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1  The process of seeing is accomplished through the discernment of differences or contrast and this principle of seeing operates on all levels.

2  Seeing the present would be the same thing as making time stand still.

3  To see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling.

4  Our attention is placed on the personality when we focus on the faults and imperfections of others. Energy is then centered on the illusion of imperfection and we cannot see the perfected One God in others or ourselves.

5  Just because someone claims to see with some supernormal vision does not mean that he either sees accurately or interprets accurately.

6  To see into the aura or etheric matter of another you must first look through your own.

7  To understand the higher one must see both the lower and the higher and let light be shed through the principle of contrasts which is the principle behind vision.

8  When a Master looks up in the sky that instead of seeing twinkling stars that he sees a sky full of brilliant light of which most of us are oblivious.

9  Actually it is easier to see a dark cloud over a depressed person, or one who has rejected light than it is to see the light of one who is in high vibration. Use yourself as a subject by looking at yourself in the mirror for the mirror does reflect the astral light.

10  Unfortunately when something higher than a person’s ideal is presented, the individual cannot recognize it unless he elevates his thoughts, and unless he does this, the person will stand in absolute blindness when faced with the greater reality–blindness so great that nothing from without can penetrate it.

11  Seeing the unity and oneness of all life and forms is good and true, but seeing sameness where there is no sameness is illusion and the source of many problems we experience in our society today.

12  Light is only realized where contrast casts a shadow. Without the shadow there is no vision. Even higher vision is created with the contrast of the greater light against the lesser light.

13  If you look through my eyes, as I look through the Christ in the Oneness Principle, you would embrace each other and cry tears of joy and the memory of your differences would flee your minds.

14  All the worlds you see in the sky at night are of a telestial order. The higher worlds are in a light beyond normal vision.

15  Light can become darkness and that which was darkness can become light and the interplay of the two produces vision.

16  The true Seer can by a shifting of his attention have the power to see in the higher as well as the lower worlds.

17  The disciple should seek the power to discern beyond physical seeing so he can see the difference in effects from the astral and, or emotional world and the world of the soul.

18  If our attention is on one piece of doctrine or dogma then we will not see the whole picture and without seeing the whole we will never correctly decipher the part.

19  The blind man may take hold of the elephant’s trunk and think the animal is like a great hose, but he cannot appreciate the total majesty of the animal until he can see the whole of it.

20  If we are one with God then all decisions will align automatically with that Will for our vision of the perfected future will be seen through eyes of higher understanding.

21  Only one in thousands among the followers of an initiate sees the true original vision and follows the true spirit of the founding words and works.

22  If two people keep their consciousness in the present (as a little child) and refuse to let the past distort their vision they will see as one. They will both see the truth as it is happening now.

23  The same principle of contrast applies to the light of understanding as it does to regular visible light.

24  Seeing a falsehood as being false, is true seeing. Seeing a falsehood as being true is untrue or false vision.

25  What we call regular communication is subject to the Principle of Corruption, similar to what happens in the game of Chinese Whispers. This corruption can only be overcome through the seeing of principles through the eyes of the soul.

26  If two or more see the same principle through the eyes of the soul their oneness is assured.

27  The physical blind spot is merely a witness to a higher blind spot that obscures our vision.

28  In addition to seeing auras through the process of “not seeing” you can see the etheric body, the energy field that circulate around your body and the most difficult of all, the auric film which is egg shaped and circulates about an arm’s length from your body. On this film is projected various thoughts represented in geometric forms.

29  There must be contrast between light and dark for vision to manifest. Illusion must be confronted head on and the contrast between illusion and reality must interplay in order to see the two for what they are.

30  Vulcan is most probably one of those planets with no physical light as we know it, but exists in etheric matter invisible to normal seeing.

31  As the moon reflects the light of the sun it becomes visible and comes into view of the seer. Correspondingly, when we allow our soul to reflect the light of the Spirit toward our inner eyes then we see truth.

32  We find what we are looking for we must look in the right direction, the direction of soul contact, the direction of pure Spirit, not of the familiar spirit.

33  We must open our own eyes to the one authority – the Spirit of God within us.

34  Differences must be seen as they really are and then we must proceed toward unity.

35  One of the first steps to seeing on the higher levels is to go to the plane of the mind and register the contrasts and discern the truth within the contrasts by the use of the mind or good old common sense.

36  The astral zone is a testing ground to prepare you for true seeing which begins on the plane of the mind and then goes on to higher spiritual levels including higher levels of feeling.

37  The second cause of arguments is that of seeing from different levels of vision.

38  You see Christ in a person by overlooking the personality.

39  Before one can see he must first realize that his vision is impaired.

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