overlook the causes and effects on the higher planes.

The person who steals the watch is feeling a greed and lust for that which does not belong to him. The person stolen from feels a sense of loss from losing something that was of value to him. Maybe his sense of loss is great because his beloved grandfather gave him that watch and it is also a collector’s item worth a lot of money carrying also much sentimental value. Maybe he feels a link to his grandfather through the watch and the pain and loss from losing it is great. He thus sends feelings of emotional pain into the universal mind. In addition, he sends feelings out that demand justice come to the thief.

He identifies with victims in the scriptures:

“And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

“And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” (Revelation 6:9-10)

Just as even the holiest of saints wanted the law of karma to avenge them even so will the person who loses his watch to a thief make the same cry on a smaller scale.

This sending forth of powerful emotional energy is a cause that creates effects just as a physical action does.

The next thing that creates cause and effect that results in karma is the power of thought. It is a true and ancient truism that “energy follows thought.”

The loss of this valuable watch creates many thoughts in the victim. He thinks about how irreplaceable the watch is and how much it means to his emotional self. He wonders if the thief is even vaguely aware of the effect his action has created. He not only feels that the thief should face some justice, but he thinks about it and how satisfying it would be if the thief could understand what he did and be made to make some type of restoration.

From the results of this act of thievery the physical act has produced the smallest amount of cause. Greater than this is the emotional and mental energies released.

When the three energies are thus released they cause ripples in the mind of God which are picked up by intelligence that translates it into karma. There is intelligence in matter itself, in emotional and mental matter that carries cause to an intelligent end. Think of these group intelligences as a great computer program with a purpose of creating justice and balance in the universe. Then too, higher lives watch the unfolding of events and if effects seem to be wavering from true justice they will step in and create new cause to guide events toward an end that will be fair and just.

For instance, those martyrs in the scripture quoted sent out great emotional energy asking for justice toward those who killed them. There are greater lives that assist in guiding events to make sure their prayer, and the just thoughts and feelings of others, will be answered.

Finally, we must keep in mind that the final arbitrator of karma is yourself, but yourself in your right mind, often called your Higher Self. It accesses all the information from the effects of deeds on all the planes and determines the lesson that needs learned to balance the energies.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:7,9

Aug 4, 2007

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Understanding Karma

Understanding Karma

A reader makes an interesting point that disciples today have an advantage over those in the past in that we are given some information about the Dweller on the Threshold and should not be caught by such surprise as in the past. Even so we must remember that he is like the dragon with a hundred heads that was fought by Hercules and can take many forms.

I would guess that even with this knowledge that most disciples will be caught by surprise at the final battle with him. If nothing else he will be surprised with the intensity and difficulty of the encounter.

I rarely make judgments to the validity of posts of others meeting the dweller or undergoing an initiation. It is up to the seeker to discover if his experience is what he thinks it is. I deem members of this group in general to be honest, however, and accept experiences rendered as they are described to be. It is always possible that the category to which the experience belongs is misunderstood, but an experience is always just what one experiences.

There is one point I will make, however. The dweller does not dwell in the reactive part of the mind, but in an astral body. Even the animals have a reactive mind, but they do not have a dweller for the dweller is created by self-conscious thoughts and fears interplaying with emotional energy which is lacking in the reactive mind of animals and humans. The reactive mind can stimulate the emotions but it is not created by them. Many of the problems of the reactive mind are planted when the person is unconscious and no emotions are at play. Emotions can also trigger it.

Another made the statement that the effect of karma is only to teach us and is not a tool for payback for past deeds. He says that the work if Ian Stevenson proves this. I have read his works and nothing in them even indicates such a thing as far I as can see. A birthmark is certainly not a punishment.

For one thing you do not just look at the last life for the seeds of your current situation. Suffering in the current one could be the payback for something six lifetimes ago. Sometimes we cannot effectively suffer the consequences of our misdeeds until a period of time has passed and the right situation is created and we are strong enough to go through it and learn our lesson.

And yes, we do learn lessons in suffering the effects of karma, but we learn then though cause and effect and in the consciousness of your Higher Self you are your own judge of what experiences you need to balance your karma. If you steal you create a cause that ends with the effect of being stolen from in a similar manner and when you are stolen from enough you will learn not to steal.

This scripture encapsulates the law of karma.

“He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10

Question: If I steal something, what cause from that event initiates me been stolen from in the future?”

It should be obvious that it is your act of stealing that originated the resulting effect. As noted, your Higher Self makes the judgment as to how you will bring balance.

Comment: “Maybe it is the law of attraction that lowers our vibration into the vicinity of such influences that results in people around us that also steal with a similar consciousness.”

It is true that like attracts like, but it was a decision made that originated the act of stealing. I won’t steal from you no matter what vibration you send forth.

Comment: “Or if we as a soul decide circumstances through positioning before incarnating to learn a lesson by planning a situation where this would be likely to occur so we can learn what it feels like. However, I don’t see how it’s possible to initiate causes of punishment like you have suggested automatically.”

Watch the law of gravity work. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action within the law is a cause; the reaction is an effect.

Yes, the soul between lives can plan as to how it will most effectively deal with the negative (and positive) causes he has placed in action, but the cause is not negated until he undergoes the effect.

Comment: “It’s certainly not a proven thing by science how that reaction could be manifested.”

The general principle is pretty much proven by Newton’s third law of gravity. How the details will manifest cannot be exactly proven. For instance, if you throw a thousand pieces of sand on the floor you can generally predict the effect by using the law but there is no way you can predict exactly how each piece of sand will be positioned. The fact that you cannot predict this does not negate the law. It only shows how complicated the predicting of black and white details is.

Question: “Why would one assume this is true, and why would it be a logical assumption of how things work?”

Because the law of cause and effect is logical. Because the teachers in the east, Djwahl Khul (DK), HPB, Jesus, Paul, John and almost every spiritual teacher in existence, teaches the Law of Karma in a similar manner as I do. Many of the teachings I have given out are new, but not this one. This teaching of karma is very basic and almost universal. About the only ones who deviate are a few new age gurus who offer extreme shortcuts and guide their group to either drink Kool Aide or to go up on a mountain to meet flying saucers to take them to the fifth dimension.

Comment: “As I don’t see how stealing something must result in a systematic paying back as punishment. This is the same mistake that was made when it was decided eternal damnation to hell existed.”

It is not the same mistake at all, but corrects that mistake. The true Law of Karma illustrates that all punishment is not eternal but has a beginning and an end.

If you do not believe that punishment and reward occur in this universe then there is not much I can do to help you. In fact, I just made a move that completely disproves your black and white statement. I rewarded Dan with the free book since he received the most votes in our contest. He won the prize, not because he did nothing, but because he initiated causes. Others who did not win sill garnered many positive effects.

Comment: “Another thing is I considered unconditional love to be based on forgiveness. If you learn from something why would a punishment be needed in addition?”

If you make a mistake and go too far into debt the time may come that you will realize your mistake and say: “Man I have learned the error of my ways and will not do that again. I’m going to go tell my banker that I have learned my lesson and see if I can get out of the debt.” The banker of course laughs at the thought and tells him, “Perhaps by the time you pay off your dept you will really learn your lesson and also gain greater appreciation for the value of the money you borrowed.”

Then the banker does him a favor and refers him to a job opportunity where he can double his income. If he takes the job, he can pay off his debt much more quickly.

By using our intelligence, we can pay off our debt more quickly, but not just negate it by saying I am sorry.

Jesus said:

“Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.”  (Matthew 5:26)

Question: “Would we not punish ourselves enough for our mistakes?”

Yes, we do punish ourselves. When the guy went in debt, perhaps he punished himself by being upset with himself but the debt also punished him. I’m sure the prodigal son slapped himself several times for foolishly squandering his inheritance, but the punishment of losing his inheritance also reinforces the lesson.

Question: “What if you stole something to save someone’s life?”

Then someday someone may break a law to save your life. It would obviously be worth the risk. The person learns the lesson that what is the good is not defined in black and white but in the overall effect.

If someone took something from me that saves a life I have already determined in my mind that it is a gift. Taking a gift is a different thing that stealing. I think most people have the same attitude as I.

Question: “Who decides and regulates this morality?”

You do in cooperation with your own soul or Higher Self. There are also higher lives called The Lords of Karma who work to balance the overall energies.

Comment: “Ignorance creates suffering. Not any karmic debt or credit that must be balanced.”

And negative karma is created by ignorance.

Comment: “It seems much more reasonable that cause and effect is just the natural justice of karma in itself. Nothing more complicated.”

That’s basically the way it works. We are our own judges and we keep track in our internal book of life all the positive and negative karma we accumulate. Our Higher Self knows us completely and what we must do to bring balance.

“Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Jesus, Matthew 26:52

Aug 2, 2007

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Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Read these words of Djwahl Khul (DK) over and give your thoughts as a group. It should be interesting to see what you come up with.

There are two quotes. Here is the first one:

“Gradually the antahkarana is built and in this way the ‘greater Light and the lesser light’ are consciously related. A path of light and energy is established or created between these two divine aspects. As time goes on, there appears in the egoic group what is technically known as the “linking light” or the “bridging radiance.” This is the Path referred to in The Old Testament as ‘the path of the just is as a shining light which shineth more and more until the day be with us.’ In the esoteric books it is referred to in the following terms:   ‘Before a man can tread the path, he must become that path himself.’

“These four stages have been described in The Old Commentary in the following terms:

‘The point of light shines forth. It waxes and it wanes. The point becomes a line through the starting of a vortex and from the centre of the whirling force, there comes a voice–invocative and clear.

‘The One Who sits in silent work, alone and unafraid (because the part is not alone and the group is unafraid) looks down, catches the light, reflects the whirling force and hears the voice.

‘Then from the silent point of power, a Word goes forth: Be still. Be silent. Know that I am God. The needed work will now begin.

‘Between the Great One and the little striving one, communion is established; the interplay begins; the mind assumes its rightful place. The Path is surely laid.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Pages 714-715

And, here is the second quote.

“You will see, therefore, why I have included this teaching upon the Points of Revelation in what I have to give you anent the processes of preparing for initiation. It is essential that the modern disciple no longer goes forward blindly but that he cooperates intelligently in the new systems of training. You will note the relation (if you call it no more than that) between the two phrases ‘points of revelation’ and ‘mountain of initiation.’ In the Old Commentary, these are brought together in a very illumined statement–illuminating if duly reflected upon:

“The disciple climbs the mountain, its five peaks illumined by the Sun and hiding the other two.

“From point to point he goes and the Way moves upward all the time-out of the dark into the light, from the jungle to the open space, from night to dawn.

“From point to point he moves and at each point he gets new revelation. Five are the mountain peaks, and as he mounts towards each peak he receives five times the light. Five to the five and so from five to five till five fives have brought him light. Ten lie ahead, but these concern him not as yet.

“What is meant here (to bring it down to the bare factual outline) is that there are five initiations ahead of the disciple, with two more ahead of the Master, making in all seven initiations, and that prior to each initiation-symbolically or factually speaking-there are five great revelations, making a total of twenty-five, with ten later to be registered by the Master.

“I have indicated to you in my past instructions three of these revelations. They are, if you will remember:

“1. Energy follows thought and the eye directs that energy. This has been an occult platitude ever since the days of H.P.B., during whose time it was decided that this was the first of the points of revelation which could safely be given to the general public. The assertion of this revealed fact was an essential piece of knowledge in the world, prior to the externalisation of the Ashrams–or, my brother, of the Hierarchy. The thought that all is energy has already been accepted by modern science, and the concept of vision (the first step towards understanding the use of the spiritual eye) is already part of the teaching of modern philosophy and of many of the metaphysical schools.

“2. The Will is fundamentally an expression of the Law of Sacrifice. Paradoxically we found that when the spiritual will was–even in a small measure–expressing itself, there was no such thing as sacrifice. Incidentally, we considered the great exponents and the great field of sacrifice, considering the great Life in which we all, as well as all other forms, live and move and have our being.

“I would like here to quote something I said to you in connection with this subject: ‘These few thoughts upon the significance of sacrifice, or upon the ‘taking over,’ through identification, of the task of salvage, of revitalising and of presenting opportunity, are important to all disciples, as a goal and as a vision.’ (Page 288.)

“3. The Monad is to the planetary Logos what the third eye is to man, esoterically understood. This is a most abstruse statement for all of you and will require much concentrated reflection and serene meditation. The vision of the solar Logos and of the planetary Logos is closely related to intention and purpose, and is the cause of the Plan. It is, however, beyond and different to the Plan. I leave this thought for your consideration and meditation, but can assure you that you will come to no easy or early comprehension.

“Later on, as the years slip away and as students come and go, a clearer grasp of the techniques of comprehension–these emerging Points of Revelation–will form themes for prolonged meditation and doors of entrance to the new occultism. The foundations for this new occultism are well and soundly laid; the superstructure can be erected now, slowly and with due care, in conformity with the divine blueprints and in response to a sensitive reaction to spiritual impression.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Pages 308-310

Out of Eternity the new Day is born; Into eternity at night will return. – Carlyle

July 28, 2007

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ACIM and Symbols

ACIM and Symbols

There is a significant portion of the ACIM community who do not accept ACIM as written. When they come across something in the Course that runs contrary to their belief system, they will claim that the meaning is not what it says.

Actually, this view is not exclusive to ACIM students but every teaching tradition has such a segment. For instance, many Christiaan theologians believe the miracles of Jesus did not really happen as written but were just symbolic.

A common argument for symbolic interpretation of the Course is a statement like this, “words are just symbols of symbols and they do not convey the true meaning.”

This often implies that the one making this statement is the one with the true meaning which brings up this question. If this student did not get meaning from the words of ACIM then where did he get it, and exactly what is this hidden meaning that is supposed to exist? Pretty much no answer comes forth from this question.

Another argument is that there are obviously some words which are purely symbolic. For instance, the Course speaks of the door to heaven, hell and other things, and obviously it is not speaking of an actual door like on a house. Then it speaks of the hands of God or Christ and it is not speaking of real physical hands.

This obvious symbolic writing is used by all authors including myself, but when used, the symbolism is obvious unless stated otherwise, or the author is just plain lying.

A few years ago, when Elon Musk said he was going to build a spaceship to go to Mars some could have thought he was either speaking in symbols or lying. But now that he has built the most powerful rocket on the planet, we see that he really meant what he said.

The same applies to ACIM. It really means what it says unless the symbolism is obvious and easy to see.

Not only do some students use the idea of words themselves as an excuse to negate the teachings, but they think the meaning of the words themselves are symbolic.

For instance, one may say that the idea of moving actual mountains by your faith was purely symbolic, even though the Course makes it clear it is not.

“It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can LITERALLY move mountains.” T-2.VI.9

Some say there are not Sons (plural) in the one united Sonship even though the Course speaks of the Sons of God over 70 times.

Others say that thought is an enemy that needs to be abolished whereas the Course says:

If I did not think I would not exist, because life is thought,” says the Course. W-pI.54.2

There are numerous teachings about health in ACIM which are difficult for many to take literally. For instance:

“These patients do not realize they have chosen sickness. On the contrary, they believe that sickness has chosen them.” M-5.III.1

There are dozens of statements concerning physical illness and cures which many find difficult to take literally such as:

“All material means that you accept as remedies for bodily ills are restatements of magic principles. This is the first step in believing that the body makes its own illness. It is a second misstep to attempt to heal it through non-creative agents.” T-2.IV.4

Few are willing to dispense of their orthodox “magical” remedies for illness but read symbolism into the many teachings on it.

If we are to dismiss any teaching we do not like as merely being symbolic then what about the many statements accepted by most students as absolute truth such as:

“God IS”

“I am as God created me.”

“Nothing real can be threatened”

“I could see peace instead of this.”

“Heaven is a decision I must make.”

“This is a course in miracles. It is a required course.”

Even though words are symbols, if these symbols are expressed and seen correctly then their meaning can be very clear as in the above statements.

The Course makes this very clear:

“I have made every effort to use words that are almost impossible to distort, but it is always possible to twist symbols around if you wish.” T-3.I.3

If students would take this quote to heart and interpret the Course as written then we all would be several more steps toward union and that much closer to waking up and going home.

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The one seeking mastery seeks to become born again. He nullifies the cause of death by utilizing the power of rebirth. He does this by tuning into the Will of God and correctly imprinting it upon his mind so his consciousness can return to it as desired thereby giving him power to express it without corruption.

Question:  How is this imprinting accomplished.

To understand this, visualize yourself in a completely dark room that has many pictures on the walls. It seems as if the blackness will continue forever and you will never see any light except that which you imagine within your mind. Suddenly a bright light is turned on for one second. Then as quickly as it came it is gone and you are in the dark again.

What did you register?

The first time about all you took in was that there was a light. You didn’t really see anything the light reveals except to register that there was something to see. You make a note to look and see what is there the next time it happens.

Sure enough, after a period of time the light comes on again, but at an unexpected time when you were concentrating on other matters. Because you were distracted you didn’t take in much except that there was something on the walls.

The next two times the light came on you had the same problem. You noticed that there were pictures on the walls but couldn’t tell what any of them were. You finally conclude that if you want to see anything that the next time the light comes you will be ready. You will drop your attention from whatever else is happening and shift it to the pictures.

There next time the light comes is even more inconvenient than ever, but you immediately shift attention and find that you were able to isolate one of the walls and take in three pictures. Your recollection of the three pictures was fuzzy and you decide that you must focus on just one picture next time.

You follow this thinking and after three more tries you are finally successful at focusing in on one of the pictures and accurately seeing it and impressing it upon your mind.

After the light is gone you find you have an after image in your mind on which you can reflect. As you reflect you find you can see the picture in your mind and bring any of the images accurately into physical reality.

Many of those who are called false prophets did have a light turned on but did not pay attention until they saw with accuracy. They fill in the fuzziness with the images of their own desires and wind up creating more harm than good.

This analogy is not perfect but puts forth the general idea of imprinting and how important it is.

Now to the last part of the mystery. After this the pilgrim must do one more thing. What is it?

The answer to the one more thing is basically this.

The seeker must create and accomplish a labor that will move humanity closer to his accurate vision of the Divine Will.

That said we can now see how important the step of imprinting is. If the disciple inaccurately sees the will and creates a distorted labor he can often do more harm than good. Unfortunately, this is usually the case. There are always many more false prophets than true ones.

Obtaining the correct vision is difficult enough but completing a labor of purpose is extremely difficult, much more so than a regular labor of good works as seen by humanity.


Because the disciple has to take the path of great resistance. Humanity always resists a move that takes effort to move forward. The disciple is fortunate if he can complete the work in the first lifetime of his vision. Sometimes it will take a number of lifetimes.

But when a great step in moving the will forward is completed a glorious day arrives for the weary pilgrim. The One Great Life manifests through the Master designated to assist the disciple and the words come forth:

“Behold, the human now works as a son of man who is a Son of God. He has finished a step in our work and is ready for another. He needs not descend into matter and wrestle again with memories and time. Touch him and let the electric fire of spirit be his new birth. Extend his life as long as he desires to labor in his current identity.”

The disciple thus receives a great spiritual flow of energy that rejuvenates his whole being and makes him ready for a new mission.

The Master has power of rejuvenation and life extension because he understands the reason the average person must die. That reason is he yields to the path of least resistance, becomes subject to inertia, crystallizes and no longer advances on the path of spiritual evolution.

He thus seeks to become born again. He nullifies the cause of death by utilizing the power of rebirth. He does this by tuning into the Will of God and correctly imprinting it upon his mind so his consciousness can return to it as desired, thereby giving him power to express it without corruption.

He must then create and accomplish a labor that will move humanity closer to his accurate vision of the Will.

Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing. William Shakespeare

July 26, 2007

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No Order of Difficulty


Back in 1980 when I first picked up the A Course in Miracles, I was struck by a very thought-provoking statement that I read on the first page which said:

“There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger’ than another. They are all the same.” T-1.I.1

Even though the calculating part of my brain said, “that cannot be true,” a higher part of my mind was impressed and sensed there may be some profound truth behind those words. I immediately wanted to know more.

Then on the next page I read this:

“Miracles enable you to heal the sick and raise the dead because you made sickness and death yourself, and can therefore abolish both.” T-1.I.24

I have been involved in miracles where the sick were healed, but have never seen the dead brought back to life. Now sometimes people are revived from short periods where the heart is not beating, but how about the miracle Jesus performed where he revived Lazarus after he had been dead for over three days? Even his enemies considered that the greatest miracle of all because of perceived difficulty.

The Course says this: “Why is it strange to you that faith can move mountains? This is indeed a little feat for such a power.” T-21.III.3

Indeed, the Course makes it sound like raising the dead, moving mountains and other great works are the same level of difficulty as healing a headache.

I’ve done a lot of thinking on the idea that there is no order of difficulty with miracles and examined what ACIM says about it, so I’ll give you my thoughts.

In this world there certainly does appear to be an order of difficulty in almost everything, but according to the Course moving mountain or raising the dead should be no more difficult than taking a breath.

The question one might ask is this: If moving a mountain would be so easy then why has no one done it? Even Jesus did not move a mountain when he was here.  And what if 1000 people (also Sons of God) did not want the mountain moved? Would the miracle of moving a mountain still be as easy as Jesus indicates?

If miracles are truly easy, then many would gladly stop wars, heal the sick in hospitals, stop child abuse and many other good things. Indeed, there seems to be something in the way which makes great miracles difficult for us.

What is it?’

The Course itself gives the answer.

“Ask me which miracles you should perform. This spares you needless effort, because you will be acting under direct communication.” T-1.III.4

And why do we need to ask which miracles we should perform? Again, the answer is in the Course:

“to will contrary to God is wishful thinking and not real willing. His Will is One because the extension of His Will cannot be unlike itself. The real conflict you experience, then, is between the ego’s idle wishes and the Will of God, which you share.” T-11.V.5

So, if you or I, as an individual on our own wish for a miracle or moving a mountain, or even something benevolent like healing a friend, all we are doing is participating in the wishful thinking of the ego. Instead, we are to:

“Leave, then, what seems to you to be impossible, to Him Who knows it must be possible because it is the Will of God.” T-15.VIII.6

So then, the Will of God is the missing factor that explains it all and makes clear that there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

Miracles are impossible if they are not within the Will of God, but if the miracle is in harmony with Divine Will, then it is not only possible, but easy.

The answer boils down to this. If you desire a miracle, ask to see if you have approval and seek to act “under direct communication.”

Once you have approval and are in communion with the Holy Spirit the only difficult thing may be your belief that you can be a part of it. If you accept, then performing the miracle will be easy, even if it were to involve moving a mountain.

So, why has no believer moved a mountain?

Obviously because it was not within the Will of God that such a thing be done

And why cannot we heal all the sick we desire?

The Course tells us their wrong thinking has caused their pain and that they must first correct their thinking. Divine will would only approve if there is some correction of thought involved.

Now we understand this principle behind miracles we can easily see why there is no order of difficulty in them. Let us look at two great miracles spoken of in the Bible of which would be considered to be a great order of difficulty to the average person.

The first is Moses parting the Red Sea. When the Israelites approached what seemed to be a dead end at the Red Sea Moses received permission from God to part it. After Moses knew he had approval was there any difficulty?


He merely spoke the words and the Red Sea parted with no effort at all on his part.

A second great miracle was that of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead after he had been dead for more than three days. The reason this was significant is because it was the Jewish belief that raising anyone from the dead after three days was impossible.

This miracle was to demonstrate that nothing is impossible with God. What is interesting is that Jesus followed the protocol mentioned in the Course. He received permission before he performed the miracle.

“Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.” John 11:41-42

Jesus here acknowledged that God heard him and being in communion he knew he had permission and that raising Lazarus was within the will of God.

From this vantage point this great miracle was no more difficult than any other he performed. Next it is written:

“And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go.” John 11:43-44

I have found this principle of being in harmony with the will of God to be essential in the work of miracles. There have been loved ones who I dearly wished to heal to which the Holy Spirit did not give permission. Then there have been other times I have had permission and indeed there was no order of difficulty.

We need to keep in mind though that there is one miracle that all of us have permission to perform and that is forgiveness. To forgive our brothers and sisters is always in harmony with Divine Will, but for many, the only difficult thing is deciding to do it and to let all grievances go.

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