McCall Gathering 2007, Part 45

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The Girdle of Hippolyte Continued

Audience: The girdle, is that like a belt?

JJ: The girdle is a symbol of unity, unity achieved through struggle, conflict, strife, and a symbol of motherhood of the sacred child to which all human life is truly turned. Now these Amazon women achieved a very high degree of unity and maybe that is why they did not have men around, under their queen.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: This was a high achievement, and the girdle was a symbol of that. This was one lesson, which the disciple must learn and that is to achieve unity with other like-minded souls and unity with those who were different from him. Hercules was a strong male and Hippolyte who he slew was a very powerful female and instead of achieving unity and cooperation with her so she would give him the girdle he felt he had to conquer her and destroy her and take it by force.

When you read about the middle ages it is interesting to study some men who have gone down in history- lets take Sir Thomas Moore for instance. He is recognized as a great man by a lot of scholars. He wrote some interesting books and was a legal scholar and I think the Catholic Church even made him a saint but what few people know about the guy is he had a torture chamber in his basement and he participated in putting people to death and burning heretics at the stake. He was a little like Hercules and deceived at this point. He was a powerful person but to those who disagreed with him and were heretical he sought to destroy them.

When you read about the middle ages many people were this way. Martin Luther, for example – everybody thinks he was a great guy and he was also persecuted when he began to break off from the church and many of his followers were put to death but then when he got a little power he had people that disagreed with him persecuted, tortured and burned at the stake. So he was not any better than the other guys and yet he is recognized as one of the great souls in our history. But when he got power, just like Hercules, those whose disagreed with him that were different from him, he called heretics and had them persecuted even though he had gone through a similar experience and should have known better.

Martin Luther, Sir Thomas Moore and other people who were respected in history as making a Herculean effort of some kind, but they turned on those who disagreed with them and had them killed – and this often happens. Fortunately today we have laws that protect us from this but we can see that many people who otherwise may be fairly significant souls will still go after those who do not agree with them. And to achieve unity they will get them out of the way rather than to seek their cooperation.

What is interesting about Sir Thomas Moore is he was completely cooperative with his king and the king was finally suspicious that he was betraying him and not cooperating with him and he had Sir Thomas Moore killed. Yet Moore did the same thing to those under him and anyone who was a heretic he supported having them killed. To achieve unity during most periods of history what you did to those who disagreed with you was to have them killed.

This has often been a trap that has been embraced by many great Herculean disciples of the past 6000 years or so and they have fallen into the trap that to achieve unity they have to eliminate anyone who disagrees and just have people that agree around you. You’ll notice that many of the kings throughout history and many of the leadership today are surrounded by yes men, people that just tell them what they want to hear and they never hear the truth and then when the empire collapses around them they are really surprised that the people do not love them.

One interesting example is in 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu the leader of Romania before the fall of the communist empire, he punished and put to death anyone who he thought disagreed with him to the slightest degree and he thought the people loved him. Then when his empire fell he and his wife had to flee for their lives but they thought that the people loved them until they were captured as they were trying to smuggle large amounts of money out of the country. They were put to death and as they were being put to death it finally dawned on them that people did not love them after all but they really believed right up until the end that the people really adored them.

Kim Jon Ill of North Korea I will bet he believes the people really just loves him to pieces.

Audience: Why wouldn’t you love the loving fatherly figure?

JJ: Right when he walks down the street everybody goes through the motions and shows worship in some way. Such leaders think, “oh I am the most beloved dictator,” or brother or leader or whatever he calls himself and he probably honestly believes that he is loved. Now if the people were given complete freedom to speak for themselves he would find out something entirely different.

Audience: I would bet that Ivan the terrible the czar of Russia in the 16th century thought the people loved him.

JJ: Yes I’ll bet he did. Almost all the dictators truly think they are beloved by the people. Hugo Chavez the leader Venezuela is becoming a dictator and he probably thinks he getting more loved all the time and he is getting more hated all the time.

So Hercules had to go and redeem himself; he had to rescue another female.  It is interesting that his two great failures in the labors were with females – first with the female mares and then with the female Amazon queen. This is one of the problems that the disciple has is understanding the female energy and how the female mind and emotions work. It is very difficult when you are in the male body to understand how the female energy works.

Hercules fought her like she was a man for if she were a man he would just have assumed that he is not going to give him the golden girdle and he had to just take it. So he approached her as if she was a man but she was not a man and a female if approached correctly she could have been reasoned with in a way that a man can’t. A female will give to you in a way that a man will not. This keeps us men always coming back to the females and even though we have difficulty understanding, we never leave them alone and we always go back and they always come back to us because we both have pieces to the puzzle that is needed to benefit the whole.

So Hercules has to go rescue another female to redeem himself from his mistake. Sir Thomas Moore and Martin Luther and all these guys probably came back in another life and had to redeem themselves for their illusion about unity. Instead of achieving unity by just doing away with your enemies maybe they came back and were part of the founding fathers – who knows? Maybe they did something through peaceful means that created a better system that would save the lives and freedom of many people.

Now we do not know exactly how it happened with these individuals but they would have to come back and redeem themselves. Hercules had to jump in the water in order to redeem himself, he had to jump back into the pool of emotional energy. Females are very closely associated with emotions so he had to submerge him self in emotion to better understand the female and by submerging himself in the emotions and then jumping into the belly of illusion which is represented by the sea monster and the belly represents emotions again – he is completely submerging himself in the female energy to understand it and how to communicate with the female side. His lesson not only applies to other females but also the female side of his own nature which is partially what he had to save to redeem him self.

Audience: May we have a short summary of Virgo?

JJ: A short summary of Virgo is we achieve unity through understanding our female side and having the male and female energy cooperate to achieve unity rather than attempting to slay or subdue the emotional side. We do not slay our emotional nature and this is a temptation of men is to take pride in not crying and keeping our emotional nature suppressed, but the point is that we need to be in touch with our emotional nature and we do not want to slay it. We are not entirely Clint Eastwood where we are steely eyed and completely unemotional. We have to get in touch with our emotional nature and not slay it but get the cooperation of our emotional self and our mental self and have them work together and cooperate to achieve unity.

Audience: I thought service was a keynote of Virgo.

JJ: The labor is not always directed to the keynote of the signs but it is related to the sign as a whole. He learned to transmit fighting into service by saving the maiden.

Audience: You said these labors correspond more to our rising sign than our sun sign, right?

JJ: Yes it corresponds somewhat but the rising sign tells you what your destiny is whereas your sun sign tells you what your personality influences are in this life. What is your sun sign?

Audience: Virgo

JJ: So your personality, how you show yourself to the world, is very strongly influenced by the Virgo energy. Your mission in life is very strongly associated with your rising sun.

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 44

This entry is part 44 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Girdle of Hippolyte

The next is the labor sixth done in Virgo, the seizing of the girdle of Hippolyte. There was a group of Amazon women that lived completely isolated from men and only used men for breeding. The queen of the Amazons was named Hippolyte who had this golden girdle which Hercules was commanded to retrieve.
So he went to retrieve it and as he was on his way the Amazons met together and they said a messenger of the gods and a powerful warrior was coming their way. Do they give him the girdle which he seeks or do they fight to keep it? Now they were debating whether to fight to keep it or to give it to him, and as they were debating Hercules arrived early before the debate was over and the decision made.

Hercules demanded the girdle and he began fighting with the queen of the Amazons and as they fought they fought fiercely for a period of time and as they were fighting the queen kept telling Hercules, “we will give you the girdle,” but Hercules had it fixed in his mind that he had to fight for it. Finally Hercules got the best of her and he grabbed the girdle away from her and just as he raised his sword and as he was thrusting in his sword she was making a motion that she was going to give him the girdle. He wound up killing her and retrieving the girdle. He took it to the presiding elders and they said, “You accomplished what you were asked to do but you did it very badly.” The presiding one said, “You killed the person that was going to give you the object of your desire – because of this before you can return to the gate you must redeem yourself.”

So Hercules had to go back and somehow make redemption. As he was wandering around he came across this maid that was captured by this sea monster who had this maid in his mouth. So Hercules saw this and swam out there and when Hercules got there the sea monster gulped the maiden down his red throat clear to his belly. Hercules then grabbed the sea monster, threw it on its back, went into its mouth and down in its belly. He grabbed the maiden and took his sword, cut his way out of the belly and rescued the maiden. Then the presiding elder says, “A life has been taken and a life has been saved and the balance is restored. You can now return to the gate.”

This is in Virgo, what do you suppose the lesson or lessons of this labor is?

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The Rising Sign

This entry is part 11 of 50 in the series 2011A

DK has a different take on the rising sign than orthodox astrology.  He states that this indicates the lesson in life that we need to learn.  Taking this into consideration I have examined a couple charts from Keys members.

Dan’s Chart

Dan’s info
Sept 6, 1963
Fredonia, ks
Unknown time, POSSIBLY early morning 2am-8am

First, let me say that anyone interested in getting some of the basic reading free can go to:

I ran Dan’s chart and first we note that his Sun is in Virgo. What is significant is that Uranus, Venus and Pluto are also there with Venus and Pluto conjuncting the Sun. All this energy in Virgo gives evidence that his rising sign is also there so I would guess he was born about 6 AM.

The Sun represents the personality you show to the world and the Keynote of Virgo is service. The sun in Virgo indicates Dan was born with a natural desire to serve and do something of value. The fact that his sun conjuncts Venus within 2 degrees indicates that he desires to serve in a creative way with some type of work he finds enjoyable. Then his Pluto conjuncts his sun even closer telling us that he feels a strong sense of purpose. He would have a sense that there is something in harmony with the Will of God that he is supposed to fulfill.

The Moon represents the emotions, your mother and the world of form. This is in Aries which tells us you have a restless feeling about just taking things easy and are always thinking of creating something new. When you get a feeling that something needs done you will impulsively forge ahead.

The Rising Sign. If this is indeed Virgo then it would mean that the main lesson you need to learn in this life is to gain an understanding of service that moves the will of God forward and service that does not. Since service is related to discipleship this would indicate you are to learn how to be a true disciple.

Here are some comments from the site about your sun and moon signs

SUN in VIRGO Extremely careful and cautious by nature, you value neatness and order above all else. You rigorously practice very high standards of living and conduct and you demand the same of everyone with whom you come into contact. At times, you are so supercritical that you are merely nit-picky. You are very good at practical skills and quite handy with tools of all kinds. You are also greatly concerned with hygiene, cleanliness and personal health problems. Very likely your health is much better than you think it is — don’t worry so much! Extremely methodical and analytical, you are a perfectionist — this makes you the perfect person to carry out highly detailed, precise operations. But, at times, you pay so much attention to details that you lose sight of the larger issues.

MOON in ARIES High-spirited and courageous, you are a fighter when your emotions are aroused. The degree of force and drive that you can bring to any effort sometimes surprises others. You have hair-trigger reactions to specific stimuli and tend to “let it all hang out.” You sometimes act before you think and do things on the spur of the moment, and that sometimes gets you into trouble. Your moods change quickly — you have quite a temper, but you don’t hold grudges. Very independent, with an extremely strong and forceful personality, you are known for being impulsive, careless, reckless, foolhardy, rash and daring.

Tom wrote: Sun sign: On the Aquarius/ Pisces cusp, but more in Pisces Feb.22 Moon sign: Capricorn Rising sign – Cancer Can you do a few quick comments on the above, thanks JJ.

Tom’s Chart

The fact that you are on the cusp shows your personality is influenced by both signs. If your chart shows your sun is in Pisces then that would be the major influence. This is the most potent emotional sign and it gives you a strong emotional intensity and the Aquarian influence can pull that desire energy into a quest for knowledge that can be applied to service and helping others.
Your moon in Capricorn will produce a desire in you to improve yourself and to accomplish all you can in this life.