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1  Christ himself is not ready (because we are not ready) to work directly with humanity.

2  We celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th. While it is true that He was not born on this day it is true that this has been a sacred season for the celebration of world saviors for many thousands of years.

3  Christ is a representative of the Son of God aspect or of the soul.

4  It would be counterproductive for Christ to repeat the same type of mission as last time.

5  The entity who is the Christ occupies that office because, among the human family, He is most in tune with the middle principle of soul.

6  What is the consciousness of the entity who is Christ?  His consciousness is centered on the Masters of Wisdom returning to the earth as soon as practical, and assisting to elevate mankind into higher levels of achievement.

7  Christ did not face someone else’s Dweller, but faced the Dweller for the human kingdom of which he was an integral part.

8  When Christ was suffering in the Garden and near the point of death it is written that an angel came and strengthened him. This angel was the molecular link while Christ was on the earth. This angel was not a permanent resident of Shamballa, but an intermediary called a Nirmanakaya in the East.

9  The Christ, or a servant of Christ, is in reality exactly the opposite of the pious image (Babylonian image) that the average man paints of him.

10  Any day that you seek to kindle the birth of Christ within your heart is a sacred day.

11  The Christ could come as a female but if He did, He would play the female role and emphasize receivership rather than sending.

12  There were several occasions where Jesus revealed Himself, but as with Peter and the woman at the well, most of these revelations were of a private nature to people who already surmised that He was the Christ.

13  Christ and his servants are maligned in character more than any others.

14  The number necessary for His [the Christ’s] coming is not revealed but this basic idea must be in place: when He does appear there must be a sufficient number of people prepared to recognize Him so He is not viewed as just one more delusionary messiah figure.

15  Last time His [the Christ’s] presence required the readiness of twelve units capable of soul contact. This time it could be quite a bit more but I make no prediction. Those working in harmony with the Christ will know when the time comes.

16  The days of Atlantis marked the beginning of the shift from female to male polarization which was consummated with the first coming of Christ.

17  Christ represented the ideal male who is to lead us to Spirit. Unfortunately the age of Pisces gave us many males who gave us terrible examples of what the ideal male was supposed to present.

18  The true sheep know, or recognize the voice of God or Christ.

19  December 25th was a holiday centuries before the birth of Christ. On this day the Romans celebrated the Mirthraic feast of the Sun-god. Also from December 17-23 they held a great festival honoring Saturnus, the god of agriculture.

20  The principle behind the name of Christ is the only thing that can redeem any of us.

21  Christ had to descend below all things so he could rise above all things and manifest the invisible love of God to us.

22  If we hear the voice of Christ and open the door then He will come into us and sup (or commune) with us.

23  The Son of man is another name for Christ, but it is the Christ among humanity rather than the Christ in far away spiritual realms.

24  You’ve heard the statement that “hope springs eternal.”  Hope is very closely connected with the Christ Principle.

25  The Christ principle is a point of interplay between Spirit and matter that our consciousness must attune to discover the mysteries of God.

26  The person with no Christ consciousness is only aware of the material world. The person with Christ consciousness is aware of the spiritual as well as the material world.

27  We first serve the anti-Christ outside of ourselves for many lifetimes until we finally wake up. Then we discover that was illusion and the real Christ is within ourselves.

28  Some may say that pure love (or some type of enlightenment) eliminates resistance but nothing you can do will eliminate all resistance. If even Christ, the teacher of us all, was unable to eliminate resistance, what makes us think we can?

29  The simple teachings of the Christ on Love must become a reality.

30  When Christ returns only a few will recognize Him because the rest will be following a non-thinking program that does not allow for vision.

31   The Christ is a position occupied by one individual on each inhabited planet. There are millions of Christ positions throughout the Universe, but only one principle that is manifest everywhere and creates all there is.

32   Through the centuries astrally grounded men have marred the character of Christ and his servants and made them seem far removed from the average seeker.

33   We may all have our comments and opinions of the magnitude of the confrontation the Christ had in the Garden of Gethsemane, but without a revelation or going through the experience ourselves, there is no way we can appreciate what He went through.

34  Masters of Wisdom will either appear among us or incarnate and the Christ will overshadow disciples in preparation for His work with humanity.

35   He [Christ] is not coming to destroy the wicked or to force men to do good. Neither is He coming to save us from our sins. Instead, He is coming with eternal words and teachings that will touch the soul of humanity so universal brotherhood will be understood and peace on earth good will to men will become a reality.

36  Many students of metaphysics eagerly accept the idea of the Christ Consciousness which is available to us all, but have difficulty in accepting the possibility that the actual entity who is the Christ will soon make an appearance in the flesh.

37  There have been many methods used for predicting the return of Christ, and hundreds of dates set. All of them, have been wrong.

38  As we now know Christ did not return in the year 2000 and it is not likely He will return in the immediate years following. What is possible is that an Antichrist will appear first as an externalization of the expectations and thoughtforms of the masses. For the image of Christ in the mind of the average man resembles more the Antichrist, than the true one. We may or may not have another Hitler type antichrist, but we can assuredly predict several self proclaimed quasi spiritual ones.

39  The reappearance of the Christ will not be just a continuation of His work as is but a continuation of His work with changes. In other words, the principle of Becoming is involved here.

40  One of the most important things for me to teach and demonstrate is the seeing of the Christ within each of us.

41  Melchizedek was overshadowed by “The Ancient Of Days” and this is the one who called Christ to be after the order of Melchizedek.

42  What is the main difference between the philosophy of the Christ and the Adversary? The answer is free agency. Christ always supports the agency of all men and women. Now suppose he did come with such great power that all who were opposed to him were destroyed, and those who are left are full of the fear of God and would not think of opposing such a powerful being who now is the King of the earth? Do you not think this would destroy the agency of man? It would.

43  He who was the Christ in Jerusalem was not many entities, but one entity and thus cannot return as more than one entity.

44  If the Christ, or the Lord of the World, were to appear to you in human form and you were to attempt to worship him as a personality He would stop you; but if you were to worship with your Spirit and sense the Spirit of God in the presence of the Master then it would be allowed.

45  If Hitler would have succeeded in his world conquest the appearance of Christ would have been delayed at least a thousand years.

46  The reappearance of the Christ cannot happen just anytime for certain preparations must be made and without them the Christ cannot appear and effectively work.

47  Christ is not looking for people who have to be told what to do in every detail, but for those who are willing to initiate good causes of their own free will and bring them to fruition.

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