The Last Life, Part 3

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A person first begins his series of lifetimes as a human when he reaches self-consciousness. We have not always been self-consciousness beings. There is an eternal part of us that has always had the self-consciousness potential but when we came down here and incarnated into our physical bodies we had a life which was our first life in which we aware where we think, “hey I am me and I am separate from everybody else, I am a distinct person.” This is illustrated in the Bible where Adam all of a sudden wanted to wear clothes. First of all he and his wife were running around the garden naked and did not even think of wearing clothes. Then when they attained the knowledge of good and evil they became aware that they were naked. It says and he wanted to clothe himself. The fact we want to cover ourselves to be distinct from everyone else wearing different clothes is a sign of self-consciousness.

Now you look at an animal and they don’t care if they run around naked at all – they do not care what they do. They will go to the bathroom in the middle of the floor, they will have sex on the table with a thousand people watching and they just do not care. Before we reached self-consciousness we were that way. When we reach self-consciousness all of sudden it dawns on us at one point that we are concerned about what other people are thinking and so this is where self-consciousness began.

Audience: Are you counting the thousand lifetimes in with this period?

JJ: The thousand lifetimes begins when we become self-consciously aware. Does anyone know who the first self-conscious man was? The first Adam is called “The Ancient of Days” and another name for Him is Santa Kumara and he came here 23 million years ago from the planet Venus. He did not come from the physical planet Venus but came from a higher etheric level of Venus where there is life. He came here with approximately two hundred other Kumara’s of very high standing that had evolved through the human kingdom in a past solar system. In other words, look at a time before our sun even existed, way back in a previous round of solar systems.

These beings evolved through the human kingdom and became Masters and now They have come back to do other work to help us lower lives develop. And so came a time to plant, to stimulate life on the earth. They came here 23 million years ago and built the Great Foundations of the city of Shamballa. They stayed here about 5 million years before the preparations were complete and when the preparations were complete all but seven of the Kumara’s left and went back to Venus. Seven of them stayed here which was Sanat Kumara and six of His disciples. The Ancient of Days looked upon the animal man who was not self-conscious and felt sorry for them and he felt that They could stimulate evolution by incarnating into one of their bodies and stimulating the rest of them. So what Sanat Kumara did was He incarnated and was born a regular human being and he became the first self conscious man. As he grew up He was such a high intelligence that even though this was in a lower body which almost looked like an animal body compared to the bodies we have today, He grew up with self-consciousness and began to stimulate the other animal men around Him This happened over 18 million years ago.

Audience: Was His ability to express Himself in His intelligence limited by the size of the brain at that time?

JJ: Yes, even He, as intelligent as He was in that animal man, probably had a real hard time figuring out how to make fire. Actually, He may not have even been intelligent enough to make fire at that time. His main mission was to stimulate self-consciousness. So He was born, He stimulated self-consciousness and we have no record of how many were self-conscious during his life but He stimulated it in a small group and then that small group began to create a chain reaction.

Audience: Are we talking about cave men?

JJ: Yes they were like cave men with all kinds of animals that we do not have now.

Audience: So the cave man of the time did not have consciousness and behaved like a pack of wild animals?

JJ: Yes eighteen million years ago that which became human was more animal than man and as a matter of fact the higher animals ate them for food and they had a heck of a time just surviving. It took all their intelligence just to keep from being eaten by lions, dinosaurs or whatever there was back then. They had all kinds of threats that we can only imagine and their whole attention was put on just surviving. But The Ancient of Days incarnated and began to stimulate their minds and then it tells us that the sons of mind descended and as their consciousness began to evolve they began to tap into what is called the solar angel. The solar angel is a being that has evolved in a previous solar system and many of them have come to the earth to help to stimulate our evolution and sometimes they are called our guardian angel or whatever but our Solar Angel is a Master on Its own plane. Sanat Kumara and the Masters that came from Venus brought with them these Solar Angels to stimulate our evolution.

Audience: I thought my higher angel was my higher self?

JJ: Yes the Solar Angel is called your higher self because it is so connected with you that it comes to nourish you.

Audience: So the Solar Angel could be Robs and mine together and it is my higher self and his higher self?

JJ: We are not told all the details, although it is possible that one Solar Angel could stimulate and assist a number of people but we are not given the number that they work with. But after the Solar Angel has done its job and you have made soul contact then the Solar Angel will leave and return from whence it came. Then you will be on your own and will be a soul infused personality and it will have done its job. Its job is to nurture you. Think of us like a plant and when the plant grows and begins to bear fruit then the farmer’s work is done so to speak. Then the plant can reproduce itself so to speak.

Wayne: In Paleontology as far as I know and in the sciences we have been finding humanoids of one sort or another and attributing them to an earlier and earlier period of existence and according to the scuttlebutt of the science of today I think the oldest human or animal human is only around 6 million years so by the scenario we just went through there should be some sort of skeletal humanoid remains that would be this old.

JJ: Well you would think so but like in the coalmines in Pennsylvania a couple thousand feet below the earth they have actually found residual artifacts that are only a couple thousand years old. Now if something only a couple thousand years old can be buried in a coal mine 200 feet below the surface imagine where the artifacts are that are millions of years old. It is amazing even going back a couple thousand years they figure there were some tremendous upheavals and some beyond that. Some other things that are interesting is that I even read about an artifact that they found that they believe is like a billion years old that is definitely human made, they have not found any bones over like 4 to 6 million years but they have found some artifacts that are human made that goes back in antiquity.

Wayne: They found amphibians and quite a paleontology record of animals according to DK that co-existed with man if man is 15 million years old but although we have a fairly good fossil record of millions and millions of years and we have not recorded anything in them that is definitively human to date.

JJ: Yes we do have it yet but it is amazing when I was a kid I think they figured that we only went back a few thousand years and then it was half a million years and then it was a million and then two million years and now six million years and they are going back farther all the time as far as discovering remnants of man. They have definitely found man made artifacts that go back much farther than the first bones that they found. I heard some guy talking about it on one of the coast-to-coast shows and will have to look it up on one of the web sites there. So it is interesting but figuring if we have been here 18 million years. Many people say how could we possibly live very many lifetimes because we have so many people here and a lot of people figure that we have the most people now living here on the earth than at any other time on our history. But what they do not figure is that there have been upheavals many times and if we have been here for 18 million years that gives us time to live quite a few lifetimes. Take one million years for instance, if you were born every thousand years for one million years that is a thousand lifetimes right there. When I have taken people back by past life regression within the past thousand years the average person has lived two or three lifetimes within the past thousand years and they have not really lived as many lifetimes a thousand years before then because there were not as many people.

The first thing we learn is self-consciousness and what is the second thing that we learn? In self-consciousness what we do is we develop everything around us and start to be aware. Now an animal is in preparation for human consciousness and the main thing that the animal has to learn is to pay attention. This revelation dawned on me one time when I noticed that whenever I was going to eat anything in the kitchen that my dog, no matter where he was in the house, would materialize by my side as soon as I would think about eating. he would be right there with his tongue out wanting some food.

I thought, how in the world does this dog know this. Is he reading my mind; is he physic? How does he know I am thinking about eating? He was just sleeping upstairs and I woke him from his sleep just by thinking about eating. So I started experimenting and I found that whenever I opened the refrigerator or the cupboard door that was signal to him that I was going to eat. He was not reading my mind but he was paying attention and heard the creak of the door. I noticed that all animals are like that. They really pay close attention and put a lot of attention on survival. This paying of attention is very stimulating evolutionary wise and preparing them for the next step into the human kingdom where they attain self-consciousness and then they put attention on developing that self-conscious and developing it. The next thing they learn as we progress along is to develop the instinct.

Now go to the primitive peoples on the planet and they have tremendous instincts and they are in touch with the animals and we hear the stories about the Indian putting his ear to the ground and he can hear the buffalo roaming twenty miles away. They are very sensitive. People in their native condition are very sensitive. This is where we spent our early lives – in the native condition. The native condition is very in tune with the earth and before a native will kill an animal he will give thanks to the animal and the great spirit for giving its life so that he and the group he is a part may continue with life. Then they will shoot it and eat it and they will have these ceremonies around it. They often name their children after animals like running bear or whatever. Animal names are often associated with primitive people and so we develop that instinct where we are very much in tune and in communication with nature. Once we get these instincts perfected then what do we do next?

Wayne: Animals have instincts so where is the transition?

JJ: Because that instinct is registered in the conscious mind. Where animals act like a computer program, their instincts are more like a computer program where ours are more consciously held and we consciously tune into the instincts and are aware of the instincts. The animal is not even aware that they are following instinct but the conscious man is aware. The conscious man develops that power to be consciously aware of the instincts in an instinctive world along with self-consciousness. Then he develops the next step – does anyone have an idea of what that would be? It is above the self- conscious and the instinctual world.


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