Subtle Deception

Subtle Deception

The Question: When one achieves soul contact does this mean that he will no longer be deceived by falsehood? Why or why not?

A reader responds: The easy answer in achieving a soul contact is not the same as being in soul contact at all times. So yes, a person who has received A soul contact could be deceived at a different time. The difference is that he will have a genuine soul contact to compare it to and when the false one “blows up in his face” and he wonders where he went wrong, contemplation of all the experiences will show where the error is. It is a learning process where one learns one [painful] experience at a time. Then the contact becomes “sure” and the disciple can discern rather quickly if something is true or not.

JJ: Good point. There is a great distance of time between the first soul contact and becoming soul infused.

In between these two points the seeker moves in and out of the light which makes it seem to the inner eye that the light sometimes shines brightly and other times does not.

I’ve given the example several times before of what happens when a person is in a room where the light slowly dims. The light has to get very low before you notice that much of the light is missing.

On the other hand, if the light is slowly dimmed to 50% strength and then instantly turned on to full strength the person is startled as to the intensity. He had no idea he was missing so much light.

The beginning disciple moves in and out of soul contact, but the movement is gradual and so the loss of light is not seen as a loss. When the disciple is thus in a dim light of the soul he can then be deceived. Sometimes he can be deceived more than the person who never had soul contact at all.

This is illustrated in a parable of Jesus: “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

“Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last [state] of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.” Matt 12:43-45

One of the reasons the beginning seeker faces this danger is this: He achieves some true soul contact and in doing so is absolutely positive he is in tune with the will of God. Then the ego, lower desires and glamour all vie for his attention and he shifts his eyes away from the light to the magnetic pull of the lower world. As he does this the light of the soul begins to dim. Because it dims gradually, he does not notice. Soon he is faced with new decisions, but he is now making a judgment in a dim light and makes a bad decision.

Now this is the Key to which we must pay attention:

He still believes his consciousness is in tune with God and sees his decision as one with the will of God. He is certain he is doing the right thing – much more certain than he would have been if he had never had soul contact to begin with.

He thus plunges forward into error with seven times the determination and strength as he would have if he had never sought the light of the soul to begin with.

We thus see the sublime importance of the statement: “Keep your mind centered in the light.”

This is indeed an occult truism, but attempting to do this is not enough. All beginning and intermediate seekers fail at this from time to time. Something else must be done to insure safety.

What is that something else?

We thus see the sublime importance of the statement: “Keep your mind centered in the light.”

It is easy to say that we should keep our minds centered in the light, but it is difficult to do,


Because the seeker, especially the beginner, is easily distracted. If then his attention is distracted away from the light what happens?

Quite simply, the energy of his focus and attention is greatly diminished. This causes his attention to shift away from the light to something else that is not light, but is instead the world of shadows or spiritual darkness.

Because the shift is seldom sudden the seeker is often caught off guard and does not notice when this is happening.

Can he notice and correct himself?

Yes, he can.

What must he do?

The first part of the answer is boiled down to two words.

But if this is the only thing that is registered the seeker can still backslide.

What else must he do?

Answer: Pay attention as to whether or not he is paying attention.

How does he do this?

Answer: Just like the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance, even so is the cost of being centered in the light a constant vigilance to paying attention. The seeker must create a consistent habit of checking in with his consciousness and registering where it is. This needs to be done a couple times a day until it becomes automatic.

When he checks in he must still himself and recall how his vibration feels when he is in the light and compare it with how he feels in the present. If there is any diminished light the seeker must examine himself and discover what he has done to aid in its dimming and then correct it.

The seeker must pay particular attention when there is any hurt caused in any relationship or any possible deceit, hypocrisy or theft on his part.

He must always be aware that piety is not spirituality and the appearance of righteousness does not hold the mind in the light. Instead of this, the soul is the key and its influence must be felt and followed consistently to be assured he will not backslide.

There comes a time that the disciple passes the third initiation and that which took effort no longer takes effort. The disciple is now on automatic pilot to the extent that he is consistently aware and always knows where the light is so correction becomes automatic.

This frees up his attention so he can focus on grasping the divine will so higher steps can be taken.

The first two keys to true knowing are:

(1) You find what you are looking for so look in the right direction.

(2) Pay attention to the light and pay attention to how much you are paying attention.

(3) Make paying attention to the light a habit.

Other good points mentioned by the group are:

(4) Act on your last soul communication so you can receive more.

(5) Confirm that what you receive is from the soul.

(6) Use the common sense of the lower mind.

(7) Humility.

(8) Remain Truthful.

(9) Paying attention to results.

(10) Conquering lower desires.

(11) Burning desire to know.

(12) Receive strength from others centered in the light.

Question: Would you elaborate on lower and higher forms of love?

JJ:  Many people associate love with lower desire and selfishness. These people will love for what others can do for them. If they love someone they want to possess them.

These types of people can be deceived by the workers of darkness concerning love. All they have to do is create the illusion that their lower desires will be fulfilled and this will make them happy.

The agents of darkness can use this lower desire to their advantage by speaking of spiritual love, God’s love

Relying on the astral feelings without the discriminative judgment of the mind does result in deception. Since we find what we look for and truth is reversed in the astral world then it stands to reason that we should not look for higher truth there Some truth can be found there if the seeker’s mind understands the astral and how it mirrors truth.

“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there and worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the loss of sleep.” Dale Carnegie

Sept 23, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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