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Mastering the Intuition

Hercules would hold the doe close to his heart for he did not even have to chase him. Now what does this tell us?

Audience: That we are destined to become a part of the intuition.

JJ: Right the disciples pursue the doe over and over again and it gets easier and easier and eventually they develop the intuition to the extent that they can tune into it whenever they want. They can tune into the oneness principle whenever they want and they can have all the knowledge available but until the great struggle is consummated there is great difficulty. They see a little flash here and another little flash there. For instance, I hear a lot of people say they get soul contact and perceive things that are true a little bit here and there but the knowledge is fleeting and the source seems illusive.

Audience: So what connects the link or the anchor? Is that aspiration or focus? How do you create the link as when Hercules shot the doe in the foot?

JJ: Let us go through the symbolism. The arrow symbolizes the mind stretching and searching for truth at a higher level, so, in other words, to shoot the arrow you have to aim with a sure eye. So you are looking for the intuition but it is fleeting time and time again Then, all of a sudden, you spot it at a time when it is just sitting there. You rise to the intuitive level for the first time in many lifetimes. Perhaps you have gotten a glimpse of reality and it is not going away and you are in a state of consciousness which is just there, so you focus with your mind and anchor that position.

We have to create an anchor to keep the higher things with us. The will of God when perceived is fleeting like the intuition. There has to an anchor made with all higher realities and that is symbolized when Hercules shoots the arrow part where it anchors the higher and the lower in his consciousness and then he can go back and reflect on that moment when he had that higher state of consciousness and anchor it in the mind and secure it in consciousness. This allowed Hercules to capture the doe and keep it with him close to his heart.

Audience: So you basically focus and reflect on that bit of intuition that you had and contemplate it until it becomes anchored.

JJ; Right, in the beginning the doe is just fleeting about and you are not even sure you are seeing it because it fleets about so fast and you think, did I see the doe or did I not? I thought I saw and I saw enough to that I think it is there so I am going to pursue it. Eventually you have some experience come to you where heaven and earth is united within you. You use the intuition and you know you are focused upon it and you are sure of it and keep it in your sights and anchor it to the higher and lower self so you can return to that moment and retrieve the intuition of that thing anytime you want.

But there are all kinds of things to learn through the intuitive level and you will earn them and have to re-capture them. When you do it the second time is easier and the third is easier still and then eventually the intuition of the doe comes to you because it becomes your friend. Eventually you do not even have to search for it and it will come to you.

Audience: What is the meaning of putting the doe on the sacred alter?

JJ: this is a good question. It means that the things that you received from the intuition, you return to the alter of God. In other words, you give credit to God and you recognize that God is the source of the things that come through the intuitive mind.

Audience: I was thinking sacrificial.

JJ: No it is not a sacrifice but a dedication to God.

Audience: What is the relationship to the sign of Cancer with intuition?

JJ: That is a good question, Cancer is a water sign and Cancer is represented by the crab that sticks his arms and legs out into the feeling world and then brings them back and he does it very cautiously at first. He senses all these feelings for this is a normal thing for him. Now intuition is a higher octave of feeling.

The orthodox interpretation of Cancer concerns dealing with regular emotion, but here in the labor of Hercules we are talking about the higher level of feeling which is intuition so it is a little bit like the crab who explores the feeling world a little bit at time. It explores then withdraws, explores then withdraws, until it is finally able to feel comfortable with all those feelings out there.

He does the same thing on the higher world but he explores and gets a little taste of the intuition withdraws and then explores a little more until he immerses himself in the intuition and it becomes his friend so to speak.

Those who fought Hercules and tried to stop him were Artemis, which is instinct, and Diana the huntress which represents the intellect. Then there is Apollo the sun god who truly owned the intuition. In other words the intuitive level belongs to God within and that is where it rightfully belongs.  Then there is the false God without that is the source of illusion.

But there are two goddesses that claim it who do not have a right to it. In other words, many people think that instinct and intuition are the same thing and they are not. They are two different things. What is the difference between them?

Audience: Instinct is a built in drive of survival and intuition is a developed higher feeling nature that you have to acquire with hard work, attention and focus.

Audience; From my view it seems like instinct is submerged in details and facts of a situation and its nature is to react and respond to a stimulus whereas intuition is all above it and has that overshadowing kind of effect, it can understand and see.

JJ: Natives in the jungle are very instinctive because they are  in tune with the animal nature so they get a feeling when it is going to rain or they may know that there are certain dangers from an animal in the jungle that guys like us would not have a clue about. Or they may have a feeling as to where and find water or something like that.

Animals are very instinctive; they are instinctive as to when there is danger and this where their instinct helps to save their lives. Instinct is not intuition and because they are both kind of supernatural they are often times lumped together but they are two separate things. Intuition is a much higher octave of instinct in the fact that intuition is a super sensory thing that takes us to the intuitive plane where we bring down ideas, concepts and principles so that it is registered in the brain.

When this happens it does not have a lot to do with instinct, but just like instinct keeps us alive physically the intuitive nature keeps us alive spiritually. Now the other person that claimed it was Diana the huntress who represents intellect. She thought that the intellect, especially the higher intellect was the same as intuition. Because many people look at a problem and solve it through the intellect and they compare this to somebody else who has solved it through the intuition they think they are doing the same thing but they are not.

Solving something through the intellect can take you so far but in the teaching state, the mind slays the real and you get to the point where you reach a dead end with the intellect alone. You can solve a lot of problems with the intellect alone but in a lot of areas especially when we get into the spiritual dimension we reach a dead end and the most popular dead end for the intellect lies with a simple question, “Is there a God?”

You can make an intellectual argument for the existence of God and you can make an intellectual argument for their not being a God. The only way you are going to get a higher grasp of it is through the intuition – not through the intellect because you reach a dead end with it. You get into the intuitive level and when you get that flash of that doe you think that doe belongs to God and “if I follow that doe, I can find God.” This turns out to be true.

Many atheists have broken through the veil of atheism by seeing a glimpse of that doe after they hit that dead end and they think I am going to follow that doe to see if it does lead to God and they find out that it does. They discover God and find out the mystery through the intuition rather than the intellect. Then after they find out they use it again and again and again and they go and pursue the intuition and discover many dimensions of learning that was beyond what the mind alone could do. Every time something is discovered through the intuition seekers also find that it is satisfying to the intellect. It is logical and it makes sense and the person will ask, how come my mind could not figure this out because in hindsight it is really pretty simple. But to discover it they needed the intuition.

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