McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 24

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The Magic Quarters

JJ: I will tell it quickly, Artie, Wayne and I went to this Chinese restaurant and we all got these fortune cookies and we opened them up and they all had exactly the same wording. This was unusual to say the least. They all said that we would have a fortune come into our hands in the near future or something like that. In other words the message was that we were really going to get rich. I thought, this is kind of interesting, so Wayne signals the waitress and says that something is wrong with these fortune cookies. We all got the same thing and that never happens, please bring us three more.

So the waitress brings us three more and Artie and I opened ours and again they said exactly the same thing and Wayne’s said the same thing but with a little bit different wording. We thought, wow all the fortune cookies must say the same thing here  but the waitress assured us this was a rare occurrence – that there were many different fortunes.

I did not think much of it and then the next morning when I got up and put on my bathrobe and started walking down the stairs. Suddenly, quarters started falling from somewhere on the stairs! I thought what in the world, I was looking around and I thought well that is kind of odd.

The next day I got up, put on my robe and started walking down the stairs and quarters started falling from somewhere again. I thought what in the world, so I took off my robe and started searching the pockets for this was all I had on. There was nowhere those quarters could have come from. I started thinking about the fortune cookies and that was kind of miraculous, quarters falling down the stairs twice that seemed to appear out of thin air – could this be a miracle? Nah, there must be a logical explanation, I was thinking like Larry there, logical,

It happened a third time and I was just beside myself and I figured it must have been something in my robe that I had not seen or I missed something. The next day I was taking a shower and all of a sudden, plunk, right on the bottom of the shower a quarter had fallen from somewhere and I thought where did this quarter come from? I picked it up and said it can’t just materialize from out of thin air; that is impossible. So I thought to myself, this might be a real sign and I am not a big believer in sign type miracles, but this might be a sign that we are going to get rich, so I want to keep this quarter! !

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: Anyway, I put it aside and I started telling everybody about the miracle of the quarters and it looked like it was our destiny to get rich. Well this was about ten years ago and I am not rich yet so you can read the tea leaves here.

Audience: Maybe you should have asked dollars.

JJ: For about a year I believed it must be type of real legitimate sign. Until I finally discovered what happened. I got out of bed from taking a nap one time and I walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and there stuck on my body was a couple of quarters and then I put it together. It was not a miracle after all and I made a fool of myself telling all my friends about the miracle of the quarters.

Here is the explanation… I was taking a nap with my pants on during that time period and I had a bunch of change that had fallen out and on to the bed and then when I went to bed at night, I slept on the quarters and they stuck to my body and then when I was walking down the stairs they fell off my body and when I was taking a shower one was stuck on my tummy and it fell off and landed on the floor, seemingly coming out of nowhere.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: I was kind of disappointed because I had told everybody about the miracle of the quarters and that it must be our destiny to get rich quick. So I was pretty disappointed and what reminded me of that again, is when I took my last shower quarters mysteriously appeared at my feet again. I do not know where they came from. Did anybody go and stick quarters in my shower within the past hour? Is somebody playing a trick on me?

Audience member: When I came in the room I heard some quarters0 fall and I think they fell out of your pocket.

JJ: Well how did they get in the shower because I did not have my pants on while I was taking a shower?

Audience: Roaring with laughter!

JJ: Two quarters and I was thinking I remember telling this to somebody over the past couple of days and I thought it was Susan but I wasn’t sure. Perhaps the person I told it to is trying to pull a trick on me. Have you been in my shower?

Audience: No, laughing!

JJ: I am wondering where those quarters came from.

Audience: At the Wendy’s where me, Eddie and Lorraine stopped in, I went over to get a spoon and someone left a ton of change on top of this one spoon packet over there and I just picked up the change spoon.

Okay what we are going to demonstrate is something quite magical, the point we are going to show you the physical correspondence where land water and air meet. We did this at the very first Gathering and it did not work very well, after we did it about 20 times then we finally got it to work but it was very agitating and I have practiced it this time and I know it will work. But we can make mental float on water. It floats on the point which is neither wet nor dry where land, water and air meet. We are going to do it in this order here.

Everybody walk up here and please don’t shake this because if you shake it, it will make it harder. We are using a paper clip and last time we used a needle and a needle works pretty good but I found a paper clip and this seems to work even better and is actually heavier than a needle. Have you ever seen a needle or a paper clip float on water?

Audience: Some yes and some no.

JJ: Okay we are going to make this paper clip float on water, This is so weird, it I told myself that this was not going to happen again and we are having a little bit of a problem here, again. I did this a half a dozen times at work and the tissue sank with like 6 seconds. (The paper clip finally floats) Anyway we have metal floating on water, now look at the point where air, water and land meet, it is neither wet nor dry.

You have surface tension, you can see the clip floating on it and you can see the surface tension holding it. Where the paper clip is touching the water it is not wet, but it is also not dry because it is touching water. So you have the little correspondence, which is where the land, air and water meet which is neither wet nor dry. I am glad we got it to work this time, thank God. Let’s see how long it floats.

Audience: So eventually this will sink?

JJ: If it is not disturbed then it will go on forever. If we walk around and create some ripples then it will eventually break the surface tension. It’s funny at the first gathering we did this and I did it over and over and over and I could not figure out what the problem was until found out that I was using distilled water which has a little bit less surface tension than regular water.

It is still floating and will continue until someone jumps around and disturbs it. Anyway I thought that was a very interesting demonstration here of how this corresponds to the point. Everything that is true has a correspondence on different levels and when I read rule number eight I thought now what could be the correspondence on the physical level? Then it occurred to me that we do have a correspondence on the physical level where metal can actually float on surface tension and the surface tension has to be broken before the metal can get wet and as long as the surface tension is not broken then the metal that is floating is neither wet nor dry.

And the same thing with us; we create a point of tension to enter into the soul contact. And that point of tension creates a place, which is neither emotional nor mental, nor earthly, but it is pure soul energy, as DK said, this is where magic takes place.

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