The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 8

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Audience: There is a belief that the second coming is happening and the amazing part for me is this rapture and left behind thing and is it okay if you get left behind?

JJ: Well there is not going to be any rapture so don’t worry about it. The only rapture that will take place will be raising your physical consciousness up and the only time there might be anything like a rapture is if we got into a major war where humanity might be destroyed. Then the spiritual Hierarchy may take a certain amount of mankind to repopulate the earth, but They would only do that if we were on the verge of destroying all of humanity. If the whole of humanity were on the verge of being destroyed then the Spiritual Hierarchy would take certain steps.

Audience: But if we all do our part and each one of us becomes aware within our selves and raise our consciousness then as a whole consciousness we can move forward.

JJ: Right and that is the plan and chances are it is going to happen like this. We are going to have some hairy experiences over the next generation but we are going to work it out and eventually peace on earth will be established, but it will not be a perfect peace. The nations right now are like the states were 200 years ago, in the early days of our country we had one state always fighting with another state like Pennsylvania was always fighting with Virginia in one way or another just like Israel and Palestine today. So the nations of the world are like the states were a couple hundred years ago and what happened to the states? The states learned to cooperate to the extent that it does not even enter the consciousness of Oregon to go to war with Idaho, does it? It is not something we even worry about.

200 years from now, if we don’t blow our selves up, the various countries will not even think of going to war with each other. We have just about reached that point with Russia and maybe 50 years from now it will not even enter our minds to go to war with Russia if things progress like they are supposed to and 200 hundred years from now the nations will be like states today and cooperate and it will not even enter their minds to go to war with each other. Maybe we will still have a few terrorists to deal with, but as far as the nations go eventually they will be evolved like the U.S.

The United States is like a miniature example of the whole world. In the beginning those 13 states were very war like with each other when they were developing – you had a bunch of Germans in one state and English were in another and they hated each other. That is why creating the constitution where all the states joined together was a pretty miraculous thing. That is why it was so difficult because when these guys got together to put together the constitution they were arguing back and forth and beating each other up and making demands like you would not believe.

A lot of people think that these guys just peaceably put together that document. I remember the story of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton and Alexander insulted Aaron and they went out and had a duel and Alexander Hamilton was shot dead. They had their words in those days and it was not that easy to reach agreement. Israel and the various Middle East countries will progress one day until they will be like Oregon and Idaho and they will look back on their past and say what was the matter with those guys 200 years ago? They won’t be able to understand why they were at each others backs so much.

You do not hear much about the early states that were always at each others’ backs, and of course we did have a war between the states and before that there was the danger of the individual states going to war with each other. But now such a thing is not even in our consciousness and this is the goal of the Aquarian Age to have this international respect happen for the whole world and then the people will cooperate together and make a better place for everybody to live.

Audience: I have a little bit about the year 2012 and can elaborate on that year and what might be in store for us in that year?

JJ: 2012 will probably be like any other year with its ups and downs. It is the end of the age according to the Mayan calendar and it will be more of a change in consciousness and it will not be the end of the world. The world will continue. I will say just one more thing; there are many things that are unpredictable and many people think that our future is outlined for us but a lot of it is not and we creating our future right now. A monkey wrench can be thrown into the works that can change a lot of different things. There are certain cycles. like the Age of Aquarius, and there are certain energies in play and there are probable events that that are pretty predictable to happen. There are a lot of signs associated with Aquarius, like I said – airplanes, space exploration, the Internet and things like this were going to happen. But a lot of events are predicated on our free will including whether or not we enter peaceably into Aquarius or enter into Aquarius in very bad shape.

It is the hope and plan of the spiritual guides of the race that we can make the transition to Aquarius rather peacefully and keep the gains in civilization that we have accumulated. This is certainly my hope.

Thank you.

End of class.


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