Christmas Message 2023

This entry is part 28 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

Christmas Message 2023

The Christmas Visitor

Tom couldn’t take it anymore. Here he was watching the news on his favorite station and they play a clip of that politician that he just cannot stand.

Tom stood up and shouted at the TV: “Why do you even show that guy’s face, let alone let him speak? Doesn’t the network realize that many people swallow his poison?”

Tom bought into the division of the day and indeed felt that half the county had lost its mind. He thought it should be obvious that his views made much more sense than the opposition. It seemed that those on the other side were more than ignorant, but were willfully resisting the truth. If evil had a name this would be it, he thought.

Then came a knock at the door. He was greeted by Christmas carolers who were collecting money for the homeless. They sang, “Joy to the World.”

He stopped them before they finished and gave them a lecture, “Maybe you people ought to go confront some of these ministers and priests who abuse young children. Maybe your religion ought to stop supporting wars and crooked politicians. Go do some real work for your Jesus and then come back for a donation.”

He shut the door in their faces and cracked a proud smile thinking that maybe his words may soak into a couple of them.

He sat back in his easy chair debating whether or not to watch some more news when he received a text that his son wanted to talk with him on Zoom.

“Hope that kid has gained some sense since our last encounter,” he thought.

He joined the Zoom meeting and there in the video was his son, his beautiful wife and two children all wishing him a merry Christmas. “We love you grandpa,” said the two kids.

“We want you to come spend Christmas with us,” said the son.

They seemed to have a good relationship over the years until recently when their political views took a wrong turn and severely tested Tom’s patience.

“Tell me son, who are you supporting for office these days?” He gave three names and asked, “Are you voting for these guys?”

“Can we just leave politics alone for Christmas and focus on our family? Your grandkids want to see you.”

Tom was unmoved. “I asked you a question. Now answer it.”

“You know my political views,” said the son. “Can we just get together and enjoy each other like we used to?”

“I don’t think so,” said Tom. “I’ve concluded that your side is pure evil and since you are embracing it, I cannot embrace you. Call me again when you come to your senses.”

He then abruptly ended the call.

Tom was proud of himself for his strong decisiveness. “Sometimes you have to apply tough love to straighten these kids out,” he thought.

That night he had difficulty going to sleep. As he lay in bed looking at the ceiling many thoughts crossed his mind.

“I’m upset with the world going mad, but even worse is all the people going mad with it, including my own son and his family. I used to believe in the mythical Christ, but have concluded the world is too crazy for anything higher than man to even exist.”

He paused a moment, feeling a great buildup of emotion, and then shouted out at the top of his lungs:

“Okay, God, Jesus, Spirit or whatever. If you are real, then show yourselves!”

Nothing happened. Tom laid back in silence attempting again to go to sleep. Then, at the core of his being he felt something, a presence that seemed familiar, yet something he had never experienced in this lifetime. This, he could not ignore and raised himself up to see a point of light before him expanding until a man in a white robe stood before him.

“Are you Jesus?” Tom asked.

“It matters not,” said he man. “What matters is that you see the truth. Look and see.”

Tom looked and it was as if a window opened to eternity and he saw the Christmas carolers again singing at the door. Among them was a twelve-year-old boy, participating for the first time. Suddenly, Tom felt like he was actually that boy and vividly sensed being in his body, back in that instant of time. He felt the joy the boy had from the previous receptions and how much the people enjoyed the spiritual song. Then he felt the boy’s feelings when Tom lectured them. Tom’s words greatly affected the boy and made him not want to sing again.

Instantly, Tom found himself back in his body. “That’s not the effect I wanted,” said Tom. “I just wanted those people to wake up.”

“They were awake,” said the visitor. “They were bringing joy to the world and you destroyed the experience of joy for the lad. I had to enter his dream state to heal the wound you inflicted. Now, look again.”

Tom looked again and saw the politician he most despised. Again, he entered his body. He saw that because he was in a position of power, many came to him for help and he worked tirelessly to help all he could and donated considerable funds to charities. He saw how he loved his family and was very protective of them because of the spotlight they were in because of him.

The visitor then spoke, “Does your righteousness exceed this devil that you perceive?”

“Maybe not,” said Tom, “but his policies are just plain evil.”

“And what would happen if your side got their way one hundred percent?” said the visitor. “Look and see.”

Tom looked and he saw that the country turned into a tyrannical dictatorship.

“Does this mean I should switch to the other side?” asked Tom.

“The same would happen if the other side has their way 100%. Look again and see what happen when they work together and accept each other despite their differences.”

Tom looked again and saw a nation evolving toward peace and goodwill. Then, after a period of time, he saw this become a reality.

Again, the Visitor spoke. “Look one more time and see.”

Tom saw himself back on that Zoom call with his son and family. This time he felt himself being drawn into the body and consciousness of Jon, one of his grandsons. It felt as if he were actually that boy. Just before the call the boy had reflected on the good times he had with his grandfather. Grandpa had taken him fishing, hiking, to the movies, arcade games and more. He had many fond memories with grandpa and was looking forward to seeing him again. He was devastated when Tom rejected his dad. It felt as if it was him who was rejected. Why didn’t grandpa love him anymore, he wondered.

Tom’s heart was pierced to the core. He didn’t realize the impact he had upon others until now, and the hurt he inflicted on little Jon was more than he could bear.

Tom looked at the visitor and said, “My eyes have been open. I can now see that all these people I condemned are like myself, just trying to navigate through life the best they can. What do you want me to do now?”

You know what to do,” said the visitor; and he disappeared.

“Yes, I think I do know what to do,” thought Tom, as he called his son.  

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Christmas Message 2022

This entry is part 27 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

Dec 25, 2022

Christmas Message 2022

Bill turned off the TV and sat back in his chair. He had just finished watching the news on Christmas Eve and was pretty frustrated. This was supposed to be the season where we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace and messenger of love, but all around him he saw no evidence of peace or love. In the past 24 hours through television and the internet he witnessed tremendous suffering and destruction through war, gang murders, drugs, the virus along with lots of political conflict.

Rather than give a prayer of thanks this season Bill felt more like telling God off for not making this world a better place. It seemed to him that God was not doing his job and just letting chaos reign. Then the more he thought about it the more he sided with the idea that there must not even be anyone up there extending a hand to help us out.

He had enough, He looked to the skies and raised his fist and shouted: “All right God; I’ve had enough. You’re either not there or you just don’t care. The world is going to hell and the only thing your Son can be prince of here is chaos. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Bill stared upward in a moment of silence and then said with a perverse satisfaction: “I thought so. You are saying and doing nothing.” Then he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Do you hear that NOTHING! You are a nothing God!”

Bill slouched back in his chair and wept. It was as if he had lost all hope in the world as well as God. He had never felt such despair.

He just sat still for a couple moments soaking in his thoughts when at the core of his being he felt something. It seemed familiar though he was sure he had never felt it in his mortal life. He paid attention. It was some type of living vibration that seemed to bring a sense of peace that was increasing.

“What is this?” thought Bill. “In the midst of my turmoil I feel a great inner peace like I have never felt before.” He couldn’t resist putting his attention on it, and as he did he registered a clear communication.

“Focus on the peace that never fails.”

On hearing this he increased his focus and the peace increased beyond anything had felt before.

Next, he registered these words: “Take my hand.”

“Hand? What hand?” he thought.

He then looked upward and saw a cloud of light. He had the feeling that he was supposed to reach into the cloud. He did so and felt a strong grip take hold of him, which seemed to pull him right out of his body into the cloud.

Suddenly he found himself in a land of beauty beyond description standing next to a being of light. He found he could see in all directions and clearly in any distance. He could see millions of people living in peace and harmony in a land of beauty which provided for the needs of all.

“What is this place?” Bill exclaimed.

“This is the earth a thousand years from now,” came the response.

“And who are you?”

“I am that Prince of Peace that you were cursing.”

So, you are real after all? Then why do we have to wait a thousand years? Can’t you just use your powers to end suffering on earth now?

Humanity can receive guidance but freewill must be maintained or the peace and happiness you see about you cannot exist. The only way for even God to solve the problems of humanity is to take away free will and force you to do good.”

“That may not be such a bad idea,” Bill mused.

“In this vast universe every possible solution has been tried. Let us visit a planet where strong leaders took away free will in an attempt to force people to behave correctly.

Immediately, they ascended and appeared on another planet. Bill again found that he could see far distances in all directions. He saw that on this planet here were no wars and conflict was not allowed, but the people seemed depressed and the very life force of the land seemed low and lacking color.

The Prince spoke, “These people have no free will over major decisions and have not yet had the joy of overcoming and mastering their problems. All solutions seem to come from outside themselves causing them to feel as if they are drifting in a void. Come, let us visit another place.”

Again they were taken to another planet, but this one was even more beautiful than the future earth. Bill saw perfection that was beyond anything he had imagined and the people had almost godlike powers. If they needed to travel a thousand miles they could just think themselves there and everyone communicated with an advanced telepathy where misunderstanding was impossible.

“What a terrific place,” said Bill.

“But it was not always so,” said the Prince. In their early days they had terrible conflicts that make your present conflicts seem mild. But they endured and became masters of the situation and solved their problems. These efforts through free will opened the door to the joyful living experience they now have. The previous civilization we visited is about the same age but the tight controls limited their progress. Which would you prefer for results; the previous world or this one?

“This one, of course,” said Bill. “I see now that the struggle and solving our own problems may be a necessary step if real progression is to be obtained.

“Yes,” came the reply. “Consider the lesson of the caterpillar. If we try and help it break free from its cocoon it will die. It needs the struggle to gain the strength to turn into a beautiful butterfly. Even so, humanity has its problems, but they need the struggle to transform the earth and its people into a place of wonderful existence. I’ve shown you these things to give you hope that you can share with others. You can make a much greater difference than you realize, so go forth my friend and do your part.”

Immediately, Bill was back in his body, sitting in his chair. He still felt a residual peace from the experience. He now saw that all his doubt and complaining just added to earth’s problems and he made the determination that from this point on he was going to do his part to make the world a better place. It wouldn’t be easy but that view of the earth 1000 years from now gave him the faith he needed.


Christmas Message, 2021

This entry is part 26 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

Christmas Message, 2021
The Birth of Christ

I sat in silent thought as I contemplated my yearly Christmas message to the group. I focused within and asked the Holy Presence, “What words would you have me give to a divided world that is so full of fear and animosity?”

After a period of silence, the words of Spirit, love and light came:

Tell them to not only look within but listen within and hear my voice. Hear the words I spoke to the disciples when their hearts were troubled:

“Fear not. It is I. Peace be unto you. Not peace as is known in the world, but as realized by the Son of God that rests deep within every human heart.”

Tell them I am here. I stand at the door and wait, but each individual must open the door and journey out of the past into my presence in the Eternal Now. The journey has no distance in time or space but there are barriers that must be removed. Each can discover these barriers if they will honestly look within and seek My Voice to guide them.

Many there are who have heard My Voice calling them to peace and communion, but they rejected the Presence because of fear or unbelief. Behold, my voice calls to every individual in every time, every place and every condition, but few respond. Many there are who are fearful, unbelieving and plagued with guilt, pain and downcast thoughts. But let the message be that I am available to all: to the mighty and the weak, the rich and the poor, the despised and the honored. You are all children of the same God and all are welcome. Tell them to just listen for my voice and know that it is I.

This Christmas the world again celebrates my birth among the children of men 2000 years ago. It is good that their thoughts are directed to goodwill, giving and cheerfulness more than usual, but my birth could mean so much more than this. Instead of celebrating my birth in ancient times let the celebration be a birth of your own.

My life was the result of the birth of the Christ within the heart and was an example for all to follow. If you would thus celebrate the birth of the Christ child within your own heart the Christmas spirit that I seek would manifest.

When you discover your inner connection to me and are born into the life of Christ with me you will shine a light that others will see and follow and like the passing of one candle to light others many will experience the true Christmas that I envision.

Verily the day will come that all will experience the birth of Christ in their hearts and the Mass of Christ will be eternal.

Yes, my friend, tell them to seek the inner Voice and listen, listen in the depth of the great silence, hear my voice, “It is I. Be not afraid. I am with you always. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”

Dec 25, 2021

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2020

This entry is part 25 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

Christmas Message 2020
A Spiritual Healing

The Son of Man, who is the Son of God sat in counsel with the Great Ones and spoke, “Consider the world. It has changed since last year has it not?”

“Indeed,” said one. “The virus has given humanity a lot to struggle with. Some, of course, blame God for their woes.”

“It is human nature to place the blame where it is not” said the Master. “The wise know that outward events are caused by inward thoughts. Thoughts of fear and separation from others who think differently than themselves has been growing in their hearts and thus manifested this virus to justify their fears and cause them to physically separate and isolate themselves.”

“That has truly occurred,” said one. “This season is often the happiest time for many as they mix with family and friends. Instead, many are alone and downcast.”

The Master replied, “Yet there are some who never feel alone, no matter the circumstances, for they share the Spirit of Union with us.”

Another spoke, “Even with the force of these external conditions humanity is slow to learn and comprehend the joys that await them when they embrace inclusiveness and goodwill. Perhaps you could visit a few and plant some seeds. Many are thinking of you this time of year,”

“Yes, goodwill is definitely needed to push back the virus, quiet their fears and heal the planet.”

With that the Master ascended above the earth and looked upon the many lives. He saw each life as a point of light. A handful were bright but many were dimmer than usual because of the virus, the isolation, the financial hardships and many personal and interpersonal conflicts. He selected a young boy in prayer and silently stood beside him.

The boy was in distress and pleaded saying, “Dear God, my parents are angry at my Grandpa. They say he has the wrong political beliefs and is no longer welcome here. I love my grandpa and he loves me and we enjoy each other so much. I do not want to miss seeing him, especially at Christmas.”

At that moment Grandpa was driving nearby feeling rejected. He had just had a conversation with his son and was told he was no longer welcome and to not come over for Christmas, or ever until he gets his mind right. Tears poured down his face making it hard to see so he pulled over and was still in silent thought.

Then it seemed as if there was a gentle light illuminating the inside of the car and he heard within his mind these words, “Your grandson needs you. Go now and when your son and his wife answer, listen not to their rejection, but only say ‘I love you’ until their hearts melt.”

Grandpa was beside himself. They had told him to stay away. He thought the message may be just wishful thinking, but on reflection he decided to follow it.

His knock on the door was greeted by his son and his wife. Both appeared upset at his presence. The son rudely reminded him that he was no longer welcome.

Grandpas looked him in the eyes and said, “I love you, son.”

Then his wife said similar things, telling him to go away and not come back.

He looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you.”

They both stood there in silence not knowing how to respond when the grandson burst between them, grabbed his grandpa exclaiming, “And we love you, grandpa!. God has answered my prayer and you are here.”

The parents could no longer resist and invited him in and their relationship was reborn.

Their renewed spirits created a ripple effect through the one life that permeates humanity. Many there were that day that felt just a little more forgiving, a littler more loving and showing a little more goodwill.

After visiting a number of others and stimulating love and goodwill the Master returned to the council. He spoke to them: “The virus and political climate have taken their toll but there is always a path that leads to healing and is available to all who seek and are willing. Let us continue to tune into those who are ready and send light and love to heal the world.

The council bowed their heads and whispered, the sacred word of approval.

Dec 25, 2020

Copyright By J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2019

This entry is part 24 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

Christmas Message 2019

The Master sat in the great council and spoke. “What think ye of humankind – have they made any progress in the last year? How many have found the pure Christ presence within the core of their being? Is goodwill finally beginning to permeate the hearts of mankind?

One spoke up, “As you know the planet is suffering through turbulent times with great discord. The prophecy of goodwill and peace on earth seems to be far distant; whereas your prediction of brother against brother seems to be dominating.”

“Yes, the tension has been building for some time but this is a necessary step the sons and daughters must take to open their eyes and see the new world. You, my friends, have been searching for the pure in heart. Are there enough to swing the balance to peace and goodwill?”

Another spoke, “There has been an increase of both love and hate. Unfortunately, hate has been much more visible than love though love is increasing and flows powerfully beneath the surface of what is visible to the masses.”

I will go check the pulse of the people this Christmas season when their thoughts are more giving than usual.

The Master looked down upon the world and saw many points of dark and light in the hearts of the people. He decided to visit one in darkness first.

He observed a young man watching a political discussion on the television. He agreed with one commentator and hated the other. “Why can’t that stupid jerk see how wrong he is?” he asked himself And why can’t my parents see the truth? “Why are they on the side of hate?” he thought as he nurtured his own hateful thoughts.

Then the phone rang. It was his father wishing him a Merry Christmas. Then he grudgingly sent back greetings, but the father could feel a lack of love in his voice and ended the call with, “I love you son.” He then handed the phone to his wife and she also expressed her love as only a mother can.

His heart had been so disturbed by his political differences that he had difficulty returning the love, but at that instant the Master looked at the energies of his heart and saw dark clouds hiding the love that abides in the center. His thoughts penetrated that darkness and reached the core of his being.

His heart was touched and a stream of memories flooded his mind with all the loving acts his parents had done for him over the years. As his mind and heart returned to capture the feeling of those happy times he started to weep.

His mother was concerned and asked if anything was wrong.

“Why can’t things be the way they used to be where we loved each other and agreed on things?”

“Our love for you is greater than politics,” said his mother. We can have more love, not less, if we just look at the best in each other.”

Thanks Mom. Our political differences have made me feel distant lately but I just had a surge of good memories come back that reminded me of what great parents you are. I love you both and this time I really mean it.”

The master was pleased that this young man could he reached and moved on.

Next, he observed a young lady who was obsessed with social media. She had little physical contact because of the large amount of time online and this caused her much distress. She observed all the happy pictures posted by others and felt that everyone seemed to be having a better time than herself. Then when she did post anything that wasn’t positive she felt others reacted with bullying comments. This created a vicious circle of attack from both sides.

Her negativity had progressed beyond the point of reason and she was thinking of taking a bottle of pills and ending her grief.

The Master tuned into her thoughts and the heart of her sister who was in a positive state and linked the two hearts. The older sister then thought of the younger and felt a cry for help. She made a call, wished her a Merry Christmas and shared her love. She then reminded her of the good times they had when younger and these pleasant thoughts revived her spirit and she decided to embrace life again, feeling that life would get better.

The Master then raised his consciousness to embrace the earth and viewed all the hate and love, the positive and negative, the good and the bad. He saw the homeless and the destitute, the rich and the prosperous. He saw many sacrificing themselves to help others yet many holding back thinking only of themselves. He saw many consumed with rage and hate and others filled with love.

As he raised his consciousness further he saw many points of darkness, but they were gradually being pushed back by points of light coming from loving hearts. Indeed the darkness seemed overwhelming, but it had reached the height of its power.

The Master sat again before the council and spoke: “The point of tension is great indeed, but the hearts of all but the most hardened of souls can still be reached with love. The spirit of light and love is increasing and will not be extinguished. Let us continue to encourage humankind to take the better path and we will assess them again in the year to come. The will of the Most High will surely come to pass, but because of free will the only unknown factor is the time involved.

“What shall be the keynote of our focus?” was asked.

“We need to remind those imprisoned by negativity to look back on their lives as did the two souls I visited, and review the pleasant memories where love was shared. This will nourish the love of Christ that is eternally at the core of their being and cause it to manifest anew.”

“May it be so,” said the group as one voice.

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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Christmas Message 2018

This entry is part 23 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages


Dec 25, 2018

Christmas Message

Perhaps the greatest words of hope ever spoken was by the song of the angels to the shepherds heralding the birth of Christ, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14

Since that time there have been many wars, conflicts, untold suffering and persecution among the human race – so much so that many have lost faith that the words of the angels will ever become a reality. This Christmas, as we reflect on the birth of Christ, is a good time to reflect and ask where the peace and goodwill is, for to many it seems to be a time of great unrest and ill will with neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother. All one has to do to test the waters in this generation is to give out a political view. Chances are that such a person will be met, not with goodwill, but with ill will and conflict. Many are afraid to speak their views and remain silent on numerous aspects that are important to them.

So, did the angels speak falsely, or premature in their declaration? Where is the peace and goodwill of which they sang?

Those who doubt the truth of these great words overlook the principle behind the manifestation of all things of truth and beauty. All creation happens first spiritually before materializing on the physical plane, and spiritual progress manifests in the individual before the group, and the group before it comes to universal acceptance.

The full manifestation of peace and goodwill first rested upon one individual, Jesus of Nazareth. As he went forth to fulfill his mission he demonstrated supreme goodwill by healing all those who sincerely sought him. When John the Baptist was in prison facing death and a trial of his faith he sent messengers to Jesus asking if he was the one to fulfill the prophecy or the Messiah. Jesus told them to stay with him a while and then tell John what they saw.

This they did and when they returned to John they told him that they saw Jesus give sight to the blind, caused the lame to walk, lepers were healed, the dead brought back to life and the gospel was preached to the poor. When John heard this his faith was restored and was able to face his death in peace.

John realized that such a powerful demonstration of goodwill, which resulted in peace for himself, was a witness that Christ had indeed been born here upon the earth in the person of Jesus.

Even though Jesus went forth will goodwill he was often met with ill will. To such people, he taught of a response that was highly unusual in his day. He said, “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

Taking goodwill to this extent was more than many could fathom, but a few took his words to heart and became his disciples. They saw many demonstrations of goodwill through his healings, but then came the time they saw the first real physical portent of peace. They were all on a ship together in the midst of a great storm. Fearing death they sought Jesus and found him peacefully sleep as the storm raged. They woke him and asked for help. He faced the storm and said “Peace, be still.” Because this Prince of Peace had perfect peace within him the winds and the waters obeyed and his words were followed by a perfect calm.

When he was facing death on the cross he told his disciples, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

Then after demonstrating power over death he appeared to them saying, “Peace be unto you.” John 20:19

Later, when speaking of this peace from Christ, Paul called it, “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding.” Phil 4:7

Indeed, the peace and goodwill predicted by the angels did start with one man, but that was just the beginning. Since the birth of Christ in Bethlehem there have been many others who have been inspired with the birth of the Christ spirit of peace and goodwill in their own hearts and have been doing all in their power to to transmute the friction among their brothers and sisters into peace.

In times like these many wonder where such people are, but they do exist and their numbers and strength are growing for those who have eyes to see.

All people, even the most troubled with ill will have a center within their hearts that can respond to peace and good will and one of the great lessons of Christmas is that we are all reminded of the Prince of Peace and his great words of goodwill. When listening to a Christmas carol even the most hardened heart is at times softened and feels a sliver of hope for the people of earth.

Let therefore all who see themselves as disciples of the Master focus on the good, the beautiful and the true, and become a point of light, goodwill and peace and stand in the love of God until every soul sees the light and the words of the angels become reality.

Peace, peace, my friends and goodwill to all. It is only a matter of time before peace will prevail on the earth. You and I can shorten that time by being points of light and love here and now.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2017

This entry is part 22 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

The Son of Man, who is the Son of God sat in counsel with the Great Ones. One stood and spoke. “This is the time of year they have chosen to remember your birth and some of your message. As before, lower thoughts and feelings pose obstacles to seeing the living Christ in you and themselves. This year anger seems to be the keynote for distraction. Go sample the minds and hearts of the people and let us see their potential.

The Son thus looked upon the world and indeed felt the anger of many which was also accompanied by frustrated desires. He tuned into that anger and one representative soul came to view. The Son penetrated his consciousness and asked, “Why are you so ill at ease, my friend.”

The person thinking he was hearing the voice of God, or perhaps his imagination replied, “I had high hopes for my political dreams but my candidate lost the election. I detest everything about the winner and disagree with everything he has been doing. I am angry at the winner, angry at those who voted for him and angry at those who did not vote.”

The voice replied, “My son, you will never be happy if outward circumstances control your state of mind. When I was on the earth both the political and religious leaders were far from my ideal, but I did not let them disturb my peace. Those with whom you disagree have sincere beliefs as do you. See them as your brothers and love them or your anger will create a hell for you right here on the earth.”

The man considered the way of peace, but did not commit.

Next the Son looked upon the devastation from hurricanes, floods and fire and saw many were angry for the loss of their possessions. He visited the consciousness of one who lost his home to fire. “Peace be unto you,” he said.

“Peace! How can I have peace when I have lost everything,” the man replied.

“But you have not lost everything. You still have all those things that you will take with you when you leave this life. These are the important things. Think upon what they are.”

The man thought about his wife, his children, his friends and the love he had for them. He also thought about the freedom he had to begin a new and make a fresh start. Then the Son spoke again, “Focus on your love of others, for you will take the quality of love and freedom with you, but not your possessions.”

The man shifted his focus from temporary possessions to the permanent and replaced his anger with hope.

Next he looked upon the many females who had been harassed or abused by men. He saw that much suppression from the past had bottled up emotion that was now being released. He tuned in to an angry lady venting herself on social media. “You could have peace instead of this,” he said.

“I do not want peace, but revenge,” was the reply.

“It is good to expose wrongdoing and to stand up for what is right but this can be done without being consumed by anger. Behold the consciousness of a man who abused you.”

In that instant the lady’s mind became one with her abuser and saw everything through his eyes and felt his feelings. He was indeed living a miserable existence. When she returned to herself the voice asked, “What do you feel now?”

“I feel pity for that poor soul.”

“All those who do harm are mislead souls that reap what they have sown. Do not participate in their error; release your anger and live in joy from this moment forward.”

It was difficult but the woman shifted her attention to the way of peace.

The Son returned and reported to the Ancient Ones, “Indeed there is much anger in the world, but it is an anger that has been suppressed and is now being released. The people must learn to release it harmlessly while keeping the spirit of love and peace in their hearts. Come stand with me and let us direct our thoughts to those in need of peace. These are the words that were spoken:

“Oh, ye sons and daughters of God, remember who you are. Let your anger flow back to its source and let love and hope and faith weigh supreme in your hearts. Let goodwill spread from one to another as the flame of passing candles. Let love prevail.”

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2016

This entry is part 21 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

Christmas Message

As I contemplate a Christmas message this year my mind reflects upon this tempestuous year and the political fighting that divided families, friends and parties. Oft times it has seemed that Christ is further from the hearts of humanity than ever in my lifetime. Instead of seeing Christ in one another we have been seeing demons of the darkest dye.

Instead of seeing good we have been seeing evil.

Instead of seeking to help we seek to hinder our brothers and sisters and laughing when they fall just because they vote differently than ourselves.

Are we all not children from the same Father-Mother God? Should we therefore seek to love and not hate and to have compassion rather than to despise?

Are we so far away from Christ that He will turn his back in shame and silence?

With hesitation I appeal to His Spirit and listen for His voice. After a silence words come by the voice of the Spirit…

“Never hesitate approaching me my son for I am with you and all who seek me at all times in all places and all situations.

“Yes, it may seem that I am further away from the hearts of men than ever but the truth is that I am always near. It is the individual who distances himself from me, even though I stand at the door. The door is open or shut by you, not I.

“Lift up your heart and rejoice for the time of the harvest draws near. Look upon the light that is burning in your fellow men and women scattered across the globe.”

He placed his hand across my eyes and my sight was greatly magnified. I saw every person on the planet as a light in one glimpse. Some lights were bright and others were dim. Still others had no light but seemed as if they were black holes.

I was immediately reminded of the words of Jesus from the scripture:

“If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” Mat 6::22-23

I spoke and said, “I see many wonderful people full of light and love, yet many of them are in terrible situations and hated and despised. I see great lights in all situations and others striving to keep whatever lesser light they have. Then there are those in darkness who hate the light for it disturbs their darkness. I feel great concern for them.”

“Yet do you not see more light than you expected?”

I looked again at the whole of humanity and answered, “Indeed. I am impressed that there is so much light when the planet seems to be so fiercely divided.”

“Look again,” he said, “And see the light as it was 100 years ago.”

I looked and saw that there were not so many people but the percentage of the bright lights was significantly less.

“Look again and see 200 years in the past.”

I looked and again the bright lights were quite a bit fewer.

He spoke again, “And now if I show you the lights of the world 100 years from now what is it you think you will see?”

When be spoke those words I felt a great fire burn within me and could not speak. I felt weak and tears came to my eyes. I did not have to look, for I knew within my spirit what the answer was supposed to be. If we as a human race do not shut the door on the Christ standing at the door of the human heart the light of the world will make a quantum leap forward, more than any time in any century. We could always reject the light, but the fire within me gave me great hope that humanity is headed the right direction thanks to the lights shining upon the darkness with increasing strength.

Finally I gained the presence of mind to speak. “I see that many are discouraged because they do not see correctly, that the light in the world has been steadily progressing all along and this division we now see is merely creating a point of tension which will wind up amplifying the light in the end.”

“You see correctly. Now write the words which will guide others to see the light, to love the light and to direct the light to dispel the darkness. Darkness cannot keep its place with the increasing light to come. When a light is turned on in a dark room the one who has eyes must acknowledge what is actually seen. May you and others turn on the lights so the world can see and be ready to accept me when I come and dwell among you.”

The Presence left, but lingered with me and I felt as if my spirit was fed with heavenly manna that satisfied and gave me strength to continue my journey through life with gladness.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2015

This entry is part 20 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

The Peacemakers

We live in a time of great differences. There have always been differences of belief among families, groups, peoples, and nations, but now it seems that we are approaching some type of crystallization where the differences are more pronounced and enunciated.

Today we see pronounced and emotional political differences as seen few times in history accompanied by sharp religious conflicts between Islam and the other world religions. Fortunately, we are not seeing all out world war, but there are a lot of smoldering disturbed and disgruntled people on the planet ready to take up arms. This causes all informed people no small amount of concern.

If there were a time that we could use some words of comfort or advice from the Prince of Peace, this is it.

Fortunately, his voice is not that far away. Have we forgotten what he said?

“I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Matt 28:20

“If he is with us always, even unto the end of the world, then where is he?” asks the skeptic.

He is much closer than you may suppose. Close your eyes, still your thoughts and feelings. Let peace abide in your soul, love in your heart, and resist not the light that streams into your mind. When you find that point where peace, love and light meet, then you will know that He is here, that He has never left us alone. You will hear the Master speak:

Be not afraid, my friend, for it is I. I am indeed aware of your concern over the times in which we live and the turbulence thereof, but this is not new. Each cycle has its own set of difficulties that seem to call for a savior, but as each cycle passes humanity survives, learns a lesson and moves on to the next challenge. Each new challenge is a little different than the previous. People complain about these difficulties, but in the end we make another step closer to peace on earth good will to all men, women and living creatures including the earth itself.

I said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

And who are the peacemakers?

These are they who go within and from that great center of peace hear my voice and know the oneness of that center which is linked to all the children of God.

The peacemakers look not for perfect peace without, but seek it within. When the peace is discovered then nothing without can disturb it.

Consider my life which did not seem to be outwardly peaceful.

Herod tried to kill me shortly after birth. My family had to flee to Egypt for safety. When I taught many religious authorities challenged me and argued with me. When I performed miracles they accused me of using the powers of Satan.

My disciples did not understand me and argued among themselves and one close to me betrayed me leading to an agonizing crucifixion.

Even though great conflict and uproar followed me wherever I went I was still a peacemaker for I brought the peace that passes all understanding.

When I greeted my friends I often said:

“Peace be unto you.”

These were more than words for great thought and intent were also conveyed. When my friends heard these words their hearts were penetrated and their souls rejoiced. A sense of peace came over their entire being.

The outer gods and christs bring the sword of division, but the inner brings peace and unity. The true peacemakers light the inner candle that glows and sends peace, light and love and lights the inner candle of associates. The peacemaker widens his circle of inner peace wherever he goes.

If you want to do your part in bringing peace on earth then find my peaceful presence at the core of your being and from that point of focus send peace to whoever will receive.

Say, or at least think, “Peace be unto you,” to all you meet this Christmas season. In doing this you move the world a step closer to outer peace as well as inner peace.

One more time… Hear my voice penetrate your whole being.

“Peace be unto you – may the love of God rest upon you.”


Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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Christmas Message 2014

This entry is part 19 of 28 in the series Christmas Messages

His Rest Shall Be Glorious (Isaiah 11:10)


‘Tis Christmas again

Not only a season for joy

For carols, for presents

For good will and friendship

But for reflection and empathy

For vision and understanding.


The Spirit of He whose birth we celebrate

Rests upon me, and looks upon the world

He sees the highs and lows

Those who are in a state of happiness as well as sorrow.

Those who are weary and feel they carry heavy burdens.

His eyes rests upon those with heavy hearts


Many of the sons and daughters of men

Are weary of the struggle just to survive

Many are hungry, fearful or are in pain

They ask, “Where are you Lord?

When shall we have what we need?

When shall we rest?”


He enters their hearts and speaks

“The earth is a great school

And you volunteered for a difficult class

Endure to the end – learn your lessons

Live to the highest you know

And your rest shall be glorious.”


Another speaks who lacks not in physical things.

“I seek for love and acceptance

And am met with rejection and envy.

I feel no love from my spouse, my children or associates.

Oh, Lord, I would rather lack money than love

When will I rest in the embrace of loving arms?


The Master embraces the man with his spirit

“I am here for you surrounding you with love

Look within and feel and learn of me

When your lessons are mastered

You will be consumed with love divine

And your rest shall be glorious.”


The Master’s attention rests upon a servant

Who seeks to follow his Lord and learn of him

Then share the knowledge with his brothers

That their burdens may be light

And their spirits bright

And experience a fullness of joy.


He speaks, “Those who seek are few

And those who feel your presence

In the words of light, eternal words

Are fewer still

I labor always, but results are few

Renew my spirit for I need strength.”


The Master laid his hand upon the head of the servant

And did cause his heart to burn with fires of love.

“There is a time of planting

And a time for the harvest.

You are plowing fields and planting

This is hard work indeed.”


“Much plowing and planting can tire the laborer

But continue onward with the goal in sight

Plant well my friend and nurture the seed

And you shall participate in a great harvest

The labor of the harvest is joyous

And afterwards your rest shall be glorious.”


Copyright 2014 by J J Dewey

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