McCall Gathering 2007, Part 35

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JJ: The next labor Hercules is given the assignment to capture the Cretan bull. We are moving into the sign of Taurus now.

Audience: So please explain the message of Aries.

JJ: The message of Aries is, we have to control our unruly thoughts and this can only be done with soul contact. Without soul contact we can go to church and learn all kinds of lessons of how we can control our thoughts but they will still not be under control. It can only be done through the work of the soul because only through the work of the soul can we see what is harmless and what is not harmless. In other words harmlessness is the true message of Aries. And only through the soul can we see the true harmless way.

If we have a cut and dry idea about what is harmless and what is not then we will almost always be wrong. For instance, let’s talk about going to war. Everybody says that going to war can’t be the path of harmlessness, but say during World War II the path of harmlessness was to go to war against Hitler and without defeating him there would have been much greater harm than if we did not defeat him. So we were forced to go to war against Hitler.

Sometimes the most harmless path still creates quite a bit of friction and only through the soul can you tell for sure. Sometimes you have two decisions, one is the harmless path and another leads to great harm but it seems to the personality that the cut and dry method is the best. If we used black and white method in World War II like a love your neighbor type thing and if everybody said well lets just love Hitler and lets not fight him – this was not the harmless path. It takes a certain amount of soul contact to always be able to tell the harmless path.

It is difficult for people to see this until the soul is connected. If we turn it over to the personality and the souls thinks it is so simple, the personality should be able to understand harmlessness and right thought but sooner or later it gets to see and it gets trampled over.

It is difficult for people to see this until the soul is connected. If we turn decisions over to the personality that are simple to the soul then the person get run over by the wild horses of illusion. Just like in World War II if we had just tried love and peace with Hitler we would have been trampled over by the wild horses of Hitler and subdued.

Harmlessness is the key to liberation, and harmlessness is very elusive because sometimes you have a choice between one thing that seems to produce great harm and another choice seems to produce harm also but maybe not as great. Sometimes you have the choice between the lesser of two evils. And if you keep making the right choice eventually you enter the path of harmlessness where your karma is paid off to the point where you can live a fairly unobstructed life.

What is interesting with harmlessness is that perhaps the most harmless person in our history was Jesus yet He was not looked upon as harmless. People hated Him. They wanted to kill Him and he offended so many people that He made this statement to His disciples, “Blessed is he who is not offended in me.”

Now a lot of people that have not studied His life carefully look on Him like some type of flower child where people were singing praises of him and so on, but He created so much of a stir that He mad that statement, “Blessed is He that is not offended in me.” Almost every teacher that teaches the next step up has the same problem because the next step up is always uncomfortable and we always want to go the line of least resistance.

If you were a good musician in your last life, you will be born in this life with a desire to be a musician all over again because that is what you are good at. You may want to be a musician but maybe your soul says, well you have already learned everything to know about music in your last life so now you have to learn something new. This life you have to learn to work with your hands and be a carpenter. Well I do not like that you say but circumstances keep forcing you in that direction and so something will happen.

If you look at your life when you were younger at what you wanted to do you will usually find that you did not wind up doing that thing. I know that is what happened with me. I wanted to build rockets to go to Mars and I have not built any such rockets. I wound up doing something entirely different.

So we often wind up doing something entirely different because we’ve mastered certain lessons and that next lesson is uncomfortable and that is why the Avatars of the race, the great teachers, the great innovators have always had a difficult problem because they are taking people up to the next step and that next step is always uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable for the individual, it is uncomfortable for the group and it is uncomfortable for the world. That is why somebody like Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves, wound up with someone killing him because he took a step that had to be taken and in hind site it was a wonderful step but if you were there it was a very uncomfortable step.

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