Understanding Mind

Understanding Mind

Question: What other things need to be taught to assure the world that a new age of peace can really be established?


How will disciples reach the masses?

There are indeed many great and wonderful things that will be taught in the new age. There is one most important principle that has been overlooked and here is the hint.

The Age of Pisces which we are leaving is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The Age of Aquarius which we are entering is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The shift from the element of Pisces to the element of Aquarius indicates the new comprehension that must be known. What is it?

We can see this shift playing out in the polarized elections and political divisions of today.

A reader pointed out that the element of Pisces is water symbolizing emotions and that of Aquarius (air) symbolizes the mind

The shift of attention by humanity from an emotional base for decision to the mind will insure the stability necessary for an age of peace to prevail.

As humans begin evolution we start with attention centered in the instinct/physical. Next we evolve to the emotional/astral. Then we move to the mental/thinking and finally to the intuitive/soul.

What do you suppose is the percentage of humanity that has risen to the plane of the mind to some degree?

Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind, but why is it necessary that mind controls emotion rather than the other way around?

Are the heart energies connected with mind or emotion? Explain

This answer to the percentage was actually given by Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey back in the 1940s. The answer he gave was about ten per cent. Sometimes, however, I feel that it must be lower than this for sometimes it is difficult to find a logical person.

Another thing to consider is that humanity is evolving and that it is likely that this figure has risen perhaps a few more percentage points.

Now some have thought that certain degrees of mind is active in all people, but this is not quite the case. It is true that those not included in the ten percent may have some mental activation, but just not polarized there yet. Even so, there are many in which the principle of mind lies dormant.

One may object and declare that everyone thinks, it is just that some think with more accuracy than others.

On the contrary my friends, the truth is that all use their brains, but all do not think. The cause of this world wide misunderstanding is that the use of the brain has been related to thinking, but…

The brain does not think.

Instead the brain is a piece of equipment equal to a super computer. This super computer has many built in programs and is capable of many calculations, but it does not think.

What does it do then?

Answer: It calculates. Calculating and thinking are two very different activities.

The emotionally polarized person has instinct, can calculate and feel, but does not think.

This is why most of the people on the planet have the mark of the Beast of authority. Only by the development of the ability to think can one break the mold of being controlled by programming, break free and become truly independent through thought.

The brain corresponds to a super computer, but the thinker corresponds to a programmer sitting at the keyboard with the realization that he does not have to go according to program, but has the power to work creatively and rewrite things.

The thinker is in charge of his destiny.

The non thinker must be controlled by a program.

The thinker does not lose contact with emotion, but increases contact, but learns to direct feelings intelligently.

Just as light has a higher vibration than sound and yellow is higher than red even so is the astral vibration higher than physical and the matter of mind is higher than astral/emotion.

This does not mean that light is “better” than sound or mind than feeling for both are essential on their level. It does mean that one is higher in vibration than the other and the higher vibration is always more difficult to comprehend and master.

All of us have a mental body, but the elements of which it is composed are not available for our use until we begin to master thought


Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind, but why is it necessary that mind controls emotion rather than the other way around?

All of us feel emotion, but for most this feeling comes through the solar plexus center which is a reflection of heart energy. Few have felt the full power of the heart energies.

Emotion leads us into experience with no plan to master that experience. Mind must eventually be brought into play to create plans and direct the emotion and the experience in a constructive direction. Without the dominance of mind over emotion there will always be a lack of completion of purpose and a drifting off randomly in a new direction.

Emotion without mind is self destructive.

There is no such thing as mind without emotion for one must pass through the world of emotion to develop mind.

There are those who suppress emotion, but the emotion is still there.


Are the heart energies connected with mind or emotion? Explain

The heart center is composed of twelve energy petals that slowly unfold as we evolve toward Spirit. Six are different types of love energy and six are differing types of wisdom energies.

These wisdom energies in connection with the two head centers are very much linked to mind and thought as well as spiritual feeling. Solomon talked about thinking in the heart and indeed he was teaching a profound realization.

Let us now seek greater understanding in differentiating between the thinker and the non thinker.


Is one who has graduated from college as an engineer likely to be a thinker?

Is one who has patented three inventions likely to be a thinker?

Is the author of a best selling book likely to be a thinker?

Is one who has started a new and unique business likely to be a thinker?

Which is most likely to be a thinker?

(a) A member of a dangerous cult.

(b) An outstanding member of an orthodox church.

Name an individual who you believe to be using mind.

Nov 15, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 53

This entry is part 53 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Labor XII

The Capture of the Red Cattle of Geryon (Pisces)

JJ: The twelfth and final labor is the capture of the red cattle of Geryon in Pisces.

Proceed to that dark place called Erytheia, the red place it is, where great illusion is enthroned, where Geryon the monster of three heads, three bodies and six hands, is lord and king. There is a king there that unlawfully holds a herd of cattle that are red in hue. Hercules is to take these cattle and then herd them to the sacred city where they will be safely taken care of but he is to beware of the Shepherd and his two-headed dog. He is to invoke the aid of Helios, the god of the sun.

Okay so Hercules was commanded to go and capture these red cattle and take them to the sacred city. So again he contemplates, how am I going to do this? First of all he has to get to the land of Erytheia and he had to cross a body of water and he does not know how to cross this body of water so he meditates for seven days and lo and behold a bright object falls in front of him. It is a big cup – a symbol of the Holy Grail or something like that and he gets in this cup and sails across this body of water and arrives in the land of Geryon where he goes after the red cattle.

As he goes after the red cattle he finds he has to fight the Shepherd and his two headed dog. He kills the two-headed dog right off the bat because he is a lot stronger now and he does not have to fight so hard because his strength has increased now he is in the twelfth labor. The Shepherd says, “no do not hurt me and I will cooperate,” so he lets the Shepherd live and takes him along with him. Then he goes and finds the cattle and begins to herd them toward the sacred city and as he does this he has all kinds of obstacles along the way.

A giant threw a boulder at him and he caught it and just threw it off to the side. Other people tried to hurt him, a wrestler came and tried to overcome Hercules and he could not. Thieves came in the night and tried to steal the cattle and Hercules had to go and run them down and bring back the cattle. All kinds of things happened on the way to the sacred city to disrupt the cattle and each time Hercules had to keep gathering them back together but eventually he got the cattle to the sacred city where they belonged.

This is the twelfth labor and we all know that the Piscean age savior was Jesus and He is symbolic of Hercules in the twelfth labor. Who are the red cattle?

Audience: The disciples?

JJ: The red cattle are the people that are looking for a teacher and he has to go and gather them. In order to get to them he has to overcome the Shepherd and his two-headed dog. The two-headed dog represents matter and the pull of matter and also astral force. The Shepherd represents thought. Hercules killed the dog because it represented the lower forces that were trying to prevent him from helping the cattle but the Shepherd plead for his life and he let him live because the mind was capable of assisting him so the Shepherd (mind) continued to assist. In the Bible the Shepherd that took care of the sheep so to speak, the followers were called sheep and the teachers were called Shepherd’s and the Shepherd’s were praised if they led the people correctly and they were criticized in the scriptures if they did not lead them correctly. So you had good Shepherds and bad Shepherds and this particular Shepherd was bad to begin with because he was associated with his two-headed dog on the astral but he decided to repent and elevate his thoughts.

Hercules felt the Shepherd’s thoughts could be elevated to a useful level so he let him live and come along. The cattle represents us as people that are followers of Christ and Hercules of course also represents us and the Christ within ourselves. We have the Christ within ourselves that has to herd us and the red symbolizes our lower nature. He has to herd us and our lower nature to the sacred city and the sacred city represents a number of things, especially the soul. The mission of Christ is to deliver us to our soul nature and deliver himself to his higher nature and then his mission is finished.

The Labors of Hercules is quite interesting and I have been tempted to re-write the whole thing to add some interpretive thoughts. The basic labors themselves and their teachings are very fascinating and they have a lot to teach and a lot of correspondence to humanity.

Audience: I thought the Labors of Hercules went counterclockwise?

JJ: They did. Counterclockwise is from Aries to Pisces and in the Zodiac Pisces backwards to Aries is clockwise according to DK. It is a bit confusing because Aries to Pisces seems to be the normal direction. But as far as incarnation goes and apparently looking at the Zodiac in the sky Aries to Pisces is counterclockwise.

Audience: Are the labors always taken in order?

JJ: I think what happens in real life is that they are not always in order whether you are going clockwise or counterclockwise and what will happen is you will go through a sign and if you do not learn the lesson then you will go back and if you are not ready to correct the mistake, because sometimes when you make a big mistake you have got to have a little rest and recreation in between before you have the inner fortitude to correct it. So sometimes you will come back in a different sign and have a break because they say doing something different is really a rest. So you do something different in another sign and then you go back. I think there is fluctuation back and forth.

I have studied a number of individuals in their lives and sometimes they go from one sign to another and the progression is like clockwork and then it will be all out of sync and then I think it goes back again but I do not think it is an iron clad black and white thing. For instance, when Hercules found the doe it says that he went back a number of times – apparently in the same sign but was it all in one sequence? I do not know. Maybe he performed one labor, did three of them in sequence went back and chased the doe again because he liked chasing after it for it was fun after he knew what he was doing.

None of these labors are black and white and no rules are applicable in all circumstance. Like it says in Ecclesiastes “There is a time for war, a time for peace, a time to hate, a time to love, there is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.” And so we cannot really look at anything completely in black and white because there is an exception for all things. Once we are on a certain path there is always some reason to detour for a period of time and take care of something. That is what makes it hard to put it into a mathematical formula for a lot of these things just apply as general rule.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Needless Sacrifice

Jan 20, 1999

Needless Sacrifice

Question: “How is sacrifice being used in a negative way by those who still identify with the Piscean energies?”

The basic misuse of sacrifice in this age is as follows:

The ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return. True sacrifice occurs when you give up something on one level to obtain a greater good on another level. Through corrupt sacrifice, you give up something of value to a representative of the Beast and only receive false images in return.

Jesus demanded sacrifice, even unto death, but He offered the reward of real soul contact and the lifting of much negative karma for the disciples.

The authorities of the Beast today want everything from us and give us nothing real in return. Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

The governments of the world do a similar thing. They want more and more taxes and give them away to many illusionary projects and we often receive nothing back in return.

In ancient Israel the whole government was financed on a voluntary ten percent tithe and the money was used for the benefit of all. Wouldn’t it be nice if a voluntary tithe were our only tax today? There is no reason why this cannot be so.

Another false sacrifice demanded by many New Agers is technology. Many of them want us to give up all the benefits of technology and go back to living virtually on the level of the savage. This idea is totally contrary to everything Aquarian and the only way it could succeed is through the destruction of billions of lives on earth. Instead the Aquarian age, which is ruled by air or mind, will bring man in harmony with the environment through technology. Contrary to much New Age thinking, man is put here to improve the earth (after a number of blunders) not to bask in a native wilderness.

In other words, we do not have to sacrifice the comforts of modern society to bring a New Age of peace and rest for the planet.

Our next objective here is to see a vision of the transformation of Pisces into Aquarius so let us go a step farther. There is one main key word for Pisces, which is sacrifice and one for Aquarius, which is service. In addition to these there is a Trinity of key words for each age, one major and two minor. What are they?

Another question: How is service to become manifest in the Aquarian age and why are those who are still concentrating on sacrifice resisting it?

It is interesting that most of the words and descriptions of the Piscean Age are negative, but keep this in mind. The lessons we learn in each age and the keynotes struck are overall a positive thing.

We have talked some about sacrifice and mentioned that it has a positive and negative side. On the positive we give up one thing that is dear to us to receive something else of even higher value.

On the negative side we sacrifice our free will to an authority who takes control of our finances and our lives and get nothing but illusion in return.

Those who make right use of sacrifice will make an easy transition into the service of the New Age, but those who are caught up in the glories of the past and sacrifice the possibilities of current joy to the authorities of the past will only enter the new age kicking and screaming.

The closest guess from readers for a minor key word for Aquarius was organization. This word is very close, but it does not make a distinguishing difference between the energies of the two ages as there was quite a bit of organization created throughout the age of Pisces. The organizations in Aquarius will be different and this difference is beginning to be demonstrated.

What type of organizations are doing more to change the world and take us into the new age than any other?

How is service to become manifest in the Aquarian age and why are those who are still concentrating on sacrifice resisting it?

Again, the major key word for Pisces is Sacrifice. Several guessed one of the minor words, which is idealism. Devotion is not the second minor for Pisces but is a companion word to idealism.

Through illusion and glamour the Beast turns idealism and devotion into a negative thing, but after the appearance of the great Avatar, the Christ, the idealism and sacrifice of the early saints created a point in history that will forever inspire. It was only after the Beast corrupted idealism and sacrifice by taking the place of God that these two energies were used in a negative way. Even so, throughout the Piscean age there have always been a few who have demonstrated the true qualities of these words.

Now let us look at the Key words of Aquarius.

As we said the major key word is service. When some of you have written about this word it almost sounds as if you are talking about sacrifice instead.

Service as it applied to the age of Pisces was usually accompanied by sacrifice and this was always emphasized when teaching of spiritual values, but service in the Age of Aquarius will have a different emphasis.

Since disciples were supposed to have absorbed the lessons of sacrifice during the past 2000+ years, the emphasis will also shift. The emphasis on service will revolve around cause and effect or karma. Instant or more immediate karma becomes the ideal.

In the Piscean age disciples were taught that when they performed a sacrificial service that they would receive a reward of some kind, but to many the payback seemed far away or nebulous and they had to have faith that they would receive a better world in “heaven” or perhaps a future incarnation.

The eternal law is this. You cannot give or receive without eventually giving or receiving in return. Even if you do a small service like helping someone change a tire you receive a small credit and the time will come that some stranger will perform a small service for you.

Now some of you may have noticed that during the past 100 years and especially the past twenty, the law of cause and effect seems to be accelerating. That is people seem to get what is coming to them at a faster rate of return than was earlier the case. This is because of the power of incoming Aquarian energies.

Thus the new emphasis on service is not in the sacrifice direction where we do good deeds and get paid back in some far away future, but on the idea is that we serve and in just a short time we receive a recompense for our service.

Have you noticed that it is becoming common place that those who serve others with sacrifice are often taken advantage of to the extent that some almost loose their faith in God? Just the other day I read about a guy who picked up a hitchhiker and the guy stabbed him about thirty times.

People sacrifice and give to churches and most of the money goes to salaries rather than spiritual work.

Others give to a charity only to discover that 99% goes to useless administrators.

Others help the down and out over and over only to have these people become a leech on their lives with no intention of becoming self-reliant.

My point is that the people who were the ideal in the age of Pisces are getting ripped off in Aquarius because they are not adapting to the new energies and these people are on both sides of the aisle, conservative and liberal.

The two minor words for Aquarius solidify the law of cause and effect in relationship to service.

Democracy is such an important aspect of Aquarius that it deserves to be one of the three words, but the essence of it is included in one of the key words. Even though we technically have a republic in the United States this and other nations will evolve toward a more pure democracy where more and more power will be given (or taken) by the people. Hint: What is created in a democracy that insures freedom and justice for all?

The second key word is not what you expect and some will disagree with it until it is explained why this second word is strongly related to Aquarius.

We would not even be talking here on the internet if it was not for the changes created by this word. You also would not have your computer without it.

The second key word for Pisces is love

Why you may ask was not Love the major word? It is true that it is one of the three major aspects of God (Light, Love and Power), but it was not the major emphasis of Pisces. The major word for Pisces was sacrifice and from sacrifice came a greater comprehension of Love.

The second minor key word for Aquarius has not yet been stated. Science and technology will definitely be a strong influence. Even greater will be the seeking after peace and spirituality.

Thus we have the trinity of words for Pisces: Sacrifice, Love & Idealism

Next we will explore the trinity of key words for Aquarius.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Candidates, Aquarian or Piscean?


May 30, 2016

The Candidates, Aquarian or Piscean?

I have noted before that the vast majority of Bailey students as well as new agers in general support the politics of the left. My estimate is that around 80-90% of them take this stand.

That is fine. I realize that many seekers and even initiates may disagree with each other on a number of things. The great work will still go forward if all do their best in seeing the soul within their fellow workers.

On the other hand, something about this upcoming election has brought out the worst in many people high and low in evolution.

In some circles people are not only plugging Bernie Sanders for president, but insulting anyone who may wind up voting for Donald Trump. Hillary is kind of seen that a middle of the road candidate and her supporters, though not cutting edge, are given a pass.

The talk of Bernie Sanders vs Trump goes something like this.

Bernie represents the Aquarian age, the Brotherhood of Light, reflects the teachings of DK and the Masters. If Bernie can get elected spiritual evolution will receive a great shot in the arm. Those who support him are the more enlightened of society.

Trump, on the other hand, is said to represent the old ways of the Piscean age. He is a strong authority patterned after the likes of Hitler and Mussolini and needs to be defeated at all costs. His supporters must be backward indeed for anyone in contact with the Christ within would surely shun the guy and support Bernie.

Since I would vote for Trump over either Bernie or Hillary this then places me with the Neanderthals and zealots of the Piscean age that is supposed to be dying out. It looks like my hand is forced to stand up for truth as I see it.

Here is the question to ask. Does Trump really represent the passing age of Pisces that must be discarded and does Bernie herald the Age of Aquarius?

Let us look at Bernie first. Why do his followers associate him with the age of Aquarius and the Brotherhood of Light?

There is basically one reason for this and that is that Bernie is a big government socialist and hopes to transform America into a socialist utopia. Because many new agers love their ideal of socialism being forced upon the people they equate this with the coming age of Aquarius, not the passing age of Pisces.

So, is Bernie’s idea of socialism really Aquarian in nature or is it from the old order of things?

To answer this we must realize that there are two basic types of socialistic endeavors. One is accomplished by force through the strong authority of a powerful government and the other is accomplished through free will cooperative endeavors.

Both have been around since the beginning of civilization and both existed in the days of Jesus. At that time Rome was the entity that had great authority over the lives of the people and they taxed the people to provide various social programs for the citizens.

There is not one instance of Jesus supporting such an endeavor. The only mention of taxes in relation to Jesus was a criticism that he was not paying them. (See Matt 17:24-27)

On the other hand, Jesus was an advocate of free will socialism. He told his followers to donate directly to the poor. That was a much different injunction than if he had advocated paying higher taxes for Caesar so the state could redistribute more wealth.

Today we see many examples of the type of free will socialism as advocated by Jesus in the various churches. They collect free will offerings and redistribute the wealth to the poor. The Salvation Army is a great example of this.

Other examples of free will socialism are various insurance plans that customers can take or leave, community gardens and employee-owned businesses. Free will socialism rises or falls its own merits whereas government enforced socialism can just tax the people more to compensate for a program that is not efficient or badly managed.

So which kind of socialism better represents the new Age of Aquarius?

The obvious answer is free will socialism. The Age of Pisces was governed by strong authority and powerful control over the people by both church and state. America struck a great blow at the powerful authority of the beast with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that limited the powers of outer authorities, especially the government.

The Great Seal of the United States struck the keynote of the new Aquarian Age with the words, Novus ordo seclorum, Latin for “New Order of the Ages.”

And what was this new order of the ages supposed to be? It was a limited government supporting a free people free from the control of strong authority and free from taxation without representation.

Socialism enforced by powerful authority represents the passing age whereas socialism by maximum free will is an ingredient of the new. The falling of the Berlin wall and the Old Soviet Union signaled the failure of strong social Piscean ideals enforced by strong authority.

In addition to strong authority let us look at another characteristic of the Piscean age. Pisces is the strongest water sign and water is a symbol of the emotions. Aquarius is an air sign and air is a symbol of the mind. DK tells us that the great shift of focus to move us into the new age is a change from polarization in the emotional energies to that of the mind.

Pisces is governed by the sixth ray of whose keynote is idealism which works hand in hand with emotional energy. Emotion fixes the image of the ideal in the mind and adds to its power over the individual. Conversely, emotion attaches itself to the ideal and seeks to manifest it any way it can, even if the rights of others are trampled upon.

Christ presented the divine ideal that stimulated the higher emotion of love, but the flaws of men degenerated the two from being centered in the heart to the solar plexus. We thus saw much that was negative manifested though emotion and idealism during the Age of Pisces. Examples range from the Roman Empire to the crusades, the inquisition, The French revolution and the bloodbath that followed, to burning witches at the stake to slavery, to the Communist Revolution and the idealist authoritarian rule afterwards.

The air sign Aquarius promises a move from idealism, sacrifice and strong emotional authority to a period of time where people will be polarized in the mind and discover the joys of living in a reasonable and logical world governed by wise choices.

Will the Aquarian Age be a replay of the Piscean where we start with a great example and degenerate into the wrong use of mind, which can slay the real and enhance darkness if misdirected?

The expectation of the Hierarchy is that this will not be the case. They tell us that humanity has made major strides in spiritual evolution and we are at the cusp of entering the world of mind, “the plane whereon the Masters can be found.

Part of the reason that a grand opportunity awaits us is that we are not entering a normal Age of Aquarius. Instead, the age we are entering is a lesser age within a cycle of Aquarius that is much greater, over 25,000 years. These strong energies of mind related to service only come along with a double potion about once every 310,000 years. The last time it happened Atlantis was flourishing.

We have just moved over the cusp of the new sign but the old energies of Pisces are fighting strong for survival. They are like the power of a great Dweller on the Threshold fighting for its own survival seeking to hold us back. The old Pisces emotional and authoritarian energies are powerful indeed because the majority of humanity is still strongly polarized in their emotional astral self. They are influenced more by slogans and catchphrases than logic and reason. The emotional pull is so strong that it is likely to take us a couple hundred more years for humanity to take full advantage of the Aquarian energies of mind.

Until humanity itself makes the shift that catches us up with the shift already made in the Zodiac the negative energies of lower emotion and fixed idealism will pull strongly upon us.

When we look at Bernie Sanders we see a person fixed very strongly, not in the Aquarian energies of mind, but in the Piscean energies of idealism authoritarianism, dominated by strong emotion that often does not listen to reason.

The obvious sign of the Piscean, sixth ray idealist is a life that is spent endorsing and promoting an ideal within the mind, but making little if any headway in accomplishing anything of practical value.

This description fits Bernie very precisely. Up to about the age of forty he spent his time promoting his ideals not even having a full time job, accomplishing little of value – not even writing a treatise or book of significance. Then when he did get a full time job it was in the government. He’s never been involved substantially in any private enterprise that creates a thing of value.

Speaking of a dreamer who never accomplishes anything DK says:

A dreamer whose dreams never materialise, a builder who stores up material which he never employs, a visionary whose visions are of no use to gods or men, is a clog upon the system universal. He is in great danger of atrophying.

Letters On Occult Meditation, Page 97

Bernie is indeed a visionary who wants the world to conform to his ideals but so far has made little happen in that direction for which he is responsible.

If he were to become president would he then have his great opportunity or would he wind up just being “a clog upon the system universal”?

We have already had a number of presidents who have accomplished little and either just maintained the status quo or got in the way of Aquarian energies. We do not need another one.

As stated, one of the hallmarks of the Piscean age is the strong emotion that accompanies it. It is the most heavily weighed water sign and water is a symbol of emotion. Powerful misplaced idealism and raw solar plexus emotion dominated much of that age. The quintessential example is perhaps the French Revolution. It was led by a number of idealists with strong feelings who promised a better world for the common man. Maximilien Robespierre was one of the leaders promoting hope and change but wound up incorporating a reign of terror that made the world shiver with abhorrence. It became so bad that he became of victim of his own methods and was himself guillotined without the benefit of a trial.

So, does Bernie and his supporters show signs of wrongheaded zeal in furthering the ideal and destroying the opposition.

Indeed they have. They have made every effort to not only stop Trump from speaking or being heard when he does speak, but they have blocked traffic, tried to shut down main roads leading to Trump rallies and crash the meetings and attempt to prevent anyone but themselves from being heard. A recent (as of this writing) example of their shenanigans happened Friday March 27 in California as CNN reported that about 35 people were arrested by police in riot gear. These people were out of control resisting every effort of the police to protect attending Trump supporters from harm.

Ever since thousands of protesters were able to completely shut down a Trump rally in Chicago last March they have been charged up wanting to create more mayhem and interfere with freedom of speech in any way possible.

All but the conservative media have given mere surface coverage to the forceful attacks of the Sanders supporters until it affected their own party. When the Sanders supporters threatened violence at the Nevada Democratic convention, then the left leaning media gave some serious attention to the matter.

Here is a clip from an article in Newsweek:

The unseemly tirade of Sanders supporters was a marvel, the kind of behavior more likely to be seen among British soccer hooligans than people claiming to be interested in politics. A chair was thrown. People screamed “bitch!” at Senator Barbara Boxer, a staunch liberal from California. Even the Nevada state Democratic chairwoman, Roberta Lange, who had endorsed Sanders, needed a security detail just to go to the bathroom in order to protect her from the hypocritical “humanity lovers” who seem to hate everyone but themselves and their idol. Afterward, the goons kept up their hostile hysterics. Protesters vandalized the offices of the state Democratic Party. Lange’s personal contact information, including her cell phone number, were posted online, and she has since received thousands of death threats, according to state party officials. One of the text messages to Lange said, “Praying to god someone shoots you in the FACE and blows your democracy-stealing head off!” (Only in the delusions of Sanders-land could democracy be stolen when the winner of the popular vote was winning.) Voicemail obtained by Jon Ralston, the dean of Nevada political reporters, contain such delightful statements as, “People like you should be hung in a public execution…. You are a sick, twisted piece of sh*t, and I hope you burn for this!” And, “You f**king stupid bitch! What the hell are you doing? You’re a f**king corrupt bitch!” And, “You’re a c*nt. F**k you!” And, “You probably just guaranteed fire is in Philadelphia.” Yeah, these are exactly the kind of people who Americans want to have as the next president’s base—vicious, sociopathic misogynists.


Barbara Boxer, a long time Democratic stalwart reported to CNN, “I feared for my safety and I had a lot of security around me … I’ve never had anything like this happen. It was a scary situation … If I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Through all these disruptions and infringements on free speech and threats of violence Bernie has mostly just stood back giving the impression that he silently approves of such behavior.

All this brings to mind a saying from Jesus,

Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matt 7:16-20

Part of Bernie’s fruit are the out of control supporters and that fruit is quite distasteful.

“But,” says the Bernie supporter, “everyone knows that the Trump people are the ones who are really out of control and should be feared.”

If one only listens to the reporting of the left this opinion is understandable for Trump and his supporters are presented as being a fearsome and violent bunch.

Here are the facts. All the problems at Trump rallies are created by Bernie supporters (maybe a few from Hillary) creating blockades harassing otherwise peaceful Trump attendees and forcing themselves into rallies creating mayhem to interrupt free speech.

If this infringement happened to any other group on the planet there would be some negative reaction take place. Let a thousand protesters try to stop Pope Frances from speaking to a large group and see what happens. Believe me, as saintly as you may think the Pope and his supporters are you can bet there would be some type of negative response take place.

The fact is this. All the attacks with intent to disrupt have come from the left, from Bernie and Hillary supporters, not from Trump. Of all the 17 original Republican candidates there has not been one group of any of their supporters who have attended a Bernie or Hillary rally and attempted to shut them down.

Now considerer what would have been reported if a couple thousand Trump supporters crashed a Bernie rally and blocked toads and entrances. You can bet that the Bernie people would have reacted violently and the supportive media would have placed all the blame on Trump.

When you tabulate the number of defensive attacks by Trump supporters, made only at Trump rallies which have been invaded, you have to give them credit for restraint, instead of blaming them for the problem. If Bernie supporters had remained peaceful there wouldn’t have been enough negativity from the Trump people to make any news.

So, let us examine these two groups – Bernie and Trump supporters. The Trump people just want to attend their guy’s gathering, listen and then go home in peace. On the other hand, the Bernie people are just not happy leaving well enough alone. They feel they must invade the space of the Trump people and prevent them from even hearing their guy. This is sad indeed and certainly does not speak for Bernie as one who is a herald of the new Age of Aquarius.

Another point to consider is that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is dominated by the seventh ray. On top of this the seventh ray is coming into incarnation and having an increased influence as we move into the new age. This means that if we want to find a true Aquarian candidate we would want to see aspects of the seventh ray manifested.

The seventh ray governs business, finance, organizational ability, ceremony and law.

Bernie is the strongest anti business, anti finance with the least organizational experience in the presidential equation and Hillary is not far behind. In many cases he does not support compliance with the law.

Trump on the other hand, is very strong seventh ray in this regard He has been in business all his life and has had many dealings with the financial world. He also runs and has run a number of large organizations. He is also a supporter of obedience to law. As far as the seventh ray aspect goes Trump is the Aquarian candidate, hands down.

As far as the sun signs of the candidates go Trump is a Gemini, Bernie is a Virgo and Hillary a Scorpio. Aquarius is an air sign and Trump is the only one who has a corresponding air sign – Gemini. Bernie’s is an earth sign and Hillary in Scorpio is a water sign. In fact water related to the age of Pisces is very strong in her chart.

Air and space exploration is also strongly related to Aquarius. Through the years Bernie has been one of the least supportive in Congress of the space program. He says that social programs are much more important than exploring space. Hillary has a similar attitude, but not as pronounced.

Trump not only has his own private jet but has been a supporter of space exploration and strongly criticized Obama for cutting funds. He wants to get the space program revitalized after he gets the economy headed the right direction.

Another strong characteristic of the Aquarian Age will be law which is an aspect of the seventh ray which is both coming into incarnation as well as being strong in Aquarius by being the dominate ray of Uranus which rules this sign.

So, why is law and order an Aquarian characteristic? After all, many new agers kind of see the coming new age as something existing in a laid back atmosphere where people do their own thing, kind of like a hippie commune satiation.

The hippies had their place in our societal evolution, but their casual adherence to law was not what we were supposed to incorporate from them.

Many seekers do not realize the importance of law and associate law and order with the old age that needs to be left behind. Nothing could be further from the truth. Laws that are accepted and respected are essential to create a peaceful, strong and progressive society. Where there is a breakdown of law you have a descent into either chaos, tyranny, or both.

When you have laws that are properly enforced and respected by the people as being just then you have a general population that can plan their careers, their activities, their recreation, their gatherings, their families, their business etc in a methodical order which can achieve positive results. Without good law constructive progress is greatly hindered.

What interferes with the implementation of constructive law? There are a number of items.

(1) A leader or leaders taking too much authority to themselves so that their word is law above that of the written law passed by legislative bodies. In tyrannies many victims may not break any law but merely offend some authority and are punished on a whim.

(2) Authorities that are tolerated in picking and choosing which laws are to be enforced.

We have a prime example of this with immigration. Many authorities are choosing to ignore immigration laws thus creating a volatile situation where many are upset and few are satisfied.

Many think laws should be ignored if they are seen as bad, but no less than Abraham Lincoln, a quintessential Aquarian, would disagree. Some of the worst laws we have had concerned slavery, yet even though he strongly disagreed with them he recognized the importance of adhering to law to prevent chaos. He had the attitude of supporting written law whether it be good or bad, but then worked to change that which did more harm than good. On this note he made one of the greatest changes in law in history and became the Great Emancipator, bringing freedom to the slaves.

To have a stable society we must follow Lincoln’s example. We should follow existing law, but then change that which does not work with better law.

If we think immigration law on the books is wrong then we should not ignore it, but work to change it and improve it.

Trump has been strongly criticized for expressing intent to enforce immigration law, even though he says he will create a wide door to let the harmless ones back in. What the critical new agers do not understand is that this is the correct attitude of the true leader in the coming Aquarian Age. Such a leader must be like Lincoln and work with existing law, but then make effort to change it if it is imperfect.

Picking and choosing which laws we will enforce as Bernie and Hillary are doing is not the Aquarian way.

(3) Too many laws and rules. If there are too many laws then confusion results. People will be breaking the law just because they do not even know it exists or the shear number can create frustration and chaos.

An example was Obamacare which consisted of thousands of pages. Few read much of it before voting and afterwards even supporters found problems with the wording.

The key to order is not to pass lots of law but pass essential and just law and then enforce it. Once we realize the importance of this we can begin to create a society worthy of the New Age of Aquarius.

I could go on and write a book on this subject, but this will have to suffice for the moment. There should be enough food for thought here to convince the objective reader that it is wrong headed to just make the knee jerk assumption that Bernie is the herald of the Aquarian Age. A Piscean idealist does not an Aquarian make.

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Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 7

This entry is part 34 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

So what when a person reaches that point he begins in Aries and goes through Taurus and all the signs of the zodiac backwards until his last one, his last labor is in Pisces, and Pisces is the labor of the world savior. He performs twelve great labors in twelve different lifetimes and if he fails in one then he has go back and do it over and it may take more than twelve lifetimes because you are not always successful the first time.

Abraham Lincoln was performing one of the labors of Hercules when he freed the slaves. For instance, with the labor in Aquarius is the king had these stables that were full of dung and nobody could clean them and it had been many, many years since they were cleaned. He promised Hercules that if he could clean the stables that he would give him one tenth of his great flock of cattle. Hercules said okay and Hercules diverted the river and it washed away all the dung and cleansed the stables. Then Hercules went to the king to collect the reward and the king says I am not giving you your reward because that was too easy. Hercules said well it may have been easy but I did it. So the king wanted to take Hercules life and Hercules had to flee.

So this is a little bit like Abraham Lincoln. He performs this great labor and frees the slaves and then he gets killed and he did not get any reward for it that manifested in this particular life.

Audience: Churchill

JJ: Yes Churchill wins the greatest war in history and saves the world and what do they do? They run him right out of office after the war, it is amazing how some of our great heroes get treated.

The Christ that was in Jerusalem and the labor that He performed was that of the world savior and He sacrificed himself for the benefit of humanity. This was in the age of Pisces and we are passing out of the age of Pisces now and moving into the Age of Aquarius. Now this Age of Aquarius that we are entering is different than the sun being in Aquarius in past ages. Does anyone know the time period that we are in a particular sign?

Audience: 2,165.3 years.

JJ: Chuckling, yes the sun takes about 2,160 years to run a through a sign of the zodiac. So what we are doing is passing into the Age of Aquarius and I believe that we passed over into this Age of Aquarius around 1945 when they exploded the atomic bomb because it says in the scriptures the sign of the coming of the son of man will be when the heavens are shaken with power and great glory. The word heaven comes from the Greek word ouranos and the word uranium comes from ouranos. When uranium is shaken, and you shall see the sign of the son of man in uranium revealed with power and great glory. Interesting is it not? How is the sign of the son of man revealed in uranium? It is revealed because how does uranium work?

It works because the atom is split in two and some of the pure spiritual essence or pure energy as Einstein calls it, is released. The atom is the tomb that holds the pure spiritual energy. After Jesus was crucified they put Him in a tomb and the tomb split open and the pure spiritual life energy was released and this corresponds to the atom being split open with the pure spiritual energy is released. The sign of the son of man is the splitting of the atom and this marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The transfer over from one age to another takes about 300 years. The beginning of Aquarius began to show a couple hundred years before 1945 and to fully settle into it will take a couple hundred years from now. But that was the transition point was when the atomic bomb was exploded because that was the sign of the son of man in Heaven, ouranos or uranium. Interesting; is it not?

Wayne: When was your birthday Joe?

JJ: February 6th, 1945 the same year the atomic bomb went off.

Audience: They were detonated August 6th and August 9th.

JJ: On the Great Seal of the dollar bill it says the new order of the new ages. In other words, the Founding Fathers recognized that they were laying the foundation for a new age. They were Aquarian thinkers because they were some of the first people to feel that Aquarian energy and the Aquarian energy is freedom of the spirit and service to humanity. They sensed this and that is why the founding fathers had to break off from the old ways and begin a new way of doing things.

Now we reach a crescendo of the war between the true good and evil which the war between the Allies and the Axis of evil with Hitler and that was the true Armageddon of our age. This was transition point right when the atomic bomb was created that gave the assurance that the allies would defeat Hitler. That was the sign of the age of the coming of the son of man. Now we are in it but we are actually so close on the cusp that we have a lot of these Piscean energies holding on that are just not letting go.

We will take the good from the keynote of sacrifice from that cycle and keep it but the bad in sacrifice is were we sacrifice to some authority. The authorities take the sacrifice and builds stone buildings out of it and we do not see any good out of it our selves. The true essence of sacrifice, that which is good we take with us and drop that which has not worked.

In the Aquarian Age the keynote will be service, organization, humanity, brotherly love and this will take a while to get into and in the next 200 years we will see a lot that has been hanging on the past 2000 years fade away and will not reappear.

Audience: Is that why we are having stuff like Hurricane Katrina happen?

JJ: No disasters like that happens periodically and you go back a couple years or so during the Bubonic Plague where millions of people were killed you will have things like that happen and there are going to be some earth changes but Katrina is nothing compared to the earth changes that will happen. Most of the earth changes that people think are going to happen next year; a lot of them will not happen for another 100 years. People always think the great calamity is just around the corner and they rarely are but sooner or later some fantastic things will happen.

Two thirds of the global warming is in the ocean and think about this a bit. If you light a match under a tub of water you are going to heat up the atmosphere a little but you are not going to heat up that tub of water. What is heating up the tub of water? What is heating up the oceans is the under water volcanic activity, that is why in some parts of the oceans it is 5 degrees above normal and in other parts it is colder than normal because where it is really warm in the oceans like up north in the Arctic is where some of the glaciers are melting there are under water volcanoes are heating up and melting the ice up there. Now we go to the Antarctica we find that there is more ice forming there than has ever been in recent history but it varies a lot. So this under water volcanic activity repeats itself cyclically and it goes through cycles of 11,000 years and we are due for another ice age in the next 150 years or so because of the great cyclic activity of the under water volcanoes. If the next ice age is as bad as the last one we could have glaciers clear down to Boise and it would global cooling rather than global warming.

Audience; they say 20 feet of volcanic ash right here in Boise like if Jackson Hole goes.

JJ: Oh yes that is another calamity waiting and hopefully it will be hundreds of years in the future and is fairly unpredictable. If the under ground activity at Yellowstone were to let loose there we would all be gone in this part of the country and it is making some scientists nervous but they are watching it close to make sure there is not another calamity there.

Audience: Are you saying that Abraham Lincoln was in an Age of Aquarius?

JJ: He was an Aquarian. I was pointing out that he was doing the work of an Aquarian like in the labor of Hercules, that Lincoln was doing that work and he did kind of sense Aquarian Age energy and picked some of it up. Presently the Aquarian Age energies are getting very powerful. One of the signs is Aquarius is the air sign and we look in the air and the fact that we are doing so many things in the air is a fact that Aquarius is here. Communications, satellites, the Internet, this is all related to the Age of Aquarius and you have not seen anything yet. Just wait until a couple hundred more years from now if we do not destroy our selves first.

We always have our free will and we could always could create a major war that could set us back to the Stone Age. That is always a possibility but the best guesses of the ones who know are that the chances are humanity even though we may have some difficult times will move into the Age of Aquarius and establish peace on earth and goodwill toward men. That is the goal. It will finally happen.

Audience: Will this happen in our lifetime?

Audience: Not under the current administration.

JJ: The crisis during our lifetime between now and the next 25 to 30 years will be a crucial time period and if we can get through this period without having a major set back then the chances are that we will naturally settle into the Age of Aquarius.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Signs and Symbolism

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “We must be vigilant to watch for the illusionary signs of our time. They will be obvious 100 years from now, but not today for they will be some of the major beliefs that the majority with power will use to lead men to disaster. Unfortunately, the unthinking masses will believe the signs are leading them to safety.”

2.  “Pisces is a water sign which is a symbol of emotion and Aquarius is an air sign which symbolizes the mind.”

3.  “Aquarius is a fixed sign and air indicating that mind, reasoning and judgment will prevail over blind emotion to bring the many into unity.”

4.  “All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives it power.”

5.  “Baptism is a symbol that communicates the principle of rebirth to the inner self. Without this inner rebirth and the release of guilt the Kingdom of God will not be realized.”

6.  “The body of Christ, as mentioned in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12, is much more than the man Jesus. It is a body composed of many members. Partaking of the symbolic bread is a symbol of joining the body of Christ. Drinking of the wine is a symbol of the one Spirit that gives life to all those linked in the body of Christ.”

7.  “The symbol of the Sacrament (or Eucharist) focuses the inner mind on this principle and can cause a ‘communion’ with the Spirit.”

8.  “A mountain is a symbol of higher consciousness. This is the reason that many adepts in ages past have had their sanctuaries in mountainous areas, for the view of mountains speaks of higher awareness to the inner mind and helps inspire the aspirant in that direction.”

9.  “When the time comes in the far future that the universe will be created on a basis of twelve, then a point of perfect balance will be reached; thus the great symbology and power of twelve as a spiritual number that penetrates the soul into the unseen.”

10.  “Red is a symbol of power, and if it is not tempered with love it becomes the basest of colors and a symbol of great fiery emotion and anger, and desire for control, and, in it’s lowest aspect, a desire to be worshipped as a God.”

11.  “Ironically, two symbols of the New Age are found on the back of the dollar bill.”

12.  “All symbols have a multitude of correspondences which can be applied to the benefit of the truth seeker.”

13.  “The body of man is a symbol of the body of the one great God whose body is the universe.”

14.  “The 144,000 is a symbolic number of the small percentage of followers who see the vision of the initiate as well as a symbol of the perfected energies which flow through the perfected disciple.”

15.  “The [number] 144,000 not only stands for an internal manifestation of energies, but also an external one. Externally, it is a symbolic number of seekers who correctly see and follow the teachings of the initiate over the period of an astrological age of about 2160 years.”

16.  “Gold is a symbol of purification through struggle and advancement obtained by great trial.”

17.  “The wilderness is a symbol of that place ahead of its time where creative thoughts go and abide until the rest of humanity becomes ready for discovery.”

18.  “Often times several people together will see a similar illusion because of their similarity in vibration and expectant outcome.”

19.  “An earthquake is a symbol of a person’s false belief system being broken apart, paving the way for a new one.”

20.  “Baptism is a symbol of the removal of error and making a change in life from the physical to the spiritual.”

21.  “The Ark represents that secret place within yourself where the Spirit of God, and Christ consciousness is found.”

22.  “In the scriptures Babylon is a symbol of a mixture of all peoples, both the Israelites and non-Israelites. The word itself means ‘mixture’ or ‘confusion’.”

23.  “The residual Piscean people are enablers whereas the Aquarian people will empower.”

24.  “There is much wisdom to be gained through an understanding of the fours signs of the fixed cross.”

25.  “Seven years is a symbol of the transition period that those who are polarized in the world of feeling must go through when they are confronted with facts and truth that they can no longer ignore.”

26.  “Because the serpent humanoid is now a symbol of the past, which has served its purpose, there is little need for higher lives to use this form except as a symbol of domination of spirit over matter – the serpent representing matter.”

27.  “The source of life, spirit, light and knowledge in many sacred texts is said to come from the east, not only literally in many instances, but also symbolically.”

28.  “So what is the new song that will be sung by the 144,000? It is a symbol of the change of direction and the fresh outlook one will have to have in order to adapt to the New Age. It is a symbol of synthesis. Only a synthesizer can consistently sing the new song and adapt to the needed changes. All others blend with the crowd or their particular group thoughtform. They cannot make that paradigm shift and look at new situations (disapproved by orthodoxy) with a fresh outlook.”

29.  “Each odd number representing a ray or plane (and even years) is polarized in the positive energy and the even numbers are polarized in the negative energy. Notice that concerning this great number of seven that we have four positive numbers and three negative which gives all creation a domination toward the positive, or the dominating good.”

30.  “When life seems out of control it should be a sign to us that we have taken our attention off the part we should be playing.”

31.  “Tell me why the splitting of the atom is a symbol of the greatest miracle that Jesus ever performed?”

32.  “Babylon signifies confusion because of improper mixing. Those caught in materialism mix in some religion and maybe even a little philanthropy for show to hide their real motives. This mixing of God and mammon creates confusion and illusion that makes it difficult to be delivered into the world of spirit.”

33.  “Our souls are a symbol of the sun and our lower personality is a symbol of the moon with no light of its own.”

34.  “The fact that there are so many belief systems among the New Agers is a sign that Pisces is still working strongly there.”

35.  “The one miracle that is a real sign of a teacher of righteousness is the miracle of the change of the heart and mind of he who discovers the inner Christ through the window of the soul.”

36.  “There are many false teachers and new agers out there who believe they are masters come to earth, but if they proclaim themselves as such it is a sure sign that they are far from being a master, but an ordinary human.”

37.  “True humor is the symbol of the freedom of the soul.”

38.  “A greatly overlooked fact is that a true minister or pastor for Israel is to be a ‘watchman’ who is to watch for the signs of the times and give his people warnings that will ‘save’ or deliver them physically, as well as spiritually.”

39.  “Hitler chose the swastika with the clockwise swirls symbolizing the glorification of matter and material force and his subconscious choice to imprison the Son of God. He also placed the symbol on the LEFT arm signifying his choice of the Left Hand Path, the Dark Path, or the Path that holds light a prisoner.”

40.  “One of the signs of a disciple is that conservatives will see him as liberal and liberals will see him as conservative.”

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