The Sign of Initiation

The Sign of Initiation

I’m sure there are others besides Brian that are disappointed that I left out their favorite authors or works.

Besides the four endeavors that I mentioned there have been many other religions and movements that have been either supported or inspired by the Brotherhood. Christian Science, Science of the Mind and the Unity Church have had numerous disciples in touch with the higher lives.

As to which teacher is the greater? The main clue to look for is the magnitude of that which they initiated.

This reminds me of a story about Columbus.

After discovering the New World a dinner was held in his honor. Afterwards they were talking and one of the guests stated something like this:

“Columbus, what you did was really no big deal. Since you have sailed to the new world many others have done the same thing. What makes you think you have done anything great since others are now doing the same thing you did.”

To this challenge Columbus took an egg off his plate and handed it to the heckler and said:

“Take this egg my friend and see if you can make it stand on its end.”

The man looked at the egg and said: “It’s impossible.”

But Columbus urged him on: “You’re wrong. It is possible. Go ahead and try.”

The man tried several times and each time the egg rolled over on its side.

After he failed several others tried it with the same results. Finally, the frustrated audience handed the egg back to Columbus and said: “We do not think that such a feat is possible, but if you really believe that it can be done please show us how.”

Columbus then took the egg back and smashed it on its bottom end on the table. The bottom of the egg was crushed into flatness and the group stared at the egg doing the impossible – standing on its end.

Then Columbus taught them an important lesson. “Now I’ve shown you how to do it, the easiest thing in the world is to follow.”

He was right. A minute before no one could make an egg stand on its end. A minute afterwards everyone could.

I might add that when a better way is initiated the dumbest thing to do is not follow.

But the true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation and the greatness of the initiate is judged to a great degree by the effect of that which he or she has initiated has had upon the world.

Now there are many initiates outside of spiritual movements. There are initiates in science, politics, education, business and other areas, but for this discussion we shall stick with spiritual matters.

Also keep in mind that there are initiates on both the right and left hand path. Hitler, for example was a left hand initiate and Churchill, his counterpart, was an initiate on the right hand path.

That which the Brothers on the left initiate, however, will only have a temporary existence whereas the effect of the Brothers of Light has a rippling effect with no end in sight.

Now taking this into consideration it is obvious that Moses, Christ, Buddha and Mohammed were four of greatest initiates on the right. They have influenced billions and the effect of that which they initiated still has a powerful and growing influence on mankind.

One may argue that many of their followers are close to insane and much bloodshed has resulted because of their adherents.

This is true, but one must always look at the overall picture. Even the greatest teachers must deal with humans in their weakness. To discover the power of the initiation one must look at the overall numbers of people who have been touched by their work and objectively examine the overall effects.

Let us look at Christ, for example. We already mentioned the difference in the way the world looks at love now in comparison to humanity before He came.

Many people cite the Crusades as a great evil of Christianity, as if Christ was somehow responsible for those wars. What they do not realize is that as the time of the Crusades approached the Powers That Be were looking for a good excuse to go to war. There were great numbers of unemployed and almost starving people who were happy to join most any army just to keep them from a slow death. The situation made war inevitable and the crusade to retake Jerusalem was picked because that was the highest motivating factor that could be instilled in the minds of the masses.

Now if Christianity never existed there would have still been great wars during this period; it’s just that another idealistic objective would have been chosen. Then too without the influence of the teachings of Christ the wars of that period would have been fought with even less civility. Many of the leaders in those Crusades were men of great honor considering the circumstances. Many believed so greatly in the cause that they lost or gave up their entire fortunes and died in prison or poverty for what they thought was the sake of Christ.

In reality many of those ancient crusaders learned lessons of idealism that they will carry with them to a higher level in lives to come.

Looking at it from the level of initiation then, the four innovators mentioned earlier (Joseph Smith, Bahaullah, HPB, and AAB) were indeed powerful initiates.

The Mormon Church has 8 or 9 million adherents plus teachers like Annalee Skarin, Stephen Covey and others who were heavily influenced by him continue to extend his initiation.

The work of Bab and Bahaullah is plowing through the awkward world in the East, still facing difficult persecutions there. It has also made inroads in the West.

The Bahais now have about 6 million members world wide and by the time they are as old as the Mormons they will probably reach the same nine million.

These are two powerful forces of initiation for such recent religions. Who is to say what their influence will be 100 years from now?

The writings of Blavatsky have a stronger influence than appears on the surface. It is true that she initiated Theosophy, but you can’t judge her influence by the numbers in this organization. Many great teachers were tutored by her writings including Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner, Leadbeater, Ouspensky, Alice A. Bailey and even Cowley and many others were effected by her writings to a degree. Almost every group or movement that has broken off from standard theology and has promoted greater freedom of thought in the last century owes her a debt.

The next initiate Alice A. Bailey appears on the surface to have the least influence of the four, but one has to realize that her writings have also had the least time to permeate society.

I would rate her writings as higher than Blavatsky, the highest and purest ever given out to mankind, the actual words of a Master given directly to a disciple. The Master dictating the actual words was Djwhal Khul. Another thing that makes the writings given to AAB so great is that many principles are elaborated.

One of the problems with her writings, as others have pointed out, is that they are very technical. A Master directly teaching humanity, yet not living with us is a little like a human trying to teach a beaver how to build something better than a beaver dam. The communication would be awkward.

Djwhal Khul (or DK) has admitted that many will not comprehend his writings and often says that they are really intended for a few disciples who will comprehend them and eventually teach them to humanity in a way that they can understand. In addition to teaching quite a bit of original material part of my mission is to clarify many of the principles DK has hinted at or explained in a way that passed over students heads.

We are now quickly approaching a time that more spiritual teachers are influenced by Alice A. Bailey’s writings than that of Blavatsky. I have been heavily influenced by her writings and anything I initiate will owe her at least some debt. Even when new teachings and revelation are given out, the old is not discarded, but the proven good is retained and new stepping stones on the path are placed.

Joseph Smith did not throw out the Bible when he added the Book of Mormon. Alice A. Bailey did not throw out Blavatsky when she published her books. The new revelations add to the old and change the perspective of the past works, but they are not tossed aside.

Since Bailey there have been hundreds of deluded souls claiming to channel the Masters, but only a handful of teachers have been working through the Oneness Principle. I do not intend to sort them out for group members. That is to be between you and your own souls. But I will say this. That those who have arrived at the Oneness Principle will have an amazingly similar appreciation for the same groups of writings. Those outside of the Oneness Principle will either like every teacher that comes along or cling to one or two as the greatest and reject the rest.


Question: In the past the good guys have always suffered setbacks because of attacks and persecution. Will this always be the case?

Good question.

The prime reason for the Song of the 144,000 is to protect the Lights from the destructive forces of the “Beast.”

The disciples of the earth have rarely in the past 2000 years been able to complete their missions because of persecutions internally and externally. This is the first time in since the last Adam that we have an opportunity to consummate our missions. That is not to say there will not be difficulties, but if we truly focus our minds on the words and meaning of the Song as well as saying the Song we shall have the protection we need to truly bring “peace on Earth, Goodwill to mankind,” in this age.

Think about it and feel the inner rejoicing.


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Where Are the Masters?

This entry is part 21 of 34 in the series 2010B

Blayne writes:
I am wondering if there are many masters reincarnating or have already into this time period to help humanity through this rough patch? Or high level initiates at least?

Maybe it is just me but I feel something has to give soon and I have the feeling it is going to get pretty rough soon. I feel like the Korean problem while still volatile has passed its most dangerous point and is calming down.

Still unemployment is increasing rapidly despite politicians and media pundits claiming were in recovery and of course politicians are borrowing and spending like drunken sailors.

We Have riots in Europe and the UK as students are mad the government wants to cut back the education subsidies and make them pay more as governments all over the world are bankrupt and running the printing presses or credit card so to speak to pay the bills. And yes Australia too they just had more room to inflate then the US but are in the same boat and will catch up soon.

While it’s possible things could change nothing has and there is no indication any of the people that need to be the catalyst for change are even considering it. At some point the unemployment will reach a critical mass and then you will have a bunch of pissed off people with nothing left to lose.

I just feel people need to prepare for a time in the near future when there will be no jobs and food etc will be scarce. I don’t see it heading any other way. If something changes to save the day great but in the meantime were on our own for a good stretch and were going to have to reap what we have sown as a people I think.

Hate to be gloomy and I still have a strange optimism at the eventual outcome but the in between is not going to be fun and what we see now is just barely the tip of the iceberg. Thoughts?

Unless some turnaround occurs we are indeed headed toward financial catastrophe. One just has to do the math on the increasing interest payments we are making on our debt.

There are ways to turn things around and perhaps the only real solution will come from the people themselves as politicians seem to lose all touch with common sense after they get settled into office. The new crop shows some promise but we’ll have to wait and see.

Mentally it seems logical that I should be placing all my energy into organizing something to incorporate some of the changes I have written about but my soul tells me that the time is not quite right and wait for a season. I do not think the time is far off as more people are looking for solutions as time passes.

As to where the masters or initiates are it appears that not many high on the scale have entered politics as there doesn’t seen to be much light in he halls of Congress.

An amazing number thought that Obama was a master or high initiate. His ability to read a teleprompter well seemed to have misled many. Thankfully you and I were not among them. Now, even many of his supporters are coming to the conclusion that he is in way over his head.

So, if Obama was not a master or high initiate then where are they – or do such entities avoid politics completely?

If we want to find any initiates among politicians we must know what to look for. What kind of approach would be taken by a lofty soul who is in politics? The masters focus on the line of Love/Wisdom and can be found on the plane of the mind so a high initiate would use logic and reason tempered with love.

Anyone working with the forces of light would show these qualities.

(1) He or she would not support the idea of continually spending more money than we have and strapping the next generation with high interest payments.

(2) He would support the principle of freedom and thus work to run the country on the lowest possible tax rate giving people freedom to invest their own money.

(3) He would not seek for excessive regulation and quality of laws but only essential ones.

(4) He would not use the poor and unemployed to increase his power base but sincerely seek to assist them in ways that will get the willing back into productivity.

(5) He would be a true environmentalist. He would not use the environment as a weapon to increase political power or raise taxes but seek to aid the environment in common sense ways.

(6) He would not be black and white but willing to use the principle of judgment as situations change.

(7) If he is an initiate then he will be working on initiating something new.

That said – let me throw this out to the group.

First, do you agree with the above seven points? If not what criteria would you use?

Secondly, can you think of any one involved in politics who you think could be an agent for the Brotherhood of light?

If the answer is yes then why do you think this?

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This entry is part 12 of 98 in the series Principles

Principle 13:  Initiation

Does anyone know what an initiation is from a higher viewpoint?

We’ll pause here and throw this question out along with the following:

How does the development of the power to initiate prepare one for initiations?

I have taught quite a bit in the past about becoming an initiate through using the power to decide and initiate which is within us. In my writings this is presented as a self initiating power which is within us and must be used in order for us to attain to higher spiritual power. Neither presentation is at conflict and both together help to understand the principle of initiation itself, for in order to attain to the initiations one must first develop the power to initiate within.

An initiate is one who initiates. Therefore, you are an initiate to some degree when you start a business, a rock and roll band, or initiate an invention.

Christ is not looking for people who have to be told what to do in every detail, but for those who are willing to initiate good causes of their own free will and bring them to fruition.

Question: What is initiation?

Answer: Isn’t it phases of growth, or the beginning of the phase toward enlightenment?

An initiate is one who initiates. To dream and create in the imagination is only the first step. To build a prototype is a second step. But to get the concept into the hands of the public and convince them to buy and use it is by far the most difficult.

An initiation is an area in your life over which you’ll be a master. In the first initiation you prove that you’re a master over physical things. The second initiation shows you are a master over your emotions, the ego and glamour. In the third one you become a master over the world of the mind and illusion. The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re either a probationary disciple or a disciple. A probationary disciple is one who is seeking after the Path. A disciple is one who has taken several of the initiations and committed himself to the work of the soul. The fact that you’re even seeking indicates that you are at least aspiring to something higher. Either you’re just looking or you’re committed to the purpose of your inner soul. You probably feel inside which category you’re in.

A matter of prime importance to each student is not the fact of a particular teacher’s personality but the measure of truth for which he stands. It is in the student’s power to discriminate between truth and falsity. So, I’m probably a good person to teach this class, because some of you have said, I have no personality. Let’s look at somebody like Jimmy Swaggart. He had all kinds of personality. He got up there and he cried and he just oozed personality. And why did people follow him? Because of his “personal power.” If you were to read his words on a sheet of paper without the personality behind it, what do you have? Who would pay any money just to read that? But you see him get out and storm around and cry and do all these things, then you’re swayed by his personality.

Many of the gurus and new age people we see around sway people by their personalities. People are hypnotized by emotional essence. The New Age Disciple must get beyond the personality and what we need to look at is the pure words and how they affect your spirit.

“The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”
  — Arabian Proverb

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 6

This entry is part 33 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

So what do you do if you do not know where you are? If you do not where you are then tune into what it is within yourself that you feel your next step is. Whatever your next step is – say learning to play the guitar or some other skill, if you take the right step, even though you may not be good at it, you will begin to make progress. Maybe at first you did not want to learn something new, but when you learn that one thing in this life that you are supposed to be learning then you will have a peace about yourself from mastering it. You will say, how come I did not do this earlier for I had signs I was supposed to follow but I ignored them because I was not talented and now that I am learning this thing, it feels really great to be moving in the right direction.

Concerning my particular lesson that I had to learn – I had to go kicking and screaming because I did not want to do it but when I finally yielded I felt a strong peace about doing it. Each one of us has to find that one thing that you are supposed to learn, a little like Curley’s advice in the Movie City slickers. There’s one thing that you are supposed to do and you need to find it..

We learn many things during the course of our lifetime but what I am talking about is a particular lesson that each one of us has learn before we really move on and be of service to humanity. We have to be of service to our self by learning our life’s lesson.

Wayne: I have been thinking about the Tibetan’s definition of true humility, “True humility is recognizing where you are on the path and acting accordingly.”

JJ: Right learn your true position and then act accordingly. I am pretty close to Jesus and I am going to act that way! Laughing!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I like one of the parables that he gave about this and it is really good, Back in those days during the time of Christ the master of the house seated those at the table according to their status. If you were at a party and you seat yourself at the number one position and the host says you do not belong there, go to the number twelve position, you would be humiliated. Jesus said that if you are smart you would sit in the lowest status chair and that way if he moves you up  you would feel good. But if you think you are in the number one position and he moves you to 12 it would be very embarrassing and He says even so it is with your spiritual progress. Do not assume that you are number one. Be humble and if you do not know where you are then when put yourself at the bottom and when the time comes that you discover that you are supposed to be moved up then you will be honored.

I always liked that teaching. If we do not know where we are it is best to place yourself at the bottom because, who knows, you or I could have been Judas. So do not assume that you are at the top. If it turns out that you discover that you were a beloved disciple in a past life, then that is great, but don’t bank on it.

Always observe yourself from a humble point of view and if you do not know, or even if you do know, then do not assume that you are higher than your brother because he will sense this in you.

You can sense this in people – when they think they are better than you, so it is important to establish that humility as we proceed along the path and if we have that humility then the soul is happy to communicate with us and the channel between us and the soul is much clearer. Then he reaches a certain point where the petals begin to unfold more and more quickly until he becomes an initiate and an initiate simply put is one who initiates and it is as simple as that. We hear all kinds of stories where an initiate goes through all these ceremonies and all these ordnances or whatever but an initiate pure and simple is one who initiates and the greater thing he initiates the greater he is.

Look at some of the great initiates in history, Jesus of course is a great initiate because from His handful of teachings He initiated a church which has billions of followers throughout the world who honor His name and attempt to follow His teachings.  He initiated something that affected billions of people.

Buddha did the same thing and also non-religious people have initiated great things, Edison initiated the electric light bulb and look at all the benefits we have from Edison initiating inventions in his lab over 100 years ago. Abraham Lincoln initiated the freeing of the slaves and without him who knows how long it would have taken for the slaves to be free. George Washington and the founding Fathers initiated the founding of this country so that means that they were actual giants so to speak because they initiated something that changed the whole world.

Audience: Would Rosa Parks be considered an initiate then?

JJ: Yes she at least had a part in the change that occurred and was an initiate in some degree. I have heard that she was part of a plan for her to stand up and that she did not do it completely on her own. If she did do it on her own than that would make her a greater initiate than if the plan was created by someone else. There might have been an initiate that we do not even know the name of that caused that change happen. Maybe she was just cooperating with someone that had that idea. but that is just some things I have heard around that particular event.

Audience: A great example of who would be a great initiate now would be Doctor Masaru Emoto and he actually initiated the idea that our thoughts create impact on water.

JJ:  It would be hard to tell how high he is until maybe a generation from now because some initiates die and it looks like there ideas die with them and then some people’s work will survive them and flourish. Look at Jesus when He died He had 120 followers after all those great miracles He did. It looked like He was pretty much a non-starter but then we all know what happened.

Audience: Dr. Emoto I believe has made a big difference here when he came to Boise and I just wrote him this morning telling him what an impact he has made and of course he is not like The Christ but he has made quite an impact at least here in Boise.

JJ: Yes many initiates have that power to motivate other people to do things so that power is contagious for some. Other initiates operate more from quiet energy – like I say when Jesus died he only had 120 followers and not nearly as many as Buddha or some of the other teachers but when he rose from the dead that made a tremendous impact for it was something that really got things moving.

So you develop these energies and get the desire to get things going. You either initiate yourself or you participate in a group that is initiating. As an initiate you have this desire to help make things happen. This is a major step in the progression of the soul, getting things to happen and making things to move ahead.

The initiate stimulates the evolution of humanity and is of service to his fellow man and then the final step is what is called the “The Twelve Labors of Hercules.” What happens is you go through the Zodiac clockwise for all your lifetimes until you reach the point where you become a fairly high initiate where you obtain power to initiate in a way where you can affect a very large number of people. When you attain this power then you stop moving clockwise in the Zodiac and begin to go counterclockwise. When you go counterclockwise you are moving against the grain all the time.

Now many of the new age people say what you need to do is to go with the flow, well there are two flows. You have the flow of energy from the lower self and the flow of energy from the higher self and they are both going in different directions so the next time somebody says go with the flow then ask, which flow – the lower flow or the higher flow because they both go in opposite directions. Now we have to go with the lower flow until we reach the point to where we initiate against the lower flow. Then we reverse direction on the zodiac as we reincarnate from sign to sign. It is not a hard black and white rule but basically we go around the zodiac in our incarnations until we reach the point where we say wait a minute it seems like everything in this world is pretty much upside down from reality and I am beginning to see things like a mirror and everything I thought was real is not real and everything I thought was valid is not valid. I am seeing things in a different light. Now that you are seeing things from a higher view you see that everything in your past was pretty much upside down. So now what you have to do is go with the higher spiritual flow and everybody around you will be telling you that you are going against the flow.

In the days of Abraham Lincoln many thought that slavery was acceptable, and even in the North most people thought this way so he went against the flow. But to go against the flow he used the flows that were available because if he were a fanatic about it then he would have never been elected president. Some of the activists about freeing the slaves really criticized him a lot because he was not fanatical enough about it. But he had his beliefs within him and he said from the time he was very young, “if I ever get the opportunity to free the slaves then I will.”

But then he really did not concentrate on that as he was running for president. He concentrated on the right things to say to get elected president and then when he did have the opportunity he issued the Emancipation Proclamation and a lot of people thought he was crazy for doing it, but that was against the flow. Going against the flow created a great service to humanity by freeing the slaves.

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Seeing Eye to Eye

This entry is part 28 of 34 in the series 2010B

Thanks to the group for your thoughtful comments.  It always helps when I ask a question that invites group response.  Maybe I should do more of that on this site since the more activity we have here the better will be our ratings with search engines.

Even though it was a hassle to change servers and transfer information I think the extra activity here will pay off in the long run.  WordPress also keeps updated on the latest programming technology so we won’t be left behind as the web progresses.

Larry W made a comment that deserves some attention.  He surmised that third degree initiates and higher are pretty much in agreement.  So, is this a true statement and if so what is the principle involved?

The answer is that from the perspective of normal human consciousness this is true, but from a higher perspective it is not.  Let me explain.

The principle is this.  People agree consistently on that which they understand. If a subject or idea is below the level of understanding of those seeking union then there is likely to be disagreement.

It is interesting to note, however, that two can agree on a falsehood.  In this case the union of thought comes not from understanding but from either wrong mutual perception or the acceptance of an outside authority who is in illusion. If the authority changes his mind the followers will normally be united in changing their minds also.

In the days of Galileo the church members as a whole were united in the idea that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun circled around it.  They “knew” this for two reasons.  First, they could see the sun moving around the earth each day and secondly the Vatican Scientists stated that this was both scientific and spiritual fact.

Their authorities wee wrong as well as their perceptions so they were united in illusion.  The goal, however, is not to be united in illusion, but in truth.  This is only achieved consistently through a mutual understanding or shared vision of the real.

As people advance in their spiritual evolution they become united in a larger number of shared truths.

Average people can now understand that the earth circles the sun, that 2+2=4, that human slavery is undesirable, that basic freedom of speech is good, getting an education is a good thing and numerous other items.

As we move up the scale of thought there is less agreement among the masses, but agreement is still to be found among the thinkers.

The first initiation pertains to the physical plane and physical desires.  These initiates will tend to agree on diet, exercise and sex.

The second initiation is centered on mastery of the emotional nature so these individual will extend their agreement to values centered on the feeling nature.  They will agree on the importance of taking personal responsibility, the ingredients of success, love and relationships to name a few.

They will agree on physical and emotional values yet still have disagreements on the plane of the mind and have differing philosophies.

The third degree initiate masters illusion on the plane of the mind so two such initiates, even with widely different backgrounds and belief systems, can sit down and reason together and see the logic in each others’ thought. If one is able to bring forth facts, reason and logic that differs with the others’ beliefs then he will consider the new information and will not reactively reject it.

So do the higher initiates agree on everything?


Why not?

Because no matter how high you get, there are many unknowns to be discovered.  Even though they have solved illusion on the plane of the mind, there are still many things unknown to them and with such unknowns they can only theorize and guess about all the truth involved.

Not knowing an unknown is not illusion if you know you do not know.  If you do not know how many beans are in a jar you know you do not know and there is no illusion.  If you think you have some special gift to guess the correct number of beans, then that is illusion. The many are in illusion because they accept certain things as fact that are not facts and they do not know that they do not know.

When the archangel Lucifer fell from heaven he did not sink into illusion as we understand it but was part of a group seeking solutions to the advancement of humanity, a project with many un known’s to the group.  He therefore thought that he could devise a plan as good as his elder brothers.  He liked his ideas better than theirs and went with them and drew many after him.  Since there could only be one master plan for the whole of the human race a plan was accepted and he was overruled.  He has been seeking to prove he was right ever since.

As entities progress they will agree on lessons learned and truths understood, but their disagreements will become more complex as they strive to achieve their next level of understanding and expand their own ring-pass-not.

Before I comment more on yesterday’s post let us expand the search for political initiates.  The group has only mentioned people in the USA.  How about the rest of the world and political thinkers who are not politicians?
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey