Past and Future Lives, Part 5

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A Future Life

JJ: We will pick on a subject or two and do some interesting things. This is voluntary.

Shirley volunteers.

Okay this is Shirley, the trouble with doing this as a group is you do not know what everybody is feeling but with one person they can tell you as they go along. So we will try it with Shirley here. Close your eyes Shirley, visualize the beam of light again touching your feet and going up your right leg and this time it will be much faster with the same results, the light is moving up your right leg and now your left leg and moving up your body to your neck, head arms and all over the rest of your body and now your whole body is completely and totally relaxed and peaceful feeling like you are floating on this cloud again, and now you are on this path again and you come to this door and you open the door and this time the stairway goes up instead of down and going up it takes you into the future. You are going up ten steps and when you get to the tenth step you will be going into a future life. First step, second, third, fourth, fifth, six, seven, you are seeing a future life , eight, nine and ten. You see the place where you live, what does it look like?

Shirley: I still live in the mountains.

JJ: Is it futuristic or does it look just like it looks now?

Shirley: It looks different, kind of like marble.

JJ: Where do you live?

Shirley: The only thing I can compare it to would be the Parthenon and those type of buildings. There are pathways with trees and beautiful flowers, there are people sitting on the lawns and talking.

JJ: What kind of age is this, a peaceful or war like age?

Shirley: Very peaceful. You can feel that everything is different than it is now.

JJ: How far in the future are you?

Shirley: Probably 3014-3015 in that time frame.

JJ: What do you do?

Shirley: I am a teacher.

JJ: What do you teach?

Shirley: I teach newborn babies.

JJ: What do you teach them?

Shirley: We fan the flame of love in them so to speak and babies are not exactly like the babies we are used to here.

JJ: How are they different?

Shirley: You can see the real person and the true person is by far more apparent than it is now, you almost see their soul, their spirit.

JJ: Do they learn to talk earlier than they do now?

Shirley: They do but not as young as when I have them. When I have them we work all by holding and feeling and love.

JJ: Is it like you tune into the babies a lot more now than we are used to here?

Shirley: Absolutely and you tune into the babies as soon as they are born.

JJ: How do you tune into them?

Shirley: You can feel their vibration and you can feel the ones that you are meant to work with and the ones that are meant for another teacher because you are drawn to their vibration.

JJ: So some babies are harmonious with your vibration?

Shirley: Right

JJ: What do you do with them?

Shirley: Basically just hold them and love them but it is a learning process and they are learning how to express their love faster than babies in the 20th and the 21st centuries, there is no comparison.

JJ: Is this one of the keys to maintaining peace on earth?

Shirley: Absolutely

JJ: So if they start young then that gets them off to a good start.

Shirley: Right there have not been wars for many years now, hundreds of years.

JJ: Do just the parents work with them or do other people work with them?

Shirley: The parents work with them the most but then they have special nurses and that is what I am, I spend time with them everyday.

JJ: Have we gone to other planets yet?

Shirley: Yes but it is still difficult and time consuming so it is not the great exploration that they thought it would be, nobody wants to spend that much time traveling.

JJ: Not quite like star trek yet?

Shirley: Nope

JJ: Have they discovered extraterrestrial life yet?

Shirley: Yes but so far the only contact has been through communication mostly because there is not a stargate and you still have to figure out a way to expend that much energy over a huge amount of space.

JJ: But we did communicate with extra terrestrial life?

Shirley: Yes, there is communication as far as pictures and light and they are using light in so many different amazing ways and everything can be done with light so eventually we will get to their planets and it will be in a way where we will learn to manipulate light. The scientists are working on this now and so far they have just been able to do the communication.

JJ: Have they learned to go faster than light?

Shirley: Oh yes they learned that a long time ago, but it still takes way too much time and way too much natural resources to do it that way.

JJ: Are familiar with the history of the planet?

Shirley: Oh yea, we all had to learn that.

JJ: Was there a World War Three?

Shirley: I don’t know if they would call it a World War Three or not they just had small war like actions, like one country against another on a small scale. The earth had a lot of cataclysmic events happen and a lot of the population was destroyed because they killed off each other and these events all came within a relatively short period of time. The earth really changed dramatically even the topography of the earth and this was several hundred years ago.

JJ: Does the United States still exist?

Shirley: Yes.

JJ: Does it look any different?

Shirley: Particularly the mountains are still there.

JJ: Does Boise still exist?

Shirley: Yes

Shirley: But Boise is on the seacoast.

JJ: Is it a popular town?

Shirley: It is a big town and it is where everybody goes to vacation and have fun.

JJ: Well if we hang around long enough then it will be that way.

Shirley: I guess, yes.

JJ: Are all the races still in existence like the Chinese, Indians and did any of them go extinct?

Shirley: A lot of them are really diluted and I have not seen any pure races left and I don’t think there are any left.

JJ: Did they inter marry a lot?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Are people are a little bit darker skinned compared tot eh 20th century?

Shirley: It depends on where they live, some people in certain areas have darker skin and some people have really light skin still. Where I am in the mountains people tend to be lighter skinned.

JJ: Did they build communities in the mountains?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Do they make more use of the mountains than they do today?

Shirley: They have left a lot of the mountains pristine, after the horrible earth changing events and so forth, people learned not to abuse the earth. The mountains are still beautiful like they have been forever. The cities are still big but there is not contamination from garbage and junk.

JJ: What do they do for farming?

Shirley: That is really highly controlled and only special people can do that and certain land is set aside.

JJ: Why only special people?

Shirley: Well because they know how to produce things very abundantly in small areas and they can plant a crop and harvest it within just a matter of weeks with the technology they use now so therefore they have more than one crop one a year and they can have practically a crop a month of some things so it does not take nearly the amount of space and resources and the land is put to much better use.

JJ: Are the oceans still pretty much in existence?

Shirley: Yes, lots of fish and people still eat a lot of fish but more of the protein is from plant life than from the fish and the animals.

JJ: Are people more vegetarian in this time?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Do they still eat some meat?

Shirley: Yes but that is only on celebrations and occasions otherwise proteins are mostly produced from plants and occasional fish but red meat is only for a celebration or a holiday.

JJ: What type of government exists, do we have a president or some other type of leader?

Shirley: There is not one leader and it is kind of like a board of wise people and each member of the board represents specific area.

JJ: Are they elected?

Shirley: No

JJ: How are they chosen?

Shirley: The people on board are in the position until they die. They have to go through a battery of testing and they have to have a huge amount of education and it has to be proven that they are mentally and spiritually equipped and they have to be able to work with people.

JJ: So if a person wants to be in government he has to go through a battery of tests to see if he is capable?

Shirley: No, usually what happens is when they are a teenager they decide they want to that but it is not easy to obtain and in fact it is very, very difficult to obtain. Just a small, small amount of the population even goes to the schools that prepare them for this.

JJ: Do a lot of them that enter the schools not qualify?

Shirley: Right but then they are also given positions of importance and responsibility in other things like big international things or in deciding and science and the government work together and the people don’t end up really being a governing body like the positions of Judges and president and stuff and they end up working with science so that all of the discoveries that are new are kind of eased in to existence so that it can work well for everybody and every area has its own government but he whole world is really all one people.

JJ: And what kind of transportation do they use, say if you want to go a couple hundred miles away do you use a car or some type of airplane or what?

Shirley: There is an elevated system kind of like it has a track and it uses magnetic stuff and they use that mostly in each individual country but if you want to go to another country across the ocean for pleasure you can take a boat or ship or they have big airplanes like they had thousands of years ago only they are much, much safer and bigger.

JJ: So in America they have like a big mass transit of some type?

Shirley: Yes there is mass transit all over the world.

JJ: Do they still use money?

Shirley: No, they have not used money for many hundreds of years.

JJ: What gives people incentive to work?

Shirley: To be able to work is a joy so and I do not know anybody that does not want to work.

JJ: Because work is enjoyable.

Shirley: Absolutely yes, every type of is done through love so it is a joy to work no matter what you are doing.

JJ: What if somebody does not want to work and they just laze around all the time?

Shirley: They are made fun of.

JJ: Chuckling, so it is kind of embarrassing to say that you do not work?

Shirley: Right I suppose you could if you put up with being teased all the time and if you don’t work then you are left out of a lot of things.

JJ: Interesting, very good.

JJ: Okay we are going to take you into the present again, I am going to count to three and you will back in the present feeling normal and good, one, two and three. Have you ever done this before?

Shirley: No

JJ: What did you think of the future?

Shirley: It was neat!

JJ: Sounds like you went into around 3300 something like that?

Shirley: Yes

JJ: Hopefully we have learned a few lessons by then.

Audience: Applause

Audience: That was great thank you, very detailed.

JJ: You can find any physic and pay them $1000 and you will not get a better reading than what she just gave us. Okay that is about all the time we have and there are several other people that could go into the future as well but this gives you a demonstration. She went into the projected future that her soul revealed to her and it may or may not occur exactly like that but that is what she saw through her inner self. She saw a peaceful future that is supposed to be, the Aquarian age is to take us into an age of peace and she saw the year 3300 which is still the Aquarian age for this age will last about 2200 more years so she saw what the age of Aquarius was like in its glory. That is what it is supposed to be like. So lets all hope that we lay the foundation for that to happen. Now are there any questions or comments before we close?

Rob: When you are doing the regression and if there is like obstacles in the way of going back, like thinking something is dangerous – would this prevent the regression?

JJ: There are a number of obstacles like you may have had a traumatic past life like Donna had but she went amazingly easy into it. Did you sense something before you went to that life in Germany?

Donna: Yes I sensed a fear as I was going down the stairs.

JJ: A lot of times people will sense that and refuse to go back. You went back, which is good, and that is probably kind of a breakthrough. Have you ever read anything about that time period?

Donna: No

JJ: A really good book is “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” It is about 1200 pages and it is a really good read and the best book I have read on giving you the whole picture. Also any book by a Holocaust survivor would be a good read as well. Did you see the movie “Schindler’s List”?

Donna: Oh yes.

JJ: That gives you a good idea too. When you were there and especially if you were young you probably felt like it was your universe and reading about it will give the bigger picture of how others suffered as well.

Audience: You should take a walk through the Ann Frank memorial in Boise; they have the only one here in the U.S.

JJ: Do you have any Jewish blood in you in this life?

Donna: I am Irish, Scottish and English.

JJ: Interesting, if you ever have chance to go to another regression then you should do it because two or three more of these will be quite therapeutic.

Donna: It was very scary.

JJ: Yes but by the third time you go back it will not scare you anymore. Then it will be like a weight is lifted from you.

Female member: I am new to the area so I do not know anybody but when I make friends it seems like I know them from somewhere or they know me from somewhere and I have people come up to me all the time and say boy you look really familiar and there is something about you and how do I know you and I am like I do not know you from anywhere.

JJ: Well there are a number of reasons for this and one is that we have met a lot of people in our past lives. That explains part of it and the other part of it is just the familiarity part say like you look a lot like my niece and some people have a face that looks a lot more generic than other people. When I was younger people said that a lot to me and they do not say it as much anymore now that I am getting older. People get sensations about each other. All of this has happened a few times with me and when I have taken some to a past life I find that I did know them in a past life. We incarnate in groups a lot and so maybe the people in your group delayed getting here, where are you from?

Female member: California originally.

JJ: We appreciate your time and thank you all.

Audience: Applause


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