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March 14, 2012

The Majority Speaks

I’ve decided to do some posting on my political site. Read the first one here:


March 16, 2012

After Death

Tom writes: My G- ma died 5 years ago and was wondering if she still remembers me in the afterlife? Does one’s memory vary from area to area like the astral and mental plane?

JJ DK makes an interesting statement about memory in the next world I haven’t read anywhere else. He says we take with us our three most important memories centered around significant life lessons. I believe, however, this applies to us after we have settled down in our designated afterlife and start preparing for the next. Before that we keep our memories until we have our life review and then some time after.

Of course the higher you go in the various levels the more access you have. I would suppose that those in the higher mental and above can access whatever memories they want but these would be the least interested in doing so because they will be centered on the future rather than the past.

Our memories are not lost but stored in our permanent atoms and can be accessed through the soul whenever it may be necessary. This can be done right here in the physical as well as the next world if Higher Will sees it as necessary or if the right process is followed.

Tom If one is in the sleep state or deva or David state…will one still contain memories of their last life on earth?

JJ If one goes to the religious heaven or devachan he will enter a dream world. Just as in a dream you have vague and sometimes inaccurate memories of your waking life even so there you will construct a dream like reality that is linked to this life but not fully connected.

Tom: Another question…Why is some forms of death have to be so awful…imagine being burned to death or chocking to death? Imagine being torture or dying from drowning? Why must some forms of death be so unpleasant?

JJ Two reasons. First, all painful experiences are great learning devices that make us strong people in the long run. Secondly, there are many things about creation and life that couldn’t materialize and evolve any other way than it has. Just like the universe could not exist without gravity we also need the duality of pain and pleasure to fully evolve.

Eventually we will master the dualities so such painful deaths and circumstances will become a thing of the past.


March 17, 2012

Accessing Past Lives

They can be accessed in some people by hypnosis, guided meditation, regular meditation, suggestive dreaming and intuitively. Also if the soul concludes the seeker needs to know something it will be revealed in some way.


March 20, 2012

Microwave test – food for thought

Ruth posted some interesting information on microwaving taken from HERE

One side of the microwave debate insists that its use should be avoided at all costs – that any use of it is dangerous. They claim it damages the DNA and alters the food so it is harmful.

I think the truth is somewhat in between.

The site gives an experiment where plants are grown with regular and microwaved water. Ashley then gives us this Snopes reference where another experiment yields no measurable difference.

This reminds me of a time I was talking to a natural health practitioner and she told me that you shouldn’t even heat up water in a microwave. Apparently it changes the polarity of the molecules and makes it dead. She said that microwaved water is so lifeless that it cannot even sprout seeds.

Well, I don’t microwave much food because it just doesn’t taste as good and taste is an indicate of quality, but I do heat up coffee, tea and water in the microwave. I was suspicious so I put her words to the test.

I sorted out two batches of seeds to sprout. For the first batch I used regular water that hadn’t been microwaved and for the second batch I used water that had been liberally boiled in the microwave. I watered the two sets of seeds with the two waters until they reached maturity and couldn’t tell the difference between the two. The lady was definitely wrong about microwaved water not being able to sprout seeds.

As far as its effect on foods go I would like to see more research carried out. My gut feeling is that microwaved food does have drawbacks and is not as good for you as regular cooking but is not as bad as some claim.

I personally use a microwave sparing such as warming liquids and warming food up if in a hurry. I never cook in a microwave.


March 25, 2012

Why it is ethical to eat meat

I’m entering this post in a contest sponsored by the New York Times. The one who writes the best article on “Why it is ethical to eat meat” will get published there. I am limited to 600 words and could have done the article much more justice with a couple thousand. Here is a preview:

NOTE They didn’t select mine.  The winner is posted here.

The winning posted should have been titled “Why it is Ethical to Eat Some Meat.


April 1, 2012

Animal Destiny

Dan: And for anybody that wonders, we use ZERO chemicals of any kind on them and they eat only their natural food – weeds, leaves and grasses. We do give them free choice salt, minerals and baking soda.

JJ A lot of people do not realize that small farmers like yourself often take better care of animals than many people do their kids and their meat, eggs and milk is better quality than the government certified organic. If you want good meat products just search Craig’s list for a local guy with meat, eggs or milk for sale. Local whole foods markets also often sell products from local farmers.


April 5, 2012

The Milgram Experiment

The Milgram experiment illustrates perhaps the greatest flaw in our human nature. Most of us desire to conform to authority and associates more than we desire to do the right thing or follow the highest we know. This experiment illustrates how it is that often we see that 100% of the Republicans vote with their side and 100% of the Democrats vote with their side even though one choice is always better for the country than the other.

Here is my original article on the Milgram experiment followed by links to a modern repetition of it.

Date: 14 Dec 1998

A while back Dateline had a special on the power of Authority.

They started the show by showing an old clip from Candid Camera. In this clip the victim of the show entered an elevator with about six other people in it. The funny thing was that the other six (who worked with Candid Camera) were told to face different directions at different times.

Now normally when you are in an elevator you face the door, but this group all faced the inside panel with their backs toward the door. Even though this was very odd the victim did not want to be different so he turned with his back toward the door. Then they showed several clips of the people in the elevator and every time the group turned, the victim turned with them.

It seemed kind of funny and I’m sure the Candid Camera audience got a good laugh out of it, but the reality behind this is the scariest human trait we possess. That is, most of mankind will follow the leader or group even if it makes no sense or if it goes against every moral teaching they have ever been taught.

The second part of the feature had an experiment done with college students. Again they had an unsuspecting victim participating with a group of about a half dozen that knew what was going on. The group was shown a set of four lines and of the four there were two of equal length. They were then asked to pick the two lines that were equal. They showed the lines on TV and it was obvious which two were the correct match.

The next thing they did was to have the planted students all give the same wrong match. Then when it became the victim’s turn you could tell he began to doubt what his eyes and reasoning were telling him. Some of the victims gave the right answer for a round or two but one by one each victim gave in and started giving the wrong answer as the right answer, even though he knew within himself that it was wrong.

The interesting thing about watching their faces on TV was that they all looked a little depressed when they started knowingly giving the wrong answers as right answers. It was almost like the poor kids were selling their souls.

Finally they showed the most alarming experiment of all which was conducted by Stanley Milgram way back in the sixties.

Milgram was curious about how a group of apparently normal people like the Germans could have participated in the Nazi atrocities which was against every moral teaching that they ever believed in. Their excuse was always the same: “I was just following orders..”

Below is a description of the experiment:

<<<In the experiment, so-called “teachers” (who were actually the unknowing subjects of the experiment) were recruited by Milgram. They were asked to administer an electric shock of increasing intensity to a “learner” for each mistake he made during the experiment. The fictitious story given to these “teachers” was that the experiment was exploring effects of punishment (for incorrect responses) on learning behavior. The “teacher” was not aware that the “learner” in the study was actually an actor – – merely indicating discomfort as the “teacher” increased the electric shocks.>

When the “teacher” asked whether increased shocks should be given he/she was verbally encouraged to continue. Sixty-five percent of the “teachers” obeyed orders to punish the learner to the very end of the 450-volt scale! No subject stopped before reaching 300 volts!

At times, the worried “teachers” questioned the experimenter, asking who was responsible for any harmful effects resulting from shocking the learner at such a high level. Upon receiving the answer that the experimenter assumed full responsibility, teachers seemed to accept the response and continue shocking, even though some were obviously extremely uncomfortable in doing so.

What was interesting about watching this on Dateline was that when the subject hit the high voltage the pretended victim screamed like crazy and even said he had a bad heart and that the experiment was killing him.

The subject then turned to the authority as if asking what to do and the authority told him to continue. If the subject seemed to doubt the authority told him that he would take responsibility.

Then the subject continued to shock the supposed victim past 300 volts until he went silent. This indicated the victim was either unconscious or dead. Still the subject did not cease. He continued to increase the voltage clear up to 450 which would mean that if the victim was not dead yet this would surely kill him.

The interesting thing is that if this was a real happening, the subject would not only have killed another human being which was against every teaching that he believed in, but he would have also been brought up on murder charges. It is scary that even that possibility did not deter the subject from following authority.

The funny thing about these experiments is that the scientists predicted that only one out of a thousand would follow an authority to shock up to 450 volts, but 65% went that far and 100% of the subjects went up to 300 volts, which is still enough to kill.

Thus we have a great example of the true mark of the beast on the right hand – the willingness to follow blind authority no matter what the consequences.

The interesting thing is that very few people know themselves well enough to know whether or not they would administer the 300 or more volts to an innocent brother. Most would think that they would never do such a thing, but are they right? Remember, 100% of those in the experiment yielded to the authority.

Even more sinister is the mark in the forehead. Remember the philosophy of Big Brother in the novel 1984? It was not enough that people did as they were told. In addition to this he demanded that they also love Big Brother and totally embrace everything he stood for in their belief system. If someone was caught having independent thought he was not executed immediately. First he had to be brainwashed into loving Big Brother and when the victim demonstrated that he was willing to accept an obvious falsehood from Big Brother with Love, then he was shot, but not before.

Now we must remember that over half of the world’s population is under the direct obvious control of some Big Brother type of government. For these inhabitants there is often no way for immediate escape from the mark of the Beast. They have to at least pretend to go along or they will not be able to get work, will not be able to buy or sell and may wind up executed.

It’s a little different in the Free World. We do not have to receive the mark here; instead, we embrace it by our own free will, just as do the subjects in the Milgram experiment. They were free. They could have gotten up any moment and left, but they did not.

Kyle said that perhaps religion administers the mark of the beast in the free world. Yes, this is true as shown by Jonestown, Heavens Gate and your fanatical neighbor down the street, but this is only part of the mark.

The mark is demonstrated before us right now on TV by the Democrats and Republicans in the impeachment proceedings. Both sides are going along with group thought. I think out of the 435 Representatives only one Republican and no Democrats defied their party thoughtform and authoritative leaders on the last Impeachment vote.

One of about 435 going against accepted authorities. That’s how powerful the beast is! It doesn’t matter to the beast if you are Republican or Democrat, or even which is closer to the truth. What matters is control.

The question we need to ask ourselves is: “Would I be strong enough to be one out of the 435?”

Would we have been strong enough as an early Christian to refuse to acknowledge Caesar as God and allow ourselves to be fed to lions?

Putting religion aside you have to admire these followers of Christ who gave their lives to defy the beast. Their lives were not in vain, for they paved the way to the wounding of the beast. Now finally we are in a point in time and space where the whole beast will be destroyed, but before we can destroy such an enemy we must know and understand what it is and how it functions.

The beast, as a whole, is not a country or anything physical, but is blind authority and is demonstrated by the “blind following the blind.”

The beast is destroyed by opening the eyes of the blind, and this we shall do with power and great glory, but first we must open our own eyes to the one authority – the Spirit of God within us.

They did a modern version of the Milgram experiment. Check out this three part video.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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The Problem with Infinite Individual Realities

This entry is part 9 of 40 in the series 2012A

There are two major divisions of alternate universes theories.

(1) In addition to this physical universe and its accompanying higher spheres there are an unknown number of co-existing universes.  This number is guessed at being from one to an infinite number. Quantum theory speculates there may be eleven.

These universes are as different from our own as one individual, planet and galaxy are also different  from each other in their distinct way.

The idea that there are alternate universes such as these makes some sense to the rational mind for not only quantum physicists see it as a possibility but the more we examine formless space the more we find evidence that it is not empty but composed of many subtle particles and forces.

(2) We create our own reality of alternate universes.

This idea first seemed to impact public consciousness through the writings of Seth.  His ideas were on the edge of believability but still fit within the parameters of logic with esoteric students.

He taught that alternate realities were created when points of emotional tension were created in life and if the pilgrim found himself wondering what life would be like if he had chosen differently this power of thought created another reality where the alternative decision was made.  This fits in with the esoteric teachings on the devachan, an astral world where unfulfilled desires are lived out until the person feels satisfied.

Then in the past couple decades imaginations of gurus, writers and movie makers have run wild with the alternative reality idea with each new version expanding and building on the last until we now arrive at Inelia Benz and others telling us that there are not only infinite universes, but an infinite number of you and me in our own private universe of creations in addition to other infinite universes. This supposes that there is such a thing as infinity times infinity.

The thinking behind the infinite selves idea is that every decision we make is a choice between two realities.  Rick is considering Bonnie and Sue as marriage partners.  Both of them have their advantages but he can only pick one and marries Sue. This creates quite a different reality for himself than if he had chosen Bonnie – a much different personality. For the rest of his life he wonders what it would have been like if he had married Bonnie.

Not to worry. According to this theory the real truth is that decision points creates an entirely new universe for yourself.  Rick did not just choose Sue to be his wife, but Bonnie also and in that instant he doubled the number of universes for himself.  He also created a double of himself.  One of himselves is living in this universe married to Sue and the other one of himself is in the newly created universe living with Bonnie.

There are only two ways that there can be two or more universes with you, me and everyone else in them

The first way this could happen is if they both had similar beginnings billions of years ago and went through similar evolutions until we have two universes with two earths and two of you and me very similar to each other.

The trouble with this idea is that it is a mathematical impossibility. Let us just look at your two parents on two earths that are just a little different.  Because the two earths are slightly different the circumstances would be different forcing different decisions.  On this earth your father met your mother at a church social but on the other earth he caught a cold and never attended and thus never met your mother and you were never born. It is obvious that within just one lifetime different decisions would produce very different results and if we expand that to a history of two earths over billions of years we can conclude that no two earths would evolve with anywhere near the same circumstances or groups of people. The earth in a parallel universe would be as different from this one as Russia is from the United States.

Some science fiction writers and gurus realized the conundrum here and decided the only plausible explanation for the existence of two or more universes, earths and people who are very close duplicates is if new universes are created with new decisions we make. Thus when Rick reaches a decision point as to who to marry he creates an entirely new universe for himself and lives two realities.

This gets complicated when we realize that we make thousands of decisions within one lifetime; therefore, we would have duplicates running around in thousands of universes – right?

Wrong.  Make that trillions of universes.  Let me illustrate.

When I was five years old I decided to play with a smoldering fire and caught my pants on fire and burned myself quite badly. This created a new universe where I decided to play with my dog instead and was never burned. Now, not only has the present me made thousands of decisions since then but the me who played with the dog has also. In addition to us two creating universes every new version  of me is doing it also. When I figure all the other selves out there multiplying themselves creating new universes then there would have to be trillions of universes out there created by me alone.  In addition to this there are seven billion other people on this planet creating trillions more universes.

This may make good science fiction but seems kind of a silly idea to take seriously when you really think about it.  The creations of God are based on simplicity and when you consider that all possibilities lie within our present universe then trillions more just seems like something that is totally unnecessary and wouldn’t attract any interest to the mind of God.

That said, I am faced with a decision to either post this on freeread or the Keys.  I guess I’ll choose freeread.  Whoops!  There I go again.  I just created an another alternative universe where this post is on the Keys. I hope the other me behaves himself.

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Inelia Benz

This entry is part 7 of 40 in the series 2012A

Feb 14, 2012
A couple days ago Kelly asked about Inelia Benz and this stirred up
quite a lot of discussion so I thought I would make a few comments.

First I had to check out some of her teachings. I watched the video
recommended by Alex and read the transcript of the video recommended by

Her basic message is this. She incarnated to assist in raising the
vibration of the people on this planet so we can effectively transition
into a new age of peace.

I have no problem with this message as this is also one of the reasons I
am here and I’m sure some members of the group feel it is a
reason they are here also.

As long as she keeps this as her main goal and follows it to the highest
she knows then I wish her Godspeed.

Whenever a teacher manifests before the public eye true seekers will
always take a look with a mind open to the possibility that he or she
may be an agent of light or a deceiver of the darkest dye – or someone
in between.

Unless I receive some evidence to the contrary I take Inelia at her word
that she is here to serve and assist humanity.

I am encouraged by the fact that she is a big believer in free will and
expanding it. She presents a teaching that I have given that if we do
not make decisions then someone else will be making them for us.

She presents several teachings to do not sound right to me.

She says there are an infinite number of parallel universes where each
of us live in slightly different realities. For example, in Universe A
there is a famous JJ and in Universe B there is one that is an unknown
homeless guy. Then there’s another universe where I’m
still with my first wife and never met Artie – my current wife – poor

The point to consider here is that creation, especially the creation of
a universe, takes a lot of effort and creators only put a lot of effort
into creation when there is a significant purpose. I don’t see
much purpose being served by the Creators in making infinite numbers
universes with the same people doing just slightly different things. As
it is, this one universe is vast enough to give the Life of God a chance
to experience every possibility through the many trillions of lives in
it. He doesn’t need a billion or so variations of me running

She tells us she is a unique being who has never incarnated into this
universe before. She has no past lives but incarnated directly from the
mind of God.

We always have to take into account that anything is possible but in my
view the most likely truth is she has incarnated here many times but has
reflected so strongly on God that she sees herself as an extension of
Him in a way that others are not.

This teaching is the biggest red flag because even if she truly seeks to
help others this may cause followers to see her as an outside source of
God rather than looking within. This could cause her to become the Beast
to her followers unless she does all in her power to teach them to rely
on the inner God rather than the outer.

She says there are millions of others who are helping to raise the
vibration of the planet but is not clear if there are others like her
with no past lives who came directly from God. If she sees herself as a
totally unique being she could be creating many glamours that will need
to be dealt with as well as illusion.

Overall, she seems a pleasant person who is attempting to serve so I
will not be overly concerned about her unless some good reason were to

She does have a course she sells for $99. Because of this some have
accused her of being in the work for the money but every work does need
t bring in some money.

Here are the ingredients in the course:

1. Unit One – An Introduction – Listen to the Introduction NOW.
Spiritual Ascension Course Sample
2. Unit Two – Setting of Goals
3. Unit Three – Main Goals Exercise
4. Unit Four – Specific Goals Exercise
5. Unit Five – Detoxifying the Physical Body
6. Unit Six – Reconnecting with the Physical Body
7. Unit Seven – Physical Body Reconnection Exercise
8. Unit Eight – Healing the Ego
9. Unit Nine – Identifying and Embracing the Ego
10. Unit Ten – The Mental Body
11. Unit Eleven – Identifying the Mind
12. Unit Twelve – Silencing the Mind Through Breath Meditation
13. Unit Thirteen – The Emotional Body
14. Unit Fourteen – Healing the Emotional Body
15. Unit Fifteen – The Spiritual Body
16. Unit Sixteen – Identifying and Reconnecting with the Spiritual Body
17. Unit Seventeen – Aligning Our Bodies
18. Unit Eighteen – Expansion Of Awareness
19. Unit Nineteen – Expansion Of Awareness into Oneness
20. Bonus Unit
Dealing with Sickness during Ascension Work

If anyone has taken or takes this course in the future I’m sure
the group would be interested in a report.

Feb 15, 2012
Alternate Realities

I’m surprised so many have embraced the idea of infinite realities for each individual. To my reasoning mind it makes no sense whatsoever and can and will explain why it makes no sense.

From the Ancient Wisdom we know there are seven spheres of reality, but in these there is only one physical reality. The astral, mental and formless worlds are not alternative realities but a part of the one reality.

Is it possible that there are other physical realities that co-exist with us in addition to the seven spheres? Yes, this is quite possible. I suspect that there is one which is composed of what we call anti-matter. Quantum theory suggests that there could be as many as 11 alternative universes but there seems to be no way that an infinite number would fit in the equation.

But considering whether there be co-existing universes is a whole different matter than co-existing selves living out totally different lives than we are doing here.

If there is an alternative universe then it would be populated by entities that are different entities than exist here just as another star system would be peopled by different beings than exist here.

Alex asks this question:
“How we can judge and dictate the Creator how many parallel timelines is sufficient for Him to allow a reasonable level of free agency?”

First, I might note that others are judging the Creator has made infinite realities so I am doing no differently than them in judging in the other direction.

Secondly, we are fully capable of judging what the Creator will do because we are created in the “image of God.” If we therefore want to know what God would do we must merely examine what we would do.

To discover the truth through following this principle one need merely ask this question; When we as humans create a thing do we create all possibilities in which that creation can manifest? Do we even have any desire to do this?

The answer to both of these questions is an absolute no.

Let us suppose you are going to paint a picture. First you decide what you are going to paint – let us say you pick a mountain and a stream. Now as you are painting you follow your desires in what you like and do not like until it is finished and like God in the Bible you then declare it is good when finished.

Now that the painting is finished do you have any desire to create millions of other paintings of this scene with slight variations?

Of course not. Such an endeavor would not only be extremely boring but would put the creator in a hell of a bottomless pit.

So, we see the creator (painter) has absolutely no desire to create every possible version of his painting but he does still desire to create. What then does he do? He picks a new challenge and for his next work. He does not create a slightly different view of the same scene but he picks an entirely new scene. He may do some wildlife next or a portrait of his true love – something that will be a challenge and give him the satisfaction of creating something new.

“Behold, I make all things new.” Rev 21:5

We do not like to create the same thing over and over and neither does God.

The different paintings correspond to different lifetimes and different painters correspond to different entities.

Seth was the first teacher I know of who taught about multiple realities for individuals and from his teaching of a few realities others have expanded to infinite realities.

I think Seth was on to a true principle. He didn’t teach infinite realities but noted that there are various turning points in our lives were crucial decisions are made. This wouldn’t have anything to do whether you choose eggs or cereal for breakfast, but decisions that have a strong emotions attached. For instance Bob is strongly attracted to Carol and Alice and after much thought chooses Alice. His life with Alice turns rather sour and he now wishes he would have chosen Carol. He dreams regularly of what life would be like with her.

According to Seth – in another reality he is with Carole.

This corresponds to the teachings of the ancient Wisdom through DK and others for this is how the Devachan plays out in the astral world. Unfulfilled emotional (astral) energy creates a reality in the astral world and after we die we can go there and experience unfulfilled dreams and wishes that were not manifest here in the physical. This is the heaven of the Christian or the Happy Hunting Grounds of the American Indian.

On the other hand, the disciple learns to be the observer in this physical world and not be governed by the astral so he can bypass the devachan and go higher reams closer to the True Reality after death.

Thus we see that the argument that we need to experience infinite versions of each life is just not called for. In this universe there are billions of galaxies with billions of solar systems with many trillions of inhabitants. The life of God has every possible experience available though the vast number of lives invoked and with the devachan and dream world included there is no experienced left undone.

Another point to consider is that there is One Great Life occupying this universe and we are extensions of this oneness. On higher levels we are in tune with each other and see each other as part of a unity rather than separate lives. When life is viewed from this angle then all of us are living many millions of lives at the same time. In a sense Alex, and Keith and Rick and Ruth,  the rest are another version of me. It’s possible that some psychics tune into this knowledge and construe it to mean that there are many versions of ourselves in many realities.


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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 13

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Astral Details
JJ: From the bottom of the astral world to the top is a tremendous difference. At the top it is very close to the mental world. But the astral world, since half of you are Mormons is the really the terrestrial kingdom. The telestial kingdom is what?

It is this earth right here and as a matter of fact when you go the Mormon temple they say right in it that, brothers and sisters this is a lonely world the telestial kingdom the world in which we now reside. So this world and all the stars up there are all a part of the telestial kingdom. The telestial kingdom is what ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and that is how the spirit ministers us to in this world. If we are true seeker then we will feel an inward spirit come to us and that is how we are ministered to in this telestial world.

The next step up is terrestrial world and that is the astral world and most of us go there after we die. The upper parts of the astral world would be the terrestrial world and the lower parts would be what the Bible calls the spirits in prison for want of a better word. But the upper parts of the astral world are what are called heaven. The upper parts of the astral world in esoteric writings are called the Devachan. They teach that the Devachan is like a dream. In other words, everybody is having their own dreams and they are pleasant dreams and it seems real but it is a little bit like a dream world in the fact that everything is governed by the power of feeling and thought.

When you are there it seems just as real as anything. The lower part will be filled with Mormons, Methodists and so on and they will all have their individual groups and they will maintain their teaching and most of them will not believe in reincarnation. It is interesting when they did a survey among people with near death experience that about sixty percent were told there was reincarnation and about forty percent were told there was not reincarnation and that is because they went to different places. Where the regular religious people go they will be preaching the standard gospel waiting for Jesus to show up. As a matter of fact sometimes when a person dies he is really into religious teachings and there is really no place for him in the astral world then they will arrange a greeting group for them and they will also arrange kind of a play situation where he will come and meet Jesus and they will have an environment like he is expecting to have after he dies until he kind of gets used to it and then they will start explaining to him that is really not real and they will say okay we are now going to take you to the real astral world.

There are different grades of etheric matter where other different life forms live like on some planets like Venus. There are actually beings that live on Venus in higher etheric matter, not on the astral world but on higher etheric matter. But on the actual lower physical that we are in there is no life on the surface at least but there might be something in the interior.

What is different about the mental world is when you want something you create it with your mind and when you want something in the astral world you create it with your feelings. Like lets say you want an apple you feel a desire for an apple and an apple will materialize but when you are in the mental world if you want an apple then you just think an apple and an apple will materialize. They say that you do not have to eat in the spirit world but you can eat for your own enjoyment because we are so used to eating here that you can eat there also. Now another question that the book that Larry mentioned did not answer is, do they have sex there and the answer is that they do have sex but it is different than it is here and what happens is they create like a charge of energy and exchange the energy so it is not like having actual physical sex with a physical body but there is an intense feeling of sharing.

Audience: And which one is that the mental world?

That is in the astral worlds – in the higher worlds they share a consistent feeling of union without the need of sex – though a correspondence to it can be had if desired.

Audience: Yes they did this in the movie Cocoon.

JJ: Another question that many people have is what happens when a person commits suicide or gets blown up instantly or the body does catastrophically.

If a person commits suicide the general teaching is that they will sleep until they would have normally died. For instance if a person commits suicide when they are 20 and they would have normally died when they were 50, they would normally sleep in the spirit world for up to thirty years. Now I do not believe that this is a hard and fast rule but I feel that there is truth behind and they will sleep for a period of time and they will eventually be given another chance but suicide always creates karma because the person was in a terrible situation in his life or at least he thought he was and he decided to escape it. There was a lesson to learn there by facing it and he will eventually have to come back and face it again until he is finally willing to work through it rather than taking his life.

Audience: Why would they sleep during this time between taking their own life and dying a normal death?

JJ: Because energy follows thought you see and he was trying to extinguish his life, not his eternal life but the life that he would have led on the earth. I do not believe this is a hard and fast exact rule but it is a general rule with exceptions. I think many wake up earlier than their original time of death.

Also if a person dies suddenly his actually spirit body or astral body will be in a state of shock and he is actually met there by the spirit doctors who assist him in recovery. It is impossible to destroy the astral or spirit body with an explosion or car crash or something like that but the sudden death is somewhat of a shock to the system that they need a bit of rest in the spirit world before they are able to function. Now some people wonder what would happen if you had a direct hit by an atomic bomb – would that hurt your astral body? I think it would be a shock to your system but I don’t think it would destroy your astral body or do any permanent damage to it. Some people theorize that it would but I haven’t seen a teaching on it by anyone I would trust one way or another but my gut feeling is that nothing we could do here could create any permanent harm to our astral body, unless we do it ourselves through our own negligence.

Audience: What about if a physic vampire wants to pull your energy from you?

JJ: Well that drains your physical and then you recover in the astral world and you would completely recover.

Audience: What if you astral project your energy in your physical body?

JJ: If you astral project to the lowest levels of the astral you might find little devils trying to zap you of all your energy but if you go to the mid astral you would not have to worry about such entities because they will have no such power to latch on to you. But if you go to the lowest realms of the astral world then these vampire types of very selfish people can make life a hell for you after death. But all of these are temporary residences – all except for the people that are dedicated to the path of darkness and these people don’t even go to the astral world, they go to what is written in esoteric writings as the eighth sphere. This is actually a lower vibration than the actual physical. The eighth sphere in Mormon language is where the sons of perdition will go to where their being, everything that composes them begins to break down and then they are recycled in the recycling pit of God so to speak. And their soul eventually puts out a new personality and tries again to create a successful creation from the monad of the person, so that is interesting.

Audience: What is an ashram and more specifically if the Masters are incarnated in bodies on the earth right now, they have ashrams or schools that are teaching right?

JJ: An ashram is just a gathering of students around a teacher. We could call this an ashram right here – I am the teacher and you are the ashram so to speak and that is all an ashram means in the east. Now it is a risk for a Master to incarnate because he loses his memory and has to start and re-do his initiations in miniature. Sometimes he will get caught and does not quite get up to the third initiation. He gets trapped and will have to incarnate a number of times to where he has to get back to where he was before. And this is one of the reasons that the Masters are hesitant to come and work with us because it is a little bit risky. Maybe is that is why The Christ has not taken a body for over 2000 years.

Audience: But you said that He has one.

JJ: Right He has one now but He has not taken a fresh incarnation to work among us. The physical body that He is with now is probably thousands of years old. He could leave that physical body at any time and be born as a child if He decided to. He could recreate that discarded physical body again if he decided to because He is in the middle of His seventh degree initiation.

Audience: Now is this Jesus or Christ?

JJ: The Christ, Jesus is a fifth degree initiate right now and Christ is half way through His seventh. The Tibetan says an interesting thing about this and I never really thought of it until I read DK who says, “What people really don’t think about is what is going through the mind of Christ as He is contemplating His second coming.” And when he said that I thought, put yourself in His situation, people are expecting me to come in a blaze of glory and wipe out all the wicked and bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Don’t people realize how difficult this would be!

Don’t they realize how difficult it is to move things around so there is peace on earth or how ridiculous it would be to just wipe out everybody just because I think they are wicked? How am I going to manifest on the world so I can convince a substantial number of people that I have something to offer this time. Remember He only had about 120 followers last time when He was crucified.

Audience: In the Aquarian Gospel it says that Jesus, before his actual Jerusalem ministry was mingling amongst other adepts and he was contemplating that very thing.

JJ: Yes that was the interesting part of it where they all had that conference and they all gave their advice to Jesus and they said well we think if you did this it would be good. That was very interesting and He is probably doing that right now, talking amongst the other Masters thinking how He is going to pull off his Second Coming.


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