Truth Beyond the Physical

Truth Beyond the Physical

The Question: If facts belong to the physical plane, then where are the truths on the astral plane? Name a truth to be discovered on this plane? How is a truth from the astral plane used here in a physical body?

Answer: Perhaps the first thing to consider is this: Are there not facts on the astral plane? If not why?

On this plane we may take a bath in water that is 100 degrees. Thus it is an absolute fact that the water was 100 degrees.

Now let us switch to the astral plane and take a bath. Let us suppose someone tells you they have a bath prepared for you that is 100 degrees. Will it be 100 degrees?

It depends. If you feel that 100 degrees is too hot and want 80 degrees that is what it will be. Why? Because form is created in that world out of emotional mater governed by feelings and desire.

In this world facts are crystallized and we depend upon them.

In the astral world there are no concrete facts for that which you feel is that which will be true.

If you feel water is hot it will be hot. If you feel it is cool it will be cool.

This is especially true in the higher realms of the astral world where all desire is instantly fulfilled. The lower realms are also made of desire energy but it is more coarse and difficult to control and successfully manipulate.

It is important to point out that we do not have to wait until we die to live on the astral plane. All of us live in seven planes at one time now. Our consciousness, however, is always polarized upon one of the planes. If a person is polarized on the astral (the second plane) then he is seeking to master that plane, but in addition he uses and incorporates the ingredients of the physical. Because of his polarization he has little understanding of the third plane (the mental) or higher.

If he is polarized on the mental plane he is seeking to master that plane, but in addition he uses and incorporates the ingredients of the physical and the astral, but has little understanding of the intuitive, Buddhic plane.

So, if we do not discover facts on the astral plane then what truth awaits us?

What awaits us before and after death is the discovery of the truths behind the feeling nature. In the physical world we learn facts about the elements, nations, people, events, culture etc. In the astral world we learn about what we feel about them.

The full understanding of pure spiritual love does not exist in the astral world. But in all seven realms there exists a concept of love. In the lower realms, astral love is understood as a thing or person to be possessed through selfish desire. In the higher realms the concept exists which is a bridge between selfish love/desire and unselfish spiritual love/service. In other words, the highest in the astral realm are about to graduate to an understanding of the true love of God.

Therefore, in the astral plane a new truth discovered is a truth about feeling. The most important is love in all its emotional reflections and applications. In addition to feelings of desire-love we learn of hate, fear, horror, jealousy, envy, anger, pride, pleasure, happiness, unhappiness, misery, glee, despair, hope, sadness, disgust, shame, guilt, grief, courage, revenge, rage, contempt, affection, friendship, compassion, sentimentality, adoration, lust, gladness, elation, relief, surprise, irritation, annoyance, insecurity, humiliation, anxiety, worry, dread, nervousness and many more.

Mastery in the astral world is not to just experience these feelings but to understand them. Truth is gained by learning to differentiate between the various feelings. It is also gained, not by learning facts about these feelings, but by experiencing them and gaining an understanding as to their cause and then directing them toward a positive or desired end.

For instance, he who merely experiences and is controlled by jealousy has not learned the truth about this emotion. He who has learned the truth about it understands the emotion when it comes, what caused it and can then safely navigate it to a harmless and desired end.

The last part of the question was: How is a truth from the astral plane used here in a physical body?

Answer: In the astral plane, separated from the physical body, the feeling nature governs reality, however, here on earth the emotional truths are used in conjunction or cooperation with facts.

When we learn the fact that a certain temperature of water gives us pleasure or comfort then we appropriately adjust the temperature for our bath or shower. We thus use concrete knowledge to enhance our feelings.

When we learn that we enjoy a certain line of work, then we learn all the facts necessary so we can be good at this work and enhance this feeling.

We learn which sport we like and then we learn all about it to enhance our enjoyment.

Thus on the physical plane facts and feeling intertwine and work together.

We also learn to tune into the emotions of others so we can understand the real truth of their motivation and character.

If physical facts are the leaves and astral/feelings are the branches then it follows that the mind is the trunk.

What and where are the truths on the plane of the mind? Name a truth to be discovered on this plane? How is a truth from this plane used in physical life?

“The strongest is never strong enough to be always the master, unless he transforms strength into right, and obedience into duty.” Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778)

Oct 4, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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