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Applying Harmlessness

Susan: I had a really interesting situation at my job, we think one of the sub contractors is stealing things from us and I have some pretty good evidence against him and I am trying to convince the builder to not pay him on certain bills because he is stealing from us and I checked up on him every 2 hours and all the evidence leads to him and I am not paying him on this job or I am going to subtract what he took. My boss looks at me and says that we are not going to be vindictive if he does the job then we are going to pay him, this is a separate issue. I could not believe it. My boss was not going to allow what that mans perceived actions were determine what his actions would be.

JJ: That is a good point and it reminds me of a story of this guy in line waiting to buy a newspaper and the guy in front of had the wrong change or something like that and he just started to verbally bash the clerk and the clerk responded with kindness and treated him nice, then the guy left and the next guy in line said, how can you allow someone to talk to you like that without lashing back at him? The clerk answered, I just made up my mind that I was not going to let people like that control my behavior and if I lash out back at him then he is controlling my behavior, I decide what my behavior is going to be and so I decided that I was going to be nice to everyone and that of course includes him.

Reminds of one time when I was selling advertising and when you are in phone sales you get some fairly aggravated people. It was not as bad back then as it is now as there were not that many telephone salespeople. I called up this one guy and he was really in a bad mood or something, he just raked me over the coals and I was really nice to him and just took it then we hung up. A few minutes later the phone rings and it was him and he was just apologizing and he said, “you know you were so nice to me that it made me feel bad, so how much is that ad?” He wanted to buy an ad because of guilt. I was so nice to him and he started comparing his behavior to mine and it made him feel ashamed of himself. So every once in while a good deed does help.

I remember the story the other day on the news that this robber broke into this family’s home and they invited him to sit down and eat dinner and have a glass of wine with them and he did and when it was it was all over the robber says can we have a group hug.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: And so they gave him a group hug and the robber left without robbing them. This made the national news because it was so odd. A lot of people made fun of the story saying that was really stupid for the family to treat the robber that way and others were praising the family but really once in a while the golden rule that Jesus taught us works.

Now you have to use your judgment, the Tibetan says that a true dark brother is not influenced by anything of this nature that you will do. He will go after what he wants and he will have absolutely no sympathy or understanding of any act goodness that you do towards him – it will have absolutely no impact on him at all. But the person who is still in touch with the soul, like this robber, who was in a bad place but his soul was still trying to reach him and these people were trying to influence him.

The same thing with turning the other cheek – if you turn the other cheek to someone who still has a thread connected to his soul and he slaps you on the other cheek – you think, mmm, that did not feel right. Now, if he thinks you are a terrible person slapping you on the other cheek may feel good to him but if you do no harm and actually turn the other cheek the person with a bit of soul contact who slaps the other cheek will think, “that just did not feel right.”

It affects the person who still has a thread connected to his soul. But when the thread is disconnected from the soul then everything you do will have no effect on him. Let us take Hitler for example, he actually taught the people under him to have no sympathy to the Jews. He said, now when you go out and you control these people you have to think of the vision so to speak, what we are trying accomplish, and this will be your only objective. Have no sympathy for their feelings or for them as human beings. You have to look on them as objects that have to put out of the way of our road so that we can progress forward.

So he taught the people under him to have no feeling and this is why the Nazis began to look at the subjects under them as people in a chess game with no human empathy. They had interplay with each other but not for the people they were subjecting and this is why they were able to do the atrocities they did because they did not allow any love, sensitivity, or good will to get in the way.

There are people like that and when we sense these people the best thing to do is use the principle of attrition and stay out of their path so you do not get into their consciousness. Do not attempt to do any good will to those who you sense that are on the dark path, because these types of people are completely unreachable. Most people can still be reached. The trouble with the Nazis is they were trained. Most of the Nazis still had a thread connecting their soul but Hitler trained them to over look that thread. This is what made them so cruel for they were trained to overlook the possibility that they had any soul contact.

Audience: How often in your perception do people step back from the edge of this darkness?

JJ: Once they get so far it is impossible for them to go back.

Audience: How often do you see it because your character in the book is like that in that other planet?

JJ: All of us in our journey go pretty close to the edge and what happens when you get close to the edge is that your soul makes every attempt to bring you back and in most cases it will eventually be successful for it has put you through so much pain because of your mistakes that you eventually ask the question: Why God? And then you start searching.

Audience: What or where is the edge to going away from soul contact completely? Like to become so cold and hardened like the Nazis were?

JJ: You see the Nazis did not think they were doing anything wrong but just following orders. On reflection, after the war they saw it was the wrong thing to do but did not realize it at the time. Many of them still had that link to the soul but Hitler taught them to overlook that link. There were a handful at the head of the Nazis that probably had severed the link completely.

Audience: So you become totally insensitive, is that what you mean?

JJ: Yes the dark side is what Jesus calls sinning against the Holy Ghost or we could call it sinning against the Soul. The fact is that we all go through a period of selfishness in our evolution but then our selfishness takes us dead ends and unhappiness, and we start to examine ourselves and ask why am I unhappy? Maybe you were rich and good-looking but still unhappy. Selfishness brought the pilgrim a lot of things and he is not happy with it. So he begins to ask, “what can I do to make my life happy?”

Through a period of pain most people begin to understand love and goodwill toward men and that we are all brothers and then start to achieve soul contact. But there are still a handful of people that think they are just not selfish enough and need to be more selfish still until they get control of their surroundings. These are the people that enter the real dangerous territory and eventually what happens to these that take the dark path is they sever the link with their soul completely and create a lower vibration of matter that surrounds them that is almost like an extra vehicle that they inhabit. They are distant from the soul and incapable of being touched by it. When they move over into this vibration where the soul cannot be reached then they are on the dark path.

Audience: Some people that I have encountered are simply born dark.

JJ: It is possible that they choose the dark path in a past life. Then in this life they would still be on it. Once they get so far along on the dark path then they cannot even incarnate because their vibration is so low.

Audience: Can they incarnate for a while even after there is no turning back?

JJ: Hitler will be probably come back, and I am not looking forward to the day that he does. It is possible and it also possible that his vibration is so low that he can’t come back for some time.

Audience: It could very well be though that this is not our fault, I understand that we have the right to choose and the ability as human beings to make decisions, we can decide to be. Remember that.

JJ: Do you mean it is not the person’s fault if he chooses the dark path?

Audience: This is really complicated, because some people just do not have the ability to make a decision not to be dark.

JJ: Yes they do, everybody has the ability to make soul contact. What you are thinking of is a person in a state of lower evolution that is just selfish and he has to go with the path of least resistance. You are probably thinking of that type of person who does not seem to have much power over where he goes.

Audience: I see these people a lot in life and ignorance is their cue here and they just do not have a clue.

JJ; But, you do not see a dark brother very often. Most people you see still have a thread to their soul but they are just hard to deal with and very selfish, but most of these people will eventually reach a point to where they will turn around.

Now there are a handful of people that do not make the turning point and never walk the path of light. The dark path is chosen after the second imitation when the person has actually achieved a degree of soul contact then he overcomes a certain amount of glamour Then he is eventually faced with a choice, and he sees that choice clearly. He sees the choice between the soul and the self.

The soul keeps trying to bring the wayward entity back until, (energy follows thought) he puts so much attention into his self, which the Tibetan calls the “not self” because it is not really the real in the long run. He then creates a body vibration around him that is not real and his consciousness goes into this body and this body vibration is insulated from the soul. Now it is different than thinking that God is punishing him because He is denying the soul. That is not he way it works. It is the other way around the person puts himself in a situation where he cannot reach out to the soul.

He is in what is called esoterically called the eighth sphere of matter. This is a vibration below even regular matter where he allows himself to be immersed in powerful thought forms that are totally insulated from the soul and thus he has no more soul contact. So what happens to this brother over a long period of time is his personality begins to break down and he is on the path of death because he has no life flow coming into him. All that he has evolved into begins to break down and then he has to wait until a brand new solar system is created billions of years in the future in order to start his evolution all over again. That is why Jesus spoke of some people saying that it would have been better for this guy if he had never been born because it causes him to loose all his progression. It takes a considerable amount of time to commit this, so to speak, unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit where he is denied soul contact. The person is given chance after chance until he gets himself completely insulated from the soul. All are saved from this situation except for a handful that is absolutely determined to follow selfish path. Most of those we see around us that are really annoying eventually will find the path of light and follow it. The dark brother is completely untouched by anything from the soul. He may fake it and try to deceive you and say, yes I am into soul contact and all that but internally his plan is the opposite of what he projects.

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