Christmas Message 2022

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Dec 25, 2022

Christmas Message 2022

Bill turned off the TV and sat back in his chair. He had just finished watching the news on Christmas Eve and was pretty frustrated. This was supposed to be the season where we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace and messenger of love, but all around him he saw no evidence of peace or love. In the past 24 hours through television and the internet he witnessed tremendous suffering and destruction through war, gang murders, drugs, the virus along with lots of political conflict.

Rather than give a prayer of thanks this season Bill felt more like telling God off for not making this world a better place. It seemed to him that God was not doing his job and just letting chaos reign. Then the more he thought about it the more he sided with the idea that there must not even be anyone up there extending a hand to help us out.

He had enough, He looked to the skies and raised his fist and shouted: “All right God; I’ve had enough. You’re either not there or you just don’t care. The world is going to hell and the only thing your Son can be prince of here is chaos. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Bill stared upward in a moment of silence and then said with a perverse satisfaction: “I thought so. You are saying and doing nothing.” Then he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Do you hear that NOTHING! You are a nothing God!”

Bill slouched back in his chair and wept. It was as if he had lost all hope in the world as well as God. He had never felt such despair.

He just sat still for a couple moments soaking in his thoughts when at the core of his being he felt something. It seemed familiar though he was sure he had never felt it in his mortal life. He paid attention. It was some type of living vibration that seemed to bring a sense of peace that was increasing.

“What is this?” thought Bill. “In the midst of my turmoil I feel a great inner peace like I have never felt before.” He couldn’t resist putting his attention on it, and as he did he registered a clear communication.

“Focus on the peace that never fails.”

On hearing this he increased his focus and the peace increased beyond anything had felt before.

Next, he registered these words: “Take my hand.”

“Hand? What hand?” he thought.

He then looked upward and saw a cloud of light. He had the feeling that he was supposed to reach into the cloud. He did so and felt a strong grip take hold of him, which seemed to pull him right out of his body into the cloud.

Suddenly he found himself in a land of beauty beyond description standing next to a being of light. He found he could see in all directions and clearly in any distance. He could see millions of people living in peace and harmony in a land of beauty which provided for the needs of all.

“What is this place?” Bill exclaimed.

“This is the earth a thousand years from now,” came the response.

“And who are you?”

“I am that Prince of Peace that you were cursing.”

So, you are real after all? Then why do we have to wait a thousand years? Can’t you just use your powers to end suffering on earth now?

Humanity can receive guidance but freewill must be maintained or the peace and happiness you see about you cannot exist. The only way for even God to solve the problems of humanity is to take away free will and force you to do good.”

“That may not be such a bad idea,” Bill mused.

“In this vast universe every possible solution has been tried. Let us visit a planet where strong leaders took away free will in an attempt to force people to behave correctly.

Immediately, they ascended and appeared on another planet. Bill again found that he could see far distances in all directions. He saw that on this planet here were no wars and conflict was not allowed, but the people seemed depressed and the very life force of the land seemed low and lacking color.

The Prince spoke, “These people have no free will over major decisions and have not yet had the joy of overcoming and mastering their problems. All solutions seem to come from outside themselves causing them to feel as if they are drifting in a void. Come, let us visit another place.”

Again they were taken to another planet, but this one was even more beautiful than the future earth. Bill saw perfection that was beyond anything he had imagined and the people had almost godlike powers. If they needed to travel a thousand miles they could just think themselves there and everyone communicated with an advanced telepathy where misunderstanding was impossible.

“What a terrific place,” said Bill.

“But it was not always so,” said the Prince. In their early days they had terrible conflicts that make your present conflicts seem mild. But they endured and became masters of the situation and solved their problems. These efforts through free will opened the door to the joyful living experience they now have. The previous civilization we visited is about the same age but the tight controls limited their progress. Which would you prefer for results; the previous world or this one?

“This one, of course,” said Bill. “I see now that the struggle and solving our own problems may be a necessary step if real progression is to be obtained.

“Yes,” came the reply. “Consider the lesson of the caterpillar. If we try and help it break free from its cocoon it will die. It needs the struggle to gain the strength to turn into a beautiful butterfly. Even so, humanity has its problems, but they need the struggle to transform the earth and its people into a place of wonderful existence. I’ve shown you these things to give you hope that you can share with others. You can make a much greater difference than you realize, so go forth my friend and do your part.”

Immediately, Bill was back in his body, sitting in his chair. He still felt a residual peace from the experience. He now saw that all his doubt and complaining just added to earth’s problems and he made the determination that from this point on he was going to do his part to make the world a better place. It wouldn’t be easy but that view of the earth 1000 years from now gave him the faith he needed.


Christmas Message, 2021

This entry is part 26 of 27 in the series Christmas Messages

Christmas Message, 2021
The Birth of Christ

I sat in silent thought as I contemplated my yearly Christmas message to the group. I focused within and asked the Holy Presence, “What words would you have me give to a divided world that is so full of fear and animosity?”

After a period of silence, the words of Spirit, love and light came:

Tell them to not only look within but listen within and hear my voice. Hear the words I spoke to the disciples when their hearts were troubled:

“Fear not. It is I. Peace be unto you. Not peace as is known in the world, but as realized by the Son of God that rests deep within every human heart.”

Tell them I am here. I stand at the door and wait, but each individual must open the door and journey out of the past into my presence in the Eternal Now. The journey has no distance in time or space but there are barriers that must be removed. Each can discover these barriers if they will honestly look within and seek My Voice to guide them.

Many there are who have heard My Voice calling them to peace and communion, but they rejected the Presence because of fear or unbelief. Behold, my voice calls to every individual in every time, every place and every condition, but few respond. Many there are who are fearful, unbelieving and plagued with guilt, pain and downcast thoughts. But let the message be that I am available to all: to the mighty and the weak, the rich and the poor, the despised and the honored. You are all children of the same God and all are welcome. Tell them to just listen for my voice and know that it is I.

This Christmas the world again celebrates my birth among the children of men 2000 years ago. It is good that their thoughts are directed to goodwill, giving and cheerfulness more than usual, but my birth could mean so much more than this. Instead of celebrating my birth in ancient times let the celebration be a birth of your own.

My life was the result of the birth of the Christ within the heart and was an example for all to follow. If you would thus celebrate the birth of the Christ child within your own heart the Christmas spirit that I seek would manifest.

When you discover your inner connection to me and are born into the life of Christ with me you will shine a light that others will see and follow and like the passing of one candle to light others many will experience the true Christmas that I envision.

Verily the day will come that all will experience the birth of Christ in their hearts and the Mass of Christ will be eternal.

Yes, my friend, tell them to seek the inner Voice and listen, listen in the depth of the great silence, hear my voice, “It is I. Be not afraid. I am with you always. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”

Dec 25, 2021

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The Principles of Discovery

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The Principles of Discovery

Since most of us do not have any supernatural ability to discover truth what then are the tools available for the typical seeker who is seek

ing to discern truth from error? This  video series examines the principles of discovery that available to all of us.

Principles of Discovery, Class 1
Examining principles that will aid the seeker in finding and verifying truth.

Principles of Discovery, Class 2
The importance of admitting error and a willingness to change

Questions and Answers, Part 1

Principles of Discovery, Class 3
Staying in harmony with reason and common sense.

Principles of Discovery, Class 4
Discussing Principles 5, 6 & 7. Gathering Correct information, the process of elimination and using proven authorities.

Questions and Answers, Part 2 
Life after Death and More.

Questions and Answers, Part 3
Initiates from Lemuria and more

Principles of Discovery, Class 5
How emotions distort truth and how this problem can be corrected.

Principles of Discovery, Class 6
Are you open minded?

Principles of Discovery, Class 7
Applying teachings and asking questions to discover truth

Principles of Discovery, Class 8
Using the Law of Correspondences and understanding key numbers.

Principles of Discovery, Class 9
How Principles Can Lead to Truth

Principles of Discovery, Class 10
Finding truth where others refuse to look

Principles of Discovery, Class 11
Finding Truth by Focusing on Truth

Principles of Discovery, Class 12
Final Steps in Discovering Truth

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Gathering Audio, 2021

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JJ Presents the 12 Keys of Knowledge

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Gathering of Lights 2021

Gathering of Lights 2021

Special Revealing of the 12 Keys of knowledge to those who make the effort to come this year

This year’s Gathering will be in LaVerkin Utah, which is close to the beautiful Zion’s National Park. The Gathering will start Thursday, Sept 9 at 6 pm (after checking in a few hours earlier) and we will check out Monday morning on Sept 13.

This year we have an extra treat for those readers of The Immortal who make the effort to come despite the virus.

JJ will reveal the remainder of all the 12 Keys of Knowledge. Seven so far have been revealed in the books and at gatherings with five more to go.

JJ will also present highlights from his new book “The Mysteries of A Course in Miracles.” This Course presents a different perspective than that held by many esoteric teachers but it covers some overlooked principles and mysteries.

In addition we will have group meditations designed to reach a spiritual high as well as healing ceremonies.

There are two groups of lodgings available. The first group consists of four cottages we have reserved that are 1000 square feet each. Each one has two private bedrooms, each with a private bath. Each bedroom has a kingsize bed as well as a single daybed, so each cottage can sleep 6, or three in each bedroom. Couples wanting their privacy may want just the two of them in a bedroom.

The cottages have a fully-stocked kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher; a clothes washer/dryer; a dining area; a living room with TV and internet connection; and outdoor patio with a large grill.

The cost for use of 1 bedroom/bath and shared use of the rest of the cottage will be a total cost of $595.00 for 4 nights, whether one, two or three people use the bedroom. When reserving, you’ll need to tell us who is in your group and full pre-payment is required to reserve it on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here is a graphic showing the cottages

The second group of lodgings we have reserved are 3 bunkhouses that have 2 units each, separated by a connecting door. Four units have 1 king bed and one 2-person bunkbed, 1 unit has two 2-person bunkbeds (sleeps 4), and 1 unit has 2 king beds. While they lack a kitchen and living room, these units have a full bathroom, TV, a propane and charcoal grill, toaster, crock pot, and other amenities such as a hairdryer, coffee maker, blender, cooler, rice cooker, microwave, full refrigerator, A/C, heat and WiFi.

Each bunkhouse unit can sleep 4, but we will require only three people per unit so no one has to share a bed. The price for staying in a bunkhouse unit will be $240.00 per person for 4 nights. Plan on staying with two others in the unit.

Here is a graphic showing the bunk houses

All prices include cleaning fees for the lodgings and the cost of the 4-day Gathering seminar. The cost of food is not covered. Damage deposits are not charged because they are refundable, and we know everyone will leave their lodging as they found it, right?? All rooms will be disinfected for bacteria and viruses prior to your stay.

As for payments to us through PayPal, after choosing “Send Money”and indicating how much and who you want to send the money to, please choose “Sending to a friend”. In doing so, we don’t lose a portion of your payment to PayPal fees. If you have any technical problems with this option, please contact Artie at

If you need to pay with a credit card let us know and we’ll send you an invoice that you can pay with any standard card.

If you provide your own lodgings, the cost will be $100 per person or $180 for a couple.

Artie and JJ will be staying in an apartment about a mile away where we will hold our indoor meetings. If the weather is not too hot, we may also hold part of the meetings in the spacious lawn area by the lodgings.

Please note that car rentals from the airports may be limited due to agencies selling their cars due to limited travel during the pandemic, but hopefully by September this will not be the case. We also hear there has been some scams by fake rental agencies, so be careful in making your reservation.

We look forward to seeing all of you in the flesh again. There are always good times to be had among like-minded people.

To reserve a place or to ask questions email or call 208-371-7719 and ask for Artie or JJ.

The time is getting short so please register in as soon as possible as we have to know how many lodgings to hold in reservation. If you register after Aug 25 we may or may not be able to provide lodgings. Those who register late may have to stay in a nearby motel if additional lodgings are no longer available.

Dimensions of Freedom

Dimensions of Freedom

I posted this meme a couple days ago which generated quite a bit of comment and questions.

“They who cannot feed, clothe and house themselves and loved ones are not free.”

This received a variety of response largely because people have different views of what freedom is. The odd thing about freedom is that everyone thinks they are for it. Hitler claimed he was fighting for freedom as did the American South who fought for freedom to own slaves. They saw slavery as a win-win. They thought the blacks were better off being slaves and the masters had more freedom because of their benefits from the slave labor. If you look far and wide you probably cannot find one person who will admit to being against freedom.

Therefore, when one speaks of freedom he should define the terms involved. As with all ideas both extremes do not work. Most realize that tyrannies where the populace is strictly controlled is not desirable.

But the other extreme is also not desirable, for a situation of anarchy evolves into tyranny. For instance, if the burglar has freedom to come into your home and take what he wants with impunity then his unchecked freedom diminishes the freedom for the whole.

The desirable point is what I call maximum freedom. This acknowledges that the more freedom we have as a society the better off we are and the goal is to create situations where laws, government, business and social activities are efficient so the maximum amount of freedom is had by all.

Now some think that maximum freedom would materialize if our government would just follow the Constitution and honor the Bill of Rights. That would certainly help as a number of rights are under assault, including the most important of all – free speech.

So yes, for maximum freedom the most just constitutional and civil laws are a prime ingredient.

So, does this mean that all who live under an idealistic legal system are enjoying maximum freedom?

Not quite.

Two other main items influence our freedom. The first is our own minds. Even more than government our own minds create prison walls for us. Hitler realized this when he said this:

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

Even so, one can live in a country with just laws and abundance, but if his mind is held captive to some outside authority that says life is bad for him he will not be able to enjoy the fruits of his society but will be held prisoner by his own adoptive belief system.

The mind above all things determine how much freedom we enjoy for all decisions we made in the past determine our circumstances today and decisions today affect the freedoms we will enjoy tomorrow.

The other thing that determines our freedom is our circumstances. That said we acknowledge that current circumstances are based on past decisions . This includes our unequal beginnings at birth for even this was determined by decisions and actions made in past lives.

Even so, it is a definite fact that some find themselves born into situations where more or less freedom is available.

For instance, one who is born blind is much more restricted in his freedom than one with good sight. One who is born with very strict parents has less freedom than liberal ones. One who is born in North Korea has much less freedom than someone in Switzerland.

In addition, our own mistakes or even what appears to be bad luck affects our freedom. Say a person runs a stop sign, has an accident and is a paraplegic for life. His dumb unintentional mistake stripped him of his most basic freedoms for life, even if he lives in the freest society on the planet.

Others make bad financial investments, get laid off their jobs or have problems that strip them of all their money and resources. They are often in the situation mentioned in my meme

“They who cannot feed, clothe and house themselves and loved ones are not free.”

It doesn’t matter if you are in the freest country on earth, or if the situation was your own fault or something else, this is a situation where maximum freedom is not possible – at least until the situation changes.

If you are extremely limited in funds you have limited freedom to buy food, clothing housing etc. Having enough material goods to sustain needs is a basic ingredient for maximum freedom.

Therefore, the lover of freedom will not only fight for good civil government but also to improve situations to benefit the less fortunate.

Now many feel that it is fine to take away freedom by force from those who have abundance to help those in need often even quoting Jesus on this idea.

But Jesus only advocated helping others through free will. He never advocated forcefully taking money from the rich to give to the poor but encouraged those with abundance to give though their own free will.

Even so, will true freedom lovers in this day do what they can through free will to help those who need assistance enjoy maximum freedom.

June  3, 2021

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 19

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 19
Understanding Creation

We forgot to have Anni show us how the other rays shop.

Anni: The fourth ray person walks into the shop. He sees it like a fairy tale. “Look at all the colors. They’re pretty. Look at this shape. Wow, they’re pretty too. What do I really want? That’s one is cool. I want the red one I think but that’s pink and red. That’s even better!” So he walks around enjoying the beauty of it all, the colors, the shapes. He really enjoys looking at it all. He can be very charming and talk to the sales clerk and have a good time or depending on his mood he could just say, “Okay that’s what I want. That one there. Don’t talk to me. Just give me what I want.”

JJ: Anni, I think every woman on earth is a fourth ray shopper! (Laughter)

Anni: It would be very different if I was a fifth ray person coming into a shop. Whenever I come in I know exactly what I want. So I’m coming into the shop and giving the clerk a real hard time. “What do you have? I’d like to see white shirts. What material is it? Is it washable? Can it be dried in the machine? Do you have it in other colors? How long will it hold out? Will I need to replace the buttons or put in new zippers?” They’ll ask everything. They make their choice based on facts. They can make the shop assistant go crazy. They want everything exactly right. They count their change and make sure it’s right. They know how to shop.

Audience: What would happen if the fourth ray didn’t get the right change back?

Anni: He probably wouldn’t notice because his attention is on the colors and shapes. The sixth ray person would come into the shop much like the fourth ray person. He really likes the warm colors. They can be really influenced by color just like the fourth ray. If the shop assistant really wanted to sell something he could by saying, “I know what you want. See this one? It’s a warm color.” “Do you think it’s a good one for me? Okay! I’ll take it.” They can be influenced easily by other people and appetizing colors and things like that. They might even buy something that’s totally not what they wanted. They might buy some pants even if they have seventy pairs at home and don’t need any, just because they appeal to them.

The seventh ray person would want it to be perfect. They’d come into the shop wanting the perfect thing and being very self assured and confident. They’ll be almost like the first ray acting majestic. Seldom will they talk about price. They don’t care about price as long as they get what they really want, the perfect thing that fits all their needs. (Applause!)

JJ: I’ve had several questions asked of me. Rose Marie brought up the knowledge of God. Several were rather perplexed by the idea that maybe God doesn’t know everything. The greatest minds that we’ve had go into a state where they know nothing in order to know something. Einstein and Edison and the great thinkers did this.

They were all absent minded. Absent minded technically means absent of the mind, but it’s actually absence of the lower mind. Sometimes Einstein would go for a walk and he’d often get so involved in his meditation on what he was thinking that he would get lost and not know where he was, and he would have a hard time finding his way back home. He was what we call absent minded. We hear the term absent minded professors. Many great thinkers go into this absence of the lower mind and go into a state where they know nothing in order to retrieve principles. The language of the Holy Spirit is the language of principles. So in reality, from a way of looking at it from pure data, the Holy Spirit doesn’t really know anything, but it knows principles.

Let’s compare us to a slug. We don’t really know anything about the slug’s world but our knowledge is much higher than that of the slug. Just as we’re thinking on a much higher level so are the higher lives whose language is the language of principles where they can communicate principles in an instant, which is equal to thousands of pieces of data. They communicate without knowing anything about the data because they don’t need to know the data. They only need to know the principle. So when the principle is communicated by the higher lives, the lower type of knowledge isn’t even necessary but the lower type of knowledge can be discovered if it’s important. When a principle is communicated to us we can translate that principle into a language we can understand by explaining it with a lot of data. The higher lives don’t have to do that.

The orthodox way of looking at it is that God has everything planned out. He’s got what you’re going to do the next minute worked out and he’s got the next century planned. He’s got everything planned so nothing really surprises God. That’s not quite the way it works. Who are the gods? Jesus said, “You are gods” didn’t he? So who is working out the plan? We are. Are we perfect? No, we’re not perfect. An interesting thing about the way the plan works out is that the attention of God is on one place in our universe at a time. It has shifted from the lower universe to the higher universe.

The lower universe is composed of all the cells in our body, the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles. They are all working on automatic pilot because all the problems within them have been solved. Once the problems are solved it works like a computer program. When the computer program is being created, it takes a lot of attention and intelligence to make it work. You need to focus but when you create the program do you need to continue to think about it? No. So every atom of hydrogen in the universe, whether it be galaxies far away or planets near or right in front of us, they’re all the same and they all operate on the same principle, the same way because all the problems that govern that atom of hydrogen have been solved. So it operates on thousands of little computer programs governing the electrons and the proton in the center. The quarks within the proton and the particles within the quarks, are all governed by computer programs written within them and controlling the whole thing. The whole universe is governed by miniature computer programs that have been written by the intelligence of God.

Who’s writing the new computer program for the universe? We are actually writing the new computer programs. They are now in the process of being written. Even God Himself doesn’t know how it’s being written because we are the gods who are writing them. The intelligence of God is now manifesting in humanity, wherever they are. Human life, wherever it is in the universe, whether it’s on earth, another star system or another galaxy, everywhere throughout the universe there is intelligent life, like us, writing the computer programs that are changing the universe. We write the new computer programs and perfect them. Once they are perfected we turn off our attention and move to the next computer program to be written. We continue to do that.

This is how the process of creation works in this physical reality. It’s exciting when you think about it. It’s the opposite of what most people think – that is we’re supposed to sit back and let God do it. However God’s job is to sit back and let us do it. It’s reversed. I’ve often said that if you want to find the truth of something, look at what everybody believes, then look at the opposite. When you look at the opposite you’ll often find that that’s where the truth is. What does everyone think? They think God knows everything and has everything planned out whereas the opposite is true. He doesn’t know anything and has nothing planned out. But He has a goal. He knows the end from the beginning.

When you write a computer program you know what you want it to do but you don’t know how to do it yet. That’s the situation God is in. He knows what He wants to accomplish but He doesn’t know how to do it yet. He’s reflected his intelligence through us to accomplish the job.

We are in the image of God. He’s reflected Himself in us and as His reflections we are doing the work. We are moving toward the final goal which is totally opposite of the way people tend to think things work.

Think. If the orthodox version is correct and if God has everything planned out then He knows when you’re going to snap your fingers next, He knows what all the future computer programs will be and He knows what all the future solutions will be. What in the world are we doing here then? If He already knows it all He doesn’t need us. To know anything intelligence has to reflect itself down into the world of form so everything it knows is related to form. The pure consciousness of God is not in form. Therefore He cannot know anything. For there to be knowledge, He has to reflect Himself down to us. Knowledge is only available to us. God doesn’t even need it. When you think of knowledge it always involves some form, like Boise is the capitol of Idaho. The pure essence of God doesn’t need to know that. It has nothing to do with where He is going.

Audience: But much of the knowledge we’re going through, He has known.

JJ: The lives that are here know that. We are fulfilling the plans of God. In one way God knows everything and in another way He doesn’t know everything. Jesus said, “God knows when the sparrow will fall.” The reason He knows when the sparrow will fall is because the spirit of God is within the sparrow and the consciousness of the sparrow is aware of his falling. The consciousness of the sparrow is aware of his falling thus God is aware, because we are all a part of God. So God does know things. He knows everything you’re doing because you know everything you are doing since you are an image of God. That’s how God knows everything.

March 11, 2004

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Group Synthesis, Part 13

Group Synthesis, Part 13
Group Cooperation

DK told us that “Unselfish people are not rare. Unselfish groups are very rare.”

We could also say this about group cooperation. “Cooperation among individuals is not rare but it is very rare that established groups cooperate with each other.” It may be quite appropriate to compare it to attempting to herd cats.

One must keep in mind that there are two types of group cooperation. There is that which occurs on the subtle levels and then the objective. The subtle or inner levels cannot be measured by any standard means but DK indicates that it is more pervasive than the objective levels for that which materializes in the physical always first manifests in the spiritual realms.

He gives an interesting reason why there is cooperation on the inner planes:

“The basis of the possible success of such an effort (group cooperation) consists in the fact that within each group are always to be found members of the New Group of World Servers. Upon this fact we can count, and we can depend upon the strength of the inner integration, produced by these synthesizing “points of contact.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 727

All members of The New Group of World Servers have a reasonable spirit of cooperation, but not all members of spiritual groups are composed of them. There is always a percentage who focus more on personality issues and self-serving agendas than for the good of the whole.

Fortunately a large number of the The New Group of World Servers is not essential:

“This (inner group connection) becomes always possible where there are three members of the New Group of World Servers found in any one exoteric group; it then becomes “linked by a triple thread of golden light” to the New Group of World Servers, and can in some measure be used.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Pages 196-197

Those servers in each group who see beyond the lower issues must become the norm:

“Only as servers cooperate from the standpoint of an inner subjective linking can a united world be carried forward. … the inner relationships and cooperation Must be established and developed, in spite of the outer divergences of opinion.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 106

Whereas the outer group has resistance to cooperation because of the laggards, this resistance is bypassed by the The New Group of World Server members who telepathically connect with other groups on subtle planes. As these connections grow the pressure on the outer groups toward cooperation will grow until it finally reaches a critical mass and manifests.

This pressure has grown in the past few decades and as we enter the Aquarian Age it becomes only a matter of time before we see outer results. DK sets the standard:

“They will and should become a strong united body in the outer world. The test will then be to hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjective relationships and, at the same time, pursue the work in the world with united, intelligent effort and with success.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 660

Even though DK s tresses united goals and work he does not support the idea of all groups merging into one for he says: “A super-organisation which emphasises unity is the last thing to be desired; a multiplicity of living organisms held loosely together by cooperation, constant communication and possessing identity of goal and of purpose is what the world needs today.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 458

The work of the Spiritual Hierarchy sets the example for us. Instead of being one large authoritarian supergroup they are composed of many small groups (ashrams) dedicated to different work according to ray quality but united in support of the One Great Work.

Spiritual groups must do the same:

“The groups are intended to work together eventually just as the various departments of a great organisation work effectively together as a unit. They must function smoothly and intelligently within themselves and also in their inter-relation with each other. This will become possible when the individual members in the groups and the individual groups of disciples lose sight of their own identities in an effort to make this hierarchical work possible.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Pages 42-43

The basic plan then is that there be many spiritual groups but that they advance in consciousness so they instead of merely working as isolated units that they will unite on essential goals and activities that will benefit the world as well as themselves.

Here he gives a good first step for the Aquarian Age:

“Because where a group is involved and the members are very intelligent, through their questionings they could make much progress in learning to know and understand each other. Threads of intercourse could be set up which would link them more closely together.” Esoteric Healing, Page 306

Indeed, the sharing of group resources could be of great benefit to the spiritual community but most groups are very protective of their members and assists feeling that sharing may diminish their authority. Nevertheless DK gives this encouragement:

“The many who are working in isolated fashion in the various fields of human endeavour (political, religious, scientific and economic), must be brought into touch with each other, and thus made to realise their essential unity. … First, they must discover each other and be in touch with each other. Thus the sense of weakness and of futility will be offset. This is the first duty and task of the New Group of World Servers. … The men of good will in every country must be discovered, and all who respond to these ideals must be gathered together through mailing lists. Their cooperation must be sought and systematised.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 669

DK emphasized a number of times the importance of groups, not just getting in touch with each other, but actually sharing mailing lists. Going so far as to sharing such lists is almost unheard of among any type of groups. Membership roles are a closely guarded secret by most.

This has somewhat changed though with the internet and the widespread presence of groups there. On Facebook, the largest host of group work, the member lists are easily accessible. Though leaders are still extra protective of their flock many of like interest can now get in touch with each other where in previous generations this was only a dream.

This extra power of group members to cross barriers and communicate has not led to an equal outreach of the groups themselves. This dismantling of barriers between groups is a work that the The New Group of World Servers will have to address in the coming generation.

When barriers are sufficiently weakened and greater interplay is set up then this goal set By DK may be realized:

“A central group, chosen from among them, should synthesise this work and coordinate it, whilst giving the widest latitude to individual servers and workers.” Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2, Page 669

As noted earlier he is against supergroups wielding authoritarian power but does look forward to the day when groups will be cooperative enough that they can come under the umbrella of a coordinate effort to accomplish a greater good that cannot be done by isolated units.

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A Prime Ingredient of Goodwill

A Prime Ingredient of Goodwill

We have recently introduced the Declaration of Goodwill and are in the process of fine tuning it before we promote it on a larger scale.

One of the main points emphasized that will help with goodwill is the elimination of using derogatory names thrown at each other, commonly called “name-calling.” This is emphasized because name calling is one of the prime causes of negative feelings of one person or group toward another. If this process can be significantly reduced then that alone could take us half way to reasonable goodwill.

First, let us clarify what is meant by negative name calling. Quite simply it is this: A name or description of another to which the person does not identify with and feels insulted at being called such. The name called has intention to insult and the sender is aware that the name will not be favorably accepted.

The most common of such names are liar, hypocrite, hater, racist, bigot, the N-word, homophobe… The list could go on, but the point is that few if any think the calling of these names is justified and have ill will, not goodwill, toward those who do use such names.

Just call a person a liar one time and there is a strong probability he or she will loath you for the rest of his life. You may think your accusation is correct, but the accused may see it as completely unjust and just plain mean.

Some may think we should not make a blanket rejection of name calling because there seems to be times when the person’s sin is so egregious that he deserves to be called a liar, hypocrite or whatever.

Here’s the problem with that idea. When most any person calls another a negative name he will just about always think he is justified and the guy deserves it. If we say a little is okay then the little will be turned into a lot because each person thinks his judgment is just fine. This is why negative name calling needs to be met with disapproval in all instances. There is no supreme judge as to what is justified and what is not.

Perhaps I can set the example here. Not once in my life have I resorted to name calling toward any individual far as I can remember. I have made it a policy to avoid such attacks and it has served me well.

Let us examine the most common word used in negative name calling which is probably “liar.”

The problem with this (and other name-calling) is that everyone has told some kind of lie sometime in their lives. This means you could call anyone a liar and be technically correct.

But when using the encompassing word liar in relation to an individual you are not just pointing to one or two isolated untruths, but you are categorizing the whole of the person as a liar, as if this is what he is and nothing he says should he trusted.

Maybe the lie was just a mistake, or maybe it was the first lie in years or maybe the attacker was the one mistaken and to be stereotyped as an all around liar s is always seen as an insult. Whether the person deserves it of not the attack always does more harm than good as far as the promotion of goodwill is concerned.

If you think then that another is telling a lie that needs corrected then what should you do? Should we just let the lie go unexposed and perhaps do much harm?

Of course not, but name calling is not the answer. I do not know how many times I have seen someone called a liar and I have been left to think, “I wonder what his lies were or if they are really lies.”

Just calling someone a liar or any other name does little to expose the real problem.

What then does reveal that which needs correction?

The answer (concerning a lie): A description of what is not true followed by that which is true.

For instance, suppose another says something like this: “I can’t stand that politician Bob Smith. Did you know he hates little puppies?”

Now you are very familiar with Mr. Smith and you happen to know he is an animal lover. You may be tempted to call your friend a liar, but realize it will just alienate him so you say this: “I’m familiar with Bob and know he loves dogs so I am wondering where you came up with this idea. Do you have any evidence of this?”

Now instead of feeling insulted which results in more attack your friend is forced to examine his own thoughts and there is a chance he may realize his lie.

Confronting the attacker with truth is the best means of diffusion. Most anything is better than just categorizing another as a liar as if that is all he is all the time. Simply saying “I believe that statement is a lie or not true is better than calling the person a liar for you are dealing with the statement, instead of stereotyping the person. To describe the untruth and present the truth as mentioned earlier, however, is the best approach.

The much less destructive approach of analyzing the words of an attacker rather than attacking back can be used with any type of name calling. For instance, if you see hypocrisy instead of declaring the guy a hypocrite remind him that his specific action does not seem to be in harmony with what he claims to believe.

One of the problems in applying this principle correctly is we live in an age of high sensitivity and people are offended over many things that were just passed over a generation or two ago.

The older generation will often use words they think are harmless that offends the younger generation.

Words that are unintentionally offensive are not part of the main problem. Of course, if a person offends another with a certain word and is made aware that such word is offensive then, for the cause of goodwill, he should stop using that word in relation to that individual. For instance, a trans person may be born a “he” and desire to be called a “she”. If you learn that “he” is offensive then good manners should dictate that one stop using it in identifying this person.

Negative name calling designed to be insulting, that you know will be rejected by the person attacked is a much bigger obstacle to goodwill than the many unintentional offenses that happen in daily life. If we can eliminate the intentional insults and replaced them with civil dialog we can create a major step forward in establishing goodwill on this planet.

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Dec 30, 2020

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