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April 28, 2012

Principles of Unification

Thought it would be a good idea to post these again. In these days of discord it is a good idea to be reminded that most agree on many important points. Click HERE


April 29, 2012

Reptile Interview

Keith asked me to check out the Interview with a Reptilian. I finally got around to reading it and it was quite interesting.

Basically the article is about a claimed interview with a female member of the reptilian species who goes by the name of Lacerta. She claims the reptilian race never went extinct but have gone under the earth and many of them live in great caverns that house underground cities.

Lacerta says they have the power to mask their true form so when they appear among humans they are seen as regular humans. On the other hand, they cannot mask themselves from photos which will reveal their true form. Here is a description of the way they look when unmasked.

As I’m female I have also two breasts (despite our reptile origin, we have started to give milk to our babies during the evolution process – this happened around 30 million years ago – because this is the best thing to keep the young alive. Evolution had done this for your species already in the dinosaur age and a little bit later also for ours. That means not that we are now real mammals) but the breasts of us are not as large as those of human woman and the size of them is generally equal for every female of my kind. The external reproduction organs are for both sexes smaller then those of humans, but they are visible and they have the same function as yours (another gift of evolution to our species).

My skin is mainly of a green-beige color – more pale green – and we have some patterns of brown irregular dots (each dot of the size of 1-2 centimetres) on our skin and in our face (the patterns are different for both sexes but females have more, especially in the lower body and in the face). You can see them in my case as two lines over the eyebrows crossing my forehead, at my cheek and at my chin.

My eyes are a little bit larger then human eyes (for this reason, we can see better in the darkness) and usually dominated from the large black pupils, which are surrounded from a small bright-green iris (males have a dark-green iris). The pupil is slit and can change its size from a small black line to a wide-open egg-shaped oval, because our retina is very light sensitive and the pupil must compare this. We have external round ears but they are smaller and not so curved as yours, but we can hear better because our ears are more sensitive for sonic (we can also hear a wider range of sonic). There’s a muscle or “lid” over the ears which can completely close them (for example under water).

Our nose is more pointed and there is a V-shaped curving between the nostrils, which enabled the ancestors to “see” temperature. We have lost most of this ability, but we can still feel temperature much better with this “organ”. Our lips are shaped like yours (those of females a little bit larger then those of males) but of a pale brown color and our teeth are very white and strong and a little bit longer and sharper then your soft mammal teeth. We have no different hair colors like you (but there is a tradition to color the hairs in different ages) and the original color is, like mine, a greenish brown. Our hairs are thicker and stronger then yours and they grow very slow. In addition, the head is the only part of our body where we have hairs.

Our body, arms and legs are similar in shape and size to yours, but the color is different (green-beige, like the face) and there are scale-like structures on the upper legs (over the knee) and upper arms (over the elbow). Our five fingers are a little bit longer and thinner then human fingers and our skin on the palm is plain, so we have no lines like you but again a combination of a scale-like skin structure and of the brown dots (both sexes have the dots on the palm) and we have no fingerprints like you. If you touch my skin, you will feel that it is smoother then your hairy skin. There are small sharp horns on the upside of both middle fingers. The fingernails are grey and generally longer then yours. You see that my nails are not so long and round at the top. This is because I’m female. Males have sharp pointed nails with a length of sometimes 5 or 6 of your centimetres.

The following feature is very different from your body and part of our reptilian origin: if you touch the backside of my upper body you will feel a hard bony line through my clothing. This is not my spine but a very difficult shaped external plate-strucure of skin and tissue following exactly our spine from the head to the hip. There is an extremly high number of nerves and large blood vessels in this structure and in the plates (which are around two or three centimetres long and very touch sensitive, this is the reason why we have always problems to sit in chairs with a back like this chair.) The main task of these small plates (beside a role in our sexuality) is simply the regulation of our body temperature and if we sit in natural or artificial sunlight, these plates become more bloodfilled and the vessels become wider and the sun is able to heat up our reptilioid blood (which circulates through the body and through the plates) for many degrees and that gives us a great pleasure. Oh, we have no navel, because we were born in a different way to your mammal birth. (End Quote) She gives an interesting take on the history of the planet I have not heard before. She says that 65 million years ago the dinosaurs were not killed by a meteor but by two species of aliens fighting over earth so they could mine its copper. One of them was humanoid and the other was reptilian. The war ended with the reptilian species detonating a fusion bomb that was more potent than expected and almost destroyed all life on earth.

I do not think this person interviewed a real reptile. Most likely it was a work of fiction. I do think that some of the things revealed in this treatise is true. For instance, I think it is correct that the earth is not hollow with a central sun but there are hollow parts. I think this is good material to read over and run by your soul for stimulation.

One thing did find irritating was the commentary by Michael & Stephanie Relfe. They kept telling me what to think of what Lacerta was saying and commented from a fundamentalist point of view.

You can read the interview here:


May 8, 2012

The Basic God

Thanks for writing this Rob. You bring up an interesting idea I have not thought of before. You say:

“What could mankind do in 100-1000 years by observing survival knowledge born in organisms and then applying it in humans through DNA manipulation?”

When one contemplates the Law of Correspondences he can see that doing this is indeed a possibility.

A human is born in a very helpless condition and needs a caretaker to do everything for him if he is to survive.

When an animal is born it is pretty much ready to go. After a calf or horse is born it will be running around within minutes and seems almost as smart as its mother. The animals have built in programming to assist them that we lack. Why is this?

Part of the reason may be that the animal kingdom has had a longer time to program themselves for survival.

It is true that we depend more on mind than instinct for our survival and perhaps as we progress we will program many things into our nature that does not exist within the animals. It is interesting to speculate what that may be but by using correspondences we can get an idea.

Since the animals are born with built in programming that makes then ready to go at birth then it is most likely human babies will wind up being born with greater and greater abilities as times goes on until a human may have the consciousness of an adult by the age of eight rather than 21 as it is now.

It is indeed food for thought.


May 8, 2012

Re: The Basic God

RJ wrote:

Arthur C Clarke seemed quite the visionary and initiate of his time…. “In a taped interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1974, Clark is questioned by the interviewer as to how he believes the computer will change the future for the everyday person and what life will be like around the year 2001. Clarke accurately predicts many things which have become a reality, among them online banking, online shopping and other commonplace things. In responding to the interviewer’s question about how his (the interviewer’s) son’s life will be different, Clark responds: “[H]e will have, in his own house, not a computer as big as this, [points to nearby computer], but at least, a console through which he can talk, through his local computer and get all the information he needs, for his everyday life, like his bank statements, his theater reservations, all the information you need in the course of living in our complex modern society, this will be in a compact form in his own house … and he will take it as much for granted as we take the telephone.” Source of Quote

JJ This was one of the most accurate predictions I have ever read. On the other hand, space travel has not progressed anything like he wrote about in 2001. His writings show what could have been if we had continued with the space program.


May 9, 2012

The Atheist

Rob wrote:

I don’t get get your logic here JJ. So, because the human body is inconceivably complex and can reproduce itself it therefore had an intelligent designer?

I don’t understand everything about the moon, nor do I know how it came into existence. But According to your above logic it was also intelligently designed. I’m not saying I’m an Atheist, nor am I saying God can’t be logically proven, only that I don’t see how the ladder of logic flows from your premises to their conclusion.

What am missing?

JJ The Difference between the moon and the human cell is like the difference between a snowflake and an iPad7. One is an accumulation of natural patterns, the other an accumulation of design that had to come from some source.

May 10, 2012

Re: The Atheist

Adam: Yet the indwelling entity/monad of the moon is of a much higher order than the indwelling entity/monad of the human cell, or even the indwelling entity/monad of a human individual? So the moon’s monad only requires a vehicle which is an accumulation of natural patterns in order to eventually manifest full intelligence/glory while the cell is glorified through incredibly complex design and its own evolution?

And the correspondence would seem lacking from the standpoint that the snowflake’s monad is nothing compared to the monad of the iPad7?

Am I missing something?

JJ You are missing the fact that the moon is a dead decaying body and the monad, the logos and the intelligent lives that once lived on it are long gone. Now the moon has little evidence left of design but still has its natural patterns of creation.

On the other hand, the earth is a living planet composed of lots of things that give evidence of intelligent design, not the least of which are humans such as you and me. It also has a monad and logos incarnated into its body which is lacking on the moon.

A computer shows evidence of intelligent design though it doesn’t have an incarnated monad or logos – though it does have elemental lives involved.


May 11, 2012

Immortal Books

Dean I’m not usually one to be surprised or go on about something but something is seriously up with your book. What did you tap into and how you do all that?

It’s like some of it didn’t really come from you. Cause I been reading your posts for ages and it seems different.

more i consider it something different between the books, and the list. Or something strange that don’t add up. You must have an unusual talent for writing or something.

Don’t get it. Where did all the character development come from? The more i think of it the more i think the whole structure of that book is amazing.

These should really be, a best seller. I don’t get why they aren’t more popular. I read books that are way more popular than this but not half as good.

And i even read it years ago, but its not like i read it.

How did you learn to write like that?

I am wondering if i am seeing things in it that are just not there or things that you never intended for there to be there.

JJ Glad you were impressed. The series has not been a big seller and is entirely self published but those who read it generally think it is among the best books they have read and can’t understand why it doesn’t outsell books like the Celestine Prophecy and Conversations with God. I think they still have potential to be big sellers when I finally hit on something that draws the attention of mainstream people. I am hoping my Fixing America book will do that. Sorry this has taken so long to publish but my wife insisted on one more edit. We are getting close to publishing it now.

As to my writing talent or style.. It takes a different mindset to write The Immortal books than it does a regular post. I just write it the best that I am capable. Have you read Eternal Words yet? About the same time I publish Fixing America I will be publishing The Unveiling. Something will eventually hit the mark.


May 11, 2012


Adam And do elemental lives have monads? If not, what is behind their vibration? Did they have an initial reflection, as monads.

JJ A monad is a point of life in the Divine Space which is the One Great life. Each monad has within it all the knowledge and programming (from a past creation) necessary to fulfill its potential creative end. There are human monads, deva monads and animal monads and they are as different as the seeds of a tree, a flower and a watermelon. Normally one will say that a flower grew from a seed but you do not normally say that a petal from the flower grew from a seed. Similarly a tree grows from a seed but one does not associate a leaf growing from one.

Even so the elemental lives are always part of a greater life that grew from a seed which is a monad.

Each piece from the vegetable and mineral kingdom did not come from a unique monad though lives that did develop from monads work with these kingdoms.


May 14, 2012

Easter Island

I’ve been out of town away from computers for a few days so haven’t been able to post. Meanwhile here is something interesting.


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The Last Life, Part 4

This entry is part 21 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Wayne: I know where the separation between the animal mind and the human mind is. No animal thinks abstractly or symmetrically. They think objectively and every whole human thinks in abstract form and that is why we have spoken languages and why we think in languages. Animals don’t – they think in pictures or sense so I know that is where the break point is and if that is the same as becoming self-conscious…

JJ: That is not the same as becoming self-conscious. When humans first become self-conscious they are still very close to the animal instincts. They carry those animal instincts closely with them and develop them to the highest level possible. For instance, you hear stories about native in the jungles using their animal instincts in an almost supernatural way that baffles the regular civilized person.
Now moving ahead we eventually develop everything we can at the physical level. We are talking about identifying with the physical and this is what we first learn – everything connected with physical survival and using those instincts in a native element and then we progress to something else that many people think is not progression. Does anybody have an idea as to what that is?

Audience: It has something to do with the physical thinking mind.

JJ: Okay we have the physical, the thinking, or mind – and what is in between?

Audience: The emotional.

JJ: The emotional; we learn selfishness. Now what is interesting is that a lot people visit these native tribes and find out that they are very sharing. They go and hunt the wild animals and everybody shares them and many people think that they are more evolved than us since they have a natural sharing about them. That is the instinctive level that has a bit of a pack mentality, but then we begin to separate ourselves and begin to develop the desire nature and as we do this we see our selves as separate from everybody else. Then we want what is good for us and the heck with our neighbor. Many people see selfishness as evil but what is not realized is that this is a state we must all pass through to learn unselfishness. All of us know people that are going through this period of selfishness and it is something that we have to go through.

We go through many lives that are spent in this emotional development and in this development we learn emotional love and emotional love is different from spiritual love because when you fall in love emotionally you want the person for what they will do for you. So this is a selfish form of love and you want money for what it can do for you and you want the possessions for what they can do for you. As a person enters this emotional existence and he goes through hundreds of lifetime in this period of emotional existence his learning is a slow process. He becomes more and more selfish and he begins to get so selfish that finally he reaches a lifetime to of almost absolute selfishness, and he reaches a point where he is so selfish that he gets everything he wants and he steps on everybody’s toes and finally reaches a point where he realizes he is not satisfied. He has everything he wants and he has hurt a lot of people to get there and he does not do unto others as he would have them do unto him. He does unto others before they do unto him type of thing.

Finally he reaches the point where he gets everything he wants but it does not make him happy and he thinks, well there has to be something more. And as he begins to think about what works and what do not work in this process he develops the next step, which is his mind. Then he develops his mind and he gets excited again about life and he begins to study philosophy and how things work and he puts together a belief system. When he has developed a mind he decides for a period that there is no God at all because he cannot see any direct evidence at all and God has never come down and talked to him. So when he reaches this mental ability and he begins to develop this mental ability he becomes an atheist for a number of lifetimes and becomes a non-believer.

Now what is interesting about atheism is we see these atheists around us and many of them are more evolved than the religious folk and born again people who are very zealous about God and the after life and being saved. Many of the atheists are actually farther along in the whole scheme of things than are the religious zealous people. Now there are also religious people who are very high up spiritually and you cannot put them all in one category but many of the simple minded religious people are not as spiritually evolved as the atheist and this is just a period that the atheist goes through and each one of us sometime along the path will go through a period of where we will just give up on there being a God. So the person goes through a number of lifetimes where he does not believe it unless he can see it, unless he can prove it and what do you think turns this guy around?

Audience: Near death experience.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: You never know!

Wayne: He starts to develop spiritually.

JJ: What turned the selfish man around? Lorraine what turned him around?

Lorraine: He did not find joy.

JJ: Yes, selfishness did not work for him. So the man develops his mind and becomes very wise, the equivalent of the college professor or a great scientist, an engineer, and great philosopher at one time and he explores all the elements of the mind lifetime after lifetime until he reaches a point where he mentally produces one thought: “I have gone through and used every piece of logic and reasoning to understand life and still I cannot get the answers.”

Audience: The person who is at the pinnacle of selfishness – would it not bring them joy for a little while before he came to this realization that this selfishness did not really bring him true joy and happiness?

JJ: Everything new brings you joy and when we went from the physical to the emotional and began to develop emotional love – it really stimulated us and felt great. Just like say you get a divorce from a bad marriage and you start doing the bar scene and you say, “oh man, this is really great to be free and you do it every night for say a year.

Then you think, man I am getting bored of this and I had better start thinking about settling down again. You eat the best candy you can find and when you eat it over and over again you get bored of it. So when you enter a new activity you get real excited and for a period of time and then you get bored again. The guy who enters the mind finds it very exciting to encounter these emotionally based people and counter them with an argument or to wrap them around his finger because he is a little bit smarter than they are. It is kind of a thrill to do that for these guys. And it is kind of a thrill to study different things that stimulate the mind but over a period of lifetimes he covers everything related to the mind and still he finds that he still does not have all the answers that he wants. The answers have to be there somewhere and where are they? Could it be possible that there is an answer somewhere? And that maybe they’re something higher up than just physical matter?

So his mind begins to open up because he has reached a dead end and he asks a lot of questions that he just can’t get answered. Logic cannot answer them and his mind cannot deduce it from available data. He just can’t get the answers for sure and internally he feels that there must be a way to get the answers so he looks within.

Then what spurs on his evolution is he opens up and becomes as a little child, “Except ye become as a little child you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” So when he thought he knew it all he had no possibility of entering into the kingdom of God. But then he keeps knocking his head against the wall and not getting any answers and then finally concluding that maybe there is something there and asking, how do I find it? Then he becomes like a little child as if he knows nothing and he begins to get a flash of inspiration and then thinks, did I imagine that somewhere inside my mind or did that come from somewhere else? I am going to test this out. He begins to test this out logically and piece it together. He thinks, this piece of knowledge I have just came in a flash. It is logical but it is not logical how I got it. I wonder if something else will come.

He concentrates on it and pretty soon something else does come and then he learns to develop the intuitional part of himself, the spiritual part of himself, and he is excited again. He was banging his head against the wall for several lifetimes and now he has discovered that there is higher knowledge available, not through the mind but there is some type of higher life up there that is able to funnel down higher principles so that he can understand new things and he is all excited again.

With each round of discovery you get excited again and now he is real excited that he has found a new way to obtain knowledge by the intuition and by contacting something. So he goes through a number of lifetimes where experiences false contacts and true contacts until finally he begins to differentiate and learn what is the soul and what is not the soul and what is true and what is not true until finally he is able to solidify himself in the kingdom of God.

Then when he solidifies himself in the kingdom of God he makes contact with not only his intuition but he makes contact with the Brotherhood of Light and he finds out that there are high beings upon the earth that have gone through everything that he has gone through and have mastered everything that pertains to humanity. These people work with us through the soul energies and there is whole group of lives on the other side that can be contacted through what I call the oneness principle. Through the soul he finds that he has group contact and just before he contacts this group life he goes through what is called “The Dark Night Of The Soul”. Most people do not understand the dark night of the soul. They think that if they are depressed than they are under going the dark night of the soul but that is not what the dark night of the soul is. The dark night of the soul is a point of tension before you find and make a link with your group life – with The Brotherhood Of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light is like a Spiritual Internet. In other words, you turn on your computer and all of a sudden there are millions of lives there available. You punch a key and you can have the thoughts from among millions of human beings show up on your computer screen. The Spiritual Internet is like that. It is interesting to note that in esoteric teachings every one of our inventions is really something that is patterned after something on the unseen worlds. In other words, the regular Internet is patterned after the Spiritual Internet.

There is a Spiritual Internet and through the soul you can tap into this and you never know what you are going to get. It is a little bit like doing a Google search, when you put in a word for a Google search and you don’t know what you are going to get. If you put a key word in your mind and you are in contact through the soul through the intuition you are going to bring down some interesting material and you never know what it is going to be. If you put in a word on a Google search such as “Boise” you will get all kinds of generic information about the city, but if you put in Boise Broncos then that is going to really narrow it down so you are not going to get nearly as many hits but it will be more specific. The same is true with us with the Spiritual Internet – if we put out some specific words and key questions that are floating around in our mind then we are going pull more specific material that is going to download into our minds.


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