McCall Gathering 2007, Part 44

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The Girdle of Hippolyte

The next is the labor sixth done in Virgo, the seizing of the girdle of Hippolyte. There was a group of Amazon women that lived completely isolated from men and only used men for breeding. The queen of the Amazons was named Hippolyte who had this golden girdle which Hercules was commanded to retrieve.
So he went to retrieve it and as he was on his way the Amazons met together and they said a messenger of the gods and a powerful warrior was coming their way. Do they give him the girdle which he seeks or do they fight to keep it? Now they were debating whether to fight to keep it or to give it to him, and as they were debating Hercules arrived early before the debate was over and the decision made.

Hercules demanded the girdle and he began fighting with the queen of the Amazons and as they fought they fought fiercely for a period of time and as they were fighting the queen kept telling Hercules, “we will give you the girdle,” but Hercules had it fixed in his mind that he had to fight for it. Finally Hercules got the best of her and he grabbed the girdle away from her and just as he raised his sword and as he was thrusting in his sword she was making a motion that she was going to give him the girdle. He wound up killing her and retrieving the girdle. He took it to the presiding elders and they said, “You accomplished what you were asked to do but you did it very badly.” The presiding one said, “You killed the person that was going to give you the object of your desire – because of this before you can return to the gate you must redeem yourself.”

So Hercules had to go back and somehow make redemption. As he was wandering around he came across this maid that was captured by this sea monster who had this maid in his mouth. So Hercules saw this and swam out there and when Hercules got there the sea monster gulped the maiden down his red throat clear to his belly. Hercules then grabbed the sea monster, threw it on its back, went into its mouth and down in its belly. He grabbed the maiden and took his sword, cut his way out of the belly and rescued the maiden. Then the presiding elder says, “A life has been taken and a life has been saved and the balance is restored. You can now return to the gate.”

This is in Virgo, what do you suppose the lesson or lessons of this labor is?

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