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The Unveiling, Part 6


How do the born again Christians do this, what shortcut do they take?

Audience: Saved by Grace!

JJ: Saved by grace and all you have to do is say Jesus is Lord Hallelujah!

Audience: In the Catholic church the priest will do for you.

JJ: Really easy right? Unless you are part of another group like the Mormons then you do not have the right Jesus. So it is interesting how they believe this. Now every religion has their shortcuts to heaven. Some have a little less of a shortcut than others but they all have this shortcut.

And the new agers are the same, Eckankar has this shortcut – they believe there is about seven or nine levels to the highest god and we can bypass all of our incarnations if we follow the Eck master and he will guide us through soul travel out of the circle of incarnation. If we have 500 lives to go we just skip them all. All we have to do is subscribe to their belief system.

So a lot of new agers have the same problem. I was reading on the Internet a while back another group wanted us to believe the way they do and if we believe this way then people are going to come down in flying saucers we are all going to escape to the fifth dimension and leave behind this turmoil that we have all around us. It will be a shortcut to bliss and we are never going to have to incarnate again and we will live in this higher dimension forever.

Audience: I am sure there are a thousand and one illusionary shortcuts but didn’t Christ Himself teach a shortcut?

JJ: And that would be?

Audience: That would be how to balance out the karma through good works.

JJ: Not really, He said that every jot and tittle has to be paid, even to the last farthing. But He taught certain ways to pay it off, we can pay off our karma through service but it is like paying off a loan at the bank. If you owed $1000, there is no way you are going to get out of paying that $1000 plus interest. But if you have a job that makes $10 an hour and have an opportunity to get a job that pays $50 an hour then you are going to pay off that $1000 a lot quicker than you would with the $10 an hour job. Yes that is a shortcut but most of the shortcuts teach bypassing the karma where it just drops by osmosis or something. There are shorter and quicker ways to do it but many of them teach that if you follow this particular leader then all your karma is going to dissolve or something like that.

That is the type of shortcut that is an illusion, but like you say there are legitimate shortcuts like I just explained with the bank loan comparison. It is the same way if you are doing a service that serves a thousand people and stimulates them, you can pay off karma a lot faster than the guy who is only serving ten people in some way for we pay off our karma with service.

Audience: Can you define karma?

JJ: Karma is cause and effect, meaning that if you create hurtful deeds and that accumulates and it comes back to haunt you and you will have to pay recompense somehow. So theoretically it is like Jesus said, He who kills with the sword, shall be killed by the sword.

Now let’s take someone who has killed ten people. Does that mean that he has to come back and be killed ten different times? Not necessarily he may be in a situation where he can save ten people with one heroic act and in that case it would be possible for him to pay off those ten lives, if his soul feels he has learned his lesson. There are Lords, who the Tibetan calls, the Lords of Karma, who keep a tabulation on this to make sure the balance is maintained and to provide avenues for people who are willing to pay off their karma in the quickest possible way.

Audience: Does doing good works without the necessary payment of karma does that store up for you?

JJ: Right there is good karma and bad karma and just like a bank sometimes you borrow money and sometimes you save money. So if you do good works that are not related to paying karma – like say generosity, you are being generous and helping people. But maybe you hurt somebody in another way. Generosity is unrelated to the hurting so you may still have to learn the lesson in that area but by being generous you may be accumulating good karma in the bank so that sometime when you are in need in the future somebody appears out of the blue and helps you out.

Now I am not going to go through all the seven stages, the disciple goes through in The Unveiling until he reaches the third initiation. When he reaches the third initiation he becomes enlightened and his consciousness is lifted up. Paul reached this point when he was on the road to Damascus and he saw a great light. Jesus reached it on the mount of transfiguration; Moses reached it when he went up on Mount Sinai and his face glowed like the sun.

When the disciple reaches this point after the lesson of the seven churches are over, all of a sudden John sees this great vision. This is where all the vision of the great end time comes from and it starts in chapter 4,

After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne. Rev 4:1-2

JJ: Let’s interpret this, “behold I looked and a door was opened in heaven.” What do you suppose heaven symbolizes here in the life of the disciple?
Joshua: Higher consciousness.

JJ: Right heaven symbolizes higher consciousness. In other words, he was raised up in consciousness through a transfiguration. Whether he glowed like the sun we do not know, but definitely his consciousness was raised up to heaven where he was able to see things he had never seen before. And what did he see? A door was opened in heaven and he rose up in consciousness and in that consciousness was a door, what does the door symbolize?

Audience: The soul.

JJ: Right, the soul is the door between heaven and earth. When we have soul contact we have a door that is opened that can lead us into all the higher worlds. These are higher worlds are available through the door of the soul. “And the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither,” what is the symbolism of a trumpet? What is the purpose of a trumpet?

Audience: To wake us up.

JJ: Right to wake us up. In the army a trumpet wakes you up in the morning. Okay, there was a voice that woke him up to a higher level of thinking, and this voice that woke him up to a higher level of thinking said what? “Come up.” You saw a door open in heaven, your consciousness is raising up, you see the door and you go through the door and you are still not up high enough and the voice says come up even higher. “Come up hither and I will show thee things that must be hereafter” things that you are going to experience. These are not things that will cause hell upon the earth but things hereafter that is going to apply to you the disciple that is on the path. “And immediately I was in the spirit.” So when this transfiguration comes immediately. He is in a different state of being and instead of being in carnal consciousness he is in spiritual consciousness, “and behold a throne was set in heaven and one sat on the throne.” A throne was sat in the state of higher consciousness and where is this throne at? In which chakra is the higher consciousness?

Audience: Crown chakra.

JJ: It’s the ajna center, commonly called the third eye, between the eyebrows. The center between the eyebrows is normally called the throne of God esoterically. The head center overall is all stimulated at the third initiation or the transfiguration and the disciple senses the God within the head. And what does it say later in the Book of Revelation? You escape the beast by having the name of God in your forehead. You escape the beast by understanding that the name of God sitting upon the throne is in the forehead.

Even DK talks about the possibility of seeing an actual door in a vision if you concentrate on this spot and he says there will come times when you will actually see this door, DK does not describe it as a door but like a circle of blue that you will see if you concentrate.

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