The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 2

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It is interesting how Jesus healed people and how the churches of today try to heal people. As we said Curtis and I grew up in the Mormon Church. We laid our hands on people’s heads, gave them healing blessings and went through a ceremony to bless them in the name of Jesus Christ. We went through these different motions and asked God to heal them and so on. Then you have healers like Oral Roberts who says in a loud voice, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to be healed.

They shout it out really loud and it startles the audience and makes them think that something should be happening.

Audience: (Laughing) Scares the devil right out of them!

JJ: The way Jesus healed is quite a bit different than healing in the churches today by the fact that He had the healing within Him. He had the complete spiritual contact within Him and because of this He could look at the same thing within everybody else because the Christ that was within Him is also within us. What did He say after He healed somebody? Did He ever say God has healed you? No, did He say I have healed you? No, he said in a nutshell, “well congratulations your faith has made you whole.”

He did not say the name of Christ made you whole, or God made you whole or I made you whole He said your faith has made you whole. What was it that stimulated that faith? For some reason that faith did not come along until Jesus arrived on the scene so what did He do that stimulated that faith? When He looked at that other person He saw within them the same thing that was within Him. In other words, the manifestation of the Christ was more than just one man.

There was a great man that lived in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and he purely put forth what the Christ was supposed to be, but the Bible states that He was the first of many brethren. The first of many it says and we are supposed to be like Him and what He did was kind of advanced people along and made them like Him by looking at them and seeing Himself projected in them. He looked at them and He saw the Christ within them and then He spoke to Christ His brother and He said be healed.

In a way it was their faith that healed them because they had the Christ manifesting within them and had a belief and they accepted that manifestation and by this power they were healed. Now this type of healing can appear on many different levels – it can appear in relationships. Many relationships are sick and they are not getting along well and they can only see the worst in each other. This is also kind of a cause of physical disease and one of the things that makes us sick is when we start seeing less than the Christ and less than perfection in ourselves and then see less than perfection in ourselves so we don’t see the Christ anymore.

When Jesus looked at someone and saw the Christ within him or her he projected that image to their minds. They saw what He was seeing in them and they were healed. This can happen time and time again. We can project the image of Christ to the other person. If we have someone in our life that is really irritating us we can project the image of the Christ to him or her and they will be affected unless they are like completely on the dark path. We do not meet very many people that are completely on the dark path for such a person has severed himself or herself from the Christ consciousness. Fortunately, there are only a handful of these people. Those that many assume are on the dark path are usually just mislead. The real dark ones are very slick, often are thought to be benefactors and many of them are in positions of power. The normal guy in your life, like the neighbor that you cannot stand, still has the Christ in him somewhere.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: The guy at that borrowed your lawnmower and did not return it or the guy that is always flirting with your wife or your girlfriend – he still has the Christ within him and can yet be stimulated. Everybody can still be stimulated toward the good except for this handful that we call the dark brothers or the dark brother’s acolytes that are here upon the earth. It is best to consider everybody you meet having the Christ within because the true dark brotherhood are very small in number. Their influence is great but the actually number that are manipulating things is very small.

These people are completely severed from the Christ consciousness. They do the severing themselves. They rejected it so much that are completely numb to it and so they are incapable of responding to love, light and truth. Usually they are not who you think they are, and like I say the people that you meet in your life that are the most irritating probably still have the light of the Christ consciousness within them. Almost everybody you meet will be irritating if you get close enough to them.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: Even my friend Curtis over here is capable of irritating me once a year. But you pick the most pleasant person that you can imagine – or a celebrity that you think is a nice person like Tom Cruise. He just seems like such a nice guy and if you were to spend a month in a relationship with Tom Cruise in close quarters you would probably think he was the worst character that you ever met in your life and probably would not be able stand him after a while.

That is one thing I learned from going on a mission for the Mormon Church. Curtis went on a mission and can you believe Wayne was once a missionary? When we were young we all went on these missions and on a mission you are in close quarters with a companion 24/7 for two years. You got a new companion about every two months and when this happened you were so happy because the old companion was like the devil incarnate after spending about two months with him 24/7. You get a new guy and you think well this is a really nice guy and then after about a week you think well he is a nice guy except for this one thing. Two weeks later you think he is still pretty nice but now he has these three things that irritate you and then after about a month you think, man I can’t wait to get rid of this guy! What made me think he was such a nice guy, he is worse than the last guy. After two months you are so glad to get rid of the guy.

I was on my mission in 1964-1966 and was a big Beatles fan. Shortly after I was assigned to my second companion I discovered that they were playing a concert 10 miles away. I nicely asked the guy if we could go and see them. I told him I would do anything! He was my senior companion, which meant that he was the boss of the relationship and he says, “Beatles! Why they are straight from hell and they just belch forth music right from the devil himself!

Audience: Roaring with Laughter!

JJ: I said please just for me I really want to go and this is my only chance to see them. He says, “No, we can’t go to see the devil’s servants!”

I had about six companions on my mission and the nicest guy I met on my mission only had one fault and that was that he sang all day. This seemed okay at first but after a couple weeks it about drove me crazy.

He sang these old Rogers and Hammerstein songs, (JJ singing) “some enchanted evening when you meet your true love.” He would sing these songs all day long and after two weeks it started to drive me crazy. It took me that long to build up the gumption to say something, so I said to him, you are a great singer and you have a terrific voice but your singing is driving me crazy. Could you please stop? You know what he said? He said, this is just me; sorry. Then he kept singing, “some enchanted evening when you meet your true love,”

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So we would be walking door-to-door preaching our message and in between all the doors I had to listen to this guy sing, “some enchanted evening” and the rest of Rogers & Hammerstein songs. He also really loved the sound of music songs. I was so happy to get rid of him and he was the nicest guy I had for a companion but he had one main fault – his incessant singing.


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 1

This entry is part 28 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The title of tonight’s class is “The Birth of the Christ Within.” Now it is interesting that wherever the name Christ is circulated it seems to create and cause a lot of controversy. Even as innocent a thing as Christmas does this. We turn on the TV these days and we see an assault on Christmas itself. There are arguments about taking the Christ out of Christmas. They want to call a Christmas tree a holiday tree and want to say happy holidays instead of merry Christmas. So even the most innocent appearance of the name of Christ is creating a controversy.

It is interesting that when Jesus was sending His disciples off He said to them, “Ye shall be hated of all the world for my name’s sake.” It is interesting that where the name of Christ manifests there is controversy created. And the last element of controversy around the name of Christ seems to be the celebration of his birthday. Just even wishing somebody Merry Christmas seems to upset a lot of people these days.

When I was kid it did not upset anyone you just said Merry Christmas and you did not even know about that happy holidays thing you just said merry Christmas and there was just a Christmas tree and that was it. Now there is a controversy over this very innocent sounding holiday. If you wish somebody Merry Christmas you are going to leave out the Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and the new agers like us. So it is interesting how just the name of Christ in circulation causes controversy and friction even though He is called the Prince of Peace. What happened when the Prince of Peace came?

Audience: War

JJ: Was there peace around Him where ever He walked? No wherever He went people wanted to kill Him. So doesn’t that seem strange that He appears as the Prince of Peace and the first thing that happens is that all the authorities around Him become upset and begin to have secret little conferences as to how to get rid of the guy. Finally they crucify Him and they think they are finally rid of Him. He is dead and gone and just one more troublemaker that they don’t have to worry about anymore. Well about three days later they had to change their minds on that idea. And so it is fascinating that as the name of Christ was circulated over the ages we had the crusades and the crusades was fought over what?

Audience: Fought over the name of Christ.

JJ: Fought over the name of Christ and to secure the name of Christ in Jerusalem. They wanted to re-take Jerusalem and secure the name of Christ there so the name of Christ could dominate. What did Constantine see in a vision that made him want to go out and conquer the world? He saw a vision of a cross in the heavens and he heard these words spoken “by this you shall conquer.” So all of a sudden Constantine changed from being a Roman Emperor and became a Christian Emperor and he decide to conquer the world in the name of Christ.

It interesting that the name of Christ, the one called the Prince of Peace creates disturbance wherever His name manifests. Admittedly it is most probable that Constantine did not receive a vision from Christ or the higher spheres but from the lower astral realm. He was probably given information from a lower vibration to go and conquer the earth. As a matter of fact he corrupted a lot of the teachings of Christ and he was one that initiated the great changes away from real truth. He told the Christians basically, look we are going to stop persecuting you if you change your doctrines to what we tell you. If you change your doctrines and teachings to the way the State wants then we will quit persecuting you.

So a lot of Christians thought, well I guess that would be worth About 95% of them went along with the changes but there was a small number that thought they are not going to change and continue to teach what they have been taught. Well this small percentage that was left over were persecuted more than ever and the Empire did everything it could to get rid of this group that held out. They were hunted down like dogs and persecuted because they did not go along with the changes of the Roman Emperor.

Ironically, He was called the prince of peace. Often times when He met with His disciples one of the first things He said to them was what, do you remember what His introductory statement was when He met with His disciples?

Audience: Peace be with you.

JJ: Right peace be unto you. What do you suppose it felt like to be in His presence and have Him say that to you? Peace be unto you. Now imagine that I am the Christ; visualize that I am He and I say to you, peace be unto you. Do you think it would feel a little bit different than if say Wayne said it to you?

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: I’ll tell how Wayne would say it you, Hey you want a piece of me!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: But anyway that was His introductory statement and I believe that when He said that to them that they did feel something, they felt a presence about Him and they felt an inner peace around Him because He had such a great peace within Him self. It is interesting that when they were on the ship and this giant storm came up and the disciples were doing everything they could to save the boat from sinking – it was tossing and turning all over the place and as they were trying to save the boat from sinking they were saying, where is Jesus at – we haven’t seen Him around.

They went down below deck and Jesus was down there sleeping! And they were shouting, good grief how can He sleep? The boat is tossing and turning like crazy and there Jesus is sleeping! So they wake Him up and they said Master awake and save us we are going to sink here in this great storm and you can’t be sleeping! So Jesus yawns and got up and goes up on deck and says, oh ye have little faith!

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Then Jesus said, peace; be still. All of a sudden the storm went away. The boat just sat there on very still waters. At that time when He said the word peace it really had an affect, not only on His followers but on the sea, the ship and the people that were there. One person on the ship said, who is this man that even the elements obey Him? Why did the elements obey Him and why was it that when He said peace, something happened? Curtis

Curtis: Because He was connected with the elements and the deva’s and the all the powers that be and He was the Christ. He had the power of Christ and the power of God in Him.

JJ: I thought you knew the answer, darn it!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: When He said peace it had an affect because within His soul, the inner part of His being was a tremendous peace. The words that you speak will have no power unless that word is within you and the word peace was within Him. This was His greeting to His fellow man, peace be unto you. It had an affect because within Him was a great sense of peace, a peace that passes all understanding. Have you ever had a peace that seemed to surpass all understanding and was so great that you could really not put it into words?

There is a peace that is like an absence of noise but that is kind of tranquility and not necessarily peace. Then there is a peace that goes beyond the absence of noise, what the scriptures call a peace that passes all understanding. If the person has that peace within him then when he speaks the word peace, he speaks it from his soul. Have you ever considered how it was that Jesus had the power to heal people?


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Past and Future Lives, Part 5

This entry is part 27 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

A Future Life

JJ: We will pick on a subject or two and do some interesting things. This is voluntary.

Shirley volunteers.

Okay this is Shirley, the trouble with doing this as a group is you do not know what everybody is feeling but with one person they can tell you as they go along. So we will try it with Shirley here. Close your eyes Shirley, visualize the beam of light again touching your feet and going up your right leg and this time it will be much faster with the same results, the light is moving up your right leg and now your left leg and moving up your body to your neck, head arms and all over the rest of your body and now your whole body is completely and totally relaxed and peaceful feeling like you are floating on this cloud again, and now you are on this path again and you come to this door and you open the door and this time the stairway goes up instead of down and going up it takes you into the future. You are going up ten steps and when you get to the tenth step you will be going into a future life. First step, second, third, fourth, fifth, six, seven, you are seeing a future life , eight, nine and ten. You see the place where you live, what does it look like?

Shirley: I still live in the mountains.

JJ: Is it futuristic or does it look just like it looks now?

Shirley: It looks different, kind of like marble.

JJ: Where do you live?

Shirley: The only thing I can compare it to would be the Parthenon and those type of buildings. There are pathways with trees and beautiful flowers, there are people sitting on the lawns and talking.

JJ: What kind of age is this, a peaceful or war like age?

Shirley: Very peaceful. You can feel that everything is different than it is now.

JJ: How far in the future are you?

Shirley: Probably 3014-3015 in that time frame.

JJ: What do you do?

Shirley: I am a teacher.

JJ: What do you teach?

Shirley: I teach newborn babies.

JJ: What do you teach them?

Shirley: We fan the flame of love in them so to speak and babies are not exactly like the babies we are used to here.

JJ: How are they different?

Shirley: You can see the real person and the true person is by far more apparent than it is now, you almost see their soul, their spirit.

JJ: Do they learn to talk earlier than they do now?

Shirley: They do but not as young as when I have them. When I have them we work all by holding and feeling and love.

JJ: Is it like you tune into the babies a lot more now than we are used to here?

Shirley: Absolutely and you tune into the babies as soon as they are born.

JJ: How do you tune into them?

Shirley: You can feel their vibration and you can feel the ones that you are meant to work with and the ones that are meant for another teacher because you are drawn to their vibration.

JJ: So some babies are harmonious with your vibration?

Shirley: Right

JJ: What do you do with them?

Shirley: Basically just hold them and love them but it is a learning process and they are learning how to express their love faster than babies in the 20th and the 21st centuries, there is no comparison.

JJ: Is this one of the keys to maintaining peace on earth?

Shirley: Absolutely

JJ: So if they start young then that gets them off to a good start.

Shirley: Right there have not been wars for many years now, hundreds of years.

JJ: Do just the parents work with them or do other people work with them?

Shirley: The parents work with them the most but then they have special nurses and that is what I am, I spend time with them everyday.

JJ: Have we gone to other planets yet?

Shirley: Yes but it is still difficult and time consuming so it is not the great exploration that they thought it would be, nobody wants to spend that much time traveling.

JJ: Not quite like star trek yet?

Shirley: Nope

JJ: Have they discovered extraterrestrial life yet?

Shirley: Yes but so far the only contact has been through communication mostly because there is not a stargate and you still have to figure out a way to expend that much energy over a huge amount of space.

JJ: But we did communicate with extra terrestrial life?

Shirley: Yes, there is communication as far as pictures and light and they are using light in so many different amazing ways and everything can be done with light so eventually we will get to their planets and it will be in a way where we will learn to manipulate light. The scientists are working on this now and so far they have just been able to do the communication.

JJ: Have they learned to go faster than light?

Shirley: Oh yes they learned that a long time ago, but it still takes way too much time and way too much natural resources to do it that way.

JJ: Are familiar with the history of the planet?

Shirley: Oh yea, we all had to learn that.

JJ: Was there a World War Three?

Shirley: I don’t know if they would call it a World War Three or not they just had small war like actions, like one country against another on a small scale. The earth had a lot of cataclysmic events happen and a lot of the population was destroyed because they killed off each other and these events all came within a relatively short period of time. The earth really changed dramatically even the topography of the earth and this was several hundred years ago.

JJ: Does the United States still exist?

Shirley: Yes.

JJ: Does it look any different?

Shirley: Particularly the mountains are still there.

JJ: Does Boise still exist?

Shirley: Yes

Shirley: But Boise is on the seacoast.

JJ: Is it a popular town?

Shirley: It is a big town and it is where everybody goes to vacation and have fun.

JJ: Well if we hang around long enough then it will be that way.

Shirley: I guess, yes.

JJ: Are all the races still in existence like the Chinese, Indians and did any of them go extinct?

Shirley: A lot of them are really diluted and I have not seen any pure races left and I don’t think there are any left.

JJ: Did they inter marry a lot?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Are people are a little bit darker skinned compared tot eh 20th century?

Shirley: It depends on where they live, some people in certain areas have darker skin and some people have really light skin still. Where I am in the mountains people tend to be lighter skinned.

JJ: Did they build communities in the mountains?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Do they make more use of the mountains than they do today?

Shirley: They have left a lot of the mountains pristine, after the horrible earth changing events and so forth, people learned not to abuse the earth. The mountains are still beautiful like they have been forever. The cities are still big but there is not contamination from garbage and junk.

JJ: What do they do for farming?

Shirley: That is really highly controlled and only special people can do that and certain land is set aside.

JJ: Why only special people?

Shirley: Well because they know how to produce things very abundantly in small areas and they can plant a crop and harvest it within just a matter of weeks with the technology they use now so therefore they have more than one crop one a year and they can have practically a crop a month of some things so it does not take nearly the amount of space and resources and the land is put to much better use.

JJ: Are the oceans still pretty much in existence?

Shirley: Yes, lots of fish and people still eat a lot of fish but more of the protein is from plant life than from the fish and the animals.

JJ: Are people more vegetarian in this time?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Do they still eat some meat?

Shirley: Yes but that is only on celebrations and occasions otherwise proteins are mostly produced from plants and occasional fish but red meat is only for a celebration or a holiday.

JJ: What type of government exists, do we have a president or some other type of leader?

Shirley: There is not one leader and it is kind of like a board of wise people and each member of the board represents specific area.

JJ: Are they elected?

Shirley: No

JJ: How are they chosen?

Shirley: The people on board are in the position until they die. They have to go through a battery of testing and they have to have a huge amount of education and it has to be proven that they are mentally and spiritually equipped and they have to be able to work with people.

JJ: So if a person wants to be in government he has to go through a battery of tests to see if he is capable?

Shirley: No, usually what happens is when they are a teenager they decide they want to that but it is not easy to obtain and in fact it is very, very difficult to obtain. Just a small, small amount of the population even goes to the schools that prepare them for this.

JJ: Do a lot of them that enter the schools not qualify?

Shirley: Right but then they are also given positions of importance and responsibility in other things like big international things or in deciding and science and the government work together and the people don’t end up really being a governing body like the positions of Judges and president and stuff and they end up working with science so that all of the discoveries that are new are kind of eased in to existence so that it can work well for everybody and every area has its own government but he whole world is really all one people.

JJ: And what kind of transportation do they use, say if you want to go a couple hundred miles away do you use a car or some type of airplane or what?

Shirley: There is an elevated system kind of like it has a track and it uses magnetic stuff and they use that mostly in each individual country but if you want to go to another country across the ocean for pleasure you can take a boat or ship or they have big airplanes like they had thousands of years ago only they are much, much safer and bigger.

JJ: So in America they have like a big mass transit of some type?

Shirley: Yes there is mass transit all over the world.

JJ: Do they still use money?

Shirley: No, they have not used money for many hundreds of years.

JJ: What gives people incentive to work?

Shirley: To be able to work is a joy so and I do not know anybody that does not want to work.

JJ: Because work is enjoyable.

Shirley: Absolutely yes, every type of is done through love so it is a joy to work no matter what you are doing.

JJ: What if somebody does not want to work and they just laze around all the time?

Shirley: They are made fun of.

JJ: Chuckling, so it is kind of embarrassing to say that you do not work?

Shirley: Right I suppose you could if you put up with being teased all the time and if you don’t work then you are left out of a lot of things.

JJ: Interesting, very good.

JJ: Okay we are going to take you into the present again, I am going to count to three and you will back in the present feeling normal and good, one, two and three. Have you ever done this before?

Shirley: No

JJ: What did you think of the future?

Shirley: It was neat!

JJ: Sounds like you went into around 3300 something like that?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Hopefully we have learned a few lessons by then.

Audience: Applause

Audience: That was great thank you, very detailed.

JJ: You can find any physic and pay them $1000 and you will not get a better reading than what she just gave us. Okay that is about all the time we have and there are several other people that could go into the future as well but this gives you a demonstration. She went into the projected future that her soul revealed to her and it may or may not occur exactly like that but that is what she saw through her inner self. She saw a peaceful future that is supposed to be, the Aquarian age is to take us into an age of peace and she saw the year 3300 which is still the Aquarian age for this age will last about 2200 more years so she saw what the age of Aquarius was like in its glory. That is what it is supposed to be like. So lets all hope that we lay the foundation for that to happen. Now are there any questions or comments before we close?

Rob: When you are doing the regression and if there is like obstacles in the way of going back, like thinking something is dangerous – would this prevent the regression?

JJ: There are a number of obstacles like you may have had a traumatic past life like Donna had but she went amazingly easy into it. Did you sense something before you went to that life in Germany?

Donna: Yes I sensed a fear as I was going down the stairs.

JJ: A lot of times people will sense that and refuse to go back. You went back, which is good, and that is probably kind of a breakthrough. Have you ever read anything about that time period?

Donna: No

JJ: A really good book is “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” It is about 1200 pages and it is a really good read and the best book I have read on giving you the whole picture. Also any book by a Holocaust survivor would be a good read as well. Did you see the movie “Schindler’s List”?

Donna: Oh yes.

JJ: That gives you a good idea too. When you were there and especially if you were young you probably felt like it was your universe and reading about it will give the bigger picture of how others suffered as well.

Audience: You should take a walk through the Ann Frank memorial in Boise; they have the only one here in the U.S.

JJ: Do you have any Jewish blood in you in this life?

Donna: I am Irish, Scottish and English.

JJ: Interesting, if you ever have chance to go to another regression then you should do it because two or three more of these will be quite therapeutic.

Donna: It was very scary.

JJ: Yes but by the third time you go back it will not scare you anymore. Then it will be like a weight is lifted from you.

Female member: I am new to the area so I do not know anybody but when I make friends it seems like I know them from somewhere or they know me from somewhere and I have people come up to me all the time and say boy you look really familiar and there is something about you and how do I know you and I am like I do not know you from anywhere.

JJ: Well there are a number of reasons for this and one is that we have met a lot of people in our past lives. That explains part of it and the other part of it is just the familiarity part say like you look a lot like my niece and some people have a face that looks a lot more generic than other people. When I was younger people said that a lot to me and they do not say it as much anymore now that I am getting older. People get sensations about each other. All of this has happened a few times with me and when I have taken some to a past life I find that I did know them in a past life. We incarnate in groups a lot and so maybe the people in your group delayed getting here, where are you from?

Female member: California originally.

JJ: We appreciate your time and thank you all.

Audience: Applause


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Past and Future Lives, Part 4

This entry is part 26 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Regression Experiences

You looked like you really zonked out there, what did you see?

Audience female member: It was strange because before we got to the first door when we were walking through the forest I felt this instant fear and I wanted to run and scream, that was real intense and then when we went through the first door the only thing that came to me was my name was Jenny I seemed to on a farm and I do not what the time period was for sure maybe the early 1900’s but there was there huge apple tree and there was this little boy and I was his mother and that is all I got from the first time period and then when we went through the other door I was a guy and my name was Josh and I have no clue what else.

JJ: Okay everybody that got a name raise your hand. Okay what did you get?

Audience female: Gwyneth and I felt like it was a medieval period and my first husband was there in the first door and it is interesting because in this life my husband has always been fascinated with the medieval period.

JJ: There is a good chance that he lived there and you did too then.

Audience female: All I got was my last name and it was O’rath.

JJ: That is an interesting name.

Audience female: That is very different.

Audience female: I just remember getting down the steps and I as I got down the steps there were more steps and then as I got down these I saw a picture of these chains and irons hanging off the wall as I went down the steps and then as far as coming back goes I saw him smiling at me and then nothing after that.

Wayne: I got two names but the first one would not translate very well into English and it was something like Schvet.

JJ: Scandinavian maybe?

Wayne: Yes maybe something like that, and the second one I went back to a very primitive time and my name was more like a sound I made and people had individual sounds that were associated with them like in caveman days and when you wanted to get somebody’s attention you made a sound that was associated with them.

JJ: I wonder if dogs do that. Okay anybody else?

Audience female: I was struggling at the first door and really trying to concentrate and see him but by the time I got to the second door the name Jennifer came to mind and I think I was a baker, I had a big white apron and was in front of a big brick oven and that is all I remember.

Female member: The first door I did not get a name or much of an image and the second one I got Ialeila and all I saw was light.

Female member: The first door I was a little girl named Sarah Jane Proctor and it was around the turn of the 19th century and I was on vacation with my parents at a lake and the second door I was a man and my name was Hector and I was in a war and completely repelled by the savagery of humanity.

Male member: I saw this knight who rode off into battle and I was kind of broken up about it. When you said that I was an observer than I saw this princess and then saw this image of a naked female baby but she had these big man hands and feet. Laughing!

JJ: Were you the princess?

Audience: Laughing!

Male member: the second life I got something like Ashley and she looked like she could have been a maid the way she was dressed.

Female member: I thought my first one was really disturbing and what I got out of it was that I was a person that had died in the Holocaust in one of the incinerators and I could not get an age, (sobbing) it was disturbing. The second one I got the name Margret Shaw and I got the message, do unto others and this was really disturbing to me.

JJ: A friend of mine whom I don’t know where she is now but she remembered her past without any meditation or anything and she had died in the Holocaust and she was re-born shortly after she had died and was one of the few who remembered her past life without having to go back to retrieve the information. So yes it can be disturbing, did you get anything about your parents or any close to you?

Female member: maybe Margret Shaw has something to do with that, I don’t know.

JJ: Do you think you were killed by a Nazi?

Female member: that was the only thing that made sense to me when I woke up and at the time it did not make any sense. It was like a horror movie and maybe I was a child because I could not rationalize it as an adult.

JJ: You really captured the feeling and that is strong evidence that you had a real past life experience.

One time I regressed a lady who had a disturbing one too where she was in an orphanage in the middle ages and when they had too many kids they just took them down in the basement and chopped their heads off. They had taken her down and chopped of her head and in this life she had neck aches all her life. When I learned this I realized the current pain was caused by this past life and I told her she had to go back and relive this. So I took her back and had her go through it a couple times until it was no longer disturbing. Afterwards her neck pain seemed to have vanished. I met her about 10 or 15 years later and she said that since I had done regressed her she had not had any neck aches and that it took them all away, so that was very interesting.

A lot of our painful experiences of the past leave an imprint on us and we must somehow work through them. You may want to reflect on that when you are going to sleep. It is important that you be able to see anything in your past and be able to handle it and not only in past lives but also this life. When we have something very painful happen to us we will often try and run away from it and try to escape being hurt by that experience but when I find out somebody does not like a certain word said well then I say it often to them because I figure that it is some type of trigger word that is giving them a problem in this life so it is important that you be able to go back and face whatever it was that terrified you. Then you can look at it like it is just something that happened. You will feel a lightness when you do this and it will be a like a burden that has been weighing you down for so long is suddenly lifted and you will feel light. One thing that seems a little unfair is that the bad guys can take good people and give them problems that linger with them for a number of lifetimes but, on the other hand, in the far past we all probably did some bad things so it is all related to karma somehow.

Female member: The first life that I went back into what seemed like Biblical times and all I could see were these huge brick archways and I was stuck inside of the archways in the shadows when you said to be the observer I could see myself as a child and see myself on my death bed so I could see myself in the archways and I know that means something but I did not know what it means right now. When you asked me to look for somebody that I cared about it there was a young girl waiting but it was like she was my sister and I was a male in that life and then in the next life I was a shipbuilder Silar was the name that came to me and the issue had to with trust.

JJ: Very good.

Midge: When I went through the first door and I was going down the steps all of a sudden I realized there was somebody in front of me and we were at the tenth step I heard my mother and when she says my name she says Margret and she says it in this voice that just hits you. It looked like somebody in a big robe that I was following down the stairs and the second time I was in a forest and I was walking through something like moss and then I got caught up there because I was cold and I could feel my feet. Then I got the words, “Take Care” and that was all I got.

Female member: I did not get much in the first door and I think I was a small child in a Quaker family because of the clothes and then I fell asleep.

Female member: I just remember looking down and there is the door and then I see symbols and then I see light and then I am gone.

Female member: I got things but nothing that surprises me; which surprises me.

JJ: Had you been back in the past before?

Female member: Well no but the first one I was an Indian on horseback and I was a man.

JJ: And that did not surprise you at all?

Female member: No, not really and the second one I was a monk and extremely happy, oh I said that tonight didn’t I, that I was just very happy! My name was Michael and I was looking and talking with friends and the only word I got was abundance.


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Past and Future Lives, Part 3

This entry is part 25 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

What finally made me take reincarnation seriously was a disc0overy of two handwritings that matched. The one was a living person who I knew well and the second was a person who had died long ago. Comparing the handwriting of one life with another will sometimes be a close match if the person has not changed a lot. There are no two handwritings that are the same just like there are no two fingerprints that are the same and finding two matched handwritings is like finding two fingerprints that are the same. I found two handwriting samples that matched almost identically and even had a couple little quirky things that are in maybe one out of every thousand writings. Then when you add several of them together it would make the probability of them being this close one out of millions. I stepped back and I thought I had been seeing this evidence and I had rationalized and now I had to take a second look and look at it with fresh eyes.

I had been seeing what the church told me to look at it and now I must look at it without the church’s influence. I decided to take all the scriptures and read them anew as if I did not know anything and when I did this I found hundreds of pieces of evidence both in the Mormon scriptures and in the Bible that there is reincarnation. It was amazing how many there were. Some of the early church fathers in the Christian church were against reincarnation and when the first bibles were put together there was a lot of editing where they took doctrines out but they could not get everything out because the subtle things proving reincarnation they missed. Like with John The Baptist for instance, there is a prophecy that Elijah was supposed to come again and precede the Messiah. Well the disciples came to Jesus and said if you are the messiah than where is Elijah? And Jesus said point blank, Elijah did come again and he came again in the person John The Baptist. John The Baptist is Elijah and so and he did precede the messiah so the prophecy was fulfilled.

That is about as clear as word can be in the Bible and when you give this to a religious person the only counter he will hit you with is the account of somebody coming to John The Baptist and asking him if he was Elijah and he said no I am just a voice of one crying in the wilderness. There are several reasons why John the Baptist said no and Jesus said yes. First, Jesus saw with a higher vision than John the Baptist and it is quite possible that John the Baptist did not know that he was Elijah and maybe he just did not remember. Secondly if he would have said he was Elijah he probably would have been killed prematurely and he wanted to avoid giving a dangerous answer. After all, Jesus was killed for not denying he was the messiah so John had a really good reason to avoid answering that question directly and he said no I am just a voice crying in the wilderness.

So anyway, I read all the scriptures through and I found evidence after evidence and from that point on I changed my course of study. I have always been interested in oddball things. I studied hypnosis when I was 16 and supposedly a good Mormon but then I started studying many interesting things that were far outside the realm of the church. One of the things that caught my attention the most were the writings of Alice A. Bailey, I think her writings are the deepest writings on the planet and contain tremendous depth of teaching and many of the things that are taught by the new age gurus comes from the Alice A. Bailey writings.

When I first took people back I used hypnosis but after using hypnosis for a while it did not take me long to see that it is not as dangerous as the elders in the church use to warn me about but it does have some negative effects. If a person is hypnotized on a regular basis, he gets more susceptible to hypnosis so what I did was switch from hypnosis to guided meditations and in guided meditations you do go deep enough to loose the awareness of what is going on around you. In regular hypnosis you go so deep that when you are awakened you do not even remember what happened and when you get that deep it is really easy to take people into past lives. Guided meditation works just about as well and I have not been able to find any negative side effects with it and as a matter of fact everything associated with it is positive as long as the intent behind the meditation is good.

We will now proceed with a guided meditation for the whole group.

The first thing we will do is relax ourselves and the more relaxed you are the easier it is to go back. Relax clear your thoughts and we are going to concentrate relaxing all the muscles in the body first and get ourselves in a nice relaxed state of mind. This makes it easier to go through the guided meditation. First of all concentrate on your right leg and let your concentration go clear up to your toes and visualize a beam light coming through the ceiling and touching your toes producing a nice warm tingling sensation. Now the beam of light is proceeding up your toes to your feet, then your ankle and moving slowly up your leg and as this beam of light moves up your leg you can feel that there is something about this beam of light that is relaxing you. It is moving up past your knee to your thigh to your hip, your whole right leg is completely relaxed and feels very, very good. Now the beam of light switches over to the toes on your left foot, it is proceeding upward covering your whole foot, on up your leg to your knee, your thigh, your hip, and now your whole left leg is totally relaxed and feel both of your legs and they feel like they are floating on a cloud or in warm water, they are so light. They feel very relaxed, now concentrate on your right arm and the beam of light is now touching the fingers on your right arm producing that nice, pleasant warm sensation and livening you yet relaxing you at the same time.

The beam of light is proceeding up your hand to your wrist, your arm, up to your elbow and now proceeding up to your shoulder and you can feel your whole right arm completely relaxing and now the beam of light is proceeding to over to your left hand and proceeding up your left arm relaxing all the muscles in your left arm completely relaxing your left arm, proceeding up to your elbow and shoulders and both arms and hands are now completely relaxed. They feel like they could float they are so relaxed. Now the beam of light is centered in the top of your head and again you feel the warm sensation from the beam of light, it is proceeding down your forehead and touches both of your eyes and it is very comforting. Your nose, mouth, your cheeks, your throat, your neck, all the muscles in your head are completely relaxed like they have never been before. Now the beam of light is centered around your neck area and is moving down your body, all around your shoulders, to your ribs, stomach and covering all of your torso, until your whole body is now covered with the beam of light and every single muscle in your whole body is now completely relaxed. You have never felt so peaceful, so tranquil, like you are floating on a cloud, just floating away without a care in the world and it feels very, very pleasant and you feel very relaxed, very relaxed.

Now in this very relaxed state it is easy to visualize and see anything you want to see. You see your self floating, floating up and there is a cloud above you and you float up to the top of this cloud and you are laying there not worried about anything. You can look down from this cloud and because you are so light it is impossible to fall because you are as light as a cloud. You look down and you see a path, a path that is leading to a forest, and you decide to jump off this could and gently descend to the path. You land on this path and you start walking on it and you look ahead and some distance ahead you see a forest. The path continues into the forest and you decide to walk on the path into the forest. There are little birds chirping as you walk along the path and little cute, harmless animals running around in the forest. You continue walking and you come to this wall, you look at this wall and you think you want to go to the other side, you walk back and forth and you discover a door and somehow you know this door will take you wherever you want to go. It can take into the past or into the future. This particular door will take you into the past. You grab the door and you pull it open and discover ten steps downward. As you move onward down the steps and reach the tenth step you will be in your past life. You will be able to think as you did then, feel as you felt then, to see as you saw then, to remember as you remembered then and you will be able to remember who you have been in the past.

You walk through this door and this takes you back into the past. You begin to walk down the ten steps and when you get down to the tenth step you will be back in your past. You step on the first step, the second step, the third step and each step that you take you feel more comfortable and very much at peace, prepared to see whatever there is to see. You are on the fourth step, fifth step, sixth step, seventh step, each step takes you to a deeper more comfortable relaxed state, eighth step, ninth step, and to the tenth step.

Who are you is the question? You are back into a past life, you ask yourself, who are you? I am going to count to three and the answer will come, you know who you are, where you are, what you have been doing, one…two…three, who are you? Think to yourself that you know who you are, I know who I am, I know who I am. Say it to yourself three times, I know who I am, I know who I am, I know who I am, You know where you are and you know what time period you are in. Now you are proceeding along this lifetime to the time that you met the person that you love very much. It could be a spouse, family member, someone you admired. This person is coming into your view. You know who he or she is and you know what the relationship is.

Now you can step back from this life and look at it as an observer. Look at the beginning of this life and you can follow it along clear to the end of this life and you can get a good idea of what this life was all about. Now you are an observer again just observing and you see another wall, there is another doorway that takes you back to another life still. You open the doorway and there are ten more steps and it will take you to another life even farther back in the past. You open the door and you begin to descend, one step, two, three, you are going even deeper than before and you are more relaxed and peaceful, four, five, six, seven, eight, just about there, nine and ten. You know who you are. Think to yourself, I know who I am, I know who I am – think that to yourself. You can see this lifetime and you know what you are doing, if you have accomplished anything of worth or not, a lesson that you have learned and so on. I am going to count to three and the name in this life will come to your mind. One, two, three, your name comes and you know what your name was and you know who your friends are. Now there was a particular lesson that you had to learn in this life and this particular lesson is coming to you, I am going to count to three and the lesson that you learned in this life will be made clear to you. One, two, three, the lesson that you learned is coming to your mind. Now we are returning to the present and I am going to count to three and you are going be in the present and you are going to remember very clearly everything that you saw and encountered in your past. One, you are returning to the present, two, you are almost there and three you have returned to the present feeling very good.

Okay now we’ll check with some of you to see what kind of memories you retrieved.


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Past and Future Lives, Part 2

This entry is part 24 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

When I was about twelve our neighbor got a book about Bridey Murphy. Has everyone heard of that? She was talking about it with my Mom and referring to past lives and I thought that is it! That makes sense to me. This really struck a chord and from that moment on I believed in reincarnation. Then my Dad, who was an inventor, invented this kitty litter and in 1956 he sold everything he had and invested it all in this kitty litter plant. Customers bought a kit that had a cardboard litterbox and a bag of kitty litter. You open up the kit and you throw the bag of sand in the box and when it was used then you throw the box and the sand away and buy a new one. He and my uncle put everything they had into this and everything looked good and they began to sell everything locally and were ready to go national. Sears placed a large order and they put every penny they had into producing as many of these as they could. The printer that was printing these boxes did a bad job and so they had to have all the boxes reprinted. But they had spent all their money and did not have enough money to reprint the boxes and so they went under. If not for that one little fluke then I would probably have a really big inheritance today. Because kitty litter is a really big business today and my Dad was the one who invented it.

So he lost everything. At that time we had a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk and it was the best looking sports car around and everywhere my dad went people would gather around to take a look at it. Well that was repossessed and we got this old 1936 Ford pick up that was about on its last leg. We moved over to the big city of Letha, Idaho in between New Plymouth and Emmett. I found out that I made up about 2% of the population there and that is where I met Wayne. His dad owned half the town and was still a poor man.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: But anyway we went from just being on the verge of living the good life and making millions to losing everything almost instantly. In Letha is where I kind of got some influence from the church because my grandmother thought, ah Joe is moving here and I can get him going to church. My grandmother loved the church very much. She was a very sweet gal and everybody that met her thought she was the most wonderful person in the world and my dad liked her too. When my dad was growing up she always hauled him off to church and he could not say no to her because she was so sweet. When my mom married my dad she thought she was marrying a religious guy who always went to church. But right after they got settled into the marriage she says to dad, lets go to church and he said, I am never going to church again as long as I live. And she says, what I though I married a good Mormon here! And he says, no, my mom hauled me off to church every Sunday since the day I was born and I could not say no to her and now that I am away from her I am never going again! So my dad became a notorious drinker and partier for pretty much the rest of his life. He was an interesting guy to be around but he was not really religious or anything.

JJ: So anyway my grandmother had her sights set on me when we lived there and she used to drive by and pick me up for church. I would look through the window on Sunday morning and if I saw her driving by (we lived near a prune orchard) I would hop out the back window and run off in the orchard and hide.

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: But sometimes when she drove up I was asleep and she just caught me and she was so sweet that you just couldn’t say no to her and I could understand why my dad could never say no to her. She was just the sweetest little gal you ever met. So when she caught me I went to church. When we went to church me and this other kid, Larry Larson – who Wayne will remember – in Sunday school we were the best behaved and the teacher would always point out to the rest of the class how much Joe and Larry over here were so nice and paying attention and why could not he rest of the kids be more like us. Larry and I would look at each other and say, that is because we are bored stiff!

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: These other kids were throwing candy and erasers and we were just bored with this whole church thing. Then one day it was Easter and I was feeling a little guilty and I thought I should go to church since it was Easter and so by this time my mom had moved about a block away from the church and I was walking over to it. I was thinking to myself, lets look at this church thing logically. According to religion if I am a good guy and go to church every Sunday then when I die I will go to some heavenly bliss for all eternity. I thought that is really not a bad deal if the heavenly bliss is what they build it up to be. After all, a snap of a finger in relation to a lifetime is like a lifetime in relation to eternity.

I began to reason within myself that it is kind of like taking a test for an hour to determine the quality of the rest of your life. I thought why would I not endure a test for an hour even if it were boring if the reward was so great? So I thought maybe I should try this out logically and I made a deal with myself to attend church for six weeks. The only trouble was I didn’t know if I could handle the boredom.

Interestingly, a few weeks before that the bishop called me and he says how come you do not go to church regularly? I told him because it is really boring. And he says, boring!!! He acted like he had never heard anybody say that before. He says what could it possibly be boring? I said the songs; the hymns are just so boring and they put you to sleep. He says they are lovely hymns and everybody loves them! I said not me, now Elvis I like him, and rock and roll is fine and I am sorry but it pains me to listen to the hymns. He says what else bothers you? I said the speeches and sermons; they are just so boring. The speakers say nothing new and they just drag along. He says we have some wonderful speakers in our church and I don’t understand for everybody loves them. I said well not me they are just boring. Anyway, a few weeks later I was walking along and I thought if I decide to got to church the only thing that I am not sure that I can handle is the boredom. So I will make a deal with my self and go for six weeks and if I can handle the boredom for six weeks then I will go the rest of my life and if I can’t then I will be like my dad and eat drink and be merry.

So I started going for six weeks and thanks to friends like Wayne and others that were like him in the group of guys I seemed to have handled it.

Wayne: We taught him how to be rowdy!

JJ: They taught me how to enjoy myself but rather than just follow I took the lead and I started these contests as to who could bring the most outrageous thing to eat and the biggest thing to drink during the Sunday meetings and not get caught. Well our friend John Cannon won the contest; he brought a quart bottle of Pepsi and drank the whole thing during the Sacrament meeting without getting caught. That was pretty hard thing to do! I brought pork chops and eat them.

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: All the kids thought that was the most outrageous thing they had ever seen. Then I learned to join in with the rest of the kids in doing some hellraising and it kind of broke the monotony.

The bishop hauled me in one more time and said I heard you believe in reincarnation and I said well yea and he said let me read you a scripture, “it is given in a man once to die and after this the judgment.” And I read it and thought; it does seem to say that doesn’t it. He said yes there is only one life. Then he said I also heard you drink and smoke. I said well, sometimes! I was only twelve!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: He says you are not supposed to drink and smoke. I said really I did not know that! So he committed me to not drink and smoke. So I was a pretty good guy for quite some time and obeyed all the rules. Then my brother in-law who was interested in a bunch of oddball stuff, came by one time and he and he left this book on hypnosis. In those days, around 1959, you could not even find a book on hypnosis, and now these books are widely available. He had gotten this book written by a stage hypnotist and I read all the way through it and then at the end it finally told you how to hypnotize someone. So I studied it over carefully and experimented with a couple of my friends and it seemed to work and then I started doing it at school and at church and it seemed to work at the time and after church I would take people into a room that nobody was in and hypnotize them. And then at school during the lunch hour I would take some kids out on the lawn and then have them do crazy stuff. Then I got it from two different sides, the bishop calls and says you are not supposed to be hypnotizing people and I said does it say anything in the Bible about that?

Audience: Laughter

JJ: He says well no and I said I would just keep doing it then. (Laughter) He really did not have a good answer for me and he said well you just be careful because that could be dangerous.

The same thing happened in high school. My teachers all pointed me out right in the middle of class and said, you should not be hypnotizing people! I said, why not? Is it illegal? The teacher answered, Well, no I don’t think so. Is it against school rules? Not that I know of. They did not have anything in the school rules about it so I said well I guess I will just keep doing it then. Laughing! I had a couple teachers that were really negative on me but there was no rule against it so I just kept doing it.

So we had a lot of fun things happen and I will tell you about one in particular. This one guy comes up to me and says I hear you can hypnotize somebody to eat an onion and it will taste like a peach or something like that. I asked him if he wanted to do that and he said yes. So I started to put him under and there is one thing I discovered about hypnosis at that time, is that nothing takes a person out of a trance faster than laughter. As a matter of fact, people will not laugh under deep hypnosis unless you tell them to laugh, So I was putting him under and it was going well, well enough so that he could eat an onion and it would taste like a peach and then someone cracked a joke and everybody started to laugh. The guy came partially out of his trance and he started laughing too. I was not positive how deep I had him under because the laughter kind of broke the atmosphere but I thought had him deep enough and so I told him after I wake you up we are going to go down to Brownies, the local grocery store, and get you an onion and you are going to eat it and it will taste like a peach. So I woke him up and a big crowd of us students goes down to the corner local grocery store and there is nobody in it but one clerk. There was big box of onions next to the counter and the guy goes up and says, I want one onion please, and he grabs the onion and looks at it and the clerk looks at him like, what are these high school kids up to now. The kid then takes a bite out of the onion and begins chewing and then all of a sudden he spits it out all over the floor. Laughing! Apparently I did not have him under deep enough!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: That was one time I lost a little bit of credibility with that group. I had done this many other times where I had them do stuff like that but that laughter must have broke the trance and suggestion. Hypnosis kind of led me to discover past lives and the first time that really got me going was when Wayne and I were double dating. That is Wayne from the book right over there, and to break the monotony Wayne tells the gals that my friend here is a hypnotist and would you like to be hypnotized and the gal says yes.

She was a pretty good subject and I had taken several people back to the day they were born and it was kind of interesting to see them re-live their first few hours. Some people say they can’t see hardly at all for a couple days and it takes a while for their eyes to adjust and almost everybody says they really feel and sense their mother’s love, so anyway I took her back to the day she was born and as I said she was a pretty good subject. As a Mormon we believed in pre-existence but not reincarnation and the Mormons believe in only one life but you did live before you were born in heavenly spheres. So I wondered what would happen if I took her back to before she was born and what she would say. So I told her to go back before she born and then she began speaking with an English accent and gave her name – that she lived in northern England. What was interesting about this was when I was a young Mormon I went on a 2 year mission to northern England exactly in the area where she said she lived in a past life.

What is interesting about England is that accent is different in different parts of the country just as the accent is different for people in different parts of the south or in Boston and so on. It is the same thing in England where there are different variations of accents in northern and southern England. Most of what we hear is what they call the Queen’s English or the James Bond accent but in northern England they speak a lot faster and it is a lot harder to understand. But anyway in her past life she had lived in northern England and I had spent 2 years in northern England so I knew the accent well but what really got my motor going is that when regressed she spoke with a perfect northern British accent that hardly anybody here would recognize. I thought wow she speaks with a perfect northern British accent, this is amazing. That was the first scientific evidence that made me really doubt the one life idea.

Then I had this girlfriend over in Portland and we were attending a party after church and it was at a member’s house. It was kind of boring so I told everybody there that I was a hypnotist and that I could take people back to the day they were born if someone wants to go back. Everybody said, oh really, they seemed to have doubt that this was possible. Then the lady of the house said put me in a chair and take me back. Now about this time as I was getting ready to take her back her husband had to run out for snacks so he took off to the store. Then I took her back to the day she was born. Then I thought lets try going back to the previous life and see if anything materializes again. Now this was only the second time I had tried to take someone back beyond their birth.

So I took her back to before she was born and she went back to the days of the Roman Empire and said that she was married to a Roman senator named Marcus Aurelius, not the emperor but another guy with that name in the senate, and another interesting fact about that life is that he was killed in battle. Then I took her back to an even earlier life in prehistoric primitive times and she described different types of animals than there are today. Then her husband returned and I brought her back to the present and everybody says take him back. He did not know what was going on so he said, back where? So we sat him down and took him back with the same procedure and I said what is your name?

He said Marcus Aurelius, a Roman senator. You should have seen all these Mormons because they were not supposed to believe in reincarnation! So I quizzed him and I said how did you die and he said I was killed in battle. He gave the same story she gave and then I took him farther back and he went back to prehistoric times as well and I said was your current wife your wife in prehistoric times? He said yes, we did not have an official marriage back then but we spent our lives together. I asked him, when you met in this life did you seem familiar to each other and he said yes, he proposed about a week after they had met and they knew immediately that we were supposed to be together. So we had discovered two lifetimes they had together and that explained why they immediately recognized each other in this life and being good Mormons they thought that it was from the heavenly spirit world that they knew each other but by taking them back we discovered it was reincarnation.

The interesting thing is that it shook up a lot of people there and people came to me said, this shakes my testimony and I said I do not want to destroy anybody’s faith and this could be like a genetic memory and there a number of explanations for it. And even though I had seen all this proof myself I still did not believe it 100% and I did not believe it 100% until I had several other unusual experiences.


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Past and Future Lives, Part 1

This entry is part 23 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

The subject today is past and future lives. The course of time between the past and the future is sometimes called a time line or a time track. Visualize it like a railroad track where you can go backward or forward and the present is where the train is kind of stopped. A lot of people think that going into the past is possible but what about going into the future? Going into the future is a little tricky because the future is not created yet, but the future is projected and the end of certain of cycles is pretty much set in stone.

For instance this earth has a beginning, middle and an end. The end is set and there is no way the earth or any form is going to last forever. However, what is in the middle is malleable, flexible and changes according to decisions made. We have all seen the time travel movies where a guy travels back to the past and he does something in there that was different and all of a sudden the future and present are changed. Like the guy goes back and receives a wound on the face and he develops a scar immediately in the present. So what he did by altering the past was he changed the future and the future changed instantly.

The idea of the movie, the “Butterfly Effect,” comes from Ray Bradbury’s story, “The Sound of Thunder,” where they go back in the past and receive strict instructions not to touch anything and one guy falls off the track and he kills this butterfly and that was the only change they made like 200 million years ago. Then they came back to the present and they were ruled by a Hitler type government and everything had been changed because of one little butterfly. So it is interesting that what is in between the certain set cycles is still malleable. But there is a time track and a projection into the future and that projection into the future is what the psychics and the prophets see but they are often wrong and the reason they are wrong is because it is not set. But there certain things that are set, there are certain cycles and when the end of a cycle happens certain things will occur.

The Masters study these cycles and they predict the end and the beginning of various cycles. As a matter of fact the famous prophecy made by Jesus in Matthew 24 is really about cycles. In the regular version it says, “Tell us about thy coming in the end of the world,” but that is a complete mistranslation. “World” comes from the Greek word aonian, which means, “an age.” So what they were really asking here is tell us about the end of the age or the end of the cycle. So Jesus began predicting certain things at the end of a cycle. These are the easiest things to predict because cycles repeat. You have heard the term “history repeats itself.” He is merely talking about the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle when these prophecies were made.

Cyclic prediction is the most reliable and this is what astrology does as well but astrology is very complicated because you are dealing with cycles that involve all of the planets plus the sun and moon so you have a lot of complicated cycles to deal with. If a good astrologer understands the cycles and the symbolism he gives can be fairly accurate. So it is interesting that what is in between the various cycles is malleable. It is a little like you being Leonardo Da Vinci and you are going to paint the “Mona Lisa.” You have a vision in your mind what the painting is going to look like when it is done but when you start painting it you begin to make changes – say maybe the color here needs to be different and the eyes are wrong so you change them. In the between the beginning and the end you do a lot of things that you did not know you were going to do. You just knew how you wanted it to end but you had a rough idea of all the details. Maybe you knew your work hours, you knew the types of paint you were going to use, the type of canvas, how talented you were and what work you were capable of doing, but all the little mistakes that you make in between are impossible to predict.

I use to have arguments with the born again Christians sometimes and they would say, God knows everything and I would say, did God know I was going to snap my fingers right now and they would say yes! Well why would He even want to know that? Why would He want to clutter His mind up with such detail? If you were the creator of the Mona Lisa do you want to clutter your mind up with every little brush stroke and detail? Does God want to clutter his mind with future details like when people scratch an itch? No life form would have any interest in such trivia. But what all the greater lives are interested in are the cycles – the beginning, the end and then making the end good, making the end better than the beginning. This is probably the strongest argument for reincarnation; in the fact that if everything we observe goes in cycles then wouldn’t our lives go in cycles too?

Within a lifetime we have various cycles, you have seven year cycles, fourteen year cycles, you have your Saturn cycle which is a little over twenty eight years. You have several cycles within your life and when you examine them you can see how they have played out. It is a good idea to examine your life in cycles of ten years. You can examine your life for achievement and setting goals and this type of thing. So look at the cycles of decades in the past and then you want to project the next ten years and compare it to the last ten years. Cycles are a bit like wave lengths but also spirals. The wave length gets bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller depending on whether it is ascending or descending.

The end of the cycle is always different from the beginning. In the Book of Revelations God says, “Behold I do all things new.” Yet we always hear in church that God always does the same thing but He does not really say that. He only says the He is the same in the fact that He is dependable but He says “I do all things new.” He says this several times in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Now if God does all things new – that presents a much different idea than what we hear in the churches of the world. He does things new when a new age begins and it begins in a new wavelength that is a bit stronger or a higher octave than the old cycle. We are at the beginning of the Aquarian Age and it is more constructive than the beginning of the Piscean Age.

We look back to the days of Jesus and the average life span was 27 years and now the average life span is about 75 years for male and 77 for females. Females live longer because they give us guys such a hard time that we end up living a couple of years less!

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: I had to throw that in!

So at the end of an age things are always at a little higher vibration than the previous age unless there is a big mistake made for few things are 100% predictable. Every once in a while a new age is worse than an old age and it has to be compensated for. This does not happen very often but it happened in the days of Atlantis when it was destroyed. They had a great anti-Christ there which was actually Hitler in a past life and in that life he succeeded and so he paved the way for the destruction of the whole continent. So this is an example of an age that did not work out very well. In Atlantis the dark brothers had actually conquered The Brotherhood of Light and the only thing that the Lord of the World could do was to allow destruction and begin anew.

Audience: But it did not destroy the world it destroyed Atlantis.

Yes they did not destroy the whole planet but destroyed the continent. The continent went through several destructions but there was a core battle between what was called the dark lords or the lords of dark face, and the Brotherhood of Light. The Light Brothers in that life lost but then we came back and we corrected it here and this time Hitler was defeated by the Allies, but he was just barely defeated. If you study World War II you’ll see some of the things that could have turned and led Hitler to victory. There were about 5 or 6 bad decisions that Hitler made and if he would not have made them then there was a good chance that he would have won World War II. Driving Einstein out of the country, which led to the development of the atomic bomb by the Allies, is certainly something that we should be thankful for. Another example is the battle of Dunkirk where Britain had thousands of soldiers rescued so they could fight again. Then there was The Battle of Britain where they just had a handful of pilots in the air at the end. If Hitler would have known how few planes England had left he would have continued and won the battle. If he would have had a little patience and waited on invading Russia and concentrated on us instead he would have probably won. It’s kind of unsettling to thin k about it.

Rob: So when an age does not work out the way that it supposed to then you say there is some kind of compensation?

JJ: Well it is a little like a lifetime. If you screw up a lifetime then you must come back and repeat a similar situation where you succeed this time. Like if you commit suicide because you are depressed because you are not succeeding you come back and wind up in a similar situation. This time, when you are thinking of committing suicide you get a little déjà vu and you think, well I am sensing that this is not going to work. Because you have already done it and now you are right back there again. So this time maybe you do not commit suicide or maybe you commit suicide two lifetimes in a row but you keep coming back until finally you learn your lesson and you do it right.

Now most lifetimes we go through we do it basically right and we learn some lessons. It may not seem that way sometimes but we often learn more than we think we do. And then some lifetimes we do legitimately screw up and this is the same thing with an age. In most ages we learn something and then we go on and the next age is better. Then once in a while humanity will just screw up an age and become ripe for destruction. Civilizations in the past has been destroyed quite a few times on this planet and now we do have the power to destroy our selves like we have never done before. Hopefully we are smart enough to work through it together and develop peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

The main subject here is reincarnation and I will talk to you just a little bit before we take you back. I believed in reincarnation naturally, so to speak, and when I was young my parents did not take me to church or anything. My dad was a notorious drinker and he was not very religious at all. My parents were baptized in the Mormon Church and about once a year or so maybe Easter my Mom would haul me off to church and I would disrupt things because I did not know what was going on and I did not like it.

Audience: Laughing!

I usually embarrassed her so she only went on special occasions. I do not remember much about religion when young except for when I was a child about 5 or 6 and I remember thinking, 5 or 6 years ago I was not even here. I thought, where in the world was I? I used to think about that a lot and from the time.


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The Last Life, Part 5

This entry is part 22 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Before the person makes the breakthrough to access the Spiritual Internet he goes through the Dark Night of the Soul and in order to plug into the Spiritual Internet he has got to have new petals unfold and new energies added to circulation. When these final energies begin to unfold it creates a tremendous disturbance in the force, so to speak, and he will often undergo an encounter with the dweller in the threshold which we do not have time to go into right now. He will often encounter very disturbing energies. Even though these energies are good because we have not felt them before it takes a lot of adjustment to adapt our selves to these new energies.

The seeker will be very isolated and wonder what is happening to him and he will maybe even undergo depression and he will feel a tremendous sense of isolation like he is the only person in the universe that God has picked on to undergo this tremendous disturbance in the force that surrounds him that is making him feel so weird and so strange. There is nobody he can talk to about what is going on so he will go through this period of the dark night of the soul to where he feels isolated from everything and everyone and he will even wonder if God is his enemy and if God is just picking on him. But if he continues then he adjusts to these energies and creates a conduit to the Spiritual Internet and through the oneness principle he blends his soul with other souls in a group, a group of entities that is associated with every other spiritual group of souls on this planet.

He will have a particular group that he will blend with. There is quite a number in each one of our groups. But there are people on our wavelength that have progressed farther than us and there others who maybe living in different places on the earth that are in a similar state of progression to our selves.

Audience: Can this be done in one lifetime?

JJ: There is one particular lifetime that you will have this happen and then in another lifetime it will often repeat what we have learned in a past lifetime but it will be a little bit quicker and easier each time we achieve it. It is like every time we are conceived we go through all of our evolution and neural patterns illustrated in the growth of the fetus. In the beginning, the fetus even has a tail and it’s development from conception to birth shows how we evolved through the animal kingdom. We also repeat our spiritual evolution but the more times we repeat something the more times it much quicker and easier to master it.

Back to the group mind. The seeker tunes in and he goes through this sense of isolation and extreme loneliness. Has anyone here ever gone through a period where they just felt really alone and it did not make sense as to why? A period of extreme loneliness – all disciples who work through a period of this dark night go through a cycle of extreme loneliness and isolation then they will make a breakthrough. Their mind will merge like when Spock talks about a Vulcan mind meld so to speak. You have a mind meld with a number of entities and it could be hundreds or thousands, I am not sure exactly of the number but it is quite a number of entities and the number that you are connected with are connected with others, so it is really a very large number that you are linked with all together.

When this connection is made the disciple then draws down a tremendous amount of inspiration and knowledge and what is good for the disciple is that he will never feel alone again. He can be completely alone or he can be with a group but he will never feel alone because he will always be in the presence of his friends and this is why people like the Master Jesus for instance, no matter how much or how many people criticized Him, He was patient and always talking like He was in the house of His friends. The great entities that have been upon the earth have been this way. They are always talking like they are in the house of their friends because they are connected to their spiritual group and they never feel isolated.

Then when they are connected to their spiritual group the next step in all things is to do a great service for mankind and their service begins to multiply in each lifetime and their ability to serve becomes greater. When they develop the ability to selflessly serve then they get excited again! Every new wave of evolution we get excited. When we were in our selfish mode we were not excited about serving at all and we just wanted other people to make us feel good and now it is the other way around. Now we serve others and the more we can serve and lighten the burdens of others the better the disciple will feel.

This is completely opposite of what he was when he developed his selfish side. I will not go through all the details but we go through a series of initiations until we have proven that we are master of everything in the physical world, the emotional world, the mind, reason, the intuition, spiritual manipulation and mastery of spiritual powers. Of course the great example of the person who achieved this is Jesus, He set the example of what a person should be like when he has overcome.

Even so, that may not be His last life. Do you think that once a person reaches this stage that if he wants to go back and be born again that he can do it? What is there to stop him if he has something that he needs or wants to do? If he has some reason that he needs to come back and be born again where he can accomplish a great mission that may be his choice. It is interesting that the Christian world thinks that He just would not do that. Well can you read His mind? Do you think that He will never want to be born again and if He did want to do that what would prevent Him? Once a person has mastered an area if he wants to delve into the area he has mastered and play around with it or perform a service there is nothing stopping him.

The Christ himself is a great example for us to look for and most of us has many, many lifetimes to go before we reach this point and if we don’t know where our place is we probably should not assume that we are close to reaching our last life. We should assume that this lifetime is preparation for the next lifetime. That is one thing that I like about re-incarnation.

The criticism of re-incarnation is that well if you know you have another chance then you can just screw around in this life, I do not feel that way at all. If I am going to come back in another life I want it to be a good one so I am going to plant some good seeds and learn my lesson here so that I do not have to repeat them in my next lifetime. I have learned some hard lessons in this life and I do not want to have to repeat them. Hopefully I have learned them so that I do not have to go through them again. When you look at reincarnation in the right light it makes you try all the harder.

Now when a person is on a lower level of his evolution and centered in the emotional vehicle then he may think that, “I have another chance in my next lifetime so I can screw up and do anything I want in this lifetime.” Some of the people in the East do that and I think this is one of the reasons a lot of the prophets have emphasized the one life because a lot of average people have more incentive. But when you see the whole picture, nothing gives you incentive like the truth. Because when you see the whole picture and see that you are preparing for a better life with this life and everything that you do now will have repercussions for many lifetimes to come then we might as well prepare for many lives that will be happy and productive ones.

Okay that pretty much covers the basics, are there any questions?

Audience: Were there any other qualities that we should work on besides the ones that you mentioned such as do not be a hypocrite and speak against hypocrisy, always speak the truth, spiritual oneness and spiritual powers?

JJ: What do you think some others are Wayne he always has an insight or two.

Wayne: As we incarnate we come back in each lifetime not in retrograde to the place we were in evolution. We come back to the place where were when we expired from our previous lifetime, that each lifetime is an improvement no matter how gradual in our mental abilities. As the mental abilities progress we also come back physically more perfected. So I would expect a person who is on final turn of the spiral in his life cycles that he would have a perfected mental and physical body, He may be perfected spiritually but for us that would be hard to see but it is not hard to see physical beauty and mental acuity and clarity of thought and living a life of harmlessness and so on. Having lived with myself for several years now I figure I probably have a lifetime or two left to go.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: It is interesting that so many people think that Jesus was perfect but did you realize that the Bible does not say He was perfect. The word perfect as we use it in the English language comes from the Greek word Akrabella and do you know who was striving to be akrabella in the Bible? The people who crucified Jesus. They were the ones who put the attention on being flawless. But when it speaks of Jesus being made perfect – when it says that or to be perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect – it does not use the word akrabella. It uses another Greek word “Teleios” that means to finish the job you are given to do. So, if we translate that right, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect” here is what that means, “Do the job you are given to do even as God completes the job he has to do.”.

Audience: So you could say perfect and you could say that I perfected it and it is not perfect but it is done.

JJ: Right you accomplished your job but that is not the end. So Jesus came here he had a job to do and He finished the job and that was the meaning of the Greek word. He finished His job. But as far as being flawless the Bible says that whoever is nailed to a tree is cursed of God and what did they do to Jesus? They nailed Him to a tree, a cross. According to the Old Testament Jesus was cursed of God right there. Perhaps he had that happen just to illustrate that he was imperfect in the standards of His day even in His death. He was supposed to be cursed of God according to the laws of Moses.

The Jews had all kinds of regulations on how to be perfect. On the Sabbath you could not wear any sandals with nails in them because that created extra weight and made you work more. You could only take so many steps like 140 or something and they had all these silly regulations of what you could and could not do on the Sabbath. Jesus and His disciples went through this wheat field and grabbed a few grains for them selves because it was the custom of the day that if you went through a field you could grab a few for your self so it was not really stealing. Anyway His disciples grabbed some and someone saw them and said ah-ha they are working on the Sabbath, they are harvesting.

Wayne: An example I find kind of amusing that even today if you go to Israel on the Sabbath and you go into an elevator all the buttons for the floors would be pushed because that is work.

JJ: So they are still pretty fussy about that?

Wayne: Yes they are pretty ritualistic on how they eat and work and things like that.

JJ: So, if Christ were to appear again as a regular guy to the religious leaders do you think they would think He was perfect?

Audience: No

JJ: Probably not.

Audience: When your heart petals or any of the chakras open does it hurt?

JJ: Well, the reason some fairly evolved people have a lot of heart problems is because their heart petals are opening and they having a hard time adjusting to it. It is difficult and painful trying to adjust to the new energies and in each lifetime we have one or more of the petals open. Now sometimes we have a Sabbath were do not have to adjust to an energy and I believe we have a Sabbath approximately every seventh life where we just kick back and relax and everything goes really smoothly but the other six lives are work and the fact that new energies are unfolding and when the new energy unfolds it is disruptive and it leads us to something that we have never done before that is difficult.

We like to do the old and familiar but our soul is always leading us to new things. If you were a musician in your last life and this comes to you very easily then you want to be a musician but the new energy will lead you in an entirely new direction like maybe an astronaut or something. When the heart energies open and the spiritual love begins to flow through us and if we resist then this will cause heart problems. There a lot of people that have heart problems in this country, which shows that there are spiritual love energies that are flowing through them that they may be resisting.

Now everything is not black and white either and there are other problems that cause ailments but the blockage of energies or resisting of energies can certainly stimulate various problems. If, for instance, people that are having their third eye open will often have sinus problems. You can tell by looking at the human body because where you have physical problems will be around some center that is opening up. Now the thing to realize is that they do not open up all at once. You do not have the heart center open and then the solar plexus open and throat center open. You may have say you ten petals in the solar plexus and you may have six of them open and then you may have two of your heart centers open and a number of them in throat center and so on. So they open up not one after another but one of them begins to open and then like a fire it starts in a small area and then lights another. Not all the petals will open at once but the one you want to look at is the one in the area that is giving you physical problems.

JJ: I appreciate all your time today and you have been a good audience.


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The Last Life, Part 4

This entry is part 21 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Wayne: I know where the separation between the animal mind and the human mind is. No animal thinks abstractly or symmetrically. They think objectively and every whole human thinks in abstract form and that is why we have spoken languages and why we think in languages. Animals don’t – they think in pictures or sense so I know that is where the break point is and if that is the same as becoming self-conscious…

JJ: That is not the same as becoming self-conscious. When humans first become self-conscious they are still very close to the animal instincts. They carry those animal instincts closely with them and develop them to the highest level possible. For instance, you hear stories about native in the jungles using their animal instincts in an almost supernatural way that baffles the regular civilized person.
Now moving ahead we eventually develop everything we can at the physical level. We are talking about identifying with the physical and this is what we first learn – everything connected with physical survival and using those instincts in a native element and then we progress to something else that many people think is not progression. Does anybody have an idea as to what that is?

Audience: It has something to do with the physical thinking mind.

JJ: Okay we have the physical, the thinking, or mind – and what is in between?

Audience: The emotional.

JJ: The emotional; we learn selfishness. Now what is interesting is that a lot people visit these native tribes and find out that they are very sharing. They go and hunt the wild animals and everybody shares them and many people think that they are more evolved than us since they have a natural sharing about them. That is the instinctive level that has a bit of a pack mentality, but then we begin to separate ourselves and begin to develop the desire nature and as we do this we see our selves as separate from everybody else. Then we want what is good for us and the heck with our neighbor. Many people see selfishness as evil but what is not realized is that this is a state we must all pass through to learn unselfishness. All of us know people that are going through this period of selfishness and it is something that we have to go through.

We go through many lives that are spent in this emotional development and in this development we learn emotional love and emotional love is different from spiritual love because when you fall in love emotionally you want the person for what they will do for you. So this is a selfish form of love and you want money for what it can do for you and you want the possessions for what they can do for you. As a person enters this emotional existence and he goes through hundreds of lifetime in this period of emotional existence his learning is a slow process. He becomes more and more selfish and he begins to get so selfish that finally he reaches a lifetime to of almost absolute selfishness, and he reaches a point where he is so selfish that he gets everything he wants and he steps on everybody’s toes and finally reaches a point where he realizes he is not satisfied. He has everything he wants and he has hurt a lot of people to get there and he does not do unto others as he would have them do unto him. He does unto others before they do unto him type of thing.

Finally he reaches the point where he gets everything he wants but it does not make him happy and he thinks, well there has to be something more. And as he begins to think about what works and what do not work in this process he develops the next step, which is his mind. Then he develops his mind and he gets excited again about life and he begins to study philosophy and how things work and he puts together a belief system. When he has developed a mind he decides for a period that there is no God at all because he cannot see any direct evidence at all and God has never come down and talked to him. So when he reaches this mental ability and he begins to develop this mental ability he becomes an atheist for a number of lifetimes and becomes a non-believer.

Now what is interesting about atheism is we see these atheists around us and many of them are more evolved than the religious folk and born again people who are very zealous about God and the after life and being saved. Many of the atheists are actually farther along in the whole scheme of things than are the religious zealous people. Now there are also religious people who are very high up spiritually and you cannot put them all in one category but many of the simple minded religious people are not as spiritually evolved as the atheist and this is just a period that the atheist goes through and each one of us sometime along the path will go through a period of where we will just give up on there being a God. So the person goes through a number of lifetimes where he does not believe it unless he can see it, unless he can prove it and what do you think turns this guy around?

Audience: Near death experience.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: You never know!

Wayne: He starts to develop spiritually.

JJ: What turned the selfish man around? Lorraine what turned him around?

Lorraine: He did not find joy.

JJ: Yes, selfishness did not work for him. So the man develops his mind and becomes very wise, the equivalent of the college professor or a great scientist, an engineer, and great philosopher at one time and he explores all the elements of the mind lifetime after lifetime until he reaches a point where he mentally produces one thought: “I have gone through and used every piece of logic and reasoning to understand life and still I cannot get the answers.”

Audience: The person who is at the pinnacle of selfishness – would it not bring them joy for a little while before he came to this realization that this selfishness did not really bring him true joy and happiness?

JJ: Everything new brings you joy and when we went from the physical to the emotional and began to develop emotional love – it really stimulated us and felt great. Just like say you get a divorce from a bad marriage and you start doing the bar scene and you say, “oh man, this is really great to be free and you do it every night for say a year.

Then you think, man I am getting bored of this and I had better start thinking about settling down again. You eat the best candy you can find and when you eat it over and over again you get bored of it. So when you enter a new activity you get real excited and for a period of time and then you get bored again. The guy who enters the mind finds it very exciting to encounter these emotionally based people and counter them with an argument or to wrap them around his finger because he is a little bit smarter than they are. It is kind of a thrill to do that for these guys. And it is kind of a thrill to study different things that stimulate the mind but over a period of lifetimes he covers everything related to the mind and still he finds that he still does not have all the answers that he wants. The answers have to be there somewhere and where are they? Could it be possible that there is an answer somewhere? And that maybe they’re something higher up than just physical matter?

So his mind begins to open up because he has reached a dead end and he asks a lot of questions that he just can’t get answered. Logic cannot answer them and his mind cannot deduce it from available data. He just can’t get the answers for sure and internally he feels that there must be a way to get the answers so he looks within.

Then what spurs on his evolution is he opens up and becomes as a little child, “Except ye become as a little child you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” So when he thought he knew it all he had no possibility of entering into the kingdom of God. But then he keeps knocking his head against the wall and not getting any answers and then finally concluding that maybe there is something there and asking, how do I find it? Then he becomes like a little child as if he knows nothing and he begins to get a flash of inspiration and then thinks, did I imagine that somewhere inside my mind or did that come from somewhere else? I am going to test this out. He begins to test this out logically and piece it together. He thinks, this piece of knowledge I have just came in a flash. It is logical but it is not logical how I got it. I wonder if something else will come.

He concentrates on it and pretty soon something else does come and then he learns to develop the intuitional part of himself, the spiritual part of himself, and he is excited again. He was banging his head against the wall for several lifetimes and now he has discovered that there is higher knowledge available, not through the mind but there is some type of higher life up there that is able to funnel down higher principles so that he can understand new things and he is all excited again.

With each round of discovery you get excited again and now he is real excited that he has found a new way to obtain knowledge by the intuition and by contacting something. So he goes through a number of lifetimes where experiences false contacts and true contacts until finally he begins to differentiate and learn what is the soul and what is not the soul and what is true and what is not true until finally he is able to solidify himself in the kingdom of God.

Then when he solidifies himself in the kingdom of God he makes contact with not only his intuition but he makes contact with the Brotherhood of Light and he finds out that there are high beings upon the earth that have gone through everything that he has gone through and have mastered everything that pertains to humanity. These people work with us through the soul energies and there is whole group of lives on the other side that can be contacted through what I call the oneness principle. Through the soul he finds that he has group contact and just before he contacts this group life he goes through what is called “The Dark Night Of The Soul”. Most people do not understand the dark night of the soul. They think that if they are depressed than they are under going the dark night of the soul but that is not what the dark night of the soul is. The dark night of the soul is a point of tension before you find and make a link with your group life – with The Brotherhood Of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light is like a Spiritual Internet. In other words, you turn on your computer and all of a sudden there are millions of lives there available. You punch a key and you can have the thoughts from among millions of human beings show up on your computer screen. The Spiritual Internet is like that. It is interesting to note that in esoteric teachings every one of our inventions is really something that is patterned after something on the unseen worlds. In other words, the regular Internet is patterned after the Spiritual Internet.

There is a Spiritual Internet and through the soul you can tap into this and you never know what you are going to get. It is a little bit like doing a Google search, when you put in a word for a Google search and you don’t know what you are going to get. If you put a key word in your mind and you are in contact through the soul through the intuition you are going to bring down some interesting material and you never know what it is going to be. If you put in a word on a Google search such as “Boise” you will get all kinds of generic information about the city, but if you put in Boise Broncos then that is going to really narrow it down so you are not going to get nearly as many hits but it will be more specific. The same is true with us with the Spiritual Internet – if we put out some specific words and key questions that are floating around in our mind then we are going pull more specific material that is going to download into our minds.


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The Last Life, Part 3

This entry is part 20 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

A person first begins his series of lifetimes as a human when he reaches self-consciousness. We have not always been self-consciousness beings. There is an eternal part of us that has always had the self-consciousness potential but when we came down here and incarnated into our physical bodies we had a life which was our first life in which we aware where we think, “hey I am me and I am separate from everybody else, I am a distinct person.” This is illustrated in the Bible where Adam all of a sudden wanted to wear clothes. First of all he and his wife were running around the garden naked and did not even think of wearing clothes. Then when they attained the knowledge of good and evil they became aware that they were naked. It says and he wanted to clothe himself. The fact we want to cover ourselves to be distinct from everyone else wearing different clothes is a sign of self-consciousness.

Now you look at an animal and they don’t care if they run around naked at all – they do not care what they do. They will go to the bathroom in the middle of the floor, they will have sex on the table with a thousand people watching and they just do not care. Before we reached self-consciousness we were that way. When we reach self-consciousness all of sudden it dawns on us at one point that we are concerned about what other people are thinking and so this is where self-consciousness began.

Audience: Are you counting the thousand lifetimes in with this period?

JJ: The thousand lifetimes begins when we become self-consciously aware. Does anyone know who the first self-conscious man was? The first Adam is called “The Ancient of Days” and another name for Him is Santa Kumara and he came here 23 million years ago from the planet Venus. He did not come from the physical planet Venus but came from a higher etheric level of Venus where there is life. He came here with approximately two hundred other Kumara’s of very high standing that had evolved through the human kingdom in a past solar system. In other words, look at a time before our sun even existed, way back in a previous round of solar systems.

These beings evolved through the human kingdom and became Masters and now They have come back to do other work to help us lower lives develop. And so came a time to plant, to stimulate life on the earth. They came here 23 million years ago and built the Great Foundations of the city of Shamballa. They stayed here about 5 million years before the preparations were complete and when the preparations were complete all but seven of the Kumara’s left and went back to Venus. Seven of them stayed here which was Sanat Kumara and six of His disciples. The Ancient of Days looked upon the animal man who was not self-conscious and felt sorry for them and he felt that They could stimulate evolution by incarnating into one of their bodies and stimulating the rest of them. So what Sanat Kumara did was He incarnated and was born a regular human being and he became the first self conscious man. As he grew up He was such a high intelligence that even though this was in a lower body which almost looked like an animal body compared to the bodies we have today, He grew up with self-consciousness and began to stimulate the other animal men around Him This happened over 18 million years ago.

Audience: Was His ability to express Himself in His intelligence limited by the size of the brain at that time?

JJ: Yes, even He, as intelligent as He was in that animal man, probably had a real hard time figuring out how to make fire. Actually, He may not have even been intelligent enough to make fire at that time. His main mission was to stimulate self-consciousness. So He was born, He stimulated self-consciousness and we have no record of how many were self-conscious during his life but He stimulated it in a small group and then that small group began to create a chain reaction.

Audience: Are we talking about cave men?

JJ: Yes they were like cave men with all kinds of animals that we do not have now.

Audience: So the cave man of the time did not have consciousness and behaved like a pack of wild animals?

JJ: Yes eighteen million years ago that which became human was more animal than man and as a matter of fact the higher animals ate them for food and they had a heck of a time just surviving. It took all their intelligence just to keep from being eaten by lions, dinosaurs or whatever there was back then. They had all kinds of threats that we can only imagine and their whole attention was put on just surviving. But The Ancient of Days incarnated and began to stimulate their minds and then it tells us that the sons of mind descended and as their consciousness began to evolve they began to tap into what is called the solar angel. The solar angel is a being that has evolved in a previous solar system and many of them have come to the earth to help to stimulate our evolution and sometimes they are called our guardian angel or whatever but our Solar Angel is a Master on Its own plane. Sanat Kumara and the Masters that came from Venus brought with them these Solar Angels to stimulate our evolution.

Audience: I thought my higher angel was my higher self?

JJ: Yes the Solar Angel is called your higher self because it is so connected with you that it comes to nourish you.

Audience: So the Solar Angel could be Robs and mine together and it is my higher self and his higher self?

JJ: We are not told all the details, although it is possible that one Solar Angel could stimulate and assist a number of people but we are not given the number that they work with. But after the Solar Angel has done its job and you have made soul contact then the Solar Angel will leave and return from whence it came. Then you will be on your own and will be a soul infused personality and it will have done its job. Its job is to nurture you. Think of us like a plant and when the plant grows and begins to bear fruit then the farmer’s work is done so to speak. Then the plant can reproduce itself so to speak.

Wayne: In Paleontology as far as I know and in the sciences we have been finding humanoids of one sort or another and attributing them to an earlier and earlier period of existence and according to the scuttlebutt of the science of today I think the oldest human or animal human is only around 6 million years so by the scenario we just went through there should be some sort of skeletal humanoid remains that would be this old.

JJ: Well you would think so but like in the coalmines in Pennsylvania a couple thousand feet below the earth they have actually found residual artifacts that are only a couple thousand years old. Now if something only a couple thousand years old can be buried in a coal mine 200 feet below the surface imagine where the artifacts are that are millions of years old. It is amazing even going back a couple thousand years they figure there were some tremendous upheavals and some beyond that. Some other things that are interesting is that I even read about an artifact that they found that they believe is like a billion years old that is definitely human made, they have not found any bones over like 4 to 6 million years but they have found some artifacts that are human made that goes back in antiquity.

Wayne: They found amphibians and quite a paleontology record of animals according to DK that co-existed with man if man is 15 million years old but although we have a fairly good fossil record of millions and millions of years and we have not recorded anything in them that is definitively human to date.

JJ: Yes we do have it yet but it is amazing when I was a kid I think they figured that we only went back a few thousand years and then it was half a million years and then it was a million and then two million years and now six million years and they are going back farther all the time as far as discovering remnants of man. They have definitely found man made artifacts that go back much farther than the first bones that they found. I heard some guy talking about it on one of the coast-to-coast shows and will have to look it up on one of the web sites there. So it is interesting but figuring if we have been here 18 million years. Many people say how could we possibly live very many lifetimes because we have so many people here and a lot of people figure that we have the most people now living here on the earth than at any other time on our history. But what they do not figure is that there have been upheavals many times and if we have been here for 18 million years that gives us time to live quite a few lifetimes. Take one million years for instance, if you were born every thousand years for one million years that is a thousand lifetimes right there. When I have taken people back by past life regression within the past thousand years the average person has lived two or three lifetimes within the past thousand years and they have not really lived as many lifetimes a thousand years before then because there were not as many people.

The first thing we learn is self-consciousness and what is the second thing that we learn? In self-consciousness what we do is we develop everything around us and start to be aware. Now an animal is in preparation for human consciousness and the main thing that the animal has to learn is to pay attention. This revelation dawned on me one time when I noticed that whenever I was going to eat anything in the kitchen that my dog, no matter where he was in the house, would materialize by my side as soon as I would think about eating. he would be right there with his tongue out wanting some food.

I thought, how in the world does this dog know this. Is he reading my mind; is he physic? How does he know I am thinking about eating? He was just sleeping upstairs and I woke him from his sleep just by thinking about eating. So I started experimenting and I found that whenever I opened the refrigerator or the cupboard door that was signal to him that I was going to eat. He was not reading my mind but he was paying attention and heard the creak of the door. I noticed that all animals are like that. They really pay close attention and put a lot of attention on survival. This paying of attention is very stimulating evolutionary wise and preparing them for the next step into the human kingdom where they attain self-consciousness and then they put attention on developing that self-conscious and developing it. The next thing they learn as we progress along is to develop the instinct.

Now go to the primitive peoples on the planet and they have tremendous instincts and they are in touch with the animals and we hear the stories about the Indian putting his ear to the ground and he can hear the buffalo roaming twenty miles away. They are very sensitive. People in their native condition are very sensitive. This is where we spent our early lives – in the native condition. The native condition is very in tune with the earth and before a native will kill an animal he will give thanks to the animal and the great spirit for giving its life so that he and the group he is a part may continue with life. Then they will shoot it and eat it and they will have these ceremonies around it. They often name their children after animals like running bear or whatever. Animal names are often associated with primitive people and so we develop that instinct where we are very much in tune and in communication with nature. Once we get these instincts perfected then what do we do next?

Wayne: Animals have instincts so where is the transition?

JJ: Because that instinct is registered in the conscious mind. Where animals act like a computer program, their instincts are more like a computer program where ours are more consciously held and we consciously tune into the instincts and are aware of the instincts. The animal is not even aware that they are following instinct but the conscious man is aware. The conscious man develops that power to be consciously aware of the instincts in an instinctive world along with self-consciousness. Then he develops the next step – does anyone have an idea of what that would be? It is above the self- conscious and the instinctual world.


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