McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 14

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The Unveiling, Part 9

The Giving of Gifts

And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.” Rev 11:7-9

I will not go into a lot of detail but my book explains that the disciples are either killed or leave the scene in some way as Jesus did. Then the beast ascends out of the bottomless pit and he creates dead teachings out of the residual the words and the works of the disciples. This is what happened to Jesus after He was gone. They created a dead body out of the teachings of Jesus and the church is a dead body that lays in the streets of the holy city for three and a half cycles of time that has lasted over two thousand years now.

For three and a half cycles of time the dead body of the church lays in the streets of the holy city. But then after three and half cycles the wise stand on their feet again and the Life of God comes back in them which means there will come a time in which the Spirit of Christ will come back in  the church and bring it to life and revitalize it.

Now this has also happened several times in history where the church has been revitalized and the two witnesses, the words and the works, stand back on their feet. But then they are corrupted and they turn back into dead bodies again and then they stand on their feet again.  So the cycle continues.

At the coming of Christ in the near future they will stand on their feet for the age and come back to life again. This time the teachings of Christ will be given out in their purity. The words and the works of the disciple will never die but they will be suppressed and a dead body will take its place but then eventually the words and the works have to stand up on their feet again. Eternal words like Jesus said, “My words shall not pass away, though heaven and earth pass away, my words shall not pass away.” And when the words and the works are given out they may be suppressed and appear dead but eventually they stand up on their feet again!

Audience: So it is not the church that revitalizes but the words and the works.

JJ: It can be through a church, a group, or anything but the words and works will stand up somewhere. Somewhere they will be rediscovered and revitalized and re-taught among humanity.

And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth.” Re 11:10

Now after the death of Christ what happened to cause people to send gifts to one another?

Audience: Christmas

JJ: Christmas. For a long period of time now to celebrate the birth of Christ. We send gifts to one another and we do it because we are in the dead body that is laying in the street of the holy city. So are doing exactly what it says. We send gifts to one another. We do that to celebrate Christ, and we do this because the real words and works are dead or more accurately suppressed. And we are rejoicing that we do not have acknowledge the real works. Instead, all we have to acknowledge is Jesus was born on Christmas day and so this prophecy is exactly fulfilled.

But after three days and a half the spirit from God entered into them and they stood upon their feet and great fear fell upon them that saw them. And this is what happens whenever the true words and works of Jesus or a disciple of any kind re-manifests or are reincarnated and represented. Then great fear falls upon the authorities that have a lot to lose if people believe in those words and works.

JJ: Quoting from the Book Of Revelation, “And in that same hour was a great earthquake.” And what does the earthquake stand for? The earth is what we stand upon and the authorities of the world stand upon what they think is secure immovable earth and when the words and the works of the disciple raise up again and are presented to the people then the authorities of the world that are depending on the dead body are shaken as if by a great earthquake. The earth quakes below them and they will feel that earthquake coming and there will be great fear that rests upon these individuals.

That same fear rested upon the Pharisees and Sadducees when they beheld the words and works of Jesus. Again this same fear that fell upon the priests of the Catholic Church when Galileo showed them that the earth was not the center of the universe. Galileo told then to just look through the telescope and see the truth but they refused in fear. What Galileo had discovered would upset their apple cart and the same thing happens with every true scientist, great prophet, teacher or whatever.

Audience: Can these events and people be predicted?

JJ: Well you can’t unless you can judge the first cycle or two. If you can judge the first cycle or two then you can of estimate.

Audience: So have there been cycles that could have been predicted?

JJ: Sometimes, but the half of times is the most difficult to predict because that is the time that you spend beyond the time you had intended to finish the work and sometimes it is short but it is usually longer than expected.

Audience: You said that it has been 2000 years or so that it has been dead so how can you determine what the cycle is?

JJ: Well here is one way you can do it, there are larger cycles and smaller cycles. There have been lesser teachers and greater teachers. You can go back through history and note the times that were teachers with great words and great works. Let’s say that if you study history that you could find that there might be a cycle of 300 years and another cycle of 700 years, so lets say we are at the end of a 700 year cycle and that would mean that we can expect a certain quality of teacher to surface again.

Audience: like the Renaissance period.

JJ: Right, the Renaissance would be one of the cycles where certain words and works stood up one more time. So a person could go through history and calculate when the next period might be for the words and works to stand up. Now there is a greater cycle that has not finished where Christ will come back again. We do not know that exact date of what it will be but that will be a greater end to a three and half time periods.

A dead cycle within an age is pretty close to 1,260 years and most people are expecting Christ within this generation but it is not an ironclad thing. It could be another 100 years; you just never know for sure. The mystery of His coming has not been 100% entirely revealed, but there is a lot of evidence that it will happen in this generation if we keep our nose clean.

They did not ask Him any more questions, why? Because His truth was so powerful it was like a fire that just devoured their argument and ate it up. So these guys were so put down that no man dared ask Him any more questions. That is how powerful his words were.

“And if any man may hurt them then they must in this way be killed.” Killed in the Greek does not necessarily mean physical death but it mean their arguments and attacks against him will be destroyed so they do not even exist anymore. And if these Pharisees did not have the power to ask Him any more questions than their argument was just destroyed and they were no longer able to do anything to hurt Him again on the mental plane.

These have power to shut heaven that rain not in the days of their prophecy and the power of the waters to turn them to blood and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will.

When their enemies come against them and they try to destroy their arguments of their words and their works, the disciple fights back with truth and reason and light. It shuts heaven for these guys for they really shut it against themselves. An example is when the Pharisees came to Jesus and attacked Him. All the light that they thought they had pretty much disappeared and they could no longer claim any higher consciousness. When somebody fights against higher consciousness and light then that light which is within them turns to darkness.

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Past and Future Lives, Part 1

This entry is part 23 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The subject today is past and future lives. The course of time between the past and the future is sometimes called a time line or a time track. Visualize it like a railroad track where you can go backward or forward and the present is where the train is kind of stopped. A lot of people think that going into the past is possible but what about going into the future? Going into the future is a little tricky because the future is not created yet, but the future is projected and the end of certain of cycles is pretty much set in stone.

For instance this earth has a beginning, middle and an end. The end is set and there is no way the earth or any form is going to last forever. However, what is in the middle is malleable, flexible and changes according to decisions made. We have all seen the time travel movies where a guy travels back to the past and he does something in there that was different and all of a sudden the future and present are changed. Like the guy goes back and receives a wound on the face and he develops a scar immediately in the present. So what he did by altering the past was he changed the future and the future changed instantly.

The idea of the movie, the “Butterfly Effect,” comes from Ray Bradbury’s story, “The Sound of Thunder,” where they go back in the past and receive strict instructions not to touch anything and one guy falls off the track and he kills this butterfly and that was the only change they made like 200 million years ago. Then they came back to the present and they were ruled by a Hitler type government and everything had been changed because of one little butterfly. So it is interesting that what is in between the certain set cycles is still malleable. But there is a time track and a projection into the future and that projection into the future is what the psychics and the prophets see but they are often wrong and the reason they are wrong is because it is not set. But there certain things that are set, there are certain cycles and when the end of a cycle happens certain things will occur.

The Masters study these cycles and they predict the end and the beginning of various cycles. As a matter of fact the famous prophecy made by Jesus in Matthew 24 is really about cycles. In the regular version it says, “Tell us about thy coming in the end of the world,” but that is a complete mistranslation. “World” comes from the Greek word aonian, which means, “an age.” So what they were really asking here is tell us about the end of the age or the end of the cycle. So Jesus began predicting certain things at the end of a cycle. These are the easiest things to predict because cycles repeat. You have heard the term “history repeats itself.” He is merely talking about the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle when these prophecies were made.

Cyclic prediction is the most reliable and this is what astrology does as well but astrology is very complicated because you are dealing with cycles that involve all of the planets plus the sun and moon so you have a lot of complicated cycles to deal with. If a good astrologer understands the cycles and the symbolism he gives can be fairly accurate. So it is interesting that what is in between the various cycles is malleable. It is a little like you being Leonardo Da Vinci and you are going to paint the “Mona Lisa.” You have a vision in your mind what the painting is going to look like when it is done but when you start painting it you begin to make changes – say maybe the color here needs to be different and the eyes are wrong so you change them. In the between the beginning and the end you do a lot of things that you did not know you were going to do. You just knew how you wanted it to end but you had a rough idea of all the details. Maybe you knew your work hours, you knew the types of paint you were going to use, the type of canvas, how talented you were and what work you were capable of doing, but all the little mistakes that you make in between are impossible to predict.

I use to have arguments with the born again Christians sometimes and they would say, God knows everything and I would say, did God know I was going to snap my fingers right now and they would say yes! Well why would He even want to know that? Why would He want to clutter His mind up with such detail? If you were the creator of the Mona Lisa do you want to clutter your mind up with every little brush stroke and detail? Does God want to clutter his mind with future details like when people scratch an itch? No life form would have any interest in such trivia. But what all the greater lives are interested in are the cycles – the beginning, the end and then making the end good, making the end better than the beginning. This is probably the strongest argument for reincarnation; in the fact that if everything we observe goes in cycles then wouldn’t our lives go in cycles too?

Within a lifetime we have various cycles, you have seven year cycles, fourteen year cycles, you have your Saturn cycle which is a little over twenty eight years. You have several cycles within your life and when you examine them you can see how they have played out. It is a good idea to examine your life in cycles of ten years. You can examine your life for achievement and setting goals and this type of thing. So look at the cycles of decades in the past and then you want to project the next ten years and compare it to the last ten years. Cycles are a bit like wave lengths but also spirals. The wave length gets bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller depending on whether it is ascending or descending.

The end of the cycle is always different from the beginning. In the Book of Revelations God says, “Behold I do all things new.” Yet we always hear in church that God always does the same thing but He does not really say that. He only says the He is the same in the fact that He is dependable but He says “I do all things new.” He says this several times in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Now if God does all things new – that presents a much different idea than what we hear in the churches of the world. He does things new when a new age begins and it begins in a new wavelength that is a bit stronger or a higher octave than the old cycle. We are at the beginning of the Aquarian Age and it is more constructive than the beginning of the Piscean Age.

We look back to the days of Jesus and the average life span was 27 years and now the average life span is about 75 years for male and 77 for females. Females live longer because they give us guys such a hard time that we end up living a couple of years less!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I had to throw that in!

So at the end of an age things are always at a little higher vibration than the previous age unless there is a big mistake made for few things are 100% predictable. Every once in a while a new age is worse than an old age and it has to be compensated for. This does not happen very often but it happened in the days of Atlantis when it was destroyed. They had a great anti-Christ there which was actually Hitler in a past life and in that life he succeeded and so he paved the way for the destruction of the whole continent. So this is an example of an age that did not work out very well. In Atlantis the dark brothers had actually conquered The Brotherhood of Light and the only thing that the Lord of the World could do was to allow destruction and begin anew.

Audience: But it did not destroy the world it destroyed Atlantis.

Yes they did not destroy the whole planet but destroyed the continent. The continent went through several destructions but there was a core battle between what was called the dark lords or the lords of dark face, and the Brotherhood of Light. The Light Brothers in that life lost but then we came back and we corrected it here and this time Hitler was defeated by the Allies, but he was just barely defeated. If you study World War II you’ll see some of the things that could have turned and led Hitler to victory. There were about 5 or 6 bad decisions that Hitler made and if he would not have made them then there was a good chance that he would have won World War II. Driving Einstein out of the country, which led to the development of the atomic bomb by the Allies, is certainly something that we should be thankful for. Another example is the battle of Dunkirk where Britain had thousands of soldiers rescued so they could fight again. Then there was The Battle of Britain where they just had a handful of pilots in the air at the end. If Hitler would have known how few planes England had left he would have continued and won the battle. If he would have had a little patience and waited on invading Russia and concentrated on us instead he would have probably won. It’s kind of unsettling to thin k about it.

Rob: So when an age does not work out the way that it supposed to then you say there is some kind of compensation?

JJ: Well it is a little like a lifetime. If you screw up a lifetime then you must come back and repeat a similar situation where you succeed this time. Like if you commit suicide because you are depressed because you are not succeeding you come back and wind up in a similar situation. This time, when you are thinking of committing suicide you get a little déjà vu and you think, well I am sensing that this is not going to work. Because you have already done it and now you are right back there again. So this time maybe you do not commit suicide or maybe you commit suicide two lifetimes in a row but you keep coming back until finally you learn your lesson and you do it right.

Now most lifetimes we go through we do it basically right and we learn some lessons. It may not seem that way sometimes but we often learn more than we think we do. And then some lifetimes we do legitimately screw up and this is the same thing with an age. In most ages we learn something and then we go on and the next age is better. Then once in a while humanity will just screw up an age and become ripe for destruction. Civilizations in the past has been destroyed quite a few times on this planet and now we do have the power to destroy our selves like we have never done before. Hopefully we are smart enough to work through it together and develop peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

The main subject here is reincarnation and I will talk to you just a little bit before we take you back. I believed in reincarnation naturally, so to speak, and when I was young my parents did not take me to church or anything. My dad was a notorious drinker and he was not very religious at all. My parents were baptized in the Mormon Church and about once a year or so maybe Easter my Mom would haul me off to church and I would disrupt things because I did not know what was going on and I did not like it.

Audience: Laughing!

I usually embarrassed her so she only went on special occasions. I do not remember much about religion when young except for when I was a child about 5 or 6 and I remember thinking, 5 or 6 years ago I was not even here. I thought, where in the world was I? I used to think about that a lot and from the time.


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Knowing the Truth, Part 5

This entry is part 17 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

JJ: Coming up with a new principle is different, if you want to come up with a new word for something it is easy to do and anybody in this room could do that. Say we wanted to create a new word for the soul we could come up with some fanciful sounding word for it but coming up with a new principle is a different matter.

Audience: Creating a new principle.

JJ: You don’t create a new principle; what you do is you discover the new principle. Let’s take the formula for the square feet in a circle which is Pi times the radius squared. It is the principle that arrives at that and we did not always know about it but civilization eventually discovered pi and when we discovered it and the principle of using pi to find the square feet of a circle we could do it from then on. Now that principle has always been around but it was not discovered and there are many principles that have yet to be discovered. We will remain in this sphere until we come back and master all principles but we are just scratching the surface. There are many left to go.

I will just name a couple principles. One is the principle of cycles. History has cycles that repeat themselves. We have a conservative cycle a liberal cycle and we have summer and winter and these are all governed by principles. The principle of Astrology, which is really the principle of relationships, is where one entity has a relationship with another entity. With astrology we have smaller entities, which are us, influenced by greater life forms like the stars and the planets themselves. This circulates around the principle of relationship.

Another principle lies in beginnings and endings The law of correspondences is an important one, as above so below. There is a twist on this one because as above is not exactly like the below but it corresponds with differences. Why are there differences? Because as God creates He always creates differently – the same principle but with differences. That is why the scientists used to look at the atoms like a small solar system and they used to theorize that it was like a small sun and planets but then when they investigated further and found out more about the atom they found out an atom is different from a solar system. They are finding out that the truth is, “as above so below but with differences.”

So it corresponds but with differences, and why? It is actually given in the scriptures in, “Behold I do all things new, I create a new heaven and a new earth, I do all things new.” When you think about it that contradicts the teachings of all religions that God never changes. But what does the voice of God say Himself right in the Bible, “I do everything new, I do a new thing on the earth and who shall know it?” So when God created the microcosmic world of the atoms, molecules and cells and then moved on and made the planets, He thinks why should I make the same thing over and over again? I am going to do it with a twist this time and do it a little bit differently.

Man himself is the creative force in the universe; just like within us we have the creative force of the soul. We human beings are the soul of the universe. We are the soul of the universe and we have within us that energy which is the essence of soul, which is the doorway to the higher spiritual kingdoms. It is the doorway in the universe between spirit and matter itself and we will eventually give form to the entire universe, which is fascinating to think about.

So the law of correspondences is a good one. The law of economy is another good one, which means the line of least resistance is followed until some intelligent force steps in and changes that line of least resistance. There are lots of principles and laws that are always followed and the more of these that we discover the more we will be able to figure out what is true and what is not. We find these things and register them within.

I will end with this teaching concerning another principle. We have heard this one extreme that everything is within to go within and find the truth. On the other hand, the religions of the world say God is out there on a throne somewhere and go to God out there to find the truth. The fact is that we need both within and without to find the truth. You go without to be stimulated and when you are stimulated you go within to verify what was true and what was not true and what works and what does not work. So it is interesting that neither extreme works but both of them must work together to find the truth. You have heard stories about evil parents locking their kid in the room until they are 20 years old and feeding them through door and stuff like that and then the authorities break in and finally save the kid. Let’s say they locked him away when he was eight and now he is 20, has everybody heard stories like this?

Audience: Yes.

JJ: When they talk to the kid how old do you think the kid thinks he is?

Audience: Eight.

JJ: Right if they put him in the room and isolated him he still thinks he is eight. When they take away the outer stimulation the growth ceases. So we don’t want to go completely within as evidenced by that child going completely within and the growth ceased So we want stimulated without and then we go to verify within and we grow from this process.

Audience: What is that principle called, the stimulation principle?

JJ: I never put a name to it, perhaps the wholeness principle or something like that.

Audience: At Some point in time we would like you to teach about the invisible Christ is more powerful than the visible Christ.

JJ: There is a principle there and when you start meditating and contemplating on principles then they start to come tom you. There are two types of people in the world. Those that understand principles and have a degree of independence, and those that want to be told exactly what to do in black and white. Those that understand principles become their own masters but those that do not have to have everything spelled out for them by an outer authority.

Bryan: When you were talking about earlier about the astral and the Mormons and Seventh Day Adventists had created these thought forms when you go to the next world, are those thought forms created here in this world taken with us to the next?

JJ: Yes.

Bryan: So can we help to liberate them by changing the physical thought form here so that it would change the thought form in the astral world and free them from this?

JJ: Yes it would and another interesting thing is that we not only have this group thought form but for every great teacher there is a thought form for him. There are several thought forms of Jesus roaming around. Have you ever talked with someone who said they woke up in the middle of the night and say they saw Jesus at their bedside or whatever? What they usually see is a thought form of Jesus. Jesus has more thought forms than any other person in history so depending on which religion you are in you will be in touch with a thought form of Jesus.

When somebody says they talked to Jesus and you ask what did Jesus say, they just repeat what he has already said like, spread the love, love thy neighbor, things that Jesus has already said because that thought form is fed with the current knowledge about Jesus and all the knowledge that comes out is what is already circulating about Him. The person will not give out any new principles but will just give out all of the old stuff. There is a thought form going around about Joseph Smith too and a lot of people see this thought form and think they have encountered him. The same with Mohammed and Buddha. Also a lot of people claim they have talked with DK as well.

Audience: DK said he had a few thought forms going around.

JJ: If I get enough material out there and people buy lots of my books they will be seeing me in their bedroom someday and it might scare them to death too!

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: I would like to say that it has been very nice to meet everybody and welcome to the new faces and I look forward to seeing you all in the future. Be well my friends, we will talk again.


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Knowing the Truth, Part 2

This entry is part 14 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

This brings up an interesting point that many of the religious leaders today teach and that is that we are living at the end times which they say is the most wicked time in the history of man. But it is not nearly as wicked as people think. After World War II we didn’t pour molten lead down the throats or cut out the tongues of the captured Nazis as happened a few hundred years ago in war. A casual study of history tells us that we have become much more civil over the years.

About 20 years ago here in Idaho they made a big deal about the farmers killing the jack rabbits that were threatening their crops. I remember thinking of how sensitive we have become. When I was younger nobody would ever think twice about killing a jackrabbit but now everybody is really worried about these jackrabbits that were destroying crops. We are much more sensitive than we have ever been in the history of humanity. Humanity is actually evolving instead of devolving so if someone tells you that we live in the end of times and people are more wicked than they have ever been before – that is not true. Instead, we are actually making progress. True, we could make more progress and we do have a ways to go but we have made progress.

Audience: Why is that these people are trying to convince us that it is an evil time?

JJ: It gets their congregation to listen to them and they can convince people that since we are wrapping up and we are reaching the end of the world that God is going to step in and burn all the wicked to ash and Jesus is going to appear in the clouds and wipe out all the evil guys and they are going to be taken to heaven.

Audience: The media does tend to focus on all the wicked things that happen every day with over 6 billion people in the world there is bound to be a few bad apples.

JJ: Today is nothing like it was even 200 years ago or nothing like it was in the days of the cowboys. They would just shoot somebody or string him up if a mob demanded it and that was it. There was no more talk about it. We live in a situation now where the laws have stabilized the world to a degree but now we have bigger threats like atomic bombs, biological weapons and other weapons of mass destruction posing a threat like we have never seen before.

Now getting back to the two guys on the internet that I mentioned – they are only two out of the many unusual teachers I have met in my life. The question that might arise in people’s minds is how do you tell if a person is in the light or not, or if you see a teaching how do you tell if it is right or not? Or if you meet a person that makes an unusual claim how do you know the truth behind that person or teaching?

How do we know what is true and should we even take anything seriously? People have been talking about the sealed plates for around 175 years now no one has come up with any claim to finding them that drew much attention. Now within the past 5 years there have been five different versions of the sealed plates showing up. There is a statement that we covered on our discussion group a while back, “the counterfeit guarantees the real,” and that was in relation to the coming of Christ. The writer points out that there are many counterfeit Christ’s appearing in our age and this is an affirmation that the Christ will eventually materialize.

So maybe some type of inspired historical writings will come forth. If they do I think it would just not be like Biblical stuff but would include the history of Atlantis. That would be very interesting to have a true history of Atlantis and Lemuria, wouldn’t it? At present we don’t have anything verifiable. We have had several things that have been channeled and some may be accurate and some may not be but it would be interesting if a record were discovered to give the true history of Atlantis. There are a lot of interesting things that happened back then that have been lost to history.

They had a lot of technology but the problem with Atlantis is the Masters gave too much help to the people of that age. It is like the story of the cocoon where if you help the butterfly escape from the cocoon it will die and if you don’t help it then it will thrive and be a strong butterfly. So by helping the butterfly you destroy it but by letting it gain its own strength through the struggle it becomes strong and lives. The same thing with a chicken hatching from an egg – if you break the egg and try to help it you will lucky if the little chicken will live because it needs that struggle of breaking out of the egg to gain that strength.

The Masters on their plane are not perfect just as we are not perfect, they have their sphere and we have ours and one of the mistakes they made during the days of Atlantis is they helped too much. They walked among the people and they taught them in their temples and they assisted too much so humanity did not develop their own abilities enough and they were given too much assistance and thus the dark brotherhood overcame the brotherhood of light in Atlantis and it had to be destroyed. It was destroyed over a long period of time not quickly as a lot of people think.

So in this time period that we are in now the higher lives that oversee the earth do not interfere unless it is absolutely necessary. In other words, the Masters have learned the lesson of the caterpillar and the butterfly. We are like the caterpillar and they want us to everything possible on our own and they will only step in after we have done every possible thing that we can do. This is much different than the age of Atlantis where they stepped in and assisted much more than they do today and this is very interesting to contemplate.

Audience: Sometimes I hear things in my head that you did not say, when you were talking about the sealed portion I noticed that, was it accidentally that you juxtaposed your comment about wouldn’t it be interesting if a recorded history was discovered of Atlantis, is there a reason that you talked about the sealed plates and the history of Atlantis next to each other, were you consciously suggesting that there might be a story line for the sealed portion?

JJ: Yes it is quite possible. According to the Book of Mormon the sealed portion contains a recorded history of the world from the beginning to the end and if it truly does contain a history of the world it would have to contain the history of Atlantis.

Audience: And King Arthur?

JJ: King Arthur happened after the sealed portion was written. However I believe what it would contain is not specific events about the future from the time that the sealed portion was written but it would contain information on the cycles of the future. There are certain things that can be seen in the future and certain things that cannot be seen. There are certain cycles that we know will begin and end with certain things happening. Tomorrow morning at a certain time we know that the sun will come up and why do we know that? Why do we know that the sun will come up and we can predict the exact minute it will come up?

Audience: Because it is a mathematical certainty.

JJ: Right is it a proven mathematical cycle and it has been this way for millions of years and will continue to be this way until something knocks the earth out of its orbit or something. But it is very predictable cycle that the sun will rise. The moon will be in the same phase it is now in how many days?

Audience: 28 days.

JJ: 28 days, right, a pretty predictable cycle. So 28 days from now you have to be very careful around your wife.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So the moon will be in the same phase it is today 28 days from now. There are certain cycles that happen, so that we can see into the future and predict exactly about some things. There is a cycle that is related to a day, a month, a year, the moon going around the earth, the sun cycling around the galaxy, the galaxy circulating around its portion of the universe. There is a cycle for the atom itself – how long it takes to circulate, how long it takes for the internal parts of the atom to circulate around itself. There is a cycle for all these things and all these things are very predictable.

There are also cycles in events that the Masters can look at and predict certain things. These are distilled down to Astrology, the Astrological cycles of Pisces, Aquarius and so on and I believe the end of Pisces occurred when the first atomic bomb went off near the end of World War II. We are actually in the age of Aquarius now but each one of these ages lasts not 2000 years but several centuries over 2000 years. The age of Pisces actually started before Christ came and they were into the age Pisces a bit when He did come. Astrologers say an age lasts approximately 2160 years.

We are entering a new cycle and certain things about the new cycle are pretty much predictable but then within cycles there are things that are not predictable by any life in existence, not even by an Angel, a Master or by God Himself, No one in the universe could predict that I would snap my fingers just now because it is not part of any cycle and it has nothing to do with anything. So no one predicted that and no one even wants to predict such a thing. They say God knows everything but can you imagine God sitting up on some throne and saying well in a million years from now JJ is going to snap his fingers at this meeting. Why would He even want to clutter His mind up with such small details?

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: The answer is that the Greater Lives do not clutter their minds up with these type of details but the Greater Lives look at the cycles and they know that at the beginning of a cycle they that a certain type of creation is going to take place and at the end of a cycle the certain creation is going to end. The creation may or may not be exactly what is desired and if it is not what was desired then it would be destroyed and it will start all over. It is a little bit like creating a piece of art. Leonardo Da Vinci, when he painted the “Mona Lisa” had in his mind what he wanted it to look like and he probably had a gal there that looked like the Mona Lisa and he envisioned what he wanted it look like when the work was completed.

As he was painting along he knew the end cycle was the finished painting of a beautiful Mona Lisa sitting before him. The beginning was just looking at the Mona Lisa visualizing the end. So we have a cycle and the end of the cycle was known to Leonardo Da Vinci. He knew the beginning and the end but he did not everything in the middle. As he began to paint he thought, that color is not quite right so he kept working on the color, and he thought the smile was not quite right so he kept working on the smile because he knew how he envisioned it and he had it in his mind and so he kept working on it so that people would look at it and say, is she smiling or is she not smiling and that is what he wanted people to wonder about.

To get that look he had to made a lot of mistakes until he got it right and when that moment came that he got it right then it was the end of the cycle. But between the beginning and the end of the cycle he had no idea how many brush strokes he would make and he had no idea how many mistakes he would make and have to correct himself and start over again. Maybe some dog was chasing some cat and knocked over the painting and he had to start over and maybe he was going to paint her with a great big grin on her face and after the dog knocked it over he changed his mind. So you never know but we assume the standard story is true, that he envisioned how it would look and the cycle had a beginning and an end and he finally got where he wanted.

The point I am trying to make is that between the beginning and the end of cycles no one knows nor do they want to know all the little details and to think that God knows every little thing like how many times am I going to snap my fingers tonight. There are certain thing s that you don’t need to know and you don’t want to know but the higher the lives are the more their consciousness gets down to the essence of things and the essence of now until the end of time is covered with certain types of cycles and these cycles can be seen and they can be known.


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