McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 18

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The Magic of Relationships

JJ: Today my friends we are going to talk about the magic of relationships. We just finished an interesting meditation and what we tried to do in the meditation is to bring us up higher because there is not only knowledge but many feelings in the spiritual world. There are two parts of our nature. One is associated with mind and the other associated with feeling. Often people on the esoteric path downgrade their feeling nature. The lower feeling nature does create a lot of problems for us and gets us in all kinds of dire situations – it gets us into the wrong relationships, married to the wrong people, working at the wrong job – just because we are following our passions and feelings which are often very wrong.

The Bible itself says that the heart is the most deceptive of all things. When the heart is mentioned it is implied that the heart is the lower feeling nature rather than the higher spiritual nature of the heart center. But then there are several levels of the higher feelings and the lower feelings are like a reverse reflection of the higher. When you look in a mirror, you do not see your real face. You do not see you as you look to other people. You see yourself being reversed. So you do not see your true self whenever you are shaving in the morning or doing whatever women do in the morning, I do not know what that is but I do know it takes a long time.  I have often been tempted to burst into the bathroom when Artie is in there for more than 15 minutes just to see what was taking so long.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: Who knows what goes on there, this is one of the greatest mysteries for us men. I think all women know but they do not tell us. Now where was I? That distracted me.

Audience: Higher and lower emotions.

JJ: So the emotions are often down played and rightly so because emotions are very misleading. It is like looking at a reflection in a mirror and everything is in reverse. This is why this world is caught up in illusion and therefore screwed up. We are lead by emotions and emotional people.

You will notice all the politicians appeal to the emotions rather than to reason. Every once in awhile you hear an appeal to reason but not very much, it is usually an appeal to selfishness that goes something like this: We are going to do this for you, we are going to pay for this and that for you and bring you free this and free that and so on. It is all appeal to our lower nature of feeling and selfishness. They say we are going to make you feel good about yourself. The emotional nature is reversed and everyone that teaches and governs by the emotional nature gets a lot of stuff backwards and this is why many things do not work, especially bureaucracies. Have you ever found a bureaucracy that is efficient?

No, this is because all bureaucracies are governed by the emotional nature. None of them are governed by the mind or the power of the intuitive level, but above the emotions we have the mind and the mind is able to see things with much more accuracy than the feeling nature does. But then we are told that the mind is the slayer of the real. And the reason it is the slayer of the Real is because the mind takes us so far and then the mind hits a dead end.

Larry said he was once an atheist. The atheists are some of the more intelligent people on the planet. Born again Christians look upon being an atheist as being the lowest of the lowest because they think that they are going to hell. What they do not realize is that on the spiritual scale of evolution people that often pass through atheism are often times quite evolved people because they are centered on the mind and they are trying to look at everything logically and logically they cannot prove to themselves that there is a God.

Eventually this leads to a dead end – the mind slays the real but pretty soon the atheist seems to miss the real that he has slain. So when he was born again he sensed that there was something there. It made him feel good that there was a connection and when he became an atheist he lost the real because the mind slays the real.

After the mind slays the real the person reaches a dead end and he begins to want the real to return but logically he cannot prove there is a God. Then he shifts to the higher feelings; the higher feelings are extremely accurate on the intuitive level. We have a number of levels and of great importance is pure spiritual love, which is a step above selfish love. What most people consider as love is communicated when they say “I love you,” but what they are really saying is that I can use you for my needs. That is basically what a lot of people are saying when they say, I love you. You can fill my needs and when you no longer fill my needs then my love is out the window.

How many people do we know when they first get married they are crazy in love and then a few years later they hate each other because they are no longer fulfilling their lower needs. But, when we switch to the higher level the love is still there, even if the personality level of love does not work out, the love does not change. On the higher level of love, love is always there even if the other person does not fulfill your needs you will still love him or her from one day to the next.

One thing I admire about Artie is that she is one of the few people I know who still has respect for her ex husband. He was here to visit a while back and she treated him well and she did not tell me how bad of a guy he was behind his back. Not very many people are able to do that, you can tell that she has a spiritual love for the guy and as long as it is spiritual love it does not bother me at all.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: And that is good because spiritual love does not have negative emotions connected with it, like jealousy and the desire to possess. The lower type of love does though. Now this does not mean that we discard the lower completely? What we do with the lower when we switch to the higher is we put the lower nature under our control so they are used in a constructive way. When we allow the lower to control itself, it goes into chaos and everything gets bungled and jumbled up with negativity being released causing all kinds of destructive energies to dominate. When you have two people in a relationship that are governed by the lower energies, they are going to have a very tempestuous relationship. It would be like Madonna and Sean Penn – remember that relationship? I think they were maybe soul mates on a higher level because they were so much like each other but when they got together they really clashed – because both of them, in my opinion are of the mind set of, “What can you do for me?” Both of them wanted the other one to do everything for them – both of them wanted the world to revolve around themselves and so it just did not work. Maybe another dozen lifetimes down the road they might have the ideal relationship but for now that is not the case and they just cannot really stand each other. But I felt like there was a soul connection between those two.

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Principle 54

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The Principle of Love

Many people believe that Love cannot be defined or explained. It just seems to be something that is and can be mysteriously felt, but not understood.

The truth of the matter is that anything that exists can be put in words. If it cannot then it does not exist for all things are created by the power of the Word, or vibration, and without the Word there “was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1:3)

If Love can indeed be put into words then why is it that so many insist that it cannot? There are several reasons for this.

In the majority of people Love most prominently effects the emotional body. This body does not reason, but just feels. A feeling cannot explain itself. The only way to truly understand and explain Love is to focus beyond the emotional body to the realm of the mind and above. That which is above can comprehend that which is below but that which is below cannot fully understand that which is above.

Am I saying that Love originates in the lower part of our nature? Of course not. Love originates in the divine essence of God and permeates all things. If a person has his consciousness centered in the lower nature, or the emotional/astral body, then that is where his consciousness will perceive Love. Love will be in the lower emotions, but the perception there will be distorted and even upside down.

Those who see Love from the center of emotion will feel it but not be able to explain it accurately. In the emotional world Love is turned from being unselfish to selfish. Others are Loved for what they can do for the emotionally based person. The object of Love is seen as a desirable possession.

Because of this distorted view, Love seems to be a whimsical thing, not predictable at all and certainly not something that can be explained.

Even so, the feeling generated by Love is so powerful that even the most material of humanity recognizes that Love comes from a divine source.

The problem with supplying an explanation of the principle of Love that all can embrace is that its energy descends through many spheres and densities and is seen on many different levels and experienced in numerous different ways.

Even so, it remains eternally a principle that can be expressed in the word.

What then is the principle behind Love?

Actually, the answer is very simple for the workings of all core principles are simple. A principle is the simplest essence of a thing that explains the whole.

In the beginning was the One that multiplied Itself and became the many. In the end, the many unite and merge and again become the One. Love is that force which draws the many back to their source so they eventually become the one and enter into the great rest of God — pralaya.

Love can only exist when there is more than one life. It is the attraction of one life towards another life with the immediate goal of union and the ultimate goal of going back to the One Source. It only manifests in the many. When the many return to the One then Love enters a state of rest for there is no longer the many to be pulled into the One.

One of the reasons that God made the many was to experience Love. In oneness there is peace, but not Love. Love needs the duality of two or more to be felt and express itself. When the many are drawn into the One then there is no form to supply a vehicle of expression for Love. During the great rest between creations, Love remains as an idea in the eternal mind of God, always awaiting opportunity for a new creation that will allow a fuller expression than before.

In our world the seeker first learns about the magnetic pull of Love toward union through his emotional self. He eventually transcends selfishness and catches a glimpse of the heart of God and sees Love from the vantage point of unselfish giving of himself to advance the purpose of the many merging toward the Source, the One.

This view of love is different that seen by most religious teachers.

One of the limitations of the scriptures and religious teachings is that they deal with the effect of love and not the principle.

The principle of love is part of our very nature so when anyone feels it there is a knowing, even among those who are not spiritually evolved.

Religious teachings encourage acts that manifest love, but they do not tell us what love is.

Perhaps the best statement of Jesus illustrating the actual principle was found in these words:

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. This he said, signifying what death he should die.” (John 12:32-33)

What was he saying here? He was telling us that His crucifixion that would lift Him up was going to be a great act of love that would draw all men to Him.

That power that pulls the many into the one is the principle behind love. That principle is a magnetic pull that draws us back to our source. It pulls the many back to the one and causes the divided to be a unity.

When you fall romantically in love with someone what do you want to do? You are magnetically drawn to this person and want to be as close as possible. When one falls in love he or she wants to be together not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When people first fall in love they sometimes can’t get close enough and almost wish they could share the same body together.

When two friends share a non-romantic spiritual love they will also be drawn to each other and enjoy sharing and unifying in all ways except with romantic and sexual energy.

In all cases love creates a magnetic force that draws two or more toward a center.

When this is understood then love can be seen as something greater than just a mysterious feeling. When it is understood as a principle then it can be applied with greater intelligence. When not understood, but just seen as a feeling then that feeling is often applied incorrectly so the end result frustrates the power of love and more division is the result than is unity.

When applied correctly the seeker will use his power of judgment to use this energy to find those who are on the same level of the love vibration as himself and unite with them. Those on a different vibration are tested to see which areas of feeling respond to a similar love vibration as his own. When similarities of acceptance to the love vibration are found then the seeds of love can be planted even in two people who do not think and feel alike.

A fullness of sharing and unity requires the two to look beyond differences and personality to the world of the soul. Unfortunately two people who can do this consistently are rare. But the good news is that love is increasingly streaming forth into the hearts of men and the application of this principle is on the increase.

If we do not bomb ourselves back into the Stone Age, then within 150-200 years from now the brotherhood and love among humanity will be greatly increased to the extent that the new age will become a reality.

“Love thy neighbour as yourself, but choose your neighbourhood.”

— Louise Beal

Copyright by J J Dewey 2015

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