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The Unveiling, Part 7

The Two Witnesses

And round about the throne were four and twenty elders upon the seats and I saw four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment; and they had upon their heads crowns of gold.

He saw others that have gone on before him. It is also stimulating symbolic of the energy centers within us, We have the heart center with 12 petals of energy and this is also duplicated in the head. You have a heart center in the head and a heart center of course in the heart. All together there are 24 petals, half simulating female energy and the other male energy. This is one of the correspondences to the twenty-four elders but we are not constricted to just one meaning. If you see a meaning that correlates and corresponds then it is quite possible you can receive quite a bit of light from it – because in any inspired word or scripture there is more than one meaning that can be used.

We will move ahead here and we do not have a lot of time to go into detail on the Book of Revelation but there are several details that are quite interesting and one is the scripture that deals with the two witnesses. Has everybody heard about the prophecy of these two individuals? If you have talked to any of the religious people they are really big on these two witnesses. They believe, as I told you earlier, that two witnesses are going to show up soon. Some believe it will be just two regular mortals that are very spiritual men. Then a lot of Christians believe it is going to be Elijah and Moses showing up in a mortal state and they are going to wander into Jerusalem and start preaching.

I have come across quite a few people that think they are one of the two witnesses and maybe reincarnated from Moses or someone great. There are all kinds of them floating around. The two witnesses as it applies to the disciple, are totally different than we have heard before. “And I will give power unto my two witnesses and they shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and three score days clothed in sack cloth. These are the two olive trees, the two candle sticks standing before the God of the earth.”

Okay, so what are the two witnesses?

The two witnesses are two principles that bear witness to the truth of the teachings of the disciple who is the follower of Christ and has now undergone the transfiguration. He is qualified to be a teacher of righteousness and has internally two witnesses. The Bible says that all things shall be established in the mouth of two or three witnesses. As a matter of fact the Jews came to Jesus and said to Him, “the scriptures say that everything shall be done in the mouth of two witnesses and you are only one witness, where is your other witness? “And Jesus said there is me and then there is the Father that dwells in me.” (See John 8:13-19)

That was an interesting interpretation of the two witnesses by Jesus. There was Himself and then there was another entity higher than Him that was inside of Him. It says right there, in the scripture that there was the witness of two men, but where were the two men? Jesus was one and He who was within Him was the other.

For the disciple, as it pertains to the Book of Revelations, the two witnesses has another dimension to it. There were the two witnesses that followed Jesus wherever he went that testified that He was a true teacher. The first witness was what?

Audience: The Gospel, the soul, Himself and the Father that dwell in Him.

JJ: What was the first thing Jesus did that bore witness to who He was?

Audience: He was baptized.

JJ: No that bore witness to himself and John but what was it that got the people’s attention?

Audience: The miracles.

JJ: Okay and the miracles was a what?

Audience: A sign.

JJ: No what kind of witness was all these miracles?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: All these miracles were the works of Jesus; they were His works.

Audience: So His first witness was His works.

JJ: Yes, that is his first witness, the works of the disciple bear witness to him as a true teacher. The second thing that got everybody really wondering who He was and got everybody all stirred up was something else besides His works and what was it?

Audience: His words.

JJ: Yes, His words. The Pharisees and Sadducees came to Him and said where did you get this doctrine? Who gave you the authority to teach these things? Where did you learn this? His words caused a tremendous impression on everybody; He said things totally different than they had been said before. If a man comes to you and wants you to go one mile, go two miles. Nobody had said anything like that before. Everybody thought that if somebody wants me to go one mile then I am going to get out of even going that one-mile if at all possible.

In those days if a Roman soldier came to you and said carry my pack for one mile then by law in the Roman Empire you had to do this or you could get thrown in jail. So everybody carried it for one mile but when they were done with the one mile they stopped at exactly that mark and then they were able to escape the legal repercussions. They could not punish them if they carried it one mile so whenever a Roman soldier selected somebody they only went exactly one mile because they did not like these Roman soldiers. But Jesus said if someone compels you to go one mile, go two. How do you think that affected a Roman soldier? Everybody only goes one mile and then they say “you S.O.B., carry it yourself.” And here comes the follower of Christ and he says I will carry it two miles for you. The soldier thinks, wow that is weird, I am impressed.

He says if somebody smites you on one cheek then turn, the other cheek. These words really made an impression on people. He said love your neighbor as yourself; love God first, this is the first great commandment and the second is love your neighbor as yourself and on this commandment hangs every law and every prophet and every commandment that has ever been given. All the scriptures hangs on this one principle.

Wow, nobody had ever heard that before. Just this one thing? It is not Ten Commandments and the thousands of little things that the Jews had to do. For instance, if they really wanted to obey the Sabbath correctly there were a couple of thousand things they had to memorize. For example, on the Sabbath you could not wear sandals with any metal in them because that caused more effort to lift the sandals up and down. They had hundreds of little rules. You were allowed a couple thousand steps and if you took one too many then you broke the Sabbath and you just had to quit walking and wait until the next day to take more steps!

Audience: Laughter. They had to make their meals the day before so they were not working on the Sabbath.

JJ: Right they had all these rules and regulations because we are going to perfect obeying the Sabbath so that we can really please God. Jesus said to His disciples when they were walking through a wheat field. The disciples picked a handful of wheat to eat it and the Pharisees saw them and said, Ah ha, you guys are working on the Sabbath; you are harvesting wheat! That is how fussy they were, but Jesus hit them with something entirely different. On this law of love hangs every commandment that you have ever been given and you can obey it properly if you can understand it.

Do you think the authorities liked that? Because if you understood that one law of love then all these rules and all these regulations that the authorities advised on became useless. The authorities got all this recognition for advising how to obey all the commandments but if you listened to Jesus then none of the authorities now were needed. And so His words burned like a fire through the hearts of His enemies and it caused them to hate Him. It also burned like a fire in the hearts of the pure of heart because it gave them hope that this would get them out of this mess they were in where they had to memorize thousands of little rules if they wanted to please God. And so the two witnesses to the disciple whether it is Jesus or a follower of Jesus are his words and his works. Now lets read on.

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