The Sabbath and Becoming

The Sabbath and Becoming

We have already spent considerable time studying the initiating One God (see The Molecular Relationship) and also the name which was given to Moses. The translation “I AM” is incorrect and misleading. In the Hebrew it reads: “I AM BECOMING.”

This is talked about a little in my book and quite extensively in previous posts.

I contend that it is important to discover the great lives who are our fairly immediate superiors for much of what is to be our destiny is in their hands.

Question: “Does keeping the Sabbath apply to all people or just to the children of Israel (Jews) or is the whole concept not applicable in today’s world? For instance Jesus broke the Sabbath and tried to show and explain that service, love and compassion for your brethren in certain circumstances was much more important than keeping the Sabbath.”

The principle behind the Sabbath is an eternal one and is always in effect. The ancient Hebrews and other peoples had to live by black and white rules which were a “schoolmaster” to the understanding of the “why” behind the rules.

This was why Jesus had such a clash with the religious rulers of his day. They were attempting a black and white obedience to law and Jesus sought to understand and incorporate the principle from which the law came.

Jesus enumerated the principle very well when he said:

“And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath: Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.” Mark 2:27-28

Quite plainly here Jesus told his critics that they were in error concerning the Sabbath for man was not made to be subservient to it, but the Sabbath instead was made for the benefit of humanity. The sons of men are therefore to be masters of the use of the Sabbath – the Sabbath is not to be the master of us.

We all realize that the Sabbath is a period of rest and it is generally recognized that a period of rest now and then is a good idea, but the principle goes deeper than that. The Sabbath period is actually a prime ingredient in the creation process itself. This is, of course, where we were first introduced to the Sabbath for we are told that God created the world in six periods and rested on the seventh period.

Preceding the creative process is a period of rest or stillness where the work to do is contemplated. The creator is not taking any physical action, but instead is in deep contemplation thinking of the benefits of past work and the work yet to be done. Then the effective creator will go forward and work on that which has been decided upon and labor for a period approximately equal to six times the contemplation period.

This is where many visionaries fail. They go forth and work one of two times the contemplation period and quit because the vision has not yet materialized. Then they create a new vision and fail again.

“He who endures to the end will be saved” means that one must work through the six periods of creation to be delivered from failure.

A key to understanding here is that the first period of creation may be of a different time period than the second and the second different than the third, etc, but if one understands the six periods he will always materialize his heart’s desire. I hope to elaborate on these s ix periods soon.

After the six periods are over a creation will be completed. The creator must take another period of rest and contemplate the value of the completed work. Then he must examine his creation as did God in Genesis and declare the work to be “good” or not worth keeping and revise or start over.

Question: Was the assistance of the Lord of Saturn with the Jewish race due to the fact that the Jews were not progressing fast enough in this solar system?

The main reason for the stern relationship was because of their history before the creation of the present life, but some of it was from this age also. The work of Jehovah with the Hebrews was an experiment with several reasons behind it. One of them was to stimulate their consciousness in the hope that they would accept the higher teachings of Christ when he would come.

Unfortunately, the leaders were still struck in their past worship of rules and regulations when he came and rejected him, though some of the common people gathered around him. Now the hope is that the Jews will be ready for change when the “second coming” takes place.

Some of the Old Testament are revelations from Jehovah/Michael, some (such as Psalms) are from the prophets own souls and others (such as Ecclesiastics) are just good creative writing.

The stone tablets of Moses that were supposed to be written by the finger of God were really written by Moses himself. The reason the word was passed down that they were written by God is because Moses was in a translated, or God State of consciousness, when he wrote them. You will remember that when he came down from the mount that his face glowed like the sun.

Question: Some people believe that the earth’s Ancient of Day’s came from Venus. Is Venus a sacred planet like Saturn? Was our Ancient of Days the son aspect of the father/son relationship with the Lord of Venus?”

Yes, our logos did come here from Venus approximately 23 million years ago. He arrived her with one hundred and four associates, or Kumaras, and together they laid the foundations of Shamballa made of etheric matter in the Gobi desert with extensions in other locations. Now that much of the foundation work is done there is only a molecule of seven Kumaras that remain from the original.

These Kumaras did not come from the physical planet Venus but from a higher spiritual globe which occupies it’s same space.

Venus is indeed a sacred planet on the Fifth Ray of Knowledge and is more evolved than is the earth in the total scheme of things. In some ways the earth, however is male to Venus because it is in this round giving more to her than she is to us, but in terms of evolution Venus is more progressed.

Our Ancient of Days is more of a brother to the Logos of Venus and both are disciples of the Solar Logos.

The Expanding God

Question: “What higher consciousness or awareness is there for God to become?”

As far as HAVAH and IAM vs. BECOMING, I have already written extensively on this. This was an interesting question:

I will answer that there is endless higher consciousness and awareness for God to Become.

Why does mankind assume that we have a no-growth stagnant God ruling the universe? When you think about it there is no reason to think so.

It is a scientific observation that the universe itself is expanding. If so, would not God’s consciousness expand with it? Would God not grow with a growing universe? Does God not change as the universe changes?

God Itself does indeed evolve and have and does “all things new” as is written in the scriptures.

The life of God experiences newness and evolves with the birth of each child, with the falling in love of each young couple and with the appearance of each new world. When the humble seeker reaches out to God, God reaches out to him and the two who become one and experience that which has never in all eternity been felt in exactly this way before.

The time will come, trillions of years hence when this universe will reach a relative perfection to a degree that even God cannot improve upon it. At that time, this cosmos will lay the foundation for a future one, and this future universe will take God and all the rest of us into an experience and newness that the highest Logos cannot at present imagine.

May 14, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Principle 18: Decision

This entry is part 16 of 98 in the series Principles

Decision, Part One

Without the power of decision, which includes being responsible for the effects of our decisions, we would virtually cease to exist. We are even more than the results of our decisions. This power is somehow connected with the essence of our very being. Power of decision leads a person to the fear and guilt that causes disease and now decision can lead one back to health.

Decision is the key word as to what we are. We are decision. Every action that takes place is preceded by a deciding intelligence of some kind. I am an intelligence who just moved the glass because I decided to. A decider may use thought and emotion, but thought and emotion alone does not create motion. Thought and feeling with no decision is powerless.

In some way the very power within us that makes decisions is what we are. Let’s say you are deciding between bacon and eggs or pancakes when you have an equal desire for the two. Let your power of decision fluctuate between the two and you can feel that which is the real you, the power of decision at work.

You have two things of equal desire. Let your attention shift back and forth – you can feel the inner power, the power that actually puts things in motion.

Assume that we are more than the results of our decisions, but somehow we are decision or the power of decision itself. If you knew this was a true statement, what would it mean to you?

What God said to Moses is a major hint.

Moses asked God what His name was and back in those days the name of a person revealed what was supposed to be a person’s essence or true nature. So Moses was probably expecting something that described the typical human version of God. He probably would have been satisfied if God had told him that His name was “THE HIGH AND MIGHTY ONE” or “THE ONE WHO HAS ALL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM,” or something like that. The interesting thing is God did not give Moses any regular name. Instead He basically said “I AM BECOMING THAT WHICH I DECIDE TO BECOME.” He was telling Moses He was Decision and that He couldn’t give him any regular name because, as Decision, He could decide to be different tomorrow than He is today. Because God makes different decisions about how He will manifest, He cannot give any name that will apply in all time periods, except for something like “THE ETERNAL,” which is what Moses finally decided to call Him.

Look at how God has manifested through the ages. In ancient times there were supposed to be many gods. Then in the days of Moses there was just one powerful God of vengeance. Later, in the days of Jesus, God was called Love.

Suppose all the major religions are part of the plan of God, then it would appear that God has decided to manifest a little differently through each one. Perhaps He has many different identities in different places and ages.

In the beginning was the ONE, and within the ONE resided the initiating Cause. The keyword representing this Cause must be discovered by you in a future key. Within the ONE resided Decision and the latent power of decision, and at the beginning of time the great Decider made the first decision for this creation.

If He is existing outside of time and space, then no decision as we know it would be possible. So, before we can understand this principle we would have to know which two or more things were before creation; for before decision can exist there has to be two or more things to decide between.

Before there was creation as we know it, there were two things that have always been before the Decision of God. Decision is eternal because these two things have been, are, and will always be present with God as well as ourselves.

The first decision was to manifest. The second decision was to give Itself the power to exercise a decision. This decision, interplaying with the Power to exercise it created the wavelength represented by Light (or intelligence), and Love (or magnetism). Thus we have the Trinity of Power, Light and Love; or Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The wavelength created unlimited infinite space, which is the mind of God.

The interplay of these two possibilities sustains eternally, without beginning and end, the One Great Decision that interacts between the two. As a reflection of God, you and I and all other lives extend the life of God by continually deciding whether to create or not. As offspring of God the main decision before us is always whether to be or not to be!

Decision plus attention equals consciousness. In other words, consciousness was created by putting attention on a decision which had been made. The power of Decision is eternal and when the Decision TO BE, or TO BECOME, is made then the Trinity of Decision-Consciousness-Attention is instantly made manifest. This Trinity is the one great Life we call God.

The real me is not just the result of my decisions, but I am Decision, which is a reflection of God. The part of me that actually makes a decision is the real me. When I realize this, I am like God in the fact that I can then become what I decide to become.

Keep in mind that without decision, there can be no such thing as consciousness or even life or motion. Consciousness, life, and motion are created by decision, and by applying the power behind this key word to that decision.

In truth, your essence is Decision, and as Decision you have created the reality you find yourself in, whether good or bad. Slavery and victimization are always caused by the illusion that we have little or no control over the reality we see before us. If we believe we have no control, we acquiesce our real power, become subject to the decisions of others, and become like a leaf floating helplessly down a current of other people’s decisions.

By allowing your life to be controlled by the decisions of others, you are put in the position of abdicating yourself from personal responsibility and placing all blame on the decision-makers in your life. Instead, you should be the main decision-maker in your own life, which then makes you responsible for your reality in the long run. All those who are in the third category of evolution and are the teachers of the race have the realization they are the masters of their reality.

This is why the sacredness of the vote should never be overlooked. This is a key power the people must always possess if the kingdom of God is to be established on the earth. As for making changes, if people realized the power of decision within them, this nation could be turned around tomorrow. Even if only twelve people in oneness used their power of decision for good, the power to change can be enormous. I would venture to say there are not even three mortal people on the earth who function in unity with a realization of their power to change the earth for good. The power of decision is indeed unappreciated.

“First secure an independent income, then practice virtue.”
— Greek Proverb



Decision, Part Two

How can DECISION and ATTENTION be used to increase soul contact?

Actually, more important than this is to decide to follow the highest that you know and receive from your inner self. Just deciding something like “I will receive soul contact today or next week” is not enough. If one is penniless and decides to have a new car tomorrow he will generally be disappointed. If one decides to have a new car and take the time and make the effort necessary to get it then there’s a good chance he will receive it.

Similarly, the decision required of us that is most important is the decision to do that which is necessary to receive and maintain soul contact. Then when you receive contact you must then decide whether or not it is worth the effort necessary to keep the channel open enough to keep the contact continuous.

If the seeker is not sure of the path to take he can do one of two things:

  1. Do Nothing.
  2. Make a DECISION and go with it.

“But,” asks the seeker, “what if my DECISION is wrong?” This worry often produces a paralysis. At this point it is best to keep one of my favorite quotes in mind:

“Indecision is worse than the wrong decision.”

Could this statement really be true? Yes, as long as the decisions are made with a pure heart.

If you are sincere and make the wrong decision, then it will only be a short while before you discover your mistakes and start correcting them. Then as you progress and correct, it will only be a short while before you pass by those who did not act at all because of fear.

Look at the landscape of the work that needs done and make the best DECISION you can about the part that you will play and move forward with all your strength. If you have a degree of soul contact listen to the inner voice as you work. If you are working in the right direction you will sense a feeling of approval from your inner self.

We decide because of what we are and we BECOME because of what we are. And what is that?

There is a power within you that makes the actual decisions. The real you is this power which is the same power which has belonged to the One God from the eternities. Through this essence all lives are one, and that oneness becomes realized when we obtain full use of this power through the assumption of our real opportunity to make decisions.

Manifesting the fullness of this power also enhances soul contact.

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.”
— Murphy’s Law 2



Decision, Part Three

Even though the full power of decision is available to us, we are swindled out of this power through ignorance or deception. All us, of to some degree, are deceived into thinking that we cannot use it in certain areas.

Everyone knows that if they need more money they could get another job or do something part time on the side. But the funny thing is that a person can be totally desperate for money yet opportunity after opportunity is presented to him to get ahead, but he never seems to take it. We may look at the guy and call him lazy but the problem is more than just laziness.

Many people in a situation like this — that is where they need a new car or some other item — often feel helpless and paralyzed even though the way to obtain the extra money is obvious to many.

Why does he feel paralyzed? Because he has not developed the power of decision within himself to the degree that he can DECIDE to get the car and do what is necessary to get it.

To the higher evolved among humanity the lack of power among our lesser brethren seems pathetic at times, but what we do not realize is that we have also limited our own power of decision and we seem pathetic to lives higher than human.

There are many areas of life where intelligent individuals will not take the next move forward because they are oblivious to the fact that they can even make a decision about it.

Let me give you one example. Let us suppose that Jones would like to live to be 100 but just sees this desire as a wish or whim. This person is deceived into thinking that what he decides has little to do with the fulfillment of such a wish. The fact is that he can live to be 100 if he makes a definite decision in that direction.

The Higher Self may have something else in mind or Karma may not allow him to live to be 100. This is true but on the other hand, there is just about always a way around these obstructions.

Let us say, for instance, that the plan of your life by Higher Powers has a plan for you to get incurable Cancer at the age of 50 so you can learn certain lessons.

If you make a definite decision to live to be 100 you can then get an alternative plan from your soul as to how you may learn the lesson and override the original plan.

Then there are times that your decision blends in with decisions of Higher Lives or a larger group. When this happens these influences must be taken into consideration if your decision is to be attained.

Let us say that a born again Christian has made a definite decision to go to a certain mountain on January 1, 2000 and meet Jesus who he expects will swoop him up into heaven. Will this happen just because he has made a decision about it? Why not?

Let us say that each member of the group decides that they will live to be 100 because they think this is a great idea, but then put the decision to the back of their minds and pay little attention to it. Is it likely then that they will live to be 100?

We all have our ring-pass-not. In other words, the ring-pass-not is the highest point that your consciousness can perceive, the highest point that you can make a real decision.

If you cannot make a believable decision to live to be 100 then that decision is beyond your ring-pass-not.

Jesus spoke the truth when he said that “nothing is impossible to him that believeth….” but to make the impossible come true the ring-pass-not must be expanded.

This is where conscious projection comes in. Project yourself into this situation where you are not sure of your limitations and push yourself through it with visualization and if you are true to yourself and have the courage to face your own power of decision you will come to a knowledge of how you will react in any circumstance.

Here is another principle:   If two paths lie ahead and a new choice is to be forced upon you then you will always chose the easier path (usually the worst choice) if you have not used conscious projection to see yourself making the decision ahead of time. On the other hand, if you see the two paths approaching and analyze the benefits of the two choices ahead of time and you make the decision before the event occurs, then you will generally have power to follow that pre-made decision when the path approaches, even if the decision is a difficult one.

Instead of changing the past and future what you do is create them. Each creation is a DECISION point. You can create or decide anything you want to, but decisions in time and space cannot be changed. If I decided to buy a new car yesterday, but changed my mind today I do not alter the fact that I made that decision yesterday. I can, however, alter the effect of that decision with an opposing decision today.

All direction is created by DECISION and all DECISION originates from some Life. Because Time and Space have direction we know that they are vehicles in use by one who Decides. The Universal Entity that occupies time and space over billions of galaxies is beyond the imagination of the highest Master who is merely beginning to understand the Purpose of the Logos of our tiny solar system.

The higher correspondent of consciousness, the root of the tree beyond time and space from which all consciousness, time and space springs forth is the Life Principle itself. This Life Principle is very closely related to the first key which is that power within you that makes decisions. The major decision that the Life Principle makes as far we understand it is “to be or not to be,” within the worlds of time and space.

Before any decision appears to the eye, two paths open up before the intelligent pilgrim.

A knowledge of these two paths (least and high resistance) is preparation for The Great Decision. In this great decision, the two hidden paths become visible to the seeker. They are most commonly called the right and left hand path or the path of light and path of darkness. Life and death are two other names used.

Before the decision is made the entity examines the two paths, then weighs the benefits of each and makes a judgment as to which one to take. After the judgment process is over a DECISION is made.

Decision and judgment go hand in hand.

Consider the following scripture:

“And as it is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27)

The modern English word “crisis” (which is derived from the Greek KRISIS) is actually a more accurate rendering of this word than Bible translations. The actual Greek word implies a decision that brings correction. If it is used in connection with the word “judgment” the idea of a corrective judgment should be implied.

Another mistranslation in this verse is the phrase “to die.” It is more correctly rendered “to be dying.”

Let us now take into consideration these corrections and render the verse as close as possible to the Greek:

“And as it is reserved for mankind once to be dying, but on the other hand, after this [after the state of dying is over we have] the judgment [or KRISIS — the decision to correct the state of death].”

Without this positive aspect of judgment decisions would be random and lead to strange paths.

What are the three most important things we can do to prepare for The Great Decision, so when the day comes we will choose correctly?

The three preparations for The Great Decision are:

  1. The first thing you can do to prepare for The Great Decision is to follow the highest that you know.
  2. Seek to become pure in heart and become he who has pure intent.
  3. Seek to look beyond the universe of Self and cause that your actions benefit the whole with the realization that the self will be more fully realized in the long run.

The decision between the two paths is not a decision between blissful love and demonic madness. If that were all it is then all would choose the path of light. Instead many are deceived into a dangerous heading toward the dark path because they believe they are choosing love.

It is a great temptation for seemingly loving people to support the taking away of freedom so that good may come. Such decisions lessen the power of decision and as the power of decision is diminished the illusion is amplified. As the illusion is amplified the possibility of choosing the unthinkable becomes real.

We restrict the freedom of the thief to rob others because this action takes away more freedom than it adds. The only freedom that should be restricted are actions that take away more freedom or rights of the group or individuals than is added.

Overall we may define the principle of freedom as follows:

  • Those actions and laws lie within the principle of Freedom that bring greater freedom for and amplify the power of DECISION making for the group and individual.
  • The actions and laws that lie outside the Principle of Freedom are those that bring less freedom for and diminish the power of DECISION making for the group and individual.
  • To take away freedom so that good may come is illusion and the foundation of great evil.
  • To allow freedom so that evil and harm is possible is the path of light for in the end the illusion of evil is dispelled and the power to BECOME is amplified.

Although a decision to follow the path of high resistance may not work out the way the disciple wants, because they exercised the Will to follow the resistant path, they will take this valuable Will to go against the grain, plus their experience with them to new and higher endeavors. In many ways this is more important than being right.

When we look at all the alternatives between the two extremes there is always a point of decision which is the most accurate. Because of ever changing facts, situations, and circumstances, this point seems to be a moving target and thus great discernment and soul contact is needed to consistently choose the midway point; and then proceed from point to point along the path of dominating good. This midway point is not really a point from our perspective, but a path — the path of The Middle Way.

In normal times the disciple is careful rather than careless about doing the right thing. But then there comes a time that a fork in the road is reached and a choice is presented. Sometimes the disciple is in a situation where neither decision looks good and both paths seem reckless.

Like the parable in “The Immortal” the disciple must choose the path on the right, the one on the left or stand still and delay a decision through fear.

When confronted with these situations, the disciple must remember the injunction: “a wrong decision is better than no decision.”

The disciple then makes their best decision and proceeds with a willingness to make corrections when error is revealed, and a commitment to continue on the same path unless a higher way is revealed.

“I intend to live forever — so far, so good.”
— Steven Wright



Decision, Part Four

To his friends and family the disciple may appear to be taking a careless and reckless action, but to the soul he is making a divine move forward from darkness to greater light.

You are Decision and you can become whatever it is you decide to Become. Tune into the male and female energies within you and use their forces to best serve the direction you wish to take.

Now it is possible that several may be concerned that they are not highly evolved and may feel discouraged if they are unable to have certain spiritual experiences. Please, please, do not feel this way. What one can do — all can do — and do it through the power of Decision and Attention.

Nevertheless, we all make decisions and place attention in different areas of life so none of us are the best at everything. Some may be very talented with ideas and imagination; but not so talented with visualization. Just as some are good at music, but not business.

One of the main solutions on all levels to this problem is the first key. We must realize that we are Decision and make every effort to magnify this power and create what we decide through the power of Attention.

One of the main causes of depression is that we have avoided decisions in our past. Remember the parable in my book where Dave turned hell into heaven? Who were the really depressed ones in the story? It was the two who did not make a decision, and who stayed behind and never progressed on the path or took the risk required. Do not let fear stop you from making a decision and then putting your attention on it. If you find that your attention is focused much of the time on yourself in a negative way you must shift your attention to other avenues. Place it on your work, loved ones, learning, a hobby, etc. Every day arrange your life so that you’ll have something to look forward to. This is a little thing, but can be a big help.

It can be as simple as a glass of wine at dinner, a good TV show, a movie or a visit with a friend. These things to look forward to will not happen automatically if you are depressed. You must arrange them and place them in your path and when they are crossed focus all your attention on your enjoyment of the moment.

On the non-physical level one of the greatest causes of depression and apathy is guilt. Guilt is a negative force that focuses attention on your imperfection and paralyses your power of decision. It is caused by your allowing your attention to be placed on some outside authority who has taken the place of the God within. If God, or the power of God, is seen as existing in some man or influence from without then this entity has power to control you through guilt and thus control you through fear and depression.

Between Consciousness, Attention and Decision, Decision was the first to manifest, but then was sustained by the triangular energies of the three. The first decision that caused us to manifest as entities was “to be or not to be.” The first decision was a little like throwing the dice which created the impulse to be. This impulse pulsated around the first duality which was the possibility of becoming versus not Becoming — or eternal pralaya.

However, the key is not the definition of the words Attention, Decision and Consciousness. The key is the answer to “WHO OR WHAT AM I?”

The answer is not a definition of a word, but a principle, which is never the definition of a word. Your essence as it exists in any state of Becoming is that power within you which makes decisions, not decision itself. Decision is the key word, but not the answer. This power which is your essence does not have a name in the English language. It has not been recognized so it has not been named.

In my book there is a mention of another key word which will shed some light on this and the word was revealed in the beginning of my book on the Molecular Relationship.

That word is Purpose.

Purpose as it is used there is not purpose as we define it in our normal conversation which is related to goal setting. Purpose as we shall use it is the Initiator of all things. It is not energy, but is the initiator of energy. It is not decision, but the initiator of Decision and gives meaning to all things. Decision cannot exist without Purpose. Purpose sustains that power within you to Become and Decide. Because you are a reflection of Purpose you are that power to decide, but not decision itself.

Decision is the key word because it is the highest hint in the direction of our essence that we have an accepted word for.

Decision, Consciousness and Attention are to be seen as a Trinity, not as words to be defined. If they are seen as an interdependent Trinity created by Purpose then this will indeed be a key of knowledge to you. These words may seem simple, but even the highest masters and beyond are continually expanding their ring-pass-not on this concept.

We all may think we understand Decision-Consciousness-Attention. However, before 1492, the people of that time thought they understood the concept of “earth-circle-ship,” but Columbus discovered a key from this Trinity that led us to discover a new world.

Never be fooled by simplicity.

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”
— Victoria Holt

Decision, Part Five

The only future which is a sure thing is that which is the result of a decision made by an entity with power to bring the decision to completion. Even then, the events in between the beginning and the end will not all be seen.

The Christ knew that He was coming back to teach humanity in a future age for He had decided to do so. He also knew that the kingdom of God would manifest at some future time, for this is in the realm of decision by lives higher than any on this earth.

If you decide to paint a picture you do not look ahead and see every brush stroke or the mistakes you will make that must be painted out. Instead you see the end picture and work toward it. Thus Christ was not unduly bothered with details that would transpire during the next two thousand years and was not pained by them. Passing through the Dweller on the Threshold as the representative of humanity was the painful thing.

How does one then decide to become truly free?

  1. Deciding to make a choice wherever possible rather than let all the choices that govern your life be made for you. Free will involves more than just living in a situation where you are not restricted from the outside. More importantly, it involves a decision to decide and take responsibility for your life. He who does not take responsibility for his life and actions within that life will never be free.
  2. Placing a greater value on freedom than one does on security that seems to be offered through the giving up of freedom.
  3. After deciding on choice and placing value upon it one must see through the illusions that will trick him into freely giving up his freedom. This is, in the end, the only way freedom can be lost — by giving it to another through your own free will. Once the true path of freedom is seen this path must be followed, for if it is not pursued, and time passes, the night will come and the vision of the path will dim.

Freedom always revolves around decision and not around the endowment of goods and services.

The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors.

The Brotherhood of Light promotes the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

The first philosophy involves a forced handout where the handout of goods or services is taken from person “A” and given to person “B,” and is seen as an increase in freedom for person “B,” while ignoring the problem created for person “A.” The light on the illusion comes when you realize that neither “A” nor “B” have their power of decision enhanced. In fact both usually have it diminished. The second philosophy allows true freedom to manifest for such can only occur when the power of decision is not infringed.

We may not like all the decisions people make when given freedom to do so but in the end, as water reaches its correct level, the life of the body begins to flow and a beautiful, free living society is the end result.

The mind must be stimulated and take control of the decision making process. When this occurs and the seeker begins to understand the importance of breaking free from unjust authority then all he has to do is make a decision to be led by the spirit within rather than an authority without.

I say “all he has to do,” but it is not as easy as that. While this is a true statement it is extremely difficult to make that first decision to trust the spirit within over a previously trusted authority without. But after that first decision has been made the second and third is much easier. Eventually the disciple will get a charge out of defying authorities seeking to control him and his power of decision will solidify.

All cause and effect, or all action, is motivated by some decision which has been made. This original decision lies beyond our normal understanding of the word and the true comprehension lies hidden in the principle of Purpose. The meaning of Purpose is only hinted at in the Ancient Wisdom and is briefly covered in my book on “The Molecular Relationship.”

There was creation and the impulse of decision from the Purpose of God before there was thought or consciousness. This is why the sacred books tell us that there was chaos in the beginning. As thought and consciousness evolved chaos gravitated to organization. All organization we see before us — such as the human cell or DNA is the result of conscious thought on some level, but now operates automatically below the threshold of consciousness.

Energy existed before thought — and thought is organized energy.

If the “real you” is not your body, is not your feelings, and not your mind or thoughts — then what and/or who are you?

You are that power within that can make a decision from which purpose and potential power reside and from which all things spring.

Now consider this quote decribing the experience of “Decision” taken from “The Immortal” Book 2, Chapter 16:

“It was an amazing feeling, or non-feeling, and even though there was a time that decision existed with no creation, I sensed that there were universes beyond and before creation, as we know it, and I could retrieve no information about them. I did sense that God, or Decision, existed in a point beyond and before time and space. Before this point were two possibilities. They were the possibility of Something, and Nothing, or the possibility of Creation or No Creation.

“Suddenly an inspiring phrase came to me. ‘It was the decision to be or not to be. That is the question!’ So even before form and space existed there was still a duality — the possibility of nothing (female) and the possibility of something (male) or the decision to be or not to be.”

Question One:

If all things in creation originate from the principles in Purpose and/or Decision, then where did the principle of Love come from — and what is it?

If you had to describe love by writing the Law of Love what would you write?

In other words, what would you say the primary Law of Love is?

The divine aspects of Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the First Ray which is called “Power.”

The power behind all of these is the power which activates Decision, for it is only after a decision has been made that Purpose is made manifest even though they both silently co-exist in the mind of the Creator. Then it is only after a purpose is sensed that Power can be applied. Again it is only after purpose and power is in play that Will can be exercised to manifest the decision.

Question Two:

How would you define the three divine aspects of Will-Power-Purpose; and how do you suppose they provide a key to manifesting that which the seeker Decides?

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family — in another city.”
— George Burns (1896 – 1996)


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In The Name Of God

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  What I present here is only a seed thought in the direction of understanding the name of God, but if one allows the seed to be planted, nurtured and grown to fruition then such a one will go forward and do “even greater works” than did Jesus as he predicted.

2  You cannot pronounce the name of God by merely being taught the letters or normal sounds that you commit to memory and repeat.

3  The name of God must be spoken on four levels. These levels are the physical, emotional, mental and the soul, or spiritual. If there is interplay on all four levels then nothing can prevent the BECOMING of the seed and the manifestation of healing and wholeness.

4  The essence of the name [of God] is realized when the speaker understands that he is to BECOME as he decides to become when that decision is in harmony with the will of God.

5  The name of God includes more than your own becoming for in the end all souls are one.

6  We should not let our bias toward the Bible, because of its association with wild-eyed TV preachers, prevent us from learning its great truths.

7  The name of God must go forward with understanding.

8  Unjust authority is the mark of the beast that prevents the Name of God from manifesting in the heart and mind.

9  It is quite easy to control a person who thinks that God speaks to an authority, but not directly to himself. This authority that speaks for God becomes then the God without.

10  It takes humility to admit we are not the greatest. Mankind has the same problem with its gods. The God we worship always has to be the head man of the universe and if Jesus is our God then we want him to be right up there at the top of the heap.

11  Only a small number escape the power of the unjust authority of the Beast and find the Father’s name inside their own minds and hearts.

12  If God is within us then His Name is also within us even if we do not consciously perceive it.

13  When people curse the truth they are in reality cursing God because God is the foundation of all true principles.

14  What is in the forehead of those who sing The Song of the 144,000?  Answer:  The name of God.

15  When you see a brother in need and you see him as becoming perfect with you, you are speaking the name.

16  Instead of making covenants with a living God the spiritual guides of the people make covenants with groups, organizations and governments with a priority above their commitment to God and the people they serve.


18  There are many ministers who have never had a true spiritual experience or have never found God yet are telling others with the voice of authority how to lead the spiritual life.

19  We must accept responsibility for our own actions, and not wait for God to save us or to set things right, but to get off our butt and put some action behind our words and correct the mess the world is in.

20  Many make their assumption that because a situation exists as it is that this is the Will of God being manifest.

21  The Bible is the Word of God in the same way that Tom Sawyer, Aesop’s Fables and the Farmer’s Almanac is the Word of God.

22  Revelation, the soul, and the Spirit of God are available to all who seek. It’s too bad the authorities in the churches do not accept this.

23  No change which fulfills the purpose of God will hurt the world at large and the people as a whole will always benefit.

24  There is another way to physically sound the name of God. In the midst of healing you will be given a mystic phrase corresponding to the BECOMING that is to transpire. This phrase is usually spoken and communicated by the healer to the mind and soul of the person for whom it is intended.

25  Faith brings decision into being and through faith we manifest the name of God becoming in us.

26  The most important function of the churches of the world is to teach infant seekers the discipline to control their physical impulses so they are directed toward an intelligent end.

27  Most religions are a cop-out designed to put all responsibility on God.

28  For the seeker the old name of God was a God without. He was in Heaven “up there.”  He was the voice of the priest, the prophets or the words of the physical Bible. The new name of God is within and the inner voice may tell him things that he has never heard from the Bible or any physical teacher. From the new within he learns the good, the beautiful and the true and links with the “innumerable company” that creates the New Jerusalem.

29  If we take upon ourselves the name of Christ as commanded in the scriptures, it merely means that we have committed ourselves to unselfish service to the benefit of the world.

30  The Holy Trinity has the same name on three different levels. The highest level is the one creative Word that created all there is in the Spiritual worlds. The second level Word, which roughly means BECOMING, created all there is in the worlds of form and the third name is the highest manifestation of a specific name of God on the physical plane. That name is Jesus Christ.

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The Beast

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  Just as Christ came the first time and only 120 people out of the whole world realized it so has in this age the beast, the mark and the number also arrived and still has people looking for it.

2  When asked what he thought on a point of doctrine he replied: “I don’t know. I’ll check with my minister and find out what I think about it.” This is the exact procedure The Beast wants you to follow.

3  The dispelling of the illusion of the Dragon will proceed slowly at first on an individual basis, but the time will come when the Kundalini of the whole planet will be raised and the beast will be destroyed as if by fire.

4  He who still has the mark of the beast will either be enhancing someone else’s ego or his own, whereas he who follows the soul will always feel humbled by it.

5  If the antichrist or beast was already in the world 2000 years ago then why are the religious still waiting for him to surface?  Answer: They are deceived by the beast itself. They have followed authorities who have mislead then instead of looking at the source.

6  The authorities of the beast today want everything from us and give us nothing real in return.

7  The war is between those who gladly receive the mark of the beast through control by authority, and those who seek to escape the mark.

8  If a person accepts a teaching just because it comes from one proclaimed as an authority, then he has received the mark of the beast in his forehead and becomes a follower, a beast trailing after his master.

9  The beast is the mindless following of anything – good or bad in design. Even mindlessly following the words of Jesus in the Bible carries the mark of the beast.

10  The beast is not caused by anything “out there” but is created by the focus of the minds of the people.

11  Those who have escaped the mark of the beast of unjust authority have a responsibility to those who are yet in bondage.

12  The marriage vows as they are used today are the creation of the Beast and an instrument in the hands of the Dark Brothers to keep a barrier between human beings and their souls.

13  Over 90 percent of humanity are controlled in some degree through emotional oneness and this is the mark of the beast.

14  The Beast is very difficult to detect when it influences our own lives.

15  If you do not know for sure and refuse to accept the word of an authority just because the authority says a thing is true and admit that you are open to all possibilities then you may be free from the Beast–IN THIS AREA.

16  You are also free from the Beast when you find the real truth whatever that is.

17  Ironically, those who are under the influence of a similar thoughtform of the Beast will also sense a oneness and a kindred spirit, but it will be a oneness in direction. Those who have soul contact will experience a deeper oneness that goes in all directions. This must be experienced to be able to understand and differentiate.

18  The Beast is still alive and well in our day and indeed it represents an energy of authority which attempts to keep humanity from progressing to the plane of the mind which rules Aquarius – being an air sign.

19  The Beast itself is a giant world thoughtform that is a vehicle for the dragon to establish his authority.

20  In this current age the greatest most persistent attacks by the Beast comes in the area of freedom. The illusion will be that we need to give up more and more of our freedoms for safety.

21  Ground zero for the Beast is the principle of freedom and any expansion of freedom is always fought by those with the mark of the beast through deception and ridicule.

22  Observe how the line of authority is administered and you can then run down the workings of the beast.

23  Using a quote from an earned or established authority to prove a point has nothing to do with the Beast.

24  The idea that contemplating the meaning of the Beast will give it more power I see as pure illusion in most cases. From my observation the opposite is true. Those who do not give such things a second thought are the ones who would be the first to lie down and roll over and even die for the beast.

25  One can escape the mark of the beast no matter how corrupt things are “out there.”

26  The Beast is much bigger and more pervasive than any corporation or organization and affects every business and every organization and every person on the earth.

27  The Beast is not the Beast because he is evil, but because of mindlessness. A good thing can be your Beast including the Bible, Jesus, your nation – anything outside yourself that you follow mindlessly.

28  A mindless or emotional decision to submit indicates the mark of the Beast, but a rational decision to submit does not.

29  Not all submission to authority is negative. A positive submission for the sake of true learning elevates us above the Beast.

30  Control of the individual through the feeding and control of the ego is perhaps the greatest tool that the Beast has to work with.

31  Any time that silence allows the seed of suppression to grow, fertile soil is being created for the growth of the power of the beast.

32  If you feel an emotion that needs to surface and your mind agrees with this, but you suppress because of anger or fear, then the Beast has a place to obtain a foothold.

33  A person descends to carrying the Mark of the Beast when he forfeits his destiny and is ruled by emotion or ego rather than mind or soul.

34  If a person thinks he should speak up, but feels that he should not and goes with emotion rather than mind he is forfeiting the Mark of Humanity and being ruled by the Mark of the Beast, or animal nature.

35  If a person speaks up in class because he has thought things through and his thoughts will benefit the whole then he is amplifying his human nature. But if he seeks to defeat his teacher as a lion devours his enemies then he again bears the Mark of the Beast.

36  So what is the name of the Beast? This answer will offend many people new age and old age, but the name of the Beast is I AM.

37  Escaping the Mark of the Beast is not merely a matter of memorizing a black and white formula, but a matter of using the mind to discern the situation and make your own decision independent of unjust authority.

38  The beast is here now and has great authority. It may be deceptive and subtle, but it is great and all encompassing nevertheless.

39  While it is always a possibility that the Beast of authority could implant a literal mark, the true mark is the unseen control of the mind. The true mark is invisible and can only be seen with the inner vision and understanding.

40  The beast is a thoughtform under the control of “the dragon” (the Dark Brothers). This thoughtform covers the entire planet. This is why Satan (the adversary of light) is called “the god of this world” in the scriptures.

41  We receive the illusion of the mark of the beast when we accept any name for God or final authority that is outside of ourselves.

42  The beast is the static I am.

43  Once a thoughtform or system that represents the Beast becomes the ideal it also becomes an unearned authority and has power to control all actions on the physical plane.

44  This understanding of the Beast and his number is perhaps the most important thing for seekers of truth and wisdom to comprehend.

45  The Beast wants you to do more than obey. It wants you to think as you are told to think in the process.

46  The Beast is already here and has been for many thousands of years.

47  Ignorance, and also fear, gives power to the Beast by the unthinking masses, but those who are not ignorant and enlightened will be the ones to suffer from it.

48  To be a victim of the Beast one must unquestionably follow an authority who takes the place of the inner authority of the God within.

49  The one authority we must not challenge is the Spirit within.

50  Those who worship the outward authorities of the Beast will hate the inner authority of the message from the inner Christ.

51  When the dragon gives the beast authority he automatically gives power and a seat (or some type of position from which to command).

52  Actually, the beast will often use the truth to increase his authority.

53  We have all been under the authority of the Beast at one time or another – either in this life or in past lives, and have accumulated much negative karma because of it.

54  The authority of the Beast crucified Jesus and after the creation of the Christian Church the power and authority of the Beast increased, not decreased.

55  This doctrine of the Beast and the way to overcome him may be the most important thing you will learn in this life.

56  If one hears a story purported to come from a Master, or even Christ or the mouth of God and automatically gives it authority without first examining it under the light of your own soul then some of the residual Beast still has control.

57  Among other things, the beast represents the tendency of humanity to revert back to the authority of a mindless God outside of us, rather than the God who speaks from within.

58  One is not rebelling against the Beast by merely speaking up against an authority he does not honor.

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