McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 13

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The Unveiling, Part 8

The Two and a Half Times

JJ: Now lets read on,

I will give power to my two witnesses that they shall give prophecy a thousand two hundred and three score days clothed in sack cloth.

A thousand two hundred and three score days is three and half years. Notice the three and half keeps showing up again and again. It shows up numerous times in the Book of Revelation in different ways. The two witnesses are buried for three and half days, the church is in the wilderness for three and half time periods, the Holy City is tread under foot for three and a half years and the beast dominates for this same time period.

The three and half time periods keeps showing up because the mission of the words and the works of the disciple always goes through three and half time periods. Jesus preached approximately three and half years before He was crucified. The three and half just keeps showing up again and again and again.

The three and a half is divided into four periods. During the first time period in accomplishing the words and the works of the disciple it seems to him that he is going to be able to accomplish his mission.  The work always looks easier than it turns out to be. The first period passes and not much has been accomplished, so he has to go through the second period and in the second period still the mission is not accomplished and he begins to be tempted to be discouraged.

He then proceeds to the third period which may be a year, or it may be many years, but there are three periods in the life of the disciple where he performs his words and his works and it seems for sure like you he will accomplish it. But the third period ends and still he does not accomplish it and it seemed for sure that he would not have to go beyond the third period or cycle. He is disappointed to realize that he must now continue for an unknown unforeseen period of time.  This is the half a time in the equation.

He must persevere – for that half of a time could be a short time or a long time. The half of a time is that time the disciple didn’t think was going to be necessary. He is going to have to go the extra mile to achieve his mission and that period lasts as long as it takes to achieve success. Jesus said this, “He that endures to the end shall be saved.” A more correct translation of that is “He who perseveres to the consummation of a work shall be delivered and have success.” You have to endure to the consummation of a work to achieve success. The key is the half of a time period, that period that you did not dream was going to be necessary. Have you ever heard the statement, “Things always take longer than you think”?  They always do. The disciple thinks that that first cycle is going to be all the time we need and then we are going to wrap things up. It always takes longer and the reason the half of a cycle is thrown in is because that is the period of endurance where he has to persevere for an unknown time period until he achieves success.

Audience: After he has received his enlightenment is he given his mission that he knows he is to accomplish?

JJ: He is given a number of missions along the way and at this time period he will perceive a work that he has to do and he will produce words and works that will testify to the truth of this work. Like Paul, first of all he was blinded and then he was healed and produced great words and works that testified of his mission and even though he was a former persecutor of the saints he was now a true teacher.

Audience: I heard a story about a man who wanted enlightenment and he went to a man who carrying a sack that had enlightenment and he asked what it was like when you find enlightenment. The man put the sack down and said what comes after enlightenment is this; he then raised the sack and put it back on his shoulder.

Audience: Daniel talks about the time and times and half time as well.

JJ: Yes and this is repeated in the Book of Revelation. I talk a little about Daniel in the book but I do not go into it in depth or else it would have most likely been twice as long.

Audience: I am relating to that.

JJ: The time and times and half a time, yes we both relate to it. We have been struggling a long time. Time is one cycle, times, is two cycles, and a half time is a half cycle, three and a half cycles. And it is given in a lot of symbolic language, three and a half days, 1260 days which is three and half years, 42 months which is three and half years, and this time and times and half a time keeps repeating itself.

This a really interesting scripture about the witnesses, “If any man will hurt them, fire will proceed out of their mouth and devour their enemies, and if man will hurt them than he must in this manner be killed.” So what the Christian world is expecting is Moses and Elijah is going to show up in Jerusalem and the anti-Christ sends a few of his henchman to do away with them and fire is going to come out of their mouth and evaporate them. DO you think it is going to happen that way?

The disciple has his words and his works and if any man will come and try to hurt the disciple, they will attack him and try to destroy his words and works.  When attacked fire cometh out of his mouth, and that fire is the fire of light and truth, and that fire of truth devours his enemies. In other words, it was like the Pharisees who came to Jesus and said well you are not so smart. We are going to ask you a few questions. They asked Him some questions and his answers were so powerful that it devoured their argument and then the scriptures says this, “And no man dare ask him any more questions after this.”

They did not ask Him any more questions, why? Because His truth was so powerful it was like a fire that just devoured their argument and ate it up. So these guys were so put down that no man dared ask Him any more questions. That is how powerful his words were.

“And if any man may hurt them then they must in this way be killed.” Killed in the Greek does not necessarily mean physical death but it mean their arguments and attacks against him will be destroyed so they do not even exist anymore. And if these Pharisees did not have the power to ask Him any more questions then their argument was just destroyed and they were no longer able to do anything to hurt Him again on the mental plane.

These have power to shut heaven that rain not in the days of their prophecy and the power of the waters to turn them to blood and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will.

When their enemies come against them and they try to destroy the arguments of their words and their works, the disciple fights back with truth and reason and light. It shuts heaven for these guys for they really shut it against themselves. An example is when the Pharisees came to Jesus and attacked Him. All the light that they thought they had pretty much disappeared and they could no longer claim any higher consciousness. When somebody fights against higher consciousness and light then that light which is within them turns to darkness.

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