Understanding Karma

Understanding Karma

A reader makes an interesting point that disciples today have an advantage over those in the past in that we are given some information about the Dweller on the Threshold and should not be caught by such surprise as in the past. Even so we must remember that he is like the dragon with a hundred heads that was fought by Hercules and can take many forms.

I would guess that even with this knowledge that most disciples will be caught by surprise at the final battle with him. If nothing else he will be surprised with the intensity and difficulty of the encounter.

I rarely make judgments to the validity of posts of others meeting the dweller or undergoing an initiation. It is up to the seeker to discover if his experience is what he thinks it is. I deem members of this group in general to be honest, however, and accept experiences rendered as they are described to be. It is always possible that the category to which the experience belongs is misunderstood, but an experience is always just what one experiences.

There is one point I will make, however. The dweller does not dwell in the reactive part of the mind, but in an astral body. Even the animals have a reactive mind, but they do not have a dweller for the dweller is created by self-conscious thoughts and fears interplaying with emotional energy which is lacking in the reactive mind of animals and humans. The reactive mind can stimulate the emotions but it is not created by them. Many of the problems of the reactive mind are planted when the person is unconscious and no emotions are at play. Emotions can also trigger it.

Another made the statement that the effect of karma is only to teach us and is not a tool for payback for past deeds. He says that the work if Ian Stevenson proves this. I have read his works and nothing in them even indicates such a thing as far I as can see. A birthmark is certainly not a punishment.

For one thing you do not just look at the last life for the seeds of your current situation. Suffering in the current one could be the payback for something six lifetimes ago. Sometimes we cannot effectively suffer the consequences of our misdeeds until a period of time has passed and the right situation is created and we are strong enough to go through it and learn our lesson.

And yes, we do learn lessons in suffering the effects of karma, but we learn then though cause and effect and in the consciousness of your Higher Self you are your own judge of what experiences you need to balance your karma. If you steal you create a cause that ends with the effect of being stolen from in a similar manner and when you are stolen from enough you will learn not to steal.

This scripture encapsulates the law of karma.

“He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” Revelation 13:10

Question: If I steal something, what cause from that event initiates me been stolen from in the future?”

It should be obvious that it is your act of stealing that originated the resulting effect. As noted, your Higher Self makes the judgment as to how you will bring balance.

Comment: “Maybe it is the law of attraction that lowers our vibration into the vicinity of such influences that results in people around us that also steal with a similar consciousness.”

It is true that like attracts like, but it was a decision made that originated the act of stealing. I won’t steal from you no matter what vibration you send forth.

Comment: “Or if we as a soul decide circumstances through positioning before incarnating to learn a lesson by planning a situation where this would be likely to occur so we can learn what it feels like. However, I don’t see how it’s possible to initiate causes of punishment like you have suggested automatically.”

Watch the law of gravity work. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action within the law is a cause; the reaction is an effect.

Yes, the soul between lives can plan as to how it will most effectively deal with the negative (and positive) causes he has placed in action, but the cause is not negated until he undergoes the effect.

Comment: “It’s certainly not a proven thing by science how that reaction could be manifested.”

The general principle is pretty much proven by Newton’s third law of gravity. How the details will manifest cannot be exactly proven. For instance, if you throw a thousand pieces of sand on the floor you can generally predict the effect by using the law but there is no way you can predict exactly how each piece of sand will be positioned. The fact that you cannot predict this does not negate the law. It only shows how complicated the predicting of black and white details is.

Question: “Why would one assume this is true, and why would it be a logical assumption of how things work?”

Because the law of cause and effect is logical. Because the teachers in the east, Djwahl Khul (DK), HPB, Jesus, Paul, John and almost every spiritual teacher in existence, teaches the Law of Karma in a similar manner as I do. Many of the teachings I have given out are new, but not this one. This teaching of karma is very basic and almost universal. About the only ones who deviate are a few new age gurus who offer extreme shortcuts and guide their group to either drink Kool Aide or to go up on a mountain to meet flying saucers to take them to the fifth dimension.

Comment: “As I don’t see how stealing something must result in a systematic paying back as punishment. This is the same mistake that was made when it was decided eternal damnation to hell existed.”

It is not the same mistake at all, but corrects that mistake. The true Law of Karma illustrates that all punishment is not eternal but has a beginning and an end.

If you do not believe that punishment and reward occur in this universe then there is not much I can do to help you. In fact, I just made a move that completely disproves your black and white statement. I rewarded Dan with the free book since he received the most votes in our contest. He won the prize, not because he did nothing, but because he initiated causes. Others who did not win sill garnered many positive effects.

Comment: “Another thing is I considered unconditional love to be based on forgiveness. If you learn from something why would a punishment be needed in addition?”

If you make a mistake and go too far into debt the time may come that you will realize your mistake and say: “Man I have learned the error of my ways and will not do that again. I’m going to go tell my banker that I have learned my lesson and see if I can get out of the debt.” The banker of course laughs at the thought and tells him, “Perhaps by the time you pay off your dept you will really learn your lesson and also gain greater appreciation for the value of the money you borrowed.”

Then the banker does him a favor and refers him to a job opportunity where he can double his income. If he takes the job, he can pay off his debt much more quickly.

By using our intelligence, we can pay off our debt more quickly, but not just negate it by saying I am sorry.

Jesus said:

“Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.”  (Matthew 5:26)

Question: “Would we not punish ourselves enough for our mistakes?”

Yes, we do punish ourselves. When the guy went in debt, perhaps he punished himself by being upset with himself but the debt also punished him. I’m sure the prodigal son slapped himself several times for foolishly squandering his inheritance, but the punishment of losing his inheritance also reinforces the lesson.

Question: “What if you stole something to save someone’s life?”

Then someday someone may break a law to save your life. It would obviously be worth the risk. The person learns the lesson that what is the good is not defined in black and white but in the overall effect.

If someone took something from me that saves a life I have already determined in my mind that it is a gift. Taking a gift is a different thing that stealing. I think most people have the same attitude as I.

Question: “Who decides and regulates this morality?”

You do in cooperation with your own soul or Higher Self. There are also higher lives called The Lords of Karma who work to balance the overall energies.

Comment: “Ignorance creates suffering. Not any karmic debt or credit that must be balanced.”

And negative karma is created by ignorance.

Comment: “It seems much more reasonable that cause and effect is just the natural justice of karma in itself. Nothing more complicated.”

That’s basically the way it works. We are our own judges and we keep track in our internal book of life all the positive and negative karma we accumulate. Our Higher Self knows us completely and what we must do to bring balance.

“Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” Jesus, Matthew 26:52

Aug 2, 2007

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