What is Love? Part 4

This entry is part 39 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Audience: you are saying that I am not going to become a god but I am going to become one with God?

JJ: I will cover that in just a minute. Now the various lives in the animal merged the lower lives in the animal kingdom like the insects merged to create higher forms and those forms merged to create higher still until we get to the higher animals and we eventually take the in the higher animals into group formation within our own bodies. The American Indians recognized this because when they healed somebody using their methods they would often call forth the animal within the person whether it be a fox, eagle bear or whatever is associated with that person to heal the person. They also use animal’s names in relation to them selves because Indians instinctively recognize that we are created from lower animal lives. We have had a number of lower animal lives blend together and create a structure of which we can incarnate.

But here is the key as an entity you never existed in form until all the elements were put together so that you could use them. Lets pick something that is eternal. I like to use the song, “Yesterday” because everybody knows it. Before Paul McCartney wrote the song Yesterday it existed and it has always existed and there had never been a time that it did not exist but he had to put together the right combination of notes and when the right combination of notes were put together then the song incarnated. After that, other people took it and created various arrangements and this was comparable to various lifetimes of the song. It has gone through hundreds of different versions or lifetimes but it is still the song Yesterday.

No matter who has got a hold of it and changed it around, it still has the essence of the original song Yesterday. There will never be a time that the song Yesterday will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter what you do – you could rip up every copy in existence, every album that the Beatles ever wrote and the song yesterday can still be re-created by providing a vehicle which is composed of the physical notes. We play them and viola – there is the song Yesterday again.

You are a song in the mind of God and you have been waiting since the days of the creation of this universe for the elements to come together as a vehicle for you and these elements started way back with the little tiny atoms and when they graduated the preparation went through the mineral kingdom then the vegetable kingdom and then the animal kingdom and when all the elements were put together correctly then you came down and incarnated.

You as the life force (Monad) were drawn down when you saw a vehicle that could be created for you to manifest here in physical matter.

Audience: You mean that this body is reincarnated over and over again?

JJ: Not your body, you are. Think of the sheet music for the song Yesterday as your physical body, when you play it that is you living upon the earth but when you say destroy the piano or the sheet music the song still exists. If you destroy your physical body and your astral body and everything that we can see that is about you, you still exist. You can just find another body to incarnate in.

Audience: Then what part of me went through the minerals and the animals?

JJ: The Yesterday part of you. Now visualize if you tear up everything there is to do with the song Yesterday. Does sit still exist?

Audience: Yes.

JJ: Can you feel it?

Audience: Yes

JJ: Right it is there but it needs a vehicle in order to express itself in this world. Your essence, you have seven bodies all together and the highest part of you is that essence that has no form and that is the divine part of our selves called the Monad.

The soul energy is that which connects us to the upper triad. It is confusing because the higher worlds are so high that we may as well not even think about it because it is beyond our comprehension right now. We are not as far along as some people would like to think. So just concentrating on the three lower worlds, the physical, emotional and mental and then the soul that takes us to the higher that is about as far as most of us can comprehend. So when we talk about the eternal part of our selves we are going higher up – a few more notches still.

But the best way to visualize is to think of a song. There is no way you can destroy the song Yesterday. Its essence had no beginning and will have no end and can always be recreated when provided a vehicle of expression. You are a song in the mind of God that cannot be destroyed and was never created and will manifest again and again and again when the right combination of form and vehicles are put together and you can jump in. Now with a song like Yesterday you may have a had a measure or two manifest say maybe in the Middle Ages or back in the Roman Empire maybe a piece of it but then Paul McCartney got a hold of the whole thing and put it together and he provided the right vehicle for it. Have you ever heard a song where maybe a measure or two of something that sounds familiar? That is often the case and that is the way you are, there are pieces of you that are like pieces of other people and what makes you unique is that you are the human song and you are not just a measure or two. You are thee whole song.

Audience: Was yesterday part of a bigger song?

JJ: It is part of my collection! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

Audience: So JJ is the next step going to get us a little closer to becoming super human?

JJ: First of all we are not the end of evolution and the next step up is what we call the Molecular Relationship in that we take different human units and put them together just like different atoms are put together to create something more advanced and this can be done with humans. So we take different human units and put them together and then link up with God and we will produce a vehicle for an entity that is not me or Artie or James but that has been waiting for billions of years for a vehicle so that it may manifest. It will be like a super Yesterday song of which yesterday is just a piece.

This molecule will be composed of twelve males and twelve female units. A male and female together produces what we call one molecular unit. They don’t necessarily have to be married or have a romantic relationship. They can be either in a close relationship or a working relationship where they blend their energies and they can create something greater than themselves. When the vehicle is put together they will draw this higher entity which will say, “ah somebody has finally put together a vehicle for me.” He will come down and incarnate in that vehicle.

So, these 24 units will produce a vehicle for this super entity to come down and he will have properties unseen since the days of Jesus. He will incarnate into a physical form and you are atoms of that physical form. They have to be blended with soul contact and if the form is interrupted then the form dissipates and the entity will have to return from whence it came.

This is what happened in the days of Jesus. You see Jesus was a great chemist in the fact that He put together the first working molecule. There have probably been others but this is the only one that we have a significant record of. He put this together and He said now go out and see if you can do what I have done. The apostles found out that they could do what Jesus had done but they leaned on Jesus quite a bit until the last supper. We notice that Judas betrayed Christ who then they went out into the garden of Gethsemane. We are told that Jesus suffered nigh unto death, He was almost ready to die and it says that as Jesus was near death an angel came and strengthened Him. Who was this being that came and strengthened Him? It was person of the molecular order, one of the Masters. He was part of the molecular link and was able to strengthen Him.

Now after the crucifixion there were no miracles and the apostles turned back into ordinary men because they lacked one ingredient. Their were 11 units instead of twelve. So they decided to get together and add the twelfth unit. They added the twelfth unit whose name was Mathias and right after they added him to the group it says tongues of fire appeared over the apostles heads and there was a rushing of a mighty wind. The sound of the mighty wind was so intense that it attracted the attention of many people in Jerusalem.

They were having a conference of 16 different nations at that time who spoke 16 different languages so the representatives of these 16 different groups came to see what this sound was and when they approached Peter went out to speak to them and when he did everybody heard him speak in their own language inside their own mind. Now all of a sudden Peter was not a normal human anymore, he was something more than human because they put together the twelfth unit and suddenly the tongues of fire appeared over their heads which was a symbol of this entity coming down and manifesting to the group.

Audience: So was it the physical body that the entity manifested?

JJ: Yes the physical body of the entity was composed of the twenty-four people.

Audience: Do you mean that the 24 people were combined into one person?

JJ: No they are separate just bonded like little atoms and little atoms do not touch each other. Peter was part of his body, James was part of his body, John was part of his body, and these 12 males and 12 females represented the whole body.
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What is Love? Part 3

This entry is part 38 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Once the window of the soul is closed how can we open them back up?

Audience female member: Fight and make up. Laughing.

JJ: It is funny after a big fight you will have the most passionate love making and some of the most intense sharing and that is because you got it out of your system, all the things that were bothering you and for a while you are going to start looking for the good again. I shared this with most of you before that when Artie and I reach an impasse what we do is we look into each other’s eyes and say I love you three times. When you do that it just melts negativity away. Sometimes she will come to me and want to do this and sometimes I will go to her but it is funny because sometimes the other person does not want to do it very badly.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: So I will come to her and say Artie now look at me and say I love you, and she will say it very fast and not with much heart, “I love you.” I’ll say no that does not count because you have to say it like you mean it three times.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: As a matter of fact Artie has been listening to a tape by Anthony Robbins about getting in state. Like a person comes to him and he talks in a very low and very slow voice saying the he came in because he was depressed and he has low energy and I know you are a person that handles things like this and I want you to help me. And Anthony Robbins goes well, allow me to talk like you for a minute so he tells him in a low and slow voice, yes I think maybe I can help you and he says I am depressed too! I talk like you and I get depressed!

He says now what you need to do is change the way that you talk and you will change the way that you feel. Then he had the guy show a little enthusiasm and he told him how to speak and the guy perked up and by the end of the session the guy was healed. That changed his state. The TMers are really famous for this and I do not know why but those that I have met they all talk like this, (Low and slow voice) Yes I am very much at peace with myself and I have found the inner self and I can share with you what I have and I think, do I really want this!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I believe in meditation but not meditating so much that you have forgotten how to be alive. Okay so love is really an attraction of one entity toward another and the interesting thing is whether or not love is eternal because they say that anything that is two or more is not eternal as many philosophers have told us and love only exists in duality.

Audience: How about if they become one.

JJ: Well if it is just one, one cannot love itself and there is nothing to be attracted to. If you are just in that eternal void where is nothing, the no thing then what is there to be attracted to. God had to multiply Himself so He could be attracted to His reflections and His reflections attracted to each other and this is love, love is the attractive force bringing us back to oneness. But when we are at oneness love is no longer there. So is love eternal or not?

Here is what I submit; love is eternal and it is not eternal. Depends on how you look at it. Love is not eternal in the aspect that eventually the two attractive entities will merge and become one and so when they become one they will no longer have there attractive force and without their attractive force there will be no love and there will also be no light because light is caused by polarities also.

On the other hand the dualities are eternal in the fact that duality keeps manifesting again and again so love is eternal in the aspect that it goes to sleep and the awakens and then it goes to sleep and then awakens. It is like creation, the universe will someday fade away and be created again by another black hole but it keeps fading away and disintegrating after billions of years and then it comes back and then it disintegrates and goes back to the source and then it comes back and this process goes on eternally, so because duality keeps manifesting again and again and again and never had a beginning to its manifestation and will never have an end. That means that love is eternal. So love will always exist in one manifestation or another – like night and day – when we go to sleep and then wake up. Everything goes to sleep at some point and then wakes up again and comes back. Creation itself goes to sleep and then it comes back again.

Audience: Bringing that back to humans then, do we love each other eternally?

Audience: If we choose to I would suspect.

JJ: Yes but in different ways; we keep manifesting in different ways and in our different types of manifestations we really learn love all over again but on a higher plane. When the universe recreates again you and I will be there somewhere somehow, maybe even on different systems but wherever we are we will be learning to love in a way that we have not learned here. There is one thing that I believe a lot of the philosophers are wrong on and that is that many of them say that the universe repeats the same pattern again and again forever. I do not believe this, I believe it is like on a spiral that whenever there is a new creation everything is patterned a lot like what happened in history but by an increased vibration and an increased sphere of learning and new elements are entered into it.

In the Bible it says Behold “I do all things new I create a new heaven and a new earth.” When there is a new creation there is a new type of learning. Now most of us here believe in reincarnation and in each life you learn something totally new that you never learned in any other life before. When the universe dissolves and a new universe is created there will be new elements added and new types of vibrations so that when we are incarnated in this new universe we are going to learn things that are not available to us here. Then in the universe after that there will be still newer twists with newer elements added. And because there are an infinite number of points in the universe there will never be an end to our experiences. This is very fascinating to contemplate.

Here is a question that many of the philosophers have pondered over the ages; have we progressed through the various kingdoms, the mineral, the animal, human and God kingdom and so on. What is the story behind this? In the east where they believe in reincarnation many of them believe that we started out as a mineral, then we progressed to a vegetable and then we progressed to a lower animal then a higher animal and then we became human beings. Even in some esoteric writings including Madame Blavatsky intelligent as she is, she said every atom would become a human being. In other words, many metaphysical people believe that we progressed up from an atom up through the mineral kingdom and so on until we became human beings. But when you look at it; it does not make a lot of sense. For one thing have you ever figured up how many atoms are in your own body? There are trillions of atoms just in your own body and if each one them became a human being there would be enough to populate almost half of the galaxy and think of how many atoms there are on this planet, trillions upon trillions upon trillions. So that never did make a lot of sense to me.

When I wrote the molecular relationship it dawned on me on how everything is put together. New is created not by any point evolving into bigger things but by the tiny points uniting with other points and creating something greater than them selves. In other words you have two atoms of hydrogen bonding with one atom of oxygen and this produces water. Now the interesting thing about water is that it is totally different than either hydrogen or oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen by themselves and if liquefied produce rocket fuel that took men to the moon and rocket fuel is a lot different than water. One is extremely unstable and the other is extremely stable.

When hydrogen and oxygen bond together to produce water the hydrogen atoms maintain their identity and at any time using the right methods the hydrogen can be separated to its original state. So the hydrogen and oxygen can be separate entities again if that is what they so choose or that is the direction that they go. But because water is a much more stable compound they will stay in that condition for millions of years. For want of a better word they enjoy being together and more importantly they benefit the world of form by being together.

So the atom of hydrogen by itself did not become water but two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen joined together to produce H2O or water. The one atom of hydrogen did not evolve into water but the group formation evolved into water. This is the principle behind the lower becoming the higher. When the hydrogen atom joined with other elements to become water it then was like it was water. In other words its consciousness extended throughout the whole molecule so it had the consciousness of water and the hydrogen could then say I am water but I am also hydrogen. This is the way it is with us when we join with God and have a oneness with God. I am still JJ but I am also God. The drop of water joins with a wave and it is still a drop of water but it is also a wave.

Audience: When these people do have these spiritual experiences they tend to think it is a unique thing and it is not and this may be why they think that they are actually God, the Holy Ghost or whatever.

JJ: That is an excellent point. People will have a spiritual experience and it is to their detriment because instead of really examining the experience it will affect their ego to the point that it makes them think they have achieved the ultimate and they think they do not have any farther to go. Now they have to tell everybody else how to do it and yet still they are just infants as far as their progression and but they don’t know this. So that is a really good point. We progress through the elements in this way. There are various parts of us that joined together a long time ago to produce water, carbon, different compounds and then they merged and eventually became living and produced one celled organisms, but that little hydrogen atom participating in the living cell and that little atom of oxygen did not become a living cell but is now part of the living and as part of the living cell it can now say I am the cell.

Now eventually the cells join and they create the vegetable kingdom and the vegetable kingdom is produced not by that little hydrogen atom. But that little hydrogen atom is not a vegetable but participated in group formation to produce the vegetable kingdom so it can share in its consciousness. Now the vegetable that is a part of the vegetable kingdom is a greater organism with a greater consciousness than the little tiny atom has by itself and eventually animals come and eat the vegetable kingdom and the various vegetables are taken in by the animal’s body and become part of it and the hydrogen atom that we originally talked about floats in there also and is therefore becomes a part of the animal and now it says “I am an animal.” So it is participating in group formation so that a higher life form can be created and it identifies with that higher life form.


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What is Love? Part 2

This entry is part 37 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

If we want to be a servant of humanity then we put our attention on the service without the idea of proclaiming oneself to be a great servant or person that embodies love.

Titles have always irritated me like many of the religious titles including your holiness, or your lordship or your kingship or whatever. These titles really mean nothing and what means something is what you truly feel about any person that you are having a relationship with. Friendship and love are very closely associated with each other. What is the difference between friendship and love or is there a difference or are they two aspects of something?

Audience – Jason: Friendship is an aspect of love. If you have a true friend then there is definitely a sense of unity and love there.

JJ: Everything is in triplicity so lets say if friendship is an aspect of love then what are the other two aspects?

Audience: Unconditional

Audience: Respect comes to my mind.

Audience: Trust

JJ: Respect is a good possibility and trust is a good possibility as well.

Audience: Compassion, commitment, security.

Wayne: I think you break love down to just the energy of attraction because there are people who love to hate. There are people who love ice cream. You can have a physical attraction and call it love, you can have an emotional attraction, sensual attraction, mental attraction and it is called love and it is kind of a generic term. We have to take from context what we mean when we say the word and if God is without body parts or passions then His love would be something different than an emotional attraction be it mental, spiritual or whatever. You put love into so many categories that we put it into I think we may say what we mean when we love something and not always giving somebody else a clear idea of what we mean by using that word. I love everybody is a generic saying but you certainly do not feel the same about everyone that you know or people that you don’t know.

JJ: Good comments. We have friendship as an aspect of love and respect is another one and trust, there are several triplicities we could get out of love but that is a good one. Now Wayne was touching on the definition of love and the funny thing about love is people talk about love as being something so mysterious that nobody can really say what it is. But the thing is if something exists than you can say what it is. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Now if the Word was God and God can do anything that means that anything can be put into the Word. So if there is such a thing as love than it can be defined. Now what we need to look at is the reason why people say that it cannot be defined and what that reason is. Why do people feel that love cannot be defined. Blaine you look like you have an answer to this question.

Blaine: That is what I get for looking! I think the reason that a lot of people feel it can’t be defined is because it has so many aspects that people are not sure as to exactly what it is and different people define it differently.

JJ: And the people that fall in love with someone that is kind of their opposite cannot really explain why right?

Blaine: Yes and Wayne touched on that, different people define love differently. Some define it as attraction and others as sensual love and we talked about respect and trust and all these different aspects of it. I kind of look at on levels if you are friends with somebody and you may not know them very well but you show a level of love towards your fellow man.

JJ: Some may claim they love you but they are not friendly toward you, is that really love?

Blaine: Then there is the next step up which would be probably be romantic love either that or family or friendship where you have commitments and respect and do things for each other and so on.

Audience – female member: I think the reason it is so indefinable is because it is misused so often and that makes it harder to define.

JJ: Plus when we fall in love often times we end up marrying somebody different that we ever imagined that we would be attracted to and so love becomes very mysterious. Like Artie probably wonders why did she fell in love with me?

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Artie will admit that when she was younger that she never imagined that she would fall in love with somebody like me and that was the farthest thing from her mind.

Audience female member: There is also an exchange and appreciation between you two just right there in your little glance to each other showing the love you share without saying anything.

JJ: Okay lets define what love is. It is quite simple; love is an attractive force, a magnetic force that pulls one thing towards another thing. Now people say that all is one and we need to go to the great oneness and when we do we will be dissolved in love but this is not true because if we went back to the absolute oneness there would be no love because it takes two or more to have love. Love can only exist in duality because love is an attractive force of one living entity to another living entity, creation, or a group of entities.

If you love mankind you are attracted to mankind and you have a magnetic pull that pulls you into service to mankind. If you love your country you have a magnetic pull from the ideals of the country that makes you want to serve your country. If you love your spouse or your girlfriend or your boyfriend you have a magnetic pull toward them and there is something about them that causes this magnetic pull.

Now for romantic love – this opens the windows of the soul so love is increased. Now the important thing about romantic love that a lot of people don’t understand is that anybody can fall in love with anybody else. We have barriers between us and what makes love mysterious is that often opposites attract and the reason they attract is because if you were around people like yourself for a while and you saw your own faults reflected in them you may not like them. So you meet someone that is different than you think, wow this is refreshing, and because it is refreshing you begin to let the walls of the soul down and you see something really good in this person even though his qualities are different from those in you.

As you become attracted to this person he or she thinks ah he is attracted to me and then walls begin to come down and when they look at each other they share that energy; they begin to peer into each other’s souls. As soon as the souls of the two people are exposed and they allow the romantic energy to circulate then they will fall in love. So the romantic energy of falling in love is the opening of the windows of the soul that pours the soul energy all the way down to the emotional level, to the chakra that we call the solar plexus and also it can affect the heart chakra.

Now there is a difference between the love energy of the solar plexus and the heart. The solar plexus energy is possessive and it governs the romantic energy. Some people think the lower love is bad but the truth is that nothing that is in us is bad. It is how it is put to use that determines whether it is good or not. So the solar plexus is the source of romantic love that can be very good and useful but can be very possessive. The trouble with people when they fall in love is they let the walls of the soul down and then after some time has passed they will often see each others faults and the windows of the soul will begin to close and when they close they do not see the good anymore, they only see the bad. Maybe one day the person did not brush their teeth good enough or Bryan did not trim his beard enough or maybe Melva does not like Bryan’s shoes, laughing, I like Bryan’s shoes Melva.

Melva: They are very practical. (Bryan had unusual shoes)

JJ: We find what we are looking for, so when the windows of the soul close because we are not looking for good things anymore and we see all these personality things that just grate on us. They grate on us until we either separate or we open the windows of the soul again.


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What is Love? Part 1

This entry is part 36 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Seminar given in 2005 by J J Dewey

JJ: I am going to talk about a very popular new age subject today. I don’t know if I have talked about this before but I thought I would talk about LOVE.

Audience female member: Ahhhhh….mmmmm…..

JJ: Isn’t that nice.

Audience female member: Yesss…

JJ: Chuckling. Well it is an interesting subject and for one thing most of you are familiar that we have a keys list where people come on and almost every day I will post something to it and we discuss different subjects. Every month or two some new guy will come on, somewhat of a know it all. These challenging people that come on all have a similar type vibration, Blaine would you say irritating is the right word?

Blaine: Yes!

JJ: They all scold us and they always tell us about love, what do they tell us about love Blaine?

Blaine: Well they always tell us that it is all about love and all there is, is love and all you need is love and they tell us on the keys that we don’t have love!

JJ: Actually we are a very loving group and most of us get along quite well and many of us have been together a long time on this discussion group. So a guy comes on telling us that he understands love and nobody else does and then scolds us. He irritates everybody in the group and because he starts calling people names and telling us we don’t understand love and don’t show love and we do not have a clue what love is. Members get irritated at the guy and then he thinks, see you proved me right, you people are not loving. It would be like me calling Bryan a name, Bryan you are a son of a gun and Bryan responding Oh really! And I would say Bryan you are not being loving!.

Audience: Laughing.

Bryan: What I find very curious is with David’s Outcast and the Sealed Portion groups is people will post and they will make claims and they will say pray about it and if you pray about it then you will know I am telling the truth.

JJ: Another list that Bryan, Blaine and I are on is Sterling’s list (David’s Outcast) and about half the people on that list think they are the new messiah, chosen one, the one might and strong or Christ come again or something. It is interesting to watch these guys and they all say well if you just pray about it then you would know I was the new messiah. There is this new guy who claims to be the Holy Ghost. He says he is a time traveler and at the end of time he is going to be the Holy Ghost and as the Holy Ghost he is going to come back in time and have power over all things but in his present state he is pretty much a normal guy and has no power except for he says he is the Holy Ghost and if we do not do everything he says then we are sinning against the Holy Ghost, which the Bible says is an unpardonable sin. He condemned me as a son of perdition and said I was the first person that he has done this to.

Bryan: You made a comment when he told us to ask about whether he was the Holy Ghost or not and you made a post and said you asked for the members to pray about you being the Holy Ghost and ask the members to mention the Holy Ghost and that just by mentioning it in your prayers that you would receive some sort of vibration from it and that you might mistake this for the truth. Would you explain this?

JJ: Sure he was telling people to just pray and ask if he was the Holy Ghost that they would get the answer and one thing that I said was that if you pray and just mention the Holy Ghost that would put your focus on the third member of the God head and could produce a nice vibration just by saying it. I read this book a while back and this guy taught that if you want a good vibration just say the name of Jesus Christ over and over because that name has been in the consciousness for so long that it puts a strong vibration around that name. I thought well the guy has a point and if people do say the name over and over again it will raise their vibration.

Audience: It is like when you see something nice like puppy dogs playing it gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

Audience: This is classic bait and switch that if you do this it follows that I am who I say I am.

JJ: So these guys come on the Keys about every six weeks like clockwork with the same message that we are just a bunch of spiritual hicks and we do not understand what love is and some of them will say that if you just write them privately then they will explain it, because you know they understand all about love. Then they will castigate people and end their post by giving out lots of love. Others claim to be everybody’s friend.

(Note: These type of individuals have not been showing up on the Keys lately.)

There was an incident when we were holding meetings like way back when I first met Artie and this guy was moved by the spirit and he got up and started barking out orders condemning me to hell claiming that he was God speaking. He was supposedly channeling God using a different voice and he condemned me to hell and said I had screwed up too many lifetimes and he was giving up on me.

It is funny whenever I meet these guys who channel God, the Holy Ghost or say they are the messiah or whatever they always condemn me to hell. I have been condemn to hell so much that it is quite amazing and none of them ever say, you are a righteous man and you are going to be on the right hand of God or something like that. But Wayne has known me a long time and I am not too bad of a guy am I Wayne? Here is a testimony from my old buddy Wayne!

Wayne: He is definitely taking a chance here! I have known Joe for as long as I have known anybody and he is a man without guile and a very kind person. Much kinder than I have ever pretended to be and even as a young kid he was a gentle soul. I have seen him angry but I have never seen him hateful.

JJ: He likes to tell the story of me counting those rockets when we were kids and it is a long story so he passed on it this time. Thanks Wayne I will pay you later!

Wayne: Okay I want to tell the story of you counting the rockets. Joe had ordered a bunch of different rockets out of the back of a magazine and I stopped over one day after school and he had them all spread out on the floor sorted in different piles surrounding him like a miser and his gold. He was wealthy with all these rockets and I was watching him counting them and he went clear through the room and began to count them a second time, well I had pocketed a couple of them from a couple different piles and he started to get a little red in neck and said I was sure that there were twelve of these and then he started to count them again and go around in the circle and as he was doing this I would put a couple of them back. Laughter!

Audience & JJ: Roaring with laughter!

Wayne: And he started to raise his voice and said, I know there were this many there! How could I possibly not see it! He just kept going on and on like this and getting more and more frustrated. Laughing!

Audience & JJ: Still roaring with laughter!

Wayne: I never told him what I had done until years later! That was one of my entertainments as a kid watching Joe go through his theatrics when I pulled a joke on him and I never felt the need to tell him until years afterwards.

JJ: Thanks Wayne! I have really good stories on him and they would definitely make for some good entertainment but we will wait until next time to tell one.

JJ: One thing I have noticed about people who really act like they have a lot of something is that they really do not have it at all. For instance, people that are very rich do not really want to tell people how much money they have but the people that are just quasi rich or just really want to be rich will flash around their diamonds or try to make it look like they have a lot of money or they put all their money into an expensive car to make it appear as though they are wealthy. People are also like this with love, we meet people time and time again that just talk about love all the time on one side of their mouth and on the other side of their mouth they are insulting everybody.

They cause aggravation for everybody, so it is funny how that works. True love must include friendship including your romantic partner also because he or she needs to be a friend as well as lover. Now Wayne and I very good friends but we never go up to each other and mention the word love. When you truly have love and friendship toward a person it does not really need to be expressed as much as shown in your actions. If Wayne needs a favor and if it is humanly possible I will do it and the same thing with him with me and that is way good friends are and that is the way you are with people if you love them.


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 8

This entry is part 35 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Audience: There is a belief that the second coming is happening and the amazing part for me is this rapture and left behind thing and is it okay if you get left behind?

JJ: Well there is not going to be any rapture so don’t worry about it. The only rapture that will take place will be raising your physical consciousness up and the only time there might be anything like a rapture is if we got into a major war where humanity might be destroyed. Then the spiritual Hierarchy may take a certain amount of mankind to repopulate the earth, but They would only do that if we were on the verge of destroying all of humanity. If the whole of humanity were on the verge of being destroyed then the Spiritual Hierarchy would take certain steps.

Audience: But if we all do our part and each one of us becomes aware within our selves and raise our consciousness then as a whole consciousness we can move forward.

JJ: Right and that is the plan and chances are it is going to happen like this. We are going to have some hairy experiences over the next generation but we are going to work it out and eventually peace on earth will be established, but it will not be a perfect peace. The nations right now are like the states were 200 years ago, in the early days of our country we had one state always fighting with another state like Pennsylvania was always fighting with Virginia in one way or another just like Israel and Palestine today. So the nations of the world are like the states were a couple hundred years ago and what happened to the states? The states learned to cooperate to the extent that it does not even enter the consciousness of Oregon to go to war with Idaho, does it? It is not something we even worry about.

200 years from now, if we don’t blow our selves up, the various countries will not even think of going to war with each other. We have just about reached that point with Russia and maybe 50 years from now it will not even enter our minds to go to war with Russia if things progress like they are supposed to and 200 hundred years from now the nations will be like states today and cooperate and it will not even enter their minds to go to war with each other. Maybe we will still have a few terrorists to deal with, but as far as the nations go eventually they will be evolved like the U.S.

The United States is like a miniature example of the whole world. In the beginning those 13 states were very war like with each other when they were developing – you had a bunch of Germans in one state and English were in another and they hated each other. That is why creating the constitution where all the states joined together was a pretty miraculous thing. That is why it was so difficult because when these guys got together to put together the constitution they were arguing back and forth and beating each other up and making demands like you would not believe.

A lot of people think that these guys just peaceably put together that document. I remember the story of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton and Alexander insulted Aaron and they went out and had a duel and Alexander Hamilton was shot dead. They had their words in those days and it was not that easy to reach agreement. Israel and the various Middle East countries will progress one day until they will be like Oregon and Idaho and they will look back on their past and say what was the matter with those guys 200 years ago? They won’t be able to understand why they were at each others backs so much.

You do not hear much about the early states that were always at each others’ backs, and of course we did have a war between the states and before that there was the danger of the individual states going to war with each other. But now such a thing is not even in our consciousness and this is the goal of the Aquarian Age to have this international respect happen for the whole world and then the people will cooperate together and make a better place for everybody to live.

Audience: I have a little bit about the year 2012 and can elaborate on that year and what might be in store for us in that year?

JJ: 2012 will probably be like any other year with its ups and downs. It is the end of the age according to the Mayan calendar and it will be more of a change in consciousness and it will not be the end of the world. The world will continue. I will say just one more thing; there are many things that are unpredictable and many people think that our future is outlined for us but a lot of it is not and we creating our future right now. A monkey wrench can be thrown into the works that can change a lot of different things. There are certain cycles. like the Age of Aquarius, and there are certain energies in play and there are probable events that that are pretty predictable to happen. There are a lot of signs associated with Aquarius, like I said – airplanes, space exploration, the Internet and things like this were going to happen. But a lot of events are predicated on our free will including whether or not we enter peaceably into Aquarius or enter into Aquarius in very bad shape.

It is the hope and plan of the spiritual guides of the race that we can make the transition to Aquarius rather peacefully and keep the gains in civilization that we have accumulated. This is certainly my hope.

Thank you.

End of class.


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 7

This entry is part 34 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

So what when a person reaches that point he begins in Aries and goes through Taurus and all the signs of the zodiac backwards until his last one, his last labor is in Pisces, and Pisces is the labor of the world savior. He performs twelve great labors in twelve different lifetimes and if he fails in one then he has go back and do it over and it may take more than twelve lifetimes because you are not always successful the first time.

Abraham Lincoln was performing one of the labors of Hercules when he freed the slaves. For instance, with the labor in Aquarius is the king had these stables that were full of dung and nobody could clean them and it had been many, many years since they were cleaned. He promised Hercules that if he could clean the stables that he would give him one tenth of his great flock of cattle. Hercules said okay and Hercules diverted the river and it washed away all the dung and cleansed the stables. Then Hercules went to the king to collect the reward and the king says I am not giving you your reward because that was too easy. Hercules said well it may have been easy but I did it. So the king wanted to take Hercules life and Hercules had to flee.

So this is a little bit like Abraham Lincoln. He performs this great labor and frees the slaves and then he gets killed and he did not get any reward for it that manifested in this particular life.

Audience: Churchill

JJ: Yes Churchill wins the greatest war in history and saves the world and what do they do? They run him right out of office after the war, it is amazing how some of our great heroes get treated.

The Christ that was in Jerusalem and the labor that He performed was that of the world savior and He sacrificed himself for the benefit of humanity. This was in the age of Pisces and we are passing out of the age of Pisces now and moving into the Age of Aquarius. Now this Age of Aquarius that we are entering is different than the sun being in Aquarius in past ages. Does anyone know the time period that we are in a particular sign?

Audience: 2,165.3 years.

JJ: Chuckling, yes the sun takes about 2,160 years to run a through a sign of the zodiac. So what we are doing is passing into the Age of Aquarius and I believe that we passed over into this Age of Aquarius around 1945 when they exploded the atomic bomb because it says in the scriptures the sign of the coming of the son of man will be when the heavens are shaken with power and great glory. The word heaven comes from the Greek word ouranos and the word uranium comes from ouranos. When uranium is shaken, and you shall see the sign of the son of man in uranium revealed with power and great glory. Interesting is it not? How is the sign of the son of man revealed in uranium? It is revealed because how does uranium work?

It works because the atom is split in two and some of the pure spiritual essence or pure energy as Einstein calls it, is released. The atom is the tomb that holds the pure spiritual energy. After Jesus was crucified they put Him in a tomb and the tomb split open and the pure spiritual life energy was released and this corresponds to the atom being split open with the pure spiritual energy is released. The sign of the son of man is the splitting of the atom and this marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The transfer over from one age to another takes about 300 years. The beginning of Aquarius began to show a couple hundred years before 1945 and to fully settle into it will take a couple hundred years from now. But that was the transition point was when the atomic bomb was exploded because that was the sign of the son of man in Heaven, ouranos or uranium. Interesting; is it not?

Wayne: When was your birthday Joe?

JJ: February 6th, 1945 the same year the atomic bomb went off.

Audience: They were detonated August 6th and August 9th.

JJ: On the Great Seal of the dollar bill it says the new order of the new ages. In other words, the Founding Fathers recognized that they were laying the foundation for a new age. They were Aquarian thinkers because they were some of the first people to feel that Aquarian energy and the Aquarian energy is freedom of the spirit and service to humanity. They sensed this and that is why the founding fathers had to break off from the old ways and begin a new way of doing things.

Now we reach a crescendo of the war between the true good and evil which the war between the Allies and the Axis of evil with Hitler and that was the true Armageddon of our age. This was transition point right when the atomic bomb was created that gave the assurance that the allies would defeat Hitler. That was the sign of the age of the coming of the son of man. Now we are in it but we are actually so close on the cusp that we have a lot of these Piscean energies holding on that are just not letting go.

We will take the good from the keynote of sacrifice from that cycle and keep it but the bad in sacrifice is were we sacrifice to some authority. The authorities take the sacrifice and builds stone buildings out of it and we do not see any good out of it our selves. The true essence of sacrifice, that which is good we take with us and drop that which has not worked.

In the Aquarian Age the keynote will be service, organization, humanity, brotherly love and this will take a while to get into and in the next 200 years we will see a lot that has been hanging on the past 2000 years fade away and will not reappear.

Audience: Is that why we are having stuff like Hurricane Katrina happen?

JJ: No disasters like that happens periodically and you go back a couple years or so during the Bubonic Plague where millions of people were killed you will have things like that happen and there are going to be some earth changes but Katrina is nothing compared to the earth changes that will happen. Most of the earth changes that people think are going to happen next year; a lot of them will not happen for another 100 years. People always think the great calamity is just around the corner and they rarely are but sooner or later some fantastic things will happen.

Two thirds of the global warming is in the ocean and think about this a bit. If you light a match under a tub of water you are going to heat up the atmosphere a little but you are not going to heat up that tub of water. What is heating up the tub of water? What is heating up the oceans is the under water volcanic activity, that is why in some parts of the oceans it is 5 degrees above normal and in other parts it is colder than normal because where it is really warm in the oceans like up north in the Arctic is where some of the glaciers are melting there are under water volcanoes are heating up and melting the ice up there. Now we go to the Antarctica we find that there is more ice forming there than has ever been in recent history but it varies a lot. So this under water volcanic activity repeats itself cyclically and it goes through cycles of 11,000 years and we are due for another ice age in the next 150 years or so because of the great cyclic activity of the under water volcanoes. If the next ice age is as bad as the last one we could have glaciers clear down to Boise and it would global cooling rather than global warming.

Audience; they say 20 feet of volcanic ash right here in Boise like if Jackson Hole goes.

JJ: Oh yes that is another calamity waiting and hopefully it will be hundreds of years in the future and is fairly unpredictable. If the under ground activity at Yellowstone were to let loose there we would all be gone in this part of the country and it is making some scientists nervous but they are watching it close to make sure there is not another calamity there.

Audience: Are you saying that Abraham Lincoln was in an Age of Aquarius?

JJ: He was an Aquarian. I was pointing out that he was doing the work of an Aquarian like in the labor of Hercules, that Lincoln was doing that work and he did kind of sense Aquarian Age energy and picked some of it up. Presently the Aquarian Age energies are getting very powerful. One of the signs is Aquarius is the air sign and we look in the air and the fact that we are doing so many things in the air is a fact that Aquarius is here. Communications, satellites, the Internet, this is all related to the Age of Aquarius and you have not seen anything yet. Just wait until a couple hundred more years from now if we do not destroy our selves first.

We always have our free will and we could always could create a major war that could set us back to the Stone Age. That is always a possibility but the best guesses of the ones who know are that the chances are humanity even though we may have some difficult times will move into the Age of Aquarius and establish peace on earth and goodwill toward men. That is the goal. It will finally happen.

Audience: Will this happen in our lifetime?

Audience: Not under the current administration.

JJ: The crisis during our lifetime between now and the next 25 to 30 years will be a crucial time period and if we can get through this period without having a major set back then the chances are that we will naturally settle into the Age of Aquarius.


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 6

This entry is part 33 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

So what do you do if you do not know where you are? If you do not where you are then tune into what it is within yourself that you feel your next step is. Whatever your next step is – say learning to play the guitar or some other skill, if you take the right step, even though you may not be good at it, you will begin to make progress. Maybe at first you did not want to learn something new, but when you learn that one thing in this life that you are supposed to be learning then you will have a peace about yourself from mastering it. You will say, how come I did not do this earlier for I had signs I was supposed to follow but I ignored them because I was not talented and now that I am learning this thing, it feels really great to be moving in the right direction.

Concerning my particular lesson that I had to learn – I had to go kicking and screaming because I did not want to do it but when I finally yielded I felt a strong peace about doing it. Each one of us has to find that one thing that you are supposed to learn, a little like Curley’s advice in the Movie City slickers. There’s one thing that you are supposed to do and you need to find it..

We learn many things during the course of our lifetime but what I am talking about is a particular lesson that each one of us has learn before we really move on and be of service to humanity. We have to be of service to our self by learning our life’s lesson.

Wayne: I have been thinking about the Tibetan’s definition of true humility, “True humility is recognizing where you are on the path and acting accordingly.”

JJ: Right learn your true position and then act accordingly. I am pretty close to Jesus and I am going to act that way! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I like one of the parables that he gave about this and it is really good, Back in those days during the time of Christ the master of the house seated those at the table according to their status. If you were at a party and you seat yourself at the number one position and the host says you do not belong there, go to the number twelve position, you would be humiliated. Jesus said that if you are smart you would sit in the lowest status chair and that way if he moves you up  you would feel good. But if you think you are in the number one position and he moves you to 12 it would be very embarrassing and He says even so it is with your spiritual progress. Do not assume that you are number one. Be humble and if you do not know where you are then when put yourself at the bottom and when the time comes that you discover that you are supposed to be moved up then you will be honored.

I always liked that teaching. If we do not know where we are it is best to place yourself at the bottom because, who knows, you or I could have been Judas. So do not assume that you are at the top. If it turns out that you discover that you were a beloved disciple in a past life, then that is great, but don’t bank on it.

Always observe yourself from a humble point of view and if you do not know, or even if you do know, then do not assume that you are higher than your brother because he will sense this in you.

You can sense this in people – when they think they are better than you, so it is important to establish that humility as we proceed along the path and if we have that humility then the soul is happy to communicate with us and the channel between us and the soul is much clearer. Then he reaches a certain point where the petals begin to unfold more and more quickly until he becomes an initiate and an initiate simply put is one who initiates and it is as simple as that. We hear all kinds of stories where an initiate goes through all these ceremonies and all these ordnances or whatever but an initiate pure and simple is one who initiates and the greater thing he initiates the greater he is.

Look at some of the great initiates in history, Jesus of course is a great initiate because from His handful of teachings He initiated a church which has billions of followers throughout the world who honor His name and attempt to follow His teachings.  He initiated something that affected billions of people.

Buddha did the same thing and also non-religious people have initiated great things, Edison initiated the electric light bulb and look at all the benefits we have from Edison initiating inventions in his lab over 100 years ago. Abraham Lincoln initiated the freeing of the slaves and without him who knows how long it would have taken for the slaves to be free. George Washington and the founding Fathers initiated the founding of this country so that means that they were actual giants so to speak because they initiated something that changed the whole world.

Audience: Would Rosa Parks be considered an initiate then?

JJ: Yes she at least had a part in the change that occurred and was an initiate in some degree. I have heard that she was part of a plan for her to stand up and that she did not do it completely on her own. If she did do it on her own than that would make her a greater initiate than if the plan was created by someone else. There might have been an initiate that we do not even know the name of that caused that change happen. Maybe she was just cooperating with someone that had that idea. but that is just some things I have heard around that particular event.

Audience: A great example of who would be a great initiate now would be Doctor Masaru Emoto and he actually initiated the idea that our thoughts create impact on water.

JJ:  It would be hard to tell how high he is until maybe a generation from now because some initiates die and it looks like there ideas die with them and then some people’s work will survive them and flourish. Look at Jesus when He died He had 120 followers after all those great miracles He did. It looked like He was pretty much a non-starter but then we all know what happened.

Audience: Dr. Emoto I believe has made a big difference here when he came to Boise and I just wrote him this morning telling him what an impact he has made and of course he is not like The Christ but he has made quite an impact at least here in Boise.

JJ: Yes many initiates have that power to motivate other people to do things so that power is contagious for some. Other initiates operate more from quiet energy – like I say when Jesus died he only had 120 followers and not nearly as many as Buddha or some of the other teachers but when he rose from the dead that made a tremendous impact for it was something that really got things moving.

So you develop these energies and get the desire to get things going. You either initiate yourself or you participate in a group that is initiating. As an initiate you have this desire to help make things happen. This is a major step in the progression of the soul, getting things to happen and making things to move ahead.

The initiate stimulates the evolution of humanity and is of service to his fellow man and then the final step is what is called the “The Twelve Labors of Hercules.” What happens is you go through the Zodiac clockwise for all your lifetimes until you reach the point where you become a fairly high initiate where you obtain power to initiate in a way where you can affect a very large number of people. When you attain this power then you stop moving clockwise in the Zodiac and begin to go counterclockwise. When you go counterclockwise you are moving against the grain all the time.

Now many of the new age people say what you need to do is to go with the flow, well there are two flows. You have the flow of energy from the lower self and the flow of energy from the higher self and they are both going in different directions so the next time somebody says go with the flow then ask, which flow – the lower flow or the higher flow because they both go in opposite directions. Now we have to go with the lower flow until we reach the point to where we initiate against the lower flow. Then we reverse direction on the zodiac as we reincarnate from sign to sign. It is not a hard black and white rule but basically we go around the zodiac in our incarnations until we reach the point where we say wait a minute it seems like everything in this world is pretty much upside down from reality and I am beginning to see things like a mirror and everything I thought was real is not real and everything I thought was valid is not valid. I am seeing things in a different light. Now that you are seeing things from a higher view you see that everything in your past was pretty much upside down. So now what you have to do is go with the higher spiritual flow and everybody around you will be telling you that you are going against the flow.

In the days of Abraham Lincoln many thought that slavery was acceptable, and even in the North most people thought this way so he went against the flow. But to go against the flow he used the flows that were available because if he were a fanatic about it then he would have never been elected president. Some of the activists about freeing the slaves really criticized him a lot because he was not fanatical enough about it. But he had his beliefs within him and he said from the time he was very young, “if I ever get the opportunity to free the slaves then I will.”

But then he really did not concentrate on that as he was running for president. He concentrated on the right things to say to get elected president and then when he did have the opportunity he issued the Emancipation Proclamation and a lot of people thought he was crazy for doing it, but that was against the flow. Going against the flow created a great service to humanity by freeing the slaves.

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 5

This entry is part 32 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?

Audience: You will love that person no matter what their actions or reactions were.

JJ: It goes a little beyond that. What was the keynote of Christ when He was here and how did He manifest the love different than other people? He identified how His love was different. He did with a ceremony when He washed the apostles feet. He started to wash the apostles feet and He came to Peter and Peter said no you are not going to wash the apostles feet I will wash your feet instead and I am to be your servant and Jesus said if I can’t wash your feet than you will have nothing to do with me. And Peter said well wash my arms, chest, face, wash my whole body then.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: Peter did not want to let go of his Master. The answer is service. In other words, the higher love seeks to serve others and the lower love seeks to serve self. When the person centered in lower love says I love you he is really saying I want you in my life because I think you can do stuff for me and you can be useful to me. You can be my trophy wife or whatever and I can show you off and everyone will think I am very successful.

The higher love says I want to serve and that is the interesting difference and that is what Jesus tried to teach the apostles. When he sought to wash their feet, Peter did not understand. He thought that Jesus was higher than him so he should be serving Him. but Jesus said no, not in the kingdom of my Father. He who is greatest is he who is the greatest servant. Jesus said in this world he who is greatest is like Caesar who gets the most people to serve him but that it is not like it is in the kingdom of heaven. In the kingdom of heaven the one who is greatest is the one with the greatest power to serve and what did He do all day long in the gospels? He was healing people all day long and always serving without asking for anything in return.

Curtis said he had a little story for us that he wanted to share before we move on here.

Curtis: How many are feeling a little bit of your heart petal opening listening to JJ’s words?

Audience: Most of them answered yes.

Curtis: You know like Joe was saying you go along in a flat line in your life and then some crisis will take you in an unexpected moment and turn your life upside down inside out and move you in a direction that you never even thought you would go and I would like to share with you an opening of my heart center that happened several years ago because of Mr. Joe Dewey.

I was very happy in the Mormon Church but I felt like I was banging my head against this glass ceiling not knowing where to go and not knowing where find an opening so that I could reach higher. We have all been there, where is the next step and what is going to bring me happiness and joy. I remember after a long period of preparing me for this new revelation Joe would come over and teach out of the scriptures and something about what he was saying and the way he was saying it just lit me on fire and I thought wow, where are you getting this information?

One day he came over and he said there is something that you need to know. Really, I said. I thought I knew it all. He says you think that there is just one chance at this and then you go into the next world and you are in some kingdom of glory because the Mormons do not believe in reincarnation, and Joe says no I want to teach you about the principle of reincarnation and this shocked me! The fact that he would even believe it and that he would try to indoctrinate me to this idea that we could have more than one lifetime because to believe in reincarnation means that you go against the Mormon theology and you risk eternal damnation and your soul is going to burn in hell. If you move outside of these lines or if you crack this glass ceiling that I had been banging my head against you go against council.

So at this particular moment in my life I had to know, was reincarnation a true principle of God? I knew that if it was that it would be the catalyst to catapult me in a direction that I could not turn back from because once these petals start to open you do not want to close them you just want to open the next one and the next one and the next one. I remember all the opposition that was in my life at that time and I had many friends in the Church and one of them said, “Curtis if you listen to that Joe Dewey one more time you are going straight to hell.” JJ’s wife would come over and bang on the door and say you had better not listen to him or you are going to go straight to hell and burn for all eternity. Man I was going to go straight to hell no matter what I did! Chuckling!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: So at that moment I decided that I had to have peace, some inner peace so I went into my room and knelt down and prayed and for the first time in a long time I really prayed to know the truth about the “R” word, reincarnation. There I was right in the middle of this prayer and this energy filled me with such power and force man I tell you I was born again.

Audience: Chuckling!

Curtis: In that moment I had a spiritual witness that began to enter my body and not from the lower chakra either, it came right into my heart and mind and told me without a shadow of a doubt that yes there is reincarnation. I said okay this could be an illusion here or just me. And the Presence said no I will stay with you for a couple of days and when I am through with you then you will know for sure that there is such a thing as reincarnation and multiple lifetimes.

Later I found out that many early members of the Mormon Church believed in reincarnation and they called it eternal lives and multiple probations. What is a multiple probation if it is not more than one lifetime? So I got a witness that lasted for three days it sent me on a path from whence I could not return. So if you have a question and you are just bouncing against a glass ceiling then you go ahead and take it further and further as far as you can go. Now armed with that knowledge I began to teach to my twelve year old students in Sunday school class and I told them well go home and tell your Mom and Dad about that idea!

Audience: Laughing!

Curtis: And they did and I was called in and I said to those authorities, you know you what; you cannot hurt me because I know the truth. I lost my marriage, my job because I sold real estate for a Mormon broker, all my friends in the Mormon Church wrote me letters and said that they could not associate with me anymore because I was an apostate. You know what? It did not matter; what mattered was that this center had opened and I was at a place of inner peace and I could not be disturbed by anyone or anything outside of that center again. Thank you Joe!

JJ: Thank you Curtis! Now I am the only friend he has!

Audience: Laughing! And his sister!

JJ: So you are moving along and then you have a crisis in one particular lifetime and you have a vibration that you have never felt before – what I call a touch of the soul,. You have probably even went through being an atheist or born again or lots of different things and finally you reach a point where nothing seemed to work and you feel as though you have reached a dead end and then finally something opens up to you and the energy flows into you. It may have been this life or it may have been a past life or may be your next life but sooner later it happens to everybody and this is called “The Birth Of The Christ Within the Heart.” It is our first step to becoming like the Master who walked in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

He had to have that first step many lifetimes ago for himself the same step that we now have to take. Any other being no matter advanced sets a goal that we can emulate. As any other being that is behind us is something we have been and that is the beauty of it. The most important thing is that we are in motion. It is not so important where are and this is the big illusion that hampers many people along the path. Many people touch the spiritual energy and think, I wonder how advanced I am and I am probably on my last life for I am a lot smarter than those guys I see around so I am up pretty close to being like Jesus.

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: You laugh but I have met people like this! Their focus is on where they are rather than where they are going. If the seeker thinks he is further along than he really is that means he is going to go through the woods on a dead end trail instead of being where he really is and missing the real path that will lead through the woods. So if you think you are farther ahead or farther behind than you are and if you do not have reasonable idea of who you are and move accordingly than you will be wasting a lot of time and irritating everybody around you because they will think, boy that guy or gal thinks they are so smart and they think they are so righteous or so advanced and beyond the rest of us. I am the one that is advanced and maybe a Master.

Audience: Laughing!


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 4

This entry is part 31 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

In the duration of the thousand lives we go through all the signs a number of times and you may have completed one lesson in Scorpio but there will be other lessons in Scorpio that you will have to learn maybe 12 lifetimes later. In each one of the signs are quite a few lessons to learn but then we begin to unfold all of 1000 energy centers in the top of the head. One by one in each lifetime we begin to unfold a new energy and within that lifetime our various other centers will also unfold and sometimes a major center will begin to unfold, for instance in the heart, which is very closely connected to the Christ energy. When one of those petals in the heart unfolds it produces an inflow of energy into us that we do not know how to handle because we have never felt this before. Has anyone ever felt that before, you are just going along living life like normal and then you feel a new energy circulating around you or within you?

Audience: When I was first getting into some of the Reki I started felling like I was just falling in love with everybody I was around and I did not understand what was happening. I would hug people and have this kind of a different experience and it was like I was not even in my body anymore during the hug and people didn’t know how to take it. It was very profound experience.

JJ: You have twelve petals around your heart center and a more advanced person may have say nine, ten and eleven already unfolded and then another unfolds and you get this rush of love energy so wherever you were at you probably had one of the heart petals unfold. You have six of them connected with the pure love energy and six of them connected with higher reason and wisdom. That is why the heart center petals are called the love wisdom center. Part of the petals are connected with wisdom and part of them are connected with the love energy itself. It sounds like you had one of the love energy petals unfold.

Now your throat center is your creative center and if all of a sudden you have the sense to write or create something it is probably because one of your throat petals in the creative center began to unfold and it is sending additional energy into you and you, all of a sudden, feel, I have to do something creative like write, paint, create music or whatever. Now when the petals begin to unfold, new energies are released and they are difficult to deal with at first because a person may feel that something is wrong with them for they have not felt this before.

If he accepts the energy and goes with it he will grow and his health and vitality will be good but if he rejects the energy then this produces ill health and this is one of the greatest causes of ill health. There is always a new energy unfolding in us and it is foreign to us so the natural inclination is to reject it and if it is a major energy it may take us three or four lifetimes to adapt to it and if it is a minor energy it will much easier to assimilate. But if it is a major one then it may take several lifetimes to adapt to and it may lead us along paths we do not want to go and may lead us to develop skills that we do not think we are good at.

They say the most terrifying thing to do is what I am doing right now, public speaking. I remember the first time I ever had to give a speech and it was the most terrifying thing I had ever experienced at that time in my life but now it is pretty easy. But the first time I did it I was just terrified beyond belief. They say if a person has never given a speech before that it is the most terrifying thing that you can do. Lets say your soul is leading you in that direction to give public speeches and you think, I am not good at it, I am boring, I don’t have a clue as to what to say, but all of a sudden your soul is pushing you that direction.

If you resist then your soul will not let up on you and will continue to push you in that direction and will make your life very discomforting until you go along with it. If you go with it then you will experience tremendous growth and it will be wonderful growing period. And this is the way it works – it squeezes you tighter and tighter until you say uncle! Okay I will do it.

When you think back on your life of the greatest lessons you learned where at first you resisted and resisted and things got worse and worse and then finally you gave in and learned the lesson. Now you are good at and now you love the thing that you are doing. Can you identify with that statement?

Now if you have not learned your lesson you will probably have to come back in the next life and pretty much live this life all over again but with different circumstances. That is one of the biggest complaints about reincarnation that I get from a lot of the Christians I talk to. They say, I don’t want to live this life over again, this has a been a tough life and I just want to go and live with Jesus now.

Actually if we learn our lesson then we don’t have to live this life over again, we move on and live a better and more interesting life than we have now but if we don’t learn our lesson we have to come back and not live the exact life over again but a similar more difficult one. It is going to be harder the next time because the soul that governs you will say well he did not learn it with the situation I put him last time so I have to put him in a tougher situation this time so he’ll get the message.

As we began our progression we went through trial and error and this is a very slow process until we reach the point of what this class is about tonight, the birth of the Christ within. When that begins then it is kind of like the end of a parabolic curve. In the beginning we can hardly see any progression at all and then we reach a point where it goes up very dramatically. A large percentage of our lifetimes are spent in trial and error and progression is very slow.

Some people seem to just progress very slowly but then, on the other hand, someone may be looking at you and think you are not progressing so well either. We progress along through trial and error and as we move ahead we finally reach a point where we think that there has to be a better way to do this. You feel very tired and you don’t know why you feel this tiredness because you are not aware that you have traveled through hundreds of lifetimes and this tiredness is just there within you and you sensed that there has to be something better than this. When this occurs then at this moment a new energy begins to stir within you if your soul sees that you are ready then your heart center will begin to open up and one of the love petals of the heart center will begin to unfold and this is the sign of the birth of the Christ within.

Now there is a false birth and this happens in the solar plexus center governing lower emotions. When people talk about heart energies a lot of them are really identifying with the solar plexus, which is the lower emotional self. There is a big difference between the lower emotional energies and the higher heart energies. The lower emotional energy is possessive and if a person is centered in the lower emotional and he says I love you what he really means is I want to possess you, own you, manage you and I want you to make me happy. That is what he means when he says I love you from the solar plexus. What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 3

This entry is part 30 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The point is if we do not see the Christ in people then we are going to see something else in them and before long we will see the devil in them. This can happen with the nicest of people. One thing about a group like this is that a lot of us do not know each other very well! A lot of you do not know Curtis very well and he looks like a really nice guy that that maybe you want to spend a month with! Actually if you want to party then Curtis is the fun guy to party with. I am just joking about Curtis! But even he has managed to infuriate his share of people.

I like this time of year though and this time of year gets a lot of criticism. Many say that it is too commercial that they are trying to take the Christ out of Christmas but Christ is never completely out of Christmas because you find that when you get together with people around Christmas there seems to be a little better spirit, brotherhood, a bit more cheer and a little bit more remembrance of who we are. So in this way whether you say happy holidays, happy Hanukah or Merry Christmas there is a sparkle in the air and more of a remembrance of what we are supposed to be.

We give each other gifts whether we want them or not and even when we get a gift that we will never use we still say thank you and we are pleasant towards each other. So during this time of year I often am touched in my inner soul because of different things that just happen whether it be the bell ringer at Albertsons or whether it be a party you go to or whether it be listening to Christmas carolers on TV or in person.

I remember I was at Albertsons grocers last Christmas and a bunch of Christmas carolers came in and just started singing. It was very beautiful and the music really touched me and thought Christmas is a really great time of year because here I was shopping and these people just came in and started singing and I thought that was pretty cool. They stimulated the Christ energy spirit within me just listening to them.

There are different theories as to how many lifetimes we go through. I believe we go through approximately 1000 lifetimes before we achieve liberation. Why do I think it is approximately 1000 lifetimes? Because the center at the top of the head has 1000 petals on it and the petals of all of our various centers unfold and each one of our centers has different amounts of petals on it. The center between the eyebrows has 96 and the heart center has 12 and so on. As each one of these petals unfolds it unfolds a new type of energy but the center at the top of the head is in vibration sync with the rest of your body so when something is affected in one of your centers it affects one or more of the petals on the top of your head. I believe that there are 1000 petals on top of the head signifying 1000 lifetimes.

Now it is not exactly 1000 lifetimes but in each life we unfold a new type of energy and consciousness that we never had before. When this happens one of the petals at the top of your head unfolds and you have some energy and substance added to your consciousness that you never had in all of your previous lifetimes. Now sometimes if your life is cut short or you really screw up you might not get that petal completely stimulated or if your are really moving along and making a lot progress you might unfold two of them so it is possible for somebody that is really aggressive in perusing his consciousness to go less than a thousand lifetimes and others like Curtis it may take 2000. He is on his 2001, right?

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I pick on my friends because they let me! Some people think we only have a dozen, but to give evidence there is a thousand lifetimes let me ask, how many people here have been married and divorced?

(To a lady in the audience): Now your husband that you were with, did he grow at all during the time you were with him, yes or no?

Audience: A little bit.

JJ: Okay he grew a little bit, now when you look at where he was when you married him and where he was when you divorced him did he seem to overcome anything or improve much?

Audience: There was definitely a phase.

JJ: Generally, when I ask this question the person says the spouse seemed to show little or any progression, even over decades. But over all if you have been married and divorced then you can look at that guy more objectively. If you are madly in love then you cannot look objectively at them. But if you have been in and out of a relationship or if you have been married to somebody for about thirty years you may think well he really has not moved that much. When I married him he watched football and drank beer and he still watches football and drinks beer and that is about all he does.

And this is the way it goes. When you look at yourself you cannot see yourself objectively but you can see the other guy fairly objectively and in a relationship the big complaint that people have about their partner is that the guy just does not seem to be moving and in this way we can see that real progress is really pretty slow. You actually learn about one major thing in each life and it appears that we learn more than one thing because we learn a lot of facts. We learn what the capitol of Minnesota is and who was president in 1812 or whatever but that does not mean you are making progress. That is just filling your computer mind with data. Progress is where you develop a greater skill that moves you ahead in your spiritual evolution.

Audience: In my experience with my husband it seemed that parts of him that were stuck were a catalyst for assisting me to move forward and it made me work hard to move forward and to develop and it was incredible.

JJ: That is one of the best parts about being in a relationship. You can be in a relationship with a person that is stuck and you can think, I don’t want to be this way and this is teaching me what not to do or it may produce growth in you in trying to help the other person even though he is beyond help but it may still help you.

So in each life you are given one thing to learn. The Buddhists teach this idea also. They say before a teacher can go out and teach Buddhism he has to get that one thing out of the way. He has to go out and learn that one thing and then he can go out and be a teacher. That is one of the philosophies of that they go by that I believe to be true, that in each life there is basically one basic thing that is new that you have to learn. Now in our lives we actually relearn a lot of the old things and we get back to our basic intelligence by the time we are 21.

At this age we arrive at the basic intelligence of where we left off in our past life. All the accumulated wisdom and intelligence manifests in the average person when he is about the age of 21. Now you go back and look at how you seem to evolve between when you first got consciousness and the age of 21. It seemed like every year you are almost a re-born person – you are moving ahead and you develop new skills, abilities and new sensations. Then from the age 21 you have one lesson you have to learn. It is important that you learn what that lesson is.

I was really dense about my lesson. It was very difficult for me and it is difficult for everybody because that new lesson is something that you are not good at. Let’s say you really good at music and you can play it very easily and it just comes naturally to you and you say I am going to be a musician but that is probably is not what you are supposed to learn because it is really easy for you. When you enter into new territory is very difficult and very hard and you do not want to do it so when you look at your life look at where your life has lead you again and again where you did not want to go then that usually leads you to what you are supposed to learn. Now if you don’t learn that one thing then you will have to come back and learn it all over again until you master it.

Believe me it is difficult for us to accept. It may be in the field of relationships, it may be some type of job skill, it may be some type of common sense that you are supposed to develop in a certain area but whatever it is you don’t want to do and why? Because you are not good at it. You are not good at anything that you do not know. Now there are a lot of things we know internally and these are things we enjoy doing. The new skill that you are supposed to learn in this lifetime is something difficult for you to master. This new skill is supposed to dawn on you at the end of your first Saturn cycle, around the age of 28 or 29.

So look back to around the age of 28-29 see if there was there some turning point in your life where you learned a major lesson. One of the things that can help you is to look at your rising sign in your astrology chart. How many know their rising sign?

Audience: Mine is Libra.

JJ: That shows that the lesson that you are going to learn will be around balance and Libra is a mental sign and air sign so it will be around something to develop in your mental development. Dealing with mind is sometimes difficult for people in the new age philosophy because a lot of them stay away from mind or see it as negative. It is important that you get grounded in common sense and balancing off things weighing one thing against another and learning good judgment. Have you found that when you look back on when you were 28 that this was something that was forced upon you?

Audience: I think so.

JJ: When you look back about what is in your rising sign you will find that there is a lesson there that you probably learned around the age of 28 or 29. Curtis your rising sign is Leo and he is the purest Leo you will ever meet. So his mission is to find out what makes him happy and fulfilled. He tries to spread fun around wherever he goes.

We have a Scorpio rising sign here, what you have to learn is acceptance of things you have no control over. Now if you look back to around the age of 28 it begins to dawn on you. Problems reach a point at this age for Scorpio rising that you think, “this is not working – what is the matter?” Or you look up at the heavens and ask. “why God?” Throughout your life have you had a lot of things that you produced the feeling that everything was out of control because of things you could not handle?

Audience: Yes

JJ: So what you have to do is learn to accept that which is outside of your control because we do not have control over everything. Scorpio is often associated with death because when someone dies you have no control over that and you are going have strong feelings when someone close to you dies. You are going to have feelings whether you like it or not. The lesson of Scorpio is learned when these feelings arrive you just accept them – that such feelings are a part of life. If you try to deny them and say, “I am above these feelings because I am enlightened,” then the lesson may not be learned. One may say, “My mother died and she is just off in a better place and I am okay with it.” Well, no, you may not feel good about it – you may feel terrible but you have to accept the way that you feel and deal with it. Scorpio rising must learn to accept the things that he can’t control, it is just part of life and then move forward.


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