McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 16

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The Unveiling, Part 11
Mark of the Beast

And the beast, it says, “causes all, both rich and poor, free and bonded, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.”

The common interpretation today is they are developing this computer chip and we are going to receive an implant of a chip in our right hand and when we go through a scanner we have to pass our hand over the scanner or we will not be able to buy anything. The problem with this interpretation is even if that were true it would not be that terrible of a thing unless it was misused and we can misuse money as it is today – which we must have to buy or sell. That has nothing to do with the power of the beast to bring real terror into the hearts of mankind. Kim Jong Ill, the leader of North Korea, with no computer chip creates terror in the hearts of his people much greater than if someone had a computer chip in their hand.

And do you think that if a dictator took over this country that he would put the chip in the right hand after reading this! Everybody knows the prediction! This would be so obvious that everybody would think, well this guy must be the beast he is going to put a computer chip in our right hands!  Now it also says they will receive the number of his name. Hitler put a number on his Jewish subjects. Did he use a right or left arm to do that with?

Audience: Left arm

JJ: Why do you suppose he picked the left arm? Because everybody would think that Hitler must be the beast. So instead of picking the right arm like the scripture says Hitler read this and thought oh, they will think I am the beast if I put a number on their right hand or arm so I am going to put it on the left arm. So he put it on everybody’s left wrist which was pretty close to the hand actually. He avoided the hand because it says hand so he put it just above the hand.

He avoided the hand and he put it on the left arm instead of the right arm and thought, “well, now nobody can accuse me of being the beast.” He also placed the sign of on the left, rather than the right arm.

Audience: I heard something about the credit card that is related to this, the credit card has a number on it and I hold it in my hand when I swipe it.

JJ: Well you do not hold it in your forehead and it says the right hand or the forehead. The orthodox interpretation is if someone has a hand missing then they will put the computer chip in the forehead. Well that does not make a lot of sense. Imagine going through a scanner using your forehead! It would easier to put it on the foot or the other hand or his elbow or whatever stump he has left but if you put it on the forehead it would be kind of silly really. Plus it would painful to put a computer chip right into your forehead! It is possible that a tyrant could rise up and put some number on us all but what was interesting about Hitler is that he obviously read the scriptures and decided that he did not want to be portrayed as the beast.

Then we have his Nazi symbol, the Swastika – which arm did he put that on?

Audience: The Left

JJ: Left; he thought he was escaping the mark of the beast by having everybody put the Nazi symbol on the left arm and I believe he did that because he did not want to be associated with the beast but unfortunately for him he still screwed up because the Nazi symbol on the left arm symbolized the left hand path. So unknowingly in trying to avoid looking like the beast in history he really turned into the beast because the Nazi symbol on the left arm was symbolizing the left hand path. So he did not get out of the symbolism after all.

Audience: Didn’t the swastika spin to the left instead of the right.

JJ: It does point right or clockwise and there are two types of swastikas, one used by the Brotherhood of Light that goes counter clockwise and means the path of greatest resistance and the Nazis which used the path of least resistance, which is the path of materialism and that is what their swastika stood for. Now unfortunately the Brotherhood of Light cannot use the swastika anymore because Hitler just ruined it. So if we reverse the direction and use the swastika everybody would think we some kind of Nazis. Chuckling. They would not recognize that it is moving in a different direction so the swastika is pretty much out of commission for probably thousands of years.

The true mark on the right hand symbolizes labor. The forehead symbolizes thought. People already have the mark on their right hand and their forehead and in the Book of First John written 2000 years ago it says, “The anti-Christ is even now already in the world.” The beast was already there clear back in the days of John The Revelator and it has been there even before him. In other words, there have always been people who are the authorities that have ruled the world.

The seven kingdoms of the world have had the mark placed the mark in the right hand or the forehead of their subjects. They had to think the way they were told to think and labor for the authority they were told to work for or they would suffer and die at their hands..

I was just reading about back in the days of Martin Luther, (1483-1546 initiated Protestant Reformation, “The 95 Theses began in 1517) Martin Luther and his followers were persecuted. People that subscribed to his thinking were burned at the stake just for saying that they liked Martin Luther.  They roasted them, not quickly but very slow. They slow roasted them and then lifted them up off the coals before they died and let them recuperate a little bit and then lowered them back into the burning fire and roast them some more. That is how cruel they were.

They disemboweled others along with burning people at the stake just for voicing an opinion. It has been this way for thousands of years. We do not realize how lucky we are to be able to sit here in this room and talk. If we were to be transported back a couple hundred years ago we would all be burned at the stake, just for having this meeting. Now if we go where the beast has full power like North Korea, you have to think the way you are told to think and if you do not you go into re-education camp. You have to work the way you are told to work or you will suffer and be killed at the hands of the beastly authority in charge.

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