A Witness and Signs

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Posted June 7 & 8, 2010
Alex asks:
Now my question. Can the following scenario happen?

Imagine a man receives a witness and joins the LDS Church. He becomes a priesthood quorum leader. He enjoys sitting in the Presidium. He enjoys his “authority”. He enjoys his “importance” and “importance” of the meetings through which “important” and “inspired” decisions are made. He enjoys that he is special in the eyes of God and a leader of his family. And he is the condition of salvation of his wife and children. He is puffed up with the thought that he is saving people by converting (recruiting) them to LDS. He is proud that he is able to quote BoM easily during the meetings and the audience is impressed…

In short can it be that that hypothetical individuum received the witness just to place him in a niche matching his personality, which will make him feel fulfilled?

I appreciate John and Harry’s comments on this. Here is my two cents.

Higher intelligence that guides seeking humanity is concerned with one thing when giving a witness, or nudge in any direction. The question is this:

Will the supported choice move the entity forward in his spiritual evolution and thus be a benefit to his group and hopefully the whole of the children of men?

The question concerns not his perfection on the personality level. Most people seeking a witness have many flaws that will continue for lifetimes to come. The important thing is that once a person begins to aspire to the spiritual path that he should not stand still or go backwards but move onward.

Alex Replies:
I might rephrase my question(s) then.

1. Can an “ordinary” person see or know a difference between a sign and a witness? Here is an example (true story): A girl, who has never heard about the LDS, had a dream in which she saw a peculiar church with a spire and an angel figurine on top. Some time later she met missionaries who invited her to their local church (and she never before passed by it). To her greatest surprise the church looked exactly the same as in her dream! As a result she joined the church. Was it a sign or a witness? And who or what could create such a sign?

Signs like this are usually attributed to God but can come from a number of sources.

First, it could just be a coincidence that she dreamed of a Mormon church just before she saw one in real life.

Secondly it is quite possible she had an inner yearning to belong to something like the church and her inner self gave her the dream in an effort to lead her to the church, which would satisfy her needs.

Thirdly it is possible she has karma connected with the church due to a past life and she is given a sign to lead her to it.

Fourthly it is possible that her soul has determined that the church will teach her lessons on giving herself in service in preparations for future service.

Finally, there is a powerful thoughtform connected with the church created by the accumulation of all the thoughts of all the believers from the beginning. If a person taps into this quite a few apparent signs can manifest.

There are many reasons behind signs people receive. Some signs may lead in the right direction and some do not. Because signs often lead people astray Jesus said: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.”

Some people see a sign and a witness as the same thing. A sign is an outward occurrence and is not a witness. A witness is an inner experience caused by the Spirit through the door of the soul.

Many people have never received a true witness of anything but have received a number of strong emotional feelings that they believe is a witness sent from God. A person cannot tell the difference until he receives a true witness. When this happens the difference will be clear.

The closest non witness experience one can have is the feeling of falling intensely in love and many have not had this. This falling in love experience has to be from both sides of the relationship. A one sided attraction creates a lower emotional feeling.

The falling in love experience opens the door of the soul so the two can look upon the perfect spirit within. This is different than a spiritual witness but is the most common experience that is close to the Spirit.

Any true higher witness is for the purpose of pushing you toward progressing along the path and making you more capable at service to our fellowmen. This often has a group effect but the main design is the expansion of your power to serve.

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Spiritual Direction

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Posted July 15, 2010
Comments on Chapter 25 of Mission Experiences at:

John C
There’s an old cruel joke about “lady missionaries” being unattractive.

There may be a seed of truth in that as many females who go on missions are those who haven’t yet been taken yet. But not all females who go on a mission do so because they cannot find a man. Both Rhea and Diane were attractive passionate females.

It’s funny though. I have met a number of females I found attractive 40-50 years ago and now some of them have really lost that luster. On the other hand one female that I graduated with who was overweight and ignored by the guys looks great at reunions. I sometimes wonder what Rhea and Diane look like now.

JJ Quote”
For the first time since I knew her she became visibly upset and started to cry and asked me to leave. I was reluctant to leave her when she was feeling so hurt and tried to sooth things over but she just became more upset and ordered me out. She said our relationship was over and didn’t want to see me again. She shoved me out the door.

John C
Wasn’t she the one that the Spirit told her that she herself would answer your question?

No. That was Diane. I started going with Rhea right after this.

John C
Somebody who could turn on a dime like that from being madly in love with you to shoving you out the door strikes me as somebody who is mentally unstable. Good thing you didn’t marry her.

I do not think she was mentally unstable at all as she was very stable and composed in the rest of our relationship. Actually “shove” was perhaps the wrong word. Perhaps should have said, “ushered me out the door.” She was the type of person who would lose control only once in a while in exceptional circumstances.

Also, I might note that I seem to have a talent to bring rage to the surface in close relationships with females. I always try to be as nice as possible but think it has something to do with rays and vibration.

Artie, my current wife, to her credit has her astral body under reasonable control and she has never let rage surface in our relationship. However, I might add that my life may be in danger if she ever discovered that I was unfaithful. She never plays the role of victim.

John C
I’m sure we are all dying to know what happens next.

But I, and perhaps others, are curious to know why you think God told you that you would receive the answer through a 3rd party? Is there a principle behind this?

That’s not what happened. I already receive an answer twice and was not looking for another. The first was the one I wrote about that caused me to hop on a plane and go to England. Then after I got there and spent some time with Margaret I discovered we were not a good match and decided not to marry her. I figured that God approved of her for a wife but the choice was up to me. I started planning my trip home.

Then I received a powerful answer beyond my ability to describe that left no doubt of how important that it was that I marry her. Even after this I was reluctant to yield and told God I would marry her if Bob said she was the one in his vision. If she wasn’t then I wouldn’t marry her.

To this the answer came back, “It’s a deal.”

I thought I had an escape clause because Margaret was not tall.

I thus went to Bob not to find out the will of God for I already knew it. I went there to get out of marrying someone with whom I was not compatible.

John C
Is it perhaps because you were too emotionally attached to the outcome that you weren’t thinking clearly enough to receive it directly from the Spirit?

As I said I had already received the answer. I just didn’t like what I received and was not emotionally attached to the answer at all, but emotionally repelled by it.

Duke Writes:
At the time of these events, were you so clear about the sources of these different voices in your head as here portrayed in your retrospective narrative?

Yes, clear as a bell. I couldn’t have been more sure.

The reason I ask is, to me that’s the most interesting part of the story, perhaps because following “inner voices” is something that has not worked out very well for me, nor has giving heed to someone else’s “revelations” on my behalf. I could give a retrospective narrative of certain parts of my life and with the benefit of hindsight label my various inner voices as coming from various sources, and such labels would be very different from the ones I assigned at the time of the experience. So I am curious about how clear it was to you when you were in the middle of it.

In this instance the higher will was very clear but there has been many other times where it was not. In any case where we can make the decision ourselves we will not be told the direction and we must use our minds to decide. If we use our emotions the direction will generally be incorrect.

Then there are times where we do receive something but it is subject to wrong interpretation. For instance, I had the dream about Diane correctly revealing that I would see her again before she left. I thought this must have been a sign that she was the one for me but I was wrong. I do think I had a past life connection with her though and that partially explains the spiritual feeling I had in the dream

Also, any suggestions on how to reliably judge between one inner voice and another? Or is uncertainty on the subject simply inevitable until one attains “soul contact”?

Yes, there will usually be uncertainty until soul contact is achieved. I say “usually” because some receive a strong emotional feeling and are falsely certain that they have heard from God.

When true contact is achieved then as the person increases in sensitivity the difference between high emotional feeling and the Spirit will become very clear.

The biggest difference between true soul contact and personality energy is true contact originates in the inner core of your being whereas personality contact starts at the outer emotional level and works its way inward.

All who want true contact must place attention on it for energy follows thought. A breakthrough will be obtained when the directed energy reaches critical mass.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Evidence of Reincarnation

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Posted Oct 19, 2010
Alex writes:
Strictly speaking, regressive hypnosis can not prove reincarnation. It proves that a person under hypnosis is able to reproduce or play back some information, which this person can not consciously know. Indeed, the person becomes sort of a VCR, and the medium can rewind the tape to any point.

However, it does not prove that the events described by a hypnotized person are related to THIS PERSON’s previous life. Admit it, it can be a fragment of anyone else’s life as well. It can be a random snapshot of some events, like a video tape randomly picked up from the store and inserted into the “VCR”.

First, let me state that my accounts of regression provided interesting evidence, but did not prove reincarnation to me.

The evidence through regression had little effect on me but the inner voice took over and spoke to me. This caused me to seek for even more proof. The real kicker for me was the discovery of the handwriting of a person’s past life and finding it to be a match so close that it was beyond the laws of probability that they could not be the same entity. (This person was not me, by the way. My handwriting has changed a lot in this life let alone multiple lives so I would not be a good subject).

After this discovery I figured that if reincarnation were really true that proof of it should be in the scriptures. I didn’t recall reading anything about it in the several times I read them but this time I decided to start at the beginning and read them all the way through as if I had never read them before.

When I did this I was amazed indeed. As I read through the Bible as well as the LDS scriptures I found hundreds of scriptures that could only be true if reincarnation was a fact. I was beside myself that these went over my head in the past. It is amazing how much truth a belief system can hide from a person.

Since this time I have had confirmation of the truth of reincarnation on a regular basis.

Alex says that a person regressed can tune into the mind of the past life of someone other than yourself. This is possible and I’ve had someone do this before but when the person is directed to recall his own past lives why would he recall someone else’s’?

Evidence that one normally returns to his own past lives and not that of random minds floating in the ethers is this. I have returned numerous people to past lives after a space of time has elapsed. In each case where the person had good recall he went back to the same past lives. If he was tuning into one of billions of other entities one would think he would go back to different entities in the same time period.

I already recited some pretty powerful evidence from regression. Now I’ll give you one more that rules out tuning into the memories of another.

After I separated from my first wife I figured that I would soon meet another person from my past lives and would marry her. I knew who she was and felt within myself that she should be arriving soon and kept an eye out for her. She finally did arrive but about a year later than I expected. I asked her why she did not show up earlier as she moved here from Indiana.

She told me that at the time I was expecting her that she received a message to move to Idaho, but she ignored it until it became too strong to resist.

When she moved here one of the first guys she met was my good friend Wayne. I first learned of her through my nephew Curtis who came to me one day and said:

“Guess what? Wayne’s got a new girlfriend and this one is actually good looking. He wants us to have lunch and meet her.”

We met them at the Sizzler and I was pleased to see that Wayne found someone who was both nice looking and intelligent.

Nothing unusual registered with me until Wayne gave me a call the next day. He said his girlfriend (named Brenda) was very impressed with what I had to say and thought I had a lot of knowledge. She wanted me to teach her.

I told him I thought that was unusual since she was his girlfriend. But he said this was fine with him and insisted I give her a call.

I gave her a call and we talked for a couple hours. After I hung up I knew this was the person I had been waiting for. I visited her several times and answered all her questions.

I found out why she wanted to contact me. She said that when we all had lunch together that she saw a blue light around my head and thought this was some kind of sign. After teaching her a couple times I received a spiritual confirmation of who she was and that I was to marry her. But then I decided to take it a step further. I asked her if I could regress her. I wanted to see if she would go back and give me the name that would prove who she was.

She was a good subject and went back in full consciousness. She not only gave me the name I was looking for but other information that she couldn’t have known from this life.

After this I approached Wayne (who was still dating her) and gave him this information and asked him if he would give me permission to pursue her romantically. In an act of great friendship he stepped aside and actually encouraged me onward.

We were married for four years and even though it didn’t last what we had was meant to be to consummate a relationship began in a past life.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey