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The Eternal Head

Power is the easiest thing to misuse. The reformer, Martin Luther, was grumbling about how the pope and everybody in government were misusing their power and then when he got a little bit of power he did the same thing and this happens again and again and again. If you study history almost everybody that becomes a totalitarian leader, king or dictator becomes corrupt. Can you think of one person with total power in history that was not corrupt?
Audience: What do you mean total?

JJ: Where he was like a king and had life and death power over everybody in his realm, can you think of one? Can you think of one king or ruler that had total power that did not use it unjustly?

Audience: George Washington

JJ: He had the opportunity to become king but refused; therefore, he never had total power over people’s lives.  Let’s imagine he would have accepted total power – then within a couple years he may have been cutting off people’s heads and burning people at the stake too; but George Washington deserves a tremendous amount of credit because he was the first one I know of in history that offered to give up total power. It’s as if the people said, “We are going to give you a lottery, George, because you won the war for independence for us and so we are going to give you total power.”

George Washington said, “No I do not want it – we are just going to establish a presidency instead and we are going to have elections and so on.” He did not accept the position of absolute power of a king and they would have happily given him that position if he had accepted it. But even if a noble man like George Washington would have accepted it then who knows what the country would have been like after five years.

Audience: What about Solomon?

JJ: He had 700 wives and 300 concubines.  He went kind of crazy there didn’t he?

Audience: Laughter!

Audience: What about somebody like Marcus Aurelius? (Emperor of Rome 161-180 considered the last of the good emperors)

JJ: You know that is who I was thinking of and that is probably one of the best examples of someone with total power that used it wisely, I am sure he made mistakes and I have not studied his life in detail but from what I do know about it he was the best emperor that Rome ever had. He was a philosophical emperor and the people loved him and he was one of the few and I cannot think of anybody else, can you think of anybody else?

Audience: That was the only one that came to mind.

JJ: Yes that was the only one that came to my mind as well.

Audience; there are some characters in the Book of Mormon, that if that history is true, they did pretty well, king Benjamin, Mosiah, and what we do know is that they were considered just men.

JJ: The Book of Mormon makes an interesting statement, it says, “It would be of good if you had a king if you could be assured that you could have a righteous king”. But because there is no way to be assured that you can have a righteous king then the best type of government is an elected type government. So they created what they called a reign of judges, which scattered the power amongst a number of individuals rather than give totalitarian power, which was wise for that people. I believe that is a true statement.

If we could have a king like Marcus Aurelius that was a wise person and a philosopher then everybody in the kingdom would be happy and there would be little bureaucracy. The emperor could just give the command and the right thing is done. The advantage of a dictator is he can override the bureaucracy. Now the problem we have with our government is that we have too much bureaucracy and this slows everything down and makes everything less efficient and in many cases takes all but a few pennies from every tax dollar we give just to support it.

So absolute power corrupts and would most likely even corrupt a man like George Washington but a handful would not be corrupted. Lets take Abraham Lincoln. He pretty much had absolute power during the civil war because of the war powers granted to him and he performed even greater than Marcus Aurelius did. Lincoln did some controversial things back then. Today people think George W. Bush is bad, but when the press revealed war details and things like that they were not supposed to reveal, Lincoln had them put in jail. Could imagine if Bush had the editor of the New York Times put in jail?

Abraham Lincoln could not do today what he did during the Civil War. He did away with Habeas Corpus, he had mail opened and other things. I find it interesting that he is looked upon as our greatest president. After the Civil War he gave the power back to where it was supposed to be. He was like George Washington who gave the power back to the people after the revolutionary war and Lincoln gave the power back after the Civil War because he did not need it any more. But he could have established a dictatorship because he had so many powers given to him and if he had been a lesser man then we would not have the country that we have today.

Hercules overcame the hydra by kneeling. He found that when he cut off one head, two heads grew in its place and when he fought it directly it became stronger. When we fight our lower emotions like anger – when we try to overcome anger, jealousy, pride by fighting them – then it just makes it worse and it does not really help. To overcome these emotions Hercules had to go beneath the serpent of illusion with all these negative glamors and emotions and lift it up into the air.

The air represents the mind and the soul and when the soul comes into play then all the lower emotions are handled and what is interesting about it is that it is so much easier! All we have to do is achieve soul contact. Then the lower emotions are under our control and no longer a problem with the exception of one, power. Even after soul contact we still have power to deal with. Even Lucifer who went beyond the range of being a master let power get the best of him.

Maybe even God himself has a problem with power, who knows?  He’s not going to confess to us. Power itself is eternal and, in other words, the problem with power. We hear about the wars among the gods and there are different legends in different cultures about how the gods are at war with each other over power so it an interesting thought that power is an eternal struggle even among the highest lives in the universe, even among those who we call the gods and even among the good guys who can also be corrupted by power.

We know that one higher than a master was corrupted by power so its an eternal head that always comes back to haunt us. It is like the founding fathers said, “Freedom must be won by eternal vigilance”. Corrupt power takes away freedom. Somebody seeking unjust power takes away freedom and keeping a lid on this eternal head does require eternal vigilance to a dimension that people do not realize. We think in terms of a lifetime but it is eternal and for the life of this universe there will be a struggle for power from one side or another.

This struggle for power brings the power of decision into play, so decision is always at play and so we always have to choose which side of power we want to get on and the choice always comes down to: which path will give us the most freedom? And where the most freedom lies is where we must make our choice. The side that is corrupting power will always tell us that they are on the side of freedom. Both sides will always claim to be on the side of freedom but one side really will be on the side of freedom and one side is merely using it as a way to get power. That is pretty much an eternal struggle that we will always have to worry about.

Audience: When Hercules did the labor in Gemini he also held up the multi headed serpent. Was that the same as he did here with the hydra?

JJ: It is a little bit different, the one in Gemini was destroyed by light, in other words, enlightenment was what destroyed that one. This one is destroyed by the power of the soul, which is different. You cannot destroy anger and the lower emotions by light. You can be enlightened and still have the problem of getting angry, jealous and so on but you destroy it by raising your consciousness up to the soul and the soul brings down the higher feeling which replaces the lower feelings. In the first story light replaced darkness and this time higher feelings replaced lower feelings. The feelings of the soul are much higher and they are so much more desirable. The key is to put the bad feelings in their place and replace them with the higher feelings.

Audience: But he did hold the hydra in the air, but that didn’t kill it?

JJ: It killed all the heads except the immortal one, which is the head of power.

Audience: And that one he cut off and hid it under a rock and he was to just ignore it, so the hydra is dead?

JJ: Yes the hydra is all but dead except for the immortal head that was cut off. So the hydra is dead because the disciple has lifted it up to the soul and the soul feelings replace the lower feelings and he no longer has a problem with the lower feelings like anger. It does not mean that anger is impossible it means that when he gets angry that he can direct it to harmlessness.

Like I have always said, if you get angry at somebody you can do three things, you can do physical harm to them, you can walk away and ignore it which is also harmful because it creates suppression in you, or you can tell the person, look when you said this to me it hurt my feelings and this communicates how you feel and releases the negativity from you. Anger is controlled by directing it to an intelligent harmless end so if I feel angry towards someone and I tell them, you did this and I felt like hurting you but I am not going to and this is how I felt, I felt like slapping you silly but I am not going to do it because I am trying to control myself here. So you have communicated with the person how you feel without slapping them.

Under the power of the soul you direct the lower emotions to harmlessness so that their power for negativity has died except for the one for power. To manage power you seal it under a rock so it does not have any power to cause you to misuse it yourself but you know it is still there and you cannot eliminate it completely. Even with the light of the soul it is possible that you may go back and lift that rock up and take a look at the head one more time. It is always there to be a thorn in your side.

If you win the lottery and you say here is what I am going to with it, I am going to give half to charity and then I am going to use the other half for this and you have it all laid out as to how you are going to use it and if you use this power correctly, you have put the immortal head of power under a rock so that it can’t do any damage to anybody. But then say time goes on and you think, you know I still have ten million dollars left and I could a lot of interesting things with this. I think I will exercise a little power over my nephew by manipulating him with this money. You may get these thoughts coming back into your mind and use the power incorrectly. Even though it has been under a rock for some time the disciple knows that, that power is there available to misuse and the temptation is always there lingering in the back round.

Audience: When does it come out because if it is eternal and the rock is not then either it will come out by removing the rock or it will come out because the rock will eventually fade away?

JJ: The rock never completely fades away for it is created by eternal will. The point is that you just know that it is there and the power is available and one of the qualities of a master is that He has power but he does not misuse it, He does not take more power than he needs but he knows that he could. He is the master of all these things, he is the master of all these mantras that he could use to destroy with and wreak great havoc and according to DK a master could really create a lot of problems if He misused his powers. It is always there and He could never take away from His consciousness the fact that He could misuse His power and generally for eons the master will keep it under control but the one who is Lucifer who became even higher than a master may have kept himself under control for millions of years and then he thought, well I think God is messing things up and I need to take a bit more power in my hands but it is for a good cause.

Audience: That is what DK ties together when He is talking about harmlessness but He also talks about the right use of power.

JJ: Yes, right use of power.

Audience: So what stops him (Lucifer) is that he is supposed to be one those mental plane dark brothers like you talked about in Book 4 of the Immortal?

JJ: He can descend to the lower mental plane.

Audience: What is to stop him from entering the physical? Is it because he has lost touch with the soul?

JJ: Well he has a lot of power that reflects to the dark brothers and the dark brothers know quite a number of words of power thanks to the fallen brother that carries these words with him and he may have a number of things that he has not even revealed to the dark brothers because maybe he has his own personal set of morality, who knows?

Audience: What is the illusion of their power and what could they actually do?

JJ: Well for one thing the typical Christian sees the devil under every rock and of course there are a lot of older ladies in the Christian world that prick themselves with a needle by accident and they say, oh the devil made me do that. DK says that the average person does not even get the attention of a dark brother. They may have people under them that use and manipulate the masses but as far as paying individual attention to grandma over there who is knitting a sweater or something they do not do that.

What is going on with grandmas and the typical Christian is entirely of their own making. In Mormonism they say that there are a whole bunch of devils all around and they whisper in our ear everyday and tell us what to do and give us all these temptations. All these temptations come pretty much from our own desire and our own thinking with what we ourselves have conjured up. Now if a person is a quality person with capability and talent then sometimes the dark brothers will go after that person and appeal to his lower emotions and try to make a disciple out of him. They do not go after just anybody.

Audience: What is the most powerful thing they can do?

JJ: You mean to hurt somebody?

Audience: Like when you said in the immortal about Joe when the Christ came into him so he felt like he could just evaporate an entire mountain, that kind of power.

JJ: That is on the side of light, of course, and you are asking about the dark side?

Audience: Yes, how much power, can the dark brothers yield?

JJ: Okay for one thing we have a protective mechanism in us and we have to open the door before darkness can have any control over us. If you are on the side of light and in the soul they may want to destroy you but they cannot get to you directly unless you open the door. So unless you open that door they can’t get in but if you open that door then they can get in and seek to destroy you. If they cannot destroy you and you are on a mission of some sort then they will seek to influence those around you so they can distract you from your mission. You will find that many of the great souls in human history had people around them that went somewhat berserk and this it made it very difficult for the disciple to concentrate on what they were supposed to do.

A great example is Abraham Lincoln. His wife was a real bitch and she was always almost spending them into bankruptcy; she was very emotional and could not control her emotions. One time they were at a party and she took a pie and threw it right in his face in front of everybody. She was really a force to be reckoned with. Historians say Abraham Lincoln was our greatest president and his wife was our worst first lady. So we had the greatest and the worst put together. She was a big distraction for the guy and after he was killed she went insane. So I think that the dark brothers, even though she was not the type of person that would not be of much use to them – they tried to stop Abraham Lincoln and they could not get to him directly because he did not open the door – but they tried to get to his wife and probably other people around him.

There are all kinds of theories about conspiracies but they say a number of the conspirators that were in on the assassination of him were very close to him. And so apparently the dark brothers got to some of them. They tried to manipulate his wife. They did everything possible to stop him from winning the Civil War, saving the union, freeing the slaves and making the big advance for humanity.

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