The Intuition, Part 2

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In our far past we relied on instinct. At one time in our past lives we were tribal people and we learned to develop the instinct. We learned everything that the animals had and we took it with us and used it to the maximum and we developed it fully. Then we decided that we wanted to learn something else and to do this we dropped the instincts below the threshold of our consciousness. So where did it go?

You do not see Garrett over here taming mountain lions or anything like that. He is probably the wrong person to pick on because he is probably pretty close to nature. The thing is this, where did our instinctual powers go? And the answer is that they are still with us. And we can go back and tap into it, just like when you come across a complicated word, you can go back and tap into how to pronounce things and use that skill to sound it out. Now each of us has passed through the instinctive process so each of us has the ability to tap into the instinct as good as any native running around in the jungles, if we decide to tap into it. But the thing is a lot of us are not aware that we have passed through that and are not aware that we can go back in and tap into it.

I remember a while back, and I have not seen it lately, but there used to be these drumming clubs where men discover their manliness. Men get together and drum, apparently the people that do this say that it taps into some basic primal thing in them that they did not realize was there. We can tap into that instinct that is still there and we can still go back and retrieve it. The reason drumming brings it back is because in our past lives as natives in various places we probably did a lot of drumming and the drumming taps us into that memory and brings us back to instincts.

I remember one time I attended this meeting where this gal performed a Native American dance and as I was watching it I went into a dream state and went back into a past life where I was some type of Native myself. I thought, wow that was pretty powerful and she must have tapped into some ancient memory at the time. That was quite fascinating but all of that is below the threshold of our consciousness and we can tap into it whenever we want, but for what we are doing right now we do not need it very much.

We don’t need to rely on instinct very much to survive like some one living in the jungles or close to the earth and hunting everyday or being hunted. Instead, we need to use other resources and because of this we let the instinct pretty much go. It is not always completely gone and we feel a certain amount of instinct in things; like say we touch a hot stove and we react instinctively. Certain instincts are built into us like a computer program that we just continue to use when important. But if we do not use them frequently we just let them go. The important thing to realize is that we can let them go and bring them back whenever we want. All we have to do is pay attention to them and they can come back to us and we can use them as a tool should the need arise.

After the person develops these instincts and lets them go what is the next thing to concentrate on?

We move away from the physical instinct to the emotional self. Now as we move into the emotional realm we start using it with what we call our “gut feelings.” The gut feeling is close to being instinctual but it is kind of the bridge between instinct and psychism and so we get feelings about things and we begin to develop this side of ourselves.

Wayne from the audience: Was the choice of that shirt instinct?

JJ: Laughing, it was random! All my selections are random unless my wife picks them out for me, so you can talk to her.

So the next thing we develop is our psychic abilities and you will notice that a lot of people evolve into this as they break away from the instinct. A good example of people bridging the gap is in Haiti where they practice voodoo. So they have a lot of psychism and instinct there but as I said they are bridging the gap from the instinct to the lower psychic as they are moving from instinct to lower psychism. Next we move from the lower psychic to higher psychism and we spend a long time developing our feelings from being insensitive to the feeling world.

Now the feeling world is upside down from the real world. Have you ever looked at your self in a mirror and it really looks like you but in fact you are really reversed and it is not the way other people see you.

It is kind of funny when you see a picture of you that is not reversed you think that it looks kind of odd but when you look in a mirror you think, well that is the way I look but that is not the way other people are seeing you – your image in the mirror is reversed. The soul projects to the mind and then reflects to the emotional self as in a mirror where all is reversed.

This is why the purpose of the feeling world is not to lead us to truth but to lead us to experience. Haven’t you found that some of your greatest experiences have been when you have done something really crazy that was not logical and you look back on it and think it was a really stupid thing to do but it lead to a really interesting experience and you learned a lot. This is what the feeling world does. It takes everything and reverses it and you get a feeling about reality but you never find reality in the feeling world and this is another reason that as you develop through the feeling world you develop your psychic abilities. This is also the reason most psychics are not really very accurate.

They are interesting and they are fun to listen to and they tap into things but just like looking at yourself in the mirror if you were to describe yourself and say the mole is on the right side when it is really on the other side well that is why the psychic will say a thing is going to happen in 2001 and it will really happen in 2003. They will get a bunch of data and some of it is true. The information is just true enough that it keeps people going to psychics. Even though much is reversed, it is projected into the world or among their friends or their clients and it just rings true enough that you have got to think there is something to this.

But it is never 100% accurate and as a matter of fact whenever a major event happens like 911 you never hear a psychic saying it in advance that it is going to happen. Where they are best at is connecting to the feeling nature. Many psychics are actually quite good at picking up your feelings and describing them to you because regular psychism operates on the feeling nature. Now there is lower and higher psychism and there are different degrees. The lower psychic is actually sometimes the most accurate because he does not have a lot of ego attached to it but as a person progresses and increases his vibration; he also increases the power of ego.

So his ego gets more centralized, so he gets to the point where he begins to think that, “Oh I am a really great psychic and I am a great being because I have these powers.” When they start thinking this way it reverses and contorts their thinking all the more and so they have even more difficulty. But what they can do is they can read other people’s feelings and work with them. A psychic can also often pick up things from the other person’s aura and many psychics that claim to contact the dead are actually just picking up things in the clients aura about that dead person who is not even in the room with them or anything.

Every once in a while there will be a legitimate contact with the dead but most of the time they are tuning into the person they are with and sometimes a real psychic ability occurs where they really pick up something from the person’s memory or feeling nature. Both the psychic and the person will believe it is from the spirit world when in fact they are just picking it up from the person’s memory or the person’s aura.

Like I say there is no black and white on this because there are so many things that come into play. There are times when the veil between the two worlds is thin and people pick up things. Then there are other times when the psychic himself will pick up information from his own thoughtform, and other times he will pick it up from the person he is reading.

So we go through this psychic period and not all of us become like Jeane Dixon, a famous psychic. When you are going through this period you will find that many people you meet do have what they feel are psychic abilities and they are not a professional psychic. They are not out there reading tea leaves or anything like that but a lot of people do have psychic ability.

We go through this process and what we are supposed to perfect when we are going through this type of development is increasing emotional sensitivity and empathy. This is the most important thing to learn from developing our psychic abilities. As we develop them we tune into our emotional nature and other people’s emotional nature and we pick up their sufferings, their joys, their happiness and what brings them distress.

By picking up these sensitivities about other people it makes you more aware, more sensitive and more willing to do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is the important lesson from developing this ability because you never get 100% accuracy from what we call astral psychism. But you can get a really high degree of accuracy by developing empathy for your fellow man because as you develop your psychic ability you will develop an empathy for how other people are feeling. When you tune in to how they are feeling it will make you a lot better communicator and will make you a person that is much more sought out because people will feel that you understand them because you know how they feel and so on.


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The Intuition, Part 1

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The official topic is Spiritual Intuition. Now there are three major steps in a person’s progression toward finding out things that are of a non-physical nature. The first we call instinct, the second we call psychic ability and the third we call Intuition. Some people speak of a fourth and they call it direct knowing or something like that. But everybody that I talked to that claims to be a direct knower has not even developed the intuition, yet let alone psychic abilities. If somebody comes to you and says, yea, I am just a direct knower, then ask them a few questions to see what they know and it is usually not that much.

For one thing the higher up a person gets on the scale the less he brags about what he is and what he can do. They usually just do it if they can do it. Like when Christ was here – He did not go around saying, boy I can do this or I can do that, He just went and did a few things and He did not brag about what he could do and He did not claim that He could do a bunch of stuff that He could not demonstrate.

But what really drew attention toward Him was that everything He did was an actual demonstration of what was inside of Him. A lot of people we see are always talking about how advanced they are and these type of people are often neophytes when it comes to knowing because humility is the sign of the true knower. Like ole Wayne over here he is just a real humble guy and he just knows so much stuff.

Wayne from the audience: I am the most humble guy I know! Chuckling!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You just looked humble when I looked at you so I just had to bring that up.

The ego is a big obstacle in the way of spiritual progression because it is a natural inclination of all people to feel important. All of us want to feel important and as a matter of fact if you have ever read the book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” the main thing that you have to do to make everybody like you is to make them feel important, make them feel listened to – it just works wonders with them.

Now another book that I read on this subject had a really interesting piece of advice as to how to really get people engaged. I was about 16 at the time when I started reading these books because I was not as popular as I wanted to be in high school and I thought that there has got to be a way to improve my personality so that people liked me better, especially the girls. So I started reading these books and I came across one piece of advice that really works and it says if you want to impress the other person you are with and engage them in conversation then just let the other guy talk and then say, “then what?”

I told this friend of mine about it and he thought that was an interesting idea. It was Brent McCombs – Wayne remembers him. There I was talking to ole Brent and he kept saying “and then what,” so I told him more stuff and then he would say, “and then what” so I told him more stuff and what I did not realize is that he was trying the idea out on me and I talked about a half hour and then he started laughing and I realized what he was doing.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: He said that he was not listening to a word I said and he was just saying “and then what” to see if it really worked! It is an amazing thing and it illustrates the power of the ego. People like to be the center of attention. We like to do the talking; we like to be the giver. It takes the effort of letting down the ego and let the other person have their say. This brought it home for me when my friend pulled that trick on me and it really worked because I just rambled on for about a half hour and I can’t even remember the starting sentence. All he had to do was look really interested and say, “and then what “ and “well then what?”

It is one of the best pieces of advice I have read on how to make people think you are really a good conversationalists. It really worked and I was thinking that my friend was a pretty good conversationalist, chuckling, and he was only saying two words the whole time. So take that statement and the next time you are with somebody and just get a seed thought going or some conversation going and see how long the person will talk. I can kind of justify myself because I was only 16 at the time and hopefully I have matured a bit since then so people can’t pull that trick on me again.

So to increase our spiritual powers we need to remove that ego obstacle and that is the first step. Now as we progress along our evolution we develop our instinct. What people of the earth are really good with their instinct?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: Tribal people. You have heard the story of the Indian scout who puts his ear to the ground and hears the horses coming from miles away or that type of thing. Natives can sense things about the earth and some can talk to animals through mental telepathy. You hear all kinds of stories about these guys operating on instinct. Animals are very instinctive. Look at the swallows that return to Capistrano every year and birds that know when to go north and south. Animals, right after they are born, seem to be a lot smarter than a human. They can walk around right away and know how to feed. They have all this programming as to how to survive.

The more primitive peoples are very much in tune with the animal instincts and some people look at animals and more primitive native people and say well they really are more evolved than we are because look what they can do and we can’t. But is that really true? Can the lesser evolved; do something that we can’t? And why can’t we do these things? Why are we not in tune with mother earth the way that the native people are?

What happens when we learn something completely?

Audience: We master it.

JJ: We do something and there is a special phrase for it, does anyone know what it is?

Audience: We forget.

JJ: That is true but what happens is it goes below the threshold of our consciousness.

Audience: Like breathing.

JJ: Yes breathing is below the threshold of consciousness. Your heartbeat is below the threshold of your consciousness and if you tune into your heart like the yogis do you could control your heartbeat and slow it down to maybe ten beats per minute or some crazy stuff like that because of concentration and tuning into it. But you and I, unless we really practice, can’t do that right now. Everything operating in our body is below the threshold of our consciousness.

Many things that we learn are kept in the threshold of our consciousness and then after we learn them they go below the threshold of our consciousness. Let’s take reading for instance, when you first started reading you read, “See Dick run.” You spelled it out, s-e-e D-i-c-k r-u-n. You went through all that process and then when you put the words together and said it, you say, “See Dick run.” You do not sound out all the vowels, consonants and syllables anymore for that drops below the threshold of your consciousness. Knowledge of doing all that is now below the threshold of your consciousness because it is so automatic for it built in. But can you tap into that reading process if you wanted to teach someone else?

If you wanted to teach your children then you could tap into as to how to break down the sounds. What you have done is that you have learned the process so well that you have put it below the threshold of your consciousness so you do not have to worry about all the details. You have to put it below the threshold of your consciousness so it does not take attention. Each of us has one unit of attention and if you have something taking half of that then you only have a half of a unit to concentrate on something new. In nature what happens is this; when we learn something fully then by nature we put that below our consciousness so that can have the full attention to move on to something else. So once you learn the consonants and the pronunciation then you do not have to go through the basic words of see “See Dick run.” You can just look at it and in an instant you know that Dick is running and he is probably running after Jane because she is so attractive.

Audience: We use the same tools to sound out words now.

JJ: Yes if it is new, and if it is new then that is something not below the threshold of consciousness and that is what you are supposed to be doing.

Audience: But when I learned how to read; are you saying that tool goes below the threshold of consciousness?

JJ: No, not the process but the details of what you learn goes below the threshold of your consciousness.

Audience: How to break it into syllables and how to sound it out.

JJ: That is still in your consciousness for that is the process. You do not concern yourself with sounding out, “See Dick run” because that is below the threshold of consciousness. It is built in like a computer program so that when you see the phrase “See Dick run” or something more complicated like “See Wayne go,” or whatever. It just registers almost instantly and you do not have to sound it out. But if you see a really complicated Indian name or something like that then you might stop and figure out how it is pronounced.

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: Or just look at it and think, “See #%@&* run” chuckling. That is what I do. I know I am not going to remember it anyway so why sound it out?


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Mission Experiences, Chapters 25 & 26

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Chapter Twenty-Five
Lost love

As our relationship progressed I became more and more optimistic that I had found my ideal mate. Then, one day when I was with her it happened. A message came to the core of my being telling me that I was not supposed to marry her. I tried to shrug it off but then a short time later it came again.

I felt terrible about this message as it made no sense to me at the time. Rhea was as serious about the church as I was. She had even gone on a mission – something only a small percentage of females do. Not only was she spiritual in her interests but I loved being with her in every way. I couldn’t bring myself to break it off with her. I also couldn’t bring myself to propose to her because of the message I received.

Finally circumstances intervened. One evening when we were together she looked at me with an intensity that made my heart melt and said, “Our relationship seemed to progress so far and then it seemed to stop moving. I’ve been waiting for you to take the next step and you have not.”

Her words, “The next step” whirled around in my mind. That could only mean marriage. Yes, I thought silently to myself. I would love to ask you to marry me, but for some damn reason I am not supposed to.

Then she looked at me with her penetrating eyes and continued, “Are you prepared right now to tell me that you love me and want to move forward together.”

I did love her, but felt it would be unfair to tell her so if I wasn’t prepared to marry her. I knew that telling her I loved her at that moment would be a virtual marriage proposal. For one of the few times in my life I didn’t know what to say and cannot even clearly remember what I did say. All I know was that it wasn’t the words she wanted to hear.

For the first time since I knew her she became visibly upset and started to cry and asked me to leave. I was reluctant to leave her when she was feeling so hurt and tried to sooth things over but she just became more upset and ordered me out. She said our relationship was over and didn’t want to see me again. She shoved me out the door.

I never felt so low in my life. Here was a girl I loved and wanted to marry who I had just devastated and over what? Some message from on high… yea right. Maybe someone was just pulling a cosmic joke on me or maybe I did not know a divine message from a hole in the ground.

After a few moments I composed myself and thought, “The message came through loud and clear. She is not the one I am supposed to marry. Some greater good has to prevail in the end.” I had to have faith in this or I think I would have went insane.

That was the last time I saw Rhea, and on reflection I would bet she is probably greatly relieved she did not marry me. I am sure she is still in the church and is a faithful member and would not want to be married to someone viewed as an apostate.

As a side note, after I was thrown out of the church, I sent Diane some of my writings. I thought she was open-minded but she told me she burned them and warned me about the dangerous path I was on.

Meanwhile, as I said earlier, I had been writing Margaret for the past four years. I had considered her a friend and pen pal and had told her about Diane and Rhea. One of the reasons I didn’t take her more seriously was, even though she had long dark hair, she was not tall. She was only five feet two inches.

I was therefore somewhat surprised that I received a powerful witness that I was supposed to marry her as I always had the feeling Bob really did catch a glimpse of my future wife.

When I journeyed to England to see Margaret I was expecting smooth sailing. I thought we would hit it off and that would be that. After all, our relationship seemed to be approved of by God.

To tell the whole story (which is quite fantastic) would take some time but in a nutshell we found we were very different from each other and I was about to back down from marrying her. She wanted to go ahead but I did not even though I received even more powerful confirmation on her. Finally, I said to God, “Look, you gave Bob a vision of my wife so I’ll make you a deal. If Bob says that Margaret is the one he saw then I’ll marry her.”

I thought I had God over a barrel because Margaret was not tall like the one he saw. Obviously she couldn’t be the one in his vision.

Usually when you speak to God like that nothing comes back, but this time it was different. This time I heard back clear as a bell…

“It’s a deal. If Bob says she is the one, you marry her. If not then you do not.”

Well, this ought to be interesting I thought. Unless God is going to perform a great miracle and make a short person tall, I do not know how Bob could say for sure that Margaret was the one he saw.

I took a picture of her, hopped in my rented car and drove from Peterlee to Scarborough to see my good friends, Bob and Betty. It was going to be interesting to see what was going to happen next.
For extra comments on this chapter see:


Chapter Twenty-Six

I arrived in Scarborough an hour or two before Bob came home from work so I had a little time to kill. I decided to just spend some time walking around the uptown area and check out some of the stores. It seemed odd to stroll around the town alone after I had previously spent eight months there always being with a companion 24/7. As missionaries we rarely took any time to just take a look at a town the way a tourist might.

As I was walking around I saw a palm reading shop. I hadn’t recalled seeing that when I was working there and debated with myself about going in. The church discouraged us from using anything occult and most members think such things are from the devil, but I couldn’t see the harm and it seemed as good a way to spend time as any.

I went in and met a younger slender lady with dark hair who seemed fairly intelligent. After paying her we sat down at a desk facing each other.

I said, “I understand you are supposed to read the left hand, but mine has been injured. Can you use the right one?” She said that was no problem.

She studied my palm for a moment and then looked at me with a fairly serious expression on her face…

“Do you know a girl who has the name of Margaret?” she asked.

I about fell off my chair. “Yes,” I managed to whisper.

“You are supposed to marry her,” she said.

I gasped, pulled my hand back and looked over my shoulder halfway expecting to see God telling her what to say. After all, she was telling me the same thing I had already received directly, once back in the states, and then just recently when I was with Margaret.

Then she grabbed my palm, took another look and stared up at me again, “There’s another girl…” she paused as if trying to receive the name. “Do you know one whose name begins with “R?”

Again, I was astonished. “Yes, there is one named Rhea.” (On hindsight there are not many Rheas in England so picking up just the first letter of the name is understandable).

“She would make a good wife,” she said, “but you are supposed to marry Margaret.”

She then went on to give me a standard reading but my mind was so sidetracked that I didn’t pay a lot of attention. I do recall though that she said I would be a writer.

Then after the reading was over and I was up, getting ready to exit, she stopped me and said, “You are sensitive, like me. You should use your talent in service. You could do what I do.”

I explained that I was not interested in being a commercial palm reader or psychic. Then she explained that there are many ways to use this ability, which she thought we had in common, and I should look for ways to put it to use.

I realized I was sensitive to the Spirit but always considered that ability to be much different than psychism. I will note though that I have had my palm read many times since meeting this lady and none have been able give me anything so impressive as her statements. She was definitely not a run of the mill psychic.

As I left her I continued walking about town musing to myself. She definitely received something beyond normal human ability, but did it come from the Adversary or God? Was this part of a trick being played on me to force me into a decision I did not want to make? I wondered.

One thing I knew for sure and that was that Bob was sensitive also and was a man who was pure in heart. Any revelation coming from him would definitely be from God.

Let me remind the reader that I was not making the trip to see Bob as a confirmation of God’s will concerning me, as I had already received it twice. I knew without doubt that for some reason the Powers-That-Be wanted me to marry Margaret, but I also knew that it did not make sense to me. In that list of 30 things I was looking for in a wife about the only thing that was a match for Margaret was that she was a member of the church.

Bob offered me the only hope of getting out of going against the will of God, for the revelation I received said that if she was not the one in his vision then I would not have to marry her. On the other hand, I had agreed to submit if he definitely said she was the one.

It seemed the air was filled with witnesses telling me that I should marry Margaret include Margaret herself.

As I wrote earlier, Margaret was told shortly after I first met her that I was to be her husband, that she should wait for me and that I would return to England at a later time and marry her.

I did now return and it appeared that her revelation was turning into reality until I announced to her that we were not a good match and I was heading back to the states as a single man.

She was very upset at this and made me promise to stay a while longer. She said she had never doubted what she received but now felt she needed another confirmation as this was not the way things were supposed to work out. She needed to have another talk with God to find out what was going on. She was not beyond giving God a piece of her mind if he didn’t play his cards right.

Anyway, she said she was going to fast without food or water and pray for three days and asked me to meet her after this period to discuss whatever answer she received.

I agreed and did not see her for the three days. Finally, after the three days I stopped by to pick her up. I was very curious as to whether she received an answer and if she did, “What was that answer?” I thought.

I remember clearly driving up to her front door and her exiting the house, walking toward me with a serene expression on her face and then a smile forming on her lips as she approached.

That smile unnerved me and I calculated that it meant that at least she thought she received some type of positive answer.

She got in the car, sat next to me and then I asked, “So… did you get an answer?”

“Yes,” she said. “And in a way I am ashamed of myself.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because I already received an answer and I shouldn’t have had to seek another one.”

“So what did you receive this time?” I asked.

“I received a confirmation of my first answer and if there was even a particle of doubt it has been completely removed. The answer was a definite, indisputable, undeniable yes. There is absolutely no doubt at all in my mind and I feel bad that I asked for confirmation of that which was already confirmed. Then I did receive something else that I was not given when I was first told to wait for you to return and marry me.”

“What was that?” I asked.

“Here it is,” she said. “It is of extreme importance that we marry.” Then she became even more serious in tone and said with great feeling, strongly enunciating her words, “If you do not marry me you will be cursed! You have a mission in life and if you do not marry me you will not complete it. There is no other way.”

I looked back at her in astonishment. This struck me to the core because I had always had a strong sense of mission and was surprised she used that word. I could see that her answer affected her so strongly that she was expecting me to be influenced by the results, but then I replied, “It may be okay with God that I marry you, but it’s not okay with me. We disagree on almost everything and are not compatible. It doesn’t make sense that God would insist on us being together when we would have such a stormy relationship.”

My answer was not what she wanted to hear and I could see she was very disappointed. She replied, “But you said in your letter you received the same answer as me. You said that you received a revelation that we were supposed to be man and wife. That is why you made the trip to England. Are you going to go against the will of God?”

“I’ve been reflecting on that answer I received,” I said, “and here is what I have come up with. It is fine with God if I marry you and I have His blessing if I should decide to do so. But He didn’t tell me I had to marry you or that I would be cursed or not complete my mission if I did not. I still have my free will and my own mind and my common sense tells me that marriage would be a disaster for both of us.”

“You are wrong,” she said. “God is not just giving us approval He is giving us His will and if you do not obey you will be cursed and not complete your mission.”

Saying I would not complete my mission was strong enough to cause me concern, but I thought the word “cursed” was over the line.

I was not swayed by her words though they did concern me somewhat. Even so, I couldn’t think of a greater curse than a bad marriage so I decided to avoid a curse I could understand rather than one that I could not.

I told her, “If we are not going to get married then it is best that we end our relationship as soon as possible. I do not want to cause you any more pain than you have already experienced. I have visited with a travel agency and have made plans to depart for Amsterdam in three days. I will be visiting parts of the continent and then I will be heading for home.

She was extremely upset and said, “This cannot be. God promised me that you would be my husband and God does not break his promise.”

I know he approves, but we still have our free will,” I said. “I do not believe this is something we have to do and I do not think it is in either one of our interests to continue the relationship.”

She became even more hurt and upset and I felt like dirt. Here within a short span of several weeks I had devastated two potential mates with rejection. I had always tried to live a harmless life but it seemed that even when you do your best you sometimes can cause great pain to others.

Even so, I figured it was better for Margaret to have a short period of pain now than a whole lifetime in a stressful marriage.

I tried to console her and told her that I could still spend some time with her the next three days. I didn’t plan on this but when I saw how upset she was I thought it was the least I could do. Maybe I could smooth things over a bit before I left.

What happened the next three days is a story unto itself that I will consider telling in full another time, but at present I will say this. At the end of the third day as I was supposed to be saying goodbye to Margaret I had a revelation so powerful that I felt fortunate to be alive afterwards. After this I knew that marrying Margaret was not just a divine suggestion but it was of extreme importance that I do so and indeed I would not complete my mission if I did not yield. I wouldn’t use the word “curse” but perhaps that slant would apply if I did not complete what I came into this life to accomplish.

Even after this, I resisted because it did not make sense to me so I made one a desperate attempt to change the mind of God.

I reminded Him of the vision he had given to Bob about my wife and told him I would marry Margaret if Bob positively confirmed that she was the one he saw in his vision.

To my surprise the immediate answer was, “It’s a deal.” This puzzled me because Bob saw my wife as being tall and Margaret was not tall. Surely God knew of this discrepancy and Bob could not give a positive yes on the matter because of this. I thought I had a way out of what looked like a bad situation.

I then told Margaret that for the time being I was canceling my trip to Amsterdam, but was going to take a trip to Scarborough to see an old friend. I would see her again in a few days.

It seemed odd to her that I would suddenly cancel my trip abroad and go see an old friend in Scarborough but she had hope again that God was performing some strange work to make the pieces come together to fulfill divine will.

These were the memories that went through my mind as I approached the door of Bob and Betty’s house. Little did I realize how much my destiny was about to be changed.

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Teachers and Students

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “If I am right about everything, and you believe it and follow the teachings without confirmation from within, you have found nothing.”

2.  “It is much easier to attempt to distort a true teaching than it is to be a true teacher.”

3.  “To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.”

4.  “When the chord of truth is played by the God within it rings the same strings in the neophyte’s soul that also vibrated in the teacher, and in an instant they understand each other.”

5.  “Perhaps philosophy and religion are the most ephemeral as far as proving reliability because of the number of forms the various doctrines will take and the difficulty in proving the teacher right or wrong.”

6.  “There are three major tests to apply to a spiritual teacher before he should earn any of your trust for reliability. Can you guess what they are?”

7.  “The student and teacher who start in harmony together will eventually meet conflict that must be resolved. In that resolution comes greater soul contact and vision of higher truth. If the conflict is not resolved and the teacher possesses the greater light the student will then carry the conflict within himself and often hold a lifelong grievance toward the teacher.”

8.  “Take the things you have learned to be true with reasonable certainty (especially from soul contact) and compare them to those of the spiritual teacher. If there is a high degree of complimentary thought this is a sign that you have a good starting point and a certain amount of trust is beneficial.”

9.  “Examine the teachings of the potential earned authority over a period of time and range of material.”

10.  “Any true student or teacher in this age will not depend on lower psychism for guidance, but will test all things against their own soul and that shall be their guide.”

11.  “As the Christ solidifies his work he will have within his association about 9,000 who will have a clear enough vision of the work to be an associate teacher, ten times more than the Buddha and his 900 in ancient times.”

12.  “To follow is a virtue if you are following someone who has something real to teach.”

13.  “If a teaching just seems to make no sense do not trust it until it does make sense.”

14.  “No earthly teacher is flawless.”

15.  “If you limit yourself to learning exactly according to the mindset of a teacher, you will also inherit his flaws.”

16.  “The more directly teachers become involved in doing for us what we can do for ourselves, the more things get screwed up.”

17.  “Receiving from two teachers brings two points of vision that can slow down the learning process and sometimes bring confusion.”

18.  “It is always difficult for a spiritual teacher to get the attention of the masses without some strong astral attention grabber.”

19.  “Many of the teachings I have given out have been either new, or a new slant on the old, and cannot be found in any book. This is what the student must look for in any teacher who works through the soul.”

20.  “It is always a big temptation for the beginning server to create the illusion that his borrowed material is his own so his ego will be fed by the praise and adoration of his students.”

21.  “If one teaches that the world is round that does not mean the teacher is claiming to own the world. If one teaches about the creation of the universe this does not mean the teacher lays claim to all of creation.”

22.  “The rising teachers of the human race will teach through the authority of the soul instead of through the sanction of an organization.”

23.  “We do not need the same old precepts that we should have mastered years ago drilled into us over and over with a sledge hammer. A light threshing of the simple doctrines is all we need so we can withstand the heavier.”

24.  “Do you teach of a way to discover whether or not your teachings are true?”

25.  “When Jesus appeared he did not concentrate on the standard teachings of Moses, but presented new concepts. The true teachers in this age are the same. They will not just rehash the old, but present the new, for after all, God says,  ‘I make all things new.’  (Rev 21:5)”

26.  “The true teacher in contact with the Brotherhood is very humbled; he realizes that there are many far above him, and when in touch with these greater lives through the Oneness Principle, it seems absurd to announce himself as a great one.”

27.  “No great teacher has expected to be a light to the world all by himself.”

28.  “Many illusionary teachers want to oversimplify things and present one giant step to a point of understanding or some type of liberation.  ‘Accept Jesus and be saved’ is a popular one. This is one giant step that is advocated and nothing more will be required for all eternity.”

29.  “What I look for in any teacher, is how he defines his terms and then go with it. This is the only way to clearly understand the teacher.”

30.  “The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed the sheep.”

31.  “Subtlety and disregard for the will of the group does not help your credibility as a teacher.”

32.  “You know a teacher is doing a reasonable job when he finds his students can get along fine without him.”

33.  “The best any teacher can do is relate the truths he has received and wait for the seeds to grow in their proper places.”

34.  “If a teacher has a truth to reveal, but finds that he is unable to communicate it in such a way that his vision is perceived correctly then the truth stays with the teacher and nothing is given out.”

35.  “The natural man instinctively rejects the message of a true teacher.”

36.  “The deterioration of teachings after the death of the teacher has been a major problem through the ages.”

37.  “One of the problems with students is that when they go out of alignment with the soul they often think their teacher has gone astray while they believe they have now passed beyond their teacher.”

38.  “There has been only a handful of teachers working through the Oneness Principle.”

39.  “It is silly to see all student/teacher relationships as a beast. This would mean that since the Christ is a disciple of the Ancient of Days that Christ is subject to the beast and the Planetary Logos is under the beast of the Solar Logos.”

40.  “Many religions use the title of Holiness or Holy in reference to their leaders. Many New Agers use the title Master when talking about a teacher, but there is one Master and that is the Christ within all of us. If a teacher does not speak to that center within us then we should ignore him.”

41.  “The true student tests the teacher and makes sure that the teacher is one who is capable of leading him or her to greater knowledge.”

42.  “Teachers of Light will teach many who are in the churches and this will cause the leadership of all churches to lose hold on its members over a period of time.”

43.  “Often times when leaders are dense to impression, the teachers will work with the leaders assistants who will then advise their superiors.”

44.  “The true student (or one who is really learning) does not see himself as on a ‘lower level.’  Instead, he sees himself as one who is progressing to a ‘higher level.'”

45.  “No matter what we teach all will not be happy.”

46.  “Teachers do not look for one who performs the appearance of work, but a student that one can truly depend on who will be a great asset to accomplishing the goal.”

47.  “Isaiah tells us that those who are supposed to be the spiritual teachers of humanity will not fulfill their roll, but instead be lifted up in pride to the extent that their teachings may be compared to that of a drunken man.”

48.  “The true teacher will dedicate his excess abundance not to self, but to the benefit of the whole in the way he sees best.”

49.  “The Will of God is a concept that is very misunderstood even by many of the teachers of the planet.”

50.  “All of us have within ourselves the capacity to recognize at least seven aspects of the Will of God and if we follow all of the Will of God that we understand then we will have the power to recognize teachers who are in harmony with that Will.”

51.  “Many feel that if there is a student teacher relationship, it means that the student must experience the humiliation of being at a ‘lower level.’  Since this seems disgusting to many, they instead teach that there are no teachers and no leaders, but all are teachers and leaders and all are students and followers. Unfortunately, this is an illusionary concept that interrupts evolution as all illusion does.”

52.  “School and learning can be painful but when the whole picture is seen no one would want to deny this to the students.”

53.  “If you believe we need no teachers then you must believe that we need to eliminate all schools with their teachers and all books which were written to teach.”

54.  “A matter of prime importance to each student is not the fact of a particular teacher’s personality but the measure of truth for which he stands.”

55.  “The method of teaching through hints stimulates the power of the soul and intuition which empowers all who are willing to participate.”

56.  “One who teaches through the reasoning of the mind is often perceived as an illusionary threat by one who has his decisions based in the emotions only.”

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