The Mysteries of A Course in Miracles, Chapter 27

The Convergence of the Paths
The Many Paths

The Course makes this curious statement about itself:

“This is a manual for a special curriculum, intended for teachers of a special form of the universal course. There are many thousands of other forms, all with the same outcome. They merely save time.” M-1.4

Here we are told that A Course in Miracles is “a special form of the universal course.”

Concerning this “universal course” we are told that “There are many thousands of other forms, all with the same outcome.”

Having been a student of many spiritual philosophies I have seen threads of similarities running through most of them. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an inspired work like ACIM to state that there are other harmonious teachings that steer us toward liberation. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had given the figure of a dozen or so. If it had said a hundred, I would have thought that to be a very generous estimate, but I would not have put the figure   at thousand. And neither did ACIM. It didn’t stop at a thousand, but said “many thousands.”

The various ACIM students come from many different backgrounds and some have studied numerous spiritual philosophies. Many though, when they discover ACIM, find it so different and enlightening that they stop right there and make it their one guide to spiritual living. They figure they don’t need thousands of books to draw from over even a dozen, but just one as a point of focus and that may be where the Holy Spirit guides them for this particular life.

On the other hand, other students are interested in the bigger or more holistic picture and realize that there are many truths not presented in ACIM and desire to seek them out, and the Course says nothing to discourage this. For those who are guided by ACIM though the choice as to which teachings to consume besides the Course are quite ambiguous. After all, it says there are “many thousands” that lead to the same outcome as the Course. That is basically like telling you to pick any spiritual teaching out there, follow it and it will take you toward awakening.

So, what about the guy who follows a half-crazy cult leader that scams him out of all his possessions? Does that lead him toward liberation?

Actually, such detours are steps that all of us take on the path to awakening. By giving up all his possessions he lessened his attachment to the illusion. Yeah, the cult leader taught many things in error but he did dangle the idea of a better world in front of his followers and that truth will remain embedded with them even after they realize what a fraud he was.

On the other hand, there are many spiritual teachings out there which were initiated and maintained by sincere leaders. Of course, some of them are closer to the truth than others.

These various paths fall into two main categories.

[1] The orthodox or mainstream religions. These would include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and various eastern religions.  All of these teach the idea of taking focus away from the material world and placing it on the spiritual which is also a prime focus of ACIM.

[2] Alternative spiritual movements of which ACIM is one.

For several generations now there has been an increasing number of alternative teachings emerging that have presented a challenge to mainstream religion. Some of them have an organized hierarchy and some do not. Many fall under the public’s generic title of “New Age” but few of them identify themselves as such.

Many of those involved in alternative spiritual teaching do not identify themselves with any religion when polled and this has caused significant concern with religious leaders.

 According to Gallup at the turn of the century 70% of the people in the United States belonged to a church, synagogue or mosque. Religious authorities are alarmed that by 2020 that figure had dropped to 47%. That is an unprecedented drop in identification with orthodox religion.

This doesn’t mean that people are turning toward atheism in droves as an increasing number of people identify themselves as “spiritual, but not religious.” A Pew poll taken in 2017 showed that a whopping 27% of Americans saw themselves in this light. The good news is that these people are still believers in a Higher Power, but just don’t see any organized religion being a good fit for them.

Many ACIM students are in this category.

This breaking away from orthodox religion to exploring alternative thinking is good news for the future of ACIM and other solid teachings, as orthodoxy has a firm hold on the minds of its members and few of them will consider something out of the mainstream.

The problem is that when students seek for truth out of the mainstream, they encounter the good, the bad and the ugly.

As previously noted, all of them can have some value to the sincere seeker but some are definitely more helpful than others.

ACIM doesn’t come out and blatantly tell us that its teachings are the best of the lot, as far as awakening goes, but it does tell us that it will be very helpful for those who make use of it.

Helen was told that the Course was introduced because of worsening world conditions and “Because of the acute emergency, however, the usual slow, evolutionary process is being by-passed in what might best be described as a celestial speed-up.” Journey Without Distance by Robert Skutch

So apparently most of the world’s teachings take us through “the usual slow, evolutionary process,” but ACIM is different in that the Course speeds up the process.

We are told that the plan to have people teach the Course “is to save time. Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its center it is a light that cannot be limited. And each one saves a thousand years of time as the world judges it.” M-1.2

In numerous occasions the Course stresses that it will save us much time. Here are a couple:

“Today we try to bring reality still closer to your mind. Each time you practice, awareness is brought a little nearer at least; sometimes a thousand years or more are saved.” W-pI.97.3

“If you achieve the faintest glimmering of what love means today, you have advanced in distance without measure and in time beyond the count of years to your release.” W-pI.127.7

So, we conclude that “many thousands” of teachings will be helpful in the evolutionary process but some, like the Course, can be a big timesaver. Those that stress “what love means” apparently save big time.

Major Approaches to Truth

Therefore, when looking at sources of light outside of ACIM one wants to find those as close to the truth as possible for they will save the most time on the path to awakening.

If the seeker follows the advice of the Course, he will do his best to be one with the mind of the Holy Spirit which will give him power to discern truth from error and the real from the unreal. This is what I have done in my life. I have found that when true principles are presented to me that there is a vibration of recognition that stirs within my inner core wherein the Spirit can be felt.

From my efforts to discern through the Spirit I have seen some value in orthodox religion, but they are indeed part of that “slow evolutionary process” previously mentioned.  However, if students will just bypass their religious authorities and study the world scriptures under the guidance of the Spirit, they can come to many truthful conclusions that will speed the journey.

For instance, I have found the words of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament to be very profound and inspiring. Never has there been so much said in such few words.

In addition, many other parts of the Bible and other world scriptures have thoughts and teachings worthy of contemplation.

In recent times a plethora of teachings have surfaced, often with the claim that they were transmitted from some higher or divine authority, from God to all kinds of other entities.

These transmissions, often called channeling, fall into two general categories.

The first are unconscious transmissions. The most common of these occur when the subject goes into a trance and another entity speaks through his or her body, often with a different voice or accent. Generally, when the medium awakens there will be no memory of what occurred though some say they were somewhat conscious of what was received. Seth and the Law of One are two popular writings received this way.

Another in this category is reception through automatic writing. Here some other worldly force or entity takes control of the hand and writes messages. The subject is unaware of what was written until he reads them himself. The popular “Conversations with God” was received this way.

The second category of transmission is by a fully conscious reception through what we might call mental telepathy. This was the method used by Helen Schucman in receiving A Course in Miracles.

Many esoteric students, including myself, consider the teachings received through conscious reception to be significantly superior to the unconscious ones.  One reason is that many entities drawn to unconscious mediums are not very advanced along the path to awakening. Many of them are no more intelligent than those taking in their words.

The source of other direct voice channels can come from the mind of the medium or even the combined minds of those participating.

There are two major problems with material delivered by unconscious mediums. The first is that almost all of them make predictions that do not come true. Unfortunately, this does not seem to discourage true believers but it does raise a red flag to a dispassionate investigator.

The second problem is that most of their teachings will have points that disagree with each other. If two teachings disagree then either one or both of them are false. They cannot both be true. ACIM puts forth a great teaching on this:

“The truth is true, and nothing else is true. This you have heard before, but may not yet accept both parts of it. Without the first, the second has no meaning. But without the second, is the first no longer true. Truth cannot have an opposite. This can not be too often said and thought about. For if what is not true is true as well as what is true, then part of truth is false. And truth has lost its meaning. Nothing but the truth is true, and what is false is false.” W-pI.152.3

Messages from conscious channeling comes from two sources. The first is from a person’s own ego. These messages will contain contradictory teachings and often include false prophesies. They have flaws similar to the unconscious mediums and are usually created by the subtle desires of the receiver.

The second source is from a being of high intelligence who has mastered the art of mental telepathy. If the material produced far exceeds in quality anything the receiver has written then it most probably came from advanced entity often referred to as a Master of Wisdom. These are mentioned in the Course:

“There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering their own Identity perfectly. These might be called the Teachers of teachers because, although they are no longer visible, their image can yet be called upon. And they will appear when and where it is helpful for them to do so. To those to whom such appearances would be frightening, they give their ideas. No one can call on them in vain. Nor is there anyone of whom they are unaware. All needs are known to them, and all mistakes are recognized and overlooked by them. The time will come when this is understood. And meanwhile, they give all their gifts to the teachers of God who look to them for help, asking all things in their name and in no other.”  M-26.2

The Voice in ACIM identifies Itself as Jesus but there are numerous other Masters besides him who work with humanity. Much of their work is not recognized by humanity for they will often send impressions giving needed ideas and instructions to those dedicated to serving humanity. When the transmissions are received, they often think they came from their own minds.

Then there are significant times that a Master will transmit teachings to be given out to the general public as was the case with A Course in Miracles.

In addition to the Course, numerous teachings of a high order have been transmitted in full consciousness to various teachers of the Ancient Wisdom often linked to Theosophy.  These include Helena P. Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, Helena Roerich, Alice A. Bailey, and Lucille Cedercrans as significant conscious receivers. There are numerous others who claim contact with the masters, but these are significant ones.

Rudolf Steiner is another significant figure associated with Theosophy but he received through his own meditations rather than mental telepathy from a Master.

It is interesting that when we include Helen Schucman that we have three Helens receiving very influential teachings by conscious mental telepathy.

Even if a set of teachings is of a high order no student should assume they are infallible. He or she should always run them by the Spirit within to make sure one’s understanding is correct. Without assistance of the Holy Spirit, the drawback of language itself will cause some distortion.

My favorite receiver of the Ancient Wisdom is Alice A. Bailey. Like A Course in Miracles, I only had to read a few pages of her work to conclude that this was a transmission from an intelligence of a very high order. H. P. Blavatsky’s teachings are also profound as she is largely responsible for introducing the Ancient Wisdom tradition to the West.

Like Helen Schucman, Alice A. Bailey started consciously registering a voice from within and at first was reluctant to cooperate. Like Helen, after receiving a number of transmissions she became convinced of their quality and became a willing scribe. Overall, Alice produced 24 books containing over 3,400,000 words.

The purpose of the two sets of writings are quite a bit different. The Course has the one main goal of waking up the seeker to his true reality. The Baily and Blavastky writings also deal with this but go into significant detail in a much wider range of teachings. Even though the  Ancient Wisdom and ACIM are quite harmonious with each other the style and presentation are so different it is like they were written in two different languages. One could even say that ACIM has a language all in its own category. This is one reason that many of its students focus on it alone and do not see much in harmony from other teachings.  Very few ACIM students study the Ancient Wisdom.

On the other hand, students of the Ancient Wisdom have the same problem as Course students.  The writing style and focus seem so different that they do not give them a serious look and will often dismiss them after reading a few pages.  It is interesting though that Ancient Wisdom students will read a wide variety within their accepted philosophy. I would chalk this up to the fact that the various writings within the category of the Ancient Wisdom use a similar language, vocabulary and accepted sources. The problem is that ACIM seems to be in such a different category that similarities in teachings are difficult for them to see.

It is about time then that someone took a serious look at both teaching traditions and see how they line up. If both come from similarly high spiritual sources then they should be a high level of agreement.

Fortunately, I have seriously studied both and have indeed found a high level of such agreement.  To see this one has to realize that both sides use quite a different vocabulary, define words and concepts differently and have a different purpose and focus. But if one looks beyond the imperfection of reducing pure thought down to the symbols that create our writing and look at the ideas expressed one can find much harmony.

And that is what we will do next. We will examine the significant teachings of both and see how they line up with each other.

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Spiritual Madness

Spiritual Madness

Near the end of the last gathering, someone pointed out that there have been numerous people who believed they heard the voice of God commanding them to do various things that was very harmful, including murder.

Because of such deception he voiced his opinion that Abraham could not have been commanded by God to sacrifice his only son and that we should reject any such thing if we think we hear God commanding us to do something bizarre.

It is definitely true that there are some strange and unbalanced people out there who hear voices and commandments that are definitely not from God. But does this mean that all supernatural directions and communications are erroneous?

After all, most do believe that Jesus received a very difficult commandment from God to yield himself to the cross to demonstrate power over death.

Anyone claiming such a commandment in this age would be deemed unbalanced indeed.

DK has also taught about the fourth initiation where the disciple must sacrifice all that is held dear to the lower personality; and gives the sacrifice of Jesus as an example of this that we must all pass through at some time.

Question:  Suppose you hear or sense the voice of God directing you to do something very difficult, strange or even dangerous. How should you handle such a thing?

Is there a time to say no, even to God or the Spirit?

How do you know if you are hearing the true voice?

If you have received something difficult from what you thought was God, the soul or His Spirit and acted on it please relate and tell us if your action was correct.

Let us start with the last part of the current question:

“How do you know you are hearing the true voice?”

Reader Comment: I myself have experienced “good feelings”, which were so close to the “real thing” (as you call it), that I could not tell the difference. It was only the passage of time, which showed me the error of my ways. I also know of others that have experienced similarly.

JJ: This is indeed a major problem and you are two steps ahead of most seekers for just recognizing it. Many who hear any voice at all automatically assume it is from God and will follow it to the death without questioning.

Another reader gives good advice in finding the true voice:

But, I repeat, it is possible to learn how to tell the difference. It’s like tuning a guitar string. You have to keep adjusting it. And, yes, you do need to look at the fruits. You always need to look at the fruits. But each time you look at the results of having followed what you thought was a spiritual prompting, you go back and look at the original prompting. Look at how you felt when the choice was right vs. how you felt when the choice was wrong. Use that feedback for the next time you are prompted to do something. One must do some fine-tuning until they get it right. We do have a promise: seek and ye shall find. It doesn’t say seek and ye shall be left in doubt. There is certainty available to us.

JJ:  Good advice. Let me comment on your last sentence: “There is certainty available to us.”

This is true and I know you are talking about a certainty through the soul, but we must keep in mind that there are two types of certainty.

(1) A certainty about a conclusion that is not correct but based upon an embraced illusion. For instance, many people were certain that Planet X was going to show up last spring, yet it never came. They thought they knew, but didn’t know that they did not know.

(2) A certainty based upon true reality and spiritual contact. This falls in two categories.

(A) Logic and common sense. I am certain the sun will come up tomorrow. I have good reason to be certain of this. This person knows and reasons that he knows.

(B) Soul Contact: The person has broken through the veils that disguise the soul energy and finds and registers true spiritual contact. He finds this contact to be the most real and infallible source there is. Only his interpretations of it are subject to error.

This person knows and knows that he knows.

We all seek to know and know that we know so let us cover the points we need to know to arrive at this. We will make a list beginning with the first one today.

In this direction is a truism that I just added to the list which is:

“You find what you are looking for.”

Question: How is this a key to understanding why some people hear a deceptive voice?

Since we find what we look for then what do we need to look for to avoid deception?

Napoleon Hill

Question: Will you share with us what you told me about the possible Napoleon Hill-DK connection? Thanks.

JJ:  When I was younger I read all of his books. He wrote a lot more than “Think and Grow Rich.” It seems like I bought about six of them altogether, but the only one I have in my current library is Think and Grow Rich.

I do not have the book where he talks about the “Brotherhood” but I found a couple quotes on the web.

In his book “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind” he reports the visitation of a presence speaking in a voice that “sounded like chimes of great music,” (bells?) This visitor stated: “I come from the Great School of Masters. I am one of the Council of Thirty-Three who serve the Great School and its initiates on the physical plane.”

This School of Masters is “Sometimes known as the Venerable Brotherhood of Ancient India.  It is the great central reservoir of religious, philosophical, moral, physical, spiritual and psychical knowledge. Patiently this school strives to lift mankind from spiritual infancy to maturity of soul and final illumination.”

I’ve just ordered the book again from Amazon to make sure I can get the full story.

“All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.” Ella Wheeler Wilcox, O Magazine, February 2004

Sept 15, 2004

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The Factor of Time

The Factor of Time

A reader asks if one can say the Song and still be affected by negativity.

The answer goes back to the recent discussion on perfection. We do not start out being perfect in anything we do.

The most perfect man who lived was Jesus yet even he was not able to heal everyone and there was far from perfect peace wherever he went. Some got violently angry and even tried to kill him and eventually did crucify him.

Jesus gave the most perfect prayer of the Piscean age which said: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

2000 years have passed and the prayer is not yet fulfilled. Does this mean the words failed? No. Much more of God’s will is now done on the earth today than it was back then. Even though perfection is not yet achieved after 2000 years a very powerful advancement has been made.

Now let us consider the Song. It has two effects which are for the individual and the group. The most important purpose of it is its end effect on the whole, but the individual will also receive benefit from saying it.

There has never been a time that I have said it that I did not feel additional light and peace. Did it make my state of mind and consciousness perfect? Of course not, but each time I have said it I have noticed a positive effect which was directly in proportion to the amount of thought and attention I put on the meaning of the words.

Remember the teaching is that the Song is not actually sung until correct thought follows the words. Just saying the words alone is not “singing” the song.

The second benefit is toward the group and the world itself.

Remember that I have taught several times that in each age of recent history the lights have been defeated and their light has been replaced with corruption of the light.

To bring in the new age it is all important that the lights prevail against the darkness that seeks to corrupt and destroy. The goal of the Song is that the cumulative effect of singing it, as we pass over the cusp of the new age, will generate enough light, love and power to sustain the lights so the coming Aquarian Age will be one of peace, abundance and light – one where corruption will be the exception and not the rule. This time the will of God is that the enemies of the saints do not prevail.

The Song will not only be “sung” as we cross the cusp of the new age but will provide power to sustain the peace for many years to come. Eventually millions of people will use it.

Generations from now, people will look back at our time and place and marvel that there were only a handful of people participating in helping to initiate the work of which we are a part.

“Why not seize the pleasure at once? How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparations.”   Jane Austen (1775 – 1817)

Duality of Truisms

Thank you, my friends, for your additional comments on the truisms from Book III.

Whereas all truisms are also aphorisms, not all aphorisms (a catchy statement) are truisms. A truism is a statement that has entered the public consciousness as a clever way of expressing a point that is  easily recognized as expressing some truth.

Readers keep coming up with new ones not on my original list. Not only this, but just putting attention on them again caused me to think of several new ones.

It always amazes me when a new one comes along that I didn’t think of sooner for some of the ones I have overlooked for years have been very common ones.

As an interesting side note – when Wayne and I first brainstormed on truisms I left the napkin (with them written on) in the restaurant. I was really irritated with myself and am not sure I have recovered them all to this day. We generated a bigger list than indicated in the chapter.

Rick made an interesting statement about them. He said they are so incorruptible that even a few words from a truism still paints the picture in our mind of the basic idea. He gives examples such as: A penny saved…… Birds of a feather…

Truisms will seldom be lost to civilization because only the rough idea needs to be preserved in words to keep the idea in circulation. They indeed qualify as “eternal words.”

Reader Comment: Sometimes these truisms seem to come in conflict with each other. For example:

“Look before you leap” and “He who hesitates is lost”

But there is another truism which also applies and resolves this duality: “There is a time and a place for everything”.

But, how do you know the right time and the right place?

Answer: The Second Key Word of Judgment.

JJ:  Good point.

You can’t read these truisms as being applicable to all situations and all times, but each applies to situations that we all recognize as helpful.

Let us take “Look before you leap.” vs “He who hesitates is lost.” It is true that there are occasions when there is no time to look but we must act instantly or all is lost. For instance, when a quarterback is being rushed is not the time to look and be cautious. He must often make an instant decision or all is lost.

On the other hand, when you are visited by a salesman who wants thousands of dollars of your money for vitamins that will miraculously heal you is not the time to move impulsively. This is the time to look before you leap.

The great part of these truisms is that almost all people, even average people, not that interested in philosophy, can see where they have their place in the wisdom of things.

“A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own… let them take risks, for God sake, let them get lost, sun burnt, stranded, drowned, eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches- that is the right and privilege of any free American.”  16 Idaho Law Review 407, 420 – 1980.

Sept 11, 2004

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A Kingdom Divided

A Kingdom Divided

Question: Why have your books received praise from some teachers and channels who are obviously in error, or maybe on the dark side? Is this a bad sign?

JJ: First, let me say that most direct voice channelers are in contact with an astral entity which is not directly connected with the Dark Brotherhood. These astral entities often use a medium as a means to enhance their own glamours as they are often viewed as infallible authorities by their believers. Many of these entities are no more agents of the Dark Brothers than are our movie stars. Both brotherhoods use those with whom they may find a response and many of these are not aware they are being influenced.

As I have said before, the main difference between the two is that the Dark Brothers are willing to infringe on free will when the opportunity permits whereas the Brotherhood of Light do not.

I do not make any judgment as to whether any particular channeler is influenced by the Dark Brotherhood. Some teachings I may agree with and others I do not.

But the fact that a medium recommended my books not mean that we are of the same kingdom, order or brotherhood. Most of them recommend the teachings of Jesus, but that doesn’t mean that Jesus would embrace them all if he were here.

Some followers have even killed in support of Jesus, but that doesn’t mean they belong in the same kingdom as the Master.

For a kingdom to be divided against itself, the individuals involved have to be the members of the same kingdom. Very few of the members of the many divisions of the Churches or metaphysical groups are directly linked to either of the brotherhoods. The orders of the masses are not members of any cohesive kingdom and thus their many divisions do not represent a kingdom divided for there is no kingdom of which the masses are members.

If one observes the events of the times, he can see the workings of two united kingdoms who are working with opposing, but unified goals. Those who are pure in heart are often unconscious agents of the Brotherhood of Light and those who are selfish and controlling are used as needed by the Dark Brotherhood.

I would hope my teachings are clear enough, encourage free will and touch the soul to the extent that the focus on light and love is obvious. The outer mind can be fooled, but the inner spirit cannot. But the inner spiritual fire must be contacted before one can know for sure.

“For because of my Spirit he shall know that these things are true; for it persuadeth men to do good. And whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do good is of me; for good cometh of none save it be of me. I am the same that leadeth men to all good; he that will not believe my words will not believe me…” Ether 4:11-12

Measured Response

When I first participated on web discussion groups, I had the idea that they would be much more peaceful places than live/in-person discussion groups.


Because in live discussion strong emotions often surface and people will speak impulsively, sometimes saying angry or thoughtless things they do not mean. This then sets others off doing the same thing causing anger to escalate.

Whereas when we write we have time to carefully form our thoughts and if we call the other person an SOB, we have time to reflect and then delete the obnoxious word so our thoughts when presented will be as if the negative word was never said.

It also seemed logical to me that when something insulting was stated in a web discussion that less offense would be taken.


The same reason. In a live discussion we react immediately to the insult and sometimes have a misunderstanding about it. Because of reaction without time to think we have wrong interpretation and feelings sometimes get out of hand.

On the web we can read an insult and take some time to think about it. One can reread the before and after and get a more accurate interpretation and take some time to think so our response is reasonable and measured.

It is interesting that reality turns out to be somewhat different than the projection of it.

First, it seems that the extra time we have on the web to absorb, think and measure is not put to use by many. Instead, many react just as strongly after having time to think as they would in person. In fact some react more strongly. Why? Because (for some) the extra time to think is extra time to foment negative emotions rather than to add extra reasoning.

This fomenting principle was what I left out of the equation when I first compared web discussion to live discussion. Because of this, emotions probably get just as out of hand on the web as they do in person. About the only advantage of the web is that it is impossible to come to blows because of the distance. Also, a few mentally polarized people do actually take the extra time involved in writing to project themselves in a more reasonable manner than in a live discussion.

That said, this illustrates that an original idea as formulated by the mind usually either has flaws in its construction or ideas about its implementation.

An idea itself may represent a flawless ideal, but by the time it is expressed in the world of form some of the ideal is lost. Then as it is implemented many errors are demonstrated. It is only after many attempts at trial and error, and then learning from mistakes, that relative perfection is finally obtained.

Let us take the divine idea of brotherhood and equality for human beings.

This is an ideal that will eventually be achieved, but our attempts at it so far have been a disaster. For example, totalitarian communist regimes have been set up to implement this idea by using wrong methods. Humanity is examining the results of such error and is preparing for new steps in this direction that will be less harmful. It may take a million years or more, but eventually the ideal will be achieved where the individual and the whole will benefit through equality to the maximum degree.

When I came to this group as a teacher I did so with few preconceived notions. There were a number of situations for which you cannot plan so my plans were simple. To teach the highest I know in the hope that lights will gather and participate.

That’s about it.

Did I have ideas as to how to handle discord?


I didn’t even think about it, feeling it is best to deal with such as it comes along.

Did I have ideas as to how to deal with opposing philosophies?


I didn’t even think about it, feeling it is best to deal with such as it comes along.

Instead of planning for specifics I tend to deal with general principles. My strategy as a teacher is basically this.

(1) Teach the highest I know.

(2) Seek to stimulate soul contact

(3) Answer all pertinent questions to the best of my ability.

(4) Be as tolerant as possible to opposing ideas.

(5) Treat members kindly unless they are openly hostile. In this case a judgment must be made.

(6) Reexamine things periodically as the group unfolds and make adjustments.

(7) Seek to make the list a gathering place for lights.

From my point of view, nothing has changed from the beginning. I still try to stimulate soul contact as a prime objective along with the other items. People come and go, but periodical conflict and highs and lows continue and will continue.

This group has more conflict and may feel less safe than some others because more ideas are presented here and we try to give maximum tolerance toward expression, even disagreeable expression.

On the other hand, there are many groups with three times the membership of this one that has only 10% of the number of postings. Such groups have little conflict for there is little food for thought to even provide fodder for conflict.

I would rather have a small lively group than a large one weighed down with inertia.

I do not see success or failure with this group measured through the number of members. We do not yet have enough members to make much impact on the world. The main benefit so far has been the stimulation of ideas, concepts and teachings that will have an impact on the world and will survive all of us.

When the members of this little group have all moved on to higher spheres, these writings will remain and be the fodder for the sprouting of much good in the world.

For those who enjoy this group and seek to continue on it let me offer this advice. Accept the fact that neither the members nor the group is perfect. There will be times when there will be differences of opinion, presentation of controversial teachings, rudeness and conflict between members. Things will arise that we haven’t planned for that will be dealt with at the time. After they are dealt with there will be some improvement, but not perfection.

If a member cannot accept this basic statement, then he will be alarmed any time there is a new conflict or problem. If he accepts the statement then he will roll with the punches (truism), remain unruffled and concentrate on learning and sharing rather than that which distracts from the goal.

“As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.” Josh Billings (1818-1885)

Sept 8, 2004

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The Mysteries of A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26

The Mystery of Creating Ourselves
Part 1 The Meaning of Creation

The Course tells us a number of times that we did not create ourselves. Instead, it stresses the importance of recognizing that we were created by our Father, God.

When I first read this, I thought it was an extremely odd statement. First of all, I do not know anyone who thinks he created himself.

How would it be possible to create yourself?” I thought. One moment you are nothing and do not exist, and that which does not exist wills itself into existence. How could nothingness will itself into something?

This indeed seemed like an impossibility to me. Furthermore, I didn’t know of anyone who believed such a thing was even possible. How in the world does one conceive of that which has no existence willing itself into existence? If there is nothing there, then there could be no will to will itself into existence. Even will is something.

Then as I studied the Course more thoroughly, I began to realize that I had not been interpreting the phrase correctly and I suspected that many other students made the same mistake. The reason for the mistake is obvious

When the typical believer talks about God creating us, he assumes that at one time we did not exist and then, when God decided to create us, we did exist. In other words, thanks to God, one moment we did not exist and the next one we did.

Therefore, when ACIM speaks of us creating ourselves it seems natural to think it means that some believe they just thought themselves into existence from nothingness. This was the concept that made no sense to me.

As I studied the various references to creating ourselves, I discovered that the meaning was quite different than I supposed at the beginning. The statement doesn’t have anything to do with bringing us into existence out of nothing. This did not happen because we have always existed. The Course is quite clear that we are eternal and never had a beginning:

“For God has never condemned His Son, and being guiltless he is eternal.” T-13.I.9

“You are immortal because you are eternal,” T-13.I.8

“There are no beginnings and no endings in God,” T-11.I.2

“Heaven, where everything eternal in it has always been.” T-12.VI.7

Since the Course tells us that we are Sons of God who were (and part still is) in heaven, then we have “always been.”

If creation then means to bring something in existence from nothing so it has a beginning then we are not created beings because we have always existed. Something that has always existed has no beginning or creation as the word is generally understood.

On the other hand, there was a “beginning” to our creation as discussed in the Course:

“Your creation by God is the only Foundation that cannot be shaken, because the light is in it. Your starting point is truth, and you must return to your Beginning.” T-3.VII.5

We are thus eternal beings without beginning to our existence but there was a beginning to our creation.

Obviously then when ACIM uses the word “create” it applies its own special meaning to it, just as it does with numerous other words and phrases.

So, if when the Course’s use of the word “create” does not mean to begin an actual existence from nothing then what does it mean?

Instead of bringing something into existence the Course teaches that creation is a complete sharing. The sharing is so complete that the receiver obtains all the powers and attributes of the creator.

There are many references in the Course that substantiate this. In this first one we are told what “true creation” is. Jesus tells us that he made the decision to share his knowledge “because the decision itself is the decision to share. It is made by giving, and is therefore the one choice that RESEMBLES TRUE CREATION.” T-5.II.9

True creation thus involves a full sharing, a quality that we inherited:

“The soul yearns to share its Being as its Creator did. Created by sharing, its will is to create.” UR T 7 J 3

“You cannot separate your Self from your Creator, Who created you by sharing His Being with you.” T-7.V.6

So then. your soul was created by God “sharing His Being with you.”

We in turn become creators and do the same thing:

“This is an ongoing process in which you share, and because you share it, you are inspired to create like God.” T-7.I.1 “and to create like Him is to share the perfect Love He shares with you.” T-7.I.6

When the typical religious person thinks of God creating he usually imagines God just speaking the word and, poof, the creation appears. Then when he thinks of a human creation he thinks of the person coming up with an idea and then gathering and assembling the parts to manifest it.

According to ACIM then, creation by God or the Son does not conform to either of these traditional ideas. Instead of manifesting something in time and space, heavenly creation is sharing and extending the one life of the Godhead.

This brings us to some curious questions. We are told that God “created you by sharing His Being with you.” T-7.V.6

If you did not exist before creation then how could God share his being with you? If he shared with you there had to be something with which to share.

Secondly, what was the “you” that was in existence before the creation event in which God created you through sharing with “you?” and what was the difference in the “you” mentioned before your creation and afterwards?

Part 2 Before and After Creation

These questions are indeed applicable when we consider that the Course teaches that we are eternal beings without beginning or an end.

The mystery deepens when we realize that ACIM teaches that God Himself had a creation. Hopefully the reader’s head will not explode as we examine this thought.

First, the Course definitely tells us that “God is an idea, and … like your Father, you are an idea.” T-15.VI.4

Then it tells us that “Ideas leave not their source, and their effects but seem to be apart from them. Ideas are of the mind.” T-26.VII.4

This tells us that we, as Sons are ideas. We have not left our source who is God.

But wait! God also is an idea and like us as an idea He also has not left His source.

What is the source for God?

It tells us clearly “Ideas are of the mind.”

So, the source for God is mind and since our source is God then mind is ultimately also our source. Indeed, mind is of extreme importance, for it is written: “If I did not think I would not exist, because life is thought.” W-pI.54.2.

The source of all creation then is an idea of some kind and the source of ideas are the mind and without mind there would be no thought and without thought there is no life and without life there is no existence.

Thus, the source of all existence is mind. Putting this all together, the only explanation is that in the eternities there is one great life which is the universal mind. The idea of God was then created by the thought of this mind from whence all things come.

The fact that God was created is affirmed in the Course for it says:

“Your will to create was given you by your Creator, Who was expressing the same Will IN HIS CREATION.” T-2.VIII.1

The original text words this a little differently but implies the same meaning:

“His instincts for creation were given him by his own Creator, who was expressing the same instinct IN HIS CREATION.” UR T 2 E 44 (Caps mine)

Earlier I pointed out, with backing from ACIM quotes, that The Father Created the Son with many parts and the Sons created additional Sons. Sons who created Sons obtained the position of Father in relation to their created Sons. Similarly, your Father was also a Son who created you and thus became a Father to you. The Father and Son are One as taught in the Course for all Fathers are also Sons.

But the core to understanding it all is to realize that God, Fathers, Sons, the Holy Spirit are all ideas which leave not their source.

And what is their Source?


And what is mind?

Basically, the same as intelligence, or light, truth and love.

Therefore, from universal mind came the idea of God which left not its Source and God became synonymous with the universal thought which created all there is.

We thus arrive at a teaching that is in harmony with many of the spiritual traditions of the East which teach something similar.

We therefore come to the conclusion that all life is an idea which has left not its Source and the ultimate Source for all is some type of universal mind or something we might call pure intelligent Spirit.

In answer to the first question posed earlier – we are eternal beings without beginning and God, our Father, created, transformed, added to and extended Himself to us by sharing Himself. This sharing did not bring us into existence, for we never had a beginning, but it created a new version of what we are offering to us the eternal ability to also create by sharing.

The second question was, what was the “you” that was in existence before the creation event in which God created you through sharing with “you?” and what was the difference in the “you” mentioned before your creation and afterwards?

We know that which is the essential you has always existed, even before your Creator brought you into his own being through the sharing of mind. Before this creation/sharing event, you existed as some type of undeveloped potential that had not yet obtained the qualities shared with you by your Creator. Before your creation you merely existed as potential, but afterwards you shared in all that the life of God has.

The Course tells us that we were created to create and as Sons we will create additional Sons and extend the Life of God eternally.

There is apparently an infinite number of potential Sons that can be stimulated, or activated with mind so they can become a part of the One Sonship.

The main difference before and after our creation is that before we did not have the ability to create through the united Sonship, but afterwards we did. We were also able to experience love through sharing in a way unknown to us before creation.

Part 3 We Wanted to Create Ourselves

Having covered this esoteric ground we can finally face the prime question as to what the Course means when it tells us that at the separation we wanted to create ourselves. We even thought we were the ones who created ourselves:

“Father, I did not make myself, although in my insanity I thought I did.” W-pII.260.1

We are told that we had the mistaken notion that “since man can create himself, the direction of his own creation is up to him.” UR T 2 A 5

The Course tells us that is folly because “you cannot escape from fear until you realize that you did not and could not create yourself. You can never make your misperceptions true.” T-3.IV.3 Each is called to recognize that, “I am as God created me.”

We see then that the thinking that separated the Sons who left from those who stayed behind was the belief of some that they not only created themselves but could continue creating themselves and to make this possible they created a universe of form in time and space.

At this point we must clarify what is meant by their intention to create themselves. The previous quote gives some light. Here it is again:

since man can create himself, the direction of his own creation is up to him.” UR T 2 A 5

We who are experiencing this world believed we created ourselves and will continue doing so because we are the masters of our destiny and can become whatever we decide to be.

So, the main difference here was that the Sons who stayed behind remained a part of the collective where all the decisions of the unified life were recognized as their decisions because they all shared the one life.

The Sons who separated wanted to create themselves as individuals with the result that each would be different and unique.

Now when students first read the Course and are told that we made the error of thinking we created outed ourselves they think, “Yes, of course. I didn’t create myself. God did.”

This interpretation does not reveal what happened and what was such a tremendous attraction that many billions of the Sons of God separated so they could create themselves.

To create yourself is to be in charge of what you as an individual will become. To understand the attraction just look at how people live their lives. They want to be in charge of what they do, what they think, what they decide etc. Very few want some other entity besides themselves telling them what they can make of their lives. Most everyone in this world wants to mold their own lives according to their own desires and do not want to give up that power to anyone, even God.

To understand the attraction of creating ourselves as compared to yielding to a creator we can reflect on the stories in Star Trek about the confrontations with the Borg.

The Borg consisted of one great life where no one had any individuality and had no hand in creating themselves. Instead, what they were and their placement was entirely determined by the collective life or the godlike queen.

The Borg corresponds in some ways to the life of the One Son in heaven, but with a major difference. The lives in the Borg had no free will and the lives in heaven do.

The Borg declares that “resistance is futile” and forcefully assimilates anyone who crosses their path, usually against their will.

On the other hand, heaven merely waits for us to come to our senses and return. We come to heaven because we enjoy the shared life not because we are forced into it. But like the Borg, resistance is futile, but for a different reason. It is only a matter of time before we want to return home

Despite the differences, the similarities of the Borg and the Star Trek Federation are close enough to heaven and earth, as presented by ACIM, for us to gleam an understanding of why so many Sons of God wanted to leave the collective and have some experience as an individual in the marvelous worlds of time and space.

When we watch Star Trek no one thinks, “Man, I would really like to join something like the Borg where I would have no identity.”

On the other hand, many think that they would like to join something like the Star Trek Federation where you can still be an individual, create your own destiny and explore new worlds. The fact that the members of the Borg were always at peace and had no pain was not seen as a selling point to either Star Fleet or the Star Trek audience.

The correspondence is not exact but close enough to give us an idea as to why so many Sons of God were attracted to becoming an individual and participating in a world where there were differences, games, time, space, consciousness, perception and many things that were unknown, waiting to be discovered.


Part 4 Recognizing the Problem

The Course tells us to “recognize the problem so it can be solved.” (Lesson 79) Yet the biggest problem of all is that which caused the separation. But the only problem seen here by most students is that the Son got “mad idea” in his head, went into temporary insanity for an instant and then God presented a solution and the problem was solved. The Son is now safe in heaven.

Those who encapsulate an event that “shattered heaven” into such a simplistic super Reader’s Digest version are not seeing the problem, hence avoiding the solution for we are definitely trapped here in a dream world in need of “salvation” as presented by ACIM.

Perhaps the reason that we see no graduates from A Course in Miracles where the body disappears in the eyes of many witnesses and then reappears as in the case of Jesus is that the problem is not understood and if it is not seen or understood then it cannot be solved.

According to the Course the problem started in heaven when many Sons of God became dissatisfied and wanted to create themselves, or to have some say in their individual destiny.


Even though heaven was a place of peace and love many apparently wanted more than this.

The world we created is said to be “a distortion of the world (heaven), planned solely around what you would have preferred.” T-18.II.1

“It is, then, only your wish to change reality that is fearful, because by your wish you think you have accomplished what you wish.” T-17.I.2

What does this tell us? We “preferred” another world we envisioned in preference to heaven. We then had a “wish” to change our reality and we actually thought we had accomplished this, apparently with the creation of this universe of form, time and space.

“Whenever projection in its inappropriate sense is utilized, it always implies that some emptiness (or lack of everything) must exist, and that it is within man’s ability to put his own ideas there instead of the truth.” UR T 2 A 5

This tells us that we thought we could fill some emptiness with our own ideas, though we probably didn’t see these ideas as opposing any truth.

In addition, we wanted to change our identity:

“The ego is a wrong-minded attempt to perceive yourself as you wish to be, rather than as you are.” T-3.IV.2

It looks like that after an eternity of bliss that we wanted to try something new.

We actually embraced the illusion:

“The world is an illusion. Those who choose to come to it are seeking for a place where they can be illusions, and avoid their own reality.” W-pI.155.2

According to this we did not just blindly stumble out of heaven, but we wanted to “avoid” it and replace it with ideas of our own making we thought were better than heaven.

The Course calls this a “mad idea”, but obviously that is not the way that many billions of the Sons of God looked at it.

Just visualize the vast numbers of the Sons of God who chose to create themselves? On this planet alone there are seven billion Sons, not counting the ones not in incarnation.

Then in our galaxy there are over 200 billion star systems, many with earth-like planets and we assume many with intelligent life.

Then, in the known universe there are billions of galaxies, many larger than our own. Therefore, the number of the Sons of God must be staggering, but consider this:

“How holy is the smallest grain of sand, when it is recognized as being part of the completed picture of God’s Son!” T-28.IV.9

If the smallest grain of sand is a “part of the completed picture of God’s Son!” then the planets, stars and galaxies would certainly be also. In other words, all creation we see about us is a part of the Sonship which left heaven for the adventure of self-creation. The Son, through all of its parts, wants to experience every possible angle of what being different would entail. He wants to experience all that there could be available to experience whether in the illusion or in reality.

To see the separation as a brief instant of insanity that was quickly corrected misses the point and completely overlooks the problem.

The idea of creating ourselves and controlling our own destiny was a big deal and was something much more than just a passing thought.

Consider this: What do we really know about heaven? Not much but we are told this.

Nor is there any need for us to try to speak of what must forever lie beyond words. “ T-18.IX.11 Heaven “can never be described” W-pI.122.8

All we are told about heaven is that it is a place where there are good feelings. The message of the Course is basically this:

“Trust me. You’ll feel great when you enter heaven.”

We are told that in heaven there is no form so there is NO THING to feel good about. Perhaps then a great draw was that we wanted SOME THING to stimulate new and different feelings. Things with differences would stimulate both positive and negative feelings, but we figured it was worth the risk to have a great adventure where such a range of feelings could be experienced.

It is obvious that the creation of our reality was more than some crazy afterthought. Just look at how much thought had to be put into our creation, beginning with the atom and its many parts balancing energies with great precision. Then the atoms were joined to create molecules and finally living cells with extremely complex DNA. Finally, all this intelligence combined to make organic bodies as avatars for our experience.

All this creation took much more than some quickly passing thought. Instead, our universe is the product of extremely intelligent and deliberate thinking that took place over billions of years.

Part 5 A Request for the Impossible

Let us encapsulate our situation from the beginning.

We are eternal beings without beginning or end. As some type of basic intelligence, we were invited to join a collective that we presently call God. That we had a choice in this matter is evidenced by this statement:

“Man was not created by his own free will alone.” OE Tx:1.87

So, our free will was involved but it did not have power to create ourselves.

Evidently, there was a choice on our part that allowed us to participate in the great creation process, a process that we could not accomplish on our own. We did not create ourselves, but chose to be created or transformed into a part of a greater whole where each of us would play a special function

Intelligences, called Sons of God, took us under their wings and nurtured us, becoming as fathers to us. These fathers created or transformed us unto lives that shared with the whole, having greater abilities and functions than we had before.

There was an important rule that we all followed which is called “The Principle of Glory” in my other writings. That is, you do not take glory for yourself for that which was accomplished by another. Our creation/transformation was accomplished through the stimulation and sharing of our Fathers and not through our own efforts. We only made the choice to allow it to happen.

Thus does the Course place great emphasis on the fact that we did not create ourselves. We owe our creation to our Father and the sharing involved was so great that we should be eternally grateful and never want to leave the divine collective.

But, apparently, after an eternity some began to feel a sense of lack, that there was experience to be had outside the golden borders of heaven.

Sons who wanted experience outside of heaven approached God for a special favor. Here was the response:

“You were at peace until you asked for special favor. And God did not give it for the request was alien to Him, and you could not ask this of a Father Who truly loved His Son. Therefore you made of Him an unloving father, demanding of Him what only such a father could give. And the peace of God’s Son was shattered, for he no longer understood his Father.” T-13.III.10

So here we were in heaven with a complete sharing of bliss, love and peace, and after an eternity we began to wonder if there was something else to experience. What would it be like to live in a world of contrasts, of beginnings and endings, or even where we had limitations and vulnerabilities?

“Absolutely no!” said the Father. “That is not in the program.”

The Father’s rejection thus shattered our peace for in previous times He had given us everything possible. Now the Sons had given a request that was deemed impossible. This denial of exploring other states of existence caused the Sons to become dissatisfied with the reality and sameness of heaven

This caused us to lose our sense of peace and the Sons began “seeking for a place where they can be illusions, and avoid their own reality.” W-pI.155.2

The rejected sons did not give up their dream by merely acquiescing, but pondered on how they could manifest it. We began to “dream of (our) ability to control reality by substituting a world that you prefer.” T-18.II.4

So, our peace there was shattered, but we came to the realization that we had all the creative powers of God, for he shared them with us in creation. We could therefore use those powers to “control reality” and create a world according to our desires.

God told us we were seeking for the impossible but we maintained the belief it was possible so we went ahead with the creation of a universe of time and space with contrasts, beginnings and endings. This creation did not appear in the eternal reality but manifest as an illusion or dream in which we volunteered to enter to increase our world of experience.

And thus, here we are in this illusion. We are not the first, but repeating what has been done before many times. When we have passed through every experience desired here, we can then return to heaven with a greater degree of contentment than before and resume as creative Sons of God creating new Sons who will have a similar curiosity about worlds of time and space.

Part 6 The True Cost of Liberation

When a student comes across A Course in Miracles and reads the beautiful promises of heaven and how we can get there just by letting go of this dream in which we find ourselves he often thinks he is ready to make the move at any time.

The problem is that he has lost his memory of heaven and what there was about it that made him want to leave and create his own world.

Even though the memory is not consciously available the subtle effects of it still remain and must be transcended. Thus the student may think he is ready to let this world go but he may be far from solving the problem that brought him here to begin with.

Let us suppose you were a dissatisfied Prince and wanted to go to another country that was much different than your home and see what it was like to live there. But then when you arrived at the foreign land you got hit on the head and had amnesia and couldn’t remember where you came from.

Then an old friend shows up and identifies you and tells you of your home and all the wonderful amenities you had as a prince. That sounds pretty attractive so you return home. Then on arrival your memory returns and you realize that you were not done exploring the foreign country. So you wind up again being unsettled at home and wanting to go off and explore again.

The point is that, like the Prince, we have lost our memories and are attracted by the wonderful stories of heaven. But if we had our full memories returned, we would understand why we made the journey here in the first place and we may feel that we are not yet done exploring all there is to experience here.

For instance, just think of all the special relationships you have with friends, family, romantic, work etc. Can you let them all go to join the collective?

Think of all the possessions you have acquired through a lifetime of labor. Can you let then go?

Think of all the learning you have attained in this life that you will no longer need.

Think of how much care you give your body. Are you willing to not pay any attention to and just accept what happens?

Then think of your life itself with your goals and what you want to accomplish? Can you just let all that go?

But, perhaps the most difficult to release yourself from is your desire to create yourself. Here on earth you are in charge of your destiny and decide what kind of person you want to become and talents that you will acquire. If you want to enter ACIM heaven you have to let all that go. You will then have no part in creating yourself, or becoming who you want to be. You already have an assigned and eternal place in heaven and none other is available.

Maybe you are not as ready for the move to heaven as you think. Maybe you need to get some more of creating yourself out of your system before you are ready to return.

The parable of Jesus comes to mind here:

“For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’

“Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Won’t he first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand?

“If he is not able, he will send a delegation while the other is still a long way off and will ask for terms of peace.

In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.” Luke 14:28-33 NIV

Many would be followers are like the guy building the tower who did not properly understand what it took to complete the project. Even so, many students see the completion of the Course and waking up and much more simplistic than it is. Many are completely unaware of the reasoning behind the decision to come here in the first place.

Think of it this way. Billions of Sons of God chose to make this world and come here. And when we made the choice, we were in a spiritual and mental state much superior to what we have here in this material sphere.

The choice was made in full awareness and involved creation that took tremendous intelligence labor and time. This adventure was not something decided on a lark but took tremendous planning and thought to pull it off.

Yes, we must recognize the problem so it can be solved. We must realize that the problem was an idea with great appeal and will only be solved when the appeal of this world fades and is replaced by the desire to return home.

Studying A Course in Miracles is a good first step.

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Question: All in all you mention the colour gold twice, am I to assume that there is a different shade of gold between the Heart and Head chakra? How does one differentiate between the two (apart from location naturally!).

JJ: It is basically the same gold. The reason for this is the heart center has its reflection in the head center. DK calls it the “heart center in the head.”

Concerning this he states: “Thereby you are trained to use the heart and to work with and through heart centres wherever they are found in manifestation. I have here given you a most valuable hint and item of information. In this connection it is valuable to bear in mind that the first meditation has relation to the heart centre in the spine, and that this second meditation is only effective when the disciple can work with the heart centre in the head. As soon as this becomes possible, the disciple realises three things:

  1. The relation of the heart centre to the twelve-petalled lotus in the head. (Heart Center in the Head)
  2. The necessity of directing the energy of love (the product of the activity of the heart centre) to the service of humanity via the ajna centre.
  3. The establishing of a triangle in the etheric body, composed of a line of energy between:
  4. The twelve-petalled lotus in the head.
  5. This lotus and the ajna centre.
  6. The ajna centre and the heart centre. This creates a peculiar triangle:” Discipleship In the New Age Vol 2 Pg 181-2

Question: I am also curious about the change in Chakra colours that occurs over time. What exactly did you mean by that? Is it a very slight change or a very drastic one?

JJ: The petals of the chakras have differing shades of color and as they unfold the color scheme of the whole is affected. This change is very gradual.

Question: When people get an Aura photo taken, which body is being captured? Is the Aura an integrated mixture of all bodies? Do the Chakra’s change the colour of your Aura?

JJ: I haven’t seen any process that actually photographs the aura yet. I have seen several that use a methodology to guess at the colors and project a guessed image of what the aura is supposed to be.

Kirilian Photography does not photograph the aura but captures an image of the energy radiated from the etheric body.

As the chakras unfold the color of the aura does change.

Reader Comment: If memory serves me correctly he talked about the world universe) of seven becoming one which becomes eight and so forth. What happens then know one knows.

When I read this it scared the living daylights out of me *because* no one knows what is going to happen.

JJ: Beyond a certain point in the future no one knows what will happen, not even the Masters or God Itself. If they did, there would be no future.

No future? Why would that be?

Because if the future were perfectly known no one would want to go there and assist in its creation.

Think on this. If you knew in advance who would win each football or basketball game, would you even want to watch? Would the players want to play?

No. They would not. Not knowing is what makes the game exciting to both the participants and the watchers.

Even so, it is with creation. If the Lives of God knew exactly in advance how everything would turn out (as almost all teach) then creation would cease for the process would not attract our attention.

Is it scary to not know?

It can be.

Today my favorite football team (Boise State University) played its first game of the season. They have had a couple great seasons and have caught some national attention. The question now is can they do it again under new circumstances with new players? I felt kind of nervous as I listened to the beginning of the game. I also knew the coach and the players were nervous. The opponent had a new coach and no one knew for sure what we were up against.

Everyone involved had both fear and faith, but diehard fans and players would have it no other way. The tension made it exciting. Even better we wound up winning 65-7. Even so, games are even more fun when they are close or go into overtime. Then, once in a while, there is that real exciting moment when the game is won by a seat-of-the-pants play that no one could have predicted.

I do not know of anyone else ever teaching that God does not know everything that happens in this world, but now that the idea is out there those who think on it will begin to realize that it is true.

This is also the reason that no prophet, teacher or guru can accurately predict the future in detail. Patterns and cycles can be seen but none see it all. Even about 40% of DK’s predictions did not come true as specified. 60% accuracy is about as good as one can get except in dealing with general cycles which repeat with changes.

Reader: Then I tried looking to the past and then JJ talks about animal lives that make up our body like plants and lions and such.

So I thought that we were going to be swallowed up by a future life (being, creature) that no one knows what is because it is not here yet.

JJ: Swallowed up is the wrong term. When lives merge, identity is never lost.

When you move to a new city and blend in are you swallowed up?


You may like it better or worse than the last place you lived, but few would consider themselves “swallowed up.”

Even so, when we merge and create a higher molecular life of 24 individuals, participants will not consider themselves as swallowed up like a Borg, but joined to create a greater shared consciousness while retaining their own.

Hydrogen and oxygen merge to create water yet retain their identity and can separate at any time and no longer be water, but they remain as water because of the advantages of being a part of something greater than the unit.

Reader: And we would be at its mercy. Like the lion within seeks to know it’s *owner* we would have to do the same one day.

JJ: If you move to a new city are you at the mercy of the community?

No. If you do not like it, you can move to the mountains and live by yourself. All but a few however, want to live in a community because of the advantages.

Lives merge to create greater lives because of the advantages, not because they are captured and held like a Borg.

When we move to a new community, however, there are certain rules that we are expected to follow such as speed limits, parking restrictions – not intruding on the neighbor’s property etc.

When we merge with a greater life a certain amount of cooperation will be necessary, but we will all eventually choose to cooperate because of the advantages.

Reader: Like ten thousand humans to make one future being. And if we get a *bad* owner who knows how long we are going to be stuck. And what if that being takes the dark road?

JJ: You always have free will and if you find yourself in an undesirable situation you can always find a way out.

When you are a part of any greater life you will bear some responsibility if it does choose incorrectly. However, the intelligence of a combined life is much greater than the single one so there will be fewer mistakes.

Reader: There is another angle to this and it is fear. Fear of losing control. That’s why many of us, provided I’m not assuming to much, are afraid of the Oneness principle. That we would become slaves to the authority of the soul.

JJ: Any move forward gives more control, not less.

Let us look at the example of a city again. We move to a community to give us greater power not less. We can have more friends, more money, more culture, and more entertainment than if we lived alone in the mountains. This is why almost all people of their own free will live in a community of some kind rather than by themselves in isolation.

There is some conformity necessary, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

When our time comes to merge with a greater life, we will do so of our own free will because of the same reason. The advantages will outweigh the disadvantages.

Can a slug see the advantages of human life and human communities?

No. Neither can we comprehend the joy that awaits us as we move into the Great Unknown.

Reader: Dare I say that that fear is based on illusion?

JJ: Fear is based on the unknown, but so is faith. When faced with the unknown, a noble soul will have faith in himself, faith in his brothers and faith in God that good will prevail through the power of intelligent choice.

“My work is a game, a very serious game.” M. C. Escher (1898 – 1972)

Sept 5, 2004

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Fate of the Dark Brother

Fate of the Dark Brother

A reader is basically asking us why it seems to appear that those who are selfish and choose the dark path seem to suffer less than those who are struggling to move toward the light. The answer is quite simple. Taken as a whole, the Dark Brothers suffer much more. No one escapes the law of cause and effect – not the Dark Brothers, not the average person and not even the Masters.

A misunderstanding may have occurred because I have written that many of those seeking the path of light often suffer because of guilt and such guilt can not only cause great emotional distress, but is also the cause of many illnesses and much physical suffering.

There are two groups who do not suffer the harmful effects of guilt. The first are those who have made significant progress upon the Right Hand Path of light and love. These individuals see that guilt is caused by illusion, and because they understand the illusion, the negative aspects of guilt have no power over them. This is a great aid to them in maintaining reasonable physical health. Even so, there are other factors that must still be mastered for optimum health.

Does this mean that such a seeker who has transcended guilt has no conscience?


Guilt is not the result of a violation of conscience, but the offending of a false ego which seeks to deceive in the darkness of an unilluminated mind.

True conscience from the Holy Spirit does not punish, but seeks to correct through the law of love.

The second group who has no guilt is composed of those workers of darkness who have made considerable progress along the Left Hand Path.

These do not have guilt because of any light received or transcendence, but because they have severed their ties with their own souls. Consequently, they have no conscience or guilt.

These are they spoken of by Paul, “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” I Tim 4:1-2

Those who have their conscience seared with a hot iron have one advantage over their brothers. They have no guilt. But they have not solved the problem of guilt or transcended it; instead, they have suppressed it only to have to deal with it another day.

Consequently, these wayward souls do escape some of the health consequences of guilt, but they have others to deal with.

DK writes that “he stands in danger of obsession, insanity, physical death, or of dire disease in some part of his body.”

“If a man persists from life to life in this line of action, if he neglects his spiritual development and concentrates on intellectual effort turned to the manipulation of matter for selfish ends, if he continues this in spite of the promptings of his inner self, and in spite of the warnings that may reach him from Those who watch, and if this is carried on for a long period he may bring upon himself a destruction that is final for this manvantara or cycle. He may, by the uniting of the two fires of matter and the dual expression of mental fire, succeed in the complete destruction of the physical permanent atom, and thereby sever his connection with the higher self for aeons of time.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 127

You might note that in the book Philo is not in very good shape for he is in a coma.

The dark brothers ignore great pain sent as a correction before their connection with the soul is severed. After this severing takes place, he has tremendous suffering to face as he then heads toward disintegration and death of all that he has worked millions of years to achieve. He thinks this can be avoided and his selfish desires fulfilled, but in this he is deceived.

Then, after his cosmic death, he must wait billions of years until the creation of a new solar system before he gets another chance. And here he must again undergo tremendous suffering over a thousand or more lives as he attempts again to work toward liberation.

Overall, there is nothing in the fate of the Dark Brother which is to be desired or envied.

Color and the Centers

A reader says:

In my crystal booklet it says the colours of the Chakras.

Crown = Purple

Third Eye = Blue

Throat = Turquoise

Heart = Green

Solar Plexus = Yellow

Navel = Orange

Base = Red

JJ: It is assumed by many students that the colors of the centers follow the sequence of colors in the rainbow or a prism, but such is not the case.

Here are the colors of the centers as given by DK:

Crown = The major petals in the head are gold and blue

Third Eye = This is composed of two large petals of 48 each. Half are rose and yellow and the other half are blue and purple

Throat = Silvery blue with blue dominate

Heart -= Gold

Solar Plexus = Rosy with green

Base of Spine =- Orange fire

He doesn’t give the color of the sacral center for some reason, but it is mostly governed by ray seven which is represented by the esoteric color of violet and the exoteric color or white. He tells us that this center corresponds to the Sun within us. Now, the sun gives off a basic white light with a twinge of yellow so perhaps this is the dominate color of this center.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the centers will change somewhat in color as they open up as the person evolves.


Question: JJ, you have solid soul contact and are in touch with the Oneness Principle, and yet, to my knowledge I haven’t heard you talk about being in one of these groups or Ashrams? Or are you with an Ashram, and thus, have more contact through your soul with the Ashram and the Masters and the Oneness Principle?

JJ: For the purpose of this group it matters not which master to which any disciple is linked. There have been so many glamours associated with the masters in the past that at this time the less said about it the better. If it is important for anyone to know they can seek their own answer through prayer or meditation. If it is helpful for them to know then it will be revealed.

Each disciple in any life undergoes a great search and undergoes a dark night which is then followed by contact of some type with his group where he settles down in consciousness merged with his group mind through the Oneness Principle.

The time will soon come when exoteric ashrams called molecules will be created on the physical plane having a tighter soul connection than has appeared on the earth for many years and will take root into permanent manifestation.

The point of attention at this time is service to a discerned Purpose greater than self rather than service to a Master.

“May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again may god hold you in the palm of his hand.” Unknown

Aug 29, 2004

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The Body of Causes

The Body of Causes

A reader quotes me as follows: “We evolve by using that key word ‘attention’. We make a decision and place attention on that decision. Once we’ve learned instinct and everything about it we want to move past it and develop our emotional body.”

Then he responds: “So, why can’t we just place our attention on the mental or the causal body? That’s all it is, isn’t it? Gaining the ability to place our attention where we decide, and being able to hold steady at that level of consciousness? Easier said than done, but isn’t this all that it boils down to?”

JJ: First it might be advantageous to define the causal body. This is sometimes called the soul body because it is the vehicle used by the solar angel in linking the lower and higher selves.

The causal body and the mental body are two different things. The causal encompasses all three bodies of manifestation (mental, astral, etheric) even though its form is built using the third subplane of mental matter. It’s form is sometimes called the Temple of Solomon and continues to exist until the temple is perfected. After its perfection, the temple is shattered at the fourth initiation and the solar angel withdraws and the initiate becomes soul infused himself as well as a master of wisdom and has no need for the tutelage of the solar angel for the now has the same access as the angel itself.

The causal body is that body through which cause and karma work until the entity becomes his own cause through the power of initiation. This body uses the permanent atoms of the mental, the astral and the physical to bring the entity back into incarnation again and again (whether he wants to come or not) until the pilgrim masters cause and learns to create his own bodies and determine his own course of incarnations or manifestation. When his own ability to manifest cause is perfected the causal body is shattered and his attention shifts to the higher causal body of the monad (the Father in Heaven). His new body of cause is the Spiritual Triad.

Groups and nations also have causal bodies. Each of us belongs to a group and the causal body of this group is composed of mental energy which links its various members and pulls them into incarnation together. The same causal energy causes even nations to reincarnate. For instance, the United States is the reincarnation of ancient Atlantis, which thing has taken place because of a great causal body holding the life of the greater body together.

Now let us get back to the question:

“So, why can’t we just place our attention on the mental or the causal body? That’s all it is, isn’t it?”

When we make decisions as to our next step in becoming or manifesting on higher levels we must do three things. Keep in mind there are always three things to do and new agers and born againers always want there to be only one thing.

The one thing for born againers is to accept Jesus into the heart and the one thing for new agers is to just accept the Christ consciousness (or place attention on the causal (Christed body) as some identify it.

This placing the attention on a higher consciousness is only one of the steps of bringing a higher decision into manifestation. This alone is like one hand clapping and brings no creation.

The idea that is permeating the current new age society that the moving of consciousness to a higher level will bring the manifestation of all we desire and need is deceptive and simplistic. To verify this you will find that most of those espousing this doctrine manifest very few of their desires or any higher purpose.

To manifest, the three steps are:

(1) Make a definite decision as to an objective and focus attention on it. (2) Shift your consciousness to the plane necessary to manifest the decision. (Note that if the decision is of a spiritual nature you may have to go higher, but if you are seeking physical results your attention to temporarily go lower.)

(3) Actively work toward the consummation of the objective. (Note that even God had to work as taught in Genesis).

Reader: An interesting thing about the Kirk/Spock/Bones team. They might have each been polarized on different levels, yet they were able to function together as a team, and they had a certain chemistry between them.

I thought they might each have different personality rays. What do you think of my assessment?

Kirk – Ray 1

Bones – Ray 2

Spock – Ray 3

JJ: I would say that Kirk had a second ray personality. Bones a sixth ray and Spock a fifth ray. Kirk did however, demonstrate a first ray energy coming down from higher levels, Bones a fifth ray from higher levels and Spock the second ray from higher levels.

These three are great examples of three different states of consciousness – the astral, mental and intuitive.

“Predicting rain doesn’t count; building arks does.” Warren Buffett (1930 – )

Concerning Transsexuals

Reader: What about Trans-sexuals? Please, before answering that these Souls were unable to accept the 7 cycles, consider my next question. What about people that were born with two genders?

JJ: As I have said, there are exceptions to all things – as well as mistakes in nature. The true transsexual is one of the few who has a charge different than that indicated by his body. The transsexual in a male body usually has a female charge and this is the cause of their disturbing situation. Then there are others who are slightly in the charge related to their body but who strongly identify with the gender of their past life.

Those with two genders would still have a plus or minus charge, but usually not pronounced. They should live their lives according to the charge that feels best to them.

Reader: Have you heard that in recent newscasts there is more and more talk of kids being born with both male and female reproductive organs?

JJ: If I remember correctly, DK said this was going to happen. I haven’t heard about it but it doesn’t surprise me. The last race of humans will be androgynous, but I’m sure the final form will have aspects different than anything we have yet seen.

When Land, Water and Air Meet

A reader quotes me as follows: “That’s what has to happen. The future and the past are like land and water. The past and present and future all meet at one point to where you only see the one thing then the magic can be wrought, like a miracle. When you let the past and future enter in when dealing with people where miracles are supposed to occur, it creates barriers to the soul. The same is true with relationships. You fall in love at first and after awhile you see the past in that person. You see everything about them you don’t like.

“You have to eliminate that to see the person and see them in the now.”

Reader: Could you explain the difference between having the “past, present, and future all meet at one point” and NOT letting the past and future enter in and focusing on “the now”.

JJ: To understand this we must look at the eighth rule of White Magic which reads:

“The Agnisuryans respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the magician guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet there is the place for magic to be wrought.”

The standing place is neither land (the future) or water (the past) for it is neither wet nor dry. Neither is it the present (air) as we understand it. Instead, it is that place in time where the three meet. This point is a singularity where the past, the future and the present consciousness are transcended and the power of the soul is brought in. This is where miracles take place.

Notice the rule says “when” water, land and air meet there is the place for magic to be wrought.

There comes a cycle of opportunity when the disciple must balance the past, present and future in his consciousness so the Eternal Now can be seen.

“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” G.K. Chesterton

Aug 22, 2004

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Cycles of Lives

Cycles of Lives

I went a number of rounds with my critical friend, a Crème supporter. Some of the members grew bored with the exchange so I have edited a lot of it out. I did say this to him:

You remind me of my late brother-in-law. He’s the only person I have met who has been able to get me to “cry uncle” in an argument. This is different than getting the best of another in an argument, a thing which he was unable to do, but he did manage to wear me down.

Here’s the way it went. I would bring up a point of doctrine that ran contrary to his church doctrine and quoted him a scripture as evidence. Instead of avoiding me as most family members do, (regarding discussing religion) he would kindly take me on.

He would state that I was taking the scripture out of context and bring out the good book and open it. If I quoted verse twenty in a chapter of 40 verses he would begin reading at the first verse and analyzing it in detail. After a couple hours we would reach verse 6 or 7 with him analyzing each in detail. So far verses 1-7 had nothing to do with the meaning of verse 20, but he was undaunted and was determined to continue.

It was about this point that I excused myself and visited with someone else or changed the subject to something simple like nuclear physics. (He was a nuclear physicist).

The feeling I get with you is similar to that experienced with my brother-in-law. I give out a couple sentences to provoke thought or make a quote or two and you seek to overwhelm me by the sheer volume of your words – far too many to comment on in this forum.

Some are growing impatient with me forwarding your posts, not only because they are negative, but because they are too long for busy people to read.

I passed this last post, but if you want to insure others get passed, you need to do three things.

(1) Discuss or argue what I have said, not with that which I do not say.

(2) Try and be a bit more concise. Brevity is the soul of wit – and gaining interest. Cease trying to wear us down with volume of words and long quotes.

(3) Try to find something you agree with once in a while and add to it rather than only be a negative force that subtracts.

That said I will give brief comments on a couple items.

Critic: In the quote DK spoke about the many “septenary lives” – meaning; the lives utilizing the septenary of rays as a personality ray.

JJ: But that is not what he said. He was talking about cyclic manifestation of rays into 49 groups on the third subplane, but “septenary lives” is different than septenary rays. Septenary lives would mean seven lives or cycles of lives, plane and simple and his statement “In the course of his many septenary lives” tells us he is talking about many groupings of seven lives – not seven rays. The word “life” has different meaning than “ray.”

This is his obvious meaning unless the writing did not come out as he intended.

Critic: That term is about the personality ray and not about incarnations as male and female, nor can a rightly applied analogy be made.

JJ: He doesn’t say it is about the personality ray. My point was not that the septenary lives referred to was about being male or female, but that he was affirming the basic principle that there are cycles of seven lives. He was probably referring to this as a general principle without being specific.

If life manifests through the energy of the rays through a septenary principle then it is logical that this could be applied to other energies.

Let me quote again: “Under the particular type of cyclic force emanating from the Lodge, the high-water mark of its activity is to be found once in every seven cycles.”

My point is that the cycle of seven keeps showing up again and again in relation to energy.

Reader: nor can a correct correspondence be made.

JJ: You give no intelligent reason why not. The cycle of seven repeats itself in “lives” energy, ray manifestation etc. Name an energy that is not affected by the cycle of seven.

Critic: If it were true, “as a general rule”, which JJ claims, that the soul incarnates in a cycle of seven lives male and seven lives female – DK would have mentioned it – even briefly.

JJ: DK did not mention UFO’s, but I know you believe in them. Why do you believe such when DK did not even briefly mention something so important?

Keep in mind that the teaching in question is about cycles of seven lives which can manifest as seven or more lives.

Critic: Likewise, I have continued to point out that the Law of Correspondence cannot be applied to the Law of Cycles for the purpose of validating your theory.

JJ: So, the Law of Correspondences works for whatever you want to teach, but if I teach a principle then you think the law does not apply

I don’t think so. The Law of Correspondences can be used to give credibility to any teaching.

Whenever DK speaks of energy, he talks about cycles of seven in relation to it. There is no energy in our world which is not affected by these septenary cycles – especially the most basic energy in the universe – positive and negative.

It takes little intelligence to destroy and find fault, but it takes strength of character to build, and to reveal that which is inspired requires a holy focus on the good, the beautiful and the true.


Another reader writes:

Surely with all the positive affirmations that your teachings get the critic’s negative approach actually helps to restore some balance?

JJ: Anyone who has been in the group a few years will know that I have tolerated and answered many attacking my teachings to the point of risking the alienation of many of my good friends here

Those asking questions or challenging because of sincerely seeking do provide balance. Also some balance is achieved by handling outright attacks. What many find tedious and out of balance is to argue for arguments sake – to automatically take the other side no matter what is presented. This can throw the group out of balance in the other direction.

Again, good judgment is the key.

Reader: Your critic’s main argument seems to be that he can find no evidence of DK teaching anything about a “general rule” of seven lives male and seven lives female. He claims that your ideas are actually out of harmony with what DK is teaching. For him this invalidates your rule. This is a perfectly logical and reasonable objection based upon the fact that you use the writings of DK as evidence to justify your thinking here.

JJ: No one is faulting him for using DK. I only fault him for using DK and then not accepting what is quoted.

The Critic quoting JJ: Then he gives a long quote that does not refute my point indicating that the rays manifest in cycles.

Critic: Of course the rays manifest in cycles!

JJ: I am glad we agree on this now.

You previously disagreed with me on this and said that the soul chooses our rays and they are not cyclic in the personality bodies.

I asked you to supply me with evidence from DK that the soul chooses the personality rays and you did not.

Review (Critic speaking)

If it were true, “as a general rule”, which JJ claims, that the soul incarnates in a cycle of seven lives male and seven lives female – DK would have mentioned it – even briefly.

My reply:

DK did not mention UFO’s, but I know you believe in them. Why do you believe such when DK did not even briefly mention something so important?

JJ: To this the critic gives the predictable reply that DK taught that there is life on other planets.

Again, you are using a non-answer for an answer. Believing there is life on other planets and believing that UFO’s are visiting earth are two entirely different subjects.

According to your statement you should not believe n UFO’s because DK definitely did not mention them or even hint at their existence. Checkmate.

Critic: If the Law of Correspondences can be used to give credibility to any teaching, then use it to give credibility to the teaching that there is no cycle of seven lives male and seven lives female.

JJ: The Law of Correspondences can with faulty reasoning be used to support things that are  not true. If the reasoning is sound, it points the way to many truths.

I have no desire to use it to illustrate fallacy. I’ll leave that to others.

Critic quoting JJ: Whenever DK speaks of energy, he talks about cycles of seven in relation to it.

No, He does not. I can provide many, many quotes where DK speaks of energy and does not talk about “cycles of seven” in relation to it.

JJ: Then give me an example of where he speaks of an energy that he has not at one time talked about cycles in relation to it.

Earlier in your email you quoted me saying, “nor can a correct correspondence be made.” and you responded with,” You give no intelligent reason why not.”


Karma does not work within the Law of Cycles, the Law of Cycles works within the Law of Karma or cause and effect.

They are quite interdependent as illustrated in the quotes below:

“This touches upon a mystery and deals with the coming-in of high Egos, of Avatars, of Buddhas, of masters, of initiates, and of disciples, and of all who have to wait for group, and not individual, urge for the fulfillment of CYCLIC KARMA on a large scale, and whose “wheels” are controlled by cosmic forces and not by purely systemic forces.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 852

“This type of force is primarily concerned with planetary stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their CYCLIC KARMA,-a karma which of course will incidentally involve those monads and devas which form Their bodies and centres.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 1052

“It is always difficult to convey any true concept of Karma, because IT PREDOMINANTLY CONCERNS CYCLES and the sequence of world events.” Discipleship In the New Age Vol 2 Pg 339

“This law has the generic name of the “Law of Cycles,” and is expressed in terms of time; but the secret to the cycles may not as yet be given as it would convey to the intuitive too much dangerous information. It is the knowledge of this law as it concerns rounds, races, subraces, groups (involutionary and evolutionary) and individuals (human and superhuman) WHICH ENABLES THE LORDS OF KARMA, AND THE ADEPTS OF THE GOOD LAW, TO MANIPULATE FORCE OR ENERGY, and so carry all that is, on to its triumphant conclusion.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 1141

Male and female represent the two basic energies of the universe – the positive and negative. All energies manifest in cycles. And also have differing cycles within their manifestation. There is no energy which is not subject to the law of cycles.

Therefore, the manifestation of life in the energy of male and female would also be cyclic. There is no reason to doubt this.

The number seven keeps reappearing in relation to energy such as sound (seven notes) light (seven colors) seven rays etc. It would correspond that there would be also cycles of seven in relation to male/female energies and manifestation.

This manifests as seven cycles of lives as male and female which is sometimes seven actual lives, but can take more if a cycle is not completed.

The soul can make an exception and incarnate the entity against the cycle if a greater cycle demands it, but then there is a catch-up factor that comes into play for cycles are like waves with which we must deal.

Note: I did not get this and many other items I teach from reading DK. DK, as do all teachers, left many things unsaid. That is no reason for knee jerk lack of belief.

“When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.”

Eric Hoffer (1902 – 1983)

Aug 20, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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More on Cycles

More on Cycles

A new reader comments: JJ, your words on energy appeal to me – a lot. I have been thinking about them and in my mind a picture has begun to develop. But something is missing – I hope someone out there has an answer that will spark something with me – and lead me to MY truth.

JJ: Thanks for giving an intelligent response. Perhaps my comments below can fill in some of the gap, or you can give additional details as to where you sense the missing point to be.

A Few Additional Comments on Cycles:

It’s funny that I often teach material that I have found in no book and then later I will find a subtle statement from DK, the scriptures or other inspired writings.

Several have questioned the teaching of seven lives or cycles of lives. Here is something I have just found from DK

“In the course of his many septenary lives, and as the cyclic sevens pass over him, man passes under the influence of the seven sub-rays of his own Ray. Then he begins to synthesize and merge the seven into the major three sub-rays, returning thus to unity on his own egoic Ray.

“First. The septenary status governs the time from individualization till he enters upon the Path.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Pg 510

This is amazingly close to what I have taught. That is, the cycles of seven lives govern until “he enters the Path.”

After this, I noted that a greater cycle then governs, but I do not think DK spoke of this.

Reader giving quotes: “Under the particular type of cyclic force emanating from the Lodge, the high water mark of its activity is to be found once in every seven cycles. All that originates on that Ray is controlled by spiral-cyclic efforts based upon the number 10 and its multiples, and finding its highest cyclic vibration, as it happens, during the last quarter of each century.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 1036

Notice that he talks of a high water mark occurring “every seven cycles.” Using the Law of Correspondences this would apply to other cycles also such as male-female energy.

He also gives evidence that the rays with which we are endowed are based on cyclic activity and need.

“The ray in manifestation will affect potently the three bodies which constitute the personality of man, and the influence of the ray will produce changes in the mind content and the emotional nature of the man and determine the calibre of the physical body.” Esoteric Psychology Vol 1 Pg 4

It is beyond dispute that the rays pass in and out of manifestation in cycles. Since the rays in manifestation effect the rays of the personality then cycles also affect them.

Then he says “After the cycle of lives in which the mental ray varies from life to life, there arrives an incarnation wherein the ray of harmony through conflict dominates; then the disciple is specifically put to the proof and is tested and tried in order to demonstrate to him the gain or the non-gain of the past cycle of living experience.” Discipleship In the New Age Vol 2 Pg 735

Here he tells us that a “cycle of lives” governs a fluctuation of the mental ray and after this cycle we move to the ray of harmony (Ray 4).

The he states: “Cyclic appearance, therefore, governs the rays as well as the Kingdoms in nature and the forms contained therein. It determines the activity of God Himself. Races incarnate, disappear and reincarnate, and so do all lives in form. Reincarnation or cyclic activity lies behind all phenomenal activity and appearance.” Esoteric Psychology Vol 1 Pg 267

JJ: That last sentence just about clinches my point.

The previous reader wanted clarification on these statements I made:

“The physical body we see has close to zero charge. It is the combination of the true physical body – (the etheric body), the astral body and the mental body all combined together that create the total charge.

“You cannot look toward just one of these three to find the dominating charge. The astral body and etheric bodies are the greatest influence, however.”

JJ: The astral body has the greatest influence in that it registers the total charge and uses desire to amplify or suppress its reality. The etheric double of the physical body carries the most potent natural charge, if we discount the power of amplification due to desire.

Let me repeat that this charge is not directly related to the sex drive. A gay, for instance, can be close to zero charge yet have a high sex drive due to a healthy vital body.

Reader: It seems to me that you are not educated in astrology…

JJ: I have studied astrology and was a professional for a time.

Of course, astrological energies have their influences, in addition to the charges of our bodies. The heat and cold of night and day also affect us, but it certainly does not discount other influences.

Reader: I could provide a more detailed assessment of your chart if I knew the exact time and location of your birth – I am curious as to what is your Ascendant.

JJ: My ascendant is Gemini. I was born at 2:15 PM PWT, Feb 6, 1945, Silverton, Oregon

Someone brought up wands and  scepters in relation to Christ,

Early pictures of Christ show him with a wand or scepter that he used in healing.

There is an interesting article HERE

I have not written about wands before but if you look up the word “rod” or “scepter” in the archives a few things should come up.

“To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

Aug 19, 2004

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