Recognizing the Problem


Since there have been many arguments on whether the Course is non-dual or not, I thought I would create a poll to see just how united the Course students are on what the term even means. After all, the Course tells us to “recognize the problem so it can be solved.” (Lesson 90)

Apparently, many students do not recognize what the problem of non-duality is which is why they have been unable to solve it as a group and reach agreement.

I gave the ACIM group three choices in the poll and members added eight more so in total we had 12 different versions of what non-duality is.

No wonder there is so much arguing about non-duality when the poll shows at least twelve definitions for it and students cannot agree on something so simple as defining terms.

It looks as if students as a whole should cease arguing about non duality since one member is oblivious to what the other member means by it.

The way I see it the disagreement comes down to two ideas of what the Course is saying on oneness.

[1] In our original state in heaven there is only one life with no parts.

[2] In heaven there is one united life but with many parts, not separate, but united.

Since students cannot agree on what non duality is perhaps we can agree that these are the two basic interpretations wherein the major disagreement lies.

Some may think that it runs counter to the Course to try and pin down what it is specifically saying –  that each is  supposed to have a different interpretation.

That is not what the Course is saying. In fact it  says the first law of chaos is that “the truth is different for everyone.” T-23.II.2 The author also says: “I have made every effort to use words that are almost impossible to distort, but it is always possible to twist symbols around if you wish.” T-3.I.3

It is therefore important to look precisely at the wording so our perception can be accurate for it says: “Right perception is necessary before God can communicate directly to His altars, which He established in His Sons.” T-3.III.5-6


It is interesting that after the Course was completed and the little inner group had decisions to make that they sometimes had disagreements among them. On one occasion a writer named Jim Bolen approached Helen, Bill and Judy about doing an article on the Course for Psychic Magazine. Helen and Bill were against it but Judy was strongly in favor. Here is how they solved the problem:

“And so they did what the Course asks one to constantly do—they sat quietly and asked their inner selves if an article should be done. To Judy’s surprise, her answer was, “No,” and without even inquiring she knew the others had heard the same answer.”

Then later when considering publication in another magazine they received a yes answer:

“When Judy, Helen, Bill and Ken got together to ask about the idea of an article on the Course in New Realities, the response that each received this time was an affirmative one.” Quotes from Journey Without Distance by Robert Skutch

What is interesting is this time the answer went against what Helen thought was correct.

Those in the ego who think they are right rarely change their minds, but in this case, they set their egos aside and asked for guidance and all received the same answer which brought them together.

Now numerous disagreements surface in the various ACIM groups, but I never see any attempt of two or more seeking a unifying answer from the Holy Spirit together. After all, no one can enter Heaven by himself.” W-pI.134.17. We have to take others with us and the only way this happens is listening to the Holy Spirit together.

How about the next time we see a strong disagreement taking place that we encourage the participants to ask for guidance so they can become one. After all: “It is the Holy Spirit’s function to teach you how this oneness is experienced, what you must do that it can be experienced, and where you should go to do it T-25.I.6

The Holy Spirit’s goal gives one interpretation, meaningful to you and to your brother.T-30.VII.6

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