Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  That old enemy fear keeps many from moving toward the light of truth.

2  If all fears are related to a fear of loss, then this fear of loss is the primal fear that keeps us from all truth.

3  Fear of rejection in some form is probably the second most common fear related to loss.

4  When one person in a group discovers a new truth that is not accepted by the others, there will indeed be a loss and if that possibility of loss is not accepted by the seeker, a fear will indeed surface.

5  Perhaps the greatest overriding fear of one approaching the straight and narrow path between the two extremes of error, is the fear of hell, the fear of God’s wrath, the fear of being wrong or guilty before God, the fear of losing one’s soul or eternal life. These are all related to the fear of the unknown because no aspirant knows for sure the true fate that awaits him beyond the veil.

6  All have to face the fear of God at one time or another and the fear of God has more potency than any fear of a devil.

7  Fear is not always related to illusionary beliefs. Often this is true but such is not always the case.

8  The typical New Ager is a little like Luke in Star Wars who thought he had everything down. The initiate is like Yoda who knows of the realities to come and tells him “…you shall fear.”

9  Many go through numerous lifetimes with this non-fear belief until they encounter the Dweller on the Threshold. This dweller is terrifying enough, yet to destroy this Dweller one must face the Angel of the Presence which is even more terrifying because this, once encountered, is of such power that it will feel like you could be destroyed body mind and spirit with a blink of an eye. Moses had to spend 40 years in contemplation of the presence before he mustered the courage to face it.

10  Fear is based on truth. How one reacts to truth perceived determines the fear.

11  Even a fear within a dream is based on truth.

12  [The Mormon Prophet] Joseph Smith made the interesting statement that “God created the worlds with fear and trembling.”  This would explain why “fear has its roots in the warp and woof of matter itself.”

13  Fear is overcome through using the mind to calculate the best possible moves to eliminate the perceived future loss.

14  It is true that many have fears that are not justified because of wrong perception.

15  When perception and calculation are accurate then fear will be based on the real.

16  This portrayal of fear by many teachers of the day, as a thing held only by the deluded, the unloving, the unevolved or the ignorant, has led many into great illusion. Because many seekers have swallowed this pleasant sounding doctrine without processing it through the mind they enter into a world of deception and denial.

17  That fear which is denied or suppressed does not go away. Instead it foments and grows and when it resurfaces it will loom greater than it was at the moment of burial.

18  Perfect love casteth out fear, but it does not prevent the pilgrim from encountering and facing the fear.

19  The most important fear to master is the fear of fear, for he who fears fear will pretend to himself that he has no fear in any circumstances. Fear thus becomes a seed growing in the dark seeking the light of day.

20  If we release ourselves from sending attention toward the cause of fear, the fear will die through attrition.

21  Fear of being worthy is a big hurdle for many.

22  Fear is a huge barrier to soul contact, but I submit that there is another barrier much larger, one that you will not see written about in New Age philosophy that I know of. He who has fear yet overcomes this barrier will reach the soul before he who has no fear and does not overcome it. What is it?

23  We fear because we give too much attention to pain and negative repercussions of things that may happen to us.

24  To speak of fearful things without fear is to overcome the fear of fear.

25  Fear of fear is one of the greatest tools of the beast.

26  All people of feeling fear that which they do not understand and mistake it as being an evil thing. They are ignorant of the workings of the mind nor do they care to understand, as they feel their foundation will fall.

27  Quantum changes for the better are almost non existent because of the fear of change that exists among the masses.

28  I have learned by experience that even great fear is no barrier for it can be immediately cancelled by a powerful decision and if such a decision is in alignment with the will of the soul then you immediately move toward the Kingdom of God and soul contact.

29  I’ve heard rumors for years now that our economy is supposed to collapse because of some switch in oil currency but can’t find anything reliable to back up the fear that is circulated by some.

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “A person may use common sense principles in their business and have great success, yet let all reason fly out the window in their relationships or with their religion.”

2.  “The more spheres of relationship available to magnetic pull the greater the manifestation of love.”

3.  “The initiative to tread the path of love is yours alone, but our growth in love as well as light is dependent on others to a great degree.”

4.  “The relationship of humanity to Christ has not been sufficient the past 2000 years and have indeed lacked a fullness as was prophesied by Saul.”

5.  “There is nothing wrong with any relationship if pursued harmlessly by free will.”

6.  “The principle to work toward in all relationships is the balancing of energies.”

7.  “The greatest balance is achieved by a one-to-one relationship when we are talking about anything involving sex.”

8.  “Even the Great Ones depend on relationship for growth and higher learning.”

9.  “If we are complete by ourselves then any type of relationship would be completely unnecessary and there would be no association which would benefit or enhance us in any way.”

10.  “If you are not married, or seem to have no prospects, do not despair for it is quite possible that you will learn more through non marriage relationships than through marriage itself.”

11.  “Remember this. Marriage is a relationship, but it is only one relationship out of many.”

12.  “It is indeed true that we must have relationship for us to progress on the path of return and if we are not married we must examine the relationships we do have and make the best of them.”

13.  “The relationships you do have in present time are very important; else your soul would not have brought them to you.”

14.  “If it is indeed in the design of God that you be married you will feel it when the time is right, but until that time it is best to live in the world where we find ourselves and see the many opportunities to serve in the relationships available in the Now. They are always there to be found.”

15.  “The thread of commonality which goes through all relationships is that our circumstances in each life are arranged by our souls in such a manner to aid with our maximum advancement toward progress, service and wholeness.”

16.  “All creation is composed of relationships.”

17.  “Without relationship there would be no form, no creation, no intelligence, no love and no universe.”

18.  “Some seekers have made the claim that they have evolved beyond relationship, that they need no one else besides themselves, but such is an illusion.”

19.  “Whether we want to admit it or not all of us are deeply involved in relationship.”

20.  “God himself needs us in relationship and if God should need us for relationship then surely we need God and each other.”

21.  “Eventually we will have levels of higher relationship never before experienced which we call the Molecular Relationship.”

22.  “As it is, none of us have a perfect relationship, nor should we expect one, for we are all individuals. We can, however, seek to have a fulfilling one, especially when the desired energy flow is understood.”

23.  “When the time is right a good romantic partner will come into your life. In the meantime a working non romantic partner will work much better than a spouse who does not support you.”

24.  “A major cause and effect of discord in relationships is arguing.”

25.  “Affection is extremely important in a male-female relationship. It is the glue that cements the bond leading to oneness.”

26.  “A yielding nature is essential to create oneness in any relationship and it must be possessed by both parties.”

27.  “Each one of us will be much happier when we realize that criticism, insults (real and imagined) and barbs will come whenever we have a relationship with one or more people.”

28.  “In a relationship, you both give and receive, but the giving and receiving is NEVER equal in this world. If you are giving more than receiving, then by default you become the teacher in the relationship.”

29.  “When one divorces frivolously, on a whim, or because of betrayal with another person, definite harm can come. It is generally recognized that a committed couple, especially with children should do everything in their power to rekindle their love and live together in peace.”

30.  “You can’t please everyone so just be you, do your best and move on with harmlessness.”

31.  “All unhappiness in any relationship can be traced back to a failure to communicate by one or both parties.”

32.  “Put aside negative feelings and move on, explore and learn from each other.”

33.  “It is our responsibility as a species to take relationship to its next great beginning.”

34.  “There are times to learn and share through marriage and times to learn through other relationships.”

35.  “No one has ever been truly happy in a relationship who has not had a hope of unity or union with others.”

36.  “All people feel a need for more union than they have at the present moment.”

37.  “It is important to contemplate the root source of happiness. It can be summed up in one sentence: Interaction with others that leads to unity.”

38.  “Ending a relationship with openness and honesty instead of deceit and betrayal keeps the door open for progress on the spiritual path.”

39.  “Eventually all must learn to master the intimate relationship on the road to liberation and unity.”

40.  “There is indeed a principle of forgiveness, but it has much more to do with a person’s relationship with his own soul than good or evil or a decree from God.”

41.  “People are following the principle of harmlessness when they have learned to control their emotional bodies to the extent that they are able to practice right thought, speech and action in their relationships with others, themselves and their environment. It means they have a constructive and positive approach to everything they do.”

42.  “The relationships we have with each other and the influence we wield is a display in miniature of the influences of the planets and other heavenly bodies.”

43.  “Many teachers from the other side who work with humanity are fellow disembodied humans and are not Masters. A relationship with these beings would be much more similar to a relationship with a fellow human on the earth than a disciple to a Master.”

44.  “To disagree because of unnecessary illusion and misunderstanding creates waste of time and distance in relationship.”

45.  “The stars do not yet have an organization as complex as a human city. They do have relationship, but they are simple relationships and even these relationships are created more through the interplay of advanced lives who have passed through the human kingdom rather than that of the actual solar life force itself.”

46.  “We owe our vary existence to the intimate relationships of the tiny lives out of which we are composed.”

47.  “Many there are who teach oneness with God yet fail to have a relationship with even one human, out of billions available, where a semblance of oneness is demonstrated.”

48.  “When Jesus said “I and my Father are one,”  He merely reached a realization of the relationship of His own holy spirit in relationship to God and this principle applies to us all when we attain to “the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

49.  “In principle, ‘A Course in Miracles’ is the best relationship book that’s ever been written, a totally new light on principles. There is elaboration on principles on relationships in there that have never been given to mankind before.”

50.  “The relationship of the Masters such as Christ to the higher permanent inhabitants of Shamballa corresponds to the human relationship to the Masters.”

51.  “The true science of astrology is built around the science of relationships. The principle is this. One living being in relationship with another living being will influence that entity.”

52.  “Relationship and the establishment of new and greater relationship is an eternal principle.”

53.  “Forget for the moment about any mass appearance of the Christ and instead consider your individual relationship with God.”

54.  “The most important area of trust in a marriage relationship is love.”


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The Three T’s: Triads, Trinities & Triangles

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1.  “The Divine Trinity is, of course, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is esoterically Power, Love and, or Wisdom and Active Intelligence.”

2.  “Just as there is a Holy Trinity even so there is an unholy use of the Trinity of energies. The Trinity of the forces of retrogression works out as The Dragon (Father – Deception) The Beast (Son – unjust authority to secure the deception) and the image of the beast (Unholy Spirit) false prophet – carries out the deception by speaking the words of the Dragon).”

3.  “The lower octave of Will-Power-Purpose is Determination-Empowerment-Objective.”

4.  “To create a gathering of lights requires a people who are able to manipulate matter in all three worlds of human endeavor – mental, emotional, and physical.”

5.  “Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the first ray which is called Power.”

6.  “Where the life of God is, there is Decision – Will – Creation.”

7.  “The explosions of knowledge, love and self discovery will unite with the Zion reaction to cause this trinity of energies to be as one, a symbol of the One God that worketh in and through all things.”

8.  “The most important principles Zion will cause to spread across the world are peace, love, and goodwill. After this will come great building energies never before witnessed.”

9.  “Overall there are three marks:  (1) The Mark of the Beast – emotional control.  (2) The Mark of Humanity – mental control.  (3) The Mark of God – soul control.”

10.  “The Trinity shifts in position as the various Rays rotate and subdivide.”

11.  “I’ve done a lot of contemplating about time and believe that the Trinity of time, past, present and future do compose a great whole, but this does not make the future the present or the past the future. The whole is like our body who has a left arm (the past) the right arm (future) and the torso (the present).”

12.  “All is created from the great Trinity of positive, negative and the originating point. From the multiplicity of this and the interplay of countless pieces of intelligent creation we have the majesty of complex creation that boggles the mind.”

13.  “In this human cycle of progression we go through three cycles of learning:  (1) The Cycle of Experience;  (2) The Cycle of Seeking; and  (3) The Cycle of Service.”

14.  “One of the reasons that the Song of the 144,000 is a powerful combination is because it expresses itself through a Trinity.”

15.  “There are at least three interpretations that apply to every inspired scripture.”

16.  “Above mind are the three higher formless planes, the Spiritual Triad, whereon the Solar Angel may be found.”

17.  “In any molecular structure that is created, we must remember that the number three is of prime importance. If we look through an electron microscope, for instance, we will always see that the atoms form numerous associations in triangular relationships. This is because the Trinity is the foundation of all life. We observe this truth consistently throughout nature.”

18.  “All things that have life or create livingness operate in triads or triangles corresponding to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Father, Mother, Child; or Positive, Negative, Neutrality. Unless these three aspects work together there is no creation and no noticeable effect, as if there were only one hand clapping.”

19.  “Using the triplicity of the conscious, the subconscious and the will is the way to make permanent and safe change in yourself.”

20.  “Your higher self is your upper [Spiritual] Triad often called Atma-Budha-Manas. These are three higher vehicles wherein consciousness can reside. The upper Triad of the regular seeker is occupied by the Solar Angel. From this upper Triad the Solar angel seeks to guide and stimulate you.”

21.  “The causal [body] encompasses all three bodies of manifestation (mental, astral, etheric) even though its form is built using the third subplane of mental matter. This is sometimes called the soul body because it is the vehicle used by the Solar Angel in linking the lower and higher selves.”

22.  “When your consciousness then ascends to the upper [Spiritual] Triad your Solar Angel returns home and then through the [Spiritual] Triad you seek to know your true source, your Father. The conclusion of this step was spoken of by Christ when he said ‘I and my Father are one’.”

23.  “Eventually as cities of Zion spring up and interlink in triangles and sevens and twelves and pyramids of energies are formed, the whole earth will be transfigured and lighted with the glory of God.”

24.  “The body manifest [Nirmanakayas] may not be a physical body, but may be composed of the higher vibrations or ethers of the Spiritual Triad.”

25.  “These three states of consciousness [of the Spiritual Triad of Atma-Budha-Manas] of course correspond to the three prime aspects of will, love and light or Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

26.  “The true singing of the Song of the 144,000 is accomplished on three levels: the physical, emotional and mental planes, which opens the door of the spiritual.”

27.  “Where there are wavelengths there are Trinities. There is the top of the wavelength, the bottom, and the point at the center symbolized by Light and Love and Purpose.”

28.  “The creation of form, space and time is an extension of Purpose, Light and Love.”

29.  “All life, or motivating power, must have aspects that correspond to the Trinity in order to accomplish purpose.”

30.  “The foundation Ray for the universe itself is Ray One which is a triangle of Will-Power-Purpose.”

31.  “There is a hierarchy of beings of a diverse magnitude of consciousness who are tuned into the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost aspects.”

32.  “The individual must be taught to reach the point of tension that brings “the still small voice,’ ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’ and the ‘baptism of fire’ which come from an inflow of Soul energy. Each must learn the difference between these three.”

33.  “Soul contact is represented by the two interlocking triangles in the Star of David. The lower Triangle represents the three worlds of matter, or form and the higher triangle represents the higher Triad of worlds of Spirit – The Buddhic – the Atmic and the Monad. These six originate from the seventh point, or higher correspondence to soul contact called the Divine Plane or Plane of Adi.”

34.  “Space, form and distance is the Trinity that gives life to time.”

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