Truth and Illusion

Truth and Illusion

Question: Could absolute truth exist if there was no one to register it?

Yes and no. If anything could exist without perception then its existence would still be absolute truth, BUT wherever there is existence of any kind there is life and all life has levels of perception and intelligence.

Let us return to my main statement that causes the concern:

“If you were able to remove yourself from the world of duality, there would be no truth. Truth as we understand it can only exist when there is more than one of something.”

Notice that I did not say it is even possible to remove ourselves from the world of duality but “If you were able to remove yourself….”

Now if you could remove yourself from duality there would be nothing to number so there would be no two items to add to another two items. Math would be meaningless in such a world.

The closest we could get to a non dualistic world would be the great pralaya between creations which is returning to our original state. Many teach that this will be a rest where there are no dualities. But DK mde an interesting statement concerning this existence.

“It is not that which is not, but simply that which is esoteric.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 130

In other words, it appears from our perspective to be a void without duality; instead, it has esoteric, or hidden, duality and existence.

I’m sure that few of us can even imagine the hidden existence in the great pralaya between the universes, but even here the concept of duality must exist, for from it springs a new universe governed by duality. To create a universe of duality a seed of such must first exist, at least as a concept, in the creative mind.

Question: How can you say that all truth is absolute when you and I may look at a tree and perceive it differently?

There are many absolutes that can be perceived by the many about the tree. The fact that it is a tree, that it has leaves, fruit branches etc. can be agreed on. And yes many of the details will be perceived imperfectly but that does not affect absolute truth. If the tree has 10,334 leaves on it and no one perceives this exact number it is still an absolute truth that this is the number.

Many teachers want to rewrite history according to their agenda, but events are what they are no matter what a person perceives.

Truth as it is understood here could not exist outside duality. I do not believe there is an existence completely divorced from duality, therefore there would be no existence completely divorced from the truth.

Question: Does truth have to coexist with illusion to have meaning?”

All form and matter is created by duality in vibration, but even in this illusionary creation there is still truth. There is even truth in your dreams. Truth is what is or what is being experienced or happening whether it is in or out of illusion. When you dream, it is true that you are dreaming

Illusion is not the opposite of truth, but falsehood is. You can have an illusionary dream that a monster is chasing you and several things are happening that are absolutely true.

* You have a fear and belief that you are being chased by a monster.

* The monster is ugly and scary looking.

* You can’t wait to get away from the monster, etc….

There are also many things that are not true.

* You didn’t dream of sharing a bran muffin with your mom.

* You didn’t dream of riding a bicycle, etc….

As long as there is existence there is truth to be had but there are levels of existence where truth is viewed much differently than it is here.

Strive for excellence, not perfection. — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Aug 6, 2007

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