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June 7, 2013

A Familiar Voice

Alex writes:

Initiate wrote recently:

————- quote ————-

i) The sixty billion human souls currently bound to Terra (with about seven billion in present-day incarnation), incarnate in various cycles according to astrological age (we are now in that of Aquarius), Karma (Causality), suitability of the social and biological environment, etc. At present, we are experiencing a steady influx of more evolved souls incarnating in less-developed nations/continents (e.g. Asia, Africa), whilst simultaneously experiencing less evolved souls incarnating in more developed nations/continents (e.g. USA, Europe). If you really, desperately must know WHY, please ask another time, out of respect for other users. ————- end quote ——

I am not going to ask him, because he is overloaded with questions, but does anyone here know “WHY”?

I thought that the more evolved do not want to incarnate any more on the Earth, that is why spirituality is going down.


The more evolved want to serve where there is the greatest opportunity to move evolution forward. Of course, they have their personal interests and priorities, which are a factor but overall they want to place themselves in positions where they can accomplish something of worth that will also produce a feeling of satisfaction and joy to themselves.

Highly evolved souls have no problem incarnating on the earth so long as they feel that they can accomplish something of worth.

Are the more highly evolved now incarnating into the third world countries? The answer is this. Some third world countries are developing more opportunities and the developed countries are heading toward more restriction and less freedom. This causes some initiates to take a good look at where some third world countries will be headed for the next generation and incarnate where there seems to be opportunity – and that is the principle. The highly evolved have greater power of decision and will incarnate where lies the greatest opportunity for them.

Even so, there are third world countries most will avoid like the plague.

Many initiates still see opportunity in the developed countries and we will continue to see advanced souls surface in them, but some developing countries will manifest some highly intelligent souls in the coming generation.

By the way, I saw your question to Initiate and it was a good one. You asked about other teachers he agreed with. That answer ought to be interesting.

I caught up on his recent posts and will say he is a lot more intelligent than most of the would-be messiahs and prophets out there. He gives out a lot of data that may or may not be correct but I do not see a lot of weight given to the wisdom aspect that deals with principles.

For instance, he says there are 91 dimensions. This is a figure I haven’t seen before and he made no appeal to the Law of Correspondences to verify it. The number is 13 x 7 which he could have expounded upon.

To his credit he doesn’t present himself as the one and only last chance for mankind and doesn’t condemn those who do not accept him.

He does preset himself as an initiate who is fairly well placed in the Brotherhood of Light so he does start out with some claim to unearned authority which may or may nor evolve to earned authority.

My wife and I visited a science expo in Vancouver back in 1989 and they demonstrated patterns created by sound using a similar device. I was really impressed and it made me think of the Hindu teaching that the whole universe was created by one sound that is made by the breath of God.


> I find I am particularly drawn to this “type” of writer – very knowledgeable and obviously well-educated but not pseudo-intellectual, obviously highly intelligent, VERY articulate and clearly makes his points.


Yes, the guy is obviously highly self educated and has done a lot of thinking. I always appreciate anyone who has put a lot of thought into their words. I’m curious as to how he comes up with some of his data such as the 91 dimensions or that dark brothers are set back 130 billion years.

I have a feeling that this is not the guy’s first attempt at teaching and probably has other things existing on the web.

It would be an interesting endeavor to find them. One could search for some key words he uses such as:

Dear Reader (a phrase I personally do not like)

Dark Brotherhood



I’m sure there are others.

I’m sure there are others.


June 9, 2013

Oliver Cowdery

JJ wrote:

Oliver Cowdery then sought for a leadership position since he was the “Second Elder.”

John C replied:

FALSE. Where is your evidence?


Actually there is quite a bit of evidence. I had previously read before that since Oliver was the Second Elder and the First Elder (Joseph) was dead that he now considered himself the highest authority and felt a duty to set the church in order.

Phillip R. Legg, a biographer of Oliver wrote quite a bit about Oliver’s hints that he should seek leadership to set the church right. He thought that he had the highest keys and Brigham did not. In addition he thought polygamy was a grave error that needed to be set straight. Here was Legg’s conclusion;

Richards indicated that Oliver had offered his “testimony in his personal experience of many things which no other living person could bear.” Indeed, Oliver knew what no other living person knew. He had been with Joseph from the beginning and had shared experiences with Joseph which no one else shared. Oliver felt he was the one with the authority and the testimony which entitled him to be the head of the church.

A move to join the Brigham Young group was not an endorsement of the practices of the membership, particularly regarding such doctrines as plural marraiage. His decision was not a validation of Brigham’s authority. After all, he believed that he was the only one with “real” authority, and his baptism would help him to assume the leadership of the church and set it right. His dream would never be realized, and, possibly, he sensed his impending death.

Oliver Cowdery: the elusive second elder of the restoration / by Phillip R. Legg. 1989


June 9, 2013

The Still Small Voice

Larry W writes:

Question: if our own self, subconscious self or higher self (two different things) steps in, do we label that as 1)soul contact, 2)Higher Self, 3)Holy Ghost, 4)guardian angel, 5)still small voice, 6)Solar Angel, 7)other? Something helped John out. We’ve all experienced similar help. It seems to me such help CAN come from a VERIETY OF SOURCES.


Think of all the things you bought this last month. They came from a variety of sources but there was one medium that allowed you to make the transactions that gave you power to possess them. That medium was money.

Even so it is with soul contact. This allows us to contact the point which is neither matter or spirit, neither wet nor dry, where magic can be wrought. By raising our consciousness and tapping into the point of interplay a door becomes open so many differing magical things can happen such as:

(1) Contact with the Higher Self

(2) Sensing the Holy Spirit

(3) Tuning into the presence of angels and discarnate entities of high vibration.

(4) Hearing the still small voice

(5) Feeling the presence of your Solar Angel

(6) Inspiration and revelation.

(7) Sensing true spiritual love

(8) Tuning into the Oneness Principle. And more.

By the way Dan, I read your Questions to Initiate. That is quite a list. After reading them I’ll bet he wonders, “Who is this guy?”

I’m glad you don’t throw that many in my direction all at one time, but I must say, the guy asked for it.


June 9, 2013

A Familiar Voice


I was glad to see that Initiate complimented you on your questions rather than chastise you as he has been in a rather attack mode lately.

If he continues with this teaching he’ll have to eventually move to a private forum, as we have, where he can moderate the group so as to avoid distracting comments. Right now he feels that over half of the replies are irritating or counterproductive – or seek to take him off topic.

He attacks those who are irritating him by stating that he was like they are now once upon a time “about 1 hundred thousand incarnations ago.” I’ve never heard anyone state that it takes 100,000 incarnations to move from an intelligent smart aleck to an initiate. That would be pretty slow progression if true. Fortunately, it is not. Some have done it in one lifetime.

It is interesting that one of his comments follows Crowley’s philosophy:

“One of the divine cosmic laws are as follows: Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!”

This statement makes for good discussion for the group. Is it true? Why or why not?

If you ask any more questions, here are suggestions.

How many earth beings are in your order? What percentage or number are incarnated in the physical human kingdom and how many in the non dense physical realms? (It would raise a red flag if he thinks he is the only one incarnated.)

What kind of process did you go through to join your order of brotherhood? Ask if you can apply.

I think you may be on to something. He seems to use a lot of Laurency’s terminology.

The quote “Do what thou wilt” is found here:

It’s in the post entitled:

My dear Brothers at ATS, PART I:


June 10, 2013

Do What Thou Wilt

It is interesting that one of his (Initiate’s) comments follows Crowley’s philosophy: “One of the divine cosmic laws are as follows: Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!” This statement makes for good discussion for the group. Is it true? Why or why not?

It is interesting that Initiate was mercilessly accused of plagiarizing Crowley when his quote was actually worded a little differently. Crowley’s wording was: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

It’s kind of silly to accuse anyone of plagiarism when he quotes a famous phrase of which most know the source. For instance, if I say “the truth shall make you free” most will realize I am not claiming to be the first to state it.

He made the odd statement that he gave out the phrase for a trap to his adversaries. First, one would not expect a brother of light to go about setting traps for anyone except perhaps in extreme circumstances of real conflict.

Secondly, it was kind of difficult to see exactly what the trap was about. My best guess is that he made it close to the Crowley quote so he would be falsely accused of quoting Crowley. Then he can say, “You are wrong sir. I am saying something entirely different than Crowley.”

Sounds like an ineffective trap.

In any case, he did say that his statement had an entirely different meaning from Crowley’s. That said let us examine the statement:

“Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!”

It is written so it sounds like people as a whole will be free to do as they will if individuals first follow their own wills.

Unfortunately, this is not true. If the pervert desires to rape a woman then obviously doing what he wills does not lead to the victim doing what she wills for she had no desire to be raped.

If the burglar follows his will to steal your big screen TV then you cannot follow your will to possess it and watch it.

Obviously, this is a deeply flawed statement. He said he was going to explain it shortly, but there was so much conflict on the site that the thread was shut down. It will be interesting to see if the guy surfaces again.

I would guess that he was going to tell us that if individuals are free to do their wills then the group is also free. That is only true though if the will of the individual is in alignment with higher purpose. Those who are not in alignment with higher purpose frustrate the freedom of the whole rather than enhancing it.

There is an interesting teaching by Joseph Smith in this direction. He taught that there were three kingdoms of glory available in the afterlife. The highest, the celestial was likened to the sun. The next, the terrestrial had a glory like the moon and the lowest, the telestial was much dimmer like the stars and in this kingdom each person differed in glory like the stars. What determines which glory we can abide is the law that we are willing to be subject to. To enter the highest glory one must be subject to the celestial laws.

All kingdoms of glory and made so by law and if one cannot abide by law but becomes a law unto himself then he will enter a fourth kingdom that has no glory but is a kingdom of darkness.

Therefore, if a person strictly follows the adage “do what thou wilt” he will eventually wind up in the place portrayed by scripture as “outer darkness.”

Indeed all creation is created by and functions by law. If nature did not follow the laws of gravity, inertia, repulsion, attraction etc then randomness would be everywhere, hence the darkness.


To me this phrase “Do what thou wilt, for all to do as they will!” means:

“Feel free to exercise your free agency, but in such way so that all the others

could excercise their free agency too”.


“Feel free to exercise your free agency, to allow all the others excercise their

free agency too”.

I think “for” means “for the purpose of”, “in order to”. I do not think “for”

means “because”. However, my English is a second language.

In such interpretation, if a rapist desires a woman (free will of a rapist), but

the woman says “Stop it!”, the rapist should stop in order to allow the woman to

exercise her free will too.

If this “divine law” is observed, there simply will be no place for rape. (The

man can go to a brothel.)


I would suppose that was what Initiate was trying to convey but the wording is extremely unclear and confusing if that is the case. If that was the message the wording should have been something like this:

Do what thou wilt when it enhances the will and freedom of the whole. Otherwise, align your will with the highest known good and execute.


June 12, 2013

Women of Mormondom Question

Larry Woods asks some questions:

First, he wants to know if a dispensation as taught by Mormon doctrine is the same as an age.

A dispensation in Mormon doctrine is not exactly the same thing. An astrological age is around 2160 years but there have been seven dispensations according to Mormon doctrine in the past 6000 years making an average dispensation to be less than a thousand years.


Do you believe that every Age has its Christ?


Every age has at least one messiah figure but Jesus was unique in that the entity in him was more pure, highly evolved and unrestricted than had ever made an appearance on the earth.

Let us note the language of the angel right in the King James Version: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David A Saviour, which is Christ (anointed) the Lord.” Luke 2:11

He was called “a” savior because he was not the only one. The Hebrew for this word is YASHA and numerous individuals in the old testament were called by this title including David, Samson, Moses, and others.

Then we have the scripture: “And SAVIOURS (YASHA) shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.” Obadiah verse 21.

Obviously, there will be many saviors or Christs to come.

Even so, there is only one who has the office of the Christ and that is the master upon whom we wait.


So is a Christ of an Age the same as the Avatar of that Age?


There are usually a number of avatars within an age and these indeed have the Christ consciousness, but there is only one who has the office of the Christ.


Can you name other Christs of past dispensations/Ages?


Since the last Adam there has only been one entity holding the office of the Christ. In a thousand years or so he is scheduled to be replace by the master KH while he moves on to higher work.

There have been numerous avatars who many see as Christ figures. Some in recorded history are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Leonardo DaVinci, Roger Bacon, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Pythagoras, Socrates, Confucius, Buddha and others.


What can you tell us about the Christ or Avatar of Aquarius?


The Christ who holds the office will come again but it is not revealed exactly how this will come about. There will be definite overshadowings but it is a mystery whether he will come in a body of his own.


You teach in The Immortal and subsequently that Christ can overshadow a person (with permission). So is that person “Christed”?


A person can attain the Christ consciousness and work through the Oneness Principle without being overshadowed. Overshadowing occurs when a usable vessel is available that needs help to accomplish a mission of light.


Or must such a person also be designated by Sanat as head of that dispensation/Age to qualify as the Christ/Avatar of that Age?


It’s not so much that people are designated to be avatars but that an evolved soul sees the need for work to be done and volunteers to do it. If he has the qualities necessary he is supported by the Hierarchy.


Mormons teach that JS was given dominion over this Age (dispensation) as its main teacher and leader. Do you agree?


He will have a part. Exactly what that is, only time will tell.


Does this mean JS and his future incarnations will fill the roll of Christ or Avatar for the Age of Aquarius?


The Christ is the main avatar of the Age of Aquarius, at least the first half. He will be here either physically or through the overshadowing of disciples.


June 13, 2013


I recently finished Crowley’s lengthy autobiography. It was a lot to plow through but I thought I’d give the guy a fair shot.

By the way, Ruth asked about me analyzing his handwriting. I have already done so here:

I was curious a to what kind of experiences he had with his quest for magic but he gave few details of magical experiences or his revelations. He did give a lot of details about the normal aspects of his life. He seemed to be a Hemingway style of character always seeking for adventure in mountain climbing, big game hunting and on a quest for love and pleasure.

He seemed to present himself as more of a rebel for rebel’s sake rather than for the sake of evil desire.

He was raised in strict Christian tradition by his father. Many independent souls rebel against such painful strictness that involve beatings and strong discipline. Crowley wrote:

“Indeed, my falling away from grace was not occasioned by any intellectual qualms; I accepted the theology of the Plymouth Brethren. In fact, I could hardly conceive of the existence of people who might doubt it. I simply went over to Satan’s side; and to this hour I cannot tell why.

“But I found myself as passionately eager to serve my new master (Satan) as I had been to serve the old (God). I was anxious to distinguish myself by committing sin. Here again my attitude was extraordinarily subtle. It never occurred to me to steal or in any other way to infringe the decalogue. Such conduct would have been petty and contemptible. I wanted a supreme spiritual sin; and I had not the smallest idea how to set about it. There was a good deal of morbid curiosity among the saints about “the sin against the Holy Ghost” which “could never be forgiven”. Nobody knew what it was. It was even considered rather blasphemous to offer any very positive conjecture on the point. The idea seems to have been that it was something like an ill-natured practical joke on the part of Jesus. This mysterious offence which could never be forgiven might be inadvertently committed by the greatest saint alive, with the result that he would be bowled out at the very gate of glory. Here was another impossibility to catch my youthful fancy; I must find out what that sin was and do it very thoroughly.”

I found it amusing that he actually sought out the sin against the Holy Ghost.

Here’s another incident from his youth:

“There is one amazing incident; at the age of fourteen as near as I can remember. I must premise that I have always been exceptionally tenderhearted, except to tyrants, for whom I think no tortures bad enough. In particular, I am uniformly kind to animals; no question of cruelty or sadism arises in the incident which I am about to narrate.

“I had been told “A cat has nine lives.” I deduced that it must be practically impossible to kill a cat. As usual, I became full of ambition to perform the feat. (Observe that I took my information unquestioningly au pied de la lettre.) Perhaps through some analogy with the story of Hercules and the hydra, I got it into my head that the nine lives of the cat must be taken more or less simultaneously. I therefore caught a cat, and having administered a large dose of arsenic I chloroformed it, hanged it above the gas jet, stabbed it, cut its throat, smashed its skull and, when it had been pretty thoroughly burnt, drowned it and threw it out of the window that the fall might remove the ninth life. In fact, the operation was successful; I had killed the cat. I remember that all the time I was genuinely sorry for the animal; I simply forced myself to carry out the experiment in the interest of pure science.”

Despite these and other oddities such as animal sacrifice, he presented himself as an honorable man I many circumstances, anti abortion and even speaks warmingly of the Holy Ghost in his life at times.

He comes across as a man who is willing to try anything for the experience and seeks for the highest pleasures that life has to offer.

I’m sure he was used as a pawn for the dark brothers at times but not sure he made the final decision that takes one on the left hand path.

Concerning the accusation that he could have been Jack the Ripper he consider it ludicrous. However, he seemed to have an insight into him almost as if he knew who he was. He wrote:

“At this time London was agog with the exploits of Jack the Ripper. One theory of the motive of the murderer was that he was performing an Operation to obtain the Supreme Black Magical Power. The seven women had to be killed so that their seven bodies formed a “Calvary cross of seven points” with its head to the west. The theory was that after killing the third or the fourth, I forget which, the murderer acquired the power of invisibility, and this was confirmed by the fact that in one case a policeman heard the shrieks of the dying woman and reached her before life was extinct, yet she lay in a cul-de-sac, with no possible exit save to the street; and the policeman saw no signs of the assassin, thought he was patrolling outside, expressly on the lookout.”

Here is one of the best quotes from the book:

“I am afraid that the root of the evil lies in the psychological fact that men proclaim the principles of freedom only when they are suffering from oppression. No sooner do they become free and prosperous than they begin to perceive the duties of discipline.”


June 14, 2013

Crowleyism Continued

Not only was Crowley’s dad strict but here’s what he had to endure in school. No wonder he rebelled against regular Christianity.

I had thus no difficulty at school as far as lessons were concerned, but in my three years at Champney’s I had no lack of trouble; the nature of this can only be understood if I adduce a few facts to indicate the atmosphere. I used to tell people about my school life and met with such consistent incredulity that I made a little collection of incidents in the preface to my The World’s Tragedy. I quote the passage as it stands.

A Boyhood in Hell

The Revd. H. d’Arcy Champney, M.A. Of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, had come out of sect.

He had voted at the parliamentary elections by crossing out the names of the candidates and writing, “I vote for King Jesus.”

He had started a school for the sons of Brethren at 51 Bateman Street, Cambridge. May God bite into the bones of men the pain of that hell on earth (I have prayed often) that by them it may be sowed with salt, accursed for ever! May the maiden that passes it be barren and the pregnant woman that beholdeth it abort! May the birds of the air refuse to fly over it! May it stand as a curse, as a fear, as an hate, among men! May the wicked dwell therein! May the light of the sun be withheld therefrom and the light of the moon not lighten it! May it become the home of the shells of the dead and may the demons of the pit inhabit it! May it be accursed, accursed — accursed for ever and ever!


And still, standing as I stand in the prime of early manhood, free from all the fetters of the body and the mind, do I curse the memory thereof unto the ages.

It was a good enough school from the point of view of examiners, I dare say. Morally and physically, it was an engine of destruction and corruption. I am just going to put down a few facts haphazard as they come to my memory; you may form your own judgment.

1. We were allowed to play cricket, but not to score runs, lest it should excite the vice of “emulation”.

2. Champeny told me, a child of not yet twelve years old, that he had never consummated his marriage. (Only the very acute verbal memory which I possess enabled me years after to recall and interpret his meaning. He used a coarser phrase.)

3. We were told that “the Lord had a special care of the school and brought to light that which was done in darkness,” etc., etc. Ad nauseam. “The instrument was on this occasion so-and-so, who had nobly come forward,” etc., etc. In other words, hypocrisy and sneaking were the only virtues.

Naturally, one of several boys who might be involved in the same offence would take fright and save his skin by sneaking. The informer was always believed implicitly, as against probability, or even possibility, with complete disregard of the testimony of other and independent witnesses.

For instance, a boy named Glascott, with insane taint, told Mr. Champney that he had visited me (twelve years old) at my mother’s house during the holidays — true so far, he had — and found me lying drunk at the bottom of the stairs. My mother was never asked about this; nor was I told of it. I was put into “Coventry”, i.e. no master nor boy might speak to me, or I to them. I was fed on bread and water; during play hours I worked in the schoolroom; during work hours I walked solitary round and round the playground. I was expected to “confess” the crime of which I was not only innocent, but unaccused.

This punishment, which I believe criminal authorities would consider severe on a poisoner, went on for a term and a half. I was, at last, threatened with expulsion for my refusal to “confess”, and so dreadful a picture of the horrors of expulsion did they paint me — the guilty wretch, shunned by his fellows, slinks on through life to a dishonoured grave, etc. — that I actually chose to endure my tortures and to thank my oppressor.

Physically, I broke down. The strain and the misery affected my kidneys; and I had to leave school altogether for two years. I should add in fairness that there were other accusations against me, though, as you shall hear, almost equally silly.

I learnt at last, through the intervention of my uncle, in a lucid interval, what I was supposed to have done. I was said to have tried “to corrupt Chamberlain” — not our great patriotic statesman, shifty Joe — but a boy. (I was twelve years old and quite ignorant of all sexual matters till long after.) Also I had “held a mock prayer meeting”. This I remembered. I had strolled up to a group of boys in the playground, who were indeed holding one. As they saw me one said, “Brother Crowley will now lead us in prayer.” Brother Crowley was too wary and walked away. But instead of doing what a wise boy would have done: gone straight to the head and accused them of forty-six distinct unmentionable crimes, I let things slide. So, fearing that I might go, they hurried off themselves and told him how that wicked Crowley had tried to lead them away from Jesus.

Worse, I had called Page I a pharisee. That was true; I had said it. Dreadful of me! And Page I, who “walked very close to Jesus”, of course went and told.

Yes, they all walked very close to Jesus — as close as Judas did.

4. A boy named Barton was sentenced to one hundred and twenty strokes of the cane on his bare shoulders, for some petty theft of which he was presumably innocent.

Superb was the process of trial. It began by an extra long prayer time and Joshua’s account of the sin of Achan, impressively read. Next, an hour or two about the Lord’s care of the school, the way He brought sin to light. Next, when well worked up and all our nerves on the jump, who stole what? Silence. Next, the Lord’s care in providing a witness — like the witnesses against Naboth! Then the witness and his story, as smooth as a policeman’s. Next, sentence. Last, execution, with intervals of prayer!

Champney’s physique being impaired, one may suppose by his excessive devotion to Jesus, he arranged to give sixty strokes one day and sixty the next.

My memory fails — perhaps Barton will one day oblige with his reminiscences — but I fancy the first day came so near to killing him that he escaped the second.

I remember one licking I got — on the legs, because flogging the buttocks excites the victim’s sensuality! — fifteen minutes prayer, fifteen strokes of the cane, fifteen minutes more prayer, fifteen more strokes — and more prayer to top it!

5. On Sunday the day was devoted to “religion”. Morning prayers and sermon (about forty-five minutes). Morning “meeting” (one and a half to two hours). Open-air preaching on Parker’s Piece1 (say one hour). Bible reading and learning by heart. Reading of the few books “sanctioned for Sunday” (say two hours). Prayer meeting (called voluntary, but to stay away meant that some sneak in the school would accuse you of something next day) (say one hour). Evening prayer and sermon (say thirty minutes). Preaching of the gospel in the meetingroom (one and a half hours). Ditto on Parker’s Piece (say one hour). Prayer before retiring (say half an hour).

I might go on for a long while, but I will not. I hope there are some people in the world happy enough to think that I am lying, or at least exaggerating. But I pledge my word to the literal truth of all I have said, and there are plenty of witnesses alive to confirm me, or to refute me. I have given throughout the actual names, addresses and other details.


I didn’t grow up in surroundings like that. All I wanted to do was find the

Truth, although I did rebel a lot over the years, I never intentionally hurt

animals, because I loved animals and related to their love more than humans when

I was growing up.

So in your honest opinion was Crowley someone like HPB who had reincarnated and

stuffed up in that lifetime (as an old soul on the path of Discipleship etc),

like HPB did when she reincarnated as Count Caglistrio?

Oh and was Abraham Lincoln a reincarnated Jesus or someone close to him?


Yeah, Crowley tortured a cat which was cruel but had nothing to do with his search for the sin against the Holy Ghost. I had friends when at that age also did terrible things to cats, other animals and insects but they mellowed out when they matured.

I do not think the Hierarchy’s plan depended on him as it was Cagliostro at that time. HPB appeals to a lot higher mental level than does Crowley who attracts people who want instant magical results for themselves.

I don’t see Abraham Lincoln as Jesus but believe he was a disciple of the Christ for a number of lives.


June 14, 2013

The Initiate

There are a number of Melchizedek orders. Here’s a couple from Google.

On the other hand, I believe there is a secret one without an internet

presence but have never sought out secret societies. I would say there

is a high probability he follows Laurency quite closely.



June 15, 2013

Alcohol & Coffee

Here’s two interesting studies. Coffee can make you live longer and alcohol can make you smarter. Who knew?


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Keys Writings 2013, Part 13

This entry is part 13 of 25 in the series 2013

May 1, 2013

The Carnal Nature

Keith: Another problem is these higher energies can filter down and stimulate the carnal nature. I believe that is why you see a lot of spiritual leaders fall prey to their carnal side, because of this over stimulation of their lower natures.

JJ This is an interesting observation for many spiritual leaders and progressive thinkers have fallen prey to their lower passions. I’ve been reading more about L. Ron Hubbard and discovered he had an insatiable sexual appetite. Kennedy’s numerous affairs are widely known as well as FDR. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had multiple wives. Solomon, the best that God could conjure up to build his temple, had 1000 wives and concubines. Blavatsky was a chain smoker etc.

On the other hand, others seemed to keep passions under control such as Lincoln, Churchill, AAB and of course, Jesus.

Money and power also present tremendous temptations to advanced entities.


May 2, 2013

Re: Some Basics

Ruth: Were there numerous Adams and Eves because of each root race had it’s beginning in an Adam/Atom and Eve, or because some of these experiments to seed Earth failed?

JJ There have been numerous correspondences to the Adam and Eve story at the beginning of the various root races and subraces. It has also happened several times after great destruction. Accompanying every move forward has been dark forces attempting to frustrate it.


May 4, 2013

Aleister Crowley 

I’ve taken a look at Aleister Crowley’s handwriting and will make some comments.

You can check out samples also so you can see what I am referring to.

His regular handwriting can be seen in this sample:

His signature can be found here at the bottom of the page.

I won’t give a complete analysis but will point out several things that stand out.

His up strokes are very far forward which combined with the bend in his letters indicates a lack of control over his emotions. One of his main philosophies was “Do what thou wilt.” He liked this idea because he didn’t really want to control himself but desired to go with the flow, wherever that was taking him.

Notice that the direction of his handwriting points downward. I’ve looked at several samples and all but one does this. This indicates a strong pessimism or depression for a highly emotional person. He was reported to have said that he hated himself on his deathbed and maybe he did feel that way at times.

For a highly emotional person he was also quite intelligent and intuitive in the standard sense of the word. He was a quick thinker and probably a good speaker, never at a loss for words. He had strong passion and could stimulate people on an emotional and mental level at the same time.

It shows that he was not good art keeping secrets, unless it was personally important to him. His life verifies this as he revealed the secrets of The Golden Dawn, an esoteric organization that he joined.

His signature is interesting. Notice the two capital letters of his name A and C. In standard writing they do not go below the baseline but Crowley forces both of these letters far into the lower zone, even farther than his Y, which normally does go to the lower zone.

This tells us that the material side of life was of great importance to him. In his private thoughts he reflected on all aspects of life but when he mingled with the masses he became very carnal and material in focus.

Notice how his letters move all over the place in his signature. This tells us that he was always trying to think outside the box and because of his material focus he wasn’t afraid to embrace out of the box thinking if it moved beyond the bounds of normal acceptance.

He had a surprisingly normal ego but on an intellectual level he saw himself as a person of great importance. This feeling of importance was created more by illusion than a big ego.

When he wanted something he pursued it with great vigor.

Under normal circumstances he was quite honest but would lie when it served his purposes.

I found a couple interesting links to the guy. Apparently some believe that as a young boy he was Jack the Ripper and others that he caused the deaths of those who opened King Tut’s tomb.

Here are some links: Link 1  Link 2 Link 3  Link 4

His autobiography can be found here.

I’m going to start reading it and if it is interesting I will read the whole thing. Right now I’m reading a book on L Ron Hubbard co-written by his son called “Messiah or Madman?”

It’s pretty good but the meat of it can be found in an interview with his son here.

You will find that interesting reading.

Johann: It was in the Thule Society that Hitler met those who would help him take over Germany and wage the Second World War. Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, and Hermann Goering were all said to be members. It was these, along with Hitler, who used the Thule Society – and it’s inner sect the Vril Society – to launch and promote the Nazi Party.

JJ Interesting information. It is interesting that DK said that there were seven people in Hitler’s inner group that laid the foundation to his power. You named six and with Hitler makes seven. Seems to have been a dark molecule.


May 4, 2013

The Controlling Principle

Dan: So to sum up 🙂 IF one says that JJ’s family was being CRITICAL (using criticism) and they shouldn’t have done it, that MIGHT have delayed his discovery of THAT particular blindspot until YEARS later when he ends up in front of MILLIONS of people auditioning for American Idol, becomes a nationwide laughingstock, makes millions of dollars and dies a sad and lonely little rich man 🙂 and delays his “mission” another lifetime.

JJ Now that would have been an interesting twist of events to be sure. When I heard the first recording of my voice screeching in a terrible falsetto it was a shock to my system to be sure, but a necessary one. It hurt at the time but was a great life lesson as it made me consider criticism later on much more than I may have otherwise.

Yes a valid criticism taken to heart is very useful but the problem is that criticisms whether they be valid or invalid, justified or not, usually have a negative effect and make the person feel attacked and resentful. Even in this group of friends I have to be very careful how I phrase anything that may sound even remotely critical as it can cause hurt feelings.

The Dale Carnegie book that lwk mentioned gives some of the best advice in handling this. He points out that criticism should be meted out very sparingly but when it is deemed necessary then the person must act. He should warm the person up by saying something good about him first so he knows you are not coming across in an attack mode.

Let us say, for instance, that a friend’s coarse language bothers you. Instead of saying, “Shut up! You sound like the demon spawn right of the pits of hell.” One should say something like this.

“You have a talent expressing yourself and putting your point across. I think you could have greater impact though if you substituted some of your salty language with words that people would not take as offensive.”

Of course, there is a time and place for everything. When the inner self approves, sometimes you have to let the guy have the blast from both barrels as my Dad did with me, showing no mercy. This should be a rare event, however.

For those who liked Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” I would recommend the lesser known, “How to Sell Yourself to Others,” by Elmer Wheeler. I read them both way back in high school and they changed my life.


May 5, 2013

Babylon vs Christianity 

John C writes: Scientology also draws from early Hinduism, Buddhism, the Kybalion, and the Kaballah among others. So, it is incorrect if a person were to say it is completely on the left hand path. What I find to be on the left hand path are some of the recent teachings and practices of the Church of Scientology, but there are many independent researchers on the Internet, who were involved with Hubbard in the early days or have gone back to his original research to discover where he went wrong and correct it.


On a note of interest I just read that L Ron Hubbard Jr. said that his dad got a lot of his early ideas from reading Science and Sanity by Count Alfred Korzybski. Few innovators are entirely original in their ideas. Even Einstein was accused of borrowing a lot from others.

It would probably be useful to clarify at this point that the left hand path refers to a path that takes you to a certain end which is the opposite of life and the right hand path takes you to greater livingness. Those on either path are not totally wrong or totally right.

A person or organization who directs you toward the left hand can incorporate many things that are true. For instance, let us say two cars are headed to the same place and reach a fork with no destination signs. One takes the right hand road that leads to the desired destination and the other takes the left, which eventually heads over a cliff.

As the two are traveling the two paths they are both moving onward using true principles. Each of their cars uses the same combustion engines, the same gas the same tires and the road below appears a lot the same. Both are enjoying the creations of God in the scenery, the trees, the animals and vegetation. It is only as both reach their destination that the real truth becomes obvious.

Even so, a person of the blackest dye and darkest soul will use and accept many things that are true and correct. This doesn’t mean he is functioning in the light of the soul. The true disciple will seek out roadmaps, study and contemplate until the right hand path is discerned so he moves forward not by luck but by design.

Unfortunately, in our present society just about every group and individual is mostly controlled by the brothers of the left hand for the whole world wonders after the beast and do not buy or sell without his approval. Only a small number at this time have the Father’s name in the forehead and knowingly follow the right hand path.

The situation is that some organizations are just more strongly left hand than others.

Fortunately, it is the destiny of humanity to awaken to the light and seek the right hand path. 60% will do this when civilization matures on this planet.

Dean makes the mistake of claiming that Christian churches are the good guys (apparently on the right hand path) and just about all others in league with the Nazis including DK.

The truth is that all organizations including Christian churches are under the control of the Left hand path. The only difference is in the degree. Some restrict freedom and control with unjust authority more than others.

Dean attacks DK as being on the side of evil when he is one of the few who consistently supported the light and fought evil. Here are a few of his teachings.

1. He was one of the few teachers who was against Hitler and the Nazis clear from the beginning – before it was obvious he was a monster. Many religious people and metaphysical groups thought he was a good guy before the war started.

Jesus said a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand so if DK was in bed with the Nazis then he kingdom of evil was divided against itself.

2. When the U.N. was formed DK said it was a mistake to allow tyrannical governments to join.

3. Dean rightly points out the problem with the idea of relative truth, but DK taught many absolute truths and rejected many relativists such as the pacifists during World War II, and many others who are not grounded in sound and stable doctrine.

(4) DK supported the principle of freedom. The beast always seeks to limit or take away freedom.

(5) DK emphasized soul contact which frees us from the mark of the beast.

Yes Christianity is under attack because it still supports some elements of freedom and many Christians support the freedoms espoused in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Even so, the organizations are run by authoritarian leaders that support the overall power of the Beast.

The demarcation of good and evil right now is found in the power of individuals and the few individuals who are actively fighting for greater freedom are those who follow the inner Christ, not an outer one.


May 5, 2013

Re: Babylon vs Christianity 

Dean: AB is not the Christ,

JJ Why are you saying this??? Apparently to take a blind stab at things. No one said she was the Christ.

Dean: nor does he belong to christs kingdom and his teachings are not from the christ or the lord, and neither is the Lucis Trust. This is why there has been such a schism between us because I don’t believe in the authority of AB. But JJ is promoting it

JJ So you admit that your only purpose in being here is to create arguments and stand against all that I teach. Maybe I should have not let this post through if that is your only purpose.

You are disobeying Jesus injunction to not judge unjustly which you have just done. If Jesus himself were here I’ll bet you would find lots of problems with him just as did your blood brothers the Pharisees.

Dean: AB speaks of the new world order and has used Christ name to deceive.

JJ The Bible talks about a new world order. A new work order is definitely coming. It is our duty to make sure it is a good one. If we just sit by waiting for God to do it without us then, sure, the bad one you envision will come.

Dean: I only hope that JJ and the rest of the group see that because it’s very dangerous to take such a deviation away from god.

JJ There you go supporting the Beast again. And who tells us about this god against which we cannot speak? It is someone from without taking His place speaking his own words presenting them as the voice of God which we are supposed to fear. The real voice of God only comes from within or is verified there.

Dean: If you get a chance look at this video clip.

Wow. Such dreadful music and it is full of Satanist symbols which neither Baily or Theosophists used. Neither of them claimed to be Satanists.

HPB did teach about the swastika as a positive symbol which Hitler stole and tarnished forever. When you watch the video notice that HPB’s swastika went counter clockwise and Hitler’s went clockwise. This is like a Satanist s talking the cross and turning it upside down. That doesn’t mean the cross is bad because a mockery is made of it.

Dean More than likely he got his information from the people who planned and supported hitler and that’s how he knew in advance what to say………

JJ Yeah and Churchill was also a Satanist because he also fought against Hitler just to make it look like he was a good guy. You’re making no sense here.

The silly video make a lot of hay about Lucifer but there are many Lucifers and only one was mentioned that fell. Jesus was also a Lucifer or son of the Morning.

Here’s a previous article I wrote on it:

Distortion Number 4 — Lucifer Publishing: “Alice A. Bailey’s publishing company, now called Lucis Trust was originally called Lucifer Publishing Company. This proves she is in league with the devil.” This is the only criticism of Alice A. Bailey that, on the surface, has any validity, but that which appears on the surface is not always as it seems.

Alice A. Bailey was among other things a born-again Christian minister and a strong believer in Christ — so why would she choose such a name?

The answer is that she was a serious student of the writings and works of H. P. Blavatsky and she had a magazine she named Lucifer. I believe this inspired Bailey to also use the name.

The next question is why did H. P. Blavatsky use this name?

The answer is this: When H. P. Blavatsky began her work she suffered vicious attacks by the Christian communities similar to what happened to Joseph Smith when he started teaching some unorthodox doctrines. Just as Joseph viewed most Christian churches as very corrupt, so did Blavatsky. And just as Joseph sometimes made fun of them in their illusions so did Blavatsky.

Finally Blavatsky came up with the ultimate idea of tweaking her enemies’ emotions. She named her magazine Lucifer. This sealed her doom in the eyes of her opposition, for surely this was an open admission that she was in league with the devil himself.

But was it?

No, not by any means.


The answer will surprise most Bible readers and it is this:

Lucifer is NOT the name of Satan, any devils or adversaries of love and light.

Who does bear the name then?

According to the Bible it is Christ and the redeemed. Peter also used the name in a positive light.

But aren’t we told that the one who fell was called Lucifer?

Answer: Yes, we are told that, but that was his name BEFORE he fell and was a bringer of light. Now one of his current titles is the “Prince of Darkness,” a much different title than “Prince of Light” or “Bringer of Light,” which is the meaning of the name Lucifer.

Here are some words from none other than Peter: “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.” (2 Peter 1:19) The words “day star” is taken from the Greek word for Lucifer which is PHOSPHOROS.

Now let us literally retranslate: “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and Lucifer arise in your hearts.” If Lucifer refers to the devil himself maybe the Christian world should burn their Bibles.

Another variation of Lucifer is “Morning Star.” Note the actual promise of Jesus to the faithful: “And I will give him the morning star.” (Rev 2:28) Evidently Jesus will give us the power of Lucifer.

Even more shocking Jesus calls himself a Lucifer: “I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” (Rev 22:16) Let us literally retranslate this: “I am the root and the offspring of David, and Lucifer.” (Rev 22:16) Morning Star is only translated as Lucifer once in most Bibles as follows: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north.” (Isaiah 14:12-13) Even here most Bible scholars believe Lucifer refers to the king of Babylon which was addressed by Isaiah. Nevertheless, Isaiah often spoke with dual meaning and this has a definite correspondence to a fallen being.

Lucifer is a Roman word applied to the Hebrew HEYLEL and the Greek PHOSPHOROS which literally means “One who brings or carries forth light.” It could also be translated as “one who is able to hold light.”

Now let us see what the Mormon scriptures tell us about this name. The name is only used once here: 25 “And this we saw also, and bear record, that an angel of God who was in authority in the presence of God, who rebelled against the Only Begotten Son whom the Father loved and who was in the bosom of the Father, was thrust down from the presence of God and the Son. 26 “And was called Perdition, for the heavens wept over him — he WAS (but not now) Lucifer, a son of the morning. 27 “And we beheld, and lo, he is fallen! is fallen, even a son of the morning!” [Doctrine & Covenants (D&C) 76:25-27] Notice here that Lucifer was “a” son of the Morning, NOT “the” Son of the Morning.”

Also notice that it says he “was” Lucifer not “is.”

He is fallen and no longer can be called a “Son of the Morning.”

What is a Son of the Morning?

It is a being who was with God at the beginning, or morning, of time, as we know it.

The name, Lucifer, which refers to a Son of the Morning, is not the name of one evil being, but is a reference to pristine and holy ancient beings who were conscious creators before this earth rolled into existence.

Here is another reference to the Lucifers: 4 “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. 5 “Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? 6 “Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; 7 “When the morning stars (Lucifers) sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? (Job 38:4-7) Now here is a thought. If the Lucifer that fell lost his status and there is more than one Lucifer (or bringer of light) — that means there would be good ones out there somewhere.

Lucifer also refers to Venus and for good reason. It has been called the bright and morning star for thousands of years. When it is visible it will often be the only star (or planet) visible in the early morning light — this the bringer of the new light of the morning.

Brigham Young made the interesting statement that the first man (the first Adam) came from another planet and that he had already passed through human existence and had overcome all things and became exalted. After he came here he took upon himself mortality to become the father of the race of mankind.

Then he also made the statement that Adam was our God, “the only God with whom we have to do.”

This harmonizes well with the writings of Bailey and Blavatsky who also teach that the first man came from another planet. They tell us that the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, came here from Venus (the morning star) 23 million years ago.

They also teach that he once lived as a mortal man like ourselves in another system eons ago and came here to be a father and God to the human race.

When the Ancient of Days came here he arrived with a number of morning stars called Kumaras. Here is Alice A. Baileys writing about the one who we call the fallen Lucifer: “In every grouping,-whether in heaven or on earth-there is always evidenced a tendency by some units in the group to revolt, to rebel and to show some form of initiative different to that of the other units in the same grouping. When our solar universe came into being, we are told in the allegorical language of the ancient scriptures, there “was war in Heaven”; “the sun and his seven brothers” did not function with true unanimity; hence (and herein lies a hint) our Earth is not one of the seven sacred planets. There is, as we know, the ancient legend of the lost Pleiade, and there are many such stories. “Again, in the council chamber of the Most High, there has not always been peace and understanding, but at times, war and disruption; this is made abundantly clear by several of the stories in the Old Testament. Symbolically speaking, some of the sons of God fell from their high estate, led, at one time, by “Lucifer, Son of the Morning”. This “fall of the angels” was a tremendous event in the history of our planet, but was nevertheless only a passing and interesting phenomenon in the history of the solar system, and a trifling incident in the affairs of the seven constellations, of which our solar system is but one. Pause and consider this statement for a moment, and so readjust your sense of values. The standard of happenings varies in importance according to the angle of vision, and what (from the angle of our Earth’s unfoldment in consciousness) may be a factor of prime importance and of determining value may (from the angle of the universe) be of trifling moment.” Because the name Lucifer is now so rigidly associated with evil instead of light few dare use the term openly, but originally Lucifer was a glorious title.

Even though they were technically correct and on solid ground in the light to use the word, it was indeed not good public relations for H. P. Blavatsky or Alice A. Bailey to use this name, which is so misunderstood by humanity, and Bailey was wise to drop its use. Link

Tom: What church was she (AAB) a minister in of what church organization? I was unable to find it doing a web search.

JJ I know she was raised a Christian but do not recall he calling herself a minister. I think she did some missionary work though.

Tom: I did not know that Lucifer was the name of the morning star but then again I am new to being a Minster…I wonder if most Ministers knew that?

JJ Very few know this (apparently Dean does not) as they do not examine the Greek and Hebrew.

Tom Also, JJ, you always translating Bible quotes…what your secret to doing t his and what languages do you know to do this?

JJ There is no secret. All you have to do is examine he Greek and Hebrew Concordances and Grammar guides as well as double check all the places the original words are used so you can make sure the translation can withstand criticism.


May 6, 2013

Re: Babylon vs Christianity

Dean: Apparently according to one of your long held followers I am on the dark side and not with Christ.

JJ I’ll take your word that you are following him to the best of your ability so I’ll leave it at that.

Dean: Imagine if that’s wrong and that I am actually for Christ. How is that going to Look on you JJ? In fact how is it going to look on you disagreeing with me at all during all this time.

JJ I follow the highest I know so I’m sure he’ll give me a lot of slack and do his best to set me on the right path.

Dean I did know that Lucifer meant morning star, but the name Lucifer is still used to refer to Satan.

JJ You’re following tradition here rather than the actual Bible you claim is so important. In the Bible (Rev 22:16) Jesus calls himself Lucifer. After his fall Satan was no longer a light bringer (Lucifer) but a prince of darkness. You are following false tradition here.

Dean It doesn’t change the fact that ABs writings are about the luciferian new world order

According to the Bible a luciferian new order would be an order of light and truth. Such a day was predicted by Peter: “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.” (2 Peter 1:19) The words “day star” is taken from the Greek word for Lucifer which is PHOSPHOROS.

And Jesus: “And I will give him the morning star (PHOSPHOROS).” (Rev 2:28)

Dean: I can’t believe you called the churches of Christianity evil.

JJ I didn’t. You made that up.

Dean: I would never do that because the bible is god’s word.

JJ So because the Bible is God’s word that means the church fathers were correct in burning unorthodox people like you at the stake? Wow, that is quite the thinking process you have there.

Dean I hope you repent.

JJ I’ll think about it. I did say some naughty words the other day. I hope it didn’t make Jesus frown.

So, Dean when did you get into the fundamentalist, Bible thumping mode? Did some born againer scare the dickens out of you with hellfire and damnation as you are now trying to do with us?

I have news for you. This is not a fundamentalist born again Baptist forum. We’ll entertain comments on my any subject for a time and you are welcome to call us to repentance a couple times but then it gets old and we will move on.

By the way, you seem oblivious to the fact that you are limited to three posts a day. I let you have four yesterday, but will now enforce the rule. I had to reject a bunch of your ramblings so if you want to be heard, post the excess on Dean’s site at freeread and I’ll reference them here if you do.

Now let’s look at your third post of the day:

Dean: Surely it must be clear that the theosophical society was more into witchcraft than it is was into Christianity.

JJ It is into neither one. As HPB said her religion is the truth wherever it lies. That is a good motto that synthesizes all groups, but exclusive to none.

The trouble with your recent arguments is all you do is attempt to destroy by demonizing and name calling rather than using logic and examining teachings.

Dean, telling me what Jesus is going to do to me: “So even in ignorance that would be judged quite harshly especially since you spent so much time with the bible already that you should know better than to mix it with other things.”

JJ This Jesus of your is a pretty mean Dude. Sure you’re not talking about the devil himself?

> JJ > You’re following tradition here rather than the actual Bible you claim is so important. In the Bible (Rev 22:16) Jesus calls himself Lucifer. After his fall Satan was no longer a light bringer (Lucifer) but a prince of darkness. You are following false tradition here.

Dean The Lucifer in the bible clearly fell from grace and he was referred to Lucifer,

JJ He was called Lucifer when he fell, not afterwards. In the New Testament Lucifer refers to Jesus and his followers.

Dean So satan today would be Lucifer.

JJ Sorry the Bible does not say that. You don’t seem to give it much weight for a true believer.

> Dean: > I can’t believe you called the churches of Christianity evil. > > JJ > I didn’t. You made that up.

You wrote this: “The truth is that all organizations including Christian churches are under the control of the Left hand path”

JJ Like I said you made the “evil” quote up. Do you think that deception made Jesus happy with you? Yes, all organizations are usable by the left hand brothers, but that does not mean they are evil. Most are doing their best to do what is right but are just deceived. Someone who is evil knows what he is doing.

Dean: It wasn’t ‘the church fathers’ (why do you call it that?) that burnt people at the stake. Are you saying Jesus and the apostles burnt people at the stake? Because they would be the only ‘church fathers’ as you call it, and the bible is the foundation. JJ Way to twist things. Of course I was not referring to the original apostles but the church Fathers during the Middle Ages. These believed in Jesus and the Bible yet committed grievous wrongs you seem to think impossible to do for believers.

Dean: In fact you should read this verse very carefully and have a long hard think about what you are attempting to do.

Deuteronomy 4:2 You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away … Ye shall not add – Any book, chapter, verse or word, which I have not spoken

JJ A lot has been added to the Bible since Deuteronomy.

Dean: I don’t know any Christians that would put me on moderation either as I’m not even offensive. But to you I have been offensive? What planet are you on?

JJ Talk about a blind spot. You are offensive to many here because you do not stay on topic or obey the rules. For instance you attempted to get eight posts through today when the rule is three. That is plain obnoxious, especially when the posts are not in the parameters of group interest.

Dean: If you still don’t think I have a valid point, and won’t listen, I’m going to have to leave and not come back here, and you won’t have to argue with me again.

JJ Then you can go and meet with your own kind. I would suggest a fundamentalist Baptist group for you. But even there you will have to behave yourself.

Dean: I guess you would think that’s a good thing?

JJ Like gathers with like. Apparently you are only here to call us to repentance. Okay, you’ve done that. There’s lots of other esoteric groups left that you can try this on. Let us know how they responded.

Dean: I respond here because I care about people being on the right path, including yourself, not because I am interested in arguing.

JJ I don’t believe you. You have argued here for years before you called us to repentance.


May 7, 2013

Tone Scale

I just finished reading a biography of L. Ron Hubbard. In it his son notes that he created a “tone scale.” This is, “a scale which plots the descending spiral of life from full vitality and consciousness through half-vitality and half-unconsciousness down to death. . . from the highest to the lowest. . . .”

The tone scale is as follows:[1]

40.0 Serenity of beingness

30.0 Postulates

22.0 Games

20.0 Action

8.0 Exhilaration

6.0 Aesthetic

4.0 Enthusiasm

3.5 Cheerfulness

3.3 Strong interest

3.0 Conservatism

2.9 Mild interest

2.8 Contented

2.6 Disinterested

2.5 Boredom

2.4 Monotony

2.0 Antagonism

1.9 Hostility

1.8 Pain

1.5 Anger

1.4 Hate

1.3 Resentment

1.2 No sympathy

1.15 Unexpressed resentment

1.1 Covert hostility

1.02 Anxiety

1.0 Fear

0.98 Despair

0.96 Terror

0.94 Numb

0.9 Sympathy

0.8 Propitiation

0.5 Grief

0.375 Making amends

0.3 Undeserving

0.2 Self-abasement

0.1 Victim

0.07 Hopeless

0.05 Apathy

0.03 Useless

0.01 Dying

0.0 Body death

– 0.01 Failure

– 0.1 Pity

– 0.2 Shame

– 0.7 Accountable

– 1.0 Blame

– 1.3 Regret

– 1.5 Controlling bodies

– 2.2 Protecting bodies

– 3.0 Owning bodies

– 3.5 Approval from bodies

– 4.0 Needing bodies

– 5.0 Worshipping bodies

– 6.0 Sacrifice

– 8.0 Hiding

-10.0 Being objects

-20.0 Being nothing

-30.0 Can’t hide

-40.0 Total failure

A brief explanation of this is on Wikipedia here.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think that Hubbard was accurate in his list? Can you improve on this or simplify? If so give your thoughts and your own list.


May 9, 2013

Teaching without Attachment 

Stephen writes: May I ask you a rather personal question – but not too personal that it might make you blush 🙂

When you give out teachings or get into a debate over any particular issue, is it done without any attachment to results? (no ‘desire’ in you for the other person to see sense and change so to speak).

The emphasis is on the word ‘desire’.

I’ve had some recent ‘dawnings’, so I am testing them in the ‘fires of reality’ 🙂

JJ There is a lot of illusion and glamour around the idea often presented in new age circles that we should not be attached to the results of our work.

I have been accused of this a number of times by smug finger-pointers who see themselves as being on higher ground because they see themselves as having no such attachments.

The first thing we need to do to answer your question is to look at the core true principle and how it is supposed to play out. The basic true principle is centered around the idea of us, as individuals, being the observer, as if we were watching a movie rather than being totally immersed in everything that is happening. This viewpoint allows us to handle the ups and downs of life more dispassionately and objectively and avoid an excessive amount of emotional attachment.

If you lose the love of your life you may be devastated for many years but if the character you identify with in a movie loses his then you are only upset for a small time and move on.

The fact is that no intelligent being in the universe is totally detached from the results of his work. The next person who announces with an air of superiority that he is not attached to the results of his work needs to be asked this question. “Since you are not attached to the results of your work and one of those results is a weekly paycheck does this mean you will be willing to work for free from now and on just turn your check over to me?”

“That’s different,” he may say.

But it’s not different. The money we get from our labors in this life is definitely one of the results and all of us are somewhat attached to getting enough money on which to survive.

The idea of not being attached to the results of our labors is only true as far as it applies to placing ourselves in the seat of the observer. This is a huge aid in dealing with the ups and downs of life.

If one is overly attached to his job and the money it pays then he will be devastated if he is fired. If he sees himself as the observer he will still be somewhat upset but will deal much more effectively with the problem.

That said I will answer your question. When I argue with a person yes, I do desire or him to see the light behind my point of view. If I didn’t desire this then I would not eve be presenting my case.

Does it ruin my day when he is not moved or convinced at all? No. Not at all. It is a numbers game like shooting free shots. You know you are not going to make them all but if you hit a certain percentage you figure it is worthwhile to make the attempt.

Then there is an extra bonus to being able to assume the attitude of the observer. When something bad happens you can detach yourself from the emotional turmoil but when something good happens you can decide to not be so detached and immerse yourself in temporary happiness. It’s a win win.


May 10, 2013

Human Molecule 

Stephen: I wonder if there is something there for consideration. JJ, is this worth reflecting on for Keysters to help them form the Human Molecule? Do we all need to be in the same room? What if Keysters were to ‘pair off’ into male/female couples to try and mentally link up with each other, and if/when successful, couples could then reach out to each other? Or is this too dangerous?

JJ To receive the initial link up the group has to be physically together just as were the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Then after the linkup they can be separated and mentally link up. The apostles in the first molecule traveled all over the world after the linkup happened.

If you feel you need to use my teachings to the extent that you are borrowing them you could actually include my name in the book by mentioning something like: “This concept was first presented by J J Dewey around the turn of the century.”

Larry W JJ said, “JJ: “We may have to go through a sifting process before we can gather 24 people capable of soul contact all at the same moment so heaven and earth can be linked. I would guess that this will happen sometime in the next five years.”

JJ also said, “The goal is to have the physical city of New Jerusalem initiated by 2030. There may or may not be 144,000 working atomic units by that time, but there should be over 144,000 fairly enlightened people who are willing to receive.”

JJ As you noted I said that back in 1999 and it was a guess that was way off. As Ruth found in the quote, the main reason for this was an anticipation of the Immortal series becoming a much bigger seller than it was. If we are to succeed in initiating a real gathering by 2030 then we are going to need to breakthrough to reach mainstream consciousness. My responsibility in making this happen weighs heavily upon me.

The higher lives have done more harm than good in assisting too much in the past and this time the gathering of lights is mostly up to us mortal folk. If we can do this mostly on our own then a long lasting foundation will be laid.

May the force be with us.

Keith: 2025 should be an interesting year for the few of us who get there.

JJ As our resident prophet, have you had any insights about the next 10-20 years?


May 12, 2013

A Few Words

I’ve been contemplating some of the comments and concerns voiced lately and thought I would say a few words.

All of us who have been here for a decade or so thought the work would have progressed much further than it has at this point. It seems that everyone who reads The Immortal is very impressed and like it better than best sellers such as The Celestine Prophecy or Conversations with God. Unfortunately, it did not take off like these and other books. Why this is so, is somewhat of a mystery, not only to me but to many of my readers who love the books.

My only explanation is that my words do not yet register with the masses but certain types of people who are searching for the truth.

As an experiment once I sent out a couple thousand free copies of Book I of the Immortal inserted with the local paper to saturate a certain area. I got two responses. One was an old lady concerned that I was not in harmony with the Bible and another from a guy who actually read it and liked it. One positive response from thousands of Immortals books was far from a paying proposition. Why even a dozen people did not pick it up and read it seems strange indeed.

I’ve given away around 50,000 free physical copies of Book I and an amazingly small number of people read it. Those who do are very enthused but they are the few.

The only time I have had success passing them out is when a bookstore owner actually reads The Immortal, gets enthused and then gives away free copies of Book I to his customers while recommending it. When this has happened sales leaped forward making The Immortal the best selling book in the store for a few months.

After writing the four Immortal books published in three volumes and seeing that the series just wasn’t taking off with the general public I then moved on to the political arena and wrote Fixing America. I sent many copies to talk show and media people all around the country and did not receive a single response.

I then stood back and asked myself what to do next. Logically it seemed best to move forward promoting my political views but then I realized something. I just didn’t have the fire in the belly about moving forward with it at the moment.

Realizing this I decided to start a local group and teach spiritual principles. The goal now is to get a good group going and which I can then use as a base for endeavors impressed upon my by the soul. In addition to this I am sending out the best of my teachings in emails to thousands of people on my list. This is showing some promise. I am also considering making more videos for youtube.

I think Keith is correct that events have not unfolded as expected by the Higher Lives. This is not all bad though. It means that opportunities may be in a different direction than anticipated.

My feeling at present is just to proceed with the highest I know, and as I do the day of opportunity will come.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 12

This entry is part 12 of 25 in the series 2013


April 27, 2013

Dropping the Ball

Stephen references a quote from the archives.  From the quote … it seems that when the Masters withdraw from a disciple because he has dropped an opportunity, does that mean the disciple is written off for the rest of this lifetime, or is the disciple given an opportunity to recover the situation or at least take up a new challenge that may present itself?

JJ First, let me compliment Ruth for her finding quotes that expand on the subject at hand. She digs up a lot of things I had forgotten I even said.

I can almost hear you thinking that this sounds kind of harsh. It seems the disciple makes one mistake and then he is just dropped without a chance to redeem himself.

This isn’t quite the way it works. The truth is that any time a disciple becomes truly useful the Master would have no problem in using him. But the problem of his lack of use isn’t because he is dropped and not given another chance. Instead, it is because he himself has dropped the ball, dug himself into a hole and cannot climb out in this life.

Let me give you a comparable example of another situation.

Phil, a quarterback, is a rising star in high school football. He’s targeted by recruiters from Oklahoma and invited to join the team when he starts college. Meanwhile that summer he has a change of interests and starts a band and devotes most of his energies to music. Then when football practice starts the coach notices that Phil has lost his edge. He investigates and discovers that Phil’s band is too much of a distraction. He tells Phil, “Look, if you’re going to play ball here we need you to give all your concentration possible on the game. You’re going to have to choose between your band or football.”

But Phil is stubborn and says, “I can do both.”

The coach says, “Not so, my friend. The reality is that you are not doing both. You’ve lost your edge in football and without your full concentration you are no use to us. You need to make a choice.”

“I’m not giving up the band,”he says.

“Then we’ll have to drop you from the team,” says the coach.

After this, there is a space of time where Phil could rededicate himself toward football and possibly rejoin the team but after time passes and his attention is centered on the band he not only loses interest in playing football but loses his ability to the extent that it becomes almost impossible to retrieve his full talent of the past.

The coach knows this and writes him off, not because he is cold, but because he realizes the guy is just not going to be a usable quarterback in this life.

This illustrates what happens to many disciples. One’s soul will speak to him and point him toward a task of service. At first he is interested but because of the difficulty of the path he loses interest and puts his attention on other things. Then, after a period of time the Masters will see that the guy just doesn’t have the proper focus to be usable in this life and they move on to greener fields.

After a soul task is cast aside for a space of time the aspiring disciple will rarely return to it as his consciousness is no longer there in this life.

The bottom line is this. The soul does not cut itself off from us. We are the ones who walk away and do not return. When this happens the only solution is to be born again in another life to take another step toward the kingdom of God.


April 28, 2013

Questions to JJ – re: Ancient of Days            

That’s about a book’s worth of questions Ruth asked and I cannot answer them all but will touch on some of them.

You ask: You teach that the Ancient of Days incarnated into animal man to stimulate self consciousness into the animal man 18 million years ago.

Why did it take 5 million years to set up Shamballa and stimulate animal man? Was there some war going on in that time?

JJ DK briefly touched on the fall of Lucifer stating that there has not always been peace among the members of Shamballa. He said:

Again, in the council chamber of the Most High, there has not always been peace and understanding, but at times, war and disruption; this is made abundantly clear by several of the stories in the Old Testament. Symbolically speaking, some of the sons of God fell from their high estate, led, at one time, by “Lucifer, Son of the Morning”. This “fall of the angels” was a tremendous event in the history of our planet, but was nevertheless only a passing and interesting phenomenon in the history of the solar system, and a trifling incident in the affairs of the seven constellations, of which our solar system is but one. “Esoteric Psychology,” Vol 1, pages 394-5

I would suppose that this event took place before the first self conscious human.

Before the manifestation of the human kingdom there was a lot of preparations to be made. The higher lives not only work with humans but all the kingdoms – the mineral, the vegetable and the animal. A number of higher lives are dedicated to assisting these kingdoms in their advancement as well as conditioning them to serve the human kingdom.

Before humanity could manifest they had to build Shamballa which was no small task. Then they had to harmonize with the spirit of the earth itself and adjust all vibration to receive from the Solar Logos and commune with the Seven Sacred planetary Logoi.

Ruth: Or did it take 5 millions years to “plant” the seeds of animal man and then wait for them to grow up a bit?

JJ They watched humanity to determine how they could assist them and Sanat determined that their progress was painfully slow and decided to help by stimulating their minds by incarnating among them. This was risky and contrary to normal protocol. We still do not know for sure if the gamble will pay off with us blowing ourselves out of existence or a glorious end. The odds are in our favor but disciples must do their part.

Ruth (But aren’t these first “seeds” the Jewish Laggards, or were they already here doing time?) The Jewish Laggards are originally from the Venus chain?

JJ No. The Jews came from a previous solar system and some of them were here before Shamballa.

Ruth: Or did Sanat come to Earth because the Jewish Laggards from the previous solar universe or moon chain want to rule the animal man developing on Earth?

JJ He came here to assist all lives reach their destiny.

Ruth: Who then, is the (Lucifer) Angel that Fell into matter, if not the Ancient of Days? Was it one of the Moon chain souls? Buddha was the highest light from the moon, yet the Moon chain failed.

JJ The Lucifer who fell was one of the Kumaras from Venus who came here with Sanat Kumura.

Ruth: Did the Ancient of Days have to incarnate into animal man because one of his group of ancient Lucifers rebelled, and reincarnated into animal man before the Ancient of Days?

JJ He incarnated because the progress of the animal men was progressing to slowly.

Ruth There seems to be a missing part of this puzzle from the angle that I am looking at.

JJ There are lots of things not yet revealed. Hopefully we can get DK to elaborate more when he speaks in 2025 and beyond.

Ruth So it seems that the Moon chain failed, which must of been part of the Venus link, and the Jewish laggards which didn’t pass the last solar Universe initiations had to start again on the Moon chain, but this experiment went haywire and the plug was pulled, so then these souls incarnated onto Earth into animals?

JJ I don’t think the Jews had anything to do with the moon chain. Animals from the moon chain incarnated as animals and humans later incarnated as humans.

Here’s a couple statements DK made on the moon:

“a large number of the present more advanced human beings came into incarnation in the middle of the Atlantean root-race.” Initiation, Human and Solar Pg 45

“As stated in various occult books, many of the present advanced humanity individualized on the moon chain, and only took physical bodies in the earth chain during the fourth root-race (Atlantis) , thus escaping incarnation during the first three rounds, and the first two races of the fourth round.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pg 364-5


Apr 29, 2013

Re: Questions to JJ – re: Ancient of Days

Ruth: Why wasn’t there right Master relations in the Council Most High to begin with, if they expect us humans to have right human relations?

JJ The key is to understand that good and evil on a lower level is much different than on a higher level.

A good in the eyes of a lion is to eat a human if he crosses his path. In the human kingdom eating a human is considered a great evil.

Now let us look at the human kingdom itself as it has progressed. A couple thousand years ago it was considered good to possess a lot of slaves and use them to your advantage.

Today this would be considered a great evil. What has happened is that which was evil has been moved up a couple notches. There is still slavery today, but it is not so obvious.

The slavery today is that the average taxpayer pays over 50% of his income to Big Brother and he is saddled with many unnecessary laws, rules and regulations.

The good and evil of freedom and slavery is still with us but has moved to a higher level.

Even so it is with the Masters and higher lives.

What is right human relations to them is different than it is to us. Just as we are attempting to move the good and evil of our relationships up a notch so are other lives up the chain. But the problems they have in relationships are much different than ours and the average human would have no idea as to how to deal with or understand that which may be considered a problem for them.

Probably one of the reasons DK never elaborated on the disagreement in Shamballa is that it would be difficult for us to understand the source and the solution to the problem.


April 28, 2013

Scientology Revelation

This is a spin on Scientology I hadn’t come across before. This was from L Ron Hubbard’s son:

DeWolf declared that his father did no research at all prior to writing Dianetics. In fact he had been working on it for some years. Hubbard often said he had put thirty years of research into it but what he really did was take bits and pieces from other people and give them his own spin. Dianetics allegedly documented the results of Hubbard’s intensive research on almost three hundred “case histories.” But DeWolf says categorically that there was no research. “All were subcreated by Dad. None of them were case histories whatsoever; they were done strictly out of his mind, sitting at a typewriter in a few weeks time.” These “real-life experiences” were “the result of his obsessions with abortions and unconscious states. In fact the vast majority of those incidents were invented off the top of his head. The rest stem from his own secret life, which as deeply involved in the occult and black magic.” This involvement with demonology began when he got hold of Aleister Crowley’s book The Book of Law in Washington, D.C. when he was sixteen. He was interested in the Moonchild, a type of Satanic conception, and in embryo implants getting a demon to inhabit the body of a fetus.

After 1947 when Crowley died, Hubbard came to see himself as the Beast 666 incarnate, the Devil, the Antichrist, just as Crowley had done. He believed that he could become the most powerful being in the universe. Satanism was the only religion in the house. “What a lot of people don’t understand is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours, or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it’s stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also you’ve got to realise that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan. He had a direct line of communication and power with him.”

For a more complete story go here:

Keith: These types of characters are interesting because they seem to be knowledgeable enough to be 1st or 2nd degree initiates, who seem to be pulling towards the left hand path permanently. Remember J.J.’s Immortal Series – every disciple of the left was once an initiate of light.

Hitler had 15 food tasters and the only one to survive is still alive and recently gave her first interview. She said this about him:

“He was a vegetarian. He never ate any meat during the entire time I was there,” Full story here:

Check it out. It is an interesting story.

What makes this statement by Hitler’s food taster significant is that many vegetarians have the belief that vegetarians are much more peaceful than meat eaters and Hitler was not a real vegetarian. From my studies I have concluded that he was pretty diligent about his diet though he may have went a little off now and then like most vegetarians do.

Another interesting thing is that as one goes trough the first two initiations he will spend significant time as a vegetarian. There are several reasons for this. One is to gain the self control necessary to become an initiate and secondly a vegetarian diet makes controlling the passions easier and they must be controlled to reach the second degree.

I’ll have to check more deeply into Hubbard’s early years. There are certainly ingredients of Scientology that indicate the left hand path.


April 30, 2013

Vegetarian Diet

Ruth: Can the Dark Brothers make and have more accurate prediction/prophesy rates because the Dark side is able to manipulate the lower devas and elementals and they can manipulate the emotional realm and lower mind with their psychology and hypnotic impressions and mass media infiltration with illusions/smoke and mirrors, and can they make predictions of a lower level as false prophets or Antichrists, and then make these predictions appear because of their manipulation with the lower forces?

JJ Those on the left hand path are much worse at accurately predicting than the brothers of light. They get something right now and then but to be a good prophet you need a degree of soul contact but even then you will not be 100% accurate.

Because their focus is on the material side they do have more power to quickly manifest their will on the physical plane but as DK says – when the workers of light manifest the results are much more permanent.

Ruth: Also, why did Hitler bother being a vegetarian. This makes no sense to me.

JJ He probably felt the impulse to do this as he was passing through the first two initiations and merely saw the advantages of it and stayed on it. He must have thought it helped provide better mental clarity and made him more sensitive to his highest contacts.

Ruth: When one is a vegetarian it is to become “lighter” so that soul energies can transfer through more easily etc.

JJ There are many reasons people become vegetarians and that is merely one. Some people just don’t have a taste for meat and others do it for health or to develop psychic abilities.

Someone asked if the vegetarian diet is used by higher initiates.

Many initiates above the second are vegetarians but others are not. If the disciple is going to concentrate on the inner work then the vegetarian diet is very useful. I’m curious of Keith is a vegetarian since he focuses a lot on the inner life.

If the disciple is going to concentrate on the outer life and work then he will usually eat meat or whatever the popular diet is.


April 30, 2013

Re: Questions to JJ – re: Ancient of Days

Ruth: Who then, is the (Lucifer) Angel that Fell into matter, if not the Ancient of Days? Was it one of the Moon chain souls? Buddha was the highest light from the moon, yet the Moon chain failed.

JJ Lucifer has not been allowed a dense physical body since his fall but lives in an etheric body.

It was actually the good guys who fell into matter. Here is an account by DK:

The Now becomes the time that was. The aeon mergeth into space. The Word of Motion hath been heard. The Word of Love succeedeth. The Past controlled the form. The Now evolves the life. The Day that is to be sounds forth the Word of Power.

The form perfected and the life evolved hold the third secret of the greater Wheel. It is the hidden mystery of living motion. The mystery, lost in the Now but known to the Lord of Cosmic Will.

The thirty thousand million Watchers refused to heed the call. (30 billion out of 90 billion) “We enter not the forms,” they said, “until the seventh aeon.” The twice thirty thousand million (60 Billion) hearkened to the call and took the forms designed.

The rebellious ones laughed within themselves, and sought pralayic peace until the seventh aeon. But the seven great Lords called to the greater Chohans, and with the eternal Lhas of the third cosmic heaven entered into debate.

The dictum then went forth. The laggards in the highest sphere heard it echo through the scheme. “Not till the seventh aeon, but at the fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the last and time be lost for aeons.”

The obedient Sons of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, and evolution spiralled on its way. The Sons of Power stayed in their appointed place, though cosmic karma forced a handful to join the Sons of Heart.

At the fourteenth seventh aeon, the Sons of Mind and Heart, absorbed by endless flame, will join the Sons of Will, in manvantaric manifestation. Three times the wheel will turn.

At the centre stand the buddhas of activity, helped by the lords of love, and following their twofold work will come the radiant lords of power.

The buddhas of creation from out the past have come. The buddhas of love are gathering now. The buddhas of will at the final turn of the third major wheel will flash into being. The end will then be consummated. From The Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Pages 25-27


April 30, 2013

Re: Scientology Revelation

Stephen: During last year’s dark episode, a presence drew close to me that seemed very powerful in my heightened state. It told me to choose the Right Hand Path of Love and to not choose the Left Hand Path of Power. It said what was commonly known as the Dark Path was misrepresented, and that the Path of Power was a more direct route to God, stating that everything served God’s purpose in the end.

JJ As a matter of course be very suspicious of any shortcuts as they are usually scams in real life.

Shortcuts from the darkside has creeped into all philosophies. Here are a few:

Believe in Jesus and be saved. That is all you have to do.

Follow XYZ guru and you wipe out karma.

Support the government borrowing money so we can have free stuff.

Forget about your brother; it’s each man for himself if you want to get ahead.

The key for true advancement is to always follow the path of love and wisdom that includes the whole rather than just the tiny self. The name of Jesus Christ implies that we move up the ladder by taking our brothers with us. If Jesus did not embrace this philosophy he would have taken the kingdoms of the world when they were offered to him.


May 1, 2013

Some Basics

It looks like we need to reestablish some basics concerning our past.

Point one. The two thirds, or the 60 billion monads, designated for physical bodies are the good guys. These incarnated into physical bodies. They fell only in the senses that they descended from the higher spheres to the dense physical.

The one third fell spiritually. They refused to incarnate thinking that others could do the hard work and when a golden age was ushered in then they would come down and enjoy the fruit of the labors of others.

For this great mistake these were not allowed to take physical bodies at all for a very long period. It is written: “Not till the seventh aeon, but at the fourteenth seventh will the chance again come round. The first shall be the last and time be lost for aeons.”

Among this rebellious third were a number of Lucifers or sons of the Morning but at the foundation of Shamballa there was a particularly advanced one who did not cooperate and formulated his own agenda. None of the rebellious Lucifers are allowed to directly incarnate though they have overshadowed disciples at times and had virtual bodies.

(2) The third who fell to the earth fell no lower than the etheric levels. The fall to earth symbolizes a consciousness that does not rise above the material or lower planes. They either occupy etheric bodies or thoughtforms created by incarnated humans. We thus create our own devils but they are given life by the fallen angels.

Those of us with physical bodies didn’t fall to earth but we descended to earth for a great purpose.

(3) Hitler in a previous incarnation led the Lords of Dark Face in Atlantis overshadowed by a Lucifer.

(4) Giants were created by initiates gone astray in physical bodies. They may have been inspired by members of the fallen third but the fallen did not inhabit their bodies except by shared possession.

(5) There are different grades of etheric matter. It is not a punishment to use any of the grades. The third are punished by being limited to the lower grades and not being allowed to incarnate in the dense physical and use it for their pleasure.

The Ancient of Days does not have this limitation as he can manifest in any grade of matter he desires within the cosmic physical plane. He will incarnate among us at some point in our future.

(6) There have been numerous destructions and recreations. There have been numerous Adam and Eves. The last time this occurred was referenced in the biblical story about 6000 years ago. The Biblical story is a composite to teach basic truths.


May 1, 2013

Re: Some Basics            

Dan: That may be but the basic truth I see is that one entity wants to keeps his creation as essentially mindless robots without real consciousness and another wants them to become conscious creators “knowing good from evil”. Now, the ‘ol serpent likely did that for his own purposes but don’t we all ONLY do those things that we think will benefit us?

Regardless, this doesn’t change the fact that IMO the ‘ol snake did us a favor. Lets see, mindless but contented meat robot or conscious decider/creator …. hmmm, decisions decisions decisions.

TRUE choice was not even really POSSIBLE pre-Apple.

JJ There are three interpretations concerning this conundrum.

First is the standard Christian one that all would have been bliss if not for the old serpent getting in the way. The fact that we would have missed the opportunity to expend free will and know good and evil does not seem to bother them.

The second is embraced by HPB and many esoterists. She maintains that the story has the good guys and bad guys mixed up. She thinks that Jehovah is really Satan and the serpent is the benevolent God.

Her reasoning is sound for the serpent seems to support free choice and Jehovah seems to want to keep us in ignorance.

On the other hand, the story does not support the idea that the serpent was God for Jehovah was definitely the more powerful of the two and had power to punish the serpent as well as being the creator of the entire garden situation.

Joseph Smith presents a third view, which is this. Jehovah is the true God and the one who truly supports free agency whereas the serpent wants to control our minds and take it away.

The whole situation was created by God to force humans into a fall where they would discover free will, good and evil and thus have an opportunity to progress. To learn this they had to experience sinning or violating what is perceived as the will of God. He thus gave them a commandment that He knew they would disobey and the serpent was a key element in the plan.

Joseph said that “the serpent knew not the mind of God” and actually cooperated in the plan by tempting them to disobey God, thus introducing sin into the world.

He taught that the serpent was not interested in expanding free will but felt that a fall would give him an opportunity to establish a kingdom where he could set himself up as the ultimate authority. He thought if humans were given knowledge of good and evil that they could not rise above a certain level and thus always be under his dominion.

The ace in the hole for God was Christ who was sent to turn the tide from material focus to the spiritual.

He taught that the difference in the two sides is being played out on earth today with part of humanity fighting for free will and freedom and the other supporting the things that take away free will. Some of these things are big government, too many laws and regulations, centralized authority with power over us, and high taxes.

If one doesn’t know for sure which version, if any, is correct then all he need to is concentrate on the understanding of true principles. When one understands the principle of freedom and supports whoever is on its side he will automatically find himself on the side of the good guys high or low.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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