What is Love? Part 3

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Once the window of the soul is closed how can we open them back up?

Audience female member: Fight and make up. Laughing.

JJ: It is funny after a big fight you will have the most passionate love making and some of the most intense sharing and that is because you got it out of your system, all the things that were bothering you and for a while you are going to start looking for the good again. I shared this with most of you before that when Artie and I reach an impasse what we do is we look into each other’s eyes and say I love you three times. When you do that it just melts negativity away. Sometimes she will come to me and want to do this and sometimes I will go to her but it is funny because sometimes the other person does not want to do it very badly.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: So I will come to her and say Artie now look at me and say I love you, and she will say it very fast and not with much heart, “I love you.” I’ll say no that does not count because you have to say it like you mean it three times.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: As a matter of fact Artie has been listening to a tape by Anthony Robbins about getting in state. Like a person comes to him and he talks in a very low and very slow voice saying the he came in because he was depressed and he has low energy and I know you are a person that handles things like this and I want you to help me. And Anthony Robbins goes well, allow me to talk like you for a minute so he tells him in a low and slow voice, yes I think maybe I can help you and he says I am depressed too! I talk like you and I get depressed!

He says now what you need to do is change the way that you talk and you will change the way that you feel. Then he had the guy show a little enthusiasm and he told him how to speak and the guy perked up and by the end of the session the guy was healed. That changed his state. The TMers are really famous for this and I do not know why but those that I have met they all talk like this, (Low and slow voice) Yes I am very much at peace with myself and I have found the inner self and I can share with you what I have and I think, do I really want this!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I believe in meditation but not meditating so much that you have forgotten how to be alive. Okay so love is really an attraction of one entity toward another and the interesting thing is whether or not love is eternal because they say that anything that is two or more is not eternal as many philosophers have told us and love only exists in duality.

Audience: How about if they become one.

JJ: Well if it is just one, one cannot love itself and there is nothing to be attracted to. If you are just in that eternal void where is nothing, the no thing then what is there to be attracted to. God had to multiply Himself so He could be attracted to His reflections and His reflections attracted to each other and this is love, love is the attractive force bringing us back to oneness. But when we are at oneness love is no longer there. So is love eternal or not?

Here is what I submit; love is eternal and it is not eternal. Depends on how you look at it. Love is not eternal in the aspect that eventually the two attractive entities will merge and become one and so when they become one they will no longer have there attractive force and without their attractive force there will be no love and there will also be no light because light is caused by polarities also.

On the other hand the dualities are eternal in the fact that duality keeps manifesting again and again so love is eternal in the aspect that it goes to sleep and the awakens and then it goes to sleep and then awakens. It is like creation, the universe will someday fade away and be created again by another black hole but it keeps fading away and disintegrating after billions of years and then it comes back and then it disintegrates and goes back to the source and then it comes back and this process goes on eternally, so because duality keeps manifesting again and again and again and never had a beginning to its manifestation and will never have an end. That means that love is eternal. So love will always exist in one manifestation or another – like night and day – when we go to sleep and then wake up. Everything goes to sleep at some point and then wakes up again and comes back. Creation itself goes to sleep and then it comes back again.

Audience: Bringing that back to humans then, do we love each other eternally?

Audience: If we choose to I would suspect.

JJ: Yes but in different ways; we keep manifesting in different ways and in our different types of manifestations we really learn love all over again but on a higher plane. When the universe recreates again you and I will be there somewhere somehow, maybe even on different systems but wherever we are we will be learning to love in a way that we have not learned here. There is one thing that I believe a lot of the philosophers are wrong on and that is that many of them say that the universe repeats the same pattern again and again forever. I do not believe this, I believe it is like on a spiral that whenever there is a new creation everything is patterned a lot like what happened in history but by an increased vibration and an increased sphere of learning and new elements are entered into it.

In the Bible it says Behold “I do all things new I create a new heaven and a new earth.” When there is a new creation there is a new type of learning. Now most of us here believe in reincarnation and in each life you learn something totally new that you never learned in any other life before. When the universe dissolves and a new universe is created there will be new elements added and new types of vibrations so that when we are incarnated in this new universe we are going to learn things that are not available to us here. Then in the universe after that there will be still newer twists with newer elements added. And because there are an infinite number of points in the universe there will never be an end to our experiences. This is very fascinating to contemplate.

Here is a question that many of the philosophers have pondered over the ages; have we progressed through the various kingdoms, the mineral, the animal, human and God kingdom and so on. What is the story behind this? In the east where they believe in reincarnation many of them believe that we started out as a mineral, then we progressed to a vegetable and then we progressed to a lower animal then a higher animal and then we became human beings. Even in some esoteric writings including Madame Blavatsky intelligent as she is, she said every atom would become a human being. In other words, many metaphysical people believe that we progressed up from an atom up through the mineral kingdom and so on until we became human beings. But when you look at it; it does not make a lot of sense. For one thing have you ever figured up how many atoms are in your own body? There are trillions of atoms just in your own body and if each one them became a human being there would be enough to populate almost half of the galaxy and think of how many atoms there are on this planet, trillions upon trillions upon trillions. So that never did make a lot of sense to me.

When I wrote the molecular relationship it dawned on me on how everything is put together. New is created not by any point evolving into bigger things but by the tiny points uniting with other points and creating something greater than them selves. In other words you have two atoms of hydrogen bonding with one atom of oxygen and this produces water. Now the interesting thing about water is that it is totally different than either hydrogen or oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen by themselves and if liquefied produce rocket fuel that took men to the moon and rocket fuel is a lot different than water. One is extremely unstable and the other is extremely stable.

When hydrogen and oxygen bond together to produce water the hydrogen atoms maintain their identity and at any time using the right methods the hydrogen can be separated to its original state. So the hydrogen and oxygen can be separate entities again if that is what they so choose or that is the direction that they go. But because water is a much more stable compound they will stay in that condition for millions of years. For want of a better word they enjoy being together and more importantly they benefit the world of form by being together.

So the atom of hydrogen by itself did not become water but two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen joined together to produce H2O or water. The one atom of hydrogen did not evolve into water but the group formation evolved into water. This is the principle behind the lower becoming the higher. When the hydrogen atom joined with other elements to become water it then was like it was water. In other words its consciousness extended throughout the whole molecule so it had the consciousness of water and the hydrogen could then say I am water but I am also hydrogen. This is the way it is with us when we join with God and have a oneness with God. I am still JJ but I am also God. The drop of water joins with a wave and it is still a drop of water but it is also a wave.

Audience: When these people do have these spiritual experiences they tend to think it is a unique thing and it is not and this may be why they think that they are actually God, the Holy Ghost or whatever.

JJ: That is an excellent point. People will have a spiritual experience and it is to their detriment because instead of really examining the experience it will affect their ego to the point that it makes them think they have achieved the ultimate and they think they do not have any farther to go. Now they have to tell everybody else how to do it and yet still they are just infants as far as their progression and but they don’t know this. So that is a really good point. We progress through the elements in this way. There are various parts of us that joined together a long time ago to produce water, carbon, different compounds and then they merged and eventually became living and produced one celled organisms, but that little hydrogen atom participating in the living cell and that little atom of oxygen did not become a living cell but is now part of the living and as part of the living cell it can now say I am the cell.

Now eventually the cells join and they create the vegetable kingdom and the vegetable kingdom is produced not by that little hydrogen atom. But that little hydrogen atom is not a vegetable but participated in group formation to produce the vegetable kingdom so it can share in its consciousness. Now the vegetable that is a part of the vegetable kingdom is a greater organism with a greater consciousness than the little tiny atom has by itself and eventually animals come and eat the vegetable kingdom and the various vegetables are taken in by the animal’s body and become part of it and the hydrogen atom that we originally talked about floats in there also and is therefore becomes a part of the animal and now it says “I am an animal.” So it is participating in group formation so that a higher life form can be created and it identifies with that higher life form.


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