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Mastering the Bull

The next lesson is the lesson of Taurus and the second lesson of Taurus is the capture the Cretan Bull. The gods said, well the last time you messed it up a bit and lets see if you do better this time Hercules. We want you to go capture this bull that is on the island of Crete and take it over to the mainland and give it to the one eyed Cyclops. The bull is to be dedicated to the gods so they need that bull in their possession. This time and labor and all that follow he has to perform alone. The first labor he has a sidekick with him. Remember that TV series he always had that sidekick with him that was like his lower self. In all the rest of the labors he has to perform them pretty much all alone.

And so he did a search and finally he found this bull which had a shining star on its head. He captured the bull and he managed to ride it through the ocean and took it to the mainland and gave it to the one eyed race that was there. Three leaders represented the one eyed race and they all had one eye. Can anyone guess what this symbolism is about?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Capturing the bull and taking it to the mainland, what would that mean? And what does it mean that we have a bull on an island?

Audience: Isolated

JJ: Right, the bull is symbolic of the lower self again and it is symbolic of our lower desires and also our sex urge. Lower psychism, lower desire and the sex urge – these are what the bull represents.

The star on the bull represents the light in the forehead which is a light from the soul that guides us through these energies so that they can be controlled accurately. Now we each see ourselves as an isolated unit and in making decisions about our lower nature we see ourselves as making decisions from a point of isolation. That is why the bull is isolated. We say that what I do only affects me but actually what we do has a ripple effect and affects many people.

So Hercules was told to take the bull to the mainland. In other words, take the lower part of our nature and realize that it is not isolated. The lower part of our nature affects the higher part of our nature and they are all intertwined.

This is continuation of the lesson when he worked with his friend Abduras. They were supposed to work together and they ended up working separately and the labor almost ended up getting bungled. So he is supposed to take the bull to the mainland, which symbolizes unity, the unity of the lower and the higher self. We say the lower self and the lower self does not mean bad self. The lower self is still part of the whole and the lower self needs directed in such a way that it is useful for it is a tool.

All of our bodies are merely vehicles. If you have a car, it is a vehicle to take you from one place to another. We have seven vehicles all together – three vehicles of form, which are most important from our point of view. The first form is the form of the mind, which is thought. The second, desire, and then the third, the physical form that we are in right now.

There are worlds that are composed of emotional matter that are just controlled by feeling and this is called the astral world. Then the next world up is the world of thought. All form is manipulated by what you think. Now thought and emotion or feeling and physical activity are all brought together at this lowest point that we are at. Our lower urges need to be ridden or mastered for riding the bull symbolizes taking control of our lower nature and directing it in a harmless way so that it becomes a sacrifice, so to speak, for the gods. These three one eyed men symbolize enlightened beings of the higher self and the three aspects of the Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or the aspects of power, love and will.

These three one eyed Cyclops symbolizes the higher aspect of the Holy Trinity that the lower nature must be delivered by riding the bull so to speak to the one God. So we can use the lower nature to full fill the purpose of God rather than against them.

Audience: You mentioned something about thought and desire and physical activity.

JJ: The three worlds of form are desire, and then mind and thought, and then the lowest world is the physical world. The physical world is really two because the physical world that we see is composed of what we call the dense physical which is really not built upon what is called a real principle. What really sustains form is we call the etheric body. Has anyone ever showed you how to see the etheric body?

Audience: No

JJ: Okay it is much easier to see than the aura and I will show you how to see it. We need a white or light background. Now put your thumbs together and touch them and then pull them apart so they are about a quarter inch from each other and look at that space in between them against this white background. Stare only at the empty space with the white wall in the background . You will see kind of a blue film around your thumbs stretching about a millimeter from the skin.

How many of you can see it? Okay just about everybody. It is pretty easy to see. When I was a younger kid I taught a class in the church to a bunch of young kids and I showed them how to see this and I said that is your spirit. (Chuckling) They went home and told their parents and boy I got in a lot of trouble.

Okay now I want everyone to stare at my third eye in my forehead. I guess I had better think good thoughts. (60 seconds later) Okay I am going to move away but I want you to keep your eyes fixed on that spot and imagine I am still there. (45 seconds later) Okay what do you see? Does anybody see any colors?

Audience: Blue

Audience: I saw yellow.

Audience: Blue and orange.

JJ: I am just recovering from a cold and there may be some interference there. Anyone see any dark spots?

Audience: Yes

JJ: If you are getting over a cold or something when you look at the whole body you can often see the areas where there is a congestion of energy.

Audience: Now when you were standing up there you just a few more seconds and then you decided to step away, how did you sense when it was the appropriate time for us to see that?

JJ: Any time around a minute it begins to work and there is nothing magical about an exact time. Next, to see your aura you have to concentrate on looking a little bit farther out. The etheric body is really easy to see and almost everybody can see that, but not too many can see the aura naturally. This is something that has to be learned by experimenting and continuing to practice and then when you first see it you will think it was your imagination because it is so fleeting. You will see it and then it will disappear and then look and it will disappear or go away.

The process of seeing the aura is the process I call “not seeing.” You have to be in mode to not see to be able to see. In other words it is a little bit like chasing your girlfriend when you are young. If she knew you were chasing her then she avoided you but if you act like you do not care then she thinks, “since he does not care then I am going to make him care.” So it is a little bit like that in the fact that when you begin to see the aura that you have to have the mindset that you do not care if you see it or not and you have to put yourself in a mindset where are not really trying to look but you are trying.

This is kind of an interesting mindset that you have to put yourself in and when you finally get in that mindset you cannot be enamored by it because as soon as you think, oh boy, its working, then it disappears. You have to keep your emotions at bay and then finally you will get to the point to where you can see it and look at it for a while.

Now out farther than the aura is the film that covers the aura. You are actually fairly egg shaped. If you notice that when you break an egg there is a film on the outer part of the egg. Well there is a film on the outer part of the aura and on this outer film part of the aura is projected your thoughts and they are projected in all kinds of geometric forms. A Master can look at these geometric forms you are projecting and tell what you are thinking.

When Christ approached the woman at well and read her mind he was merely looking at the projection of thought and He was very sensitive to that. These outer images are much harder to see than the aura, just like the aura is much harder to see than the etheric body. They are very elusive. I find sometimes they are easiest to see just when you are waking up in the morning when you are in between being awake and asleep and sometimes for a short period of time I will see them really easy.

I used to practice quite a bit in seeing the aura but I have not done it much in recent years. I find that by just using the intuitive nature that you can pick up what you need on other individuals but seeing the aura does have its use and sometimes an aura may just stand out, and out of the blue for some reason my soul wants me to see the aura and it will just be real easy to see. So if you tune into the soul when you are supposed to know something about somebody then you will get some kind of impression one way or another and you may pick up something about their aura also.

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