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JJ’s Podcasts on YouTube

1. Eliminating Guilt
Guilt is different than conscience. Conscience comes from within, but guilt comes from the mark of the beast which comes from control from outer voices that are taken for the will of God.

2. Opening the Centers and Spiritual Progression
Excerpts from JJ’s presentations reveal that we progress through approximately 1000 lifetimes represented by the 1000 petaled lotus in the crown chakra. At first we progress through trial and error, and eventually achieve soul contact which accelerates our progress.

3. The One Thing
JJ explains the importance of finding the one thing that you are supposed to learn in this life and then how to accomplish it.

4. Why Are We Here?
What was it that drew us to this world of time and space where there is risk, pain and suffering as well as joy, happiness and sense of accomplishment?

5. How Healing Miracles Occur
What are the principle Jesus used to heal that are also available to us? It is pointed out that He never took credit Himself, but gave the credit to the faith of the person being healed.

6 Listening to the Inner Voice
Speaks of the importance of trusting the inner voice over the outer.

7. Who is Your Savior?
The two types of love. Who is the least of the brethren that we are supposed to love?

8. Prayer and the Point of Tension
Why are some prayers answered and others not? How to get an answer.

9. The Gathering Principle
The Key to Spiritual Evolution

10. The Illusion of Guilt and Sin
Guilt is different from conscience and is caused by illusion. The meaning of sin has been corrupted and had different meaning in the days of Jesus.

11. The Dominating Good
The reason that good dominates in the universe is discussed as well as the core meaning behind good and evil.

12. The Second Coming of Christ
The three stages of the Second Coming. Mistaken notions on the Second Coming. How many will recognize Him? The Dweller on the Threshold. You find what you are looking for.

13. The Real vs Illusion
How our desires keep us in illusion. The importance of finding the truth. “The truth is true and nothing else is true.”

14. The Mysteries of the Book of Revelation
The meaning behind this book is not what you think. JJ reveals what the first chapter means when it said 2000 years ago that the things in the book “will shortly come to pass.”

15. Discovering Reincarnation
Many are taught by their religious leaders that reincarnation is not correct, that there is only one life. JJ relates his journey of discovery that proved to him that reincarnation is true.

16. Molecular Politics
Both major parties claim to represent the will of the people, but their actions often prove otherwise, and policies are implemented that cause the people many problems.. A plan is presented that will give the people themselves the ultimate power.
For the complete plan check out JJ’s book at Amazon. Search there under books for Dewey Molecular Politics

17. The Ten Needs
The fulfillment of ten human needs necessary to a happy life are discussed.

18. Life is Fair
It is common to hear people say that life is not fair, and indeed this seems to be the case. Fortunately, this is not true and this discussion explains why life is fair.

19. The Initiations
There are nine initiations on the path to total liberation. Seven of them are taken on this planet. The first three is of great importance to seekers of wisdom  who will be listening to this.

20. The Mysteries of the Afterlife
What happens after we die? Why are there so many versions in NDE and psychic accounts? Is there a heaven or hell and what creates these two states?

21. Are Conspiracies Real?
Conspiracy theories seem to surface at the drop of a hat and many of them are obviously the result of an over active imagination. Yet we know that there are true conspiracies in the world. How can we tell the true from the false and where would we look to find the truth?

22. Life is a Game
What is the purpose of life? Perhaps it is no more complicated than the fact that all intelligent life likes to play games, and life is the most challenging game of all.

23. Overcoming Limitations to Liberation
Layers of obstacles exist between seekers and the Spirit including the pull of the physical world, the emotional and the lower mind. The seeker must tap into the Purpose behind all creation to take the next liberating steps.

24. Honesty – A Key to Liberation
We place a cloud between ourselves and our souls when we deceive, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations where lying seems necessary. How to avoid these situations is discussed.

25. The Mysterious Name of Jesus Christ
Jesus didn’t plan on keeping the name of Jesus Christ to himself, but intended for disciples to understand its meaning, take upon themselves His name and use its power.

26. Resolving Guilt
Guilt not only causes a problem with peace of mind, but also our health. When guilt is neutralized life energy flows and health is greatly improved.

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Decoding the Book of Revelation

This entry is part 25 of 30 in the series Audios

These video classes are based on JJ’s book The Unveiling, which reveals the key to  interpreting and understanding this very complex book.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 1
The interpretation is different than you think

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 2
The meaning behind Christ and His Coming.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 3
The beginning of the journey of the disciple as he discovers the Christ within

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 4
Breaking free from the outer voices of authority.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 5
Keeping Spiritual Motivation After Gaining Spiritual Freedom

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 6
Problems Faced by the Disciple

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 7
The Third Stage of Discipleship Overcoming the problem of good ideals becoming destructive.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 8
The Hidden Manna, the Crystal and the New Name

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 9
Jezebel, the false prophetess, obstructs the seeker.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 10
Freeing yourself from the outer voices.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 11
Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 12
Holding the Mind Steady in the Light

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 13
The name of God in you.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 14
Approaching the Threshold. Two choices await the pilgrim.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 15
The disciple thinks he has arrived at his spiritual destination, but receives a message that his real journey has just begun and a decision awaits him.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 16
The disciple has finally gathered enough strength to hear the truth from his soul. Instead of being at the end of his journey he is really at a new beginning.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 17
Approaching the threshold and entering into the light.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 18
We’ve gone through the seven stages of discipleship as symbolized by the seven churches. Now in chapter four the heaven open which is symbolic of enlightenment.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 19
The Throne of God and 24 Ancient Ones

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 20
The Mystery of the Four Beasts

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 21
The Crowns, the Seven Seals and the Scroll

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 22
The Lamb Transforms to the Lion and Takes the Scroll.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 23
The Fruits of Manifesting the Christ Within

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 24
A new revelation for the disciple: You are worthy

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 25
The disciple will receive receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 26
The disturbance caused by opening the seals.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 27
The meaning behind the four horsemen.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 28
Beyond the Four Horsemen to Higher Consciousness

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 29
The Sixth Seal – Light from the East.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 30
Using the Spiritual Eye – The Tribes and the Zodiac

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 31
Leaving the Dark Night behind and communing with great multitude

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 32
Seeing with the spiritual eye

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 33
The meaning of the silence in heaven and the path to overcoming death.

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 34
The seven angels begin two sound the seven trumpets

Decoding the Book of Revelation, Part 35
The meaning of the bottomless pit and more.


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The Molecular Relationship Videos

This entry is part 23 of 30 in the series Audios

1. The Molecular Relationship, Class One
An overview of The Molecular Relationship, the next great step in spiritual evolution.

2. The Molecular Relationship, Class Two
Where did God come from and how did creation come to be?

3. The Molecular Relationship, Class Three
Understanding time and the seven planes.

4. Molecular Relationship, Class Four
Why we left the higher world of bliss and take our chances in this world full of pain and suffering. The marriage relationship the beginning of the Molecular Relationship.

5. Molecular Relationship, Class Five
Relationships are the power behind all creation. How to create good ones.

6. Molecular Relationship, Class Six
The number seven, seven rays, seven chakras and many energies.

7. Molecular Relationship, Class Seven
The corresponding seven centers (chakras) in nations, the human kingdom, the seven kingdoms and more.

8. Molecular Relationship, Class Eight
The structure of the Hierarchy and the divisions of the New Group of World Servers.

9. Molecular Relationship, Class Nine
The Seven Centers of Shamballa and The One About Whom Naught Can Be Said

10. Molecular Relationship, Class Ten
Bringing balance into relationships. Seeing ourselves as energy units.

11. Molecular Relationship, Class Eleven
Balancing energy to create stable relationships

12. Molecular Relationship, Class Twelve
More on energy, and the potency of female energy.

13. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirteen
The link be tween sex and knowing God – the higher correspondences of sex.

14. Molecular Relationship, Class Fourteen
The importance of trust and full sharing in a fulfilling relationship

15. Molecular Relationship, Class Fifteen
Examining union physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

16. Molecular Relationship, Class Sixteen
The importance of mastering glamor and illusion to enhance relationships.

17. Molecular Relationship, Class Seventeen
The Sharing of Mind and Spirit in Relationships

18. Molecular Relationship, Class Eighteen
Examining Lucille Cedercrans’ teachings on groups.

19. Molecular Relationship, Class Nineteen
The Mystery of Romantic Energy

20. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty
Communication, The first key of happiness

21. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-One
The Importance of Honest Communication

22. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Two
The Importance of an Open Mind

23. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Three
The Principle of Giving and Receiving

24. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Four
The Seven Needs Essential to Happiness, Part 1

25. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Five
The Seven Needs Essential to Happiness, Part 2
Covering the need for knowledge and the need for emotional fulfillment.

26. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Six
Cycles and the Need for Order

27. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Seven
Trust, a Key to Happiness

28. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Eight
The positive side of negative emotions.

29. Molecular Relationship, Class Twenty-Nine
The foundations of the next great step in evolution

30. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty
Balancing energies to reach the zero point and draw down spiritual power.

31. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty-One
The Human Molecule – the foundation of a new life form

32. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty-Two
Future Spiritual Evolution Explained

33. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty-Three
Leadership in the Molecule

34. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty-Four
New Governing Principles

35. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty-Five
Enlightened Leadership Principles

36. Molecular Relationship, Class Thirty-six
Journey to Soul Contact

37. Molecular Relationship Class Thirty-Seven
Leadership from Pisces to Aquarius

38. Molecular Relationship Class Thirty-Eight
The Middle Way

39. Molecular Relationship Class Thirty-Nine
The Prodigal Son

40. Molecular Relationship Class Forty
The Union of Souls

41. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-One
Relationship with the Soul

42. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Two
The Twelve Principles of Synthesis

43. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Three
The Commitment of the Disciple

44. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Four
The Reappearance of the Christ

45. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Five
End Time Predictions

46. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Six
The Sign of the Son of Man

47. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Seven
The Molecular Business, Part 1

48. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Eight
The Molecular Business, Part 2

49. Molecular Relationship Class Forty-Nine
The Parable of Abundance

50. Molecular Relationship Class Fifty
Molecular Politics – How politics everywhere can be changed to represent the will of the people.


Video Classes on the Treatise on White Magic
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