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Astral Details
JJ: From the bottom of the astral world to the top is a tremendous difference. At the top it is very close to the mental world. But the astral world, since half of you are Mormons is the really the terrestrial kingdom. The telestial kingdom is what?

It is this earth right here and as a matter of fact when you go the Mormon temple they say right in it that, brothers and sisters this is a lonely world the telestial kingdom the world in which we now reside. So this world and all the stars up there are all a part of the telestial kingdom. The telestial kingdom is what ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and that is how the spirit ministers us to in this world. If we are true seeker then we will feel an inward spirit come to us and that is how we are ministered to in this telestial world.

The next step up is terrestrial world and that is the astral world and most of us go there after we die. The upper parts of the astral world would be the terrestrial world and the lower parts would be what the Bible calls the spirits in prison for want of a better word. But the upper parts of the astral world are what are called heaven. The upper parts of the astral world in esoteric writings are called the Devachan. They teach that the Devachan is like a dream. In other words, everybody is having their own dreams and they are pleasant dreams and it seems real but it is a little bit like a dream world in the fact that everything is governed by the power of feeling and thought.

When you are there it seems just as real as anything. The lower part will be filled with Mormons, Methodists and so on and they will all have their individual groups and they will maintain their teaching and most of them will not believe in reincarnation. It is interesting when they did a survey among people with near death experience that about sixty percent were told there was reincarnation and about forty percent were told there was not reincarnation and that is because they went to different places. Where the regular religious people go they will be preaching the standard gospel waiting for Jesus to show up. As a matter of fact sometimes when a person dies he is really into religious teachings and there is really no place for him in the astral world then they will arrange a greeting group for them and they will also arrange kind of a play situation where he will come and meet Jesus and they will have an environment like he is expecting to have after he dies until he kind of gets used to it and then they will start explaining to him that is really not real and they will say okay we are now going to take you to the real astral world.

There are different grades of etheric matter where other different life forms live like on some planets like Venus. There are actually beings that live on Venus in higher etheric matter, not on the astral world but on higher etheric matter. But on the actual lower physical that we are in there is no life on the surface at least but there might be something in the interior.

What is different about the mental world is when you want something you create it with your mind and when you want something in the astral world you create it with your feelings. Like lets say you want an apple you feel a desire for an apple and an apple will materialize but when you are in the mental world if you want an apple then you just think an apple and an apple will materialize. They say that you do not have to eat in the spirit world but you can eat for your own enjoyment because we are so used to eating here that you can eat there also. Now another question that the book that Larry mentioned did not answer is, do they have sex there and the answer is that they do have sex but it is different than it is here and what happens is they create like a charge of energy and exchange the energy so it is not like having actual physical sex with a physical body but there is an intense feeling of sharing.

Audience: And which one is that the mental world?

That is in the astral worlds – in the higher worlds they share a consistent feeling of union without the need of sex – though a correspondence to it can be had if desired.

Audience: Yes they did this in the movie Cocoon.

JJ: Another question that many people have is what happens when a person commits suicide or gets blown up instantly or the body does catastrophically.

If a person commits suicide the general teaching is that they will sleep until they would have normally died. For instance if a person commits suicide when they are 20 and they would have normally died when they were 50, they would normally sleep in the spirit world for up to thirty years. Now I do not believe that this is a hard and fast rule but I feel that there is truth behind and they will sleep for a period of time and they will eventually be given another chance but suicide always creates karma because the person was in a terrible situation in his life or at least he thought he was and he decided to escape it. There was a lesson to learn there by facing it and he will eventually have to come back and face it again until he is finally willing to work through it rather than taking his life.

Audience: Why would they sleep during this time between taking their own life and dying a normal death?

JJ: Because energy follows thought you see and he was trying to extinguish his life, not his eternal life but the life that he would have led on the earth. I do not believe this is a hard and fast exact rule but it is a general rule with exceptions. I think many wake up earlier than their original time of death.

Also if a person dies suddenly his actually spirit body or astral body will be in a state of shock and he is actually met there by the spirit doctors who assist him in recovery. It is impossible to destroy the astral or spirit body with an explosion or car crash or something like that but the sudden death is somewhat of a shock to the system that they need a bit of rest in the spirit world before they are able to function. Now some people wonder what would happen if you had a direct hit by an atomic bomb – would that hurt your astral body? I think it would be a shock to your system but I don’t think it would destroy your astral body or do any permanent damage to it. Some people theorize that it would but I haven’t seen a teaching on it by anyone I would trust one way or another but my gut feeling is that nothing we could do here could create any permanent harm to our astral body, unless we do it ourselves through our own negligence.

Audience: What about if a physic vampire wants to pull your energy from you?

JJ: Well that drains your physical and then you recover in the astral world and you would completely recover.

Audience: What if you astral project your energy in your physical body?

JJ: If you astral project to the lowest levels of the astral you might find little devils trying to zap you of all your energy but if you go to the mid astral you would not have to worry about such entities because they will have no such power to latch on to you. But if you go to the lowest realms of the astral world then these vampire types of very selfish people can make life a hell for you after death. But all of these are temporary residences – all except for the people that are dedicated to the path of darkness and these people don’t even go to the astral world, they go to what is written in esoteric writings as the eighth sphere. This is actually a lower vibration than the actual physical. The eighth sphere in Mormon language is where the sons of perdition will go to where their being, everything that composes them begins to break down and then they are recycled in the recycling pit of God so to speak. And their soul eventually puts out a new personality and tries again to create a successful creation from the monad of the person, so that is interesting.

Audience: What is an ashram and more specifically if the Masters are incarnated in bodies on the earth right now, they have ashrams or schools that are teaching right?

JJ: An ashram is just a gathering of students around a teacher. We could call this an ashram right here – I am the teacher and you are the ashram so to speak and that is all an ashram means in the east. Now it is a risk for a Master to incarnate because he loses his memory and has to start and re-do his initiations in miniature. Sometimes he will get caught and does not quite get up to the third initiation. He gets trapped and will have to incarnate a number of times to where he has to get back to where he was before. And this is one of the reasons that the Masters are hesitant to come and work with us because it is a little bit risky. Maybe is that is why The Christ has not taken a body for over 2000 years.

Audience: But you said that He has one.

JJ: Right He has one now but He has not taken a fresh incarnation to work among us. The physical body that He is with now is probably thousands of years old. He could leave that physical body at any time and be born as a child if He decided to. He could recreate that discarded physical body again if he decided to because He is in the middle of His seventh degree initiation.

Audience: Now is this Jesus or Christ?

JJ: The Christ, Jesus is a fifth degree initiate right now and Christ is half way through His seventh. The Tibetan says an interesting thing about this and I never really thought of it until I read DK who says, “What people really don’t think about is what is going through the mind of Christ as He is contemplating His second coming.” And when he said that I thought, put yourself in His situation, people are expecting me to come in a blaze of glory and wipe out all the wicked and bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Don’t people realize how difficult this would be!

Don’t they realize how difficult it is to move things around so there is peace on earth or how ridiculous it would be to just wipe out everybody just because I think they are wicked? How am I going to manifest on the world so I can convince a substantial number of people that I have something to offer this time. Remember He only had about 120 followers last time when He was crucified.

Audience: In the Aquarian Gospel it says that Jesus, before his actual Jerusalem ministry was mingling amongst other adepts and he was contemplating that very thing.

JJ: Yes that was the interesting part of it where they all had that conference and they all gave their advice to Jesus and they said well we think if you did this it would be good. That was very interesting and He is probably doing that right now, talking amongst the other Masters thinking how He is going to pull off his Second Coming.


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6 thoughts on “Boise Gathering 2008, Part 13

  1. “The next step up is terrestrial world and that is the astral world and”……is the terrestrial…….. or from the terrestrial?

    “or the body **does catastrophically.”…….dies

    “Also if a person dies suddenly his **actually spirit body “…….actual

    ” What about if a physic vampire wants”….psychic

    “Maybe **is that is why The Christ has not taken a body for over 2000 years.”…..take out the is

  2. JJ
    If you astral project to the lowest levels of the astral you might find little devils trying to zap you of all your energy but if you go to the mid astral.

    Are these devils or demons real or are they just selfish people who have died?

  3. I have never had a vision of an afterlife e.g. I have never imagined my afterlife being something like me being a rock star or a famous person etc etc., so does that mean that when I pass over, it will be blank for me because I have no pictures of it in my head?

    Also what if one already knew before they died where and how they had failed their 3 life purposes, would they still be shown their failings in the astral realm again?

    I think that the loveliest movie that portrayed the afterlife was “What Dreams May Come”.

    Oh, and there a a few typos on this page, did you want to change them or leave them?


    1. Your afterlife will not be any more blank than your mind is now and it is certainly not blank.

      Everyone has a life review and there’s always surprises. Everyone has blind spots.

      Go ahead and post the typos here. I may delete the post after I make corrections.

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