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Labor XI
Cleansing the Augean Stables (Aquarius)

JJ: Next is my sign Aquarius, the cleansing of the Augean stables. Hercules was to seek out the land of Augeas that was ruled over by a king. Now this king had these stables there where had kept horses for 30 years and for 30 years he had not kept them clean and the dung was all over the place – it was everywhere. It stunk up the countryside and the king had consultants come in and nobody seemed to know how to get rid of it all.

W hen servants went in to shovel it out they could only stay in for a very short period of time because the stench was so bad, so the king could just not get these stables clean. In came Hercules before the king and he says, I can clean the stables and I believe I can do it in one day and I will not even charge you anything. Then the king says, I think you are mad but if you can do it in one day then I will give you one tenth of my cattle.

Hercules agreed and again he stood back and did some more thinking and noticed a river near by. He went to the stables and opened the side doors so that the air passed through the back and the front and then he diverted this great river. The river came and gushed through the stables and washed all the dung away – so Hercules was able to clean the stables within just a few hours.

Then he goes to the king and said, oh king I have cleaned out your stables for you and I have come to collect my reward. The king says, this is a trick and I thought you were going to do it by hard work. Hercules said it was not a trick I did it by using my mind. The king said I am not going t pay you for doing it with such ease. You will leave now or I will have you killed and I am not giving you 10% of my cattle.

So Hercules had to flee for his life and he got no reward or appreciation for doing that great labor for the people.

I like to compare this to the life of Abraham Lincoln who was an Aquarian responsible for a Herculean work. The horses represent human beings and the dung represents all the mess that human beings make as they do their work and we make a mess in many ways. Slavery was part of that dung in the past and today all the bureaucracies we create represent a lot of it. In addition we have all of the pollution to the environment and all of the forces of nature that we upset to a degree. All these things are problems of humanity and Hercules’ job was to clean out all these stables.

Now in government one of the main places where dung is created is the bureaucracy and it is interesting how bureaucracies really fulfill that. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a Hercules today go and clean out the government in one day as he did with the stables?

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: That is actually what we need. You see what everybody else did in those days was they came with shovels and piece by piece they tried to clean them out and the stench was so bad they could not stay for long. So what happens when they go to Washington? They say, “Man, the stench was so bad I could only stay in Washington a little while and I had to get out of that place!” That is exactly what happens.

What we need is total cleansing to revamp the system and clean it out and start fresh and then we could have a country where everybody could have health and prosperity.

Audience: What would the water represent?

JJ: Water in this situation is a cleansing force, water symbolizes several things, cleansing, spiritual force. As a matter of fact the water came in two streams and there is a legend about the jar that the Aquarian puts on his shoulder and when he pours forth to a thirsty world it comes out in two streams and the two streams symbolizes life and love. So life and love is a cleansing force that will clean out the stables.

If we want to clean out the stables in Washington we must do it with the power of a new invigorated life and love if that is possible.

It is fascinating how the life of Abraham Lincoln corresponds here, the stables full of dung at that time was created by slavery and slavery was a stench on this country. To clean it out and perform the task of Hercules for that age, Abraham Lincoln, a quintessential Aquarian, shows up and he cleans out the stables by fighting the civil war and ending slavery. And after he ended it he did not ask for a reward like Hercules but people acted like they were going to give him a reward and instead of getting a reward he got shot.

Hercules was just threatened and escaped with his life but Abraham Lincoln did get shot and pretty much all he got for his life of service was a lot of hard work and distress and a wife that gave him a hard time on top of everything else. He had a rough life and little reward for all that he accomplished and did for us. It was similar for Hercules who showed up performed a great service and was chased out of town on a rail so to speak.

Audience: Where is the lesson here?

JJ: The lesson is to learn to serve even though you do not get a reward. Keep in mind this is the eleventh labor and we only have one more to go. As the disciple is reaching the point to be able to perform a labor similar to what Jesus performed he has to go through a period where he serves whether gets a reward or not, whether he gets any appreciation or not, just like what Abraham Lincoln went through. He served all that time, went through all that strain and pain and determination and got virtually no reward for it. He served for the sake of service alone and this is what happens in the Aquarian labor.

Audience: I guess I can understand the thought of working without the thought of a reward but I don’t understand him not getting a rewarded at the end anyway.

JJ: This is a little bit of a delayed reward because he does get a reward later on. Hercules is very close to eternal life and this is the end reward and at this point the reward of 10% of the cattle was really not that big of deal to pass on when you figure he was so close to getting the reward of eternal life where he would not have to incarnate again unless he wanted to and have power over life and death. That is the reward he is now very close to and because he is close to it he has a lot more impetus to continue with or without reward than he did at the beginning.

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